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Friday, 23 February


The answer to social problems... don't worry be happy... "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

remembering some old scifi stories where everyone was controlled and there was no discontent...

The drugs do work: anti-depressants should be given to a million more Britons, largest ever review claims

OOOOPPSSSS almost forgot...


Dutch Investors are Hodling, Unfazed By Cryptocurrency Price Dips: Survey "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The post Dutch Investors are Hodling, Unfazed By Cryptocurrency Price Dips: Survey appeared first on CCN

The Dutch dont scare easily when it comes to cryptocurrency, according to a survey by The 865,000 people who hold virtual coins have not converted them, despite the sharp fall in cryptocurrency prices since December. One reason is that Dutch investors invest for the long term and in small amounts, according to Multiscope, a research Continued

The post Dutch Investors are Hodling, Unfazed By Cryptocurrency Price Dips: Survey appeared first on CCN


Maduro Asks Venezuelas Banks to Mine and Use Cryptocurrency Unions Outraged "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Maduro Asks Venezuela's Banks to Mine and Use Cryptocurrency - Unions Outraged

Venezuelas president Nicolas Maduro has authorized all savings banks in the country to mine and use the recently launched national cryptocurrency, the petro. Union leaders are outraged by the suggestion, calling the petro a scam, accusing Maduro of abusing his power, and declaring the idea unconstitutional.

Also read: Indians Look to Buy Bitcoin Overseas as Regulations Tighten

Savings Banks Asked to Mine & Use Petro

Maduro has authorized all savings banks in the country to join the cryptocurrency production system and acquire the petro to contribute the benefits to their workers, according to the governments website. He explained that:

The proposal came after several meetings held by the superintendent of the Venezuelan cryptocurrency, Carlos Vargas, with more than 1,400 savings banks in the country.

Maduro Asks Venezuela's Banks to Mine and Use Petro Cryptocurrency - Unions OutragedHis announcement, which was broadcasted nationwide, pro...


and this is the Generation that is going to Run the USA.... "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

1 in 5 Americans have more credit-card debt than savings
Published: Feb 22, 2018 12:31 p.m. ET
Consumers are putting saving on the back burner

[IMG] Walt Disney Co./Courtesy Everett Collection
Its so easy to spend, consumers have to make saving automatic

and this is the Generation that is going to Run the USA....


Laundry Room Etiquette "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Nobody wants to spend all day in the laundry room. Some basic laundry etiquette means that everyone can do theirs with as little inconvenience as possible


Tezos Head & Board Member Step Down, Platform Prepares Timely Launch "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Two board members voluntarily left the Tezos Foundation, signalling a possible end of infighting for the company, whose ICO was the second largest in history. #NEWS


Hello! "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Hi Everyone,

I'm lostinsaunce! (originally lostinsauce but I mistakenly added the "n". Someone will have to help me change it if possible lol) I was introduced to this community by Zimmy!

I'm a millennial that grew up in the city so I don't know much about survival, but I love the outdoors and everything America. I do my best to stay on top of current events and stay informed. My biggest goal in life is to not end up like the majority of my generation. You know, the ones that walk around...



Paleo Black Forest Dessert Shots "IndyWatch Feed Food"

A quick and tasty dessert using black cherries, raw cacao powder and fruit. No refined sugar, gluten and dairy free and paleo. Gorgeous, too!  Cherries are delish, right?  They're tasty and they look kind of cute squished into the top of any dessert. Proper retro.  But they're also incredibly good for you, too.  Cherries contain antioxidants and are thought to be a great anti-inflammatory, as well as helping to support your melatonin levels, contributing to your natural sleep patterns.  Cherries are super.  This dessert is gluten, grain, dairy, nut and refined sugar free. In fact I didn't need to add any honey or maple syrup at all. I've added a dash of...

This is a short selection of today's blog post - please visit the blog to see the full post. Thanks!


Decentralization to Drive Advertising Benefits for Businesses & Users "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Just as decentralized economies have reduced the obligations of customers towards monopolistic central banking conglomerates; a new contender has similarly emerged in the Search engine field that may just change Data Services and the Digital Advertising sector entirely.

Its called Bitclave, and its a decentralized blockchain based platform with integrated tools which allow businesses to market directly to potential customers.

Read more about their groundbreaking new token economy and search platform over at their website, by reading their whitepaper, or on their Facebook and Twitter. You can also check out the latest trade prices for their CAT coin over at

Here are a few problems which Bitclaves unique system is set to successfully resolve;

#1: A Lack of Objectivity, Transparency

Problem: The accuracy and objectivity of information presented upon using search engines and social media platforms are somewhat disputed.

Facebook has drawn the attention of many crypto enthusiasts due to their decision to outright ban cryptocurrency ICO ads in late January, due to the risk of scams. Due diligence is always encouraged when investing; however, its simply ignorant to cast a blanket ban, on account of bad actors who do not represent the whole community.

It also brings into question whether there are other influencers of this decision, such as existing corporate relationships or vested interests.

The Bitclave Solution

  • Blockchain verification: all information logged and sent is viewable publicly (whilst maintaining the privacy of user information).
  • Information can be replaced, but never removed entirely from the blockchain; consistency and transparency are maintained throughout all operations....


DW's 2018 Garden "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

2017 kept me much too busy either burying family members or actively plotting their demise to spend any time in the garden. I have vowed to focus my 2018 energies on my garden instead as I'm less likely to kill my plants than my remaining family. Except for my nephews. Coz they're awesome.

Most of my seeds are already started, tho the seed is a bit old and I question what my germination rate will be, particularly on the onions which were dated 2010. I have tons of seed, some still in the...

DW's 2018 Garden


The Cutest Toddler Dinnerware "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

Thank you to Love Mae Studio for sending me these products to review!

Happy Friday! Popping in real quick to share some ADORABLE toddler dinner sets that I found. They're made of non-toxic, biodegradable bamboo, an earth-friendly alternative to melamine. They're dishwasher safe, and they come in the most beautiful designs--the perfect balance of whimsical and sophisticated, kid friendly and aesthetically pleasing. That's a tough combination to find! These are from the Australian shop Love Mae, which ships all throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Cutest bamboo dinnerware for toddlers

I also found some of the sets on Amazon, if you're trying to get around the $9.95 shipping fee. They sell fabric wall decals that would be really sweet for a nursery, too!

The cutest toddler dinnerware

Ian has the bear and deer plates, and the 5 piece forest set. He loves them!

LoveMae: Beautiful toddler dinnerware

LoveMae toddler dinnerware

So cute, right? The boy AND his dinnerware. :)

Hope you all have a great weekend!

The post The Cutest Toddler Dinnerware appeared first on At Home In Love.


365 Challenge: Day 343 Grateful (Author Alert: Russ Towne) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Grateful: (a) feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness; thankful, or (b) 365 Daily Challenge word for todays author alert Russ Towne

Author Photo Sea B&W LowRes-2.jpg

If you are new to the ThisIsMyTruthNow blog, the 365 Daily Challenge, or the Author Alert segment, check out the About Site section from the main menu. Below are some key things to know about this author, but at the end of this post youll see the permanent page Ive added to my blog. You can return to check out more on who he is, what hes writing, and how to buy his future work. I am pleased to present the very talented Russ Towne. Youll find out more if you read one of his published books, but as two teasers, read the reviews Ive already written on his childrens books Wilbur the Duck Who Flew Upside Down and...


Computers and Records Seized of Dr Gatti and Dr Montanari "IndyWatch Feed Health"

By John Stone The computers, records and data of Antonietta Gatti and Stefano Montanari have been seized by the Italian "Guardia di Finanza". Sanevax comment: BREAKING NEWS: This morning two scientists from Italy lost their computers, records, and data -...


Sharpay Share Buttons Successfully Raised 2400 ETH in Presale and Announcing Token Sale "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

In Sharing We Trust

Anton Solodikov, CEO of

There are about 1 bln sites in the world and its number is growing every day. Only 3% (30 mln) of them have a sharing button. More than 3 bln people use social networks,  and approximately 10% of them are active users.

Sharpay, the new SMM tool is capable of helping the websites generate a multiple-fold increase in traffic and sales. In addition, the platform also helps socially active users monetize their popularity by earning cryptocurrency. 

Sharpay is a high-tech, yet simple sharing button solution with no analogues. By installing the button on their website, owners encourage users to share and gain rewards for their actions. 

Sharpays blockchain profit for content sharing and multi-sharing  is an innovative concept with both the options together in a single package. It is a unique project based on technology that has the Eurasian international patent priority. 

Project facts:

  • The Project is in the MVP alpha testing stage, but more than 150 sites have already installed  the Sharpay button.
  • Sharpay has 4.7/5 rating given by independent experts of ICObench, it is one of TOP 5 worldwide evaluated projects.
  • Sharpay team completed Presale in advance and achieved its maximum sale target (80 mln tokens for 2400 ETH)
  • The main Token Sale stage starts 1/03/2018 with a 40% WhiteList Bonus

Just by its appearance, Sharpay improves the whole market. It makes easy for various economic agents to find and cooperate with each other to ensure that the goods, products, and services are distributed faster than ever.

The growing blockchain popularization and tokenization of old technologies fosters Sharpays development and success.



Turkcoin: Turkish Politician Endorses Launching a National Cryptocurrency "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The post Turkcoin: Turkish Politician Endorses Launching a National Cryptocurrency appeared first on CCN

A Turkish lawmaker affiliated with the political party partnering the countrys ruling party has proposed a national cryptocurrency. On bitcoin, the politician suggested the government open its own bitcoin exchange(!). Turkeys former industry minister and deputy chair of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), Ahmet Kenan Tanrikulu, has reportedly drafted a detailed report calling for the Continued

The post Turkcoin: Turkish Politician Endorses Launching a National Cryptocurrency appeared first on CCN


When Data Doesnt Mean What We Think It Does "IndyWatch Feed Health"

From The New York Times: In recent years, social scientists have become increasingly concerned about the replication crisis, i.e. the dearth of reproducible research results. Three new books point out point out potential causes of this crisis and the problematic nature of many contemporary research studies.

In their book TEN GREAT IDEAS ABOUT CHANCE (Princeton University, $27.95), a historical and philosophical tour of major insights in the development of probability theory, the mathematician Persi Diaconis and the philosopher Brian Skyrms emphasize another possible cause of the so-called replication crisis: the tendency, even among working scientists, to equate probability with frequency. Frequency is a measure of how often a certain event occurs; it concerns facts about the empirical world. Probability is a measure of rational degree of belief; it concerns how strongly we should expect a certain event to occur. Linking frequency and probability is hardly an error. (Indeed, the notion that in large enough numbers frequencies can approximate probabilities is Diaconis and Skyrmss fourth great idea about chance.) But failing to distinguish the two concepts when testing hypotheses, they warn, can have pernicious effects.'



The Female Subject in Psychiatry From Pathology to Prozac "IndyWatch Feed Health"

In this piece for The New Inquiry, Sophie Putka chronicles the mental health professions long history of pathologizing, diagnosing, and medicating womens emotions.

With Freuds claims about the female psyche mostly discredited and the advances in treatment of mental illness over the years lauded, the average bystander might conclude that weve come a long way from labelling a normal reaction to sexual assault hysteria. But a long legacy of prescriptive and sexist science remains at the foundation of psychiatric medical treatment for women. From the first diagnosis of hysteria to the present-day disparities in mental health treatment, the tradition of medicating womens emotions has held constant. Within this context, the line between empirical treatment and medicating the lived experiences of women grows dangerously thin.

Today, more women than ever take antidepressants. While women are more likely to seek professional help than men, a study published in 2017 by the CDC shows women are prescribed antidepressants at twice the rate of men. More female physicians are actually doing the prescribing, but they work within a system of medical knowledge that seeks to cure women of the very psychiatric symptoms associated with gender norms determined for them: stress from balancing work and family, sexual abuse, and higher rates of poverty. We can trace the arc of medical authority over womens minds back to early roots in science and medicine that prioritized womens conformity to norms within the family and home.


Critiques of a New Research Study on Antidepressants "IndyWatch Feed Health"

A new meta-analysis claiming to prove once and for all that antidepressants are an effective treatment for moderate to severe depression was published just a few days ago in The Lancet. Several critical psychiatry researchers and advocates have now published critiques of the study, arguing that the results do not account for the long-term effects of antidepressants, adverse reactions, or withdrawal symptoms. Click below to read some critical perspectives on the new research.

Do Antidepressants Work? The New Research Proves Nothing New by the Council for Evidence-Based Psychiatry

The trials only covered short-term antidepressant usage (8 weeks) in people with severe or moderate depression. Around 50% of patients have been taking antidepressants for more than two years, and the study tells us nothing about their effects over the long term. In fact, there is no evidence that long-term use has any benefits, and in real-world trials (STAR-D study) outcomes are very poor.

I Was Like a Numb Zombie on Antidepressants by Annie Corcoran

The study exhibits a narrow view, which I find particularly scary. Even if you are lucky enough to feel better after taking the pills, medication is only a very small part of the battle. For example, if you broke your leg, you wouldnt expect it to just heal because it was in a plaster cast. To get it healthy again you would expect to be provided with crutches and most likely some form of physiotherapy.

More Drugs Are Not the Answer by Peter Kinderman 

We know drugs can raise our moods. Thats important. It may be something we want to contemplate when considering help, but it doesnt really change a great deal. In particular, this research doesnt speak of what the experience of depression actually is. Nor does it explore the disease model of mental health or offer insights into the causal processes that might lead people to be depressed. Its important at least in my opinion to remember that, even when medication can help alleviate distress, that is not necessarily evidence that a biological disease process lies behind our mental health problems. We know that our mental health is intimately related to the things that happen to us, the circumstances of our lives, and how we make sense of this.




Vaccine Dissidents: What Should Our Long Term Goals Be? "IndyWatch Feed Health"

By David Weiner Here, I will be laying out a vision for the end state that our movement should strive for. It is simply not adequate to (only) react to the onslaught of attacks from those promoting 24/7 vaccination. We...


Bitcoin is Back Over $10K, But Rally Looks Weak "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin is witnessing a minor corrective rally today, but longer-term gains may be elusive, according to price chart analysis.


How to think in graphs: an illustrative introduction to Graph Theory and its applications "IndyWatch Feed Education"

Graph theory represents one of the most important and interesting areas in computer science, and at the same time the most misunderstood (at least by me).

Understanding and using graphs makes us better programmers. Thinking in graphs makes us the best. At least thats how we supposed to think. A graph is a set of vertices V and a set of edges E, comprising an ordered pair G=(V, E) blah blah blah.

While trying to study the theory and implement some algorithms, I was regularly catching myself stuck just because it was booooring

As a matter of fact, the best way to understand something is to understand its applications. We are going to show various applications of graph theory, and most importantly, with detailed illustrations.

Sometimes it might seem too much detailed [to seasoned programmers], but believe me, as someone who was there and tried to understand graphs, [even too much] detailed explanations are always preferred over succinct definitions.

So, if youve been looking for a graph theory and everything like that tutorial for absolute unbelievable dummies, then you got to the right place. I hope.

He means Monte Cristo

Table of Contents


DISCLAIMER 1: I am not an expert in CS, algorithms, data structures and especially in graph theory. I am not involved in any project of the companies discussed in this article. Solutions to the problems are not final and could be improved drastically. If you find any issue or something unreasonable, yo...


There Has Never Been a Better Time to be Single, According to Science "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Being single is something that lots of people consider bad. However, science tells us that those people are wrong.

Being single has a good number of benefits and studies have even shown that single people are more developed individuals with much stronger social ties. They are able to work on themselves more and benefit greatly from literally not being in a relationship. Single people are able to gain benefits most people wouldnt think of.

A study published in the British Medical Journal back in 2008 actually found that those who had regular contact with ten or more people were overall much happier than those who did not. Because single people tend to have more friends this in term meant that single people were overall happier. Maintaining friendships throughout your life is important to boost your happiness levels. When we are in a relationship we tend to isolate ourselves from friends and rely more on that specific person, while there is nothing wrong with being in a relationship we shouldnt be cutting ties with our friends for no reason.

Single people also seem to eat less and remain more physically fit than couples. This I believe has something to do with married couples getting too comfortable, but of course, that is open to interpretation. Research conducted by the University of Basel in Switzerland and the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Germany found that married couples tend to do less sports wise and weigh significantly more than single folk.

While the research focused solely on single people is not as extensive as we would like for it to be we do have a few promising things. Lots of research seems to show that solitude or basically being single can increase our sense of freedom and even our levels of creativity. Alone time helps people to be more productive and allows them time to wind down and get to know themselves better. Just because you are alone doesnt mean you have to be lonely.

Back in 2016 Bella DePaulo, Ph.D. presented What No One Ever Told You about People Who Are Single to the American Psychological Association and with that presented tons of evidence showing how beneficial being single really is. She went over how single people tend to be more determined and how they experience more psychological growth when compared to those who chose to get married. She combed through almost 900 studies on single people and really brought up some interesting points. You can read some of the things she had to say by...


This Women in Math poster is everthing that is wrong with viral outrage culture "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

This women in math poster has gone viral and its easy to see why: why on earth promote an event with this name and fill it with men?

Seventy thousand retweets and likes and the comments asking for a better event than this:

And yet something else is actually happening. Its basically a bad bit of poster design its a group called women in maths a group for women and theyve put on an event with some male speakers:

The club is led by two female faculty members, and three undergraduate students help with planning, including Balls-Barker. She said the goal of the event was to expose younger mathematics to the research within the department.

Seeing as members of the club are already aware of research being done by the two female faculty inv...


PR: US Fintech Expert From Prudential Financial Launches Cryptocurrency Backed Lending Startup Money Token "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Money Token - Cryptocurrency Backed Lending

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release.

Alex Rass, blockchain expert and enthusiast with a history of Fintech experience gained at Prudential Financial, Bloomberg and Goldman Sachs has launched a blockchain based financial services ecosystem called MoneyToken.

MoneyToken focused on cryptocurrency-backed lending, stablecoins development and crypto assets leveraging.

Its innovative economic model allows you to hold onto your cryptocurrency assets and spend cash at the same time.

The MoneyToken Private Sale has begun and more than $600,000 has already been raised to support the project.

To gain access to this early birds Private Sale, interested contributors should apply to join the
Money Token Whitelist

If you are a cryptocurrency holder, or interested in finding out more about the project you can join MoneyToken telegram chat

Note: Given the volatility in the current cryptocurrency market, the token balance of all Private Sale participators will be reassessed upwards should the value of ethereum increase by the end of the general Token Sale in May. This provides all early contributors in MoneyToken insurance of their purchase in a volatile market.

MoneyToken consists of:
MoneyToken lending platform that provides loans in fiat currencies or stablecoin, secured by collateral in BTC and ETH;
MTC MoneyTokens own...


