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Saturday, 16 December


What are your favorite movies? "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

What are your favorite movies?

Please keep it clean :)


Market Red Flag: Stocks May Be About To Tank: If Theres One Thing That You Need To Pay Attention To Its This "IndyWatch Feed Survival"


Stock and bond markets may be teetering on the edge of a widespread crash following a stellar year that has seen all-time highs across just about every major asset class. Earlier today Zero Hedge reported that Bloomberg market commentator Mark Cudmore says markets could be in for a violent downside break in the weeks ahead.

Its a sentiment also shared by Traders Choice analyst Greg Mannarino, who up until this point has been generally bullish on short-term market movements. On Thursday, however, Mannarino reports that bond buying, which has been used to prop up stocks through massive cash injections in recent weeks and months, failed to keep stocks from falling.

This, says Mannarino, is a major red flag that could signal a reversal going forward:

If theres one thing that you need to pay attention to its this savage bond buying occurred today in an attempt to re-prop up the stock market and it didnt work

Theyre trying to play a game here and its been working time and time again

Without fail every single time except for today that has worked.

I am not sounding the alarm saying this is it this is the market crash. What I am saying is that you need to exercise caution right here theres a divergence going on and when you see divergences like this your eyes should open up maybe its time to pull profits maybe its time to hedge positions

If we continue to see this action the one thing we need to watch for is a simultaneous sell-off which will occur in the bond market and the stock market at the same time when these things start to fall in tandem get out of the market

They are buying bonds here at a feverish pace and it failed to prop up stocks that to me is a red flag.

Earlier this year Brandon Smith of...


The strange tale of the unauthorized albums of the Beatles Christmas recordings "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

The Beatles
In the early 1980s, two albums of rare Beatles recordings were released with little fanfare. Consisting of the Christmas messages the Fab Four distributed to their fan club in the 1960s, these LPs werent authorized by the Beatles, and it appears the reasons they were put...


Thymoquinone may prove lead molecule for the treatment of gastric cancer. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  J Biosci. 2017 Dec ;42(4):547-554. PMID: 29229873 Abstract Title:  Thymoquinone induces cytotoxicity and reprogramming of EMT in gastric cancer cells by targeting PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway. Abstract:  Gastric cancer is one of the lethal causes of cancer-related deaths worldwide. The incidence and mortality rates of this disease is comparatively higher in China. In the current study, we evaluated the anticancer effects of Thymoquinone (TQ) against gastric cancer cells (MGC80-3 and SGC-7901) and normal noncancerous GES-1 cells and attempted to investigate the underlying mechanism. Our results indicated that TQ exhibited significant growth inhibitory effects on gastric cancer cells (MGC80-3 and SGC-7901). However, lower cytotoxicity was observed against normal GES-1 cells. Moreover, TQ could inhibit the colony formation potential of MGC80-3 and SGC-7901 cells in a dose-dependent manner. TQ also inhibited cell migration ability of the gastric cancer cells and down-regulated the expression of the mesenchymal genes such as N-cadherin, Vimentin, and TWIST. However, the epithelial markers such as E-cadherin and cytokeratin-19 were distinctly up-regulated in TQ-treated gastric cancer cells. Since PI3K/Akt/ mTOR plays an important role in progression and tumorigenesis, we also investigated the effect of TQ on PI3K/Akt/mTOR signalling pathway in gastric cancer cells. It was observed that TQ down-regulated the expression of some of the key proteins of this pathway. Taken together, we conclude that TQ may prove lead molecule for the treatment of gastric cancer.

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FBI Edits To Clinton Exoneration Go Far Beyond What Was Previously Known; Comey, McCabe, Strzok Implicated "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge


James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee has discovered that edits made to former FBI Director James Comeys statement exonerating Hillary Clinton for transmitting classified info over an unsecured, private email server went far beyond what was previously known, as detailed in a Thursday letter from committee chairman Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) to FBI Director Christopher Wray.

The letter reveals specific edits made by senior FBI agents when Deputy Director Andrew McCabe exchanged drafts of Comeys statement with senior FBI officials, including Peter Strzok, Strzoks direct supervisor, E.W. Bill Priestap, Jonathan Moffa, and an unnamed employee from the Office of General Counsel (identified by Newsweek as DOJ Deputy General Counsel Trisha Anderson)  in what was a coordinated conspiracy among top FBI brass to decriminalize Clintons conduct by changing legal terms and phrases, omitting key information, and minimizing the role of the Intelligence Community in the email investigation. Doing so virtually assured that then-candidate Hillary Clinton would not be prosecuted.

Heather Samuelson and Heather Mills

Also mentioned in the letter are the immunity agreements granted by the FBI in June 2016 to top Obama advisor Cheryl Mills and aide Heather Samuelson who helped decide which Clinton emails were destroyed before turning over the remaining 30,000 records to the State Department. Of note, the FBI agreed to destroy evidence on devices owned by Mills and Samuelson which were turned over in the inv...


Fire Starters- flint and steel "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

I have a few different flint and steel fire starters. Not all are good in my opinion.

This is my favorite. It sparks almost every time and has the wood handle so I can scrape some wood off to help start a fire plus it has the magnesium to help ignite things.


This is a good flint and steel. Basic and dependable. Sparks easy, cheap no complaints. Fits in a pocket easily. Has the metal chain that you can clip onto the outside of your bag....

Fire Starters- flint and steel


Repeated administration of Nigella sativa oil may exert memory enhancing effects against restrained stress. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Pak J Pharm Sci. 2017 Sep ;30(5(Supplementary)):2039-2046. PMID: 29105641 Abstract Title:  Enhancement of memory function by antioxidant potential of Nigella sativa L. oil in restrained rats. Abstract:  Stress is a vulnerable state to cellular homeostasis which leads to oxidative damage via free radical generation. The acute stress induces alteration in antioxidant enzyme activities to an extent which produce oxidative stress and causes certain pathological conditions. The use of Nigella sativa L. oil (NSO) in folk medicine has increased throughout the world for the prevention or treatment of various ailments because of potent antioxidant properties. In the present study, potential therapeutic effects of NSO on memory in both unrestrained and 2h restrained rats were observed. Shortterm memory (STM) and long-term memory (LTM) were assessed by elevated plus maze (EPM) and Morris water maze (MWM) respectively. The present study also demonstrated the effect of NSO on lipid peroxidation (LPO) and activities of antioxidant enzymes (superoxide dismutase, catalase and glutathione peroxidase) along with the activity of acetyl cholinesterase (AChE). The results obtained from the present study showed that 2h restraint stress significantly enhanced both short-term memory (p

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Thymoquinone augments cisplatin-induced apoptosis on esophageal carcinoma. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Dig Dis Sci. 2017 Dec 2. Epub 2017 Dec 2. PMID: 29197940 Abstract Title:  Thymoquinone Augments Cisplatin-Induced Apoptosis on Esophageal Carcinoma Through Mitigating the Activation of JAK2/STAT3 Pathway. Abstract:  BACKGROUND: Thymoquinone (TQ) is the major constituent of Nigella sativa seed and has shown biological activity in various human carcinomas. However, few studies have reported its effect on esophageal carcinoma (EC).AIMS: To explore the chemosensitive effect and mechanism of TQ in augmentation of cisplatin (DDP)-induced apoptosis of EC, both in vitro and in vivo.METHODS: The viability and apoptosis of esophageal carcinoma cells were detected by the Cell Counting Kit-8 assay, flow cytometry, and Hoechst 33258 staining. The expression levels of JAK2, p-JAK2, STAT3, p-STAT3, Bax, Bcl-2, Cyclin D1, Survivin, and caspase-3, 7, 9 were evaluated by western blot analysis. The histological changes were examined by TUNEL technique and immunohistochemical analysis.RESULTS: TQ enhanced the proapoptotic effect of DDP in human esophageal carcinoma cell line Eca-109, while blocking the activation of JAK2/STAT3 signaling pathway. The apoptosis of esophageal carcinoma cells was induced via blocking the activation of JAK2/STAT3 by using a molecular inhibitor (WP1066). Consistent with the in vivo and in vitro results, TQ increased cellular apoptosis and enriched the chemosensitivity of DDP.CONCLUSIONS: TQ along with DDP may regulate the progression of EC and has potential to be a chemotherapeutic agent in EC.

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Quiet Company and a Crackling Fire in an Artist-Made Yule Log Video "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Lauren LoGuidice as the cast of Yule Log With Friends (all images courtesy the artist)

Performer Lauren LoGuidice first became interested in the Yule log phenomenon while she was working from home as a freelancer.

I was home, alone, on my computer for eight hours a day, she said, in an email interview with Hyperallergic. I felt so completely isolated. It was winter and the darkness made it worse. I scrolled through YouTube for something to beam on my TV and I saw a Yule log video. It was the traditional fireplace video, so I got bored quickly and moved onto the more festive ones with a full holiday display. Contrary to what I originally thought possible, these videos brought a cozy warmth to my home.

This year, LoGuidice decided to take her interest in Yule log videos to new heights, creating Yule Log With Friends: a 2.5-hour video featuring a rotating cast of characters all played by the artist who offer their companionship to viewers, right alongside the cheerfully crackling fire. Intrigued by the notion of Yule log as a genre, I conducted an email interview with the artist about this work, which is available for viewing online, and will additionally be shown at High 5 Gallery in Philadelphia on January 5.

* * *

Cocktail time and dodge family phone calls with Carmella Ravolli

Sarah Rose Sharp: How would you characterize your practice overall? Do you see yourself as an actor, performance artist, or? 



Chilling images of Hitler celebrating Christmas & decorations inspired by the Nazis "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Christmas ornaments produced in Germany during the rise and rule of Adolf Hitler.
In the 1930s as Hitler and his Nazis were coming to power in Germany, they began a war on Christmas, a quest to dismantle age-old Christmas traditions and replace them with Nordic/pagan practices and folklore. The Nazis...


Video: EMPs And Our Unprotected Grid "IndyWatch Feed Health"

EMP VIDEO A natural disaster could knock you off the grid for a time and make it difficult to keep your family healthy. Imagine, then, what the effect of an electromagnetic pulse event, especially one perpetrated by one of the worlds rogue nations, on the health of the entire continent. In his latest video (a companion to a recent article) Joe Alton MD discusses the risks of EMPs caused by a low-yield nuclear weapon detonated in the atmosphere. Once thought

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Oral administration of Nigella sativa oil and thymoquinone attenuates long term cisplatin treatment induced toxicity. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Biomed Pharmacother. 2017 Dec 6. Epub 2017 Dec 6. PMID: 29223554 Abstract Title:  Oral administration of Nigella sativa oil and thymoquinone attenuates long term cisplatin treatment induced toxicity and oxidative damage in rat kidney. Abstract:  Cisplatin (CP) is an effective anti-cancer drug which causes remarkable toxicity to the kidney, particularly to proximal tubules, by generating reactive oxygen species. Nigella sativa (NS), commonly known as"black cumin"reduces the progression of various kidney disorders. Thymoquinone (TQ), the major bioactive constituent of NS seeds, has been credited for various pharmacological effects of NS. Since, a typical clinical CP dosing regimen involves CP administration in multiple cycles over a long time duration, hence the present study aimed to evaluate the renoprotective efficacy of NS oil and TQ against multiple dose CP treatment induced deleterious biochemical and histological alterations in rat kidney. Adult male Wistar rats were divided into six groups viz. control, CP, CPNSO, CPTQ, NSO and TQ. Animals in CPNSO and CPTQ groups were pre-administered NSO (2ml/kg bwt, orally) and TQ (1.5mg/kg bwt, orally) respectively for 14 days and were then treated with CP (3mg/kg bwt, i.p), every fourth day for 20 days while still receiving NSO/TQ. NSO and TQ administration, prior to and along with CP treatment, attenuated CP induced renal functional impairment as evident by significantly restored serum creatinine and blood urea nitrogen levels. CP treatment alone led to significant decline in the specific activities of brush border membrane (BBM) marker enzymes viz. ALP (-46.64%), GGTase (-50.24%) and LAP (-42.15%), while NSO or TQ administration to CP treated rats significantly prevented the decline in the activities of these enzymes in isolated BBM vesicles (BBMVs) as well as in the homogenates of renal cortex and medulla. Furthermore, both NSO and TQ administration also mitigated the CP induced perturbations in renal metabolic and redox status. Histological studies supported these biochemical results showing significant attenuation of CP induced kidney damage in CPNSO and CPTQ cotreated groups. Thus, NSO and TQ have excellent scope for use as functional food or combinatorial nutraceuticals in CP chemotherapy to ameliorate the accompanying nephropathy in long term cancer chemotherapy.

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Prospering Outdoors and the discount! "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Prospering Outdoors and the discount!

Prospering Outdoors
Host: Dane The Gunmetal Armory Audio player provided!

This week on The GMA, we are going to interview the owner/operator of Prospering Outdoors, Diane. We want to find out more about why she started Prospering Outdoors, what they carry in stock, what the mission focus is, and what they have planned for the future of Prospering Outdoors. Also listen to this show to get your one time special code for some great discounts on what you want or need.

Continue reading Prospering Outdoors and the discount! at Prepper Broadcasting |Network.


Philippines Accuses Vaccine Maker Of Mental Dishonesty "IndyWatch Feed Health"

The vaccine maker warned health officials in the Philippines that their Dengvaxia shot might cause health issues, which prompted the country to remove the vaccines from their shelves. But this wasnt until after over 700,000 school...

The post Philippines Accuses Vaccine Maker Of Mental Dishonesty appeared first on Vaxxter.


In vitro antibacterial activity of pomegranate juice and peel extracts on cariogenic bacteria. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Biomed Res Int. 2017 ;2017:2152749. Epub 2017 Oct 25. PMID: 29209624 Abstract Title:  In Vitro Antibacterial Activity of Pomegranate Juice and Peel Extracts on Cariogenic Bacteria. Abstract:  Aim: To evaluate the antimicrobial activity of hydroalcoholic extracts of pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) peel and juice, against the microorganisms considered the main etiologic agents of dental caries.Methods: The values of the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) and the minimum bactericidal concentration (MBC) were determined against Streptococcus mutans Clarke ATCC 25175 strain and Rothia dentocariosa clinical isolate.Results: Peel extracts inhibit effectively the growth and survival of S. mutans ATCC 25175 strain and R. dentocariosa clinical isolate with MIC and MBC values of 10g/l and 15g/l, respectively. Furthermore, the pomegranate juice extract showed high inhibitory activity against S. mutans ATCC 25175 strain with a MIC value of 25g/l and a MBC value of 40g/l, whereas, against R. dentocariosa, it has displayed a moderate inhibitory activity, with MIC and MBC values of 20g/l and 140g/l, respectively.Conclusions: In vitro microbiological tests demonstrate that the hydroalcoholic extracts of pomegranate juice and peel are able to contrast the main cariogenic bacteria involved in tooth decay. Although being preliminary data, our results suggest that pomegranate polyphenolic compounds could represent a good adjuvant for the prevention and treatment of dental caries.

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Love You So Bad: New video from Iggy Pop-endorsed singer Ezra Furman "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Praise from Caesar is praise indeed, and when a lesser-known artist earns the enthusiastic endorsement of a hero, its validating to the core, whether it greases any real-world wheels or not. Singer-songwriter Ezra Furman has been making marvelous pop albums that teeter between eccentricity and classicism...


Philippines Vaccine Whistleblower Says Congress Badgered Her "IndyWatch Feed Health"

The fallout from the nationwide dengue vaccine ban in the Philippines continues to worsen. Former Department of Health (DOH) chief Paulyn Ubial said lawmakers pressed her to continue the dengue vaccination program, which she had...

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SpaceX cargo mission to space station set for launch "IndyWatch Feed Health"

SpaceX appears set to launch its 13th commercial resupply services mission to the International Space Station for NASA on Friday after scuttling several earlier attempts this month. Meteorologists are predicting a 90 percent chance of favourable weather for liftoff of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying a Dragon spacecraft, NASA said.

The launch will take place from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. Carrying about 4,800 pounds of cargo including critical science and research equipment, the Dragon spacecraft will spend a month attached to the space station.

The mission will carry investigation that could help lower the risk to human life and critical hardware by orbital debris, NASA said. It will also carry crew supplies, equipment and other scientific research to crew members living and working aboard the station. One such investigation will attempt to pull fiber optic wire from ZBLAN, a heavy metal fluoride glass commonly used to make fiber optic glass.

*Original article online at

Note from FAN:

ZBLAN according to Wikipedia: Heavy metal fluoride glasses were accidentally discovered in 1975 by Poulain and Lucas at the University of Rennes in France,[1] including a family of glasses ZBLAN with a composition ZrF4BaF2LaF3AlF3NaF.

ZBLAN has a broad optical transmission window extending from 0.3 micrometers in the UV to 7 micrometers in the infrared, low refractive index (1.50), a relatively low glass transition temperature (Tg) of 260 C, low dispersion and a low and negative dn/dT (temperature dependence of refractive index).[2]

ZBLAN glass is the most stable fluoride glass known and is most commonly used to make optical fiber. Recent[when?...


The Internet wants Reeses to do something about net neutrality murderer Ajit Pai "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Ajit Pai, who is on the fast track to becoming this seasons Martin Shkreli, has gotten major press the past few days as the FCC Chairman blamed for murdering net neutrality. In most of the press photos, Pai is pictured drinking from a ridiculous novelty mug, as large as his head,...


This is about saving kids lives: Authors update pivotal car seat safety results "IndyWatch Feed Health"

A BMJ journal has published an updated analysis of a 2007 paper that shaped current car seat safety recommendations, which reports less conclusive findings about the safest way to install the seat. The updated analysis follows an expression of concern the journal Injury Prevention added to the paper in June 2017, after the authors and []

The post This is about saving kids lives: Authors update pivotal car seat safety results appeared first on Retraction Watch.

Friday, 15 December


Are Mercury and Alzheimers Disease Linked? "IndyWatch Feed Health"

In his Commentary [2017], Dr. Chakraborty stresses the potential hazards of low-level long-term exposure to mercury and the increase of prevalence of Alzheimers disease in the general population of India, a view we wholeheartedly endorse. We applaud the tenor of the piece (Chakraborty, 2017) and we have some additional points to make as well.

The post Are Mercury and Alzheimers Disease Linked? appeared first on World Mercury Project.


Protecting Vaccine Choice in Colorado: Part 2 "IndyWatch Feed Health"

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) is a rouge state agency that frequently operates outside of their jurisdictional limits.


Mom Arrested After Putting Son Through 13 Surgeries "IndyWatch Feed Health"

A Texas woman is now behind bars after putting her son through 13 major surgeries, following over 300 visits to the doctor. The child has been ruled healthy, something Kaylene Bowen has long maintained never to...

