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Saturday, 07 January


What did you do to prep this week? "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Well, folks, here we are again,  another week of prepping under our prepper belts and what did you do with the past week prep wise?

I hope you didn’t set on your butt and do nothing or worse completely stop prepping because of the results of an election… That’s the definition of false hope, because as I’ve said before we are too far past the tipping point to bring the economy or the country back to center.

Either you prep for what is coming or you and your family will be forced to face the hardship of your inaction. We are being set up for a crash anyone who has...

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Prepper News Brief 1/6/2017 "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

1.) He is little twit right up until the end of his term – Obama Awards Himself Distinguished Public Service Medal!

2.) Four blacks in custody after mentally disabled white man tied up, tortured on Facebook Live: Kidnappers yelled “F*** Trump!” and “F*** white people!” Mainstream media says not a hate crime. I bet if it had been four whites who did the same to a black man they would be screaming hate crime at every outlet… why is it that only white people can commit a hate crime?

Update – they have been now charged with a hate crime, but they probably...

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This One Mineral Reduces Oxidative Stress, Repairs DNA, And Leads To Mechanisms Which Extend Life "IndyWatch Feed Health"

One of the biggest mineral deficiencies in the world is Zinc, with as many as two billion people around the world being in a daily deficit. A modest 4 milligrams of zinc extra every day in the diet may reduce DNA strand breaks and improve levels of proteins involved in DNA repair, oxidative stress, and

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What IoT History Reveals About Blockchain’s Challenges "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

While blockchain’s journey from hype to implementation is likely to yield further struggles, Peernova’s Dave Hudson argues all hope shouldn’t be lost.


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Bitcoin Growing Fast In Unbanked Indonesia "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Indonesia, trailing just behind the United States as the fourth most populous country in the world, has a large and growing bitcoin community. The vast population is 80 percent unbanked, and their Rupiah is one of the most-traded currencies for bitcoin worldwide already. interviewed Suasti Atmastuti Astaman, the Business Development Manager of Indonesian bitcoin exchange

Also read: Here Are Bitcoin’s 8 Fastest Growing Markets 

Majority Market Share (BC): What’s your market share of the Indonesian bitcoin market? (BI): We have more than 229,500 members with daily growth around 100-150 members.

Our daily transaction volume can reach up to 1.5 million USD per day. And we are listed as one of the biggest Bitcoin exchanges in Southeast Asia.

I believe we control for more than 70% Bitcoin transaction in Indonesia, considering we are the biggest Bitcoin exchange in Indonesia.

Indonesian Bitcoin Market

BC: Can you describe the bitcoin market in Indonesia?

tradersBI: The majority of members in our Bitcoin exchange serve as Bitcoin traders, rather than Bitcoin users. They buy Bitcoin in intention to gain profit and use it whether for a short-term investment, a long-term one or perhaps both. They trade quite often, buying Bitcoin when the price is low, and selling it again when the price increases.

There are a lot of people in Indonesia that love to take profit from trading, not just cryptocurrency, but also stocks and foreign exchange. Apparently, they love Bitcoin just as much since the price tends to fluctuate a lot. For people who love the idea of Bitcoin as a new form of money, they are going to hate knowing that there a lot of people taking profit from Bitcoin trading but that’s the fact a...


What IoT History Reveals About Blockchain's Challenges "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

As with the Internet of Things, blockchain adoption will face further hurdles. Yet all hope is not lost, says Peernova's Dave Hudson.



Déjà vu? Bitcoin Price Slips Below $900 Amid China News "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The price of bitcoin has sank more than 10 percent from the day’s peak, a development that comes after a week of volatile market moves.


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The Tomboy’s Malaise, and Other News "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

A LEGO ad from the eighties featuring a tomboy


  • The Anglophone world treats homophony like a fun parlor trick—two works sound alike, so let’s make some jokes and call it a day. But Chinese culture has a profound respect for, even a fear of, the mystery of homophones. Julie Sedivy explains: “Chinese practices take punning to a whole new level—one that reaches deep into a culture where good fortune is persistently courted through positive words and deeds, and misfortune repelled by banishing the negative. The number four is tainted because of its homophony with the word for death—many Chinese people would never consider buying a house whose address contained that number. In visual designs, fish and bats figure prominently because they are sound twins of the words for surplus and fortune. Gift-giving is fraught with homophonic taboos; it is all right to give apples, because their name sounds like peace but not pears, whose name overlaps with separation … Chinese speakers are more likely to take pains to clarify the intended meaning of an ambiguous word, even when its meaning should be obvious from the context.”

  • The roots of the tomboy, with her ambiguous...


Hope is Priceless: Why Bitcoin’s $1000 Value Matters "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin may be small compared to other global currencies but it is the God of small things and its value represents hope which is priceless.

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Déjà vu? Bitcoin Price Slips Below $900 Amid China News "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The price of bitcoin has sank more than 10 percent from the day’s peak, a development that comes after a week of volatile market moves.



This Hospital Prescribes Fresh Food From Its Own Organic Farm "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Five years ago, when Lankenau Medical Center was confronted with evidence that it was serving the unhealthiest county in Pennsylvania, the hospital decided to embrace the findings with an unconventional approach: building a half-acre organic farm on its campus to provide fresh produce to patients. The teaching and research hospital just outside Philadelphia was in

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Hope is Priceless: Why Bitcoin’s $1000 Value Matters "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin may be small compared to other global currencies but it is the God of small things and its value represents hope which is priceless.


Wellness Chiropractic — Benefits Beyond Pain "IndyWatch Feed Health"

By Dr. Mercola Many are confused about the benefits and value of chiropractic treatment. According to Dr. Billy DeMoss, a chiropractor with a practice in Newport Beach, who believes chiropractic is vastly underutilized. He’s also the founder Cal Jam, one of the largest chiropractic teaching events in the world. I will have the privilege of

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Spiritual Guidance For Surviving The Coming Earth Changes "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Source: | Original Post Date: July 28, 2016 –

Teacher to student…

As in Ancient times, we are again in the beginning of a period of radical changes for the Earth and its inhabitants, physically, mentally, and spiritually (the entire threefold nature). Humanity’s selfishness has taken its toll and is starting to come back in full fury. With the damage that has been done already, there is no preventing the great Earth changes within the next decade. Given a sufficient rise in Consciousness, those things that are not past the ‘karmic point of no return’ could be altered by free will, however, many are past the point of no return. Ask yourself if the first drops of rain from this great storm of purification, have not already begun to fall.

There are many things today that are similar to conditions in the old world before the great Earth changes that destroyed it – including the political powers. The forces of darkness – best described as the Sons of Belial, have grown very powerful, and seek to enslave the world, at any cost. Many people who are not directly Sons of Belial, are pawns by virtue of their own selfishness they ‘unconsciously’ follow the conscious evil ones. This is no excuse however, because they chosen their unconsciousness’. They are but selfish cowards who have willingly participated in the evil that will bring their own destruction. The brave people of this world open their eyes to what is happening, and refuse to be pawns.

Even many of the brave ones are not aligned with the light yet, but at least they have resisted the darkness. These people can save themselves. After they suffer the horrors of what is about to befall the people of the Earth, they will have been purified enough – involuntarily as it may be – and this purification will awaken them to the Spirit within, and return them to serving Universal Will.

The coming Earth changes are not ‘bad’ things, in and of themselves. They are necessary now. Necessary for a clean up of both the Earth and of humans.

As all of these changes come to pass, we are given the opportunity to transcend into a new world of Unselfish Love and harmony. Some will approach the sufferings of this purification with patience, understanding, and Unselfish Love. Others will react with selfishness, negativity, and resistance. Universal Law dictates that each individual, through their attitudes and resultant actions, create, and modify, their own experiences. Those who Love Unselfishly, will ultimately experience the ‘heaven’ of that attitude, while those who are negative, will ultimately experience the ‘hell’ brought by that.

So it will be like the old world all over again?



Cardless ATM Fraud Is Fueled By Insecure Bank Countermeasures "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bank ATMs have been attracting criminals from all over the world. Emptying these machines can be done in various ways, although careless fraud is becoming more prevalent. Cardless ATM transactions are the prime reason why criminals have a much easier time as of late. Once criminals obtain stolen bank account usernames and passwords, converting it … Continue reading Cardless ATM Fraud Is Fueled By Insecure Bank Countermeasures

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Understanding Extreme States: An Interview with Stephen Harrod Buhner "IndyWatch Feed Health"

One day on the ISPS listserv, psychologist Paris Williams shared a chapter from a book in which an herbalist and alternative healer named Stephen Harrod Buhner described his approach to working with the extreme states of mind commonly labeled as “schizophrenia” by psychiatrists. The chapter was entitled “On the Healing of Schizophrenia” and the book is Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm.

Buhner described concepts which I knew from my study of psychoanalytic approaches to these problems, such as profound fragmentation of the mind into part-selves to counter overwhelming anxiety, and the great care and lengthy time frames necessary to help severely traumatized people regain trust in the outside world. Buhner described how the dedicated healer could painstakingly be permitted access to the fragmented inner world of a terrified person and help them reintegrate their mind. Of “schizophrenia,” Buhner said, “The cultural paradigm or view of the condition is itself dysfunctional, to the extent that the paradigm is crazy.” (Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm, pg. 503)

Finding myself intrigued by this man who'd never trained in psychiatry or psychology but who nevertheless worked effectively with people in severe distress using self-developed theories, I tracked Buhner down. I asked him to speak to me about these issues, and here is what resulted:

Matt: Hi Stephen, welcome and thanks for agreeing to this interview. I found out about you when psychologist Paris Williams referred me to your books on alternative healing. I would like to ask several questions about your approach to serious distress, and Paris has a few further questions.

First, can you tell a little bit about your background and training? Where did you train, what sort of philosophy about the world do you have; what sort of therapist were you, and what sort of work do you do now?

Stephen: I never did fit into the boxes of life very well; I was always neuro-atypical. I actually prefer that term to any of the other labels that are commonly used by members of the psychotherapeutic community. The range of “aberrations” they describe and label are, in nearly every instance, common throughout populations, though there do tend to be alterations in their density in various cultures.

So, being neuro-atypical and severely gifted (a blessing and a curse) as well, I found that I actually fit much better outside the reductive therapeutic world. I have written about parts of my decision to follo...


Does Solar Energy work in the North? "IndyWatch Feed Health"

For those who think solar can’t work in the north, if you think it’s too cloudy and gloomy, you’d be surprised. Turns out, Seattle City Light customers are installing solar equipment on their homes and businesses in greater numbers every year. While they are known for their rainy and cloudy skies, Seattle actually receives more

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China’s Central Bank Issues Warnings to Major Bitcoin Exchanges "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Officials from the People’s Bank of China met with representatives of major bitcoin exchanges this week to issue a warning about their conduct.


from CoinDesk


2017: Time for a Shift – in Perspective "IndyWatch Feed Health"

January 6, 2017 As a child, I seemed to be afraid of everything, cats, dogs, snakes, dragonflies, ghosts, kidnappers – even ordinary ducks. And one of my missions in life has been the systematic overcoming of those fears, one by … Continue reading

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Friday, 06 January


Nigeria Lacks a 2017 Cybersecurity Strategy but Faces the Most Cybercrime Ever Seen "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

According to the Cyber Security Experts Association of Nigeria (CSEAN), the Nigerian government is ill-prepared for cybercrime in 2017. Cybercrime changed drastically during 2016; threat actors grew in number and capability. The Nigerian government lacked a cybersecurity budget and overlooked the creation of a realistic strategy. For these reasons alone, CSEAN announced a fearfulness for the cybersecurity landscape in 2017.

The Nigerian cybercrime gangs, CSEAN said, started using advanced tools and programs—the types typically used by “sophisticated criminals and espionage groups.” In August 2016 Interpol arrested the ringleader of a massive, international, email fraud organization. The group hacked the customer email accounts of large corporations and then used the accounts to scam the supplier or company. Interpol announced that the group stole $60-million worldwide., “Nigeria’s most influential newspaper,” reported that the country loses nearly half-a-billion dollars to cybercrime annually. The author predicted that in 2017, five categories of cybercrime will dominate the country. The current CEO email scam made the list, along with ransomware, assisted online kidnapping, cyber bullying, and impersonation.

CEO email scams needed no explanation—contrary to the relatively new term: “assisted online kidnapping.” Remi Afon, the CSEAN president, described the increase in ransomware attacks came from the more user-friendly malware deployment kits. He continued to explain the ease in which a ransomware package can be purchased and used by those with “little or no cyber know-how from the darkweb.”

Assisted online kidnapping, he said, is an aspect of the crime that the public is unaware of. Afon explained that social media identifies a person, often via geolocation on their smartphone:

Kidnappers have started using geolocation and geotagging to target their victims. Geotagging are pieces of information that can be attached to a tweet, status or photo on a social networking site that show the physical location of where something had been posted. Social media that have location geotagging implemented include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even Google+, amongst many others (Remi Afon via

Cyberbullying, he said, “made some Nigerians go berserk in 2016.” With internet and smartphone access on the rise, people have nearly unlimited network connectivity. This uptick in online-time by both the victims and perpetrators made cyberbullying an easy crime to commit. Often, in Nig...


China's Central Bank Issues Warnings to Major Bitcoin Exchanges "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Officials from the People's Bank of China met with representatives of major bitcoin exchanges this week to issue a warning about their conduct.



Uber Collects User Location Data, New York City Demands Access "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Uber recently announced customer location data collection for the duration of rides, and New York City has already demanded access to that data.

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Bitcoin Ransomware Targets MongoDB Installations "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

MongoDB, one of the widely-used database installation used in conjunction with JavaScript based applications has become a target of Ransomware attacks. The latest attack is said to have compromised at least 2000 MongoDB installations. The hacker behind the attack, going by the name “harak1r1” is demanding a ransom of 0.2BTC from affected users. The attack … Continue reading Bitcoin Ransomware Targets MongoDB Installations

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LA Times/Michael Hiltzik and the Fakest “Fake News” of All "IndyWatch Feed Health"

By Anne Dachel January 3, 2016, Los Angeles Times: It's not just politics: 2016 was an epidemic year for fake news in science, too By Michael Hiltzik One of the watchwords of politics in 2016 was the epidemic of “fake...


