January 15, 2018 4:30 am  

(TeaParty.org) Democrats are keen on making America the nanny state of the entire world and bringing as many refugees into our country as possible. They would have you believe theyre motivated by compassion, but far from it illegal aliens are their top supporters, and theres nobody else to vote for them if Trump and his allies cut off their flow of illegal immigration.

Now a top Democrat just revealed his new plan to ensure that illegals will forever have a place to stay and that our immigration crisis will never get put under control.

Freshly inaugurated New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has announced his agenda to build a Garden State, a sanctuary for extreme-left policies that includes a first-ever government program that will pander and protect the rights of foreigners both legal and illegal, reports The Daily Caller.

Many other Democrat-controlled states have non-cooperation policies with the federal immigration authorities, but Murphy is going to lead the charge in a whole new kind of left-wing defiance hes developing an entire government office designed to help immigrants move around and bypass other ones. This is nothing short of a bloodless Civil War on our hands.


Murphy is a former Goldman Sachs employee who rode in on a blue w...