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Ep. 237: Well Aint That a Kick in the Head and more "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Episode 237 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.
Download MP3   Subscribe via iTunesGoogle Playemail or RSS!

Featured: Photographer and educator, Joe Edelman

In This Episode

If you subscribe to the PetaPixel Photography Podcast in iTunes, please take a moment to...


US Fed Chair Speaks Out On Bitcoin and National Crypto "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Janet Yellen, outgoing Federal Reserve chair, explained The Feds position on Bitcoin and other digital currencies at a press conference on Wednesday.


This review provides support for the use of polyphenol-rich interventions for improving cardiovascular risk markers in haemodialysis patients. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Nutrients. 2017 Dec 11 ;9(12). Epub 2017 Dec 11. PMID: 29232891 Abstract Title:  The Effect of Polyphenol-Rich Interventions on Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Haemodialysis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Abstract:  End-stage kidney disease is a strong risk factor for cardiovascular-specific mortality. Polyphenol-rich interventions may attenuate cardiovascular disease risk factors; however, this has not been systematically evaluated in the hemodialysis population. Using the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) guidelines, the following databases were searched: Cochrane Library (, MEDLINE (, Embase (, and CINAHL ( Meta-analyses were conducted for measures of lipid profile, inflammation, oxidative stress, and blood pressure. Risk of bias was assessed using the Cochrane Collaboration Risk of Bias tool and quality of the body of evidence was assessed by the Grading of Recommendations, Assessment, Development and Evaluation (GRADE) methodology. Twelve studies were included for review. Polyphenol-rich interventions included soy, cocoa, pomegranate, grape, and turmeric. Polyphenol-rich interventions significantly improved diastolic blood pressure (Mean Difference (MD) -5.62 mmHg (95% Confidence Interval (CI) -8.47, -2.78); I = 2%; p = 0.0001), triglyceride levels (MD -26.52 mg/dL (95% CI -47.22, -5.83); I = 57%; p = 0.01), and myeloperoxidase (MD -90.10 (95% CI -135.84, -44.36); I = 0%; p = 0.0001). Included studies generally had low or unclear risks of bias. The results of this review provide preliminary supportfor the use of polyphenol-rich interventions for improving cardiovascular risk markers in haemodialysis patients. Due to the limited number of studies for individual polyphenol interventions, further studies are required to provide recommendations regarding individual polyphenol intervention and dose.

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Ethereum Browser Bug Could Put User Funds At Risk "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Using ethereum browser Mist may put cryptocurrency private keys at risk, according to an Ethereum Foundation blog post.


Jeremy Hunt being owned again on Twitter will make your day a bit better "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt went on Newsbeat to talk about, among other things, his Twitter row with Ralf Little.

Unfortunately the Royle Family star was out of the country so couldnt take part, but this person got in touch instead.

Hunt picked up on the comment to have his say, but didnt appear to reply directly.

To which @doctor_oxford had this to say.

Maybe when Hunt finally has his TV debate with Ralf Little, she can come along too


Ralf Little owns Jeremy Hunt


The post Jeremy Hunt being owned again on Twitter wil...


No one has ever used the word Youthquake "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Despite claims by the Oxford Dictionary that Youthquake is a word, most teenagers agree that it is only a phrase to use, if you want to get ridiculed on social media.  In fact it is one of a long list of words not in present day use such as please, pay-rise and Happy-Brexit.

Some say that it relates to the political awakening of millennials, but presupposes that millennials have souls.  In fact the Dictionary definition of Youthquake is: A word used to show that you are trying to be down with the kids, but actually you have no earthly understanding of youth culture or how to unlock mobile phone.

The first use of Youthquake appeared in Vogue in the 1960s but then was used to describe the structural damage of childhood obesity.  One MP responded:  Youthquake is just one of those ridiculous word mash-ups, that makes no sense at all to the average politician like consensual-sex, informed-referendum or Trump-success.


Annie Leibovitz Teaches Photography in Her First Online Course "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Dolly Parton and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Barack Obama and family, Bruce Springsteen, Whoopi Goldberg, Bill Gates, Queen Elizabeth II, Lady Gaga: name someone who has risen to the very top of the zeitgeist over the past few decades, and Annie Leibovitz has probably photographed them. Her images, in fact, have often come to stand for the images of her subjects in the culture: when we think of certain celebrities, we instinctively imagine them as they appeared on a Leibovitz-shot cover of Rolling Stone or Vanity Fair. Safe to say, then, that she knows a thing or two about how to take a picture that makes an impact.

The people at online education company Masterclass have now packaged that knowledge in "Annie Leibovitz Teaches Photography," a course that joins their existing lineup that includes Helen Mirren on actingSteve Martin on comedyWerner Herzog on filmmaking, and Herbie Hancock on jazz. For a price of $90 (or $180 for a year-long pass to all of their classes), Masterclass offers a package of workbook-accompanied video lessons in which "Annie teaches you how to develop concepts, work with subjects, shoot with natural light, and bring images to life in post-production."

The early lessons in "Annie Leibovitz Teaches Photography" cover subjects like memories of her own development as a photographer to discussions of her influences and her view of the medium itself. Later on, she gets into the real-life case study of shooting chef Alice Waters for Vanity Fair, digital post-production, how to come up with the right concept (ideally, so her career has shown, one just strange or daring enough to get people talking), and how to work with your su...


Vaccine Post Updates: the Good, the Bad, and the Crooked? "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Updates on two previous vaccine related posts plus one of the most ridiculous anti-vaccine theories of all time.


American Woman Arrested for Laundering Bitcoin to fund Islamic State Operations "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

There have always been allegations tying Bitcoin to terrorist funding. So far, there has been little to no evidence to back up such claims. It seems that situation has come to change in the past few days. An American woman was arrested and accused of money laundering bitcoins. Said cleaned funds were then used to fund Islamic State operations. It is a very serious allegation, although it remains to be seen if anything will come of it.

It is always interesting to see claims of Bitcoin and terrorist financing. Various governments made such outrageous claims in the past without evidence. One woman in New York, however, may have done exactly that. 27-year-old Zoobia Shahnaz has been accused of money laundering with Bitcoin to fund Islamic State. It seems she took out fraudulent loans to buy bitcoins online. By converting it to BTC and then cashing it out again, she was able to wire money to the Islamic State.

Money Laundering for Islamic State is a bad idea

It is pretty interesting to see how this situation unfolded. More specifically, the financial system allowed her to take out fraudulent loans and send wires to known terrorists. Bitcoins involvement is rather unfortunate at this point, rather than being a catalyst. After all, it is the job of banks to prevent fake loans from getting approved. Moreover, they should also block any wire transfers to Islamic State operatives. For some reason, financial institutions have failed miserably on both accounts.

Surprisingly, Zoobia Shahnaz does not seem to have any tangible allegiance to Islamic State. While she was born in Pakistan, she worked at a Manhattan hospital until recently. Afterward, she booked a flight to Pakistan with the intent to travel to Syria. It is possible she was turned before her trip, although that has not been confirmed at this point. At the time of her arrest, she had $9,500 in cash on her at JFK Airport. Moreover, her browser history clearly shows searches for Islamic State propaganda and content.

According to her lawyer, the money was sent overseas to help Syrian refugees. Very few people actively buy that story for obvious reasons. Shahnaz faces up to 30 years in prison, depending on which of the charges will stick. Again, the involvement in Bitcoin is rath...


Resveratrol and punicalagin have a possible preventive role in Alzheimer and in other neurodegenerative diseases. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  J Prev Alzheimers Dis. 2015 ;2(1):33-37. PMID: 29234773 Abstract Title:  Effect of Punicalagin and Resveratrol on Methionine Sulfoxide Reductase: A Possible Protective Contribution against Alzheimer's Disease. Abstract:  Methionine sulfoxide reductase A (MsrA) has been postulated to act as a catalytic antioxidant system involved in the protection of oxidative stress-induced cell injury. MsrA has recently turned attention in coupling with the neurodegenerative disorders and in particular with Alzheimer disease. In fact this neurodegenerative disorder depends to a deposit of beta amyloid a peptide with an oxidizable methionine in position 35 which is proved able to modulate the expression to MsrA in neuronal cells. Here, we firstly provided evidence that pretreatment with Resveratrol and Punicalagin (a potent antioxidant extracted from pomegranate), up-regulate the expression and enzymatic activity of MsrA in human neuroblastoma IMR-32 cells with beta amyloid peptides. This effect determines a lowering of oxidative potential of the cells as demonstrated by the ROS measurement and a protective effect on cellular availability. Therefore we hypothesize a possible prevent role for these molecules in Alzheimer and in other neurodegenerative diseases.

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An Anonymous Early Adopter Is Donating 5,057 BTC ($86M) to Charity "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

An Anonymous Early Adopter Is Donating 5057 BTC to Charity

This week an early bitcoin adopter announced on the forum Reddit that he had so much bitcoin he plans to donate 5,057 BTC (US$86Mn) to charitable causes. So far the anonymous donor created a website called the Pineapple Fund, and has already donated $5M in bitcoins to some well known nonprofit organizations.

Also read: Decentralized Uber App Delivers 1,000 Meals in Austin, Texas

$86 Million to Charity: This Early Adopter Says Money Doesnt Matter

An Anonymous Early Adopter Is Donating 5057 BTC to CharityCryptocurrencies are worth a lot of money these days, and this holiday season one bitcoin whale is donating quite a bit of BTC to charitable organizations. The anonymous donor says he saw the promise of bitcoin long before it broke the single-digit price range. The donor explains the shattering returns of bitcoin over the years has given him more money than he can spend. The early adopter has now started a website for the funds he is giving away called the Pineapple Fund, where registered nonprofit organizations can apply for donations. The owner of the website states;   



Art Movements "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Khadija Say, Peitaw (2017), from the series Dwelling: in this space we breathe, photograph, wet plate collodion tintype on metal, 250 x 200 mm, on loan from Vinyl Factory (courtesy the Estate of Khadija Say)

Art Movements is a weekly collection of news, developments, and stirrings in the art world. Subscribe to receive these posts as a weekly newsletter.

Researchers from the Australian National University discovered at least 28 rock art sites on the small Indonesian island of Kisar. The works are thought to be at least 2,500 years old.

Saudi Arabia lifted its 35-year-old ban on cinemas.

The Museum of London will exhibit the last remaining piece of the Londons fatberg, the 130-ton congealed mass of fat, oil, grease, and wet wipes discovered under Londons streets in September.

Works by Khadija Saye, the emerging artist who died in the Grenfell Tower Fire, will be exhibited as part of Actions. The image of the world can be different at Kettles Yard, Cambridge the first exhibition at the gallerys newly redeveloped space.

Over 100 artists, designers, film directors, performers, and writers signed an open letter denouncing US President Donald Trumps de...


Chrysin attenuates progression of ovarian cancer cells by regulating signaling cascades and mitochondrial dysfunction. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  J Cell Physiol. 2017 Aug 17. Epub 2017 Aug 17. PMID: 28816359 Abstract Title:  Chrysin attenuates progression of ovarian cancer cells by regulating signaling cascades and mitochondrial dysfunction. Abstract:  Chrysin is mainly found in passion flowers, honey, and propolis acts as a potential therapeutic and preventive agent to inhibit proliferation and invasion of various human cancer cells. Although chrysin has anti-carcinogenic effects in several cancers, little is known about its functional roles in ovarian cancer which shows poor prognosis and chemoresistance to traditional therapeutic agents. In the present study, we investigated functional roles of chrysin in progression of ovarian cancer cells using ES2 and OV90 (clear cell and serous carcinoma, respectively) cell lines. Results of the current study demonstrated that chrysin inhibited ovarian cancer cell proliferation and induced cell death by increasing reactive oxygen species (ROS) production and cytoplasmic Ca2+ levels as well as inducing loss of mitochondrial membrane potential (MMP). Moreover, chrysin activated mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) and phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K)/AKT pathways in ES2 and OV90 cells in concentration-response experiments. Collectively, our results led us to propose that chrysin-induced apoptotic events are mediated by the activation of PI3K and MAPK pathways in human ovarian cancer cells.

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5 Ultimate Keys to Happiness According to A Rich Banker Turned Buddhist Nun "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

In 1997, a woman named Emma Slade was robbed at gunpoint in her hotel room when staying in Jakarta. She was forced to the ground by the gunman with a hand pressed against her mouth and pushed to stay quiet while they took everything from her.

She was a high-placed banker, a successful woman with plenty of money to her name, but the day of the robbery changed her perception of the world forever.

Emma Slade journeyed to the Himalayas after the attack, and from there, she began a completely new life. After meeting a lama a spiritual guide she became taken with the idea of studying Buddhism.

She left behind her riches and swapped it for a life of spirituality and kindness. She runs a charity now, known as Opening Your Heart to Bhutan, and she has never returned to her life as a banker.

But why? 

Because she found happiness. Now, shes offering up her knowledge so that we too can live a life of peace. So what does she claim is the key to happiness?


Life is bound to give you lemons at times, but every cloud has a silver lining. After Emma Slade was attacked in Jakarta, she claimed it was her spiritual awakening, triggered by the horrifying event.

She commented for me, the complete loss of any control over my own life was very profound. From this, she gained the knowledge that even though something bad had happened to her, it led her to happiness up in the Himalayan mountains. Without the bad event, she would never have reached that point.


When Emma Slade was shown a picture of her gunman, she claimed only to feel compassion for the man. 


Because she learned from him. She claimed that she found her peace in becoming a better person a better person than she was before, and a better person than the gunman. She found it in herself to give in to feelings of kindness, and tolerance, and understand...


It was a quiet car ride "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

As posted by @decentbirthday on Twitter.

No kidding.

Except some people insisted it was fake.


Generally, chrysin prophylactic treatment showed a superior testicular protection than mirtazapine at the tested doses. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Biomed Pharmacother. 2017 Nov ;95:1059-1066. Epub 2017 Sep 13. PMID: 28922723 Abstract Title:  Protective effects of mirtazapine and chrysin on experimentally induced testicular damage in rats. Abstract:  Mirtazapine is an antidepressant with prominent antioxidant effects. Chrysin, a natural flavone, exhibits multiple pharmacological actions. This study was designed to investigate the potential protective effects of chrysin and mirtazapine against nitrofurazone-induced testicular damage in rats. Possible underlying mechanisms such as oxidative stress, inflammation and apoptosis were also investigated. Testicular damage was induced by oral administration of nitrofurazone (50mg/kg/day) for two weeks. Chrysin (25 and 50mg/kg/day, p.o.) and mirtazapine (15 and 30mg/kg/day, p.o.) were applied for three weeks, starting one week before nitrofurazone administration. Prophylactic treatment with chrysin and mirtazapine attenuated the elevation of serum acid phosphatase enzyme activity and halted the decline of sperm count and sperm viability resulted from nitrofurazone administration. Moreover, both agents ameliorated nitrofurazone-induced lipid peroxidation, glutathione depletion, elevation in tumor necrosis factor- level and reduction in c-kit level in rat testes. With respect to apoptosis, immunohistochemical analysis revealed that chrysin and mirtazapine reduced the expression of caspase-3 in testicular tissue which was induced by nitrofurazone. Histopathological findings further supported the protectiveeffects of both drugs against nitrofurazone-induced testicular injury. These findings suggest that the cytoprotective effects of chrysin and mirtazapine on rat testes were associated with suppression of oxidative stress and apoptotic tissue damage. Generally, chrysin prophylactic treatment showed asuperior testicular protection than mirtazapine at the tested doses.

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These findings introduce chrysin as an efficient apoptosis based therapeutic agent against colon cancer. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Iran J Biotechnol. 2016 Sep ;14(3):177-184. PMID: 28959334 Abstract Title:  Anticancer Properties of Chrysin on Colon Cancer Cells, In vitro and In vivo with Modulation of Caspase-3, -9, Bax and Sall4. Abstract:  BACKGROUND: The SALL4/Sall4 is constitutively expressed in human and mice. SALL4 mRNA could be used as a marker for the diagnosis of different types of cancers. On the other hand, chrysin has diverse biological properties.OBJECTIVES: In the present study, the effect of the chrysin was investigated on the CT26 colon cancer in vitro and in vivo. Furthermore, the expression levels of the stem cell markers; sall4 and Bax was analyzed, as well.MATERIALS AND METHODS: The cytotoxic effects and the type of cell death induced by chrysin were evaluated using a number of biological assays. The apoptotic pathway was examined by caspase-3and caspase-9 assay. The in vivo antitumor efficacy of chrysin on transplanted CT26 tumor cells in BALB/c mice was investigated. In addition, mRNA expression of sall4, Bax was analyzed with RT-PCR.RESULTS: MTT assay and morphological characteristics showed that chrysin exerted a cytotoxic effect on CT26 cells in a dose dependent manner with IC50= 80g.mL-1. The biological assays have indicated that chrysin administrated cytotoxicity on colon cancer cells through recruitment of the apoptosis. Caspase-3 and caspase-9 colorimetric assays, in addition to Bax expression analysis, have indicated the involvement of intrinsic apoptotic pathway in thecytotoxic effect of the chrysin. The in vivo assay revealed a remarkable reduction of the colon tumor volume in treated mice (8, 10 -1) as compared to the untreated mice. RT-PCR elucidated that chrysin attenuated tumor volume through down regulation of the sall4 and up-regulation of the Bax.CONCLUSIONS: It was demonstrated that chrysin accomplishes anti-cancer effect on colon cancer cells via induction of the apoptosis and attenuation of the sall4 the expression. These findings introduce chrysin as an efficient apoptosis based therapeutic agent against colon cancer.

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Why Are There Paintings Depicting Ritual Abuse On Display at the Las Vegas Courthouse? "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Why Are There Paintings Depicting Ritual Abuse On Display at the Las Vegas Courthouse?

Disturbing paintings depicting various scenes of ritual abuse are on display near the entrance of the Lloyd George Federal Courthouse in Las Vegas. 

The official website of the United States District Court of Nevada states:

The cornerstone of the Amercian judicial system is the trial courts in which witnesses testify, juries deliberate and justice is done.
William H. Rehnquist, Chief Justice of the United States

If that is the case, why are there paintings of birds raping people displayed at the Las Vegas Courthouse?

According to Redoubt News:

These paintings were hung in the very front of the courthouse, next to the main entrance. () These are reportedly created by local high school students. Their teacher said to one of the complainants, They are learning that they dont identify people by their faces.

The article states that nobody at the courthouse took responsibility for okaying these paintings.

A closer look at these paintings reveals that their message goes way beyond Dont identify people by their faces (whatever that means). Indeed, the paintings are replete with imagery and symbolism relating to Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and trauma-based mind control (known as Monarch Programming). They tell a disturbing story of abuse at the hand of extremely evil people, which leads me to doubt that those were made by high school students....


Scientists STUNNED to find DINOSAUR with flesh still intact "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

SCIENTISTS are stumped after a mysterious creature resembling a dinosaur was discovered with flesh still on its bones.