30 Warning Signs Your Hormones Are Out of Balance (And How To Reset Them) "IndyWatch Feed Food"

By Mark Hyman, MD “My hormones feel so out of balance” a female patient will tell me. “I’m tired of feeling crappy and terrible all the time. Do I need to do hormone replacement to feel better, or is there a natural way to get my hormones in balance?” Hormone imbalances are epidemic these days.…


Kp Message 1-6-17… Energies Ramping up… starting NOW!! "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

161102_kp_kauai_p1010211_arm_to_sun_crop_240_3All I can say is that I’m “feeling it”. There’s quite the ramp and it’s going up, baby!

Now I have heard this elsewhere as well, but just now I’ve sensed it.

My view of this: it’s our opportunity to “ramp up” with it.

We’ll see where this takes us.

Aloha Kp

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She Sheds: A Room of Your Own "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

The book takes us inside some beautiful she sheds all over the world and tells the story of why their owners created them and how they are used. It also shares some of those details you're probably curious to know, such as the location, size of shed, and cost to build it.

She Sheds: A Room of Your Own

My favorite shed in the book is "La Casita"--a lovely Scandinavian style cottage in Dallas, Texas. The owner is Paige Morse, an interior designer & stylist. She originally wanted to renovate the shed in her backyard to use as a styling and photography studio. Along the way, she had the idea to turn it into a full blown tiny house complete with a small kitchen and bathroom. Now. it serves a dual purpose as a quiet space for her to work and an additional revenue stream--she put her own house on Airbnb, and simply moves into "La Casita" when it's rented out!

Beautifully designed tiny house

The inside is light, bright, and absolutely beautiful, with lots of stark white paint contrasted by deep black floors and appliances (a counter level fridge is jus...


Brittle Hair Or Nails? Headaches Or Cramps? Bumps Or Acne? You Likely Have This Deficiency "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Different vitamin and mineral deficiencies can lead to all sorts of different health problems. Here are five common symptoms and the vitamin or mineral deficiency that’s likely to blame.  1) Headaches and/or Muscle Cramps : Magnesium Deficiency  Magnesium is one of the most common mineral deficiencies in our culture. Roughly 75% of the North American population is deficient…


McCain Says Russian Cyberattacks Against US An ‘Act Of War’ "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

John McCain is pushing real fake news as he once again accuses Russia of waging a war against the United States.

The hawkish Republican Senator said that Russia’s alleged meddling in the 2016 presidential election amounted to an “act of war.”

Press TV reports:

“If you try to destroy the fundamentals of democracy, then you have destroyed a nation,” said McCain, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

“I’m not saying it’s an atomic attack. I’m just saying that when you attack a nation’s fundamental structure, which they are doing, then it’s an act of war,” he continued.

McCain also accused Moscow of committing an “act of war” against the United States last week, and demanded stronger sanctions against Russia over the hacking,  which the US intelligence community claims amounted to meddling in the US election.

McCain has been a virulent critic of Russia and President-elect Donald Trump, who has repeatedly cast doubt over the claim that Russia launched cyberattacks on the US.

On Thursday, the Senate Armed Services Committee, led by McCain, is to hold the first public hearing in Congress on the alleged hacking.

McCain and other top congressional leaders have pledged to press legislation on sanctions against Russia in addition to those announced by President Barack Obama last month.

On December 22, Obama announced a series of economic sanctions against Russia, as well as expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats, over allegations that it interfered in the 2016 presidential election through cyberattacks.

McCain has criticized the sanctions as insufficient and overdue.

However, Trump, the incoming US president, has repeatedly questioned the accuracy of US intelligence pointing to Russia’s responsibility for the hacks and has said it was time to “move on.”

The US claim has been rejected by Moscow. Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, which published the stolen emails, has also denied that the Russian government provided the files.


What You NEED to Know About Frankincense, Inflammation and Cancer That No One Ever Told You "IndyWatch Feed Food"

As they made their iconic trek from the Far East to witness the invaluable gift of the newborn King, the three wise men from the biblical account of the birth of Jesus came bearing their own gifts. One of them, frankincense, possesses a value much more significant than just a fragrant incense. It demonstrates powerful…


Spending Your Bitcoin in Russia: From Buying A Drink to Hiring A Lawyer "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

A large amount of legitimate businesses globally have opened up to the digital currency. Slowly, but rather persistently, Bitcoin is getting accepted in Russia as well.

from The news


2016: The Year Zcash Entered Blockchain’s History Books "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Researcher Nolan Bauerle looks at Zcash, its privacy-powered blockchain technology and how he believes it could empower economics in the future.


from CoinDesk


2016: The Year Zcash Entered Blockchain's History Books "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Researcher Nolan Bauerle looks at Zcash, its privacy-powered blockchain technology and how he believes it could empower economics in the future.



Bitcoin Price Watch; Widening Out The Range "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

So the end of the week is here, and it’s time to take a penultimate look at the bitcoin price market before we kick off the weekend. Price has been pretty volatile across the last few days, and with this volatility has come plenty of opportunity to get in and out of the markets according … Continue reading Bitcoin Price Watch; Widening Out The Range

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“The Addiction Habit” "IndyWatch Feed Health"

For aeon, neuroscientist and psychologist Marc Lewis declares, “Addiction changes the brain but it's not a disease that can be cured with medicine. In fact, it's learned – like a habit.”

Article →



Director Cannucciari on Making “Banking on Bitcoin” "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

A feature film on Bitcoin, called “Banking on Bitcoin”, is set to be released on January 6, 2017. Produced by Gravitas Ventures, the film will cover many of the space’s best-known players, such as Charlie Shrem, Barry Silbert, Erik Voorhees, Nathaniel Popper and more. 

Also Read: ‘Life on Bitcoin’ is Easier Than Producing a Film About It spoke with director Christopher Cannucciari, the film’s director, about why he set out to make a bitcoin film.

“Set to change the world”

cannucciariThe Director on Set

Why did you choose to make a bitcoin film?

CC: It’s interesting. It’s an open-source project, so everyone brings to it what they can. I can’t program. I hoped to bring what I could with filmmaking to the world of bitcoin, and to a wider audience, who have maybe heard about Bitcoin, Mt. Gox, Charlie Shrem and the Silk Road.

The film doesn’t pretend these things didn’t happen, but hopes to provide some context. Maybe they were judged harshly or maybe these things are necessary for something to grow like bitcoin has. You have to take the good with the bad and see what you are left with. At the end of the day, bitcoin is this open-source project so powerful it is changing people’s lives.

BN: What was your experience with bitcoin when you started filming more than three years ago?

CC: I came as a complete outsider to bitcoin in 2013, though I was always interested the technology. I come to it with a filmmaker’s perspective. I had had one experience with digital currency. I worked on a short documentary in Africa in 2008, where there was political turmoil and the banks were closed. Pre-Safaricom in east Africa, instead of people trading money from one end of country to the other, they traded phone credits.

Using phone credits was an organic homegrown idea that arose out of the necessity. That was a novel idea and I thought, ‘Wouldn’t that be cool if we could be so forward thinking here in the US or developed world. When bitcoin was on the rise in 2012-2013, I was watching it keenly to see if this could be that next step in the evolution of money, and I think it is. I was really attracted to the idea of emailable money.

The Bitcoin Community......


Unthinkable Racial and Disability Hate Crime in Chicago "IndyWatch Feed Health"

You've probably seen this report on Facebook. If not, prepare to lose your last meal. A group in Chicago kidnapped and tortured a man with special needs live on Facebook. The video is in the link below. I can't post...


Researchers in China find a 2,000-year-old sword as sharp as when it was just crafted "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

The 2,300-year-old sword has taken experts by surprise since despite its antiquity, the sword, and its sheath are in perfect state of conservation. Experts indicate that the sword did not oxidize because the tomb chamber had been sealed.

Chinese archaeologists have discovered in the Henan Province (central-eastern China) a steel sword forged more than 2,300 years ago.

According to the news agency TASS, the sword was discovered during the excavation of a tomb in Xinyang city.

Despite its antiquity, the sword, and its sheath are in perfect state of conservation. In a video published on social networks, it can be observed that the blade of the weapon maintains practically the original sharpening.

After carefully removing the mud-covered sword from the coffin, archaeologists cleaned the sheath before separating the blade from its cover at around 12 pm on December 30.

Liu Yong, the deputy supervisor of the Chengyang Protected District, who witnessed the sword-drawing ceremony said he was extremely impressed by the ancient weapon.

The ancient city of Chengyang is the best preserved and largest city of the ancient kingdom of Chu (770-223 BC). It is located 25km north of Xinyang city in Henan Province. The city is believed to have been established around 2,700 years ago as the barracks of the Chu Kingdom.

Through a poem, he said that even though the loyal general had died, his treasured sword was still glittering.

However, experts are yet to confirm the identity of the owner of the ancient sword.

Furthermore, laboratory results of the tests showed that the ancient sword was forged during the period of the Warring States, which lasted from 475 BC to 221 AD.

This period is considered by scholars as the golden age of Chinese culture and, according to historians, had a significant influence on the development of the Han dynasty.

This led to th...


Frugal Prepping: 12 Survival Tools You Need in Your Bug Out Bag "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Readers, I’m not so much into gadgets and gizmos as many people, but one of the things that I have done is to amass what I call a “micro” toolbox.  When you’re in a bind, you may have only what is on your belt or in your pockets to rely on.  But what about things you may need in a pinch that may require tools…except you can’t drag around a giant toolbox with you?  This may just foot the bill for you and give you some food for thought.

Although I live an “Uncle Cave-man” type of lifestyle, the fact that I am writing this article to you on a computer and use the internet should prove to you that I still need a certain number of things to carry out tasks besides a bow saw and a stone axe.  Let’s go down a list of some things you can “miniaturize” and take with you in a small tool kit for your needs in a possible 72-hour emergency.  Many of these are low cost and can be picked up in the Dollar Tree/Dollar store.  Remember: You’re not going to stick-build trusses or frame a house – just make a small tool kit you’ll be able to use in a pinch that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Learn how to build the ultimate bug out bag

12 Essential Tools You Need For Your Bug Out Bag

  1. Hammer: no, not the 30-oz Estwing, but a small hammer, just enough to tack in some nails and build a small lean-to or shelter [Pack some nails in a variety of sizes in a small container…don’t forget them]
  2. Screwdriver: once again, your dollar stores have the ones that have “bits” for different screwdriver heads, such as standard or Philips.
  3. Drywall saw: yes, the small one with a triangular-thin blade and big teeth…excellent for small branches, and can be used for game you shoot, as well
  4. Exacto/razor knife: the one with break-off, disposable blades
  5. Allen wrench: you never need one until you need one…and when you do, nothing in the world will work except the Allen wrench…also at the Dollar Tree...


Eine chinesische Stadt lässt ihre Züge von 19 Graffitikünstlern bemalen "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Nicht sehr oft lassen sich Verkehrsunternehmen davon überzeugen, dass ihre Züge oder Busse durch Künstler gestaltet werden, um danach auf Reise durch die Stadt geschickt zu werden. Schon garnicht, wenn die Künstler aus dem Bereich Graffiti kommen. In den letzten Jahren scheinen scheinen sich allerdings immer mehr Verkehrsunternehmen darauf einzulassen, auch künstlerisch gestaltete Züge einzusetzen. Bild und Video: Rula Gao / Video Screenshot (Youtube) In der chinesischen Stadt Changsha wurden in einem größeren Jam mehrere Züge legal mit Graffiti bemalt. 19 Künstler wurden eingeladen, um insgesamt drei Züge zu gestalten, die danach auf die Schiene geschickt wurden. Mit dabei waren die Künstler: ASEB, RULA, NEIST, SHALA, SMEAR, SATR, MT, UNCLE, RAINBO, RAY, GAN, CAO, KONG, MIND, JASH, JIMIONE, SONG, SEVE, ZOVE and NILONE. Gesehen bei montana cans blog

Der Beitrag Eine chinesische Stadt lässt ihre Züge von 19 Graffitikünstlern bemalen erschien zuerst auf URBANSHIT.


How to Make Old Clothes Look New and Stylish "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

Make Old Clothes Look NewWhen you open your closet and stare at your clothes, does boredom sweep over you? Are you tired of looking at the same old pants, skirts, and tops? Before you go out and blow a paycheck on a new wardrobe, why not consider recycling what you already have? With a few clever changes you can give your old tired clothes a new life. Here are some ideas:

Make old clothes look new: Put new buttons on old blouses

Old Clothes Look NewThere’s no quicker way to revamp the look of a blouse than to change its buttons. Pick a blouse from your closet and take it with you to your local fabric store. Go to the button section, and hold different buttons over the current ones. See what a difference a button can make? Pick out some interesting ones and have your tailor sew them on or sew them on yourself. Don’t forget about vintage buttons which you can find at estate sales and antique shops. They really add character to an ordinary blouse.

Make old clothes look new: Transform long pants into shorts



A bit more from (and about) Kent Dunn, 1-5-17… “GoldFish Report No. 66 Intel, Guest Kent Dunn Dishes Geopolitics and ExoPolitics- Southern Style” "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"


Kent Dunn (from his FB page)

The first time I ever posted a “Kent Dunn” was in this post from yesterday. As I siad there, “I have listened to some of Kent Dunn’s intel from time to time, via Gary Larabee’s Youtube channel. I have found it very apocalyptic and illuminative…” Well, Kent Dunn now appears to be a “person of the moment” as far as apocalyptic revelations are concerned. He appears to be a multi-dimensionally connected being.

So the video below is from The Goldfish Report. Although the upload date is 1-5-17, I do not know the exact date of the interview. Presumably it is from early this year.

As always, discernment is advised.



University of Strathclyde Launches Fintech Degree Course "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Fintech is quickly becoming a popular trend among financial experts. As appealing as venturing into financial technology may sound, the current educational system does not prepare students for such a career path. The University of Strathclyde launched the Masters of Science program in Fintech. This makes it the first fintech degree in the United Kingdom. … Continue reading University of Strathclyde Launches Fintech Degree Course

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Judges rule on landmark case of Sod’s Law versus Parkinson’s Law "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

A longstanding legal dispute between Sod’s law and Parkinson’s law was no closer to resolution last night after a widely anticipated ruling by the High Court was postponed when the judge presiding over the case was injured in a freak accident attempting to get to court on time. Lawyers in favour of Sod’s Law have described the delay as ‘bloody typical,’ while advocates of Parkinson’s Law welcomed an extension to proceedings which they have criticised throughout for being ‘unduly rushed’.