Save St. Pauli Demo Machen Billig-Kioske die Kneipenkultur in St. Pauli kaputt? "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Stadtteile wie St. Pauli verndern sich und das schneller und intensiver als manch einem lieb ist. Wochenende fr Wochenende pilgern hunderttausende Partygste und Touristen ber den Kiez, um sich zu amsieren. Gleichzeitig ist St. Pauli Wohnort von rund 30.000 Menschen, fr die der Stadtteil vor allem eins ist: Lebensraum. Dass es dabei zu Konflikten kommt, liegt auf der Hand. Eine Entwicklung, die in letzter Zeit fr besonders viel Diskussion sorgt und immer mehr fr Umnut bei Gastronomen aber auch Anwohnern sorgt, ist die Zunahme von Kiosken und Billig-Shops, die fr wenig Geld Alkohol auf der Strae verkaufen, ohne dabei den selben Auflagen wie die Gastronomie zu unterliegen. Denn wenn die Kultur und das Entertainment gehen, folgen auch die Kioske und Billig-Souvenirshops und brig bleibt Leere. (Auszug auf der Facebook Veranstaltung) Gerade rund um die Reeperbahn hat sich die Dichte an Kiosken in den letzten Jahren deutlich erhht und das Getrnkeangebot gleichzeitig deutlich zugenommen. Viele Kioske verkaufen auf kleinster Ladenflche oder aus dem Fenster nicht nur Flaschenbier, sondern auch Long Drinks und frisch gezapftes Bier. Gleichzeitig sind die behrdlichen Auflagen fr Kioskbetreiber gleich geblieben. Das ist ungerecht und tut dem Stadtteil langfristig nicht gut, so ist eine immer lauter ...

Der Beitrag Save St. Pauli Demo Machen Billig-Kioske die Kneipenkultur in St. Pauli kaputt? erschien zuerst auf URBANSHIT.


Japan's Exchanges Report 669 Cases of Suspected Crypto Money Laundering "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Japan's police agency has said hundreds of cases of suspected money laundering were reported from domestic cryptocurrency exchanges in 2017.


Q links, for those interested in following (or, Holy crap, theyre all talking about Q but which link do I look at???) "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Okay, everyone and their mothers, fathers, grandchildren, etc., talk about The Q, and Ive found a link or two that worked. Then one stopped working, then today I saw it started working again.

So heres the deal the first one below is, I understand, where the Q postings are (currently) ORIGINALLY posted. Q posts with the Tripcode: !UW.yye1fxo. So I presume one would go there to search for yourself.

The other links are created (I presume) by people who have collected the Q postings (from that original posting site). Those seem to be operating now, but Ill put both of them below, so anyone can check for themselves.

I do sense that there is much useful information and communications coming through this Q channel right now.

Original postings (Look for Tripcode: !UW.yye1fxo):

Collector sites:


(The site I originally looked at, in the past, was, but now that link points to the first link in the collector sites list)

So have fun (or dont) with all of these!!


Reading Can Help Ease Symptoms of Depression "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Reading can help ease the symptoms of depression, according to multiple studies.

Many a bookworm will tell you that curling up with a paperback is a salve for the mind. And it seems scientists agree with research suggesting reading can ease depression.

While it is not a cure, experts believe it is effective and could reduce the reliance on antidepressants in some cases. GPs in England dished out a record 64.7 million antidepressant prescriptions in 2016 for patients suffering with depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Read more


Archaeologists hail unearthing of Chris Huhnes moral compass "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Artist's impression of how Mr Huhne might have looked ten years agoInvestigators have announced the discovery of the fragments of Chris Huhnes moral compass under a car park in Southwark. The remains were apparently buried at the site ten years ago when the MP convinced his wife to take points on her driving licence for a speeding offence committed by him.

The pieces of Mr Huhnes moral compass were discovered in a sorry state, said team leader Dr James McKenzie. We believe that it had suffered some superficial damage at the time of the offence, but the more he spoke about the matter the more lethal the injuries became.

Analysis suggests that the fatal blow was probably delivered by a text message from his son. The painstaking job of trying to reassemble the remains into something resembling a moral compass will begin shortly after sentencing. The search will then resume at the site for Huhnes dignity, which is thought to have been lost at about the same time.

Huhne has admitted that if his morality is restored to something near its original state, he will no longer have the qualities of a Lib Dem in government and has therefore stood down. This has led to a by-election in his constituency in which more morals will be buried under canvassing leaflets. Nigel Farage has ruled out standing but promised to snipe from the comfortable sideline position of leaving his values in Europe.

Nick Clegg said that he was deeply shocked and saddened by Huhnes guilty plea in court. When we came into power, it was a part of the coalition agreement that we would forget about our lost morality. By admitting his guilt, he has shown himself to be unfit for government.

Prime Minister David Cameron has criticised the press for conducting a witch hunt for politicians moral compasses. They have even been pestering me to have a dig in the Rose Garden at Number Ten, he said. But they wont find anything. OK, I removed Cleggs backbone, but I had aides bury it safely under a car park in Leicester.



Despite Slow Start, Analysts Believe 2018 Could be the Best Year for Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Cryptocurrency markets are not off to a good start in 2018. Most markets have lost nearly half of their value during the first few weeks. This most recent dip has pushed the momentum back as well. Even so, analysts are convinced this year will be very bullish for all cryptocurrency markets in the long run. Especially Bitcoin may see some big gains.

Bitcoin Scalability Improvements?

All cryptocurrency markets have seen major declines throughout the first seven weeks of 2018. Although Bitcoin showed some good momentum this week, most gains have been lost once again. Whether or not this is a bubble effectively bursting, remains to be determined. However, there are still a few solid reasons as to why things may turn out for the better. Julian Hosp remains bullish on cryptocurrency for quite some time to come.

Especially where Bitcoin is concerned, things can still improve quite a bit. With new scaling solutions coming to the ecosystem, a lot of progress will be made. Segregated Witness is now enabled by default through the Core client. It has also become more convenient to use altogether. If this adoption rate improves, the Lightning Network has a fair chance of succeeding as well. For now, there is no official release date for the Lightning Network as of yet.

With a lack of scaling, Bitcoin made a lot of headlines due to mounting fees. At one point, a Bitcoin transaction cost over $20. It is far from ideal, yet solving the problem is not all that easy. With SegWit and LN, those fees should eventually come down over time. Only time will tell if this works as people expect it to. Moreover, the addition of smart contracts to Bitcoin through Rootstock is something to look forward to.

Other Cryptocurrencies and ICOs

Cryptocurrency is about so much more than just Bitcoin, though. More regulation of this entire industry can be a good thing in many different ways. If an industry is regulated, it is validated in the eyes of the general public. Fo...


Why you should take care of your online private life, and how to do it. "IndyWatch Feed Education"

The Conversation, 1974, Francis Ford Coppola

Yesterday I was on a late night session with a friend chatting about the Chinese-government-backed surveillance apparatus WeChat, the social rating systems being implemented in Chinaand the fact that most people dont take many precautions in their online lives in general.

Below is the core content of our conversation.

Passwords: let me challenge your memory

Q: Can you remember a hundred passwords?
A: I cant.
Q: Do you use strong passwords?
A: Euhno

Does that sound familiar? Hmm

The bad news is that data leaks are becoming ubiquitousfeel free to scroll down, and Ill see you at the bottom:

I think you can safely assume that your personal data will be leaked at some point in your life. So Ill just say this now: Dont use the same password twice. Dont.

So heres a quick reminder about password best practices from Wired magazine:

1. Think length, not complexity: at least 1215 characters long.

2. Keep it weird: longer is always better, but that length yields diminishing returns if youre still not mixing it up.

3. Dont bunch up your special characters: avoid front- or backloading your passwords with special characters.

4. Never double dip: use a unique password everywhere.

5. Dont change them so dang often: its better to go through the trouble of making one good one, and sticking with it, than to expect to be able to turn over that many special characters more often.

6. Layer up: add a layer of more robust authentication, like cryptographic credentials, or a biometric identifier (think fingerprint scanner).

You get it.

I dont know how you guys keep track of your passwords, and follow best practice at the same time. That seems impossible.

I personally cant remember over 100 different strong passwords, so I use a password manage...


The Emergency Blanket And Why It Is A Must For Preppers "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Have you ever wondered how you would survive if you get stuck in a snowstorm and cannot move your vehicle? It would be a hazardous situation for anybody and the freezing temperature will make survival a lot more difficult. You can still hope to find a good shelter if you are in the city, but ... Read more...

The post The Emergency Blanket And Why It Is A Must For Preppers was written by Rhonda Owen and appeared first on Prepper's Will.


Want to learn CSS Variables? Heres my free 8-part course! "IndyWatch Feed Education"

Photo by Mikael Kristenson on Unsplash

CSS Variables is an exciting new technology for modern browsers. It brings the power of variables to CSS, which results in less repetition, better readability, and more flexibility.

To help you get started, Ive created a free course on CSS Variables at Scrimba.

This is a continuation of our series of free CSS courses. Previously, weve launched courses on CSS Grid and Flexbox. Combined, theyve gotten well over 20K enrollments.

The course structure

The course contains 8 interactive screencasts. Theyre all between 36 minutes long, as my goal is...


5 Huge Benefits of Fasting "IndyWatch Feed Health"

We are conditioned to eat. It doesn't matter what culture or where we are geographically located, we always set up patterns to eat at certain times of the day. We even do it unconsciously. What if we broke that pattern? What if we broke the pattern for days? Intermittent fasting allows the body to use fat as its primary source of energy instead of sugar and there are five huge benefits.


Vitalik Buterin Engages in Fruitful Discussions with Thailands SEC "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The post Vitalik Buterin Engages in Fruitful Discussions with Thailands SEC appeared first on CCN

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin is meeting with officials at Thailands Securities Exchange Commission to discuss the future of his platform and the OmiseGo token. Thailands regulatory bodies are being very progressive in exploring both the regulation and utility of cryptocurrencies. The meeting with Buterin represents another step forward for the developing nation. Real Recognize Real Continued

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How to use your API-first platform to get your prototype production-ready "IndyWatch Feed Education"

In the first part of this article, we laid out a way to build static-yet-dynamic websites using API-first platforms. This is one of many approaches you can use to quickly construct business application prototypes.

In this article, were going to take it to the next level. We want to harden the prototype so its ready to be pushed out into a production environment.

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

But to do so, we need to overcome some security concerns which are simply not present in static websites. How do we connect the four various building blocks of our application to get the business process automated? How can we achieve this without dropping the speed of iteration we have now? Meet Zapier.

But firstwhat have we build so far

In case you dont remember, weve created a working skeleton of nostalgia.ioa marketplace for experts in technologies of the past. Its a static website put together with some light UI and functionality, built on top of four API-first platforms (Contentful, Algolia, Timekit, and Voucherify).

To put it in a nutshell, the app allows you to browse technologies, (full-text) search for experts, find and book a consulting slot in their calendar, and finally make the checkout page validate and accept unique coupon codes.

The happy pathwhen any Tom, Dick, or Harry enters the marketplace with his promo code and ends up with a confirmed booking at the discounted priceworks pretty smoothly. Remember that you can see it in action and play around with the source code on this glitch repository.

But, we have still many unhappy paths. One of the most painful is adding a new expert. As for now, it entails several manual steps:

  • Adding an expert entity to Contentful
  • Propagating it to Algolia search
  • Assigning a calendar resource in Timekit
  • Marking a coupon as used so its not valid anymore

And the thing is that you cannot automate these operations using our current static website approach. This is because our API-providers do not allow (thank goodness) for this type of data management using publicly a...


Most devastating Twitter comeback youll see this week "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

People are sharing this because it made them smile after a rotten week and we reckon it will make you smile too.

This is how it started.

And this is how it ended.


This is probably almost as good, but only if youre a lawyer who knows his sh-t (barred or otherwise).

And this.



An Ethereum Classic Fork Snapshot Is Coming Next Week "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

An Ethereum Classic Fork Snapshot Is Coming Next Week

Next week the ethereum classic (ETC) community is expecting to receive coins from a snapshot fork called callisto (CLO). The clone will be an exact copy of the ETC chain up until block 5,500,000 and ETC holders will receive a 1:1 ratio of CLO coins.

Also Read: China Censors Cryptocurrency Ads on Search Engines and Social Media

The First High Profile Hard Fork Is About to Get Forked

An Ethereum Classic Fork Snapshot Is Coming Next WeekThe funny thing about ethereum classic is that it was one of the first high profile blockchain splits and ethereum (ETH) holders received a 1:1 ratio of ETC after the hard fork at block 1,920,000. The fork was caused by members of the Ethereum community because they rejected the idea to bail out the...


South Koreas Cryptocurrency Exchanges Will Scrutinize Themselves: Report "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

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South Koreas biggest cryptocurrency industry body will reportedly carry out self-evaluations of its members to ensure they are playing by a set of self-regulatory rules. The Korean Blockchain Industry Association, an industry body that includes 33 cryptocurrency exchanges, has revealed it will carry out evaluations of 21 exchanges to ensure they are following a raft Continued

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Jordan Sather and Isaac Green 2-22-18 Anti-School x Destroying the Illusion Social Media Censorship Cant Stop The Great Awakening VIDEO "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

One reason this video hit was that it presents several examples of how the old paradigm corporations, like Google, Yahoo, etc., must be pretty desperate right now as they continue to ban people and delete their accounts, for no stated reason. This somehow goes along with this earlier Kp message, where I mentioned several items related to social media (and other) censorship being attempted.

This discussion between Jordan and Isaac Green, who just had his YouTube account deleted, I found very helpful to my understanding of what is going on right now. The hornets nest has been surrounded and poked, and now many of the hornets appear to be trying to strike back.

This also is connected with the purpose of todays Klauea Portal Mission

Btw I could not connect with the documents he has linked below. The GoFundMe account appears to work, though.


Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin Donates $763,000 to Machine Intelligence Institute "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Artificial intelligence is both a blessing and a curse rolled into one. Some people are convinced AI will improve our society, whereas others remain fearful. Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin donated $763,000 to the Machine Intelligence Research Institute. With this money, the organization can further study potential hazards or artificial intelligence, among other things.

MIRI is Popular Among Cryptocurrency Users

Cryptocurrency can be used for many different purposes. Using it to fund other projects or even scientific research is one example. Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin is doing exactly that. Last year, he contributed nearly 764,000 in Ethereum to the Machine Intelligence Research Institute. This nonprofit wants to address hazards associated with artificial intelligence now and in the future.

It is not uncommon for cryptocurrency users to contribute to scientific research. MIRI received nearly two-thirds of all donations in cryptocurrency. That shows people are more than willing to spread the wealth around and help improve our society. The donation by Vitalik Buterin is the largest of 2017. Its also the third-largest donation in history.

Scientific research initiatives can benefit from cryptocurrencies. Although these markets are very volatile, its also a new source of donations for research. In the case of Bitcoin and Ethereum, theres a good chance their value will go up in the future. For now, MIRI hasnt confirmed if they converted the donation to fiat currency already. The nonprofit received twice the expected amount in donations during December 2017. This shows there are some real concerns associated with artificial intelligence.

Vitalik Buterin and AI

To some people, it may seem odd Vitalik Buterin is funding this research. Ethereum is known for its smart contract technology, among other things. These contracts are, according to some individuals, some...


The reply to this stick condoms in a Gameboy cartridge case lifehack is just gold "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

So theres a Lifehack doing the rounds about sticking condoms inside Gameboy cartridge cases.

But this reply this glorious reply.

Source: Twitter/@trilllizard666

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This KFC apology ad is so good its almost worth running out of chicken for "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

KFC is trying to put its worst week behind it today with this print advert and its really rather clever.

Im lovin it.


Fascinating video from You Are Free TV 2-22-18 #MK_LTRA: USA Undermined By FBI Divsion 5 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Im posting this for one reason there is a lot of possibly interesting data in here, none of which I can possibly have any chance of validating. But it was rather fascinating, thats for sure. See how this connects with your own Higher Discernment Innards.

Published on Feb 22, 2018
Timothy Holmseth has been proclaimed a Witness to the on-going proceedings of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse. This was reported to me personally by Robert David Steele, Commissioner.

This is the link to the blog:

I appreciate your ongoing support for my channel. My hope is that we can build bridges of communication and transcend the obstacles of hatred and delusion they place before us. We, The People, have a Universal Right to Freedom, beyond all of the propaganda! Stand together!

Please support and spread the news on Timothy Holmse...


Underrated Albums That You Want the World to Know About: Whats on Your List? "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

This is not an easy post to write. I am going to talk about something personal. Yes, its time to discuss underrated albums, a term that can mean so many things to so many people that we might as well talk about underrated dreams. But dreams can be shared, at least in pop culture and the subcultural caverns beneath it. And people can share opinions about an underrated album, especially in the disparate communities of the internet, where devotees can find each other easily.

When I was younger this was not so easy. One might discover an album at a local indie record shop and buy it just for the cover, having no idea what lay within. There were no songs on YouTube, Spotify, or iTunes. (My generations walking to school in the snow, uphill both ways.) One made chance discoveries at live shows and in the pages of print magazines. In such primitive conditions, it was easy to find records that you and only you loved, from start to finish, sometimes believing you must be the only person who had ever heard them.

As Richard Metzger puts it at Dangerous Minds, in writing about an underrated EP from a highly underrated band, "In the pre-Internet days, record collection was more than merely a hobby. It was almost like... a way of life."

I take this little nostalgic trip to say that for me, underrated albums tend to fold into the category of underrated artists. Discovering them wasnt a matter of crednot at first. It was a secretive and private act, a tiny adolescent rebellion against the bad taste of friends and family. Given such musical solipsism, I find it hard to gauge what makes an album underrated. Youll find lists aplenty, and they are odysseys of discovery for the adventurous. Lists filled with lesser-known records from very well-known artists. Lists...


Why Venezuela's Citizens Should Worry About a National Cryptocurrency "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

While a lot is still unclear about Venezuela's state-backed "petro" token, what is apparent is that many feel it's potentially harmful for its people.


first listen "IndyWatch Feed Comics"

Today on Toothpaste For Dinner: first listen

The Worst Things For Sale is Drew's blog. It updates every day. Subscribe to the Worst Things For Sale RSS!



How Hypnosis Will Help You Reduce Medical Cost of Sedation "IndyWatch Feed Food"

It is interesting to learn about the capabilities of the mind. Not only is it a fascinating vista of intelligence and thought control, it is also the seat of new ideas and possibilities once thought to be impossible. You may or may not have seen the videos or read the stories of how people have


Turkey Considers National Crytpocurrency in the wake of El Petro "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Statements from both Iran and Turkey suggest that the two countries are about to launch a national cryptocurrency, stressing the need for strong regulation.

Following in the Wake of El Petro

As Venezuelas El Petro raised over $700 million dollars in its first round of private funding, President Modoru took the podium the next day to announce the countries follow up, Petro Gold.

Instead of oil, this second currencys value will be pegged to precious metals. This was about all the information given about the new token but it must have been convincing enough for Iran.

Despite overwhelming criticism and doubt cast on to the value and feasibility of the Petro, its sales figures were heard loud and clear as Iran announced that the framework for a cloud-based digital currency is being developed for submission to the national banking system.

The announcement was tweeted out by Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi who heads Irans Ministry of Information and Communications Technology after a meeting with state-owned Post Bank of Iran.

Though no information was given as to what role the cryptocurrency would take in the economyfor instance if it would also somehow be pegged to oil as the Petro isthe government has given hints in the past that it was considering adopting digital currency into the financial system.

Both In and Out

In direct conflict with Jahromis announcement, the Central Bank of Iran released a statement the same day denying that the republic recognizes Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency as legal tender.