7 Things Youre Not Supposed to Talk About "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

When seeking guidance, dont ever listen to the tiny-hearted. Be kind to them, heap them with blessing, cajole them, but do not follow their advice. ~Clarissa Pinkola Ests

Despite what we say, most of us would rather remain in our comfort zone and discuss subjects that keep us warm and certain about our lives. We might claim that we think outside the box, or that were able to break our own mental paradigms or stretch our comfort zones, but when it really comes down to it, most of us mindlessly maintain the box and repeatedly think within comfortable yet outdated paradigms.

Thats precisely why it is a good idea to talk about things that were not supposed to talk about. Taboo subjects are usually the best subjects to discuss. Because they usually represent a psychological hang-up in the machinery of the human condition. They are typically a kind of evolutionary speed bump that we must overcome in order to advance as a species. By discussing them, dissecting them, and questioning them, we may discover new ways to break mental paradigms and think outside the box. Indeed, we may even discover a smarter way of being human. As Ray Kurzweil said in The Singularity is Near, Our sole responsibility is to produce something smarter than we are; any problems beyond that are not ours to solve.

1.) Power:

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a mans character, give him power. ~Abraham Lincoln

Generally speaking, power is wealth. It matters little what that wealth represents: money, gold, deer skin, seashells, skill. If any person in any cultural dynamic acquires enough wealth, they have power over others in that culture. What a person does with their power will define his or her character.

If a person lords their power over others then their character is unhealthy, oppressive, limiting, and tyrannical. If a person uses their power to help others then their character is healthy, compassionate, liberating, and prestigious (See #7 on this other list).

The problem with the way most people handle their power today is that they tend to lord it over others due to an outdated survival of the fittest mindset imbedded through cultural conditioning, brainwashing, and propaganda that creates a kind of hoarding mentality. We have forgotten how cooperation must be primary over competition in order to progressively evolve as a species. In short: Weve had the cart of competition in front of the horse of cooperation for too long. Its high time that we discuss and teach each other t...


More to Come? Bitcoin Sets Record High Near $18k "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Having successfully defended $16,000 earlier this week, bitcoin regained bid tone today and clocked a fresh record high above $17,800.


Trumps lies vs Obamas lies are the best graphs youll see this week "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

The New York Times has plotted all of Donald Trumps lies since he came to office, compared with all the lies told by Barack Obama up until the same point of his presidency.

And you dont have to look too closely to see what they say.

Theres a whole load of background here and an exhaustive (and exhausting) list of every falsehood to date.

Heres another graph we like, plotting each blatant falsehood of the two presidents in the nearly 12 months after their inauguration.

Here are the stats again, but told in a slightly different way. We like this one too.



Matrix Glitch: NASA Reveals Distorted Image Of Martian Surface "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Mac Slavo;

An image released by NASA revealing a strange and distorted landscape on the surface of Mars is being dubbed a matrix glitch. The odd image taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter shows intriguing clean breaks in the planets surface deposits.

The new view shows the different effects of fault activity on the Martian surface, giving rise to everything from clean breaks to stretched out distortions. This is likely an indication that the faults formed at different times when the layers were at various stages of hardening.

NASA explains the glitchy image in a second photo, using arrows.

In a second image offering a closer look at some of the features that look strange, NASA has pointed out where the faults have displaced individual beds. These areas, as noted by the yellow arrow, are where the faults produced a clean break. In other regions, as noted by the green arrow, the layers appear stretched out as they span the fault.
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SPCA Hires Robots to Scare Away Homeless People, Call the Police "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The SPCA is an organization that is supposed to help animals. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has roots that date as far back as 1824, England, and as a front-and-center organization that serves a particular function in society, in this case operating shelters for animals, they are bound to not be of the best moral persuasion.

The San Francisco SPCA recently made headlines after hiring a security robot to scare away homeless people and prevent them from setting up tents near their building.

The robot is a snitch on wheels, using sensors and lasers to monitor an area for criminal activity. It alerts the police if it sees something.

Video of the robot in action recently went viral.

Is that noise being made by the machine? If so, it would seem as if they are trying to scare the mentally ill people who roam the street in particular.

In a densely populated area like San Francisco, it isnt easy for the homeless to find a decent place to sleep. The mentally ill and severely drug addicted roam the streets, as is the scene in many American cities.

Worse, autonomous state protecting robots are being deployed in other places around San Francisco. According to Business Insider, they are used to patrol parking lots, sports arenas, and tech company campuses are now being deployed to keep away homeless people.

Surprisingly the City of San Francisco didnt take kindly to the robotic homeless scarecrows, as they demanded the SF SPCA to remove its robots from the streets or face a fine of up to $1,000 a day.

After that, they took the robots off the street.

A company called Knightscope actually rents out the robots for $7 an hour: less than the cost of hiring a security guard, of course. They serve over 19 clients...


Bitcoin Price Watch; Priming For A Spike? "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

And thats pretty much the week over in the bitcoin space, with things about to kick off for the early European session and calling for our penultimate intraday analysis. Overnight action in the bitcoin price was pretty strong, with BTC jumping to as high as 17,750 on some of the major exchanges before dipping slightly towards current levels.

It was this time last week (well, in a little while) that we saw price run towards 20,000, so wed love to see something similar as this week draws to a close. Whether we will, is anyones guess.

All we can do is play the primary levels so lets jump into action and see what we can put together.

As ever, take a quick look at the chart below before we get started so as to get an idea where thing stand and where we are looking to jump in and out of the markets as and when things move. The chart is a one-minute candlestick chart and its got our key range overlaid in green.

As the chart shows, then, the range we are looking at for the session this morning comes in as defined by support to the downside at 17462 and resistance to the upside at 17751. We will stick with our breakout approach for the time being, in anticipation of the sort of run that we have outlined above.

So, if we see price close above resistance, we will jump into a long trade towards an immediate upside target of 17830. A stop loss on the position at 17725 looks good from a risk management perspective.

Looking to the downside, we are going to look out for a close below support to signal a downside entry towards an immediate downside target of 17350. Stop at 17450.

Lets see how things play out.

Charts courtesy of Trading View



Coinsilium Joins Hdac Token Generation Event Advisory Board "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Zug, Switzerland, 15 December 2017 Hdac Technology AG (Hdac), the Zug-based multinational corporation backed by Hyundai BS&C has engaged London-quoted Coinsilium Group Limited (NEX:COIN) as advisor to its Token Generation Event (TGE). Blockchain veteran and Coinsilium CEO Eddy Travia will represent Coinsilium on Hdacs TGE Advisory Board.

Hdac aims to bring innovative blockchain technology to Internet of Things (IoT) payment platforms and secure transactions amongst connected devices. Hdacs technology, which was developed by a company named Double Chain, will protect IoT devices and their users from hacks, privacy invasion, and external threats, especially for transactions. The Hdac blockchain, based on hybrid blockchain technology, will offer a wide range of capabilities to ensure reliable connection and secured processing between devices. Hdac will work to apply this pioneering platform to hardware payment applications.

Coinsilium, a London-based investor and accelerator in the blockchain space since 2014, will utilise its specialist knowledge and its global network of contacts in the blockchain industry to support Hdac throughout its TGE and beyond.

Eddy Travia, CEO of Coinsilium commented: We are excited to advise the talented Hdac team with their token generation event and we are impressed by Hdacs ambitious objective to apply blockchain technology to significantly improve the reliability and the security of machine to machine payments in the fast-growing, multi-billion dollar IoT industry. We look forward to contributing to the success of Hdacs token generation event.

Hdac supports blockchain technology events such as the StartupToken Hackathon held in Paris in November and the d10e blockchain conference in Bucharest starting on December 14.

A joint interview with Coinsilium CEO Eddy Travia and Hdac advisor Stuart Corby for the Barbarian Investor Show can be seen here:

About Coinsilium

Coinsilium is a blockchain venture builder and investor that finances and manages the development of early-stage blockchain technology companies. Coinsilium also provides advisory services to companies planning token generation events.

For further information about Coinsilium please visit

About Hdac Technology AG

Hdac Technology AG is a Zug-based technology company building a new blockchain to secure machine to machine payments in the fast-growing world of IoT.



Is the Vagus Nerve the Culprit Behind Speech Delay? "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Generati0n Rescue has a provocative post running today on their blog. Is the Vagus Nerve the Culprit Behind Speech Delay? Team GR: Part of a healthy routine is staying in alignment. We asked chiropractor Dr. David Foss to help explain...


8 Christmas cards made better by real Daily Mail reader comments "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Heres 8 Christmas cards made better by real comments from readers of the Daily Mail, lovingly crafted by @WelshDalaiLama.

They should do this for real next year. Theyd sell a shedload.








What You Can Expect From an Authoritarian "IndyWatch Feed Health"

In this three-part series for Psychology Today, Dr. Eric Maisel describes 30 personality traits that are common among authoritarians, and how these traits can lead to abuse and trauma.

There has never been a more important time to understand authoritarianism and its effects on each of us. As individuals, we are seriously harmed by the authoritarians in our life. As citizens, we are likewise harmed by authoritarianism in high places. What can we expect in dealing with an authoritarian? In this series of posts, I want to share what Im learning from my analysis of the authoritarian personality and authoritarian parenting literatures and from my extensive primary research into the effects of authoritarian wounding.

Click below to read the series:

What You Can Expect From an Authoritarian, Part 1

What You Can Expect From an Authoritarian, Part 2

What You Can Expect From an Authoritarian, Part 3


The 12 Days of Skyhorse Publishing Day 10 Autism In Heels "IndyWatch Feed Health"

We'd like to express our gratitude to Tony Lyons, Publisher at Skyhorse Publishing in New York City. Skyhorse is one of the fastest growing independent publishers in America and one of the few to tackle the toughest, most controversial topics...


The Other Big Drug Problem: Older People Taking Too Many Pills "IndyWatch Feed Health"

From The Washington Post: In addition to the opioid crisis, America has one other prescription drug epidemic  older Americans are taking far too many unnecessary drugs, often prescribed by multiple doctors for dubious or unknown reasons.

At least 15 percent of seniors seeking care annually from doctors or hospitals have suffered a medication problem; in half of these cases, the problem is believed to be potentially preventable. Studies have linked polypharmacy to unnecessary death. Older patients, who have greater difficulty metabolizing medicines, are more likely to suffer dizziness, confusion and falls. And the side effects of drugs are frequently misinterpreted as a new problem, triggering more prescriptions, a process known as a prescribing cascade.



The Great Psychoanalysts 1: Donald Winnicott "IndyWatch Feed Health"

From The Philosophers Mail: Donald Winnicott, an English pediatrician and child psychoanalyst, deserves a place in history for drawing attention to the significance of parenting in shaping human and societal development.

Many of the parents Winnicott saw were worn down by their labours. Winnicott tried to bolster them by reminding them of the utmost importance of what they were doing. They were, in their own way, as significant to the nation as the Prime Minister and the Cabinet: The foundation of the health of the human being is laid by you in the babys first weeks and months. This thought should help when you feel strange at the temporary loss of your interest in world affairs. It is not surprising. You are engaged in founding the mental health of the next generation. Winnicott called parenting: the only real basis for a healthy society, and the only factory for the democratic tendency in a countrys social system.




Recorder Prodigy Accidentally Warps to Cleveland "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

EUGENE, Ore. The case of Ellie Johnson, the 10 year-old girl that tragically and accidentally disappeared during her recent 5th grade class Christmas concert, has been solved. An erroneous series of notes played on her recorder had reportedly warped her to Cleveland, Ohio.

We have found our Ellie, said Mrs. Johnson, Ellies mother, addressing the press and community members gathered outside of her home. The reason all of our searches and posters didnt yield any results is so obvious now. She had inadvertently transported herself to the Midwest, our poor little girl.

Reportedly the exceptionally skilled recorder player had grown bored with the elementary composition of Jingle Bells, and decided to add a few creative flourishes to the piece. We now know that the mysterious cloud Ellie then disappeared in was in fact her being transported to what many refer to as The Mistake by the Lake.

Read More From Hard Drive, The Only Ethical Gaming Journalism Site on The Internet:

That place was pretty gross, said Johnson. I thought Id give it a shot, but after I was done with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame there was really nothing to do. Once a man in a dog suit started talking to me about the Browns, I knew I had to find the right song to warp back home.

Several days of experimenting with combinations of notes finally proved successful, when after an unfortunate trip to Desert Land, she was able to find the right notes to get back to her home in Oregon.

Prior to this, the biggest lead in the case came when Mrs. Johnson received a short phone call that ended abruptly before Ellie was able to reveal her location. She told her mother shed landed in a gloomy cold world filled with scary characters and the threat of being struck by fireballs.

Yup, thats Cleveland alright...


Dr. Bob Sears on 1 in 36 Autism Rate "IndyWatch Feed Health"

From Pediatrician Dr. Bob Sears on the AskDrSears website: The Centers for Disease Control just released their latest findings about autism: In 2014 the rate of autism was 1 in 45 children In 2015 it rose slightly to 1 in...


New York Credit Card Scammer Allegedly Sent Bitcoin to ISIS "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

New York Credit Card Scammer Allegedly Sent Bitcoin to ISIS

A Long Island woman has been charged with sending tens of thousands of dollars to ISIS fighters in Syria. As has been widely reported, the woman allegedly used bitcoin to transfer the funds overseas. Headlines have glossed over the way the money was obtained in the first place though: by good old-fashioned credit card fraud.

Also read: Putin Aide Says Bitcoin Can Help Russia Bypass Financial Sanctions

From the Eastside to the Middle East

The suspect at the center of the case, Zoobi Shahnaz, supposedly stole tens of thousands of dollars from American Express Bank, Chase Bank, Discover Bank and TD Bank before forwarding her ill-gotten gains to Syria using bitcoin. Her lawyer has insisted that the 27-year-old was only trying to aid Syrian refugees, but U.S. prosecutors arent buying it. Shahnaz supposedly gave fake information to a series of banks in order to obtain over $85,000. As evidence of the womans ideological leanings, its been reported that her internet searches included top female jihadis and one-way tickets to Istanbul. In the event, she went on to purchase a return flight something ISIS recommends as its less suspicious.

The woman, who was born in Pakistan, worked in a Manhattan hospital as a lab technician until quitting in June in readiness to flee the country. The case has only come to light now after a grand jury indictment was unsealed, revealing charges of bank fraud, money laundering, and supporting a foreign terror...


This starts off weird, gets weirder, and then the final twist is BOOM! "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

We dont recommend doing all of these things at the same time unless you really, really want to (and dont forget to watch the whole thing).

Not the first person to end up in pieces at Ikea.


The post This starts off weird, gets weirder, and then the final twist is BOOM! appeared first on The Poke.


The Potential Upside Of African And Emerging Property Markets "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The emerging African markets present unique opportunities for property investors. One of the reports from Cushman & Wakefield, a global real estate research company, has included five African markets to the list of top 10 emerging and most transparent economies. The reasons behind Africas dominance in the list of most lucrative emerging markets include an increasing number of office establishments in Africa (15 million sq. meter in South Africa and 2 million sq. meter in Sub-Saharan Africa), growing population reaching to $830 million, the current GDP of $961.5 billion, technological improvements, better infrastructure and higher expected GDP growth rate (as high as 5.7% per annum). In the midst of conventionally lucrative real estate markets of US and UK, Africa surely exhibits remarkable growth potential.


How to Make the Most of African & Growing Real Estate Markets?

It is obvious that real estate market is going to be the next boom in emerging economies, especially in Africa.  A huge percentage of investors have long been waiting to witness and exploit the sustaining economy of these regions, especially after Africa came out of recession. A lot of investors are all ready to be a part of this profitable market, make secure investments and gain handsome ROIs. Zabercoin, in this scenario, comes into play.

Zabercoin, an asset-backed cryptocurrency having an underlying real estate fund, exclusively focuses on African and other emerging real estate markets and investors. Zabercoin combines the blockchain technology with physical asset investments such as real estate. The company has launched its ICO, offering Zabercoin (ZAB), a real estate digital token that unlike a lot of existing tokens in the market, bears an intrinsic value right from its launch. Each token presents a share in the physical asset like real estate, making itself unique as well as sustainable with impressive recurring income re-invested to ensure potential growth, research and development.

The Lowering Cost to Invest in Africas Real Estate Markets & Emerging Economies

A high percentage of the real estate transaction costs previously went to the pockets of middlemen or agents. Zabercoins blockchain based, trustless platform cuts the middlemen, making itself scalable and ascendible and above all, highly cost-effective. The company aims to further enhance its structure to use blockchain technology more effectively and investigate the feasibility...


PR: Winning Moonrise Competition Scales Talent Acquisition Platform Bitdegree Crowdsale to the Next Level "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Talent Acquisition Platform Bitdegree Wins Moonrise Compeititon

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release.

As the Grand Prize winner of Moonrise 2017 competition, BitDegree the blockchain learning and talent acquisition platform, has reinforced its fast-growing reputation as a game changer within the crypto community. BitDegree caught the attention of a huge number of contributors which led to a quick sellout of nearly one quarter of the total token supply.

Moonrise 2017 competition is held by Moontec Northern Europes biggest conference devoted to cryptocurrencies. It aims to find the most promising and innovative crypto startups, and connect them with a global network which gives them the necessary financial and business support to succeed.

Winning Moonrise 2017 is an astonishing achievement and motivational boost for us. Victory throws us extra challenges to work even harder towards achieving our goal., Andrius Putna, CEO of BitDegree commented on the victory of Moonrise competition.

BitDegrees acclaim is not just booming amongst the blockchain community. Within hours of starting its token sale on December 1st, 2017, it had reached its soft-cap.



Californias War on Guns Broadens to a War on Ammunition Beginning January 1, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Californias War on Guns Broadens to a War on Ammunition Beginning January 1, 2018

Californias war on guns will soon broaden to a war on ammunition as a ban on the possession of bullets purchased out-of-state takes effect January 1, 2018.

This is one of many steps going into effect which will quickly place ammunition under controls similar to those which Democrat lawmakers have placed on firearms.

According to the Sacramento Bee, it will also be illegal to transfer or buy ammo from anyone other than a licensed dealer within the state, beginning January 1. California residents can order ammunition from a catalog as long as they have that ammunition shipped to a licensed dealer for pickup. The dealer will then add a processing fee to the cost of the ammunition.

In this scenario, a processing fee is just another tax that law-abiding citizens will pay for the bullets they buy.

Then, in 2019, all ammunition purchasers will be required to undergo a background check like those currently required for firearm sales. That background check will require the law-abiding citizen to pay a $1 state fee for the check. That fee is yet another tax.

This is how gun control or, in this case, ammunition control, wo...


Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin Boom As Bloomberg Adds Them To Terminal "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Ripple hit giant price highs, just as it became one of three altcoins to list on Bloomberg Terminals.