The dispute began when barristers invoking Parkinson’s law, (which states that work expands to fill the time available), challenged the assertion laid down in Sod’s Law that if something can go wrong it will. ‘The unplanned calamities stipulated by the defendant’s doctrine were causing many tasks to overrun’ claimed one barrister, ‘violating the central edict of Parkinson’s law and rendering the two codes incompatible.’ Evidence cited in the case showed that students were particularly likely to be victims of the clash between these jurisdictions, with many of them taking the full two weeks to complete an essay and then losing the un-backed-up file on their laptops the moment they attempted to print it out.

Lawyers for Parkinson’s law have also argued that the influence of Sod’s Law increases disproportionately the closer a project gets to its deadline. ‘It’s much worse for things to go wrong at the last minute, so that’s inevitably when they do’ claimed one witness. ‘If it wasn’t for Parkinson’s Law, we would have time to correct any mistakes or maybe even start again.’

Both parties will now have to wait for a ruling at a date to be determined after Lord Justice Collins’ unfortunate accident, which requires extensive hip and knee surgery. Doctors did not want to put a date on when Lord Collins might have finished his course of treatment, especially after they operated on the wrong ‘Lord Collins’ last thing on Friday afternoon.

Genghis Cohen


Art Ovrag Festival is calling for artists to paint world biggest mural "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Das Art Ovrag Kunstfestival das einmal im Jahr in der russischen Stadt Vyksa stattfinden, hat sich für dieses Jahr auf die Fahnen geschrieben, wären des Festivalzeitraum im Sommer das größte Mural der Welt zu realisieren. Auf einer Fläche von insgesamt 10.000 Quadratmeter soll an der Fassade einer Stahlfabrik in der Stadt ein großes Wandgemälde entstehen. Um einen passenden Künstler zu finden, hat das Festival einen Open Call ausgerufen. Bis Ende Januar 2017 können sich Künstler aus der ganzen Welt bewerben. Bild: Art Ovrag Festival (Mit freundlicher Genehmigung) Für die Umsetzung des Gewinner-Murals steht ein Preisgeld von 100.000.000 Rubel (ca. 15.000 Euro) zur Verfügung. Die Entscheidung, die durch eine international besetzte Jury und ein Kunstgremium gefällt wird, soll Ende Februar bekannt gegeben werden. Ob es inhaltliche Vorgaben, insbesondere zu dem Ausschluss bestimmter gesellschaftskritischer Themen und Inhalte, für das Kunstwerkes gibt, von denen Künstler, die in Russland arbeiten uns immer wieder berichten, ist uns nicht bekannt.

Der Beitrag Art Ovrag Festival is calling for artists to paint world biggest mural erschien zuerst auf URBANSHIT.


Indonesian Bitcoin Market Rises, Rapid Increase in User Base Reported "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin Indonesia, a prominent online bitcoin marketplace, revealed a rapid development in its user base after adding over 170,000 members within 12 months.

from The news


Indonesian Bitcoin Market Rises, Rapid Increase in User Base Reported "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin Indonesia, a prominent online bitcoin marketplace, revealed a rapid development in its user base after adding over 170,000 members within 12 months.


Cigar UFO reported as watching group "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

A New York witness at Hopewell Junction recalled a UFO incident from 1984 that included multiple witnesses and lost time, according to testimony in Case 81276 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness and a group of friends were “lighting off mortars” late into the summer when the incident occurred.

The witnesses first noticed the UFO after hearing a low hum. Pictured: Hopewell Junction, NY. (Credit: Google.)

The witnesses first noticed the UFO after hearing a low hum. Pictured: Hopewell Junction, NY. (Credit: Google.)

“It was around the third or fourth shell where we heard a very dull, low, base hum and there it was directly across from us, hovering low off the horizon,” the witness stated.“We stood there and it hovered. Flashing lights, typical for what you might think you would see. Twelve-hundred feet across and about 300-400 feet wide.”

The witness believes the object was observing the group.

“I really think they were waiting for us to light off another one, but instead my friend’s Dad was running up the stairs because his mom was screaming, ‘Get the camera! Get the camera!’ Not much after that, it made like a ‘pop’ sound and had this tiny few seconds of a crawl away from us – and then bam. It was gone.”

The object was 1,200 feet across and hovered as though it was watching the group. Pictured: Hopewell Junction, NY. (Credit: Google.)

The object was 1,200 feet across and hovered as though it was watching the group. Pictured: Hopewell Junction, NY. (Credit: Google.)

The witness originally felt as though the sighting was a positive experience.

“The whole incident was beautiful and exciting, but what happened after is the part why I’m contacting you. This all occurred a little after dusk and I had a very, very strict Italian father who literally would punish me if I was home at 9:01. My curfew was 9 p.m. I got home at 11:05 p.m. The incident was over at 8:30 p.m. the latest. And for me to ride my bike to my house was no longer than eight minutes. The crazy part is I came home soaking wet, drenched in fact with perspiration, and my parents were like, ‘It’s okay. Go to bed.’ And I did. I just went to...


Famed Art Critic Robert Hughes Hosts the Premiere of 20/20, Where Tabloid TV News Began (1978) "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

A few years ago we featured The Shock of the New, respected critic Robert Hughes’ eight-part documentary series on modern art, which since its first broadcast in 1980 has stood as a signal achievement in intelligent television. But Hughes also had a hand in the development of, shall we say, unintelligent television, having two years earlier co-hosted the premier of ABC’s still-running newsmagazine show 20/20. His newly (and posthumously) published volume of essays and autobiographical writings The Spectacle of Skill devotes an entire chapter to the story of this televisual event, much ballyhooed in promos like the one just above.

“I was hired in some fit of aberration,” Hughes wrote in a 1995 New York Review of Books piece that would become the chapter’s basis. “My fellow anchor was the now, alas, late Harold Hayes, who had been a brilliant editor of Esquire but, like me, proved to have little talent for sitting in front of a TV camera with makeup all over his face and reciting lines that had been written for him by other people.” Their producer made it clear that “neither Hayes nor I was to have any say in what we would say,” that “the stories had to have an ‘interesting’ angle; mere news value would not do,” and that “the audience out there could be assumed to have the attention span of caddis flies.”


Viewers who tuned in to the very first 20/20 on the evening of June 6th, 1978 were treated to cultural announcements such as that of Saturday Night Fever‘s position at the top of the record charts; an interview with Flip Wilson offering “a long stretch of pushy bathos” about the comedian’s family troubles; jokes about Pet Rocks; a young Geraldo Rivera,...


the taste of tap water "IndyWatch Feed Comics"

Today on Toothpaste For Dinner: the taste of tap water

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Scientists Have Discovered What Happens to Our Minds as We Die "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

What happens to our minds when we die? Scientists may be closer to answering this question than ever.

Researchers at the University of Southampton have completed the largest study ever on near-death and out-of-body experiences, and the results may have big implications for how we view death.

The study: A team of scientists led by Sam Parnia, of the State University of New York at Stony Brook, examined the cognitive processes of survivors from a pool of 2,060 cardiac arrest patients during a four-year observational study. Nearly 40% of the more than 330 survivors surveyed reported some form of “awareness” during the time that they were considered clinically dead by responding medical staff, all while their hearts weren’t beating.

One in 5 claimed a state of prosaic contentment or peace had fallen upon them, while one-third reported some form of subjective time dilation. Some 13% felt as though they had physically left their bodies. Nearly 46% of the cardiac arrest patients reported various flashes of memory; 46% had memories with seven “major cognitive themes”: fear, animals and plants, bright light, violence and persecution, deja-vu and family. A full 2% described “seeing” and “hearing” actual events related to their resuscitation.

If memories weren’t blurred by sedation and or brain injury, the team expects that even more of the patients would have reported such experiences.

“Clearly, the recalled experience surrounding death now merits further genuine investigation without prejudice,” Parnia said in a press release. He added that “millions” of people have likely had “vivid experiences” while facing death, but that the scientific literature simply hasn’t taken such claims seriously. The results of his research were recently published in the journal Resuscitation.

So what’s on the other side? One man, a 57-year-old social worker, was able to accurately describe some elements of the scene that ensued while he was being attended to by nurses. The Telegraph reports:

“We know the brain can’t function when the heart has stopped beating,” said Dr. Sam Parnia […] “But...


Uber Collects User Location Data, New York City Demands Access "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Uber recently announced customer location data collection for the duration of rides, and New York City has already demanded access to that data.


I wonder, does every Youthworker……?A freezing James Ballantyne ponders. "IndyWatch Feed Education"

My favourite youth work blogger, James Ballantyne, kicks off the New Year with a list of questions it’s difficult to resist answering. His musing starts from pondering whether all youth workers are huddled in cold offices.


Ta to

Read in full at I wonder, does every Youthworker……?

That got me thinking – what else – apart from the ability to work in a cold office – what other experiences of youth work might be pretty much common, or even universal to all youth workers?

  • Do all youth workers have a positive experience of being ‘youth worked’ as a young person?
  • Do all youth workers have large DVD collections (we could be specific and suggest actual titles)
  • I wonder – do all faith-based youth workers either start or grow up evangelical? – some might stay.
  • Do all youth workers hope they had better supervision?
  • Have all youth workers used at least one ‘ready to use guide’ in youthwork magazine?
  • Have all youth workers had to try and describe what they do by saying what they’re not? (ie police, social worker, teacher)
  • Do all youth workers find the dark spots even when the light is blazing bright?
  • Do all youth workers love that moment when it ‘just clicks’ between themselves and a...


Spending Your Bitcoin in Russia: From Buying A Drink to Hiring A Lawyer "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

A large amount of legitimate businesses globally have opened up to the digital currency. Slowly, but rather persistently, Bitcoin is getting accepted in Russia as well.


Is this PROOF people lived in ANTARCTICA? Giant dome could CRUSH theory of humanity’s past "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

The oval shaped “building” is 400ft across and appears to have all the hallmarks of being a sizeable, man-made construct.

If true, it would reshape everything scientists thought they knew about humanity’s past as it would prove people inhabited what was previously thought to be a desolate region.

Satellite imagery clearly shows the structure, which closely resembles the ruins of a once giant building.

It is so symmetrical it has raised questions as to whether nature alone could have designed it.

Scientists initially thought the discovery could be a sastrugi – a natural phenomenon formed by years of being battered by strong, freezing winds and heavy snowfall.

But sastrugies always form a distinctive shape based on the direction of the wind and rarely appear as a distinct oval, such as the mystery formation in the satellite image.

Ancient civilisations in Antarctica have long been rumoured to have existed, with people pointing to a map drawn in 1513 by Turkish admiral Piri Reis as a clear sign of historic life.

The map shows Antarctica drawn impeccably well, despite it not officially being discovered until 1818.

This dome-like structure is not the first discovery to raise questions about advanced ancient civilisations living in the area.

A pyramid also appears to have been discovered poking out of the snow, with its distinctive triangular, symmetrical shape are clearly at odds with its surrounding environment.

Leading archeologist, Ashoka Tripathi, of the Department of Archaeology at the University of Calcutta, believes the images show clear evidence of an ancient human settlement beneath the ice sheet.

He said: “These are clearly features of some sort of human-made structure, resembling some sort of pyramidal structure. The patterns clearly show nothing we should expect from natural geomorphological formations found in nature. We clearly have here evidence of human engineering. 

“The only problem is that these photographs were taken in Antarctica under 2km of ice. That is clearly the puzzling part, we do not have any explanation for this at the moment.

“These pictures just reflect a small portion of Antarctica’s total land mass. There are possibly many other additional sites that are covered over with ice. It just shows us how easy it is to underestimate both the size and scale of past human settlements.”



5 Reminders That Will Help You Achieve TRUE Success "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

If you’re striving for success — independently or through employment with a company you’d like to move up in — a few things should be kept in mind to help you stay motivated and ensure you move up in an honest, conscious way.


Want to Live Longer? "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Most of us want an abundant, full life.


Cedella Marley: Give Your All "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Whatever you do this week, aim to do it well.


Science Has Proven That Group Meditation Literally Changes The World "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Not a lot is truly understood about quantum physics, but one thing science is at least a little bit sure of is that mass meditation has quantum results on both the meditator and the world.


8 Pursuits That Are Stealing Your Happiness "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Each and every person is in one way or another seeking to find happiness in life.


Rand Paul Reintroduces “Audit The Federal Reserve” Bill "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Today Senator Rand Paul and Representative Thomas Massie have reintroduced a bill that would force an audit of the notorious Federal Reserve.


What’s Truly Remarkable about Bitcoin: It Exists "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

World (FEE) –  It was the second week of February 2013 when I first ventured a public opinion that Bitcoin is the real deal. The dollar exchange rate was at $25, on its way toward another run-up and crash that had been the pattern for two years.

I had just returned from a conference where some Bitcoiners surrounded me and force-fed me the information I needed to know. It would take another two months before I wrapped my brain around it enough to be able to write an article. But in these early days, it was enough publicly to dispense with incredulity to cause the ceiling to fall in.

To this day, I’ve never faced such a barrage of criticism. Derision, ridicule, outrage, disgust – I saw it on my feed, all of it very personal and hugely inflammatory. It was my first experience with what it is like to feel like that whole world is against you (an illusion social media specializes in creating).

And yet I completely understood why. I had been reviewing submissions on Bitcoin since 2009, and I had not been a believer either.

Money for Nothing?

So, yes, I dismissed it.

Bitcoin Didn’t Care About My Theory

Groucho Marx once said: “Who you gonna believe, me or your own eyes?”

After having acquired Bitcoin and used it, I had to deal with something that became profoundly important in my own intellectual life. I had to recognize the reality of something my mind could not explain. I had been writing about money, its history and theory, since college. I thought I knew it all. Now this thing came along that blew up all my understanding. Who was I going to believe, myself or my own eyes?

I finally decided in favor of my eyes. The market had outwitted my expertise. This was a very humbling experience for me, and it taught me a lesson I hope never to forget. Never become so wrapped up in the certainty of your own opinions that you fail to look out the window and walk the streets to discover something that challenges what you think you know. It’s a Hayekian point but one that intellectuals are prone to ignore.

First Public Writing......


Why Every Warrior Should Own a Firearm "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Excerpted from the book, A Masters Guide to the Way of the Warrior
By Stefan H. Verstappen

Better to have a gun and not need it,
than to need a gun and not have one.


While many martial arts schools teach a variety of ancient weapons, which is an exciting if quaint pursuit, to live like a warrior in the modern age, and not a slave, you need to own a firearm.