The wild fluctuations of the digital currencies along with competitive business activities underway via network marketing and pyramid scheme have made the market of these currencies highly unreliable and risky,

The central bank was quoted by the Iranian Front Page News.

The story went on to warn Iranian citizens that they may lose their financial assets due to the extreme volatility of the cryptocurrency marketplace.

Likewise, the Turkish Government which had previously taken a negative stance on cryptocurrency, even ruling Bitcoin to be un-Islamic, has now announced plans for a national Bitcoin called the Turkcoin.

The world is advancing toward a new digital system. Turkey should create i...


You probably should name your dog more carefully "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

This newspaper police blotter posted on Reddit by BangorSkank tells the story story of a man getting into trouble for his unfortunate name for his dog.

Rule #1 when naming a pet. Imagine yourself running around the neighborhood yelling its name. If that seems okay then go for it writes Bklein23.

Source: Reddit

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Cardano Price Technical Analysis ADA/USD Bearish Below $0.35 "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Highlights

  • ADA price is struggling to recover and it recently declined below the $0.3200 level against the US Dollar (tethered).
  • There is a major declining channel forming with resistance at $0.3205 on the hourly chart of the ADA/USD pair (data feed via Bittrex).
  • The pair is currently correcting higher, but it may face a lot of resistance near $0.3250 and $0.3500 in the near term.

Cardano price declined further against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. ADA/USD is currently trading well below the $0.3500 level and in a bearish zone.

Cardano Price Decline

There was no major recovery in ADA price above the $0.3600 level against the US Dollar. The price did not move above the $0.4000 resistance and declined once again. During the recent slide, it broke the $0.3500 and $0.3300 support levels. It even traded below $0.3200 to test the $0.3000 area. A low was formed at $0.2995, and the price is currently consolidating losses around the $0.3000 level.

It is testing the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the last drop from the $0.3866 high to $0.2995 low. It seems like the price may find it hard to break the $0.3200 and $0.3300 resistance levels in the short term. There is also a major declining channel forming with resistance at $0.3205 on the hourly chart of the ADA/USD pair. The channel resistance at $0.3205 is near the 23.6% Fib level. If there is a break above $0.3205, the price may correct further higher. The next major resistance is near $0.3430 and the 50% Fib retracement level of the last drop from the $0.3866 high to $0.2995 low.

Cardano Price Technical Analysis ADA USD

On the downside, the $0.3000 level is a major support. If the price fails to stay above $0.3000, it could even trade back towards the $0.2500 level in the near term.

Hourly MACD The MACD for ADA/USD is slowly recovering and is showing positive signs.

Hourly RSI The RSI for ADA/USD is moving higher towards the 45-50 levels.

Major Support Level...



Gun control really doesn't work. "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Law abiding gun owners jump through all kinds of hoops already.

CPL training and background checks signed off by local sheriff/police department or local gun boards to get a concealed firearm license.

Form 4473 with NICS background check for both pistols and Rifle/Shotguns bought from a dealer.

In Michigan, all handguns are registered with the state police using Form RI-60.

If you want to purchase a Machinegun, SBR, SBS or Silencer you have to pay the federal government 200...

Gun control really doesn't work.


Study: Big Pharma Drugs Linked To 90% Of School Shootings "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Over 90 percent of school shootings over the last decade have been linked to Big Pharma SSRIs, according to a shocking new study.

Widely prescribed antidepressants called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs, cause suicidal tendancies and extreme acts of violence in many patients who take them, according to Dr. David Healy, founder of reports: Though there has been no definitive confirmation that drugs played a role in the Newtown, Conn., assault, that killed 20 children and six adults, media have cited family members and acquaintances saying suspect Adam Lanza was taking prescription medication to treat a neurological-development disorder, possibly Aspergers.

Healy cautioned that the public needs to wait to find out what Adam Lanza was on, and whether his behavior does fit the template of a treatment-induced problem.

However, in an email to WND, he said he suspected prescribed psychiatric medications was the cause of Lanzas violent behavior.

Healy said that while the public waits to learn more about Lanza, there are two general points that can be made.

First, he said, psychotropic drugs of pretty well any group can trigger violence up to and including homicide.

Second, the advocates of treatment claim both that it is the illness and not the drugs that causes violence and that we are leaving huge numbers of people untreated.

But Healy argued that if this were the case, we should not find that comfortably over 90 percent of school shootings are linked to medication intake.

Dr. Peter R. Breggin, a Harvard-trained psychiatrist and former full-time consultant at the National Institute of Mental Health, told WND its likely that problems for Lanza began with getting tangled up with psychiatric medicine.

Breggin insisted there has been overwhelming scientific evidence for decades correlating psychiatrically prescribed drugs with violence.

Writing in Ethical Human Sciences and Services,...


46% of Last Years ICOs Have Failed Already "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

46% of Last Years ICOs Have Failed Already

It has always been assumed that a large number of ICOs will fail, be it at the fundraising stage or when it comes to delivering the actual project. Its hard to settle on a precise figure, however, as most dubious ICOs dont exit scam: they slowly tiptoe away, like a sneak thief rather than a smash-and-grab robber. Having completed an extensive study into last years crowdsales, can report that 46% of them are effectively dead already despite raising over $104 million.

Also read: FBI Arrests Exchange Operator for Lying About 6000 Bitcoin Hack

ICOs Are Even Riskier Than You Think

Given enough time, everything withers and dies, from the most robust institutions to the most popular crowdsales. No one expected all of 2017s ICOs to last the course. The pace at which theyve withered and died may come as a surprise though. Tokendata, one of the more comprehensive ICO trackers, lists 902 crowdsales which took place last year. Of these, 142 failed at the funding stage and a further 276 have since failed, either due to taking the money and running, or slowly fading into obscurity. This means that 46% of last years ICOs have already failed.

The number of ICOs that are still a going concern is actually even lower. An additional 113 ICOs can be classified as semi-failed, either because their team has stopped communicating on social media, or because their community is so small as to mean the project h...


People are telling their worst shared house stories our 15 favourites "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

People have been telling their worst experiences of sharing a house and its either a hilarious nostalgia rush or a grim reminder of day to day living (depending on where youre at right now).

It began with a story in New York magazine about the worst roommate ever.

Here are 15 of our favourites (and dont forget to share yours in the comments. Well do another post with the very best).






How the Media Works with the CIA & NSA to Intercept & Censor Whistleblowers Exposed! "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Newsbud Gepubliceerd op 8 feb. 2018 ABONNEREN 54KSubscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe Newsbud Founder and Editor Sibel Edmonds is joined by Investigative Journalist Whitney Webb to discuss Webbs recent three-part investigative report exposing billionaire founder Continue Reading

Het bericht How the Media Works with the CIA & NSA to Intercept & Censor Whistleblowers Exposed! verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


California Largest State to Recognize Blockchain Records "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

California millennial Assemblyperson recently pushed a bill to recognize digital signatures and contracts recorded on the blockchain, making California one of several US States using or considering implementing the technology.

Millennial Assemblyperson Pushes Bill

Assemblymember Ian Calderon (D-Cal), who was elected to the state assembly at the age of 27 as the first millennial assembly person, launched California assembly bill 2568 which would update existing laws to include blockchain technology for electronic signatures and contracts.

If the bill passes it would make California one of only a few states so far recognizing such technology but establish a precedent due to its size and economic importance.

California, as the most populous state in the US with 39 million citizens, commands a $2.3 trillion economy which reviles that of the entire UK would be a huge testing ground for blockchain implementation.

  • the definition of electronic record and electronic signature would be expanded to encompass those secured via the blockchain
  • the legal definition of contract would be expanded to encompass a smart contract
  • data ownership/use would extend to someone performing interstate or foreign commerce on the blockchain in California with respect to that information as before the person secured the information using blockchain technology,

California Will be Important Stepping Stone

Other states such as neighboring Arizona, Wyoming and Tenessee have already passed similar bills but to make this happen in California would induce other states with similar size and economies like New York and Texas take the same steps into consideration.

Assemblyman Calderon is one of a few young tech-savvy politicians proposing changes to antiquated systems throughout the US. Jim Powell (Rep-) from Tenessee is representing a very similar bill in his state that by all indications will pass the next session.

If states like California continue to progress on using technology like Blockchain to record signatures, contracts and possibly immigration information the influence could be felt all the way to the top of the federal government.

Another budding California politician dubbed the Crypto Kid Brian Fo...


SEC Advocacy Director Says Crypto Investors Shouldn't 'Flip A Coin' "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

A new SEC blog post advises potential cryptocurrency investors to do their research prior to buying a token.


Steve Bells Guardian cartoon on Theresa Mays Brexit away day is everything "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Sometimes you see a cartoon and it just nails it. This is one of those cartoons, the Guardians Steve Bell on Theresa Mays Brexit away day with her cabinet.

And heres one of the most recommended comments that it prompted on the Guardian site.

This would be funny if it wasnt true.

We are being dragged over the edge of an economic and social cliff and for what?

I started working when I left school, just as the recession hit. After 8 years of struggling through real wage shrinking, austerity, services being slashed across the board, streets and infrastructure crumbling, things were finally starting to get better. We were just coming out of years of negative growth with real prospects of improvement on the horizon. Then Brexit happened. While the Eurozone including Greece is experiencing growth, in the last 18 months I have watched 300 of my colleagues being made redundant because of Brexit. And tomorrow it is now my turn, my last day of employment. One could argue that these job losses were a mere coincidence have to factor in some people have had their jobs with this firm for over 30 years. It is a global company based on the continent but looks like theyve hedged their bets in Holland, Poland and Romania instead of the UK.

The toughest and most bitter part of this is that the British government held many of the contracts. Theyve shipped as many British jobs oversees as possible, the only stuff that is remaining is what cannot be sent abroad, i.e. parts of contracts that involve our defence and security. If they could theyd be gone too.

And what is all this for? To appease some fantasy of making Britain great again or is it just to get rid of the foreigners? For sure certain people stand to profit from Brexit, some always do profit in hard times. I suppose I can consider myself lucky, as Im sure notification of termination of employment and severance pay in a few years will be a distant and sad memory as employment laws and British not human rights erode our rights.

The future is being gambled and for what? I am in my 20s and may I remind some that weve had very little in the way of opportunities, coming of age in tough times and the future just doesn&#8217...


Turns out the NRA is even more repellant than you thought "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

You probably dont need any more reason to loathe the National Rifle Association, but just in case, have a listen to this.

Its NRA national spokeswoman Dana Loesch, in case youre wondering, speaking at a meeting where there were survivors of the Florida school shooting.

Many in legacy media love mass shootings. You guys love it. Now Im not saying that you love the tragedy. But I am saying that you love the ratings. Crying white mothers are ratings gold to you and many in the legacy media in the back (of the room).

And notice I said crying white mothers because there are thousands of grieving black mothers in Chicago every weekend, and you dont see town halls for them, do you? Wheres the CNN town hall for Chicago? Wheres the CNN town hall for sanctuary cities?

Its not just the words she says although it is but the pleasure with which she says them.


Current State of Affairs | A Social Revolution "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Base image by Tim OBrien Illustration The Chaos President  Print can be purchased   Will Zio / Cabal truth revelations help our Social Revolution for good? One World of Nations Continue Reading

Het bericht Current State of Affairs | A Social Revolution verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


Taiwanese Police Tackle Countrys First Bitcoin Robbery "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The post Taiwanese Police Tackle Countrys First Bitcoin Robbery appeared first on CCN

Four men have been arrested in Taiwan following a bitcoin robbery. Police were called to the street in the city Taichung by neighbors who reported a dispute. They found bloodstains at the scene, and it was discovered that a cryptocurrency trader named Tai had been lured by men pretending to wish to buy Bitcoin and Continued

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180222 Klauea Portal Mission HI DEF VIDEOs playlist "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Click to select and view individual videos

Kp note: check out the Honu (turtle) cloud visible in the upper part of video 2 (thanks to BP for pointing that out).


Ripple Price Technical Analysis XRP/USD Tumbles Further "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Highlights

  • Ripple price could not hold the $0.9000 support and moved below the $0.8400 level against the US dollar.
  • There is a key bearish trend line forming with resistance at $0.8700 on the hourly chart of the XRP/USD pair (data source from SimpleFx).
  • The pair is trading around the $0.8400 level and is currently trading with a bearish bias.

Ripple price failed to move higher and declined against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. XRP/USD may correct a few points higher, but it could face resistance near $0.9000.

Ripple Price Upside Hurdle

There was an extension to yesterdays decline in Ripple price from the $0.8800 swing high against the US Dollar. The price failed to hold the $0.9000 and $0.8400 support levels and declined further. An intraday low was formed at $0.8015 before price started a minor upside correction. It is currently trading above the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $0.9483 high to $0.8015 low.

However, there are many hurdles on the upside below the $0.9000 level. There is also a key bearish trend line forming with resistance at $0.8700 on the hourly chart of the XRP/USD pair. At the moment, the price is testing the 38.2% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $0.9483 high to $0.8015 low. There is a chance of it moving further higher towards the $0.8700 or $0.8800 levels, but an upside break wont be easy. Moreover, the 50% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $0.9483 high to $0.8015 low is at $0.8749 to act as a resistance.

Ripple Price Technical Analysis XRP USD

On the downside, the $0.8100 and $0.8000 levels are decent supports. As long as the price is above the $0.8000 handle, it could make an attempt to recover above $0.9000.

Looking at the technical indicators:

Hourly MACD The MACD for XRP/USD is slowly reducing its bearish slope.

Hourly RSI (Relative Strength Index) The RSI for XRP/USD is currently moving higher towards the 50 level.



Tamron and Tokina announce their new lenses for the FE system "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Tamron and Tokina are now heavily investing in the Sony FE system: 1) Tamron announced the development of the new 28-75mm f/2.8 FE lens. They say the image qaulity is on par with the 24-70mm Sony GM. The lens will

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How 5G Will Kill the Birds, Bees, and Your Loved Ones "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

From the Conclave of the American Intelligence Media

I read through our most recent Conclave post, entitled Internet of Things: Fascism by Another Name. Powered by 5G and found it a well-written warning and one that I would like to elaborate on in this post. This seems necessary today to wake up the sleeping majority who are sleeping through this global subliminal attack.

Ive read estimates of the percentage of the population with EHS as high as 10%, especially since it remains undiagnosed in a lot of people who arent clear why they are suffering. The bill Ohio passed stripping local government authority to resist 5G antennas placement is being challenged by a lawsuit from approximately 80 cities and counties. It will be interesting to see how effective that challenge is.

You have a pretty comprehensive list of wireless health impacts and some of their causes, but you could perhaps expand that a little bit. A more specific study found RFR exposure activates voltage-gated calcium channels. This leads to increased calcium levels within cells, which leads to the production of peroxynitrite. Peroxynitrite is at the root of most inflammatory diseases, including neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases, migraines, and allergies.

M. Pall, Electromagnetic fields act via activation of voltage-gated calcium channels to produce beneficial or adverse effectsJournal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, 6-26-2013.

Studies also have found that RFR exposure can remove calcium ions (positively charged calcium ions) from cell membranes in the brain. Loss of calcium ions destabilizes the membrane and can have serious metabolic and neurological consequences. The brain may become hyperactive and overloaded, leading to loss of concentration, ADHD, damage to DNA (causing loss of fertility and increased risk of cancer), and digestive enzymes from lysosomes. Membrane leakage can also open the blood-brain barrier and other protective barriers, leading to Alzheimers, dementia, asthma, allergies, and various autoimmune disorders.

See these relevant articles and studies:

S. M. Bawin et al., Effects of modulated VHF fields on th...


Crypto-Backed SALT Claims $1.3 Billion Backlog, Suspends New Memberships "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Crypto-Backed SALT Claims $1.3 Billion Backlog, Suspends New Memberships

Secured Automated Lending Technology (SALT) has an enviable problem if its recent Medium post is to be believed. The membership-based crypto-as-collateral loan platform has declared a demand of over $1.3b in loan requests is forcing it to suspend new membership registrations, loan requests, and purchases of SALT.

Also read: How To Regain Control From Nanny Zuck

SALT Comes to a Halt

Colorado-based SALT has only been around since late 2017, but during that time it claims to have issued over $23m in blockchain-backed loans. If that wasnt enough, there is still a demand of over $1.3b in loan requests that we are diligently working to address, a recent communication from the company explained.

Using a members cryptocurrency holdings as collateral for cash loans, enthusiasts are able to leverage their gains in decentralized currency markets in the event theyd like to pay off debt or whatever financial spirit moves them. And theyre able to do it without giving up crypto holdings per se.  



Moscow Looks to Blockchain for Fair Elections "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The city of Moscow is looking to evolve their Active Citizen polling network to log votes in upcoming elections. Thus making the election process transparent to all and tamper-free.

Active Citizens Decide for Themselves

As the white house continues to deny any allegations of collusion with Russian hackers and the FBI doggedly turns over more and more evidence of Russias influence on the 2016 elections the city of Moscow is making moves to make sure it cant happen there.

Since 2014 the Russian city has had a program in place called Active Citizen. This program allows citizens to vote on big projects in order to eliminate corruption. So far citizens have cast their votes on the seat colors at the new Luzhinki stadium, whether or not to participate in a major housing renovation program and the official badges that doctors will wear in all the cities hospitals.

Blockchain Tech Can Help to Ensure Fair Election Polling

In this way, city officials hope to soothe citizens fears of vote manipulation while showing the worlds governments that free and fair elections can be had in Russia.

Of course, sometimes we hear that not all the votes are trusted, said Andrey Belozerov, the strategy and innovations advisor to the citys CIO;

So, we decided to use a blockchain for the Active Citizen project, as a platform of electronic trust. The idea is to put all the votes to the blockchain to make it open so everybody can connect to our blockchain network, and to check the voting process, and so on and so-forth.

Using blockchain technology to ensure that every vote is uniquely logged and that the process is absolutely transparent is a long way from the antiquated voting process still used in the United States.

Citizens of the US still vote using a system developed in the 19th century to make collecting and counting votes over the massive country feasible. Rules and regulations vary from state to state and in some case still rely on hundred-year-old machines.

As future elections will undoubtedly be influenced and tampered with by hackers both inside and out of the country a decentralized blockchain voting system not only makes sense but seems essential to maintaining a democracy in...


New Reality TV Show Will Manipulate Contestants Into Committing Murder "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

A new show announced by Netflix called, The Push, is promising to take reality television to new extremes, with a theme of manipulating contestants into committing murder. The show will be hosted by Derren Brown, a man who calls himself a psychological illusionist

The show will place contestants in the most extreme and stressful position ever, being pressured to take a human life. A trailer released this week teases an episode where a young man is put into a situation where he is unknowingly surrounded by 70 actors who are all setting him up to commit murder. For some reason, the man is being convinced to push someone off a ledge to their death.

Of course, no one will actually get murdered on the show, but these experiments are sure to leave lasting mental marks on the contestants.

This week Brown tweeted that the show will be live and available for streaming on February 27th and that two additional episodes with similar themes will be following shortly after.

According to a statement from Netflix, Brown exposes the psychological secrets of obedience and social compliance. He expertly lifts the lid on the terrifying truth that, when confronted with authority, our natural instinct is to unflinchingly obey without questionto such an extent that even the most moral people can be made to commit the most horrendous acts, simply because they are told to do so.