Evidence points to Bitcoin being an NSA-engineered psyop to roll out one-world digital currency "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Evidence points to Bitcoin being an NSA-engineered psyop to roll out one-world digital currency

Image: Evidence points to Bitcoin being an NSA-engineered psyop to roll out one-world digital currency

(Natural News) Im going to assume the readers who make it to this article are well informed enough that I dont have to go into the history of the global money changers and their desire for a one world currency. (If you dont yet understand the goal of the globalist banking empire and the coming engineered collapse of the fiat currency system, youre already about 5,000 posts behind the curve.)

With that as a starting point, its now becoming increasingly evident that Bitcoin may be a creation of the NSA and was rolled out as a normalization experiment to get the public familiar with digital currency. Once this is established, the worlds fiat currencies will be obliterated in an engineered debt collapse (see below for the sequence of events), then replaced with a government approved cryptocurrency with tracking of all transactions and digital wallets by the worlds western governments.

NSA mathematicians detailed digital cash two decades ago

What evidence supports this notion? First, take a look at this document entitled, How to make a mint: The cryptography of anonymous electronic cash. This document, released in 1997 yes, twenty years ago detailed the overall structure and function of Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Who authored the document? Try not to be shocked when you learn it was authored by mathematical cryptographers at the National Security Agencys Office of...


Court upholds ban of vegetable garden in the front yard of Miami Shores home "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Tom Carroll and Heroine Ricketts in their front yard in Miami Shores on Wednesday, December 13, 2017. The couple had to dig up their large vegetable garden in their front lawn after the Village of Miami Shores said their edible plants were not allowed in the front lawn. Al Diaz

Do not eat your veggies if they are grown in your front yard, Miami Shores says

December 12, 2017 07:00 AM

UPDATED December 14, 2017 10:23 AM


Sean Spicer thinks Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol is a collection of carols "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Feels like the perfect end to the perfect year, from Donald Trumps former mouthpiece turned James Cordens best mate, Sean Spicer.

You can tell why Trump rated him so highly.

Its Franklin Roosevelts copy of A Christmas Carol which is on display in the White House. Spicer posted the picture on his Instagram account, captioned FDRs book of Christmas carols.

Heres what they made of it on Twitter.


UK's FCA Chief Warns Bitcoin Investors: Be Prepared to Lose Your Money "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The head of the UK's Financial Conduct Authority has warned that people stand to lose their funds if they invest in bitcoin.


Passion Flower Can Treat Anxiety, Different Types of Pain and Nervousness "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Passion flower is not only known as a religiously symbolic and easily grown plant. Many varieties of the passion flowers passiflora genus have also been used medicinally for centuries first by Native Americans then by other cultures. The most common medicinal uses were as a remedy for anxiety, insomnia, pain relief, and anti-spasmodic (muscle relaxing).


Korean Exchange Association Will not List New Cryptocurrencies Until Further Notice "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Interesting things are bound to happen in South Korea. It is a major region for cryptocurrencies, but some things are coming to change. Rather than await government regulation, all exchanges have imposed strict rules upon themselves. Around 70% of all coins will be kept in cold storage at all times. There will be a ban on insider trading and no marketing to promote trading. Last but not least, there will be no additional coin listings until further notice.

It is evident South Korea needs some cryptocurrency regulation. As we all know, governments are not the best help in this regard. They often stifle innovation and make things unnecessarily complicated.Things have evolved in such a direction South Korea has become the new major Bitcoin hub. That in itself so pretty impressive, as they took over from China in quick succession. However, the lack of official regulation has always been somewhat of a burden.

Self-regulation by the Korean Exchange Association

To put this into perspective, the Korean exchange association has taken it upon themselves to introduce regulation. They have all done so voluntarily, which is rather unusual. As a result, all companies will adhere to these new rules without hindrances. Putting 70% of all money into cold storage makes a lot of sense. It is something most exchanges should have adhered to from day one. Still, it is a welcome change and one that will make cryptocurrency more legitimate.

Moreover, the exchanges will ban insider trading by exchange employees. That is always a big worry for any cryptocurrency exchange. These markets are susceptible to massive manipulation by both external and internal sources. It is a smart decision by the Korean exchange association. We can only hope other countries the world will embrace a similar model. Only time will tell if that is the case, though. No marketing to promote trading is already an interesting development, yet it shouldnt have much of an impact whatsoever.

Perhaps the biggest changes imposed by the Korean exchange association is the refusal to list new coins. We have seen select altcoins being added to most exchanges and paired with Korean Won. This has been quite a positive decision, even though some of these a...


Waves 1.0 Release Sees Culmination Of 18-Month Development "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Waves CEO Alexander Ivanov has claimed that the new incarnation of the Blockchain platform appeals to entry-level users.


Bomb disposal engineers to help elderly switch on central heating "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

should only be attempted by trained professionals with counsellors on standbyThe government is deploying crack army bomb disposal units to help Britains elderly switch on their central heating this winter. Fred (86) and Ethel (85) Wilkinson said theyve been trying since September to switch on their central heating but when it came to turning the switch our nerve failed and we went back to wrapping ourselves in tin-foil and old newspapers.

Mr Wilkinson explained that the thought of a British Gas bill started his hands shaking and he couldnt turn the heating on. It were a terrifying experience, he said. All our friends have had the same experience. Well, the ones who are still here, he said. We desperately need the help of people used to dealing with these life and death situations, people with nerves of steel. And feeling in their fingertips.

Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Iain Duncan Smith, said the government was determined to help old people turn on their central heating. We have asked the army to loan us bomb disposal engineers on leave from Iraq and Afghanistan, and I can confirm that they are currently operating in high risk sheltered accommodation localities.

But bomb disposal veteran Mick Miller said he found central heating work in Coventry more demanding than anything he had encountered in twenty years of bomb disposal and fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan.You might be just about to turn the central heating on for a couple of octogenarians,  when they turn the heat up by thrusting last winters British Gas bill under your nose. Quite honestly, I find it easier to just lend them my winter woolies. Or blow them to kingdom come.

12th October 2011


Seaweed Toothpaste can Stop Tooth Decay in its Tracks "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Brushing and flossing doesnt always keep you out of the dentists chair, a chair we all need to avoid. Amalgams inserted into cavities are loaded with toxic mercury that leaks into our bodies. Root canals have been discovered to be the root of some chronic illnesses. (Natural News, source below). Of course, fluoride doesnt help


Want to Live to 100? Stubborness and Keeping Busy Could Be Key to Long :Life "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Want to live to 100? Try being more stubborn and keeping busy: The mental health of the very old was found to be better than that of relatives aged 51 to 75.

We are usually told the key to living to a ripe old age is a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.

But for those wanting to reach 100, it seems a sheer determination to carry on could also keep us alive.

Having a positive outlook, stubbornness and continuing to keep busy could be key to a long life, a study suggests.

Love of one's family, a strong work ethic and religious faith were also factors.
Having a positive outlook, stubbornness and continuing to keep busy could be key to a long life, a study suggests, Read more


5 Ancient Weapons and their SHTF Uses "IndyWatch Feed Food"


This article dedicated to A Arizonian: 360 24/7!

ReadyNutrition Readers, we wrote a piece on the warrior mentality in a previous article, and this was to return you to the basics that covered skills and a mindset that has enabled our species to survive throughout the ages.  Were going to add onto that by mentioning there is a time for technology and a time for the primitive.  Well, there have been a number of comments suggesting such weapons, and were going to run with the ball here mentioning a few weapons besides the standard bow and arrow, and the knife and then suggesting how to go about using them in your arsenal.  Lets do it!

5 Ancient Weapons and their SHTF Uses


Yes, a spear.  There are several different kinds, depending on the function you want to use it for.  My personal preference is to make your own or have it forged to your specifications.  You want to be sure of a head that is sharply-pointed and well-bladed, preferably three or four blades, and the base is about twice as wide as the shaft.  This will permit the head to penetrate with a larger hole than the shaft.  What use, you may ask?  Hunting on the QT, and also defense in like manner.  A heavy spear will penetrate deeper brush than an arrow shaft.

These had heads that tapered to a point, as you can see, but a middle grip with two formidable ends that enabled it to be thrown or used here in close-quarters.  Watch the movie, and youll see how effectively it was employed.


A matter of preference here.  The Scottish Claymore, the German or Viking Broadsword, the Arab Scimitar, or the Roman Gladius.  All swords have different techniques for their use.  Someone is bristling at my leaving out the Japanese Katana.  There it is.  Each sword must be trained with differently, as they perform quite differently in battle and require practice in varied methods to be effective.  If youre going to pick up a sword, you need one that is fully-functional and...


A Few Considerations Before Bugging Out Into The Woods "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

I spend a lot of time on forums and social media discussing about bugging out with other preppers. Its a topic that should be covered by everyone since one day you might be forced to leave everything behind in order to survive. Bugging out into the woods is a common plan for a lot of ... Read more...

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How Antibiotics Can Destroy Your Immune System "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Your immune system is constantly on a seek-and-destroy mission status on the lookout for foreign invaders, naturally occurring cell defects and mutant cells. The immune system has a vast capacity to remember bad guys and deploy tactics that worked in the past to annihilate the enemy. Some of the fastest growing cells in the


These Christmas real life story magazines have to been seen to be believed they are hilariously dark "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Loving this Chrimbo Crazy edition of Pick Me Up! spotted by @Nickw84 over on Twitter its comically dark. Like a modern penny dreadful spruced up for Christmas.

Highlights include

* Losing My Leg BEST GIFT EVER!
* LAST CHRISTMAS? My Lads Big Fight
* XMAS EVIL Bloodlust Of A Baby Killer
* THROAT SLASHED AFTER WORK DO Weve Cheated Death Four Times

All your favourite Christmas content in one place.

However Pick Me Up! have competition from Thats Life as spotted by @Mortimerfilms over on Twitter.

And their highlights include:

* Seasons Cheating Hubby bonked our teen lodger at XMAS DINNER
* Xmas horror! Sick Dad dressed as SANTA then raped up
* Mums Xmas Miracle a ghost gave me triplets
* I Found Mum MURDERED under my Xmas tree

Wow thats even darker than the first one. Well done Thats Life for truly lifting the mood and filling us full of Xmas spirit.


Source: Twitter/@nickw84

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Why is Cancer Almost Never Found in Mummies? A Disease of Modern Living "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Cancer found in mummies is very rare, say professors Rosalie David and Michael Zimmerman from the University of Manchester. Their investigation of hundreds of Egyptian mummies found only one case of cancer. Searching for evidence of cancer in fossils and ancient medical texts, they uncovered only five cases of tumors, mostly benign. They conclude that cancer


Cell Phone Radiation: What the Telecommunication Companies Dont Want You to Know "IndyWatch Feed Food"

In 2010, Devra Davis, PhD, MPH, president of the Environmental Health Trust, and former White House adviser, wrote the book titled, Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, What The Industry Has Done To Hide It, and How To Protect Your Family. Dr. Davis shares her concerns, If the industry doesnt make a positive move soon,


Addicted to Coffee? You May be Dopamine Deficient "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Many of us depend on an early morning Jo to get us on the go. Some of us need refills as the day progresses. Still others use coffee to get over depression or anxiety, even though caffeine can create more fight or flight hormones and tax our adrenal glands by pumping us with adrenaline. The


Launched in November, WeRaise Advertising Agency Boosts ICOs with Fresh Approach in Banner Ad and Press Releases Placing. "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

WeRaise started operation on Nov 1st 2017.

WeRaise is a specialized agency offering marketing services for ICO projects including banner advertising, professional video production, PR services, social media marketing, and other powerful tools to successfully boost an ICO launch.

Each ICO project is unique. WeRaise offers the best selection of marketing services which are expertly tailored to each project. Every campaign is tracked and fine-tuned for optimal performance.

WeRaise is new, but the team behind it is not. The core team comes from a background in traditional digital advertising, with 20 years of experience in banner advertising, SEM, SEO, and SMM, working with global brands like Samsung, Asus, Bayer, Kraft, Budweiser, and Motorola. This advertising experience is combined with the expertise of numerous crypto-currency professionals with a background in ICO marketing.

Our team has conducted research into the crypto blockchain ecosystem, collected detailed information about important sites and potentially effective traffic sources and conducted test campaigns to study the effectiveness of various approaches.

Our ICO marketing specialists bring years of experience of successful and unsuccessful strategies to the table and allow us to work according to industry best practices. Our approaches, marketing mix, messages and key advantages are tried and tested, and ready to use.

Our banner advertising and press release placement services for ICO projects are ready to go at the touch of a button. Find out more at

Find WeRaise here:




The Bullish Digital Currency Market Will Give ETC a New Boom "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Since December, theres frenzy in the digital currency market with prices of mainstream tokens skyrocketing. Bitcoin, has its increased from 60,000 to 120,000 within a week. Next are LTC and ETH, with LTC price jumping to a new high of 2,000 and ETH price doubled to 5,000. XRP, also saw its price went two-fold.

Will the price spike of tier-2 tokens, LTC and XRP, signal the same momentum for ETC? There are signs this may apply to ETC.

In June 2016, ETC was forced to hard fork due to a significant amount of ETC stolen because of The DAO project. The fork was not recognized by the community where some said blockchain is irreversible and unchangeable. Eventually, the community split. ETC and ETH went separate ways. Despite no difference technically, ETH has not a cap on supply but ETC, starting from December 12, applied new supply policy setting out the total supply below 23 million. The continuous supply reduction will effectively contain inflation and remain the tokens inherent value.

Like the way BCH came into being, ETC is the result of a split due to different community ideas on future development including hash rate, consensus, supporter, and infrastructure. As of this article is to be published, BCH is held at $2,000 while BTC hit approximately $16,000 an eight-fold gap. However, there are times when the price ratio of the two tokens are 1:2. Looking at ETC and ETH, despite the same code, their prices are different. ETC, now at $32, ETH, around $740, a 20x price gap. In BCHs case, ETCs price may hugely increase.

ETC, ETHs only forked token, is greatly undervalued as BCH demonstrate this the best. Also, a variety of IFOs account for a certain amount of market share, which means, the price of ETC will be several times the current. Moreover, ETC is fueling IoT and exploring market opportunities. ETC, combining with IoT is a broad market which will work miracles.

Technically, ETC is safer and more reliable. ETCDEV, the tokens development team, strives to develop ETC with down-to-earth efforts. Now it is working on making ETC more stable, more flexible and mature. The mature and stable team ensures the safety of the platform and the system, and lay the foundation for price increase. So far, there is no significant safety issues of ETC but ETH occurrences happened due to systematic vulnerabilities.

There are more ETC projects taking place. For example, SputnikVM replacing EVM for acceleration and compatibility with IoT; Emerald Project, providing Dapp developers with a platform; more tools set to integrate external services into ETC. Ahead, ETC will continue to boost IoT and open more apps.

The undervaluation is temporary and a price boom shall defy the former.



Truthdig Interview with Mohammad Sabaaneh "IndyWatch Feed Comics"

An interview with Palestinian cartoonist and CM member Mohammad Sabaaneh:


Tips on How to Get Through an Allergy-Friendly Christmas "IndyWatch Feed Food"

I received a contribution towards the cost of this post.  Thank you for your support! Christmas is coming soon, and I love it. I love the way everyone gets together, the cosy nights in, and being in your PJs on the sofa by 7pm. The way everywhere looks like a Winter Wonderland. And I love the food. Obviously. But what if you're trying to get through a holiday season with food allergies or intolerances? Or a special diet? Photo by Jennifer Pallian on Unsplash There are mince pies, trifle, turkey dinners,  chocolates, pigs in blankets... but if you're navigating a free-from Christmas, there's a lot more to think about. Here are my top tips for getting through...

This is a short selection of today's blog post - please visit the blog to see the full post. Thanks!


Money Flows Away from Bitcoin Back To Gold: Analyst (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Money Flows Away from Bitcoin Back To Gold: Analyst Video KitCo News Gold To Climb Higher: Find Support At $1,247 To $1,250 Trader Money Flows Away from Bitcoin Back To Gold: Analyst

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South Korea Releases Emergency Measures for Cryptocurrency Regulation "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

South Koreas government released emergency measures for cryptocurrency regulation on Thursday. Bitcoin exchanges will now be regulated. Among other measures, there will be a ban on banks, minors, and foreigners trading cryptocurrency as well as a clampdown on virtual bank accounts needed to trade cryptocurrencies in Korea.

Also read: South Korea Clarifies Position After Reports of Possible Ban on All Crypto Transactions

Regulating Crypto Exchanges

South Koreas government held an emergency meeting to discuss cryptocurrency regulation on Thursday. Following the meeting, the regulators released virtual currency emergency measures, Hankyung reported. The publication explained, according to the announcement:

A virtual currency exchange, which has more than 10 billion won in sales such as Bithumb, Coinone and Korbit, or more than 1 million visitors per day, is expected to receive the governments Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification next year.

The regulators have also increased the standard and penalties applicable when a security breach occurs at exchanges. We will not allow virtual currency transactions unless the requirements for protection of investors, transparency of transactions and other measures are met through prompt legislation in the near future, the government was quoted by the publication.



Youthquake declared word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries and its making people go what!? "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

News reaches Poke HQ that Youthquake has been declared word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries and a collective but no one says that was shouted across the office.

The Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2017 is youthquake.

The noun, youthquake, is defined as a significant cultural, political, or social change arising from the actions or influence of young people.


Seriously no one says that. A quick Google finds about three mentions in Google News before the press release went out two on the Guardian and one of the Daily Mail.

And the actual article on Oxford Dictionaries sites two tweets, with the collective retweets of 23!

Were not alone heres seven tweets sharing our bafflement:






Will You Really Achieve Happiness If You Finally Win the Rat Race? Dont Answer the Question Until Youve Watched Steve Cutts New Animation "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Illustrator Steve Cutts sets his latest animation, "Happiness," in a teeming urban environment, with hundreds of near identical cartoon rats standing in for human drudges in an unfulfilling, and not unfamiliar race.

Packed subway cars, a bombardment of advertising, soul-deadening office jobs, and Black Friday sales are just a few of the indignities Cutts rodents are subjected to, to the tune of Bizets "L'amour est un oiseau rebelle."

Rampant over-consumptiona major preoccupation for this artistoffers illusory relief, and a great deal of fun for viewers with the time to hit pause, to better savor the grim details.

They may also serve as an antidote to the sort of messaging were constantly on the receiving end of, whether we live in city, country or somewhere in-between. Check out the scene as Cutts pans up from the subway platform, 52 seconds in:

The panty-clad female model for Blah colognes fashionably black and white ad is emaciated nearly to the point of death.

Youre better than laces flatters the latest (laceless) shoe from a swoosh-bedecked footwear manufacturer, while a radiator-colored beverage floats above the motto Just drink it, morons.