There are two arguments in favor of every warrior and every family owning a firearm.

The first and most crucial reason is the fact that the state does not want you to have guns. This alone should be reason enough to get a gun.

It is a little known fact that the overwhelming majority of murders within a society are committed by the state. This is called Democide and in the last century, it is estimated that 174,000,000 to 262,000,000 citizens were murdered by their own governments. (1)

Proof that an armed population is a deterrent to tyranny is the fact that all tyrannies have first sought to disarm their populations. A quick study of history shows that anytime the state wants to disarm its population they have sinister intentions.

The list of governments disarming its population only to inflict mass murder and genocide goes back through 3000 years of history.

It should be noted that an armed population does not imply a violent uprising against the government; actually, the opposite is true. Just having the means and conviction to resist violence, acts as a form of threat display behavior that prevents violence from occurring in the first place.

Knowing that there are tens of thousands of armed citizens is what prevents your government from rounding you up for transport to a Gulag.

The same holds true on a societal level. A country with a well-equipped and trained army is a deterrent to neighboring nations thinking about invading. Likewise, a heavily armed and trained civilian population is a deterrent to tyranny. Every dictator knows he can tax, and regulate and impose any number of oppressive measures on a population with l...


Good Ideas "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

some days there is nothing left
no greater words than appetite
having done and eaten your fill

you still think well of yourself
composed cheerful helping out
then gracefully stepping aside

others are admirably complete
good ideas in abundant flower
this precious time actual living


Simone de Beauvoir on the Constellation of Chance and Choice That Makes Us Who We Are "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

“My life … runs back through time and space to the very beginnings of the world and to its utmost limits. In my being I sum up the earthly inheritance and the state of the world at this moment.”

Simone de Beauvoir on the Constellation of Chance and Choice That Makes Us Who We Are

To be alive is to marvel — at least occasionally, at least with glimmers of some deep intuitive wonderment — at the Rube Goldberg machine of chance and choice that makes us who we are as we half-stride, half-stumble down the improbable paths that lead us back to ourselves. My own life was shaped by one largely impulsive choice at age thirteen, and most of us can identify points at which we could’ve pivoted into a wholly different direction — to move across the continent or build a home here, to leave the tempestuous lover or to stay, to wait for another promotion or quit the corporate day job and make art. Even the seemingly trivial choices can butterfly enormous ripples of which we may remain wholly unwitting — we’ll never know the exact misfortunes we’ve avoided by going down this street and not that, nor the exact magnitude of our unbidden graces.

Perhaps our most acute awareness of the lacuna between the one life we do have and all the lives we could have had comes in the grips of our fear of missing out — those sudden and disorienting illuminations in which we recognize that parallel possibilities exists alongside our present choices. “Our lived lives might become a protracted mourning for, or an endless tantrum about, the lives we were unable to live,” wrote the psychoanalyst Adam Phillips in his elegant case for...


EU Council Requests The Registration Of Bitcoin Users "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The European Council seeks to introduce an anti-terrorism measure that will ensure a stricter handling on cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ripple. If the motion gets accepted by the heads of state and the governments of the member countries, the listed currencies will be managed by the EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive.

Platforms with Bitcoin and Co. are to register their users in a central database, according to the EU Council.

According to the German media outlet, the platforms that “deal with cryptocurrencies or exchange them into traditional currencies” will need to store both the identity and the address of the user electronic wallets in a central database.

The measures by the EU Council are intended to prevent abuse caused by the anonymity of electronic currencies. Bitcoin is widely used on the internet. However, it is also a mainstream cryptocurrency commonly used for making illegal deals on the dark web. There is no clear evidence that terrorists are using electronic currencies for financing their activities, but the European Council seeks to prevent this from happening.

The motion also seeks to impose new restrictions on prepaid cards too. In the future, clients have to deposit 150 euros to acquire a prepaid card. In addition to that, the daily limit will be set to 250 euros, although, some member countries already have their own stricter guidelines.

The political initiative originated from the EU Commission and the Council adopted the position with some changes. It is now awaiting to be accepted by the EU Parliament.

The initiative, if accepted, could change the future of cryptocurrencies. There is a chance that many users will abandon Bitcoin due to the new anti-money laundering policy, which could cause the currency’s price to drop.

The EU Council adopted the motion, even though, a Europol report in early 2016 showed that terrorists do not use cryptocurrencies to finance their activities.

“There is no evidence, however of IS-financing networks in existence. Third party reporting suggested that terrorists use anonymous currencies like bitcoin to finance their activities. However, this has not been confirmed by law enforcement. The financing of terrorist operations has not undergone any marked changes in the recent past. The sources of funding of the operatives in the EU are largely unknown,” the Europol report suggests...


PMA Temporarily Postponed Due to Crushing PMS "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

BISBEE, Ariz. — Courtney Howard’s otherwise unshakeable Positive Mental Attitude has been temporarily postponed due to crushing PMS, Howard quietly reported from her blanket cocoon earlier today while listening to Mazzy Star and avoiding eye contact.

“My bandmates and I are all about staying positive and focused, and I know our show next week will be great, but right now? I feel like a horrible fraud — a hideous, talentless fraud,” she said, picking Chipotle off her sweatpants. “It’s like this big takeover of my brain… and I just want to stay in bed and cry,” she said, blankly gazing off into the middle distance.

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“”“ ’”



Poll: Do You Wanna Be Freezing Cold on the Way to the Venue or Drenched in Sweat Once You’re There? "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

In the coming winter months, many of us are faced with a major decision when we decide to attend a show that has no coat check. Do we want to wear a jacket and be drenched in sweat the entire time we are at the venue?  Or do we want to go jacketless and be super cold on the way there?

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unnamed (38)



Jeremy Corbyn outlines his bold plans for 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Poor polling, party infighting and a seeming lack of strategy – the Labour party has not been doing well lately. Thankfully, Jeremy Corbyn has taken to Facebook to outline his bold, personal vision for 2017.


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Comic for 2017.01.06 "IndyWatch Feed Comics"

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic


Storm Axel brings worst Baltic Sea flooding in ten years! "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

The worst flooding to hit Germany’s north-eastern coast since 2006 has caused serious damage, with weather forecasters predicting storms in other parts of the country on Thursday.
Water levels along the Baltic Sea coast rose late Wednesday to between 1.5 and 1.7 metres above their normal levels before dropping to around one meter above average, according to the Maritime and Hydrography Agency.
In the cities of Luebeck and Flensburg cars were carried away by the flooding and parts of Luebeck’s World Heritage-listed old town became impassable for pedestrians.
“W e can’t comment yet on the extent of the damage,” a police spokesperson said.
However, Luebeck’s famous brick gothic Holsten Gate had been spared by the floods.
On the island of Usedom parts of the beach-side promenade as well as staircases and food stalls were ripped away by the flooding.
“It’s no children’s birthday party,” said Achim Froitzheim, spokesperson for the region of Vorpommern-Greifswald.
It’s worse than expected.”
Germany has been hit by severe winds and icy conditions in recent days, leading to dozens of road accidents.
Wind speeds of up to 123 km per hour and temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius have been recorded by the German Weather Service in what has been dubbed Storm Axel.
The storm is now moving across the Baltic towards Belarus.
Stormy weather was also predicted for eastern and southern Germany, with snow and sleet expected on Thursday.


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Grounded, discharged and healthy "IndyWatch Feed Health"


Interestingly, grounding research has now discovered that if you place your feet on the ground after an injury (or on a grounded sheet, or place grounding patches on the balls of your feet), electrons will migrate into your body and spread through your tissues. Any free radicals that leak into the healthy tissue will immediately be electrically neutralized. This occurs because the electrons are negative, while the free radicals are positive, so they cancel each other out. As noted by Dr. James Oschman, an expert in the field of energy medicine:

”So really what is happening with grounding or earthing is that you’re protecting your body from — I call it, collateral damage… Damage that was not intended to take place but does take place because we have disconnected ourselves from the Earth by putting rubber and plastic on the bottoms of our shoes.”

Free radical stress from exposure to pollution, cigarettes, insecticides, pesticides, trans fats, and radiation, just to name a few, continually deplete your body of electrons. Simply by getting outside, barefoot, touching the Earth, and allowing the excess charge in your body to discharge into the Earth, you can alleviate some of the stress continually put on your system. Walking barefoot can help ameliorate the constant assault of electromagnetic fields and other types of radiation from cell phones, computers, and Wi-Fi. It’s also thought that grounding may actually facilitate the formation of structured water in your body.

Furthermore, grounding also calms your sympathetic nervous system, which supports your heart rate variability. And, when you support heart rate variability, this promotes homeostasis, or balance, in your autonomic nervous system. This is important because anytime you improve your heart rate variability, you’re improving your entire body and all its functions. If you want to learn more, check out the Grounded documentary (in which I actually appear). You’ll hear first-hand accounts from residents of Haines, Alaska who have overcome chronic pain, sleep apnea, and much more simply by getting grounded.

How to Reconnect with the Earth’s Electrical Charge

Many Americans spend most of their waking hours wearing shoes with rubber or plastic soles. These materials are very effective insulators, which is precisely why they’re used to insulate electrical wires. Yet, they also effectively disconnect you from the Earth’s natural electron flow. Wearing leather-soled shoes will allow you to stay grounded with the Earth, as will walking barefoot, but you’ll need to do so on the proper surface. Good grounding surfaces include:

Sand (beach)
Grass (preferably moist)
Bare soil
Concrete and brick (as long as it’s not painted or sealed)
Ceramic tile
The following surfaces will NOT ground...


Muslim Man Dabs After Massacring 11 Pakistanis On Live Television "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | CONTACT A Muslim-Australian man has massacred eleven high-profile Pakistanis in the centre of Sydney, it has been confirmed. The man, an Australian citizen who was also born in Pakistan, took up to three hours slowly murdering the victims with the help of several other non-Muslims. The entire ordeal was broadcast live on Channel Nine. […]


Merry Armenian Christmas "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

It may be a new year but the holiday season continues and we’re celebrating today. So whether you celebrate Epiphany, Three Kings Day, Armenian Christmas, Feast of Theophany, or Eastern Orthodox Christmas on January 6 or 7, we wish you a happy holiday!

Thanks again to Anthony Antonellis for the GIF.

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As We Shift – A Giant WAVE "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Sophia, It’s 2017. It is just the 3rd day of the year as this is being written and wow. Already so much is altered. I’ve heard from more than one powerful light warrior/worker and some of what they sense and see is best summed up by this quote from one of them. “All I […]


A Couple of Lada Rays 2 of 2… 1-5-17… “Lada Ray Predictions: Erdogan-USA Rift; Vanga’s Prophecy; Turkey-Russia War and End of Turkey?” "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

lada_ray_photo_a_66Lada brings in some predictions in this one, along with some analysis of Vanga’s (seer from Bulgaria).

One of my favorite parts was in the video, starting at around 1:11, where it shows a musical back and forth between Turkey and US officials (who are in severe “CYA mode”) (CYA = Cover Your Ass). Very entertaining!

“…Turkey is now playing a game with the US, and it may short-term agree to certain bribes in exchange for the prolonged US/NATO stay at Incirlik Air Base. This is also a way for Erdogan to try and get some additional bargains from the incoming Trump administration… Turkey will eventually boot US/NATO out of Incirlik Air Base. This will serve as one of the decisive nails in the NATO coffin. This will take a few years (2-3, most likely) but it’ll happen.

[Re: Vanga’s prediction of Russia-Turkey war, Russia vanquishing Turkey] “US and allies made a lot of mistakes with him and he knows he can’t trust them… he knows he can trust Russia and Putin… Erdogan also sees the writing on the wall for where the wind blows in the future, which is away from the US and towards Russia.

“Vanga… wasn’t always right… the problem with long-term prophecies is that there are too many variables and the timeline changes. Spreads are very large. War may have been cosmically ‘intended’ through all past provocations… Vanga may have seen that timeline, where US/Saudi provocations do succeed and Russia reacts di...


Namaste Today: On The Other Side of Mt Pluto • Friday • 1/6/2017 and the galactic center activation in spring "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Published on Jan 5, 2017
This weekend you will find yourself turning a blind corner, into a new way of operating. What's on the other side of this corner? Witecki gets deep. For more information visit http://SiriusJoy.TV


Validating Corey Goode’s Information with Disclosures from T.V. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(Jonathan Carty) Disclaimer: As with any information you come across it is advised that discernment be used. I have no intention of deception, distortion or concealment of information to my readers. I feel guided to write and share the information and research I come across and put it together in a way that is easy to disseminate and distribute to others. My intentions are to emphasize the importance of love encouraging others to seek their own truth. What I feel is true and what others feel is true may differ and that’s okay, to each their own. If what I write doesn’t feel right then others are free to pass it by with their own free will. Much love!

Someone asked me recently what my thoughts were on Corey Goode and if there was any proof of his claims and information. I explained to this person that much of what he talks about has been released in a new T.V. show called Dark Matter and I suggested he watch that as much of what Corey’s sources and his own memory reveal has been featured in this show.
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This Is Why Time Is An Illusion "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Rich Fiori, Guest writer, In5D,.com Objectively speaking, there is no section of space-time that represents “now”. In this respect, it is more representative to think of space-time as a four dimensional reality. Relativistic simultaneousness is not “now” simultaneousness, it only means there are mathematically correct equations and coordinates that explain among other things, time […]


Ethereum Price Technical Analysis – ETH/USD Correction Initiated "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Highlights ETH price after making a top near the $11.40 level against the US Dollar started trading lower. Yesterday’s highlighted connecting bullish trend line on the hourly chart (data feed via SimpleFX) of ETH/USD was broken. The price closed below the $10.00 handle and looks set for more declines in the near term. Ethereum … Continue reading Ethereum Price Technical Analysis – ETH/USD Correction Initiated

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Am I Crazy? "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Amina Deb, Guest writer, According to my two children, I am the resident expert on “bat-shit crazy.” I, for one, spent many years trying to prove I was not crazy, offering morsel after morsel of evidence in an attempt to validate myself as well as my point of view. It was all for […]


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

1.00 AUD = 0.0008 BTC
0.0010 BTC = 1.25 AUD

Bitcoin and United States Dollar "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

0.0010 BTC = 0.90 USD
1.00 USD = 0.0011 BTC

The Warrior in the Modern Age "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Excerpted from the book, A Masters Guide to the Way of the Warrior
By Stefan H. Verstappen

 Long, continuous periods of peace and prosperity have always brought about the physical, mental, and moral deterioration of the individual.