The themes in this show a...


Altcoin Analysis: NEO, EOS, LTC, DASH and Lumens "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bears all over guys and so far, all altcoin gains from last weeks bullish run has been reversed. LTC, EOS, NEO, Lumens and even DASH are on a down trend testing last weeks lows.

Lets have a look at these charts:


Lumens Technical AnalysisXLM/USD Daily Chart for February 23, 2018

So far, Lumens sellers are trending right at last weeks lows and thats a 100% retracement as far as price action is concerned.

Now, the thing is this week has been largely bearish-we can see that and track from what has been happening over the past couple of days.

If we zoom into the 4HR chart we notice that bear momentum is waning as candlestick are beginning to print away from the lower BB with stochastics at over sold territory.

This doesnt mean much and isnt our basis for going long or short but should be hinting especially now that we are looking for buy signal.

If any bullish engulfing candlestick prints and drive prices above $0.38, then I recommend longs if not and prices close below $0.30 today, then we better look for sell opportunities because that will be a bear break out below this ascending wedge.


DASH/USD Technical AnalysisDASH/USD Daily Chart for February 23, 2018

Like the Lumens, DASH is on a down trend and if we view price developments in the 4HR chart t...


Florida School Shooting- Had an Armed Sheriffs Deputy ON SCENE. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

  So it turns out there was an Armed Cop AT THE SCHOOL.  Rather go inside, and Do His Fucking JOB, he cowered outside.

Was he 'Warned Off' by the FBI ?

Was he PAID OFF by the FBI ?

Was he actually a Co-Conspirator ?

I can tell you this; WERE he a Guard, in the Army during Wartime--He'd have been SHOT for Cowardice in the Face of the Enemy.  No trials, no appeals, no 'Safe Spaces' SHOT.

In this instance, this SHOULD be his REWARD as well.


Does Mowing Down A Perfectly Aligned Puddle Make You A Bad Person? "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

LEROY PERCIVAL | Central-Coast Queensland Folk-Rock Editor | CONTACT A local do-gooder has today faced one of her toughest moral dilemmas whilst driving to the shops this morning. As Theresa McKillop, Mother of 3 and grandmother of 2, drove down Betootas Main St following a solid downpour, she quickly calculated that she would be driving past a big juicy puddle at exactly the []

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Asian Altcoin Trading Roundup: Top Cryptocurrency is DigixDAO "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The selloff continues as the week ends in crypto land. Asians are leading the way and dropping their digital currencies for the third day in a row. Bitcoin has lost 8% on the day and has dropped back to just over $10k, altcoins as usual have been hit harder and are all in the red during this mornings Asian trading session.

We have to go a long way out of the top 25 to find one that is actually up on the day. The only one in the top slot that is even in the green is Nano which we featured yesterday. Still trading higher on news of the app release, Nano is up 3.8% on the day every other altcoin has fallen.

The next cryptocurrency that is up is DigixDAO, the gold based crypto that seems to do well when all others are falling. DGD is up 4.2% on the day, trading at $318 at the time of writing and has had a very good week gaining 34% from $235 this time last week. The only major difference with this coin is that it is based on a commodity which is why it seems to weather the storms better when all others are plummeting.

There are only 2 million DGD tokens circulating, most of which are traded on Binance which has almost 90% of the total. Market capacity currently stands at $635 million and it is ranked at number 35. $77.5 million has been traded in DGD over the past 24 hours.

All other altcoins are in the red but ones that have not taken such a hit include Ethereum, Neo, Bitcoin Gold, Rchain, and Maker. There are some bargains out there for those that like to buy the dip however the dip could keep dipping throughout the day.

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Anxiety, depression, and fear ravage so many today, but few pause to consider that in addition to the material influences in our lives, we may be also under the influence of beings which exist in dimensions outside of our ordinary perception.

But there is much more to reality than what we can see. feel, hear, taste and touch. In fact, an accounting of the matter that makes up the universe reveals that some 73% of it is made up of dark energy, and another 23% is made up of dark matter, neither of which can we see, nor understand. Furthermore, the human eye is only capable of seeing around .0035% of the entire spectrum of electromagnetic (EM) radiation. When we look into the heavens, 96% of it is invisible to us. Include in this the spiritual realms and there is an entire universe of possibilities which exists beyond our five senses.

Very few scientists today are willing to explore metaphysics to examine life beyond ordinary perception in order to make a connection between the seen and the unseen.

Rudolf Steiner, though, one of the most prolific and gifted scientists, philosophers, and esotericists of his time, devoted much of his work to the task of peering behind the veil, sharing his insight into the deeper nature of life and of the world beyond.

Regarding anxiety and depression, Steiner spoke of hostile beings in the spiritual world which influence and feed off of human emotion; a concept flatly rejected by most today. Yet this also analysis holds true for shamans and others who access the spiritual dimensions in order to alleviate mental suffering for their patients.

Many are familiar with the notion of...


How Telomeres Reverse Your Aging Process When Science & Spirituality Merge "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Nicole Frolick, Guest Writer, Last week I had Aage Nost guest on my podcast Enlighten Up and he certainly enlightened us with some powerful informationthat the root cause of aging and how to reverse it was discovered in 2009 by 3 scientists. The discovery was so powerful that it won them a Nobel []

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Riding The Storm: Does The Sun Trigger Hurricanes And Social Uprising? "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Therese Wade, Guest writer, What do the activities of our sun have to do with the increase in extreme weather, public scandals, mass tragedies and social unrest that we are experiencing here on earth? According to indigenous and shamanic belief, and their understanding of life and the universe everything. Each time I travel []

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Report: Mutual Funds Could Save Billions With Blockchain "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Shifting to a distributed, blockchain-based infrastructure could bring huge financial benefits to the asset management industry, research indicates.


Ethereum Price Technical Analysis ETH/USD Decline Looks Real "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Highlights

  • ETH price faced a lot of selling pressure recently and declined below $810 against the US Dollar.
  • Yesterdays highlighted major bearish trend line with current resistance at $820 is intact on the hourly chart of ETH/USD (data feed via SimpleFX).
  • The pair may correct a few points in the short term, but it remains in a downtrend below $840.

Ethereum price extended losses against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. ETH/USD declined as low as $776 and it is currently correcting higher toward barriers.

Ethereum Price Resistance

There was no major upside move in ETH price above the $860 level against the US Dollar. The price struggled to correct higher and it started a downside move below the $840 level. It declined and broke a couple of support levels such as $810 and $800. It traded as low as $776 from where a minor upside correction was initiated. However, the price may face many barriers on the upside on the way to $810.

It has moved above the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $858 high to $776 low. However, there is a major resistance near $810-820. More importantly, yesterdays highlighted major bearish trend line with current resistance at $820 is intact on the hourly chart of ETH/USD. The trend line resistance is close to the 50% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $858 high to $776 low. Therefore, if the price corrects further from the current levels, it could face sellers near the $820 and $825 levels. Above $825, the next major barrier for buyers is at $840.

Ethereum Price Technical Analysis ETH USD

On the downside, the recent low at $776 is a key intraday support. If the price fails to stay above $776, then it could accelerate declines towards the $750 level.

Hourly MACD The MACD is gaining pace in the bearish zone.

Hourly RSI The RSI is correcting higher, but with no major bullish sign.

Major Support Level $776

Major Resistance Level $825



Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

1.00 AUD = 0.00008 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 1.30 AUD

Bitcoin and United States Dollar "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

0.00010 BTC = 1.03 USD
1.00 USD = 0.00010 BTC


11 Simple Food Hacks That Will Raise Your Vibrational Frequency "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

If you dont pay much attention to your vibrational frequency you most likely dont realize how much it really is affecting you in general. There are a lot of things that can be affecting it and we should all be more aware in general.

For those who do not know everything has a vibrational frequency, this includes us. We are always in a constant state of motion whether we notice it or not. Everything that manifests itself in our lives is manifested through matching the vibrations of our thoughts as well as the vibrations of ourselves.

When it comes to getting your vibration where it needs to be you can do a number of things. That being said clean eating and positive thinking goes far further than most things do. Clean eating is eating foods that are minimally processed and do not contain all of the additives that other more junk-like foods do/are. Below you will see a list of changes you can make to your diet to eat more clean and increase your vibrational frequency.

11 Changes You Can Make to Your Diet That Will Raise Your Vibrational Frequency:

1. Cut down on consumption of processed foods.

While eliminating processed foods altogether would be best cutting down is a huge help as well. Processed foods are loaded with chemicals and preservatives and most ate sprayed with pesticides. This kind of thing takes less energy to digest than whole foods do and causes weight gain. They are just not good for our health overall.

2. Cut out or at least limit alcohol consumption.

Alcohol doesnt do much for us. It mostly just causes health issues for the most part. If you must consume alcohol do so in moderation. Sure, there are some positive aspects that can be associated with some different alcoholic beverages but overall the risks associated are not outweighed.

3. Drink water more often.

Cut back on or get rid of the sodas. Drink more water, our bodies need water to survive. Most of us are far more dehydrated than we care to notice. Water should be your primary drink throughout the day, anything else should be considered a treat.

4. Pay more attention to the labels.

Know what you are putting into your body. Do some research on all of these big words and figure out what they mean. Dont eat anything you are not comfortable with eating. Opt for foods with whole food ingredients. Sure, sometimes this is not possible but for the most part, a quick google search will help when figuring out what to eat and what not to eat.

5. Stop using vegetable oil.

Vegetable oil in all forms should be avoided. In case you were not aware...


There Has Never Been a Better Time to be Single, According to Science "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Being single is something that lots of people consider bad. However, science tells us that those people are wrong.

Being single has a good number of benefits and studies have even shown that single people are more developed individuals with much stronger social ties. They are able to work on themselves more and benefit greatly from literally not being in a relationship. Single people are able to gain benefits most people wouldnt think of.

A study published in the British Medical Journal back in 2008 actually found that those who had regular contact with ten or more people were overall much happier than those who did not. Because single people tend to have more friends this in term meant that single people were overall happier. Maintaining friendships throughout your life is important to boost your happiness levels. When we are in a relationship we tend to isolate ourselves from friends and rely more on that specific person, while there is nothing wrong with being in a relationship we shouldnt be cutting ties with our friends for no reason.

Single people also seem to eat less and remain more physically fit than couples. This I believe has something to do with married couples getting too comfortable, but of course, that is open to interpretation. Research conducted by the University of Basel in Switzerland and the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Germany found that married couples tend to do less sports wise and weigh significantly more than single folk.

While the research focused solely on single people is not as extensive as we would like for it to be we do have a few promising things. Lots of research seems to show that solitude or basically being single can increase our sense of freedom and even our levels of creativity. Alone time helps people to be more productive and allows them time to wind down and get to know themselves better. Just because you are alone doesnt mean you have to be lonely.

Back in 2016 Bella DePaulo, Ph.D. presented What No One Ever Told You about People Who Are Single to the American Psychological Association and with that presented tons of evidence showing how beneficial being single really is. She went over how single people tend to be more determined and how they experience more psychological growth when compared to those who chose to get married. She combed through almost 900 studies on single people and really brought up some interesting points. You can read some of the things she had to say by clicking here....


Johnny Depp Still A Cunt "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | CONTACT Even though it could be argued that he has had the last laugh after a long battle with the Australian establishment, it has been confirmed that Hollywood actor Johnny Depp is still very much a piece of shit. Even everyday Australians who dont like Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce say that they []

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Grahams Number: Dont Even Try Thinking of This Number, As It Will Make Your Head Explode (Literally) "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Sure math does some strange things to our minds and can give us a huge headache, but is there more to it than that? What would happen if you tried to memorize this famous mathematical constant?

This mathematical constant being Grahams Number. Apparently, if you ever were to try and imagine Grahams Number, your head would literally break down into a black hole because apparently, it is not capable of storing the information required to visualize it. Yes, it is that big.

This basically means only so much information can be stored in a finite space as per the laws of physics. If the density of an object passes a level at a certain point it will collapse under its own gravity. This is what happens when dying stars form into black holes. Black holes being the easiest way to explain what might happen to the mind of someone who tried to fully memorize this mathematical constant.

Grahams number is too big for anyone to be able to really know how big it truly is. No one can truly say how big Grahams number is because it is simply too big. Think of it this way Grahams number is bigger than the number of atoms in the observable universe.

Graham managed to find a number that guaranteed such a slice existed for a cube of that dimension. But this number, as we mentioned earlier, was absolutely massive, so big it is too big to write within the observable Universe. Graham was, however, able to explicitly define this number using an ingenious notation called up-arrow notation that extends our common arithmetic operations of addition, multiplication and exponentiation.

We can think of multiplication as repeated addition:

3 x 3 = 3+3+3

and exponentiation as repeated multiplication:
33 = 3 x 3 x 3.

If we define the single arrow operation, , to be exponentiation, so:

33 = 33 = 3 x 3 x 3 = 27,

then we can define the double-arrow operation to be

33 = 333 = 333 = 327 = 7,625,597,484,987.

We can carry on building new operations by repeating previous ones. The next would be the triple-arrow

33 = 333 = 3(33)=37,625,597,484,987

a tower of powers of 3 that...


Survival chain saw "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

After a quick search I didn't see any posts on the subject.
If you don't have any trees or wood power line poles around you may not need a chain saw.

The first thing you need to know about chain saws is they are dangerous. Way more dangerous than a gun and will kill you the first chance they get.

Chainsawing through minor disasters up and down the east coast from 2006 to 2014 from thunderstorms and hurricanes when I was at Langley to ice storms in Maine I have discovered a few things about...

Survival chain saw


25-OH vitamin D deficiency may be considered a risk factor related to eradication failure of H.pylori. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Adv Clin Exp Med. 2017 Dec ;26(9):1377-1381. PMID: 29442458 Abstract Title:  The influence of vitamin D deficiency on eradication rates of Helicobacter pylori. Abstract:  BACKGROUND: Helicobacter pylori eradication therapy improves the healing of various gastro-duodenal diseases such as chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer, and also reduces gastric cancer incidence. Several studies have reported on risk factors other than antibiotic resistance related to Helicobacter pylori eradication failure.OBJECTIVES: In this study, we aimed to investigate whether or not the serum levels of 25-hydroxy-vitamin D (25(OH)D) influence eradication rates of H.pylori.MATERIAL AND METHODS: 220 patients diagnosed with H.pylori gastritis using endoscopic biopsy had their 25-OH vitamin D levels measured via the electrochemiluminescence method before beginning eradication therapy of H.pylori. Gastric biopsies obtained at endoscopy were examined for H.pylori strains and histopathologic findings. All patients were treated with bismuth-containing quadruple therapy for 14 days. H.pylori eradication was determined via the 14C-urea breath test performed 4 weeks after the end of therapy. Based on the 25-OH vitamin D levels, the patients were divided into 2 groups: group 1 (deficient) had a vitamin D level of

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The Delineator "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

The Delineator (partial serial archives)

The Future of Thinking (Davidson) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

The Future of Thinking: Learning Institutions in a Digital Age (Cambridge, MA and London: MIT Press, c2010), by Cathy N. Davidson and David Theo Goldberg, contrib. by Zo Marie Jones (PDF files with commentary at MIT Press)

New Digital Media and Learning as an Emerging Area and "Worked Examples" as One Way Forward (Gee) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

New Digital Media and Learning as an Emerging Area and "Worked Examples" as One Way Forward (Cambridge, MA and London: MIT Press, c2010), by James Paul Gee (PDF files with commentary at MIT Press)

Peer Participation and Software (Booth) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Peer Participation and Software: What Mozilla Has to Teach Government (Cambridge, MA and London: MIT Press, c2010), by David Booth (PDF files with commentary at MIT Press)


Vitamin D down-regulates the expression of inflammatory cytokines, chemokines and chemokine receptors in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Nutr Neurosci. 2018 Feb 15:1-13. Epub 2018 Feb 15. PMID: 29447086 Abstract Title:  Vitamin D down-regulates the expression of some Th17 cell-related cytokines, key inflammatory chemokines, and chemokine receptors in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. Abstract:  OBJECTIVES: A spectrum of immunomodulatory properties was attributed to vitamin D (VD). Here, the VD effects on expression of some Th17 cell- related cytokines, chemokines and chemokine receptors were investigated in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE).METHODS: One group of C57BL/6 mice, considered as healthy group, was treated with phosphate buffered saline (PBS). EAE was induced in other three groups and treated from day +3 to +30 with PBS, olive oil (VD vehicle) or 200 ng of VD. At day 31, the expression of interleukin-17 (IL-17), IL-23, chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 20 (CCL20), CCL22, CC chemokine receptor 4 (CCR4) and CCR6 in spinal cord and serum IL-17 and IL-23 levels were measured by real-time PCR and ELISA, respectively.RESULTS: The expression of IL-17, IL-23 P19, IL-23 P40, CCL20, CCL22 and CCR4 in spinal cord and serum IL-17 and IL-23 levels in PBS-administrated EAE mice were significantly increased compared with healthy group. In EAE mice treated with VD, the expression of aforementioned parameters was significantly reduced in comparison with PBS-administrated EAE mice.CONCLUSION: VD down-regulates the expression of some inflammatory cytokines, chemokines and chemokine receptors in EAE mice. The possible therapeutic potential of VD in multiple sclerosis can be considered in future investigation.

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Higher levels of serum 25(OH)D was associated with a lower risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Nutr Neurosci. 2018 Feb 15:1-10. Epub 2018 Feb 15. PMID: 29447107 Abstract Title:  Vitamin D status and risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease: A meta-analysis of dose-response. Abstract:  OBJECTIVE: We aimed to test the dose-response association of serum 25(OH)D and risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease (AD).METHODS: We performed a systematic search of PubMed and Scopus from database inception up to September 2017. Longitudinal cohort studies reporting risk estimates of incident dementia or AD in the general population, and for three or more quantitative categories of serum 25(OH)D were included. Pooled hazard ratios (HRs) were calculated using fixed-effects/random-effects models.RESULTS: Seven prospective cohort studies and one retrospective cohort study (total n=28,354) involving 1953 cases of dementia and 1607 cases of AD were included. The pooled HRs of dementia and AD were 1.09 (95%CI: 0.95, 1.24) and 1.19 (95%CI: 0.96, 1.41) for vitamin D insufficiency (10-20ng/ml), and 1.33 (95%CI: 1.08, 1.58) and 1.31 (95%CI: 0.98, 1.65) for deficiency (35ng/ml.

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High dose vitamin D supplementation can reduce the prevalence of PMS and dysmenorrhea. "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

PMID:  Gynecol Endocrinol. 2018 Feb 15:1-5. Epub 2018 Feb 15. PMID: 29447494 Abstract Title:  High dose vitamin D supplementation can improve menstrual problems, dysmenorrhea, and premenstrual syndrome in adolescents. Abstract:  Vitamin D has a crucial role in female reproduction, possibly through its effects on calcium homeostasis, cyclic sex steroid hormone fluctuations, or neurotransmitter function. We have assessed the effects of vitamin D supplementation on dysmenorrhea and premenstrual syndrome (PMS) in adolescents. In this study, 897 adolescent girls living in Mashhad and Sabzevar, Iran, received nine high-dose vitamin D supplements (as 50,000IU/week of cholecalciferol) and were followed up over 9 weeks. We evaluated the effect of vitamin D supplementation on individuals in four categories: those with only PMS; individuals with only dysmenorrhea; subjects with both PMS and dysmenorrhea and normal subjects. The prevalence of PMS afterthe intervention fell from 14.9% to 4.8% (p

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Bitcoin Cash Price Technical Analysis BCH/USD Breaks $1,200 "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Points

  • Bitcoin cash price did not correct higher and declined below the $1,200 support against the US Dollar.
  • There are two bearish trend lines forming with resistance at $1,250 and $1,280 on the hourly chart of BCH/USD (data feed from SimpleFX).
  • The pair may decline more in the near term and it could even break the $1,100 support level.