Krispo Flakes fight depression with the bits other cereals dont want.

Heaven help us all, theres even a poster for TRUMP The Musical.

This freeze-frame scrutiny could make an excellent activity for any class where middle and high schoolers are encouraged to think critically about their role as consumers.

As Cutts, a one-time employee of the digital marketing agency, Isobar, who contributed to campaigns for such global giants as Coca-Cola, Google, Reebok, and Toyota, told...


US Government to Sell Off $10 Million in Seized Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

U.S. prosecutors in the state of Utah are moving to sell millions of dollars-worth of cryptocurrencies seized in an opioid drug case.


eco angel and eco devil "IndyWatch Feed Comics"

Today on Toothpaste For Dinner: eco angel and eco devil

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FundYourselfNow Announces Entry into Vietnam Market with 2 Major Partnerships "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Singapore FundYourselfNow (FYN), Asias Leading cryptocurrency crowdfunding platform, is proud to announce 2 major partnerships in Vietnam, in preparation of the launch of FundYourselfNow Vietnamese Website which has been released today on 15th December.

To learn more about FYN, please follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Medium or talk to us on Telegram!

FundYourselfNow & VinaEX

VinaEx is Vietnam leading cryptocurrency exchange where both local and international buyers can trade bitcoins/Ethereum with the Vietnamese Dong and USD. VinaEX is launched in collaboration with major banks in Vietnam.

FYN tokens will be listed in VinaEX in first quarter of 2018, with Fiat Currency Pairing (USD/VND). FYN will be the official fundraising partner for VinaEX. In the future, projects work with FYN can looking forward to listing on VinaEX. Starting Q1 2018, projects on FYN will be strongly encouraged to raise part of their funding in FYN. Project creators would be able to cash out their cryptocurrencies holdings at VinaEX for USD or VND. This is expected to greatly boost the liquidity of FYN token. With the launch of VinaEx, FYN has successfully delivered what was committed in the whitepaper of FYN ahead of schedule.

Jack Ser & Kenneth Tan, founders of FYN, will join VinaEX as directors with immediate effect. VinaEX soft launch is slated to occur by the End of December 2017

For more information on VinaEX, please go to

FundYourselfNow launches in Vietnam with first project New Era Energy

FYN is excited to announce the launch of FYN Vietnam today. Vietnamese would be able to participate in both local and international token sales using ETH & Fiat Currency (VND). FYN will eventually support other major currencies like USD and Euro in the near future, to make the token sale participation process much easier for our users located all over the globe.

New Era Energy aims to be the biggest clean energy ICO at an international level, with an ambitious fundraising target of 100m globally. New Era aims to build a global green movement, where individuals, green organizations can come together to build a cleaner world. Nera is currently working with green energy producers in Vietnam such as Bamboo Capital Group, has support from...


Blockchain Technology Breaks Down Borders Travelchain Token Sale Launches Today "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

One of the thing that is so often said about blockchain technology is that it is helping to create a world without borders. A world that you can interact with in a truly global sense.

And with regards to money this has largely been true.

If you own a given cryptocurrency, owning it in France is not functionally different from owning it in Russia or Canada or Brazil. And there is no functional difference between a domestic transaction and an international transaction, because the idea is totally anachronistic.

Cryptocurrencies exist online and the borders are wherever the internet doesnt exist, and thats about it.

And the rise of this private, secure, and decentralized system has resulted in a tidal wave of innovations built off the technology.

But why has the world been so quick to adapt these new technologies?


Increased freedom

It may seem clich but people dont like to be told what to do. And they certainly dont like being prevented from doing the things that they do want to do. Cryptocurrency being decentralized has made both of these things far harder for businesses, governments, and other interested parties. With the blockchain, the people doing the transactions are the ones that

And while this seems most immediately applicable to money (it is a currency after all), money touches every aspect of daily life. So the freeing of currency, by extension, frees up a litany of

their businesses to make the experience better and less expensive for customers.


Money is the root of all good?

As money and information are freed from the constraints of government and other third parties, companies and individuals can work together on a more equal ground, using terms they agree to rather than terms they are forced to agree to. It is no up to individuals to decide exactly what they want to share, where, why and with whom.

Financial freedom is the base of just about any service that is trying to make money, the more cosntrained they are regarding how and where they can accept or send money, the more constrained they are in developing, expanding, and improving their service.

Cryptocurrency removes many of the rules and generally accepted financial practices.

As stated above, the biggest change is the borderless market.


A borderless market, a borderless you

In the developed world you are rarely constrained insofar as where you can travel in theory anyway. But you are extremely constrained insofar as where you c...


Not Just Drugs Causing Antibiotic Resistance: Big Ags Herbicides Also to Blame "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

All bacteria will naturally mutate to avoid being killed off. This is the impetus of all life to save its own skin. However, even with the recent discovery that the overuse of antibiotic drugs has been causing bacteria to morph into superbugs, resistant to the antibiotics used to kill them, we have new evidence of another culprit in the war against disease. Its Big Ags herbicides.

Your body also naturally kills off bacteria, viruses and other foreign pathogens when it isnt choked with toxic chemicals, but just like the science proving that herbicides are killing off our natural immunity (via the shikimate pathway), we now have proof that while these Big Ag chemicals are making us weaker, they are making bacteria stronger.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has even warned that antibiotic resistance is now a global threat, yet one of the problems causing it, is hardly kept in check. In fact, herbicide use in farming, and even landscaping projects, has reached an all-time high.

These herbicides are causing lymphoma, breast cancer, and birth defects, but they are also contributing to antibiotic resistance. This is proved in recent research conducted by the New University of Canterbury which has confirmed that the active ingredients of the most commonly used herbicides, RoundUp, Kamba and 2,4-D (glyphosate, dicamba and 2,4-D), each alone cause antibiotic resistance at concentrations well below label application rates. Who can even imagine what these chemicals due in synergistic concert.

The study abstract states,

Targeted deletion of efflux pump genes largely neutralized the adaptive response in the cases of increased survival in antibiotics, indicating that the biochemistry of induced resistance was the same for formulations and specific ingredients. We found that glyphosate, dicamba, and 2,4-D, as well a...


How the Fake Boom Ends "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

How the Fake Boom Ends
by Bill Bonner

"As we outlined yesterday, Americans are richer than ever. (The 1% is, anyway. - CP) US household assets stand at $97 trillion. All over the world, wealth is surging, toowith the value of global stocks near a record high of $100 trillion. But theres a hitch: We allege that this wealth was built on fake money. If were right, is the wealth fake, too?

Cometh the Grim Reaper: As long-time Diary sufferers know, the Feds ultra-low interest rates over the past eight years have created the biggest pile of debt in history. Last week, the total US debt hit a new record at $68 trillionup from $29 trillion in 2000.


Your Brain on DMT and How to Make It Naturally "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Most of our decisions are made emotionally. Almost all of them are made with a subconscious supposition formed around previous experience an imprint that was created from as early as the time we were in our mothers womb, until we are about five years old (some scientists say until we are 13), when it is said that our world view is already developed. This means if you were raised in a hostile environment, due to poverty, war, psychologically damaged parents, alcoholism, etc. you are likely to internalize a reality which then recreates itself over and over again in what Rupert Sheldrake calls the morphic field. DMT may be able to reverse this damaging psychological trajectory.

Conversely, if you were raised in an environment where everyone was loving and kind, all your needs were met with ease, and you were allowed to express yourself creatively, and autonomously, without enmeshment or other more overt forms of suppression of the Soul, then you would have a very different world view from which to base all future experiences and decisions upon.

To further explain this phenomenon, your childhood experience, or arguably your Souls experience through multiple lifetimes, would attach meaning to every other similar experience based on your past not on the present moment.

If the color red was associated with pain and upset, you would again feel pain and upset every time you saw this color, even though it is simply one of a myriad different vibrations on the viewable light spectrum. Red, would therefore act as a trigger.

In other people, red might signify passion, love, or creative force. You can see how this early programming can cause very different life trajectories and experiences. If red is associated to a highly traumatic experience, then we might even feel fearful and shrink into ourselves just seeing pink!

When the ancient yogis talked about samskaras rote patterns of thinking they may not have known specifically how proteins bind to neurons to reinforce these neural pathways, or neurosis every time someone once again sees red, but interestingly, this is exactly what happens.

The neural pathways are bound with proteins and then built up like scar tissue. In some of my earliest yoga classes I was taught that samskaras can be translated loosely to mean, some scars. I never knew how prescient this definition truly was until I learned more about the neurological processes of undoing the brains patterned thinking.

Nonetheless, substances like DMT, endogenous to the human body, but greatly inc...


Tezos Foundation Board Member Quits as Lawsuits, Allegations, Tensions Mount "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Tezos Foundation Board Member Quits as Lawsuits, Allegations, Tensions Mount

And then there were two. The historic, crowdfunded initial coin offering (ICO) start-up Tezos raised a quarter billion USD this summer, and to much acclaim. Now its embroiled in three class-action suits, its founders vying for control and legal costs. The latest news from the once-seemingly untouchable team is the resignation of Tezos Foundation Board Member Guido Schmitz-Krummacher, leaving a power vacuum and a community clamoring to be made whole.

Also read: Trezor Firmware Update Brings Shorter Addresses and Support for More Tokens

Tezos Foundation Board Member Quits as Lawsuits, Allegations, Tensions Mount

Tezos Board Must Have Three Members

Kathleen and Arthur Breitman own Dynamic Ledger Solutions, Inc. (DLS), and thereby control the projects source code. The Foundation, run by...


New Study Finds Inflammation Is Cause of Almost Every Disease: Heres What You Can Do About It "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The latest science is in, and though it is being used to promote a pharmaceutical solution (is it any surprise?), there are natural ways to stop chronic inflammation in the body a problem that is now linked directly to the top five killers on our planet heart disease, cancer, neurodegenerative disease, and diseases of the gut, primarily.

The latest evidence of inflammations contributory role in disease came just months ago, when a global clinical trial of 10,000 patients who had previous heart attacks showed that an anti-inflammatory drug from Novartis reduced their risk of further heart attacks or strokes. A surprise side effect: The drug also sharply cut the risk of lung cancer. While Big Pharma would like our take-away from this study to be: Oh, I need this incredible drug! theres another obvious fact we can glean.

Inflammation, as has been suggested by ancient medicine from China to South America to India, is the source of almost all disease. Stopping it would therefore stop most diseases from developing or progressing.

Heres why inflammation is so critical to understand:

The human being has a normal inflammatory response any time we are injured or a foreign pathogen enters our bodies. While modern medicine has been trying to throw medicine after medicine at the symptoms of disease, they rarely look at the underlying cause of it.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Ayurveda, along with other anciently wise medicinal traditions know better. They look at the root issue, and never prescribe an antidote without first trying to find the underlying cause of a disease.

For example, heart disease is caused by inflammation of the arteries. Neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimers and Parkinsons disease are caused by the inflammation of the brain. Arthritis is caused by inflammation of the joints, and depression, chronic fatigue, and almost all ailments which start in the gut care caused by inflammation of the intestinal tract. Root cause? INFLAMMATION!

The body uses its natural defense, inflammation, when we need to repair damaged cells or fight against viruses and bacteria. This is how the body heals itself.

The problem is that chronic inflammation caused by a toxic diet, lack of sleep, stress, a lack of exercise, along with altered gut flora, etc. occurs. This is what happens when the body mistakes...


Chrysin attenuates atopic dermatitis by suppressing inflammation of keratinocytes. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Food Chem Toxicol. 2017 Dec ;110:142-150. Epub 2017 Oct 16. PMID: 29050978 Abstract Title:  Chrysin attenuates atopic dermatitis by suppressing inflammation of keratinocytes. Abstract:  We previously reported the inhibitory effect of chrysin, a natural flavonoid plentifully contained in propolis, vegetables and fruits, on the mast cell-mediated allergic reaction. In this study, we evaluated the effect of chrysin on atopic dermatitis (AD) and defined underlying mechanisms of action. We used an AD model in BALB/c mice by the repeated local exposure of 2,4-dinitrochlorobenzene (DNCB) and house dust mite (Dermatophagoides farinae extract, DFE) to the ears. Repeated alternative treatment of DNCB/DFE caused AD-like skin lesions. Oral administration of chrysin diminished AD symptoms such as ear thickness and histopathological analysis, in addition to serum IgE and IgG2a levels. Chrysin decreased infiltration of mast cells, and reduced serum histamine level. Chrysin also suppressed AD by inhibiting the inflammatory responses of Th1, Th2, and Th17 cells in mouse lymph node and ear. Interestingly, chrysin significantly inhibited the production of cytokines, Th2 chemokines, CCL17 and CCL22 by the down-regulation of p38 MAPK, NF-B, and STAT1 in tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-/interferon (IFN)--stimulated human keratinocytes (HaCaT). Chrysinalso inhibited TNF-/IFN--stimulated IL-33 expression in HaCaT cells and mouse primary keratinocytes. Taken together, the results indicate that chrysin suppressed AD symptoms, suggesting that chrysin might be a candidate for the treatment of AD and skin allergic diseases.

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Man makes Christmas card photo every year for 10 years after family tell him to get sober "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

John Cessna is a man with a mission. His family told him to sober up and send nice Christmas cards and hes taken the first part seriously, given up the booze but flicks two fingers at the second and tries to send the worst ones possible.

In 2008 my mom instructed me to sober up and send my own Christmas cards to family and friends. Heres every year since, including the new one for 2017! says Johncessna over on Reddit.

This has become a bit of an institution on the internet with many people not thinking its Christmas until theyve seen John Cessnas work this year.

Take it away John.

1. 2008

2. 2009

3. 2010

4. 2011

5. 2012

6. 2013

7. 2014

8. 2015

9. 2016

10. 2017

Source: Reddit

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Defense Secretary Mattis discusses his favorite books, and why "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

[General James Mattis, you have] accumulated perhaps one of the largest personal libraries of an active-duty military officer ever known in the modern world. What was behind this?

Defense Secretary Mattis discusses his favorite books, and why


Patrick Ainley discussion paper on Michael Gove "IndyWatch Feed Education"

Revisiting Michael Gove et als 2005 pamphlet, DIRECT DEMOCRACY, An Agenda for a New Model Party, this article finds in it the blueprint for power Gove made in campaigning to leave the EU that indicates an unfinished Agenda for English primary and secondary education under hard Brexit complementing measures proposed for tertiary education in the []


Crypto: The End of Freedom! "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"


Cryptocurrency will make a huge number of people fabulously rich, whilst choking the life out of the human race. A dire warning from Brandon Smith found here:


These results corroborated with the neuroprotective effect of chrysin in the treatment of Parkinson's disease. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Chem Biol Interact. 2017 Oct 18 ;279:111-120. Epub 2017 Oct 18. PMID: 29054324 Abstract Title:  Protective role of chrysin on 6-hydroxydopamine-induced neurodegeneration a mouse model of Parkinson's disease: Involvement of neuroinflammation and neurotrophins. Abstract:  Chrysin is a natural flavonoid which is found in bee propolis, honey and various plants, and neuroprotective effect of chrysin in mice was previously demonstrated by our group. Neuroinflammation, neurotrophic factors and neuronal recovery factors associated with the neuroprotective effect of this flavonoid require further investigations. Thus, now we investigated the possible involvement of inflammatory cytokines, neurotrophic factors and neuronal recovery in the effect of chrysin in 6-hydroxidopamine (6-OHDA), a well-established model of Parkinson's disease, in striatum of mice. The 6-OHDA microinjection induced behavioral alterations on the rotarod test and apomorphine-induced circling behavior in mice. 6-OHDA administration elevated levels of tumour necrosis factor-, interferon-gamma, interleukin-1, interleukin-2, interleukin-6 and nuclear factor-kappa B and decreased the interleukin-10 levels, total reactive antioxidant potential and total antioxidant reactivity in striatum, as well as, modified the calcium-binding protein B (S100B), brain-derived neurotrophic factor, nerve growth factor and glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor levels. The intrastriatal injection of 6-OHDA also induced an decrease of dopamine, 3,4-dihydroxyphenylacetic acid, homovanylic acid levels and tyrosine hydroxylase content. Oral treatment with chrysin (10 mg/kg, 28 days), culminated with the prevention of these alterations occasioned by 6-OHDA. These results corroborated with the neuroprotective effect of chrysin in the treatment of Parkinson's disease and, indicated the mechanism involved throught the inflammatory cytokines, neurotrophic factors and recovery of dopaminergic neurons in striatum.

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14 of the Most Dangerous Roads in the World "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Adrenaline is so strong that none of us understands it. Jerry Lewis

When you are told to close your eyes and picture a road trip, you are probably envisioning coffee stops and upbeat music while cruising down an endless highway. There is, however, a whole different side to road trips if youre looking for your next opportunity for an adrenaline rush. Trade in your reasonable speed limits and highway road stops for hairpin bends, trips through war zones and dramatic mountain drops with these fascinating destinations.

Check out 14 of the most dangerous roads across the globe:

#1 Hana, Hawaii

This incredibly narrow and scenic road located on the island of Maui is a high-risk location for landslides, which means that its often closed to travellers.

Source: Mashable


#2 Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan

Designed to allow clearance for even the largest of ships, this trip would resemble a rollercoaster more than a trip over a mere bridge.

Source: Metro


#3 Eyre Highway, Australia

Unlike the other roads on the list, this road isnt dangerous due to incredible heights or risks of landslides, however, it is responsible for an incredibly high number of accidents. Why? It is so monotonous that drivers regularly fall asleep.



Bitcoin Gold Price Technical Analysis Can BTG/USD Stay Above $250? "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Points

  • Bitcoin gold price is currently under a correction and is holding the $260 support against the US Dollar.
  • There is a major bullish trend line forming with support at $265 on the hourly chart of BTG/USD (data feed from Bitfinex).
  • The pair must stay above the $260 and $265 support levels to bounce back in the near term.

Bitcoin gold price is currently correcting lower against the US Dollar. BTG/USD must hold $260 and the 100 hourly SMA to trade back above $300.

Bitcoin Gold Price Trend

There was a minor correction wave initiated from the $347 swing high against the US Dollar. The price declined below the $320 and $300 support levels and traded close to the $250 level. There was also a push below the 50% Fib retracement level of the last wave from the $241 low to $347 high. However, the 100 hourly simple moving average, currently at $270 protected declines.

More importantly, there is a major bullish trend line forming with support at $265 on the hourly chart of BTG/USD. The trend line support is just above the 100 hourly simple moving average, which is currently at $270. Moreover, the 76.4% Fib retracement level of the last wave from the $241 low to $347 high is near $265. Therefore, a break below the $260-270 support zone wont be easy.

Bitcoin Gold Price Technical Analysis BTG USD

As long as the price is above the $260 support, it could bounce back and move above the $300 level. Above $300, the next target for buyers could be around the last swing high of $347. On the flip side, a break below the $260 support will most likely set the tone for a test of $200.