Bradley A. Fiske, The Art of Fighting

The phrase, The Way of the Warrior, has its origins in ancient history and even pre-history and mythology. So what relevance does this school of thought have in modern society?

The relevance turns out to be of vital importance to everyone since without warriors, tyranny and slavery is the result.

Tyrannies throughout history have a repeated pattern of doing everything they can to eliminate warriors from their populations.

The reasons are obvious; warriors are the ones that always stir up trouble for tyrants. They are the ones that will speak out against oppression, that will stand up to cruelty, and that will fight and die for freedom.

Warriors are also the grassroots leaders around whom disgruntled citizens will gather and unite to provide a unified front against injustice.

Warriors are self-reliant and not easily swayed by mob thinking or peer pressure, and less likely to be influenced by lies and propaganda.

Warriors are also trained to perceive threats and dangers and are thus the first to discover a tyrant’s sinister scheme.

All these qualities make warriors anathema to psychopathic power structures.

Without the local leadership, courage, and critical thinking warriors provide for their communities, the rest of the population is rudderless and thus easily manipulated and controlled by the state.

Warriors are like the white blood cells in society’s immune system. Whenever foreign invaders or disease enters the body, the white blood cells attack to defend the body. Without warriors in a society, that society becomes vulnerable to foreign invaders or disease from the inside

As in every civilization in the past, our current regimes are doing everything in their power to rid our culture of the positive masculine principles embodied in the way of the warrior.

Instead of a warrior’s self-reliance, we are told to depend on the state.

Instead of a warriors’ courage we are told to be in constant fear by the...

Standing Rock 2017: The Fight is Not Over "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Standing Rock 2017 will continue to be an issue.  The fight of the Native American Indian tribes, environmentalists and the water protectors (protestors) is not over. 

Although the Army Corps of Engineers announced on Sunday December 4th, 2016, that it would not be granting the DAPL easement access, there is nothing to stop the oil company from disobeying that and moving forward anyway.

After all, the amount they would have to pay in fines in insignificant next to the lost revenue they are experiencing from the delay of the project. The announcement offered temporary relief, but the battle is not over.

Some at the camps have stated that the announcement was propaganda to lull people into a false sense of security. You can expect Standing Rock 2017 to be just as newsworthy as Standing Rock 2016.

Standing Rock 2017 will continue to be an issue. Get the facts about DAPL. Learn how the DAPL used a fast track method to avoid doing a full EIS.

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Notes for Friday – January 06, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Today is the birthday of musician Earl Scruggs, (1924-2012) and British comic actor Rowan Atkinson (born 1955). o o o Today, we present another entry for Round 68 of the SurvivalBlog non-fiction writing contest. The nearly $15,000 worth of prizes for this round include: First Prize: A $3000 gift certificate … Continue reading


Prep Your Ride- Part 3, by J.U. "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Situation: “Normal,” Everyday, Routine, and Your Vehicular Operations What is “normal,” everyday, or routine? Most people in America assume that these words mean orderly peacefulness, a lack of chaos and violence, and a Merry Christmas to all. They think that way because for so long that was “normal” in this … Continue reading


Letter Re: EPA to Sub-Freezing Alaska "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

JWR and HJL, Sadly, we are about to experience the same bureaucratic wisdom here in NY’s North Country and Adirondacks. Recently a well known engineering school had a student research panel present similar concerns in a public forum. I’m not quite sure how I’ve lived as long (or as warmly!) … Continue reading


Economics and Investing: "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Americans Fleeing High-Tax States According to National Movers Study – H.L. o o o The $1,000 Kennedy Half Dollar Roll Search – DSV o o o The Elite’s Dream of a Cash Ban is Now Closer Than Ever – B.B. o o o Has U.S. Gasoline Demand Peaked? Since 2014, … Continue reading


Odds ‘n Sods: "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Michigan deputy charged with firing shot that hit teacher, then trying to cover it up – T.P. o o o Boom: Record 27 million guns bought in 2016 – G.G. o o o Fascinating new .22 silencer. Single-use and quite effective. “Sterile” for covert ops. $0.50 apiece. Will be interesting … Continue reading


Hugh’s Quote of the Day: "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

“War is a way of shattering to pieces…materials which might otherwise be used to make the masses too comfortable and… too intelligent.” – George Orwell


The Japanese yosegi art of gluing colored wood and cutting it into thin sheets for decoration "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

I love learning about new art forms… and I especially love anything artistic from the middle east.

Instead of using paint, Japanese Yosegi decorations are made out of natural fine grains and textures of wood. First, timbers are cut into rods of desired sections, the rods are then glued together to form a section of geometrical design pattern. The surface is sliced into thin plates of wood, which are glued onto boxes and other handicraft works. This mosaic-like art originated during Japan’s Edo Period (17th-19th century) and are still respected all over the world.

Check out some cool videos below to learn more about this amazing art form:

See a master at work, starting from the original blocks of wood to the creation of a mosaic so fine, it’s applied like paper.

You can find out more about the art of Yosegi-zaiku  here.


Obama's True Legacy: Sears and Macy's among other big names closing over 200 stores!!! "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Published on Jan 5, 2017
As Obama's final term comes to an end, his TRUE legacy is starting to rear it's ugly head as over 200 stores from big name brands like Sears, Macy's and Kmart are closing their doors.



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►Assistant Editor: GORF-

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The present study shows that lichen compounds demonstrated strong antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anticancer properties. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Phytomedicine. 2012 Oct 15 ;19(13):1166-72. Epub 2012 Aug 22. PMID: 22921748 Abstract Title:  Chemical composition of three Parmelia lichens and antioxidant, antimicrobial and cytotoxic activities of some their major metabolites. Abstract:  The aim of this study is to investigate chemical composition of acetone extracts of the lichens Parmelia caperata, P. saxatilis and P. sulcata and antioxidant, antimicrobial and anticancer activities of some their major metabolites. The phytochemical analysis of acetone extracts of three Parmelia lichens were determined by HPLC-UV method. The predominant phenolic compounds in these extracts were protocetraric and usnic acids (P. caperata) and depsidone salazinic acid (other two species). Besides these compounds, atranorin and chloroatranorin, were also detected in some of these extracts. Antioxidant activity of their isolated metabolites was evaluated by free radical scavenging, superoxide anion radical scavenging and reducing power. As a result of the study salazinic acid had stronger antioxidant activity than protocetraric acid. The antimicrobial activity was estimated by determination of the minimal inhibitory concentration by the broth microdilution method. Both compounds were highly active with minimum inhibitory concentration values ranging from 0.015 to 1mg/ml. Anticancer activity was tested against FemX (human melanoma) and LS174 (human colon carcinoma) cell lines using MTT method. Salazinic acid and protocetraric acid were found to be strong anticancer activity toward both cell lines with IC(50) values ranging from 35.67 to 60.18μg/ml. The present study shows that tested lichen compounds demonstrated a strong antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anticancer effects. That suggest that these lichens can be used as new sources of the natural antimicrobial agents, antioxidants and anticancer compounds.

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A Couple of Lada Rays 1 of 2… 1-2-17… “Lada Ray Reveals Putin’s Secret! Why Putin Did Nothing After US Expelled 35 Russian Diplomats?” "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

lada_ray_photo_a_65In my view, an excellent analysis by Lada Ray. This is what also resonated with me and many others I know.

Some may wish to read this prior Kp blog post about this (also this Jim Dean and RT ‘dominated’ post).

“Most foreign MSM and analysts called the fact that Putin didn’t respond to Obama expelling 35 Russian diplomats a “triumph of Vladimir Putin’s policy.” Many call it generous and magnanimous. Some in the West believe that Putin, thus, created a trap for the US. Most agree that the move – rather the lack of an obvious tit-for-tat move as was expected – was unpredictable.

“In fact, it is directly in line with everything Putin and Russia have been doing. It is in line with how Russia continues trying to work with the EU, despite all the crazy anti-Russian rhetoric coming from Berlin, Paris and London; how Russia still tries to work with Ukraine to resolve the crisis there, despite all the lies… Russia’s goal, as the Great Balancer, is to calm down conflict, relieve tensions and move on to some sort of peaceful resolution. This is the role Russia played for centuries, possibly millennia. This is the truth.

“Russians weren’t fooled as t...


P. sulcata inhibited the growth in a dose-dependent manner and induced caspase-independent apoptosis at low doses. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Cytotechnology. 2015 May ;67(3):531-43. Epub 2014 Mar 28. PMID: 24676908 Abstract Title:  Promising anticancer activity of a lichen, Parmelia sulcata Taylor, against breast cancer cell lines and genotoxic effect on human lymphocytes. Abstract:  Plants are still to be explored for new anti-cancer compounds because overall success in cancer treatment is still not satisfactory. As a new possible source for such compounds, the lichens are recently taking a great attention. We, therefore, explored both the genotoxic and anti-growth properties of lichen species Parmelia sulcata Taylor. The chemical composition of P. sulcata was analyzed with comprehensive gas chromatography-time of flight mass spectrometry. Anti-growth effect was tested in human breast cancer cell lines (MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231) by the MTT and ATP viability assays, while the genotoxic activity was studied by assays for micronucleus, chromosomal aberration and DNA fragmentation in human lymphocytes culture. Cell death modes (apoptosis/necrosis) were morphologically assessed. P. sulcata inhibited the growth in a dose-dependent manner up to a dose of 100 μg/ml and induced caspase-independent apoptosis. It also showed genotoxic activity at doses (>125 μg/ml) higher than that required for apoptosis. These results suggest that P. sulcata may induce caspase-independent apoptotic cell death at lower doses, while it may be genotoxic at relatively higher doses.

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Full Show - Disgusting: Mentally Handicapped Man Tortured For Supporting Trump - 01/05/2017 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Published on Jan 5, 2017
On this Thursday, Jan. 5th 2017 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we cover the shocking video of an autistic white man tortured in Chicago. His torturers forced him to say “F*ck Donald Trump." Also, we report on the recent shakeup at Fox News with Tucker Carlson rising to the top amid the departure of Megyn Kelly. And we look into the latest news in the migrant crisis, with activists Tommy Robinson and Lauren Southern breaking down new developments.

© The Alex Jones Show Copyright 1995- 2016 All Rights Reserved.

Credit to videezy for backgrounds.

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Extracts of Parmelia sulcata and Usnea filipendula induced apoptosis-like cell death by causing DNA damage, to cancer cells. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Cell Prolif. 2014 Oct ;47(5):457-64. Epub 2014 Aug 1. PMID: 25081971 Abstract Title:  Parmelia sulcata Taylor and Usnea filipendula Stirt induce apoptosis-like cell death and DNA damage in cancer cells. Abstract:  OBJECTIVES: Successful cancer treatments still require more compounds to be isolated from natural sources. Thus, we have investigated anti-proliferative/apoptotic effects of methanolic extracts of lichen species Parmelia sulcata Taylor and Usnea filipendula Stirt on human lung cancer (A549, PC3), liver cancer (Hep3B) and rat glioma (C6) cells.MATERIALS AND METHODS: Anti-proliferative effects were monitored by MTT and adenosine triphosphate viability assays, while genotoxic activity was studied using the comet assay. Additionally, cell death mode and apoptosis assays (fluorescence staining, caspase-cleaved cytokeratin 18, caspase-3 activity and PARP cleavage) were performed.RESULTS: Extracts produced anti-population growth effects in a dose-dependent manner (1.56-100μg/ml) by inducing apoptosis-like cell death. This resulted in the lines having the presence of pyknotic cell nuclei. In addition, significant increase in genetic damage in the cell lines was seen, indicating that DNA damage may have been responsible for apoptotic cell death.CONCLUSION: In this study, methanolic extracts of Parmelia sulcata and Usnea filipendula induced apoptosis-like cell death by causing DNA damage, to cancer cells.

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Compounds isolated from lichens are possible candidates for the management of oxidative stress, and in the treatment of chronic diseases. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Molecules. 2014 Sep 12 ;19(9):14496-527. Epub 2014 Sep 12. PMID: 25221871 Abstract Title:  Antioxidant activity and mechanisms of action of natural compounds isolated from lichens: a systematic review. Abstract:  Chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases are characterized by an enhanced state of oxidative stress, which may result from the overproduction of reactive species and/or a decrease in antioxidant defenses. The search for new chemical entities with antioxidant profile is still thus an emerging field on ongoing interest. Due to the lack of reviews concerning the antioxidant activity of lichen-derived natural compounds, we performed a review of the antioxidant potential and mechanisms of action of natural compounds isolated from lichens. The search terms"lichens","antioxidants"and"antioxidant response elements"were used to retrieve articles in LILACS, PubMed and Web of Science published until February 2014. From a total of 319 articles surveyed, 32 met the established inclusion and exclusion criteria. It was observed that the most common isolated compound studied was usnic acid, cited in 14 out of the 32 articles. The most often described antioxidant assays for the study of in vitro antioxidant activity were mainly DPPH, LPO and SOD. The most suggested mechanisms of action were scavenging of reactive species, enzymatic activation and inhibition of iNOS. Thus, compounds isolated from lichens are possible candidates for the management of oxidative stress, and may be useful in the treatment of chronic diseases.

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Silver Company CEOs Prepare for War On Big Banks: Class Action Lawsuit for Price Rigging "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

(Mac Slavo) Though Wall Street regulators and the mega-banks they purport to regulate have long said that there exists no manipulation in markets and that anyone making claims to the contrary is nothing short of a conspiracy theorist, recent revelations suggest that even the most well-known financial institutions on the planet have been actively involved in rigging asset prices. We need look no further for confirmation of this fact than Deutsche Bank, which last year admitted the precious metals market has been rigged all along and agreed to pay nearly $100 million in settlements resulting from their direct involvement in the manipulation of gold and silver prices.

Source: Activist Post | by Mac Slavo

Now that the cat is out of the bag and Deutsche Bank has agreed to turn over documents implicating other banks in related schemes, major mining companies are preparing lawsuits of their own. Straight-shooting First Majestic Silver CEO, Keith Neumeyer, who in 2015 was the first mining company head to issue a public statement on the manipulation of precious metals prices by a small concentration of players, has said that the company's legal team is closely monitoring the situation.