Bitcoin cash price declined further below $1,200 against the US Dollar. BCH/USD looks set to extend the current decline towards or below $1,100.

Bitcoin Cash Price Resistance

There was no stopping sellers as bitcoin cash price failed to correction above the $1,300 level against the US Dollar. The price declined and broke yesterdays low to trade below the $1,200 level. It opened the doors for more losses and the price traded towards $1,150. A low was formed at $1,134 and it seems like the price is struggling to correct higher in the short term.

On the upside, the price is facing resistance near the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the last drop from the $1,325 high to $1,134 low. There are many resistances on the upside below the $1,300 level. More importantly, there are two bearish trend lines forming with resistance at $1,250 and $1,280 on the hourly chart of BCH/USD. The first bearish trend line is close to the 50% Fib retracement level of the last drop from the $1,325 high to $1,134 low. Therefore, a break above the $1,250 and $1,260 levels wont be easy. Above $1,260, the second trend line at $1,280 is the next hurdle.

Bitcoin Cash Price Technical Analysis BCH USD

On the downside, the recent low of $1,134 is a short-term support. If the price breaks the stated level, it could test the $1,100 level.

Looking at the technical indicators:

Hourly MACD The MACD for BCH/USD is placed nicely in the bearish zone.

Hourly RSI (Relative Strength Index) The RSI for BCH/USD is currently near the oversold levels.

Major Support Level $1,100

Major Resistan...


No, George Says National Party "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | CONTACT Maverick National Party MP George Christensen has had his hopes dashed within split seconds of throwing his hat into the ring as a possible National Party leader and Deputy Prime Minister. This comes less than an hour after Barnaby Joyce has announced his will stand down from the roles as of Monday. []

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Which of the 7 Deadly Sins Are You, According to Your Zodiac Sign "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

The 7 deadly sins are something we all learn about at some point or another. While we tend to think of them in different ways it seems some people identify with them a whole lot more than others.

I have noticed that some zodiac signs seem to indulge in specific deadly sins more than the rest. This leading me to believe in some form these traits/sins are linked to those signs. Did your sign make the list?

The 7 Zodiac Signs Influenced The Most by The 7 Deadly Sins:

Leo: Pride

Leos have far too much pride. They do not often apologize for anything and they do not make much known about their suffering moments as they do not want to appear weak. If they try to swallow their pride they usually end up choking. This is something that holds them back in a lot of different ways.

Virgo: Envy

Virgos will not admit to being envious but they are. They actually criticize others so much because they are jealous in general and lacking within. They are not often able to overcome this and it causes them a lot of pain and suffering. They are always trying to accomplish more be it materialistically or in general. Virgos are far more envious than any other sign and they will cut others down because of it.

Taurus: Gluttony

Have you ever noticed that while the Taurus does tend to get things done he or she also overdoes things? The Taurus is a very self-absorbed individual that lives excessively when he or she can. This includes eating and drinking, they just dont know when to stop. Their limits are blurred.

Scorpio: Lust

There is just something about sexual attraction in general that screams Scorpio. Scorpios just really like to get laid. This can be both a good and bad thing depending on the extent and the status of the Scorpio. Scorpios have a deep fiery passion burning within them that I do not believe ever truly burns ut.

Sagittarius: Wrath

Sagittarius are some of the angriest signs, but you wouldnt realize it if you never had the chance to come face to face with one looking for vengeance. The Sagittarius has a deep uncontrollable anger that when unleashed is true HELL. Dont get on their bad side, they are far too determined.

Aries: Greed

Yes, the Aries is a hard worker and does deserve the things he or she has, but the one thing I have noticed is they become greedy quite easily. Once they get a little they have to have it...


France Cracks Down on Bitcoin Derivatives "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

France Cracks Down on Bitcoin Derivatives

Autorit des marchs financiers (AMF), the independent regulatory body governing Frances stock market, issued two statements today, one on initial coin offerings (ICOs) and another on the prospect of bitcoin derivatives. Both point to more oversight to come for crypto in France, including everything from formal authorizations to a ban on advertisements.  

Also read: How To Regain Control From Nanny Zuck

France Cracks Down on Bitcoin Derivatives

AMF, Frances markets regulator, insists bitcoin derivatives are subject to the European Unions Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) which trigger all manner of new rules and authorizations. In its 22 February published missive, The AMF considers that the offer of cryptocurrency derivatives requires authorisation and that it is prohibited to advertise such offer via electronic means, the agency argues. The AMF has reached the conclusion that platforms which offer these products must abide by the authorisation and business conduct rules, and that these products must not be advertised via electronic means.




The Birth of YHWH "IndyWatch Feed Comics"

The Birth of YHWH from Nina Paley on Vimeo.

Music: Schopska Pesen (Diaphonic Chant) performed by the Bulgarian State Radio & TV Female Vocal Choir, c 1987
Used to Love Her by Guns N Roses, c 1988

In a recent essay, I wrote:

God used to be female. All of Her attributes were taken over by the male God. Creation, fertility, vegetation, the bringing forth of food, life and death all that was once the Goddesss is now Gods. Its like the male God put on Her clothes, and then identified as Her, and theres no Goddess any more.

This short clip began as an attempt to illustrate that.



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Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 02/23/2018 Short-Term Reversal Signal "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights

  • Bitcoin price recently formed a head and shoulders pattern on its 1-hour chart.
  • Price has broken below the neckline to show that a downtrend is underway.
  • The chart pattern spans more than $1,000 in height so the resulting selloff could be of the same size.

Bitcoin price broke below a short-term head and shoulders pattern to signal that more losses are in the cards.

Technical Indicators Signals

The 100 SMA is above the longer-term 200 SMA to show that the path of least resistance is to the upside or that the rally could continue. However, the gap between the moving averages has narrowed to show that bearish momentum could kick in.

Stochastic is hovering around oversold levels and could turn higher to show that buyers are ready to get back in. RSI is also in the oversold area, which means that sellers are exhausted.

In that case, a pullback to the broken neckline around $10,250 could happen before selling pressure gains more traction.

Market Factors

The US dollar gave up ground to most of its peers in recent trading sessions as risk appetite picked up. However, bitcoin price failed to benefit from this as profit-taking is being blamed for the recent drop.

Zooming out to the longer-term charts shows that price hit a long-term area of interest at $12,000, which prompted some liquidation orders. This marked the second straight day of declines for bitcoin as positive sentiment over the recent regulatory news appears to be fading.

With that, bitcoin price could need a fresh positive catalyst before resuming its rally. Otherwise, it could revisit the lows closer to the $6,500 level as more and more officials are expressing their doubts about the cryptocurrency.

Apart from that, the SEC charged former cryptocurrency exchange BitFunder and its founder Jon E. Montroll with fraud for running the operation as an unregistered securities exchange and allegedly defrauded clients.

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40 Inspiring Examples of Paper Quilling "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

Alrighty then.... here we go with a round up of the many - and I mean MANY - wonderful examples of paper quilling that have been shown here on All Things Paper over the past nine years. Not all of...

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Tomatidine attenuates airway hyperresponsiveness and inflammation. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Mediators Inflamm. 2017 ;2017:5261803. Epub 2017 Nov 21. PMID: 29386751 Abstract Title:  Tomatidine Attenuates Airway Hyperresponsiveness and Inflammation by Suppressing Th2 Cytokines in a Mouse Model of Asthma. Abstract:  Tomatidine is isolated from the fruits of tomato plants and found to have anti-inflammatory effects in macrophages. In the present study, we investigated whether tomatidine suppresses airway hyperresponsiveness (AHR) and eosinophil infiltration in asthmatic mice. BALB/c mice were sensitized with ovalbumin and treated with tomatidine by intraperitoneal injection. Airway resistance was measured by intubation analysis as an indication of airway responsiveness, and histological studies were performed to evaluate eosinophil infiltration in lung tissue. Tomatidine reduced AHR and decreased eosinophil infiltration in the lungs of asthmatic mice. Tomatidine suppressed Th2 cytokine production in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid. Tomatidine also blocked the expression of inflammatory and Th2 cytokine genes in lung tissue., tomatidine inhibited proinflammatory cytokines and CCL11 production in inflammatory BEAS-2B bronchial epithelial cells. These results indicate that tomatidine contributes to the amelioration of AHR and eosinophil infiltration by blocking the inflammatory response and Th2 cell activity in asthmatic mice.

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Interview: Betting Association Founder Gives His Take on the Worldwide Betting Phenomenon and Its Problems. "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Betting, in general, had and still has issues in different areas of the spectrum from irrationally high fees that gambling organizations put on their bettors, to an abnormal inequality between winning and losing players. Today, we had an opportunity to speak with Lithuanian Betting Association founder and chairman Deividas Snapkauskas. We asked him to give his take on the betting scene in Lithuania and abroad, to tell his biggest mistakes while betting and the influence of cryptocurrency and Blockchain in a whole. Here is what he had to say.

Q: Tell us about yourself who are you and what do you do?

A: My name is Deividas Snapkauskas. Ive been a bettor for the past 20 years and I am the founder of the Lithuanian Betting Association here, in Lithuania.

Q: And what exactly is this betting association?

A: Betting Association, overall, is a legal unit where anyone who bets or is interested in betting can join. I created this association to unite all Lithuanian bettors in one place, so it would be easier to gather and reach our common goals together and also to sometimes help those who have trouble with their local betting companies.

Q: And what were the origins of this association and why did you decide to initiate it?

A: The Association was founded 4 months ago. I decided to create a place where all bettors, that need help, could join, and while working together, find ways to fix their problems. When you are a part of a legal unit like this, it is much easier to fight against these betting companies that are regularly not paying out your winnings or just working against you in general.

Q: You have a long history in the betting scene. What problems do you face frequently while betting?

A: I have two main problems in the betting world right now, Ive even created separate notions for it red carpet politics for the losing players and the closed doors politics for the winning players. Red carpet politics is a problem for those who are losing. Most of the time, gambling companies remove all limits for those players who are constantly losing so that they could gain as much profit as possible, forgetting the most important human factor. And those, who win (Closed door politics) are always receiving limits that, most of the time, makes no sense. These two problems, in my opinion, should be fixed.

Q: Have you ever faced these limits yourself?

A: Yes. Right now, one of the biggest gambling companies in Lithuania is not allowing me into their bettin...


Shikonin suppresses proliferation and induces apoptosis in endometrioid endometrial cancer cells. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Biosci Rep. 2018 Feb 15. Epub 2018 Feb 15. PMID: 29449346 Abstract Title:  Shikonin suppresses proliferation and induces apoptosis in endometrioid endometrial cancer cells via modulating miR-106b/PTEN/AKT/mTOR signaling pathway. Abstract:  Shikonin, a natural naphthoquinone isolated from a traditional Chinese medicinal herb, which exerts anti-cancer effects in various cancers. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying the therapeutic effects of shikonin against endometrioid endometrial cancer (EEC) have not yet been fully elucidated. Herein, we investigated anti-cancer effects of shikonin on EEC cells and explored the underlying molecular mechanism. We observed that shikonin inhibits proliferation in human EEC cell lines with in a dose-dependent manner. Moreover, shikonin-induced apoptosis was characterized by the upregulation of the pro-apoptotic proteins cleaved-Caspase-3 and Bax, and the downregulation of the anti-apoptotic protein Bcl-2. Microarray analyses demonstrated that shikonin induces many miRNAs dysregulation, and the miR-106b was one of the miRNAs being most significantly downregulated. miR-106b was identified to exert pro-cancer effect in various cancers, but in EEC remains unclear. We firstly confirmed that miR-106b is upregulated in EEC tissues and cells, and knockdown of miR-106b suppresses proliferation and promotes apoptosis. Meanwhile, our results validated that the restored expression of miR-106b abrogates the anti-proliferative and pro-apoptotic effects of shikonin. We also identified that miR-106b targets PTEN, a tumor suppressor gene, which in turn modulates AKT/mTOR signaling pathway. Our findings indicated that shikonin inhibits proliferation and promotes apoptosis in human EEC cells by modulating the miR-106b/PTEN/AKT/mTOR signaling pathway, suggesting shikonin could act a potential therapeutic agent in the EEC treatment.

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Sasha Hunke "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

Certified Birth & Bereavement Doula serving Alberta, Canada

SBD Doulas are accessible to you through our open group or through our CONNECT app.




Discover what the SBD credentialed doula has achieved.


Turkish Lawmaker Proposes National Cryptocurrency "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Politicians in Turkey are reportedly eyeing on launching the country's proprietary cryptocurrency.


5 Uncomfortable Signs Youre Becoming The Person You Are Supposed To Be "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Evelyn Jozsa;

One of our greatest missions in life is to become the person we are supposed to be and to connect to our higher selves. This journey begins with a conscious awakening and leads us to an improved personality. Often times this journey is confusing and there is no clear evidence of evolution. Sometimes there is just the feeling that there is something more, something unreachable, outside our shattered world.

Before I realized who I am supposed to be I felt like I am stuck in an endless loop of uncertainty. I thought that everything happens against me, and not for me. It took me a while to become aware of the fact that some of the things I have experienced were getting me closer to the person I am supposed to be.

Here are five uncomfortable signs that you might be going through a transformation as well:

1. You are going through an identity crisis

The first step to a conscious awakening is to begin to question yourself, the beliefs you hold and your philosophy of life. You might realize that what you believe in or who you thought you were are just other peoples ideas planted into you. Are your values really yours? Are you following the lifestyle you want or do you just adjust yourself to the people around you? After you cleared this up in your head and reached to a conclusion you might feel closer to your true self.
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Shikonin may be an encouraging chemotherapeutic agent in the clinical treatment of Burkitt's lymphoma. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Sci Rep. 2018 Feb 20 ;8(1):3317. Epub 2018 Feb 20. PMID: 29463831 Abstract Title:  Shikonin exerts antitumor activity in Burkitt's lymphoma by inhibiting C-MYC and PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway and acts synergistically with doxorubicin. Abstract:  Burkitt's lymphoma (BL) is a highly aggressive malignancy molecularly characterized by deregulation of the C-MYC proto-oncogene. Recently, it has been confirmed that phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase (PI3K) pathway activation is a crucial element in the malignant transformation of the B cells in BL. Despite the better outcome of adults with BL treated with high-intensity chemotherapy regimens, the overall survival rate for patients older than 60 years remains dismal. Shikonin, a natural naphthoquinone derived from Chinese herbal medicine plant, has the potential to induce cell death in a series of human cancer. In the present study, we investigated the effect and molecular mechanisms of Shikonin in treatment with BL. Shikonin suppressed cellular proliferation and induced caspase-dependent apoptosis in BL cells. Inhibition of C-MYC and suppression of PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway played critical roles in SHK-induced apoptosis in BL both in vitro and in vivo. Besides, Shikonin potentiated doxorubicin-induced growth inhibition and apoptosis in vitro. Furthermore, the growth of a subcutaneous xenograft tumor model of BL was significantly inhibited by shikonin. Importantly, we did not find the effect of shikonin on liver function in mice. In summary, these data suggest that shikonin may be an encouraging chemotherapeutic agent in the clinical treatment of BL.

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10 Anxiety Management Tricks That Make You Feel Calm Again "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Power of Positivity

Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it. Dorothy M. Neddermeyer

Anxiety is much more common than people want to believe. If you suffer from anxiety, dont worry. Youre not alone, but do not repress anxious thoughts. Repressing anxious thoughts wont work; they will just pop up again, sometimes with more intensity, says psychologist, life coach and author Melanie Greenberg, Ph.D.

There are ways to help yourself feel calm again when you feel overwhelmed with anxiety. Here are some of the best anxiety management tricks to help you calm down, approved by therapists and mental health experts.

Here Are 10 Anxiety Management Tricks To Help You Feel Calm

1. Breathe

This may seem like a no brainer, but when the anxiety hits, it can be difficult to remember to breathe. Focusing on your breathing is a sure-fire way to help yourself calm down when youre feeling anxious. Author Robert Cooper, Ph.D. says, Breathing from your diaphragm oxygenates your blood, which helps you relax almost instantly.

Breathing in for a count of five and then out for a count of seven will help you focus your mind and relax your body. Deep breathing will also help get rid of the flight-or-fight response that anxiety often triggers in our bodies.
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Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce Finally Learns How To Pull Out "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | CONTACT Deputy Prime Minister has today said he will be pulling out, as of Monday. After 6 months of chaos, including a scare with sun spots and a citizenship scandal, and a pregnant mistress. Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has today confirmed that he will now have a crack at pulling out. While []

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Game tomorrow "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Getting ready for the game tomorrow


How the Shamanic Medicine Iboga Can Resolve and Heal Childhood Trauma "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Dylan Charles; Waking Times

Imagine being able to go back in time to relive those experiences from your childhood which have had the greatest impact on your life. Imagine being able to witness yourself as a child, but from the perspective of yourself today, looking at traumatic events with the understanding and compassion of an adult.

On the cutting edge of human health and mental wellness is the exploration of the effects of childhood trauma on the long-term health of human beings. Dr. Robert Block, former President of the American Academy of pediatrics remarked, adverse childhood experiences are the single greatest unaddressed public health threat facing our nation today.

American pediatrician Nadine Burke Harris looks at how exposure to adversity and trauma during their developmental years leads to mental health diagnoses such as ADHD, anxiety and depression. She points out the negative effects of trauma on the developing brain and immune systems of children, as well as how traumatic events can develop into chronic stress, and even PTSD.

Her viewpoint that behavioral and physical issues can be rooted in adverse childhood experiences (ACE) runs counter to the popular understanding of illness, which presumes strictly material causality and dismisses intangible psychological factors. A 1990s study on ACE, however, demonstrates significant corollaries between trauma and lifelong health, linking them to illnesses and high-risk and impulsive behaviors such as drug addiction.
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"IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Ashley Cowie; Ancient Origins

A perverted "sex manual" featuring shocking magical and mythical X-rated content will be sold at a UK auction next month.

The first edition of this sordid book entitled Aristotle's Masterpiece Completed In Two Parts, The First Containing the Secrets of Generation, was published in London in 1684. It was as good as banned from distribution until the 1960s, Jim Spencer, a valuer at Hansons Auctioneers in Derbyshire, told reporters at the BBC.

This weathered old book, somewhat ironically bound in leather, offers questionable advice on reproduction and fertility and is estimated to fetch 80-120 ($110-$170) under the hammer on 27 March.