Looking at the technical indicators:

Hourly MACD The MACD for BTG/USD is currently reducing its bearish slope.

Hourly RSI (Relative Strength Index) The RSI for BTG/USD is now well below the 50 level.

Major Support Level $260

Major Resistance Level $300


Charts courtesy ...


A Clue in the Bee Death Mystery "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

Disturbing the fungi balance could well be the actual vector, but it is certainly triggered by the application of a spectrum of pesticides.

The damage done is huge and ongoing.  Collapsing the insect biomass naturally collapses the song bird biomass as well..   Worse the toxins do enter the hydraulic system and this means it all crosses the skin barrier of all aquatic animals.  This surely has led to the collapse of the population of amphibians.

Add in the attack by Roundup on the biological world, including the human decline in fertility and the case for organic methodology is made.

A Clue in the Bee Death Mystery 

Insecticides are often blamed, but new signs point to another chemical. 

Tom PhilpottNov. 29, 2017 6:00 AM 

A rusty-patched bumble bee....


30 Year NSA Employee Turned Whistleblower: 'The Ultimate Goal of the NSA is Total Population Control' "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

William Binney is a former high ranking intelligence official with the National Security Agency (NSA). He is one of the highest placed intelligence officials to ever blow the whistle on insider NSA knowings.

He made headlines when he resigned in 2001 after 9/11, having worked more than thirty years for the agency. He was a leading code-breaker against the Soviet Union during the Cold war, and was repelled by the United States massive surveillance programs.

Hes had quite the go, starting in 2002 when he let the public know of a system ( trailblazer) intended to analyze data carried on communication networks (like the internet).

He exposed the agencies eavesdropping program and has faced harassment from the FBI, NSA and more. He has been in and out of the court room ever since he decided to resign and blow the whistle.

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Shoptalk: The Power of Good Journalism Can Change Culture "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

There has been a lot of talk about the decline of newspapers, along with criticism of the media, especially the mainstream media. In fact, the word media has become an epithet.

And there is some truth to all the derision. Fox News and MSNBC, the Washington Times and the Huffington Post, as a few examples, dont report news as much as propaganda. They prefer innuendo over facts, except for those rare occasions when facts support their world view. The writing is catchy and the headlines are attention grabbing, so the reader/viewer gets sucked into a vortex of right or left opinions almost before he/she knows it.

TV and radio take slanted news to new heights. An inflection here, a tilt of the eyebrow there, judicious use of descriptive words (We have sad news to report tonight, A stunning turn of events, and Gunshots rang out!), and the whole news cast takes on the atmosphere of a bellyache session at the local bar.

Add Trumps constant accusations of fake news and his vitriolic attacks on legitimate news organizations like the New York Times, Washington Post, NBC, CBS, ABC and others, and respect for real journalists has dropped to the level ofwell, I hate to say it, butCongress.

Consider, for a moment though, the work of legitimate journalists. Im not talking about powerful, highly paid news people. Im talking about real reporters at bigger and smaller media outlets, people who work long hours for low pay and focus completely on getting facts right.

Most are pretty idealistic about finding and reporting the truth, not opinions. Their publishers, particularly for the big papers, may assign stories along a particular political path, but good journalists stick to facts. They build stories one fact at a time, verifiable detail after verifiable detail. Good editors check those stories and edit out facts that arent corroborated twice. Thats old school journalism. And its practiced every day in newsrooms across the country.

Do they make mistakes? Of course. And they publish corrections freely and quickly. But generally they get it right. They cas...


Julian Assange Drops Truth Bomb About What Really Caused The Las Vegas Massacre "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks is known for speaking out and so forth but this was unexpected. While lots of people are against what he does, he has brought to the public lots of knowledge that we otherwise would not have been able to obtain.

Assange tweeted a few things back in October in regards to terrorism and the FBI, This within days of the mass shooting in Las Vegas hinting at something I am sure lots of people have been considering. Assange suggesting that the FBI actually manufactures its own terrorism cases and is currently doing so on a scale like nothing we have ever seen before this possibly including the Las Vegas shooting.

Michael German a former undercover agent with the FBI actually said as follows: Theyre manufacturing terrorism cases. These people are five steps away from being a danger to the US. You see, when it comes to picking people to do their dirty work the FBI targets those who are vulnerable who would only do things of this sort if instigated.

Assanges tweets reads as follows:

Almost all terror plots are created by the FBI as part of its business model. 

What is the business of the FBI? Extracting tax. What does it need to do that? A stable threat. Prob? Real terrorists are sporadic & make FBI look weak. Solution? Make them.

The FBI is giving guns to the mentally ill to attack people then leaping in to save the day, cameras rolling. What a bunch of jerks.

There was actually a stud...


Survey: Most Bitcoin Investors Expect Even Fatter Returns in 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

According to the survey by LendEDU, almost three-quarters of bitcoin investors in the U.S. plan to increase the size of their holdings next year.


Help!!! Severe coyote problem!!!! "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Okay monkeys---I know I hardly post, but I need some serious advice from some weathered coyote experts.

The setup: 30 acre farm, surrounded by 100's of acres of uninhabited timberland on 3 sides. All 30 acres is pastureland with a few trees along fence lines and tree lines on 3 sides.

The problem: DOZENS of coyotes! They've learned that there is a food source--chickens, goats, rabbits. Chickens and goats are put up at dusk, but the coyotes got smart and started getting the...

Help!!! Severe coyote problem!!!!


What The Day You Were Born Means For You "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

We are all affected by the things going on in space whether we admit it or not. Each of the visible celestial bodies has a very intense hold on us as individuals.

Did you know that the day of the week you were born on could be read in a way similar to the characteristics of your zodiac sign? Each day of the week holds a meaning. I was born on a Wednesday and mine is spot on! Your day of birth has a lot more in store for you than you might have originally thought.

Sundays Child: Heart of Gold

With the sun ruling over you seeking the best things in life will be a goal of yours. You are someone who lives your life to brighten the lives of others. You are creative and bold. You have a natural healing ability and people around you almost always feel as if you are able to brighten their day. Generosity is one of your strong points.

Mondays Child: Caring and Sensitive

You are ruled by the Moon and are far kinder than most. You are sensitive and adaptable and people tend to overlook you wrongfully. You are softspoken and quite interesting once you come out of your shell. You love to spend time with those who are important to you.

Tuesdays Child: Spirit of a Fighter

You are ruled by Mars and have a spirit that holds more willpower than most. You are brave and always work as hard as you possibly can. However, you are a bit overly materialistic.

Wednesdays Child: Curious by Nature

Mercury rules over you and makes you able to communicate with ease. You are curious by nature and are highly intelligent. Most of the time you are satisfied with life and you always look for the best in everything and everyone.

Thursdays Child: Intelligent and Witty

Ruled by Jupiter you are usually pretty happy. It takes a lot to get you down. You are witty and very optimistic. When it comes to life you are always focused on paving your path to being who you were meant to be.

Fridays Child: Spiritual by Nature

You are ruled by the planet Venus and it brings you lots of balance. You are very talented and love to do creative things. There is something about you that makes you quite intense and you are wise beyond your years.

Saturdays Child: Perfectionist

Ruled by Saturn you are quite family oriented. You tend to have a style all your own and are prone to worrying far too much. While you can be a b...


Co-delivery of curcumin and chrysin by polymeric nanoparticles inhibit synergistically growth and hTERT gene expression in human colorectal cancer cells. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Nutr Cancer. 2017 Nov-Dec;69(8):1290-1299. Epub 2017 Oct 30. PMID: 29083232 Abstract Title:  Co-Delivery of Curcumin and Chrysin by Polymeric Nanoparticles Inhibit Synergistically Growth and hTERT Gene Expression in Human Colorectal Cancer Cells. Abstract:  Nanoparticle (NP)-based combinational chemotherapy has been proposed as a potent approach for improving intracellular drug concentrations and attaining synergistic effects in colorectal cancer therapy. Here, two well-known herbal substances, Curcumin (Cur) and Chrysin (Chr), were co-encapsulated in PEGylated PLGA NPs and investigated their synergistic inhibitory effect against Caco-2 cancer cells. Characterization of nanoformulated drugs was determined using DLS, FTIR, TEM, and SEM. Drug release study was performed using dialysis method. MTT and real-time PCR assays were applied to evaluate the cytotoxic effects of free and nano-encapsulated drugs on expression level of hTERT in Caco-2 cells. The results showed that free drugs and nano-formulations exhibited a dose-dependent cytotoxicity against Caco-2 cells and especially, Cur-Chr-PLGA/PEG NPs had more synergistic antiproliferative effect and significantly arrested the growth of cancer cells than the other groups (P

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Between the Branches (Collier) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Between the Branches: The White House Office of Legisltive Affairs (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1997), by Kenneth E. Collier (page images at Pitt)

Current History "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Current History (full serial archives)

Elements of Oil Reservoir Engineering (Pirson) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Elements of Oil Reservoir Engineering (New York et al.: McGraw-Hill Book Co., c1950), by Sylvain Joseph Pirson (page images at HathiTrust)

Saxonis Grammatici Historia Danica (Saxo) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Saxonis Grammatici Historia Danica (2 volumes in 3 parts, in Latin; Copenhagen: Gyldendal, 1839-1858), by Saxo Grammaticus, ed. by Peter Erasmus Mller and Hans Mattias Velschow (page images at HathiTrust)


13 Things All Couples Need to Do For A Long Lasting Relationship "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

When it comes to relationships, if you arent both contributing it is not going to work. Both parties have to put in the effort to make things last.

Many couples in current times dont really pay as much attention to the needs of their partner as they should. If you want your relationship to last as long as it possibly can the things below need to happen if they are not already. You will be surprised how much of a mood booster some of these truly can be.

13 Things All Couples Need to Do To Ensure Their Relationships Last A Long Time

1. Pay attention to each other.

Dont ignore one another. Really pay attention to your partner; no one is perfect, but you need to get to know one another.

2. Never stop flirting with one another.

Keep him or her on their toes. Flirt with them every day. This is a fun way to make your partner know you are noticing them.

3. Let your guard down.

When you have found someone leaving your guard up only causes problems. For your relationship to flourish you have to slow down and break those walls into pieces. You can do this, being vulnerable is not always a bad thing.

4. Celebrate your anniversary.

Dont let those important dates go unnoticed. Really celebrate with one another. Being with someone for so long is worth making a big deal about.

5. Cuddle as much as you can.

Cuddling releases hormones in our brains that are known for reducing stress. Cuddling helps you bond more and become closer. While some people dont like it all the time you can still do it when you both feel it is appropriate.

6. Be respectful and empathetic.

You cannot have a real relationship without respect. If your partner is disrespecting you I strongly suggest you find someone better. Give what you get and everything will be just fine.

7. Have fun together.

Plan a date night once a week. Go out and get drunk or dance the night away. Whatever you two find fun, do it.

8. Stop holding grudges.

Dont hold grudges against one another. Let go of the things you cannot change and if something is so bad that you cannot let go of it move on. Be with someone who doesnt give you a reason for grudges.

9. Dont stop complimenting one another.

Give him or her compliments. We all love to know that something is being noticed....


MASSARRESTS UPDATE FROM COREY GOODE & THE ALLIANCE "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"   Update on Current Events  People have talked about mass arrests for years. What we should really be on the lookout for is Mass Indictments. Most of us in Continue Reading

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Thanks to      December 13, 2017 White Hats Report #60 A Storm IS Coming Its been 11 months since we released our last report. This fact should Continue Reading

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Social Media Race for Decentralization "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

This year, a large number of decentralized social networks have been created: some of them are already functioning and some are undergoing different stages of testing. The real battle for users is just beginning, and the content creators can yet again feel their value, being rewarded for their work. The era of decentralized Internet is gaining its momentum.


In 2016, the worlds first decentralized blockchain-based social network was launched. Now Steemit is considered one of the most important blockchain projects.

Roughly speaking, this resource is in some ways similar to Reddit, with the only difference is that users can get real profit in the form of Steem cryptocurrency for creating interesting content. And the entry barrier is minimal: its enough to just create an account and start making money.


Due to the geographical limitations of Steemit in Eastern Europe, the platform was forked creating the Golos project. The main difference with Golos is that it is designed specifically for Russian-speaking users: the platforms developers believe that users who do not speak English have very few chances to participate in the daily distribution of awards for Steemit. The economic model of Golos is at the moment the same as in Steemit.


It would be strange if there was no project of a decentralized Ethereum-based social network.

The social network Akasha has similar functionality and capabilities as Steemit, at least at the alpha release stage. It allows users to publish articles, vote for the articles they like, post comments and, in the long run, get paid for it. But, unlike Steemit, transactions on Akasha are quite expensive, because they use gas, as in any other Ethereum-based application. And this is the main drawback of the Akasha platform.


In the development stage, the project looks quite attractive to ordinary users. It includes possibilities of social networks, such as Instagram, as well as instant messengers, it has a Steemit-like earning model, but payments for likes are paid in the two most popular cryptocurrencies:  BTC and ETH.

Users can feel confident using the app, knowing their data is protected through the blockchain, which stores all of the information in a decentralized network.

As a digital transformation leader, e-Chat builds distributed platforms and next-gen capabilities like machine learning, IoT, and speech/image recognition. Our unique blend of user-design, data disciplines, and understanding of the customer journey delivers a richer user experience, easier consumption, and powerful emotional insights.

As a result, we can say tha...


This is the most evil word search youll see today "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

The most evil thing you will see today. writes InfinitiesLoop over on Reddit.

The evilest thing Ive seen today is the death of net neutrality. But this is a close second writes rpremorade.

Source: Reddit

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12 Signs Your Psychic Abilities Are Beginning to Make Themselves Known "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

We all have otherworldly gifts whether we are aware of these gifts or not. Sometimes in life, our psychic abilities do not begin kicking into gear until we have given up on them.

That being said, there are tons of signs that may indicate your abilities are trying to make themselves known. When it comes to things like this you need to be as open-minded as possible and remember that anything is possible. Psychic abilities vary from person to person so you might not be able to do exactly what someone else can do but there is nothing wrong with that.

12 Signs Your Psychic Abilities Are Beginning to Make Themselves Known:

1. You are highly empathic.

The more empathic are the better. You can really feel what those around you are feeling. You can and do absorb the emotions of the people you come in contact with. Remember that these emotions need to be let go of from time to time.

2. You have noticed a drastic increase in the power of your intuition.

Your intuition is becoming stronger with each day. As this continues to happen things will become quite intense. Do not worry, trust your gut.

3. Your dreams have become more vivid and intense.

The universe uses our dreams to send us important messages. If your dreams are becoming so real you cannot tell them from reality you need to do your best to figure out what they mean. They might hold the key to your abilities.

4. You can sense what it is other people need.

Even without words, you can figure things out quickly. You are almost like an emotional mirror, you can tell what the intentions of others are. This is because you are far more intuitive and empathic than most.

5. Strange coincidences are happening all around you.

Synchronicities are signs that we are doing as we should be doing in this life. These are the universes way of telling us good job. If you notice these then you are well on your way to opening up and letting your abilities shine through.

6. You feel surges of energy at strange times.

These surges of energy should be enough to hint...


Barley -glucan reduces blood cholesterol levels via interrupting bile acid metabolism. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Br J Nutr. 2017 Nov ;118(10):822-829. Epub 2017 Nov 8. PMID: 29115200 Abstract Title:  Barley-glucan reduces blood cholesterol levels via interrupting bile acid metabolism. Abstract:  Underlying mechanisms responsible for the cholesterol-lowering effect of-glucan have been proposed, yet have not been fully demonstrated. The primary aim of this study was to determine whether the consumption of barley -glucan lowers cholesterol by affecting the cholesterol absorption, cholesterol synthesis or bile acid synthesis. In addition, this study was aimed to assess whether the underlying mechanisms are related to cholesterol 7 hydroxylase (CYP7A1) SNP rs3808607 as proposed by us earlier. In a controlled, randomised, cross-over study, participants with mild hypercholesterolaemia (n 30) were randomly assigned to receive breakfast containing 3 g high-molecular weight (HMW), 5 g low-molecular weight (LMW), 3 g LMW barley -glucan or a control diet, each for 5 weeks. Cholesterol absorption was determined by assessing the enrichment of circulating 13C-cholesterol over 96 h following oral administration; fractional rate of synthesis for cholesterolwas assessed by measuring the incorporation rate of 2H derived from deuterium oxide within the body water pool into the erythrocyte cholesterol pool over 24 h; bile acid synthesis was determined by measuring serum 7-hydroxy-4-cholesten-3-one concentrations. Consumption of 3 g HMW -glucan decreased total cholesterol (TC) levels (P=0029), but did not affect cholesterol absorption (P=025) or cholesterol synthesis (P=014). Increased bile acid synthesis after consumption of 3 g HMW -glucan was observed in all participants (P=0049), and more pronounced in individuals carrying homozygous G of rs3808607 (P=0033). In addition, a linear relationship between log (viscosity) of -glucan and serum 7-HC concentration was observed in homozygous G allele carriers. Results indicate that increased bile acid synthesis rather than inhibition of cholesterol absorption or synthesis may be responsible for the cholesterol-lowering effect of barley -glucan. The pronounced TC reduction in G allele carriers of rs3808607 observed in the previous study may be due to enhanced bile acid synthesis in response to high-viscosity -glucan consumption in those individuals.

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via Stillness In The Storm Source  Sphere Being Alliance Facebook Page by Corey Goode, December 13th, 2017 Thank you for your patience on the update. I have had a number of briefings in Continue Reading

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RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT December 14, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

    The Galactic advisers in charge of directing the Alliance to release the RV are now on planet, in the United States physically overseeing the RV release. Energy blockades Continue Reading

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12 Things Confident People do That Make Them More Lovable Than Most "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

There is a lot more to being confident than most people think. It isnt just something you can pick up overnight.

People with confidence just stand out in ways that are hard to describe. They have this way of moving themselves that is hard to mimic. They also seem to attract people no matter where they go, I am sure you have at the very least noticed that much. Below you will find a list of things confident people do that makes them even more lovable than you might think.

12 Things Confident People Do:

1. They know how to listen.

Listening is one of their strong points. They know when not to say anything at all and use this to their advantage. They know that sometimes a shoulder to cry on is all someone might need.

2. They are often curious.

They are curious beings and they want to know more about life and the world around them. They want to hear the story others have to tell.

3. They are able to find happiness from within.

They dont need other people to make them happy. They know that in life you are the only person who can truly make YOU happy. You have to believe in yourself.

4. They do not compete with everyone else.

Competitions are not their thing. They dont have to prove themselves to anyone. They know where they stand.

5. They dont obsess over the opinions of others.

They dont care what you think. You are not going to matter now or later. The only thing that matters is living the life they want to live.