Citing loss of revenue, jobs and shareholder value Neumeyer said in an interview with SGT Report that his company will likely be preparing legal action against the bullion banks involved in the rigging of prices.

I have an intimate knowledge of what goes on on the trading floors… how front running occurs, how wash trading occurs, how spoofing occurs… I've been looking for an opportunity to step in… I've been very vocal… I've talked to many executives that are running other silver companies… When the Deutsche news came out I sent an email to the law firm that's responsible for this lawsuit and I had a conference call with two lawyers… we spoke about this case… I can tell...


This Journalists Rant On Homelessness At Christmas Is Amazing "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

This guy hits the nail on the head every single time …

Please help Educate Inspire Change to make a difference and SHARE this powerful video with your family and friends.

The post This Journalists Rant On Homelessness At Christmas Is Amazing appeared first on Educate Inspire Change.


Bonds & Bullion Bounce But Banks Bruised And Bitcoin Bloodbath'd "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Source: Zero Hedge

It appears China chaos is finally starting to spread. Liquidity freezes and currency spikes...

Offshore has exploded higher - erasing all the losses post-Trump...

We get the feeling this is appropriate...

The USD Index is getting hammered...biggest 2-day drop since June 2016

China comments sparked a bloodbath in bitcoin...

And Treasury bond yields have plunged... (how do you say "policy error" in Chinese?)



Are You Headed for a Heart Attack This Month? Top 10 Early Signs "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Heart disease or heart attacks account for 25% of deaths in the United States. That means that if a person has at least four friends, one of them will die from a heart-related problem. Knowing the signs will not only protect you, but your family and friends as well.

Most of us know the signs of a heart attack when it happens: discomfort in the chest that doesn’t go away, unconsciousness, and abnormal pulse or breathing.

However, there are some symptoms that can manifest about a month before a serious heart attack takes place. Being aware of these signs and knowing what they mean could save a life.

Here are 10 signs a person may have a heart attack in the near future:

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Tesla crash spews thousands of AA batteries across Pacific Highway "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

6 January, 2017. 12:34 ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact A single vehicle accident west of Yamba has closed the Pacific Highway in both directions as emergency crews work to pick up thousands of AA batteries. The Tesla Model S P85 collided with the median barrier just after tea local time, with the front battery […]


Lichen extracts merit further research as a potential source of anticancer treatments. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Phytother Res. 2015 Jan ;29(1):100-7. Epub 2014 Sep 24. PMID: 25257119 Abstract Title:  Anticancer activities of selected species of North American lichen extracts. Abstract:  Cancer is the second leading cause of human deaths in the USA. Despite continuous efforts to treat cancer over the past 50 years, human mortality rates have not decreased significantly. Natural products, such as lichens, have been good sources of anticancer drugs. This study reports the cytotoxic activity of crude extracts of 17 lichen species against Burkitt's lymphoma (Raji) cells. Out of the 17 lichen species, extracts from 14 species showed cytotoxicity against Raji cells. On the basis of IC50 values, we selected Xanthoparmelia chlorochroa and Tuckermannopsis ciliaris to study the mechanism of cell death. Viability of normal lymphocytes was not affected by the extracts of X. chlorochroa and T. ciliaris.We found that extracts from both lichens decreased proliferation, accumulated cells at the G0 /G1 stage, and caused apoptosis in a dose-dependent manner. Both lichen extracts also caused upregulation of p53. The T. ciliaris extract upregulated the expression of TK1 but X. chlorochroa did not. We also found that usnic, salazinic, constictic, and norstictic acids were present in the extract of X. chlorochroa, whereas protolichesterinic acid in T. ciliaris extracts. Our data demonstrate that lichen extracts merit further research as a potential source of anticancer drugs.

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Instagram Fitspo Model Drinks 43 Bintangs In 1st Day Of Bali Cheat Week "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | CONTACT A Sydney-based ‘fitspiration model’ has consumed six times his daily recommended amount of calories, it has been confirmed. While running a moderately successful Instagram fitspo account under the name of Zen-On Fitness, the 23-year-old has already consumed 43 high-carb Balinese beers on his annual cheat week. “Nothing is wrong with a bit of […]


F. cucullata and its metabolites exert anti-cancer effects on human cancer cells. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  PLoS One. 2014 ;9(10):e111575. Epub 2014 Oct 31. PMID: 25360754 Abstract Title:  Lichen secondary metabolites in Flavocetraria cucullata exhibit anti-cancer effects on human cancer cells through the induction of apoptosis and suppression of tumorigenic potentials. Abstract:  Lichens are symbiotic organisms which produce distinct secondary metabolic products. In the present study, we tested the cytotoxic activity of 17 lichen species against several human cancer cells and further investigated the molecular mechanisms underlying their anti-cancer activity. We found that among 17 lichens species, F. cucullata exhibited the most potent cytotoxicity in several human cancer cells. High performance liquid chromatography analysis revealed that the acetone extract of F. cucullata contains usnic acid, salazinic acid, Squamatic acid, Baeomycesic acid, d-protolichesterinic acid, and lichesterinic acid as subcomponents. MTT assay showed that cancer cell lines were more vulnerable to the cytotoxic effects of the extract than non-cancer cell lines. Furthermore, among the identified subcomponents, usnic acid treatment had a similar cytotoxic effect on cancer cell lines but with lower potency than the extract. At a lethal dose, treatment with the extract or with usnic acid greatly increased the apoptotic cell population and specifically activated the apoptotic signaling pathway; however, using sub-lethal doses, extract and usnic acid treatment decreased cancer cell motility and inhibited in vitro and in vivo tumorigenic potentials. In these cells, we observed significantly reduced levels of epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) markers and phosphor-Akt, while phosphor-c-Jun and phosphor-ERK1/2 levels were only marginally affected. Overall, the anti-cancer activity of the extract is more potent than that of usnic acid alone. Taken together, F. cucullata and its subcomponent, usnic acid together with additional component, exert anti-cancer effects on human cancer cells through the induction of apoptosis and the inhibition of EMT.

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Visions of Pulsing Milk and Toothy Corn "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Installation view of <em>Monica Cook: Milk</em> at Postmasters Gallery (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic unless indicated otherwise)Installation view of Monica Cook: Milk at Postmasters Gallery (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic unless indicated otherwise)

Monica Cook is part alchemist, part Dr. Frankenstein. Her coral-hued sculptures of creatures, vehicles, and objects that make up an alternate world populated by furry, silicone critters with gooey skins and disco ball innards are made from the basest of materials: traffic cones, telephone cords, a shattered car windshield, plastic bottles, rubber nipples, fake vegetables, animal fur. But in her hands, they become precious artifacts rich with alluring details and thrum with inner life. Not only does she turn the discarded flotsam of contemporary existence into superb objects, but Cook then brings those vivid assemblages to life through stop-motion animation.

Her latest video, the nine-minute-long “Milk Tooth” (2016), is the centerpiece of her small but fulsome exhibition at Postmasters Gallery, Milk. Most of the objects that appear in the short are sculptures from Cook’s previous solo show at the gallery, Milk Fruit (2013). The narrative of “Milk Tooth” unfolds on split screens, with one side chronicling the efforts of a male humanoid (Valentino) to reach and revive the object of his affections, the female figure (Tish) on the other screen. She has gone into a deep slumber after sacrificing a pig-like creature in order to retrieve from one of the ears of corn in its belly a new silver tooth for Valentino. To repay the gesture, he washes Tish’s feet in a basin of milk extracted from the udders of a cow corpse that she brings back to life. A half-maternal, half-sexual exchange of milky fluids between Tish and Valentino results in the laying of a fertilized egg.



Protolichesterinic acid could be a suitable agent for treatment against HER2-overexpressing breast cancer. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Phytomedicine. 2014 Oct 15 ;21(12):1717-24. Epub 2014 Sep 16. PMID: 25442282 Abstract Title:  Effects of anti-proliferative lichen metabolite, protolichesterinic acid on fatty acid synthase, cell signalling and drug response in breast cancer cells. Abstract:  BACKGROUND: The lichen compound (+)-protolichesterinic acid (+)-PA, isolated from Iceland moss, has anti-proliferative effects on several cancer cell lines. The chemical structure of (+)-PA is similar to a known fatty acid synthase (FASN) inhibitor C75.AIMS: To test whether the anti-proliferative activity of (+)-PA is associated with effects on FASN and HER2 (human epidermal growth factor receptor 2) and major signalling pathways. Synergism between (+)-PA and lapatinib, a HER2 active drug, was also evaluated.MATERIALS AND METHODS: Pure compound was isolated by preparative high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and purity of (+)-PA analyzed by analytical HPLC. Cell viability was assessed using Crystal violet staining. FASN and HER2 expression was estimated by immunofluorescence. The Meso Scale Discovery (MSD)(®) assay was used to measure activation of ERK1/2 and AKT. Synergism was estimated by the CalcuSyn software.RESULTS: Treatment with (+)-PA increased FASN expression in SK-BR-3 cells, which overexpress FASN and HER2, implying a compensatory response to inhibition of FASN activity. HER2 expression was decreased suggesting secondary downregulation. ERK1/2 and AKT signalling pathways were inhibited, probably due to reduced levels of HER2. No effects were observed in T-47D cells. Synergism between (+)-PA and lapatinib was observed in the SK-BR-3 cells.CONCLUSION: Results suggest that the primary effect of (+)-PA is inhibition of FASN activity. Synergistic effects with lapatinib were seen only in SK-BR-3 cells, and not T-47D cells, further supporting the notion that (+)-PA acts by inhibiting FASN with secondary effects on HER2 expression and signalling. (+)-PA could therefore be a suitable agent for further testing, alone or in combination treatment against HER2-overexpressing breast cancer.

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Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 01/06/2017 – Finally, a Pullback to $950! "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin price suffered a sharp crash upon hitting a strong ceiling, inspiring a major pullback that could revive bullish interest.

The post Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 01/06/2017 – Finally, a Pullback to $950! appeared first on NEWSBTC.


How Carl Sagan Described Death and the Afterlife "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

If you’re anything like me, then you are not an astrophysicist. You may know that the universe is expanding, or that we live in a multiverse (or do we?). Maybe you’ve worked with medicine, plants or with technology, or you saw Interstellar in theaters (and intuitively thought the whole thing was possible).

Most of us know enough about science to be interested in the world around us. There is one author in particular we can thank for this.

Carl Sagan may be one of the most influential science writers of all time. He was certainly at the forefront of popularizing the subject with the public, contributing nearly twenty books to bring science to broader reading audiences.

Here’s Sagan’s perspective on death and the afterlife, shared in his book Billions & Billions: Thoughts on Life and Death at the Brink of the Millennium.

“I would love to believe that when I die I will live again, that some thinking, feeling, remembering part of me will continue. But as much as I want to believe that, and despite the ancient and worldwide cultural traditions that assert an afterlife, I know of nothing to suggest that it is more than wishful thinking. I want to grow really old with my wife, Annie, whom I dearly love. I want to see my younger children grow up and to play a role in their character and intellectual development. I want to meet still unconceived grandchildren. There are scientific problems whose outcomes I long to witness—such as the exploration of many of the worlds in our Solar System and the search for life elsewhere. I want to learn how major trends in human history, both hopeful and worrisome, work themselves out: the dangers and promise of our technology, say; the emancipation of women; the growing political, economic, and technological ascendancy of China; interstellar flight. If there were life after death, I might, no matter when I die, satisfy most of these deep curiosities and longings. But if death is nothing more than an endless dreamless sleep, this is a forlorn hope. Maybe this perspective has given me a little extra motivation to stay alive. The world is so exquisite, with so much love and moral depth, that there is no reason to deceive ourselves with pretty stories for which there’s little good evidence. Far better, it seems to me, in our vulnerability, is to look Death in the eye and to be grateful every day for the brief but magnificent opportunity that life provides.”



Lichen derived compounds could inhibit proliferation and induce apoptosis in multiple myeloma cells and pancreatic cancer cells. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Prostaglandins Leukot Essent Fatty Acids. 2015 Jul ;98:39-47. Epub 2015 Apr 29. PMID: 25964147 Abstract Title:  Anti-proliferative and pro-apoptotic effects of lichen-derived compound protolichesterinic acid are not mediated by its lipoxygenase-inhibitory activity. Abstract:  Lipoxygenases (LOXs) and their products are involved in several biological functions and have been associated with carcinogenesis. Protolichesterinic acid (PA), a lichen metabolite, inhibits 5- and 12-LOX and has anti-proliferative effects on various cancer cell lines. Here, PA was shown to inhibit proliferation of multiple myeloma cells, RPMI 8226 and U266, and pancreatic cancer cells AsPC-1. Apoptosis was induced only in multiple myeloma cells. Cell-cycle associated changes in expression and sub-cellular localization of 5- and 12-LOX were not affected by PA but increased cytoplasmic localisation was found to accompany morphological changes at later stages. Assessment by mass spectrometry showed that PA entered the pancreatic cancer cells. However, effects on LOX metabolites were only evident after treatment with concentrations exceeding those having anti-proliferative effects and no effects were measurable in the myeloma cells. We conclude that the anti-proliferative and pro-apoptotic effects of PA are not mediated directly through inhibition of LOX activity.

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BUSTED: FBI Never Even Examined the DNC Servers Over Allegations of Russian Hacking "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(Claire BernishAccording to a report, the FBI has never examined the servers of the Democratic National Committee — not even for the six months during which the bureau claimed to be investigating allegations of Russians compromising cyber networks.
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Lichens may be novel natural agents for treating breast cancer disease. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Folia Biol (Praha). 2015 ;61(3):97-103. PMID: 26213854 Abstract Title:  Anti-Proliferative and Apoptotic Effects of Methanolic Extracts from Different Cladonia Species on Human Breast Cancer Cells. Abstract:  This study tries to elucidate the anti-proliferative and apoptotic effects of methanolic lichen extracts from Cladonia rangiformis and Cladonia convolute in MCF-7 human breast cancer cells. Lichen extracts (0-2 mg/ml) were added to MCF-7 cells for 24 h. Cell viability was tested using 3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol- 2-yl)-2,5 diphenyltetrazolium bromide (MTT) assay. Cell proliferation was observed using bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU) labelling and proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) by immunocytochemistry. The TUNEL method was used for cell death detection. The effective dose (ED50) values of methanolic extracts from C. rangiformis and C. convolute were found to be 0.905 and 0.977 mg/ml, respectively. Treatment with C. rangiformis methanolic extract (0.2-0.8 mg/ml) dose-dependently inhibited proliferation of MCF-7 cells as detected by BrdU incorporation. The inhibition was started in 0.2 mg/ml concentration of C. convoluta methanolic extract. The percent of PCNA immunopositive cells showed a decrease in MCF-7 cells treated with two lichen extracts compared to control MCF-7. Both methanolic extracts showed a significant increase in percentage of apoptosis-positive cells. These results indicate that methanolic lichen extracts from C. rangiformis and C. convolute inhibited proliferation of MCF-7 cells and caused apoptosis in MCF-7 cells. The lichens may be novel natural agents for treating breast cancer disease.