Aristotles Masterpiece Completed in Two Parts. (Hansons Auctioneers)

The book dated back to 1720 is leather bound. (Image: Hansons Auctioneers)

This tapestry of dark and twisted sexual advice, intermixed with witchcraft, astrology and religion, includes woodcut illustrations of strange, nightmarish, creatures that are begot by women's unnatural lying with beasts, and a graphic illustration of an act of bestiality shows a woman generating with a dog.
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Vitamin D deficiency is more common in RA patients and may be one of the causes leading to development or worsening of the disease. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  J Nat Sci Biol Med. 2018 Jan-Jun;9(1):54-58. PMID: 29456394 Abstract Title:  Assessment of Vitamin D in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Its Correlation with Disease Activity. Abstract:  Background: Vitamin D is believed to have an immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory action, and its deficiency has been linked with several autoimmune disorders, including rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The relationship between the severity of RA and serum levels of Vitamin D is a subject of immense interest and therapeutic implications.Materials and Methods: This was a prospective, comparative study conducted on 100 participants, 50 cases of RA and 50 healthy controls, all in the age group of 18-75 years. Serum Vitamin D levels were measured and compared in cases and controls. Vitamin D levels in RA patients were also assessed in different stages of disease activity to assess the correlation between the two.Results: Eighty-four percent patients of RA were Vitamin D deficient versus only 34% of controls. The serum Vitamin D levels were also significantly lower in the RA patients (mean value of 21.05 10.02 ng/ml), as compared to the controls (mean value of 32.87 14.16 ng/ml). There was a significant inverse correlation between serum Vitamin D levels and RA disease activity. The mean serum Vitamin D levels were 35.28 9.0 ng/ml, 33.80 4.1 ng/ml, 22.47 6.18 ng/ml, and 14.21 6.97 ng/ml in the remission, low disease activity, moderate disease activity, and high disease activity groups, respectively.Conclusions: Vitamin D deficiency is more common in RA patients and may be one of the causes leading to development or worsening of the disease.

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A high level of circulating 25(OH)D was associated with a decreased thyroid cancer risk. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  J Endocrinol Invest. 2018 Feb 20. Epub 2018 Feb 20. PMID: 29464660 Abstract Title:  Association between vitamin D deficiency and risk of thyroid cancer: a case-control study and a meta-analysis. Abstract:  PURPOSE: Although vitamin D is reportedly associated with various cancers, the association between vitamin D and thyroid cancer is indefinite. We aimed to investigate whether this association applies to thyroid cancer (TC).METHODS: A total of 276 Chinese Han people were recruited in a current matched case-control study. Multivariable conditional logistic regression was computed to estimate the association between plasma 25(OH)D and papillary thyroid cancer (PTC). In addition, we searched relevant studies in PubMed and Web of Science databases before December 2017 to conduct a meta-analysis.RESULTS: In our case-control study, plasma 25(OH)D concentration was inversely associated with PTC risk (highest tertile vs lowest tertile: adjusted OR = 0.25; 95% CI 0.10, 0.61; P = 0.003). This association was independent of body mass index and physical activity (all adjusted P > 0.05). A total of 11 studies were included in the meta-analysis, among which ten studies have been published and one was our case-control study. Compared with 25(OH)D non-deficient group, the pooled OR of TC was 1.42 (95% CI 1.17, 1.73) in the deficient group. Similarly, blood 25(OH)D levels in patients with TC were tend to be lower than those in the controls (SMD = - 0.20, 95% CI - 0.36, - 0.03).CONCLUSIONS: A high level of circulating 25(OH)D was associated with a decreased TC risk. This association has important significance in public health and should, therefore, be further studied.

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Pre-treatment with berberine enhances effect of 5-fluorouracil and cisplatin in HEP2 laryngeal cancer cell line. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  J Biol Regul Homeost Agents. 2018 Jan-Feb;32(2 Suppl. 1):167-177. PMID: 29460537 Abstract Title:  Pre-treatment with berberine enhances effect of 5-fluorouracil and cisplatin in HEP2 laryngeal cancer cell line. Abstract:  Larynx squamous cell carcinoma represents one of the most common head and neck cancers in the world. Herbal drugs are popularly emerging as complementary and alternative therapies in cancer because of their cost effectiveness and minimal side effects. The present study was undertaken to explore the anti-tumor potential of berberine, an isoquinolone present in the extract of Tinospora cordifolia in HEP2 human laryngeal cancer cell line. Besides, it was aimed to investigate whether berberine could enhance the anti-cancer effect of 5-fluorouracil and cisplatin in HEP2. Our data seem to support a role for berberine in decreasing the expression of genes usually seen overexpressed in larynx squamous cell carcinoma and involved in pathways such as those of cell cycle and regulation, differentiation, and epithelial-mesenchymal transition. Moreover, a down regulation of these genes caused by cisplatin or 5-fluorouracil, treatment of election in laryngeal cancers was enhanced by a 4h pre-treatment with berberine.

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Joyce Resigns To Spend More Time Cheating On His Families "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

The deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has today announced his resignation. Citing the need to spend more time cheating on his families as the main motivator for his decision.

Parliament does take its toll on on people, you spend a lot of time away from your family or in my case families, said a refelctive Mr Joyce. So it is time for me to step out of the cabinet and onto the backbench. Where as we know Ministerial codes of conduct dont apply.

Lock up your Staffers everyone Barnabys back baby.

When asked how he would support two families on a back benchers wage Mr Joyce replied: It will be a struggle but Ill get by with a little help from my friends and of course the baby bonus.

Actually the baby bonus is quite lucrative, I might just have to put myself out to stud.

A new Nationals leader will be chosen on Monday. Barnaby Joyce will not be involved in the voting process as hes off on a belated Schoolies trip to Bali.

Mark Williamson

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Centralized Cryptoruble Not Possible, Minister Tells Putin "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Centralized Cryptoruble Not Possible, Minister Tells Putin

The Russian Ministry of Finance is not against a national cryptocurrency, provided the state does not participate in it. The creation of a centralized coin, like the cryptoruble, seems impossible, as cryptocurrencies are based on decentralized ledgers, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov told President Putin, according to Russian media.  

Also read: Russian Authorities Criticized over Proposed Crypto Regulation

Educating the President

Responding to Vladimir Putins request to study possibilities to emit so-called cryptoruble, Minister Siluanov has tried to educate Russias head of state on the nature of cryptocurrencies. In a letter dated January 29, 2018, he says Minfin would not object to a private project to create a Russian cryptocurrency under the supervision of financial authorities, but only if the government did not invest in it.

In the document, acquired by Interfax, Siluanov states that emitting a centralized national cryptocurrency seems impossible, given the technical features of such emission. Cryptocurrencies are based on decentralized ledger technologies, the minister points ou...


Taxi Driver Lets Out Cough To Remind Girls Hes Hearing Every Detail About Adams Penis "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

As the girls pile into a taxi taking them from a swanky bar near their office to another establishment, where they intend to keep smashing ros, Jacinta Shorebreak interrupts the fit of giggles with a serious question. Ok. What did we think of Adam? Hes so cute!! The way he sat near you and always []

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Diet enriched with fresh coconut decreases blood glucose levels and body weight in normal adults. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  J Complement Integr Med. 2018 Feb 20. Epub 2018 Feb 20. PMID: 29461972 Abstract Title:  Diet enriched with fresh coconut decreases blood glucose levels and body weight in normal adults. Abstract:  Background There exist controversies about the health effects of coconut. Fresh coconut consumption on human health has not been studied substantially. Fresh coconut consumption is a regular part of the diet for many people in tropical countries like India, and thus there is an increasing need to understand the effects of fresh coconut on various aspects of health. Aim To compare the effects of increased saturated fatty acid (SFA) and fiber intake, provided by fresh coconut, versus monounsaturated fatty acid (MUFA) and fiber intake, provided by a combination of groundnut oil and groundnuts, on anthropometry, serum insulin, glucose levels and blood pressure in healthy adults. Materials Eighty healthy volunteers, randomized into two groups, were provided with a standardized dietalong with either 100g fresh coconut or an equivalent amount of groundnuts and groundnut oil for a period of 90 days. Assessments such as anthropometric measurements, blood pressure, blood sugar and insulin levels were performed before and after the supplementation period. Results Results of this study showed a significant reduction in fasting blood sugar (FBS) in both the groups. However, a significant reduction in body weight was observed in the coconut group, while a significant increase in diastolic pressure was observed in the groundnut group. Conclusions Results of this study suggest that fresh coconut-added diet helps reduce blood glucose levels and body weight in normal healthy individuals.

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Extra-virgin olive oil contains a metabolo-epigenetic inhibitor of cancer stem cells. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Carcinogenesis. 2018 Feb 14. Epub 2018 Feb 14. PMID: 29452350 Abstract Title:  Extra-virgin olive oil contains a metabolo-epigenetic inhibitor of cancer stem cells. Abstract:  Targeting tumor-initiating, drug-resistant populations of cancer stem cells (CSC) with phytochemicals is a novel paradigm for cancer prevention and treatment. We herein employed a phenotypic drug discovery approach coupled to mechanism-of-action profiling and target deconvolution to identify phenolic components of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) capable of suppressing the functional traits of CSC in breast cancer (BC). In vitro screening revealed that the secoiridoid decarboxymethyl oleuropein aglycone (DOA) could selectively target sub-populations of epithelial-like, aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH)-positive and mesenchymal-like, CD44+CD24-/low CSC. DOA could potently block the formation of multicellular tumorspheres generated from single-founder stem-like cells in a panel of genetically diverse BC models. Pre-treatment of BC populations with non-cytotoxic doses of DOA dramatically reduced subsequent tumor-forming capacity in vivo. Mice orthotopically injected with CSC-enriched BC cell populations pre-treated with DOA remained tumor-free for several months. Phenotype microarray-based screening pointed to a synergistic interaction of DOA with the mTOR inhibitor rapamycin and the DNA methyltransferase (DNMT) inhibitor 5-azacytidine. In silico computational studies indicated that DOA binds and inhibits the ATP-binding kinase domain site of mTOR and the S-adenosyl-L-methionine (SAM) cofactor-binding pocket of DNMTs. FRET-based Z-LYTE and AlphaScreen-based in vitro assays confirmed the ability of DOA to function as an ATP-competitive mTOR inhibitor, and to block the SAM-dependent methylation activity of DNMTs. Our systematic in vitro, in vivo, and in silico approaches establish the phenol-conjugated oleoside DOA as a dual mTOR/DNMT inhibitor naturally occurring in EVOO that functionally suppresses CSC-like states responsible for maintaining tumor-initiating cell properties within BC populations.

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Who hired these type folks? What party? "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Got this in a email from and org called... Judaical Watch... seems they lied to their boss... this kinda stuff makes it difficult for the boss I should think... can't trust his staff?

One of the high-ranking Veteran Administration (VA) officials

VA Secretarys Chief of Staff
Embroiled in Another Cover-Up Scandal

One of the high-ranking Veteran Administration (VA) officials who misled
the agencys secretary about the prosecution of an elderly Army vet made
false claims and altered...

Who hired these type folks? What party?


Trump Offers Bonuses For Armed Teachers Through Innovative Death-Toll Point System "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Tweet TowerPresident Donald Trump is responding to the massive outcry to the recent Florida school shooting with a novel idea. Yes! He wants to write a book about it! Once he learns to read, of course. His other idea involves giving bonuses to armed teachers. Additional cash can be earned for both: type of weapon as well as


Grahams Number: Dont Even Try Thinking of This Number, As It Will Make Your Head Explode (Literally) "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Sure math does some strange things to our minds and can give us a huge headache, but is there more to it than that? What would happen if you tried to memorize this famous mathematical constant?

This mathematical constant being Grahams Number. Apparently, if you ever were to try and imagine Grahams Number, your head would literally break down into a black hole because apparently, it is not capable of storing the information required to visualize it. Yes, it is that big.

This basically means only so much information can be stored in a finite space as per the laws of physics. If the density of an object passes a level at a certain point it will collapse under its own gravity. This is what happens when dying stars form into black holes. Black holes being the easiest way to explain what might happen to the mind of someone who tried to fully memorize this mathematical constant.

Grahams number is too big for anyone to be able to really know how big it truly is. No one can truly say how big Grahams number is because it is simply too big. Think of it this way Grahams number is bigger than the number of atoms in the observable universe.

Plus.Math.Org wrote as follows in regards to the origins of Grahams number:

Graham managed to find a number that guaranteed such a slice existed for a cube of that dimension. But this number, as we mentioned earlier, was absolutely massive, so big it is too big to write within the observable Universe. Graham was, however, able to explicitly define this number using an ingenious notation called up-arrow notation that extends our common arithmetic operations of addition, multiplication and exponentiation.

We can think of multiplication as repeated addition:

3 x 3 = 3+3+3

and exponentiation as repeated multiplication:
33 = 3 x 3 x 3.

If we define the single arrow operation, , to be exponentiation, so:

33 = 33 = 3 x 3 x 3 = 27,

then we can define the double-arrow operation to be

33 = 333 = 333 = 327 = 7,625,597,484,987.

We can carry on building new operations by repeating previous ones. The next would be the triple-arrow

33 = 333 = 3(33)=37,625,597,484,987...


180222 Klauea Portal Mission 3 Ship "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

I sensed presence of a ship in these clouds Perhaps an Avian Presence


Olive leaf extract alters the cytokine profile of Leishmania major-infected macrophages. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Parasite Immunol. 2018 Feb 16. Epub 2018 Feb 16. PMID: 29450889 Abstract Title:  Olive (Olea europaea) leaf extract alters the cytokine profile of Leishmania major-infected macrophages: New insight into the underlying mechanism. Abstract:  This study aimed to identify the effects of olive leaf extract (OLE) on IFN, TNF, TGF, and nitric oxide (NO) resulted from macrophages infected with Leishmania major (L. major) amastigotes in the culture medium. High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) was used to analyze the level of Oleuropein in plant extract. To evaluate the immunomodulatory effects of OLE,the isolated BALB/c mice peritoneal macrophages were infected with L. major promastigotes and treated with 6.25, 12.5, and 25g/mL concentrations of OLE. To assess the cytokines, supernatants of cell cultures were harvested after 12, 24, and 48 h. Cytokine production was evaluated by ELISA. Nitriteaccumulation in the culture medium was assessed using the Griess reaction. The level of Oleuropein in the extract was 18.45% by HPLC. According to results, the production of IFN and TNF was significantly increased when the infected and/or not infected macrophages with L. major promastigotes were affected by different concentrations of OLE. Conversely, the production of TGF was significantly decreased under the same conditions. Furthermore, the colorimetric determination of NO accumulation in the culture medium indicated that OLE has no effect on NO production. The study corroborates theimmunomodulatory effects of OLE on L. major-infected macrophages. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

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Shannon Outchcunis "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

Certified Birth & Bereavement Doula serving Bourne Massachusetts

SBD Doulas are accessible to you through our open group or through our CONNECT app.




Discover what the SBD credentialed doula has achieved.


Shooting Survivor, Who Questioned Official Narrative, Banned From CNN "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

CNN blocked a shooting survivor from participating in their Town Hall due to the fact he didnt believe the official narrative.

Colton Haab, a witness and survivor of last weeks shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, says he refused to ask a scripted question during Wednesday nights show, and asked Producers if he could ask his own questions instead.

According to Haab, CNN told him he would have to read a question that CNN had prepared, or he would be banned from participating.

Haab: I expected to be able to ask my questions and give my opinion on my questions.

Reporter Janine Stanwood: But Colton Haab, a member of the Junior ROTC, who shielded classmates in the midst of terror, says he did not get to share his experience.

Haab: CNN had originally asked me to write a speech and questions, and it ended up being all scripted.

Stanwood: Colton wrote questions about school safety, suggested using veterans as armed school security guards, but claims CNN wanted him to ask a scripted question instead. So he decided not to go.

Haab: I dont think that its going to get anything accomplished. Its not going to ask the true questions that all the parents and teachers and students have. reports: The town hall was overwhelmingly stacked in favor of gun control.

Two students whom CNN chose to ask questions attacked National Rifle Association spokesperson Dana Loesch as a bad mother.

CNNs Jake Tapper, who moderated the event, did not defend Loesch....


Why Bitcoin Fees Are Down Again and What It Means "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Not so long ago bitcoin's transaction fees were over $20, but now they're down to around $3 again. CoinDesk explores why.


Denim Insulation "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

Ultra Touch denim insulation is recommended by the Make and Do YouTube channel who says this brand provided better insulation than foam panels hes used in the past. Denim insulation is a natural, non-toxic insulation product thats available loose (for blow-in applications), and in rolls and batts. Some products are available with foil backing.

Ultra Touch denim insulation specifications:
-Manufactured from 100% recycled denim
-Non-itch material allows for easy and satisfying installation
-Superior thermal and acoustical performance
-Lots of uses around the home, ranging from sealing areas around doorways and windows to sealing gaps around air conditioning units
-R6.7 for energy saving performance



A practice to connect with our Guiding Master& it only takes a Second. {Poem} "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

We could learn a thing or two from this light-weighted master, from the humble silence.


Venezuela's New Cryptocurrency: Just Another Form of Control Fraud "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

If a currency can't be converted on demand into the underlying commodity, it's not "backed by oil," it's just another form of control fraud.
The broke and broken country of Venezuela appears to be the first nation-state to issue a cryptocurrency token (the petro) as a means of escaping the financial black hole that's consuming its economy: Maduro Launches Oil-Backed Crypto "For The Welfare Of Venezuela".
For context, here is a chart of the black market (i.e. real-world) value of the Venezuela's fiat currency, the bolivar: a 100,000 bolivar note is worth somewhere around 40 cents USD (US dollar), i.e. near zero. (Venezuela maintains a fantasy-official USD/bolivar exchange rate that has no relation to the actual purchasing-power value of Venezuela's fiat currency.)



Chinese olive fruits may have the potential to improve the metabolic abnormalities associated with fatty liver under high fat challenge. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Sci Rep. 2018 Jan 18 ;8(1):1057. Epub 2018 Jan 18. PMID: 29348600 Abstract Title:  Chinese olive extract ameliorates hepatic lipid accumulation in vitro and in vivo by regulating lipid metabolism. Abstract:  Chinese olive contains plenty of polyphenols, which possess a wide range of biological actions. In this study, we aimed to investigate the role of the ethyl acetate fraction of Chinese olive fruit extract (CO-EtOAc) in the modulation of lipid accumulation in vitro and in vivo. In cellular studies, CO-EtOAc attenuated oleic acid-induced lipid accumulation; we then elucidated the molecular mechanisms of CO-EtOAc in FL83B mouse hepatocytes. CO-EtOAc suppressed the mRNA levels of fatty acid transporter genes (CD36 and FABP) and lipogenesis genes (SREBP-1c, FAS, and ACC1), but upregulated genes that govern lipolysis (HSL) and lipid oxidation (PPAR, CPT-1, and ACOX). Moreover, CO-EtOAc increased the protein expression of phosphorylated AMPK, ACC1, CPT-1, and PPAR, but downregulated the expression of mature SREBP-1c and FAS. AMPK plays an essential role in CO-EtOAc-mediated amelioration of lipid accumulation. Furthermore, we confirmed thatCO-EtOAc significantly inhibited body weight gain, epididymal adipose tissue weight, and hepatic lipid accumulation via regulation of the expression of fatty acid transporter, lipogenesis, and fatty acid oxidation genes and proteins in C57BL/6 mice fed a 60% high-fat diet. Therefore, Chinese olivefruits may have the potential to improve the metabolic abnormalities associated with fatty liver under high fat challenge.