6. They trust their abilities.

They know what they are capable of and never second-guess themselves. They have practiced and trained to be able to do the things they can do. They know themselves better than most people do.

7. They know their limits.

They do not push their limits. They know their own boundaries and back down when it is necessary. They think with their brain, unlike most people.

8. They smile more often.

They are happier in general and this means they smile more. They are the people that you rarely ever see with a frown. They are just content with who they are and see no point in letting things get them down.

9. They dont mind sharing the spotlight.

They know sometimes people will accomplish more than them and dont see anything wrong with it. If they work together with someone on something that person is g...


Chrysin or its derivative has a promising potential to be a novel therapeutic for the management of liver cancer. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  J Exp Clin Cancer Res. 2017 Mar 20 ;36(1):44. Epub 2017 Mar 20. PMID: 28320429 Abstract Title:  Chrysin inhibited tumor glycolysis and induced apoptosis in hepatocellular carcinoma by targeting hexokinase-2. Abstract:  BACKGROUND: Hexokinase-2(HK-2) plays dual roles in glucose metabolism and mediation of cell apoptosis, making it an attractive target for cancer therapy. Chrysin is a natural flavone found in plant extracts which are widely used as herb medicine in China. In the present study, we investigated the antitumor activity of chrysin against hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and the role of HK-2 played for chrysin to exert its function.METHODS: The expression of HK-2 in HCC cell line and tumor tissue was examined by western blotting and immunohistochemistry staining. The activities of chrysin against HCC cell proliferation and tumor glycolysis were investigated. Chrysin-induced apoptosis was analyzed by flow cytometry. The effect of chrysin on HK-2 expression and the underlying mechanisms by which induced HCC cell apoptosis were studied. In HK-2 exogenous overexpression cell, the changes of chrysin-induced cell apoptosis and glycolysis suppression were investigated. HCC cell xenograft model was used to confirm the antitumor activity of chrysin in vivo and the effect on HK-2 was tested in chrysin-treated tumor tissue.RESULTS: In contrast with normal cell lines and tissue, HK-2 expression was substantially elevated in the majority of tested HCC cell lines and tumor tissue. Owing to the decrease of HK-2 expression, glucose uptake and lactate production in HCC cells were substantially inhibited after exposure to chrysin. After chrysin treatment, HK-2 which combined with VDAC-1 on mitochondria was significantly declined, resulting in the transfer of Bax from cytoplasm to mitochondria and induction of cell apoptosis. Chrysin-mediated cell apoptosis and glycolysis suppression were dramatically impaired in HK-2 exogenous overexpression cells. Tumor growth in HCC xenograft models was significantly restrained after chrysin treatment and significant decrease of HK-2 expression was observed in chrysin-treated tumor tissue.CONCLUSION: Through suppressing glycolysis and inducing apoptosis in HCC, chrysin, or its derivative has a promising potential to be a novel therapeutic for HCC management, especially for those patients with high HK-2 expression.

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Letting Go Of The Wrong Person So That You Can Find the Right One "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Sometimes in life, we struggle to let go of people that we think we love. If you are with someone who doesnt know how to treat you right, please leave them.

Clinging to someone who doesnt really care for you does a lot more damage than you might think. You deserve someone who treats you like you put the stars in the sky, not someone who claims to hate your voice and refuses to listen to how your day went. Holding onto the wrong person for too long is only going to make you miss out on the right person.

Dont get me wrong, I know how hard it is to get out of a toxic relationship, but you can do it. You can overcome this obstacle in your life. I know you are hoping that this person will change, that you will wake up one morning and he or she will be the person you fell in love with back during the good days but those kinds of changes dont happen overnight. If he or she is not making an effort then why stick around?

You have given so much to this person and for what? For your heart to be treated like a doormat and youre being disrespected? I know the thought of leaving scares you, but you truly do deserve better. If you arent being treated as you should and arent getting the love you deserve there is no sense in being with this person.

The longer you cling to the wrong person the harder it will be to find the right one. There is someone out there for you who will make you feel amazing. Someone who will treat you with respect and kindness. Someone who will not have you walking on eggshells or upset constantly.

By sticking around and being with the wrong person you are merely wasting your time. He or she is going to leave eventually and you are going to be hurt more, the pain is only going to grow the longer you are together. Some relationships were just not meant to be. Toxic relationships just dont work. By holding onto the wrong person you are letting yourself down, you are holding yourself back. Be strong enough to know your worth and walk away. Overcome your fears and make some positive changes in your life. You can do this.

When you meet the right person everything will make sense. In the meantime, pick up the pieces of your heart and give yourself some space. Figure out who you are and what your self-worth is. Love will find you when you least expect it. NEVER let someone make you feel like you dont matter.

(Photo by Kareya Saleh on Unsplash)


15 Incredible Facts About Anxiety and the People Who Live With It "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Anxiety is a lot more common than most people think. It is something that affects at least 40 million adults here in the United States alone.

It is actually the most common mental illness in the US. If you suffer from anxiety you should at least find some comfort knowing that you are nowhere near alone. Anxiety is also something that is highly treatable, if you havent already you should definitely try to find a treatment method that works for you. Far too many people merely accept it as something they have to deal with, little under 40 percent of those 40 million people who have anxiety actually seek treatment for it.

When it comes to being able to work through your anxiety it helps to know what you are dealing with. Below you will find a list of interesting and handy facts that will help you to better understand why you are feeling the things you are feeling and how to explain these things to others. Anxiety is a lot more than just feeling anxious.

15 Interesting Facts About Anxiety

1. Your friends really do like you.

Just because you think you are weird doesnt mean you are. Your friends are not just hanging out with you because they pity you, they do really like you. People with social anxiety actually make some of the best friends.

2. The things you eat can affect your anxiety.

A study published not too long ago found that people on a traditional diet tend to be less anxious when compared to those who eat far too many processed or fried foods. Eating better can have some wonderful effects on our mental health as a whole. While you may not see a change at first, it will happen.

3. Anxiety can affect your balance.

People with intense anxiety tend to also have issues like balance problems, feeling dizzy, and other things of the sort. Studies have actually shown that by improving balance those who are anxious become less anxious. Considering how early this sign appears the sooner you can resolve it the better.

4. Anxiety has a genetic base.

If your parents both have anxiety you most likely will as well. It can be passed down through genes. This has been scientifically proven, you can read more on that by clicking here.

5. Changing your perspective really can help.



Substratum answers censorship call "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Web censorship is on the rise, according to research by Freedom on the Net, two-thirds of all internet users live in countries where criticism of the government, military, or ruling family is subject to censorship. The World Economic Forum reported that global internet freedom declined in 2016 for the sixth consecutive year, 2017 is likely to be even worse.

Internet freedom in the US was dealt a huge blow yesterday when the Federal Communications Commission voted to rescind regulations governing companies that provide broadband services to consumers. This essentially gives broadband providers in the US the power to control what they serve to their customers, and more importantly what they block.

These net neutrality regulations were originally introduced by the Democrats under the previous administration. Trumps administration evidently does not approve of a free and unfettered internet so has decided to unravel the regulations that gave net neutrality lawfulness. The rules prevented internet service providers from blocking content, throttling access speeds and enforcing paid prioritization upon their customers. Once through US broad band companies would have a green light to discriminate and manipulate your internet traffic according to one Democrat on the FCC panel. Top ISPs such as Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, Charter and CenturyLink will have more freedom to control what they allow their users to see on the internet. According to Wikipedia these top five US providers have almost 80 million subscribers combined.

As America moves to join many of the Middle Eastern and Asian nations that regularly and actively censor the internet we need to look towards the blockchain for a solution. It just so happens that a recent ICO provides a token that does just that.

Substratum provides a method of serving decentralized web content via a range of operating systems and browsers without the need for technical knowledge of crypto currencies and blockchains. Their websites states:

Information wants to be free, not locked down by censorship or net neutrality laws. Substratum provides tools anyone can use to help keep the internet accessible through decentralization. We support an equal, fair, and open internet.

By installing a Substratum node participants will get rewarded with the crypto currency for serving content to others living in countries that filter the web. Traders reacted to the news quickly and SUB price jumped from $0.36 to a record top of $0.50 within a couple of hours. A small correction brought prices back down to $0.40 but they soon began to ratchet...

17:47 12-13-17 Russia Shines Light To Future Of World As American Destruction Warned Imminent "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Although I may not understand all of this one, nor do I take the return to Christian principles as my own lifes path (hey, those principles are found in all spiritual paths), there are many references in these reports which I find helpful in researching whats really going on in this world. Also, this particular report (and others) goes along with the bulk of what Lada Ray has been telling us about Russia they are playing the role of world balancer, as the West goes through its insane appearing close out days.

As always, read with discernment. And please go to the original article to view all of the images.

Found this at RMN.

as Russia has now provided a lighted path to the world in its becoming the first GMO-free nation in history, while at the same time its having invented a revolutionary fracking process eliminating the need for dangerous chemicals, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) [the worlds central bank] has, nevertheless, issued a warning stating that the Goldilocks Economy of America has, once again, entered int...


A Planet for the Asteroid Belt "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The Asteroid Belt is a well known part of our solar system it separates the inner planets from the outer planets. Earlier in the teachings of the Mystery School, we learned that the Asteroid Belt was in fact one of planets in our solar system, and that its denizens emigrated to Earth in holographic ... Read moreA Planet for the Asteroid Belt


Ripple Price Technical Analysis XRP/USD Surges Toward $1.00 "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Highlights

  • Ripple price is surging higher and it recently moved above the $0.9000 level against the US Dollar.
  • Yesterdays highlighted monster bullish trend line with current support at $0.6500 is intact on the hourly chart of the XRP/USD pair (data source from Kraken).
  • The pair might continue to move higher and it will most likely resume uptrend above $0.9000.

Ripple price is rocketing higher against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. XRP/USD is now set for a move towards the $1.00 handle in the near term.

Ripple Price Next Target

There were solid gains in Ripple price as it surged above the $0.8000 level against the US Dollar. The price was able to move above the $0.9000 level as well and traded to new all-time high of $0.9025. It seems like the pair is in a major uptrend above $0.6000 and the current move is only corrective. The best part is the fact that yesterdays highlighted monster bullish trend line with current support at $0.6500 is intact on the hourly chart of the XRP/USD pair.

There was a dip below the 50% Fib retracement level of the last wave from the $0.4000 low to $0.9025 high. However, the downside move was protected by the trend line support and the $0.6000 level. Sellers succeeded in pushing the price lower below $0.8000, but the current price action is only corrective. XRP tested the 61.8% Fib retracement level of the last wave from the $0.4000 low to $0.9025 high. It has likely completed the correction and is currently above the $0.7000 level.

Ripple Price Technical Analysis XRP USD

As long as the trend line support remains intact, there can be a retest of $0.9000. A break above $0.9000 would call for a test of $1.00.

Looking at the technical indicators:

Hourly MACD The MACD for XRP/USD is currently in the bearish zone, but recovering.

Hourly RSI (Relative Strength Index) The RSI for XRP/USD is once again moving higher toward 65.

Major Support Level $0.6000

Major Resistance Level $0.9000




House Shaped Gift Box With Quilling "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

A house shaped gift box is so simple to make using a recycled packing box, and looks great for so many occassions! Who wouldn't wan't to make a gift box that is also a really great looking decoration, and if...



NEM bulls are on the upper hand after bouncing off the middle BB which is our immediate support.

For all we know, NEM push and close above $0.58 means resumption of bull pressure and as such buyers should be aiming for $0.76. Monero, LTC and DASH are still correcting and we expect some form of bull pressure in the coming sessions.

IOTA is bearish and currently USD bulls are trending below $3.9 support with bear candlesticks banding along the lower BB as sellers aim at $2.8

Lets look at the charts:


alt coin NEM Bulls 4HR chart technical analysisXEMUSD 4HR Chart for December 15, 2017

As mentioned yesterday, NEM prices were consolidating and finding resistance at December 12 highs of $0.58.

From this set up we notice that the resistance trend line connecting December 8 and 12 was the main obstacle preventing appreciation.

At the same time, the 20 period MA defined our support line. After the consolidation, there was a dip.  However, NEM bulls picked up from the main support pushing prices above the minor resistance trend line and closing above $0.58.

Even though prices might correct in a retest, bulls can comfortably enter long and gear up for last weeks highs of $0.76 as their immediate bull target.


alt coin DASH 4HR chart technical analysis DASHUSD 4HR Chart for December 15, 2017

Even though DASH inched up higher and tested $1000, there is considerable bear pressure at those levels.

Not only are we seeing lower highs relative to the upper BB, but we have bearish stochastics complete with a bear divergence.

Despite this, the general trend is bullish. In line with this, we shall only initiate long trades with immediate support at the 20 period MA and December 3 highs at around $820.

Any dip to these levels which is confirmed by strong bulls mean we go long after close.




Altered muscarinic receptor expression in the cerebral cortex of epileptic rats: restorative role of Withania somnifera. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Biochem Cell Biol. 2017 Dec 7. Epub 2017 Dec 7. PMID: 29216436 Abstract Title:  Altered muscarinic receptor expression in the cerebral cortex of epileptic rats: Restorative role of Withania somnifera. Abstract:  Temporal Lobe Epilepsy involves a sequence of events which can lead to neurotransmitter signalling alterations. Many herbal extracts are considered as alternative therapeutic method for epilepsy management. In the present study, we investigated the effect of Withania somnifera (WS) root extract and Withanolide A (WA) in the management of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. Confocal imaging of TOPRO-3 stained cortical sections showed severe damage in epileptic brain. We also observed a reduced antioxidant potential and increased peroxide level in epileptic group. Oxidative stress resulted in the down regulation of CREB, NF-B and TNF- with an up regulation of the apoptotic factors Caspase 8, 3 and bax in epileptic group. Epileptic condition also resulted in an increased muscarinic receptor binding and mRNA expression in the cerebral cortex. Withania somnifera and Withanolide A significantly reversed the altered muscarinic receptor expression and reversed the oxidative stress and resultant derailment in cell signalling. Thus our studies suggest that Withania somnifera and Withanolide A play an important role in central muscarinic receptor functional balance and activation of antioxidant system in the cerebralcortex of temporal lobe epileptic condition. These findings can be of immense therapeutic significance for epileptic management.

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Edward Snowden: The 'Five Eyes' Super National Intelligence Organization is Watchin You "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

More information regarding the United States massive surveillance program has surfaced again, via Edward Snowden, an NSA whistleblower who stole thousands of classified documents before leaving the country.

Mainstream media networks in North America completely blacked out the interview, but that hasnt stopped the information revealed during the interview from spreading across the planet.

Not only has your entire life been tracked, stored and recorded using multiple techniques, we now know that a super national intelligence organization known as the five eyes are behind it all, can do whatever they want, and are far beyond the laws of their own country.

They are an international group within the intelligence community that nobody knows anything about.

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The Tasks of the Great White Sisterhood "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

After asking questions about Sri Sathya Sai Baba and magenta velvet robes, the Ladies of the Mystery School are introduced to a new role their role as the Great White Sisterhood. They are also tasked with a new challenge, that is, channelling and bringing forth the teachings of Andromeda from their outer time bodies ... Read moreThe Tasks of the Great White Sisterhood


#MASSARRESTS Update From Corey Goode & The Alliance - December 14, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

December 14, 2017

Update on Current Events

People have talked about mass arrests for years. What we should really be on the lookout for is Mass Indictments.

Most of us in the know understand that for mass arrests to occur with the deep state in control of the DOJ/FBI/CIA, the DEEP STATE would have to arrest itself.

Now steps are being taken by the Alliance to indict many of these pedophiles and sexual predators and Satanists that have been running our country and the west for decades.

The Alliance is attempting to defeat the Cabal both through the "legal system" that is obviously broken but also via Military Intelligence Operations that have been occurring within the borders of the United States since just prior to the election. These secret grand juries and Military Intel Operatives are working overtime right now.

Many state and federal representatives have already been informed of their upcoming indictments.
When all of this reaches critical mass we may see more open activity by the Military and military contractors as many of the arrests will be of federal law enforcement officials.

The stories of sexual misconduct will soon pale when compared to the number of officials that will be arrested for being pedophiles.

Will we see more suicides of officials and representatives in the coming year?

This and more will be covered in my upcoming update. TY, Corey Goode:

Source Link:


White Hats Report #60 - A Storm IS Coming "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Thanks to

December 13, 2017 White Hats Report #60 A Storm IS Coming

Its been 11 months since we released our last report. This fact should not be considered to reflect our disengagement from the overall battle. On the contrary, we have been very busy behind the scenes in the ongoing fight to expose the cabal and restore our Republic.

Those faint sounds youve been hearing the change of the long time cabal influenced and controlled regime in Saudi Arabia TO the UKs dogged determination to exit the EU via Brexit TO the exposure of the corrupt, CIA controlled media (Operation Mockingbird) TO the outing of the cabal infestation of the FBI and DOJ TO the unsealed Federal Court indictments TO the current and ongoing exposure of the sexual predators in DC, the media and Hollywood (the pedophile networks are next to be exposed).. are the foundations of the cabal supported European Satanic bloodlines starting to crack.

President Trump is a wrecking ball, his very existence in the White House has caused panic and consternation throughout the ranks of the cabal and their Masters, even prompting the ZioRat family themselves, the Rothschilds, to publicly come out in criticism of Trump. The significance of Jacob going public talking about Trump threatening to destroy the New World Order, Lynn Forester de Rothschilds constant whining on Twitter about Trump and David Plastiki Rothschild tweeting about US gun laws, is proof the bloodlines are concerned about their loosening grasp of world power. For them to even come out in public and speak is sign of their desperation.

February 16, 2012

This is the historic day when Lord James addressed the House of Lords in the UK and exposed the $15T fraud perpetrat...


Have cryptoassets created $0.5 trillion in social value? "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Vitalik Buterin poses that question, do read his whole storm. Here are the last three tweets:

How many Venezuelans have actually been protected by us from hyperinflation?

How much actual usage of micropayment channels is there actually in reality?

The answer to all of these questions is definitely not zero, and in some cases its quite significant. But not enough to say its $0.5T levels of significant. Not enough.

Let me set aside the question of enabling grey or black market activities, and let us put aside the bubbly component of these assets, which may or may not be real.  Id like to focus on the underlying fundamentals.

Furthermore, crypto-assets have not consumed half a trillion in social costs, though Id like to see the electricity bill.  So mine is the concrete question: insofar as crypto-assets have served as hedges and stores of value, is that social value or just a private return at some offsetting rent-seeking-based social cost?

Stores of value

Lets say I build a warehouse and store some furniture in it, because I am moving and I dont want to throw out the sofa but need to keep it somewhere for a month.  The gains from storing that furniture can be captured by standard cost-benefit methods, and few would doubt that is a legitimate private and also social efficiency.  I am carrying sitting capacity into the future.