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Fujifilm GFX To Be Released February 23 – Announcement January 19 "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

According to FujiRumors, the Fujifilm GFX will be released on Febraury 23 in USA (and probably worldwide) – Announcement January 19. The price for body+lens will be of $8000

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Physciosporin inhibits lung cancer cell motility through novel mechanisms of action. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  PLoS One. 2015 ;10(9):e0137889. Epub 2015 Sep 15. PMID: 26371759 Abstract Title:  Lichen Secondary Metabolite, Physciosporin, Inhibits Lung Cancer Cell Motility. Abstract:  Lichens produce various unique chemicals that can be used for pharmaceutical purposes. To screen for novel lichen secondary metabolites showing inhibitory activity against lung cancer cell motility, we tested acetone extracts of 13 lichen samples collected in Chile. Physciosporin, isolated from Pseudocyphellaria coriacea (Hook f.&Taylor) D.J. Galloway&P. James, was identified as an effective compound and showed significant inhibitory activity in migration and invasion assays against human lung cancer cells. Physciosporin treatment reduced both protein and mRNA levels of N-cadherin with concomitant decreases in the levels of epithelial-mesenchymal transition markers such as snail and twist. Physciosporin also suppressed KITENIN (KAI1 C-terminal interacting tetraspanin)-mediated AP-1 activity in both the absence and presence of epidermal growth factor stimulation. Quantitative real-time PCR analysis showed that the expression of the metastasis suppressor gene, KAI1, was increased while that of the metastasis enhancer gene, KITENIN, was dramatically decreased by physciosporin. Particularly, the activity of 3'-untranslated region of KITENIN was decreased by physciosporin. Moreover, Cdc42 and Rac1 activities were decreased by physciosporin. These results demonstrated that the lichen secondary metabolite, physciosporin, inhibits lung cancer cell motility through novel mechanisms of action.

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6 Ways to Protect Yourself as an Empath "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

As a nurse and an Empath, I’ve found that I was constantly feeling drained, having mood changes based on those around me, as well as the need to stop watching and reading about anything negative, including the news. 

It wasn’t until I discovered how to protect myself that I was able to live my life as an Empath without negative consequences.

Here is what I found worked best for me:

Meditate – I meditate at least once a day; it is my ‘me’ time. Time to clear my head and release others emotions that I have retained and that had continued to stay with me through the day.

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Earth’s Magnetic Field and the New Consciousness "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Earth's magnetic field is involved in a perturbation or morphing. This is taking place interdimensionally, and the net effect is incremental surges in amplitude or strength of the magnetic field.

This morphing of earth’s magnetic field is like a wave that rises and falls very quickly, and the oscillations are minute, but distinct. This is having a very strange effect upon human consciousness, specifically your biological experience.

Many people are experiencing an increase of exhaustion and weariness (these symptoms are also caused by movements of energies from deep space as they pass through your galaxy and your solar system).

But this (perturbation) is of a different category. This is caused by the magnetic field itself, which is responding to the deep energies from space.

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Rare Astrology: January 7th-February 6, 2017 All Planets Are Moving Direct "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Beginning on January 7th and continuing through February 6th, 2017, all of the major planets in the solar system will be moving forward (direct). In ancient astrology, this was a sign of great fortune and opportunity.

A known astrologer, Stephanie “Wave” Forest is the first modern astrologer to publish information regarding this phenomenon.

According to her,

“Now, here in this moment, from our geo-centric view, our entire solar system, moving together, in the same direction, like a flowing cosmic river, all traveling towards this one direction. From the position of the Sun or Earth’s perspective, All Planets in Direct Motion represents an organic, holistic, synchronous, harmonious group passage through the endless universe.

An APDM cycle is definitely one of hope for the future. It’s uniquely a time where the earth’s perspective becomes like the Sun. Where the vibration of the solar system can provide an extraordinary kind of cosmic assistance to any endeavor created to benefit, rather than to hinder, human life on earth. Where the whole planet can be energized by cosmic fuel rather than fossil fuels.

The auspicious timing of APDM 2017 is recommended by astrologers for successful mergers, marriages, large acquisitions, charity events, physical operations, inaugurations, launch a new business, birth a new president and anything else where one desires a positive result.

APDM is furthermore considered to be a time when the universe is in a state of natural order with all the planets are traveling forward.”

During the time in which this occurs, almost a full month will come to pass. In the beginning, Mercury will station itself directly and by the end of the cycle, Jupiter will station in retrograde on February 6, 2017.

According to Wave, Mercury beginning in direct meant that,

“Mercury is symbolized as a quick, versatile planet that can easily
traverse the Upper World, the Middle World, and the Lower World, in just one instant. It doesn’t stay for long in any of the realms as it is mostly a guide, temporarily, an information seeker and a messenger between the realms. ”

When referring to Jupiter and it’s status at the end of the cycle Wave explains that,

“Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and Mercury before it stations direct will be in the sign of Sag so right away we see a symbolic celestial correspondence between the two. Both Mercury and Jupiter experience an enhanced energy of the other. Note also that Jupiter opposes U...


Q&A Mistakenly Invite Mitchell Starc As Another ‘Lefty’ Panel Guest For First Episode Back "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | CONTACT With ABC’s Q&A expected to return to the screens around this February, ABC producers have been left red-faced today after it was revealed that they had accidentally booked Australian cricketing left-hander Mitchell Starc onto the panel for the first episode of 2017. Pre-existing rumours surrounding a hidden ABC left-wing agenda have all […]


SAMYANG 14mm f2.4 XP v's TAMRON SP 15-30mm F2.8 Di VC Coma tests - Daniel Gangur "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

SAMYANG 14mm f2.4 XP v's TAMRON SP 15-30mm F2.8 Di VC USD Coma tests



What is this test all about?

Both the new Samyang 14mm f2.4 XP and Tamron SP 15-30 f2.8 Di VC USD lenses are going to be lenses that really interest Wide field Astrophotographers due to their wide focal lengths, fast maximum apertures and similar price point. I decided to conduct a simple coma test by taking a few images from each lens at their maximum apertures f2.4 for the Samyang and f2.8 for the Tamron using the 15mm end of the Tamron's zoom range. I also shot images with the Samyang stopped down to f2.8 so we can see a direct comparison between the Samyang and Tamron at the same apertures. (I will include an explanation of coma at the end of this.)

The reason for the test is simply to help photographers, particularly Astro Photographers, decide what lens is better suited to their needs and satisfy my own curiosity.

How did I conduct this test? I set my tripod and camera in position, mounted the Samyang 14mm to my 6d used live view to get critical focus on the pointer stars and took a shot using the maximum aperture and settings mentioned below each image. I then mounted the Tamron to my 6d and did the same, I then repeated with the samyang at f2.8 the images were taken within minutes of each other.





Things we Don’t Talk about on Social Media. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

There is beauty in sharing the darkest parts of ourselves.


Sussan Ley Nips Down To Shops To Buy Milk, Spontaneously Buys Shop As Well "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

sussan ley

Health Minister Sussan Ley has impulse-purchased a shop, on a trip to the shops today.

In a feeling familiar to anyone who does the weekly grocery run, Ms Ley headed out with the intention to buy just milk, but then bought the shop as well on a whim.

“Once I saw it, I just had to have it,” Ms Ley said.

According to retail research, around a quarter of all grocery purchases and grocery stores in Australia are bought on impulse.


Study reveals Brisbanese people more likely to clean windows with the Courier-Mail than read it "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

6 January, 2017. 12:34 ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact A study commissioned by the CSIRO has found that most editions of the Courier-Mail sold in the Brisbane metro area are used to clean windows and barbeques. In addition to their use as a cleaning aid, the fledgeling newspaper is also more likely to be […]


How being Vulnerable with a Stranger Helped me when I Needed it Most. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Without missing a beat, this woman who barely knew me gathered me in her arms and held me as I


Things I Wanted to Say to You Last Night. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

When you walked into the party last night, nothing happened.


BITCOIN PLUNGES! This Is What’s Next For Bitcoin (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

BITCOIN PLUNGES! This Is What’s Next For Bitcoin Mary Williams Please get informed people, don’t buy the FUD. There was no “plunge” (price is same as it was last week). Bitcoin’s price is still ridiculously low right now if you do the math and see the big picture. Bitcoin is extremely scarce and will be…

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The Alchemist. {Poem} "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

I am no alchemist, No two bit fair raise.


176 Investigations Started In Norway, Operation Hyperion "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

176 investigations started against 226 persons in Norway as part of Operation Incognito, the Scandinavian side of the United States-led Operation Hyperion. Hyperion was a global law enforcement action against dark web criminals (who dealt mostly with narcotics).

Authorities already detained and remanded 12 of the suspects in custody from the Northern region. Most of the suspects are located in the Western part of the country, police information says.

“The results show that drug trafficking has moved into the homes, and that you can order drugs in the mail while sitting with your kids, or in the bedroom. We have, in these cases, managed to break the anonymity of the Darknet,” said Linda Staaf, head of the intelligence unit at the National Police Operations Department in a press release.

Law enforcement authorities in Norway warned dark net buyers that they will be “more suspicious” and there is an expectation of “more efforts like this in the future”.

Operation Hyperion was the first law enforcement action ever coordinated on a global scale against dark web vendors and buyers. It was initiated by the US federal law enforcement and involved agencies in different countries, including the Europol, the United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency, Australian Federal Police, New Zealand Police and New Zealand Customs Service, Canada’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canada Post and Canada Border Services Agency, the Netherlands, French Customs National Intelligence and Investigations Directorate, Finnish Customs, Swedish Police Authority and Swedish Customs, Ireland’s Garda National Drugs & Organised Crime Bureau, and Spain’s Guardia Civil.

An official press release was given by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement:

While illegal drugs continue to be the biggest item purchased and sold on Darknet marketplaces, law enforcement agencies around the world are also seeing counterfeit prescription drugs and other counterfeit items, dangerous and deadly synthetic drugs like Fentanyl, deadly toxins, fake and stolen identities, identity documents and stolen credit card data, as well as illegal services like computer hacking, murder for hire and money laundering.

One of the most shocking news for the dark web community was the Netherlands launching a .onion site on the dark net. The website listed the currently active and arrested Dutch vendors and the usernames of the identified dark web buyers.

Soon after Operation Hyperion launched, law enforcement authorities in Australia arrested four suspects. Police executed 11 search warrants in th...


“The Scariness of Things with No Names:” My Wife has Breast Cancer. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The story of our family is changing day by day. The next twelve months looked quite clear to us before.


Mike Whitney’s band completes 45-minute rendition of ‘Bow River’ "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

6 January, 2017. 15:34 ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact Listen out to the wind, babe. Listen out for the rain. Audiences in Brisbane were treated to a face-melting performance of Cold Chisel’s classic feel-good hit ‘Bow River‘ by Mike Whitney’s band overnight. The extended jam continued on for some 45-minutes before Whitney swan-dived off […]


All the Kitsch "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

A Dream of Heroes, 2015, mixed media collage, 15 3/4 x 20 1/2


John Ashbery is eighty-nine. In the last two months, he’s published a new collection of poems, Commotion of the Birds, and launched an exhibition of his latest collage work, which appears through January 28 at Tibor de Nagey. 

What have you done in the last two months?

If you, like me, are a third of Ashbery’s age but have accomplished neither of those things, ever, you can still take solace in Ashbery’s work: it’s rambunctious and joyous and seems much more the work of an impish spirit-animal than an eighty-nine-year-old man. As always, his collages, a selection of which appear below, work in enchanting synchrony with his poems. Both radiate the same lambent heat—you can imagine him putting on thick mitts to slide them out of the oven of his mind. Writing about Commotion in Harper’s last year, Ben Lerner noted that Ashbery’s “mixture of familiarity and foreignness is at once funny and profound—many of the formulations are ridiculous, and yet it’s as though Ashbery has invented an Esperanto through which we have access to the kitsch of all possible worlds. We hear, as if for the millionth time, what we have never heard before.”

If the poems are the Esperanto, the collages are maybe the semaphore or the pictograms—a new language to convey all that kitsch, to smash together the familiar and the foreign. His collage The Pause That Refreshes could be subtitled with a line from “Hillbilly Airs and Dances”: “vintage treat, vintage street.” And looking at that guy in To the City—the seated one, giving the thumbs up in short shorts—I thought of the couplet that opens “A Funny Dream”: “His aunt was accepted. / How c...


A Natural Formula for Growing Your Nails at Home "IndyWatch Feed Food"

A Natural Formula for Growing Your Nails at Home

I don’t know this for sure, but I can assure you it has its effect on the damages.

Visiting the nail salon once or twice a week can’t be a good sign. Plus, some women even go with artificial nails that increase the damages.

Let’s leave that for some other time. The damage is done, and now it’s not the time to cry for what happened and swear that it won’t happen again.

Nail treatments to get a new and healthy nail could be expensive. The procedure is a few hours a day for a couple of days. After that, you need to hope the nail grows healthy.

What I have here will help you regrow nails and grow them faster if you want big and beautiful nails for your manicure.

People, who had the same problem, tried all the home remedies you’ll see below. They left some excellent comments about how these treatments helped them.

So, you can try some of them. They are completely natural.

Here is the video:

Before I rap this up, I want to tell you something about maintaining healthy nails.

Maybe you don’t know this, but having healthy nails is not something we get from our parents or grand parents.

You have to keep an eye of your bad habits. Many people are still using their mouth to trim their nails. It’s extremely unhealthy for your organism and your nails.

The poor diet can also affect the health of your nails. Eating foods rich in protein, iron, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D. The road to healthy nails might be long, but productive.

Using too much and different excellence products or strong detergents without proper protection could also affect the health of your nails.

So, keep your nails as healthy as possible and you won’t feel the need of using remedies.

If you think this will help your friends, you can use the sharing buttons below and let them know.