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Russia Surpasses China With Massive Gold Purchases In January "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Russian Central Bank Gold Reserves Rise to 1,857 Tons in January, Passing Peoples Bank of Chinas 1,843 Ton Gold Hoard.

Learn More:

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Gun control you should prepare for right now "IndyWatch Feed Survival"


Following the tragic and bizarre shooting that occurred in Las Vegas last weekend, theres no doubt that stricter gun control measures are coming. Even President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans are expressing a willingness to go along with new firearm laws. Just how far will the freedom robbing attack on American 2nd Amendment rights go?

In the immediate aftermath of the Vegas bloodshed, Democrats wasted no time calling for a bevy of new gun laws. And...

Gun control you should prepare for right now


Scottish Doctor Wants World to Know What is Happening to South African Doctor Being Attacked for High Fat Diet Advice "IndyWatch Feed Health"

TO GO WITH STORY BY SUSAN NJANJI Tim Noakes speaks during an interview about the Noakes eating plan or Banting diet, at his offices in Cape Town, on September 3, 2015. AFP PHOTO / RODGER BOSCH / AFP PHOTO / RODGER BOSCH

Professor Tim Noakes. AFP PHOTO / RODGER BOSCH

Comments by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

We have covered the story of Dr. Tim Noakes previously here on Health Impact News. Dr. Noakes has been attacked for giving dietary advice that does not conform with government-approved nutrition standards.

Dr. Noakes is one of those scientists that have come to understand the politics behind dietary advice, which often results in poor health for those who follow it.

Dr. Noakes believes in a low carb high fat diet. The reason government nutrition advice will not endorse this diet, is because to do so would be to admit that the lipid theory of disease, that saturated fats cause high cholesterol which leads to heart disease, is false, and this would destroy several very profitable businesses, including pharmaceutical drugs designed to lower cholesterol levels (statin drugs).

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick is one of the leading dissenting voices world-wide on the failed lipid theory of heart disease, and he wants the whole world to know what is happening to Tim Noakes in Africa, and sign a petition for him.

Our previous articles about Tim Noakes:

The Diet Police: Harassing Doctors Who Promote Low-Carb High-Fat Dieting

Medical Doctors Punished & Silenced for Giving Unapproved High Fat Dietary Advice

Vendetta The Tim Noakes affair



Medical Doctor: Repeated Vaccines has Exploded into Travesty of Forced Contamination of our Children "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Vaccine in vial with syringe. Vaccination concept. 3d

Comments by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

One of the biggest myths promoted by Big Pharma, the U.S. Government, and the corporate mainstream media is that all medical doctors are unified in believing that all vaccines are perfectly safe, and that the science is settled.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Here at Health Impact News we regularly feature medical doctors who have a variety of informed opinions regarding vaccines based on the actual science, and their own observations from their own patients in their clinical practice. If they dare to question vaccines at all, they are censored and attacked as quacks.

In this article by Dr. Robert J. Rowen from California, Dr. Rowen comments on the science behind repeated flu vaccinations that shows the vaccine loses its effectiveness when administered repeatedly every year.

He also makes some rather serious observations about his 36 plus years of practicing medicine:

I would venture to say that all the young mass killers have been vaccinated.

Does this mean vaccinations are a cause of these travesties? Absolutely NOT.

But with what we do know about vaccine impact on immune dysregulation, and that the immune system and brain are extremely intertwined, vaccination might be a factor in dysregulating perceptions of reality in susceptible young people.

Remember, I am a seasoned clinician, over 36 years in my particular field.

I dont think I have ever seen an unvaccinated child with a violent disposition. And Ive only encountered scant unvaccinated children with autism.

REPORT: Repeated Flu Vaccination Diminishes Effectiveness; Major Implications For All Vaccines

by Dr. Robert J. Rowen


3 Serious Health Issues Queefing Might Be Warning You About "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

For anyone who may not know queefing is basically a fart from the lady parts rather than the butt. It is something that happens when air needs to be released from the vaginal canal.

These vaginal farts are not caused by waste gases so they do not have a smell and are not real farts. They are normal to an extent as they can be caused in several different ways but sometimes there is an underlying issue that needs taken care of. Below I will go over some of the possible causes and whether or not something needs to be done.

The most common reason for queefing is intercourse. When we have sex it is all too easy for air to get trapped down there. This is because as we are aroused the vagina expands and contracts to allow more air to enter. Some positions trap more air in than others and when everything is said and done the air usually lets itself out. The occasional queef is nothing to be worried about as it is most likely happening for this reason.

That being said, there are some very serious issues that can be confused with queefs that we need to be aware of. If you notice the noise itself is accompanied by some kind of pain, discharge, smells, or unusual symptoms you most likely need to see a doctor. There are quite a few different health issued that can cause vaginal flatulence and none of them sound fun to deal with. The sooner you realize there is something happening the sooner you can get it taken care of.

Three of the main health issues that could go along with queefing are pelvic organ prolapse, vaginal fistula, and bacterial vaginosis. Below I will go over each of these things and the signs associated with them so that you will know how to identify them before things get too severe. Making sure your lady parts are healthy is extremely important.

1. Pelvic Organ Prolapse

This is the result of your pelvic floor muscles weakening over time. Your pelvic organs begin to drop down into the vaginal wall. Females who have had multiple vaginal births or are obese are at the highest risk of this happening. Generally, it happens after menopause and comes with several symptoms. When it comes to serious cases of this surgery is often the best route to go.


Pressure and pain

Urinary incontinence

Pain during intercourse

Vaginal flatulence


2. Vaginal Fistula

This one is something that happens after injury, infection, radiation or even surgery. It is when an abnormal hole forms in the region between the v...


Report: JT Is A Good Bloke In Real Life Too, Confirms Mate That Met Him In A Servo Once "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | CONTACT A mate that was lucky enough to meet Queensland rugby league great Johnathan Thurston while filling up his car in North Queensland has confirmed that everything you see on TV is true and that hes actually a really good bloke. The mate at the centre of this report, is Jordon (31) who []

The post Report: JT Is A Good Bloke In Real Life Too, Confirms Mate That Met Him In A Servo Once appeared first on The Betoota Advocate.


8 Red Flags Your Tongue May Be Sending About Your Health "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Have you ever really stopped to look at your tongue and take in its appearance? Well, maybe you should.

Our tongues tell us a lot. We can figure out a lot about our bodies by simply looking at our tongues. When it comes to our tongues we should pay attention to the color, the coating, and the overall look of it. Now, some of these will be alarming right off the bat but others we may not notice or think anything of right away.

Below you will find a list of things to look out for and what each thing might mean. If you think there is something odd about your tongue dont hesitate to see a doctor. When it comes to anything we dont feel right about getting checked out is the best option.

8 Things Your Tongue Might Be Telling You About Your Health:

1. White Coated Tongue

This could indicate some kind of fungal infection which could also mean there is a bigger issue hiding within. While in some cases it clears up quickly it never hurts to get things checked.

2. Pale Tongue

A healthy tongue is going to have a bit of color and be slightly bumpy. If your tongue appears more smooth than normal and pale, you may be facing a vitamin B12 deficiency or even an iron deficiency. This can cause papilla atrophy if not taken care of.

3. Black Hairy Tongue

While this one sounds a bit disgusting, it is nothing to worry about. It just means you need to take better care of yourself in regards to your oral health. You need a good brushing and maybe a trip to the dentist. If you are a smoker or drink too much soda maybe try cutting back or quitting.

4. White Dotted Tongue

This could be a sign of oral thrush. If this issue gets worse see a doctor. Oral thrush also comes with these creamy white lesions on your inner cheeks and in some cases the roof of your mouth. If you notice burning or cracking at the corners of your mouth you need to get things sorted out. This is something that happens when our immune system fails to repel harmful invading organisms.

5. Abnormally Red Tongue

If you notice your tongue is overly red or even just the tip is overly red you may have streptococcus infection or simply need more B vitamins in your diet. If you also have a scratchy throat then it is most likely st...


Tea polyphenols inhibit docetaxel-induced autophagy and improves therapeutic efficacy of docetaxel in castration-resistant prostate cancer cells. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Int Urol Nephrol. 2018 Feb 19. Epub 2018 Feb 19. PMID: 29460131 Abstract Title:  Inhibiting autophagy overcomes docetaxel resistance in castration-resistant prostate cancer cells. Abstract:  BACKGROUND: This study investigates the docetaxel-resistant mechanism and explores the effect of tea polyphenols (TP) on autophagy and its related mechanism in human castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) cell lines PC3 and DU145.METHODS: Immunofluorescence assay and annexin V-FITC/PI double staining flow cytometry were used to analyze the apoptosis and autophagy of PC3 and DU145 cells. The expression of autophagy-related proteins was detected by western bolt.RESULTS: Docetaxel could induce autophagy and apoptosis, together with the expression increase in p-JNK, p-Bcl-2 and Beclin1. The level of autophagy was remarkably decreased, but apoptosis was increased after combining with TP. In addition, the expression of p-mTOR was increased after combining with TP.CONCLUSION: Docetaxel induces protective autophagy in CRPC cells by JNK pathway activation and then Bcl-2 phosphorylation and Beclin1 dissociation. TP activates mTOR pathway, which ultimately inhibits docetaxel-induced autophagy and improves therapeutic efficacy of docetaxel in CRPC cells.

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Avoiding The Advice And Information Trap - For Professionals "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

Its very easy in a masculine world to approach everything in a masculine way. But it makes more sense to approach postpartum from a feminine perspective.

Whilst the masculine way of doing things is related to advice and information and fixing and solving, a more feminine way of supporting mothers involves listening and holding space and inspiring and affirming.

NM - Blog Thumbnails V2 (1).png

As a Postpartum Professional, whether you are a doula, midwife, yoga teacher or mothers groups facilitator, resist the urge to fall into the trap of approaching postpartum from a masculine mindset. We all know that books dont have all the answers. Babies dont come with a manual because mums can actually manage just fine without one if only we can quiet the noise and allow them to tune into their intuition.

When you truly believe that woman are capable and intelligent then you dont need to rescue your clients. Advice and information can cause problems where they didnt previously exist. They can cause agitation when before there was satisfaction. And its often outside of the scope of your role to give advice!

When you feel the urge to offer advice, ask yourself:

1. Are you showing off your skills and knowledge or truly acting in loving service?

Sometimes we when we lack confidence we think we need to prove ourselves by showing off how much we know.

2. Do you have enough time for big emotions?

When time is limited we tend to jump into fixing and solving mode.

3. Do you have the emotional capacity to be there for your client?

Can you witness their pain? Are you supported enough to support your client?

Instead of giving advice and information, instead of fixing and solving, there is one simple question you can use as a framework for all of your work. Simply ask your clients questions and listen to their answers.

Do you want to share with me what you are afraid of?

Were you ok with that happening?

How does that feel for you?

Does it bring you peace and joy?

Really listen.


California Bill Aims to Recognize Blockchain Records "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

California Bill Aims to Recognize Blockchain Records

The state of California has introduced a new bill that aims to recognize blockchain transactions, digital signatures, and smart contracts as a legal form of record. Assemblyman Ian Calderon introduced Assembly Bill 2658 on February 20 in order to re-define laws that apply to electronic records that take place within the state.  

Also read: Indians Look to Buy Bitcoin Overseas as Regulations Tighten

California State Assembly Person Introduces Blockchain Record Keeping Bill  

California Bill Aims to Recognize Blockchain RecordsAn American lawmaker serving in the California...


Gender Fluidity is Greatuntil it Perpetuates the very Problem it is Attempting to Solve. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

We want to transcend gender identity so badly that we create an endless multiplicity of gender classifications and criminalize anyone who doesnt use them properly. Does anyone else see the irony in this?


Inonotus obliquus extract induces apoptosis in the human colorectal carcinoma's HCT-116 cell line. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Biomed Pharmacother. 2017 Dec ;96:1119-1126. Epub 2017 Nov 27. PMID: 29174853 Abstract Title:  Inonotus obliquus extract induces apoptosis in the human colorectal carcinoma's HCT-116 cell line. Abstract:  Because of irregular dietary habits and lifestyle in Taiwan, the incidence and mortality rate of colorectal cancer have been increasing rapidly these years. This study investigated the inhibitory activity against the proliferation of human colorectal cancer HCT-116 cells by Inonotus obliquus extracts obtained from submerged fermentation. Cell viability was measured by the reduction of MTT and cell membrane integrity was determined by lactic dehydrogenase (LDH) release. The mRNA expression of proapoptosis and antiapoptosis mediators was assayed by real-time PCR, and the levels of p53 and NF-B p65 were assessed using Western blot analysis. Furthermore, the influences of I. obliquus extracts to HCT-116 cells were evaluated by caspase-3 activity. The results can be summarized as, for the mitochondrial apoptotic pathway, quantitative RT-PCR data showed up-regulation of proapoptotic genes(Bax, bad, and caspase-3) and increased Bax/bcl-2 ratio by I. obliquus extracts. Moreover, treating with 20mg/mL I. obliquus extracts augmented caspase-3 activity in HCT-116 cells. Induction of cell cycle G0/G1 phase arrest: I. obliquus extracts up-regulated the mRNA expression of proapoptotic genes (p53, p21WAF1/CIP1) and down-regulated antiapoptotic gene (CyclinD1), while extracts of I. obliquus mycelia increased the expressions of p53 protein in HCT-116 cells. I. obliquus extracts decreased the expression of NF-B p65 protein and COX-2 gene in HCT-116 cells. Taking together, I. obliquus extracts may be used as a potentially novel food material for health care to improve the treatment of colorectal cancer.

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Why Micro-Cheating is still Cheating. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

This sort of behavior is not too difficult to engage in these days. The most common entry into this world for a man like myself will usually begin on Facebook or Instagram and include a sexy photo posted by a friend.


My Mum went to Rehab. It changed how I viewed Addiction Forever. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

They are trying to fill up some part of themselves that is empty, or to escape from somethingto feel something where there is only numbness, or to numb where there is too much feeling.


The Earliest Known Printed Illustrations of the Greek Constellations "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Caius Julius Hyginus, spread from first edition of Poeticon Astronomicon (1482) (all photos courtesy Swann Auction Galleries)

Constellations have captivated artists for millennia, but it wasnt until the advent of the printing press that their interpretations of distant star patterns could be easily shared with the masses. In Europe, the earliest known printed illustrations of the Greek constellations appeared in Poeticon Astronomicon, a Latin text first published in 1482 that relays myths associated with the cosmos. It features dynamic woodcuts of 47 constellations, including Hercules, Pegasus, and Scorpio; each is overlaid with images according to the Greek cosmological and mythological tradition.

Caius Julius Hyginus, page from first edition of Poeticon Astronomicon (1482)

A rare, first-edition copy of the book will go to auction at Swann Auction Galleries on March 8, with a pre-sale estimate of $15,000 to $20,000Its listing notes that its author was Caius Julius Hyginus, a Roman scholar and historian who lived during the 1st century BCE and was in charge of the Palatine Library, founded by Augustus Caesar. Scholars have long debated this authorship: the book is attributed to one Hyginus, but the order of constellations echoes that of Ptolemys 48 constell...


Fish oil and Nigella sative volatile oil emulsion had promising hepato-regenerative and reno-protective abilities. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  J Oleo Sci. 2018 Feb 19. Epub 2018 Feb 19. PMID: 29459508 Abstract Title:  Hepatic Regeneration and Reno-Protection by Fish oil, Nigella sativa Oil and Combined Fish Oil/Nigella sativa Volatiles in CClTreated Rats. Abstract:  The aim of the present research was to investigate the effect of fish oil, crude Nigella sative oil and combined fish oil/Nigella sative volatile oil as hepato-regenerative and renal protective supplements. The oils were administered as emulsions to rat model with liver injury induced by CCl. Plasma activities of transaminases (AST and ALT) were evaluated as liver function indicators, while plasma creatinine and urea and creatinine clearance were determined as markers of kidney function. Plasma malondialdehyde (MDA), nitrite (NO) and tumor necrosis factor- (TNF-) were estimated to assess the exposure to oxidative stress and subsequent inflammation. Liver fat was extracted and their fatty acids methyl esters were determined using gas chromatography. Results showed that plasma activities of AST and ALT were significantly higher in CClcontrol group compared to control healthy group. Plasma levels of creatinine and urea increased significantly in CClcontrol, while creatinine clearance was reduced significantly in the same group. All rat treated groups given the three oil emulsions showed improvement in liver function pointing to the initiation of liver regeneration. The combination of fish oil/Nigella sative volatiles showed the most promising regenerative activity. Oxidative stress and inflammation which were increased significantly in CClcontrol group showed improvement on administration of the three different oil emulsions. Fatty acids methyl ester of liver fat revealed that rats treated with fish oil/Nigella sative volatile oil presented the highest content of unsaturated fatty acids (45.52% 0.81) while fish oil showed the highest saturated fatty acids (53.28% 1.68). Conclusion; Oral administration of oil emulsions of native fish oil, Nigella sative crude oil and combined fish oil/Nigella sative volatile oil reduced liver and kidney injury in rat model of CClthrough exerting anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity. Fish oil/Nigella sative volatile oil emulsion was the most promising hepato-regenerative and reno-protective formula among the different groups.

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8 Signs you are a Genuinely Spiritual Person (even if you Think youre Not). "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

With the different types of spirituality and people's increased interest in it these days, I can understand why some people refuse to be deemed "spiritual." It f


I Remember us Young. {Poem} "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

And this house, this little house near town the one we could barely afford, the one that afforded us instead, the one that kept us warm while we made our Darling Babies, and rarely made the bed


British Man Charged With Using Bitcoin to Launder 11.5 Million Euros "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

A British man has been arrested on money laundering charges in Holland. He is alleged to have been running a money cleaning service for clients trading on the dark web between the years 2014 and 2016. The Dutch Public Prosecutor demanded on Wednesday that he serves at least five years in prison.

Funds Likely Came From Illicit Sources

According to NL Times, the laundered money is thought to have come from various dark web dealings in illicit goods. The man accused is a 38-year-old British man living in Amsterdam. Its alleged that he was responsible for cleaning over 11.5 million euros during the years he was active. Its thought that he received Bitcoin from dealers of narcotics and other contraband items and sold them using his own bank account. He then withdrew the funds in local currency and returned them, minus a cut for himself, to the original party.

The Public Prosecutor alleges that the man took an unusually high percentage of the funds. Its thought that he charged between five and eight percent for carrying some of the burdens of risk for his clients. The accused and his spouse were living predominantly off their ill-gotten gains. The Prosecutor added that neither of them earns much in the way of legal income.

Along with the charges of money laundering, the suspect is also thought to have been previously cultivating cannabis illegally. Photos on his computer of large cannabis plantations at his previous home support this. The Prosecutor stated:

He thought he had seen a gap in the market and jumped into it He started with a cannabis plantation, sold the harvest on the dark web and was paid in bitcoins. Soon he noticed that he no longer needed the weed to make a substantial turnover and a fine profit.