With crypto-assets, I am carrying wealth more generally into the future.  The person who most wants that payoff structure for the wealth carry will end up owning the crypto-asset.

Do I hold and carry forward that wealth at the expense of other people?  Is creating a crypto-asset, in welfare terms, a bit like being a counterfeiter and thus rent-transferring and wasteful?  Or is it more like storing a sofa while moving house?

Or is the crypto-asset more like an insurance contract, and thus again wealth-enhancing?  I see it as performing a mix of the store of value and insurance functions.

If the crypto-asset is rent-seeking (the electricity cost aside), exactly whose purchasing power is diminished?  Presumably the Bitcoin and Ether millionaires spend more of their money and drive prices up for others.  But it seems that is a pecuniary externality, not a real social cost of the kind that would justify a judgment of socially wasteful rent-seeking.

Maybe it makes more sense to view the crypto-assets as a new kind of insurance contract: if some of my othe...


In5D Alternative News for December 15, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Welcome to In5D News, your source for Alternative News related to POSITIVE change in our society. Alternative news is the REAL news that is not being reported on the main stream media (MSM). It also reveals the propaganda that IS being reported by the MSM. If youve noticed, the main stream media promotes violence, fear, []

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Coinbase CEO: more services and coins in 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Coinbase may be the bane of many traders lives, their customer support is pretty much non-existent, their fees are higher than most other exchanges, coin prices are often higher than elsewhere, transaction times are woeful, and dont even bother trying to access the site when there is high traffic it probably wont be online. Trading is often suspended when there is a lot of demand as in the recent case with Litecoin. So how can Coinbase get on top of things during this unprecedented spell of crypto mania.

Crypto traders needed some feel good news about Coinbase and it came in the form of a recent CNBC interview with co-founder and chief executive Brian Armstrong. During the brief dialogue he mentioned how the Bitcoin boon has made crypto trading in general Stock Market 2.0. To facilitate this Coinbase will be offering a new service called Coinbase Custody which is seeking to become the first qualified custodian for institutions that are looking to store digital currency.

Continuing on the theme of stock market evolution into crypto markets Armstrong said that Coinbase has plans to expand its altcoin listings from the current three they have available next year.

The ones that are the most exciting to us that we have on the platform today are bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin, but theres many more that are going to be added to the platform in 2018 and I think this is going to be a really exciting space for all kinds of institutional investors to make money.

There is a lot of conjecture at the moment as to how many and what altcoins they will be adding to their marketplace. The likelihood is that they will choose the ones that have the greatest demand; a good indicator for this is the market capacity. In addition to Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum already listed the others in the top ten are Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Iota, Dash, Monero, Nem and Bitcoin Gold.

He went on to state that the firm has avoided listing any ICOs on the exchange due to regulatory uncertainty and SEC legislation. A number of factors needed careful consideration before a new asset can be listed;

these include regulatory risk, diligence on the team, security audit on the coin, and the customer demand.

Armstrong signed off by stating Coinbase is

looking to provide a safe place where customers can have assets that they trust and participate in this market.



Planetary Event Earth Will Align With The Galactic Center December 18th-19th "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Lucia Ren, I normally take the month of December off, but this December seems to be different. Im committed to much energetic work for the planet this month and am breaking my normal December silence to give you a heads up Ive been working with a few other psychics. Were watching a developing situation []

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Bitcoin Is A Bubble According To Ageing Property Investor "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

WENDELL HUSSEY | Cadet Reporter | Contact Confidence in Bitcoin and all that cryptocurrency shit has been dealt a significant blow today, as it was verbally slammed by a local baby boomer. Betoota Groves resident Anthony Wilson (73), told The Advocate that the whole thing is a friggen con. A fraud (sic). A bubble. And its []

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Powerful Cosmic Re-Alignment Codes, Crystalline Grid Upgraded & Now StarGate Synchronization Is Full-on "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Lisa Transcendence Brown, HUGE Photonic Integration and Upgrades Continue. Codes after Codes loaded and activated in our body and fields too. How we link up to the Crystalline Grid of Our NEW Earth, Gaia, Galactically, SOULaris and entire planetary/cosmic systems depends on how much of a priority INTEGRATION and EMBODIMENT are to each of []

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Ethereum Price Technical Analysis ETH/USD Holding Key Support "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Highlights

  • ETH price declined and corrected lower sharply below the $650 support against the US Dollar.
  • There was a break below a major bullish trend line with support at $700 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD (data feed via SimpleFX).
  • The pair is currently trading near a major support at $605 and the 100 hourly simple moving average.

Ethereum price is currently correcting lower against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. ETH/USD is now near $605, which is a major support area for buyers.

Ethereum Price Support

There was a downside move initiated from the $759.66 swing high in ETH price against the US Dollar. The price made a sharp decline and moved below the $700 and $650 support levels. During the downside, there was a break below a major bullish trend line with support at $700 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD. It opened the doors for more losses and the pair declined below $650.

The worst part was a break of the 50% Fib retracement level of the last wave from the $510.76 low to $759.66 high. These are bearish signals in the short term. However, the pair is currently trading above a major support at $600-605. The 100 hourly simple moving average is positioned at $606 to act as a major hurdle for more declines. Moreover, the 61.8% Fib retracement level of the last wave from the $510.76 low to $759.66 high is at $605 to act as a support.

Ethereum Price Technical Analysis ETH USD

Overall, the $600 and $605 support levels are very important for buyers. The price will most likely find support and move back above $650 in the near term. On the flip side, a break of the $600 support and the 100 hourly SMA could ignite further declines towards the last swing low of $510.

Hourly MACD The MACD has just moved from the bullish to bearish zone.

Hourly RSI The RSI is now well below the 50 level.

Major Support Level $605

Major Resistance Level $650


Charts courtesy ...


2018: The Year We Make Cont(r)act "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

2017 may have been a historic year in blockchain, but Banca IMI's Massimo Morini argues the seeds for this revolution were sown in 2016.


NAGA: Making Your Life More Convenient "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

It is quite common to find yourself being an owner of the bunch of stuff you dont really need. If its the usual junk, you can just take it to the flea market and make a bit of cash out of it. But if its digital junk, the situation can get really complicated. If theres no specialized selling platform, its gonna be a pain in the rear for you. You are not gonna face this problem with NAGA.

NAGA has developed an entire marketing ecosystem that allows you to sell digital things or exchange them for Apple shares or anything else that youd like to invest in on the financial markets. A couple of clicks thats all that it takes. Of course, this works not only for in-game skins but for all types of goods that can be sold or exchanged inside the Switex platform. The exchange is performed through the NAGA Wallet by using NAGA Coins.     

Basically, the companys main goal is to merge the financial markets, cryptocurrencies, and the digital items market, so that the sales transactions can be conducted in the most convenient way possible. Moreover, this has to be achieved within a strict legal framework. NAGA has a history here after having gone public on Frankfurt Stock Exchange in July. To do this, the company passed through all the necessary inspections and got all the licenses needed in Germany. Besides, the important NAGA feature is that its popularity is supported by the substantial sales of tokens. There is considerable demand for NAGA services, so the platform will be able to receive profit directly after the ITS. And, as they say, there is no business without profit. One should avoid companies that dont have a clear monetization system.  

Anton Kryvko, big data scientist and technology evangelist definitely thinks so. According to him, among the dozens of other offers on the markets, NAGA is an outstanding one:

NAGAs idea to exchange virtual currencies for services and goods, in general, is not a novelty. A lot of local startups try to create something similar with their own social network and virtual currency that, potentially, could have been exchanged for goods, but generally they failed. NAGA seems to be way more perspective. It has already issued the working product and taken the obligations to serious investors (backed by FOSUN Group). This decreases the risk that the project might suddenly disappear, as often happens after an ICO is conducted.   

Potentially, it looks really good, taking into account that...


Bitcoin and United States Dollar "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

0.00010 BTC = 1.81 USD
1.00 USD = 0.00006 BTC


Luke Rudkowski Weekly Updates - Net Neutrality & More- December 14, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on Doug Jones winning the Senate seat in Alabama over the Steve Bannon and Donald Trump supported Roy Moore, We also go over Net Neutrality repeal by the FCC, new revelations in the Russia probe investigation by the FBI plus a lot more important news that you need to hear.

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on the repeal of Net Neutrality as the FCC ruling just came in. As Ajit Pai the head of the FCC proposal was just approved. The fake news was broken down by independent journalist Tim Pool and Luke Rudkowski.


Before Winter "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

what I want to say is what I am thinking
although it may not apply and I may just
have started and don't know anything yet
even what I am specifically thinking about

the mind moves from one word to the next
drawing a thread of meaning from the path
a Mozart melody made of graceful phrases
strung together on the harmony of grammar

there we are a week before winter worried
about mortality the body fragile lodging for
the me that thinks and looks ahead to spring
and all the thinking we still will have to do


The Virtual Economy Is The End Of Freedom "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The Virtual Economy Is The End Of Freedom
by Brandon Smith

"There is one simple rule to follow when understanding the tragic history of economies: Never put blind faith in a system built on an establishment-created foundation. You would think this would not be a difficult concept to grasp being that we have so many examples of controlled economies and collapse to reference over the centuries, but in our era more than ever the allure of a virtual world with promises of endless wealth and ease is overwhelming.

Yes, I am referring primarily to cyptocurrency tulip-mania (sorry bitcoiners, the description is too fitting, it isnt going away), but not this issue alone. I am also referring to a far-reaching problem of which cryptocurrencies are a mere reflection. Namely, the fact that humanity is swiftly losing sight of what a true economy is and what it is supposed to accomplish. It is because of this reality that crypto is thriving.

First, lets be clear, fiat currencies are one of the first machinations of the virtual economy. Once paper currencies printed from thin air by central bankers were separated from tangible backing and accepted by the masses as valuable and worth trading labor for, the seed of financial cancer was planted. Today, there is one final step needed for...


DNA and our Birthright among the Stars "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Much genetic engineering went into the making of the hairy-Upstanding-Ape like figure, who was a slave for their Draco/Reptilian masters. Due the intervention of the Angelic Realms and the visitors from the Stars, the work was done with the permission of the Cosmic Source of The All; a soul was given, more genetic engineering took ... Read moreDNA and our Birthright among the Stars


Operation Disclosure and TANK (SPEAK) Intel Updates - December 14, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Operation Disclosure

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - December 14, 2017

The Galactic advisers in charge of directing the Alliance to release the RV are now on planet, in the United States physically overseeing the RV release.

Energy blockades are preventing accurate dates for the timing of the RV from being leaked.

HSBC have successfully tested the quantum system by exchanging certain individuals from ZIM groups in Zurich, Switzerland.

Most members of Congress are not aware of the RV nor the restored Republic. Also, most of them are not directly part of the Cabal, rather they were being manipulated by the Cabal. The few who were part of the Cabal have already been contained by the Alliance.

Trump is aware of the RV and is following instructions given by the Alliance and the Galactic's.

USN to be announced before Christmas. Announcer currently unknown.

Possible RV release before the UN operational rates update tomorrow (prediction).


December 14, 2017




Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 12/15/2017 Bulls Are Returning! "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights

  • Bitcoin price looks ready to resume its climb and the Fib extension levels show how high it can go.
  • Price is currently testing the 38.2% extension and could still make its way up to the ascending channel resistance.
  • Technical indicators are reflecting bullish momentum but could also be hinting at rally exhaustion soon.

Bitcoin price has bounced off its mid-channel area of interest and is resuming the climb to the resistance.

Technical Indicators Signals

The 100 SMA is above the longer-term 200 SMA to signal that the path of least resistance is to the upside. This means that the rally is more likely to resume than to reverse. Also, the 100 SMA recently held as dynamic support.

The gap between the moving averages is narrowing to signal weakening bullish momentum. Stochastic is on the move up but is closing in the overbought level to indicate that buyers are feeling exhausted and may let sellers take over. RSI is also heading north and is approaching the overbought area.

If sellers return, a deeper pullback could be underway, taking bitcoin price to the 200 SMA dynamic support or the channel bottom at $15,000. Stronger selling pressure could lead to a downside break of the channel support and a prolonged selloff for bitcoin price.

On the other hand, a sustained bull run could take it up to the 50% extension at $17,728.38 or the 61.8% extension near the channel resistance at $18,23.31. The 76.4% extension is located at $18,862.54. The full extension is at $19,876.41, close to the closely-watched $20,000 handle.

CME is moving close to launching its own bitcoin futures, which is expected to bring more investor interest. A number of funds have also included bitcoin futures in their portfolios while some are offering short contracts at high margins.



Ethereum Price Hits All Time High of $750 Following Speed Boost "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Ethereum rose even higher today, topping at $750 following improvements to the networks transaction speed.


Gee Its Hot! Says Baby Boomer Who Doesnt Know What To Say To His Sons Boyfriend "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

KENT REGINALD | Entertainment | CONTACT A local Betoota man is trying his level best to have a conversation with his sons boyfriend today, after both of them dropped by the family home for an early Christmas lunch this afternoon. Barry Bilson, 56, has always prided himself on being a good father to his son, also Barry. However, his []

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New Cannabis Patch Treats Fibromyalgia and Diabetic Never Pain "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

In this day and age, most people are aware of the powerful medicinal benefits of Cannabis. Cannabis is being studied in almost every aspect for its benefits against cancer. But this new method of cannabis treatment is some serious medical technology.

A company that specializes in the medicinal powers of marijuana have invented a new method of cannabis treatment. They have created transdermal patches. They are basically adhesives to the skin, and the medication is absorbed by the skin. The patch releases certain chemicals over time to combat neurological nerve pain. There have been no negative side effects found either. This seems to be the best way to administer medicinal cannabis to patients.

The creator of the patch, Cannabis Science said:

Promote healing to an injured area of the body. An advantage of a transdermal drug delivery route over other types of medication delivery such as oral, topical, intravenous, intramuscular, etc. is that the patch provides a controlled release of the medication into the patient, usually through either a porous membrane covering a reservoir of medication or through body heat melting thin layers of medication embedded in the adhesive which will be containing high potency cannabinoid (CBD) extract that slowly enters into the bloodstream and then penetrates the central nervous system of the patient delivering the pain relief sought.

Company CEO of Cannabis science also said:

The development of these two new pharmaceutical medicinal applications are just the tip of the iceberg for what we see as the future for Cannabis Science. While we strive to increase our land capacity for growth and facilities to produce our own product to supply our scientists with proprietary materials to make these formulations, we are also busy researching more potential needs for Cannabis related medical applications and developing the methods for delivery of these medications.


Waltzing Matilda II: Modern Day Swagman Boils Billy While Camping On Mates Couch "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | CONTACT Australias best known bush ballad, Waltzing Matilda has today been recreated on the couch of a Woolloongabba apartment, as an itinerant Brisbane worker boils a billy in his temporary living arrangement. The man, Ned Coffey, is a twenty-something gatorade sax player with on and off work in landscaping. Currently he is camping out on []

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Bitcoin Cash Price Technical Analysis BCH/USD Surges Past $1900 "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Points

  • Bitcoin cash price surged higher as forecasted yesterday above $1700 and $1900 against the US Dollar.
  • This is a new major bullish trend line forming with support at $1720 on the hourly chart of BCH/USD (data feed from Kraken).
  • The pair is currently correcting lower, but it remains supported on the downside at $1700.

Bitcoin cash price made a sharp upside move above $1900 against the US Dollar. BCH/USD is currently correcting lower but remains buy at $1700.

Bitcoin Cash Price Support

Yesterday, I mentioned that bitcoin cash price is in an uptrend above the $1600 level against the US Dollar. The price made a nice upside move and was able to trade above the $1800 and $1900 resistance level. The upside move was strong as the price traded close to the $2000 level and made a high at $1997. Later, a downside correction was initiated and the price moved below the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the last leg up from the $1440 low to $1997 high.

However, there are many supports on the downside such as $1750 and $1720. There is also a new major bullish trend line forming with support at $1720 on the hourly chart of BCH/USD. The trend line support is around the 50% Fib retracement level of the last leg up from the $1440 low to $1997 high. Therefore, the $1720 support is likely to act as a strong barrier for more declines. Moreover, the $1700 handle is also a decent support. The last line of defense could be around the $1650 support.

Bitcoin Cash Price Technical Analysis BCH USD

On the upside, the price could bounce back above $1850 in the short term. Above $1850, the price will most likely test the $2000 handle.

Looking at the technical indicators:

Hourly MACD The MACD for BCH/USD is currently in the bearish zone.

Hourly RSI (Relative Strength Index) The RSI for BCH/USD is currently moving lower with a minor divergence.

Major Support Level $1720

Major Resistance Level $1850


Charts courtesy ...


Who Does the Childhood Vaccine Injury Act Protect? "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Hint: It isnt the kids

By Deirdre Imus

The laws of a country are, generally, designed to protect its citizens. How this ideal is interpreted is a topic of debate in various circles, but its goal is lofty, if not quite perfect. Of specific necessity are laws aimed at protecting children, including child abuse, welfare, and labor laws. Of zero necessity, in my view, is the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act(NCVIA), which sounds like it has the best interests of this nations young citizens in mind, but actually serves a much different purpose.

Congress passed the NCVIA in 1986, and President Ronald Reagan signed it into law soon after. Taken at face value, the law has some admirable provisions: it established improved communication regarding vaccines across all Department of Health and Human Service agencies; required health care providers who administer vaccines to provide a vaccine information statement to the person getting the vaccine or his or her guardian; and established a committee from the Institute of Medicine to review the literature on vaccine reactions.

Dig a little deeper, however, and the NCVIA does less to protect patients than it does drug companies making vaccines. When Reagan signed the NCVIA, he also created the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), which allows anyonechildren and adultswho have suffered an injury (or worse) following a va...


California Deputy Attorney General Charged With Child Porn "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

With the recent early release of convicted pedophile and former US Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, the investigation that became known as Pizzagate has been somewhat pushed back into view.

Despite the ceaseless mainstream agreement to ignore any and all corroborating facts and information that continue to be exposed, when those willing to brave the condemnation of the false majority do even the slightest bit of actual research, they see what is now becoming very apparent to all who are paying attention: That there is a prevalence of pedophilia at the highest levels of power.

Whether that prevalence was cultivated, or just a natural occurrence, when one looks at the facts, the history, truly looks, with no preconceived notions, it is next to impossible to ignore, unless one simply will not allow themselves to see it, for a number of reasons.

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Scientist closer to Bring Dinosaurs back in Major Breakthrough and more end-time news "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

SCIENTISTS have announced a major breakthrough in the bid to bring dinosaurs back to life which could see Jurassic Park become a reality.
Tune in as we discuss this and other end-time interesting news headlines in todays Open Your Eyes People Broadcast.
The Day of the Lord is at hand. Is your name in the Lambs Book of life?
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