The man accused is adamant that all those he dealt with over the years 2014-16 were law-abiding citizens. He refutes the allegation that they were involved in any illicit trade. Its thought that the court will rule on the matter in early March.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have long been associated with money laundering. However, just because something illegal is possible using a certain tool doesnt mean the tool ought to be forever tarred with that brush. Its possible to murder someone with a lump hammer. Are all lump hammers associated with murder? No, of course theyre not.

Critics of Bitcoin love to play the money laundering card whenever they can. The fact is there are plenty more examples of money laundering that takes place using other forms of currency. Recently, US Bankcorp were forced to pay a hefty fine f...


Strawberry extracts efficiently counteract inflammatory stress induced by the endotoxin lipopolysaccharide. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Food Chem Toxicol. 2018 Feb 16. Epub 2018 Feb 16. PMID: 29458159 Abstract Title:  Strawberry extracts efficiently counteract inflammatory stress induced by the endotoxin lipopolysaccharide in Human Dermal Fibroblast. Abstract:  A protracted pro-inflammatory state is the common denominator in the development, progression and complication of the common chronic diseases. Dietary antioxidants represent an efficient tool to counteract this inflammatory state. The aim of the present work was to evaluate the effects of strawberry extracts on inflammation evoked by E. Coli lipopolysaccharide in Human Dermal Fibroblast, by measuring reactive oxygen species production, apoptosis rate, antioxidant enzymes activity, mitochondria functionality and also investigating the molecular pathway involved in inflammatory and antioxidant response. The results demonstrated that strawberry pre-treatment reduced intracellular reactive oxygen species levels, apoptotic rate, improved antioxidant defences and mitochondria functionality in lipopolysaccharide -treated cells. Strawberry exerted these protective activities through the inhibition of the NF-kB signalling pathway and the stimulation of the Nrf2 pathway, with a mechanism AMPK-dependent. These results confirm the health benefits of strawberry in the prevention of inflammation and oxidative stress condition in lipopolysaccharide-treated cells.

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Bitwise Exec Predicts Trillion Dollar Crypto Market Cap this Year "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The post Bitwise Exec Predicts Trillion Dollar Crypto Market Cap this Year appeared first on CCN

Matt Hougan has made a career shift from ETFs to cryptocurrencies. He jumped from the traditional fund market to a cryptocurrency index-fund manager, a market he described to Bloomberg as a generationally significant opportunity with interesting challenges. He joins San Francisco-based Bitwise Asset Management as vice president of R&D. He made a splash with his Continued

The post Bitwise Exec Predicts Trillion Dollar Crypto Market Cap this Year appeared first on CCN


2/3 of the Second Amendment is Obsolete. This is the way Forward. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

We live in a country of laws and the Second Amendment is one of those laws. We cannot argue for repealing the Second Amendment. This is a


Extracts from guava fruit protect renal tubular endothelial cells against acetaminopheninduced cytotoxicity. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Mol Med Rep. 2018 Jan 31. Epub 2018 Jan 31. PMID: 29393462 Abstract Title:  Extracts from guava fruit protect renal tubular endothelial cells against acetaminopheninduced cytotoxicity. Abstract:  Acetaminophen (APAP) is an analgesic and antipyretic agent primarily used in the clinical setting. However, high doses of APAP can cause oxidative stress. Guavas have been reported to provide antiinflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidative and antidiarrheal functions. In addition, guavas have been reported to prevent renal damage due to progression of diabetes mellitus. Therefore, the aim of the present study was to investigate whether guavas can reduce APAPinduced renal cell damage. In the present study, extracts from guavas were obtained and added to APAPtreated renal tubular endothelial cells. The present results demonstrated that APAP induces cytotoxicity in renal tubular endothelial cells, while guava extracts inhibited this cytotoxicity. In addition, the study demonstrated that the protective effects of guava extracts against APAPinduced cytotoxicity may be associated with inhibition of oxidative stress and caspase3 activation.

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Essendon Bombers To Compete As Footballers Of Essendon Following ASADA Doping Scandal "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact The fallout from the ASADA doping scandal is continuing to decimate the AFL as Essendon Football Club faces further sanctions and punishment for their part in the controversy. This morning local time, Gillon McLachlan, the CEO of the Australian Football League, made the announcement that the Essendon Bomber will not be competing in this []

The post Essendon Bombers To Compete As Footballers Of Essendon Following ASADA Doping Scandal appeared first on The Betoota Advocate.


64% of Bottled Water Is Tap Water, Costs 2000x More "IndyWatch Feed Health"

bottled water tap

By Julia Conley

Research Exposes $16 Billion Bottled Water Industrys Predatory Marketing Practices

Bottled water companies have relied on predatory marketing practices and exorbitant lobbying efforts to sell Americans on the inaccurate belief that pre-packaged water is cleaner and safer than tap watera notion that is costing U.S. households about $16 billion per year.

In a new report entitled Take Back the Tap, Food & Water Watch explains that 64 percent of bottled water comes from municipal tap water sourcesmeaning that Americans are often unknowingly paying for water that would otherwise be free or nearly free.

A gallon of bottled water costs about $9.50nearly 2,000 times the price of tap water for municipal taxpayers.

When bottlers are not selling municipal water, they are pumping a...


180222 Klauea Portal Mission 2 Conflict Resolution "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Kp note: check out the Honu (turtle) cloud visible in the upper part of this video (thanks to BP for pointing that out).


Missouri Gov. Greitens Indicted For Felony Invasion Of Privacy "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Bondage and Blackmail: Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, a family values conservative, has been indicted for felony invasion of privacy for taking nude photos of a woman without consent. The Republican governor allegedly threatened to publicly release the nude photographs if the unnamed woman ever spoke out about their extramarital affair. The Kansas City Star reports: []


The results obtained in this study highlight the health benefits of guava regarding oxidative stress. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Plant Foods Hum Nutr. 2018 Feb 17. Epub 2018 Feb 17. PMID: 29455277 Abstract Title:  Guava (Psidium guajava L. cv. Red Suprema) Crude Extract Protect Human Dermal Fibroblasts against Cytotoxic Damage Mediated by Oxidative Stress. Abstract:  We analyzed guava fruits (Psidium guajava L. cv. Red Suprema) from Cuba to determine their chemical composition, total antioxidant capacity, as well as their protective effect against oxidative damage using an in vitro model of human dermal fibroblasts. The guava fruit is a natural source of bioactive compounds, such as polyphenols, vitamin C, folates and beta carotenes with proven health benefits. Human dermal fibroblasts were pre-incubated with different concentrations of guava crude extract and then subjected to oxidative stress using the AAPH stressor. The number of apoptotic and dead cells, as well as the markers of oxidative damage such as lipid and protein oxidation significantly decreased when cells were pre-incubated with guava crude extract and then exposed to the stressor. The activity of antioxidant enzymes also improved when cells were pre-incubated with guava crude extract in comparison to cells subjected to stress without prior pre-incubation with the guava extract. The results obtained in this study highlight the health benefits of guava regarding oxidative stress, proving it to be an important source of bioactive compounds associated with important biological properties.

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Medical Doctor: Repeated Vaccines has Exploded into Travesty of Forced Contamination of our Children "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Glass Medicine Vials and botox hualuronic collagen or flu Syringe on a white background.


Malevich, Suprematism and the Black Square "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

On the 23rd of February 1878, the Russian painter Kazimir Malevich was born in the Kiev Governorate of the Russian Empire (now Ukraine), to parents of Polish descent. In terms of his influence on the development of modern art, he can be placed alongside such ground-breaking artists as Picasso, Matisse and Duchamp. Between 1895 and 1896 he studied drawing in Kiev, and after moving to Moscow in 1904, he continued his artistic education at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture.

71IhvoIYhWL._SL1500_As an artistic centre mediating Western influences and combining them with local influences, Moscow proved to be an exciting place for young Malevich. Besides, the air of new political and ideological discussion, as well as that of cultural transformation and technological innovation, turned out to provide significant stimuli for artists of his generation, whose aspiration was to find relevant forms of expression that would correspond to the spirit of the time. In 1915, Malevichs epoch-making discovery, called Suprematism, which focused on basic geometric forms and a limited range of colours, seemed to provide the answer. This new vision of painting was, according to Malevich, supreme in relation to painting of the past, represented by...


Abelard and His Pupil Heloise, Edmund Blair Leighton, 1882 "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Abelard and His Pupil Heloise, Edmund Blair Leighton, 1882


SEC Charges Bitcoin Exchange and Operator With Fraud (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

SEC Charges Bitcoin Exchange and Operator With Fraud Video Truth Never Told Video Source

The post SEC Charges Bitcoin Exchange and Operator With Fraud (Video) appeared first on The Daily Coin.



A lycopene-rich extract from red guava was able to induce cytostatic and cytotoxic effects on breast cancer cells. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Food Res Int. 2018 Mar ;105:184-196. Epub 2017 Oct 27. PMID: 29433206 Abstract Title:  Lycopene-rich extract from red guava (Psidium guajava L.) displays cytotoxic effect against human breast adenocarcinoma cell line MCF-7 via an apoptotic-like pathway. Abstract:  This study investigated a lycopene-rich extract from red guava (LEG) for its chemical composition using spectrophotometry, mass spectrometry, attenuated total reflectance-fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (ATR-FTIR), and computational studies. The cytotoxic activity of LEG and the underlying mechanism was studied in human breast adenocarcinoma cells (MCF-7), murine fibroblast cells (NIH-3T3), BALB/c murine peritoneal macrophages, and sheep blood erythrocytes by evaluating the cell viability with 3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide (MTT) method and flow cytometry. Spectrophotometry analysis showed that LEG contained 20% of lycopene per extract dry weight. Experimental and theoretical ATR-FTIR suggests the presence of lycopene, whereas MS/MS spectra obtained after fragmentation of the molecular ion [M]of 536.4364 show fragment ions at m/z 269.2259, 375.3034, 444.3788, and 467.3658, corroborating the presence of lycopene mostly related to all-trans configuration. Treatment with LEG (1600 to 6.25g/mL) for 24 and 72h significantly affected the viability of MCF-7 cells (mean half maximal inhibitory concentration [IC]=29.85 and 5.964g/mL, respectively) but not NIH-3T3 cells (IC=1579 and 911.5g/mL, respectively). Furthermore LEG at concentrations from 800 to 6.25g/mL presented low cytotoxicity against BALB/c peritoneal macrophages (IC800g/mL) and no hemolytic activity. LEG (400 and 800g/mL) caused reduction in the cell proliferation and induced cell cycle arrest, DNA fragmentation, modifications in the mitochondrial membrane potential, and morphologic changes related to granularity and size in MCF-7 cells; however, it failed to cause any significant damage to the cell membrane or display necrosis or traditional apoptosis. In conclusion, LEG was able to induce cytostatic and cytotoxic effects on breast cancer cells probably via induction of an apoptotic-like pathway.

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Four Arrested Following Taiwanese Crypto Robbery "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Four Arrested Following Taiwanese Crypto Robbery

Taiwanese police have arrested four men after a bitcoin robbery worth five million Taiwanese dollars (approximately $170,000 USD). The case has been described as the first of its kind in Taiwan by authorities.

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Taiwanese Trader Loses 18 Bitcoins in Robbery

Four Arrested Following Taiwanese Crypto RobberyA bitcoin trader with the surname of Tai has become the victim of Taiwans first crypto robbery.

Taiwanese Police have stated that three men in their early 20s arrange to meet Mr. Tai in the city of Taichung under the pretext that they were wanting to purchase bitcoins from him. Once Mr. Tai had evidenced that he possessed 18 bitcoin using his phone, the assailants assaulted hi...


Homeless Man Who Died in Westminster No Longer Welcome to Die in Westminster "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

MPs and those in the Westminster area are sorry that a homeless man found dead outside Westminster tube on Monday morning cant now die again.

On Monday condolences were quickly issued when the then unidentified man was found dead in the early hours; investigations have since revealed allegations that the dead man was a migrant sex offender.

Disgusted, outraged and backtracking quickly,  MPs distanced themselves from the dead man: Im sorry hes dead, said one, if only because if he would die again Id now know not to say anything. Another MP, upon discovering the dead man might have been a migrant and a sex offender, became so outraged she had to be restrained by her assistant from searching the dead man down and literally kicking him in the face and balls.

The public werent any less annoyed. One man though showing a little bit more restraint than those he had elected to represent him remarked that dying in the cold was about as good as the man deserved because obviously he didnt deserve to die warm. If he did what they said he did that is.

Local Westminster councillors are now concerned the homeless or even those dying with homes will now try and end their days in Westminster to get a few kind words said by politicians published in the press about themselves. To counter this the concerned authorities are suggesting that the man didnt die in Westminster at all, but died West of Munster in Ireland many, many, many years ago. Additionally, council workers have been brought in to stand corpse watch. One of these workers said: Those who would have been perfectly happy dying of hypothermia in Tottenham say, might now be on their way here. But were here to see them off.

Unfortunately for everyone invloved Project Corpse Watch has had some unintended effects. Eyewitnesses have claimed two MPs, one Lord and even some tourists have been denied access to Westminster and the wider Parliamentary estate due to looking good near as dead.


Activists Pressure Tate to Drop Name of Art Dealer Accused of Sexual Harassment "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Anthony dOffay at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in 2008 (photo by FearfulStills, via Flickr)

Last month, The Observers Ben Quinn and Cristina Ruiz broke the news that Anthony dOffay, a hugely influential retired art dealer, had been accused by several women of sexual harassment. The same day, the National Galleries of Scotland and the Tate decided to suspend any further contact with Mr DOffay until these matters have been clarified, according to an official statement sent to The Guardian.

The 78-year-old dOffay denies the allegations and has said that hes appalled.

Now, in an Instagram post, the feminist art collective We Are Not Surprised (WANS) has called for the Tate to remove Anthony dOffay from their programme, which would include scrubbing dOffays name from the museums Artists Rooms and the Turbine Hall entrance.

Instagram Photo

A major figure in the UK art world, dOffay once represented the likes of Andy Warhol, Willem de Kooning, and Rachel Whiteread. In 2008, he established the Tates Artist Rooms, selling almost his entire collection to the galleries for the price hed originally paid (rather than the collections accumulated worth). A touring collection, Artist Rooms has since doubled in size and includes artists like Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, Diane Arbus, and Gilbert & George. DOffay stepped down as ex-officio curator of Artist Rooms in December 2017.

According to The Observer, three women who had previously worked with dOffay, all unnamed, came forward with stories of unwanted grabbing, forced kissing, and lewd comments in public gatherings taking place between 1997 and 2004. One woman said he called her while breathing heavily, possibly masturbating, in his bathtub.



Marina Abramovi Says Ugly Things But Draws Cute Ducklings "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

From The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen & Marina Abramovi, published by the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark (all images courtesy Louisiana Museum)

In a personal reimagining of Hans Christian Andersens The Ugly Duckling, artist Marina Abramovi has illustrated the story with her own childlike pencil drawings: sharply-cracked eggs, crude raindrops, fat cobblestones, cats with coquettish eyes. Available at the end of February and published by the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebk, Denmark, its the second in a series of Andersen books created in collaboration with artists. (The first was Yayoi Kusamas wondrous retelling of The Little Mermaid.)

Cover of The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen & Marina Abramovi, published by the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark

When Andersens The Ugly Duckling was published in 1844 in New Fairy Tales. First Book. First Collection. 1844  he did not include the phrase told for children in the title. The book, of course, was intended for a young audience, but Andersen felt the themes were mature and relatable enough for adults, not least of all himself. Hed one day confess to the critic Georg Brandes that he neednt write an autobiogr...


Lycopene might be a nutritional preventive strategy in neuroinflammation-related diseases such as Alzheimer's disease. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  J Nutr Biochem. 2018 Feb 2 ;56:16-25. Epub 2018 Feb 2. PMID: 29454265 Abstract Title:  Supplementation of lycopene attenuates lipopolysaccharide-induced amyloidogenesis and cognitive impairments via mediating neuroinflammation and oxidative stress. Abstract:  Neuroinflammation is documented to be the major culprit of Alzheimer's disease. Lycopene (LYC), a fat soluble carotenoid, exhibits neuroprotective function in several neurodegenerative disorders. However, the effects of LYC to countering systemic inflammation-induced amyloidogenesis and memory deficiency remain to be elucidated. In current study, 3-month-old male C57BL/6J mice were treated with 0.03% LYC (w/w, mixed into normal chow) for 5 weeks. The mice were then treated by intraperitoneal injection of LPS (0.25mg/kg) for 9 days. It was found that LYC inhibited LPS-induced memory loss by behavior tests including Y-maze test and Morris water test. Meanwhile, LYC prevented LPS-induced accumulation of A, levels of amyloid precursor protein (APP), and suppressed neuronal -secretase BACE1 and elevated the expressions of -secretase ADAM10. Furthermore, LYC down-regulated the expression of IBA-1 (a marker of microglia activation), reduced the levels of inflammatory mediators and inhibited oxidative stress in LPS-treated mice. Moreover, LYC suppressed the phosphorylation of MAPKs, NFB, and activated Nrf2 signaling pathways in LPS-treated BV2 microglial cells. Therefore, our study indicated that LYC could ameliorate LPS-induced neuroinflammation, oxidative stress, amyloidogenesis and cognitive impairments possibly through mediating MAPKs, NFB and Nrf2 signaling pathways, indicating that LYC might be a nutritional preventive strategy in neuroinflammation-related diseases such as AD.

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We've Launched a Search for Our Next Executive Director "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

We've Launched a Search for Our Next Executive Director
steph February 22, 2018

The Tor Project, Inc., the developer of the worlds strongest privacy and anonymity tool, is looking for its next Executive Director. Shari...

We've Launched a Search for Our Next Executive Director



The Hollywood Directors Who Filmed the Liberation of Nazi Concentration Camps "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

George Stevenss Special Coverage Unit at Dachau Concentration Camp (image courtesy Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust)

LOS ANGELES The Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust (LAMOTH) was founded in 1961 not by any government or corporate motion but by survivors of the Holocaust. It claims to be the oldest such institution in the United States and draws particular attention to survivors personal testimonies. The Holocaust was the first genocide to enter public consciousness via modern media, primarily cinema, and our cultural conceptions of the horrific events continue to be shaped by this. Numerous documentaries and ventures, such as the Shoah Foundation, have given survivors a platform for telling their stories tailored to the age of mass communication, forming a new kind of oral tradition.

We see this reflected in many museums dedicated to the subject, which place great emphasis on edification and empathy through listening. At LAMOTH a small, private institution with a collection thats limited compared to the likes of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC or Yad Vashem this is even more pronounced. There are few exhibits, but hundreds of audio files for visitors to listen to via free headphones and iPods, each one expounding at length on everything from the distinctions between different concentration camps to the background of a single menorah in the collection. The museums current temporary exhibition, Filming the Camps: John Ford, Samuel Fuller, George Stevens, from Hollywood to Nurembergshifts the focus by moving from audio recollection to direct encounter in film.

The permanent exhibits in the museum are arranged along a horseshoe-shaped gallery, demonstrating the events of the Holocaust chronologically the first room is about the broad history of Judaism in Europe, the second about rising antisemitism in the early 20th century, and so on. The structure reduces both natural and artificial lighting as one travels further in, culminating in a dark environment at the curve of the horseshoe, which is dedicated to the Nazi death camps. The space for temporary exhibitions is at the end of the path, and this works well for the context of Filming...

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