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Bitcoin Bubble, Dollar Fall, Gold Rising In 2017, Trump Supporter Kidnapped & Tortured (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin Bubble, Dollar Fall, Gold Rising In 2017, Trump Supporter Kidnapped & Tortured Video Junius Maltby daily news discussion on BTC BITCOIN, Gold, the Dollar and social chaos. Stackin Ag47 Her and all the other Social Justice warriors or BLM people can all f**k right off. They are ruining our country and helping our society…

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Guarana catechins are bioavailable and contribute to reduce the oxidative stress of clinically healthy individuals. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Food Funct. 2016 Jul 13 ;7(7):2970-8. PMID: 27302304 Abstract Title:  Bioavailability of catechins from guaraná (Paullinia cupana) and its effect on antioxidant enzymes and other oxidative stress markers in healthy human subjects. Abstract:  We assessed the effects of guaraná (Paullinia cupana) consumption on plasma catechins, erythrocyte antioxidant enzyme activity (superoxide dismutase, catalase and glutathione peroxidase) and biomarkers of oxidative stress (ex vivo LDL oxidation, plasma total antioxidant status and ORAC, and lymphocyte single cell gel electrophoresis) in healthy overweight subjects. Twelve participants completed a 15-day run-in period followed by a 15-day intervention with a daily intake of 3 g guaraná seed powder containing 90 mg (+)-catechin and 60 mg (-)-epicatechin. Blood samples were taken on the first and last day of the intervention period, fasting and 1 h post-dose. The administration of guaraná increased plasma ORAC, while reducing ex vivo LDL oxidation (only in the first study day) and hydrogen peroxide-induced DNA damage in lymphocytes, at 1 h post-dose. Plasma catechin (0.38 ± 0.12 and 0.44 ± 0.18 nmol mL(-1)), epicatechin (0.59 ± 0.18 and 0.64 ± 0.25 nmol mL(-1)) and their methylated metabolites were observed at 1 h post-dose but were almost negligible after overnight fasting. The activities of catalase (in both study days) and glutathione peroxidase (in the last intervention day) increased at 1 h post-dose. Furthermore, the activity of both enzymes remained higher than the basal levels in overnight-fasting individuals on the last intervention day, suggesting a prolonged effect of guaraná that continues even after plasma catechin clearance. In conclusion, guaraná catechins are bioavailable and contributeto reduce the oxidative stress of clinically healthy individuals, by direct antioxidant action of the absorbed phytochemicals and up-regulation of antioxidant/detoxifying enzymes.

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The Unbreakable Man: What happened when I let myself be Vulnerable. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Sitting on my bed in my underwear, and finally allowing myself to be broken was the best thing I ever did.


10 Unbelievable Reasons You Should Eat Celery in The Evening "IndyWatch Feed Food"

You probably often use celery, but mixed with other vegetables, and do not often consider its huge contribution to your better health.

Apparently, this vegetable offers amazing health benefits, and we will give you 10 good reasons to start loving it:

Alleviates and relieves inflammation

This vegetable successfully treats inflammation, and relieves joint pain, as t is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols. Also, it provides great benefits in the case of asthma, and treats acne, as it contains salicylic acid which eliminates follicular clog.

Treats ‘bad’ cholesterol

The taste and aroma of celery are due to an ingredient known as butylphthalide, which reduces LDL, ‘bad’ cholesterol, which causes high blood pressure. Namely, the consumption of only 2 stalks of celery a day can reduce LDL by up to 7%!

Celery helps digestion

Celery is abundant in water and insoluble fiber and it effectively regulates your stool. Its cleansing properties make it a perfect diuretic.

Reduces high blood pressure

Celery is a rich source of active compounds known as phthalides, which boost the circulation by at least 14% and reduce the amount of stress hormones in the blood.

Supports eye health

A celery stalk provides 10% of daily vitamin A, which prevents vision degeneration due to aging, and protects the eyes. This vegetable is also high in polyphenol phytonutrients which keep your vision at 20/20.

Helps you lose weight

A full stalk of celery includes only 10 calories and plenty of water, so its consumption will keep you full and help you lose extra pounds.

Reduces stress

Celery is rich in magnesium, as much as 11mg per 100mg, and this mineral is a known stress reliever. Additionally, it is high in essential oils as well. The consumption of this vegetable will soothe the nervous system and will also help you fall asleep easily.

Regulates alkaline balance

Celery prevents the acidic state in the body, so its regular consumption will maintain a balance of the Ph levels in the body.

Improves your sex life

This vegetable is high in two sex pheromones, androstenone and androstenol, which are released while chewing. This will significantly boost the arousal levels.

Fights cancer

Celery has a flavonoid known as luteolin which delays the formation of breast cancer cells, and inhibits the growth of cancer cells, especially in the case of the pancreas...


Guarana powder may be an adjuvant therapy in the management of hyperlipidemia and cognitive disorders. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Physiol Behav. 2017 Jan 1 ;168:11-19. Epub 2016 Oct 6. PMID: 27720901 Abstract Title:  Guarana (Paullinia cupana) ameliorates memory impairment and modulates acetylcholinesterase activity in Poloxamer-407-induced hyperlipidemia in rat brain. Abstract:  Hyperlipidemia is a risk factor for the development of cognitive dysfunction and atherosclerosis. Natural compounds have recently received special attention in relation to the treatment of disease due to their low cost and wide margin of safety. Thus, the aim of this study was to determine the possible preventive effect of guarana powder (Paullinia cupana) on memory impairment and acetylcholinesterase (AChE) activity in the brain structures of rats with Poloxamer-407-induced hyperlipidemia. Adult male Wistar rats were pretreated with guarana (12.5, 25 and 50mg/kg/day) and caffeine (0.2mg/kg/day) by gavage for a period of 30days. Simvastatin (0.04mg/kg) was administered as a comparative standard. Acute hyperlipidemia was induced with intraperitoneal injections of 500mg/kg of Poloxamer-407. Memory tests and evaluations of anxiety were performed. The cortex, cerebellum, hippocampus, hypothalamus and striatum were separated to assess acetylcholinesterase activity. Our results revealed that guarana powder was able to reduce the levels of TC and LDL-C in a manner similar to simvastatin. Guarana powder also partially reduced the liver damage caused by hyperlipidemia. Guarana was able to prevent changes in the activity of AChE and improve memory impairment due to hyperlipidemia. Guarana powder may therefore be a source of promising phytochemicals that can be used as adjuvant therapy in the management of hyperlipidemia and cognitive disorders.

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Bitcoin Ends Day Above $1,000 as Price Mounts Recovery "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

While bitcoin prices have had a crazy couple of days, they may have entered the eye of the storm late in the 5th January trading session.


from CoinDesk


Bitcoin Ends Day Above $1,000 as Price Mounts Recovery "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

While bitcoin prices have had a crazy couple of days, they may have entered the eye of the storm late in the 5th January trading session.



Oregon Rain Man Forced to Destroy Pond: Americans “Not Entitled To Private Property Water Rights” "IndyWatch Feed Survival"


This article was written by Anonymous and originally published at AnonHQ.

Editor’s Comment: The continued assault against independence and self-sustainability is absolutely eradicating freedom. 2017 would do well to see a resurgence of off grid living and a fight back against the regulatory systems that would restrict how people can live on their own land, and without the need to be dependent upon government or corporations for their livelihood.

Unless that silent war is curbed, people will find that all the freedom talk on the Internet won’t mean anything to a population that needs its own resources and resilience. Preppers should be particularly wary of areas that have cracked down the hardest.

Oregon Couple Told They Have No Water Rights, Forced to Destroy Their Own Pond

by AnonHQ

Remember the Oregon ‘Rain Man’ or Gary Harrington — who was sent to 30 days in Jackson County Jail and slapped with a $1,500 fine for collecting rainwater on his 170-acre property? He was ordered to breach his dams and drain his ponds that held more than 13 million gallons of water, enough to fill 20 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Now, an Oregon couple faces a similar fate as Gary Harrington because the rain belongs to the overbearing government, because corporate greed claims water is not a human right, and because Americans are not entitled to do what they please on their private property.

The Jackson County Watermaster’s office has told Jon and Sabrina Carey to destroy their 2-acre pond — built 40 years ago, long before they bought the 10-acre property off Butte Falls Highway two and a half years ago — as they don’t have any water rights.

“I basically bought a lemon. That’s how they explained it to me.”

The county had no issues with the pond until Jon sought to grow legal medical cannabis on his property. He was then required to produce proof that he had a viable source of water for cannabis cultiv...


Romanian and East European Modern Art "IndyWatch Feed Arts"


Ştefan Luchian: At Maize Share. La împărţitul porumbului, oil on canvas, Muzeul Naţional de Artă al României din Bucureşti

On the 6th of January 1868, the Romanian painter Stefan Luchian was born in Ștefănești, a village in Botoșani, Romania. When he was still young, he moved to Bucharest, where he trained under Nicolae Grigorescu at the National University of Art. He studied a short spell at the Munich Fine Arts Academy where he copied masters such as Correggio and Rembrandt, then at the Académie Julian in Paris under Bouguereau, but was deeper influenced by the trendy Impressionists.

At the time, Paris was the Mecca for nineteenth-century European artists, who tried to enrich their countries’ traditional repertoire of icon-painting and church decoration, most ending up greatly influenced by the Ba...


Three Philosophers, Giorgione, ca. 1505-09 "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Three Philosophers, Giorgione, ca. 1505-09


Is Bitcoin the Currency of Artificial Intelligence? "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Futurists imagine a day where robots might own ‘themselves’, and even trade property with other robots. Some believe bitcoin could even become the ‘currency of AI.’

Also Read: Google’s DeepMind Healthcare AI Will Use Blockchain 

Robotic Bitcoiners

What if robots are self-sovereign entities and they can own property, own money, have legal rights and so forth?

“There’s actually a lot of precedence for that,” says Jeff Garzik, bitcoin developer and CEO of Bloq, enterprise blockchain developer with emphasis on networks like bitcoin. “It’s been assumed as inevitable that robots will exist and they will own property.”

Mr. Garzik believes robots could one day be considered legal persons, and even trade bitcoins. The bitcoin developer cites how corporations enjoy legal personhood.

“It’s a legal fiction that they are an entity separate from an individual person,” he told “Entity-hood means corporations can own property, and that they are liable. They are sued instead of individuals running the company.”

Like a corporation, robots will soon be able to hold value. “We see with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies situations where the technology allows one person to control one-fifth of an asset,” the Bloq founder explained, referring to a multi-signature transaction protocol where three out of five private key holders must sign off for a transaction to be executed. “What if the asset-holders were robot shareholders in a corporation or property? [That’s] pure code, pure robotic script. And Bitcoin helps with that. Cryptocurrency startups are building autonomous agents right now.”



Designing Your Perennial Farm – Restoration Agriculture with Mark Shepard "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

“Mark Shepard, manager of New Forest Farms and author of the book Restoration Agriculture, will offer a critique of annual crop-based staple food production, while laying the ecological framework and reasons for designing a perennial staple food crops farm.
You will gain the basic skills to begin the transition from annuals to a permanent, perennial agriculture incorporating everything from nuts and berries, to livestock and fruits and vegetables.

Shepard’s talk will introduce the concept of ecosystem mimicry, Keyline water management and will help you to chart a path forward to a truly ecologically designed farm. This was presented by Mark Shepard at PV1 in March 2014.”

Alleycropping & Silvopasture – Transitioning to Restoration Agriculture with Mark Shepard
Free ebook: Tree Crops: A permanent agriculture, by J. Russell Smith

Mark makes some very interesting points. He challenges annual grain farmers who have ideal topsoil to compete against his tree and shrub system grown on rocky wasteland. Mark believes he will win hands down because it’s so much more productive. Mark’s system is ideal for helping conventional farmers transition into more sustainable permaculture farms that combine trees with crops in between as in the photo below. Farms like these generate a profit every year and enhance biodiversity.

Alley cropping: nut and fruit trees growing in widely spaced rows with crops in between.

Alley cropping: nut and fruit trees growing in widely spaced rows with crops in between.

Image source: Association for Temperate Agroforestry



Ken Loach Plans Gritty Teletubbies Reboot "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

The director behind many famous British films highlighting social issues is to start production on a new interpretation of the classic children’s TV show, Teletubbies.

Ken Loach is currently finalising production details with investors according to a source close to the octogenarian director. Called ‘I, Tinky Winky’ it will be set in a mining town in the north of England and will deal with subjects such as Brexit and the rise of far-right groups across the world. One of the characters will have a pet kestrel.

With filming set to begin shortly, design teams are said to be struggling to implement Mr. Loach’s vision.

‘How am I supposed to make a vacuum cleaner look like he is struggling under the burden of the bedroom tax?’ asked the designer responsible for bringing the character Noo-noo to life. ‘It was hard enough to make Dipsy convey a constant sadness that gay marriage is not yet universal.’

The project has been plagued with delays throughout, reportedly due to disagreement over the core artistic vision. It is said that Loach originally wanted to make it a ‘hard-hitting’ drama set in Iraq after the fall of Saddam, but censors balked at the central storyline which would have seen Laa-Laa getting decapitated at the hands of ISIS.



Australians Demand More Cricket To Fill Awkward Gaps Between BBL And Test Matches "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | CONTACT With another week of holidays left, local man Roger Deen (35) is demanding more cricket. He joins thousands of other Australian men who don’t feel they are getting enough between the 9:30 am test openers and the final Big Bash batsmen at around 9:30pm. “This fucking rain isn’t helping things” “I just […]


We want to hear your Coursera story this week! "IndyWatch Feed Education"

Has taking a course on Coursera impacted your life in any way, big or small? Whether learning helped you transform your career, connect with your community, or just see the world a little differently - we want to hear your story!

Capture a few reflections on your Coursera experience in a short video and post your video to our Facebook or Twitter page between today and January 14. We’ll share our favorite videos with the Coursera community on our blog and social channels and at events throughout 2017.

To get started, check out the complete campaign details below. We can’t wait to hear from you!


Start by recording a short (1-2 minute) video of yourself responding to each of the following questions:

  1. Which course did you take, from which partner university or institution?
  2. How did the course instructor impact your learning experience?
  3. How has taking a course on Coursera benefited your career and impacted your life as a whole?
  4. Complete this sentence: “Coursera is…”

Your video should be:

  • .mp4 or .mov format, Mac compatible, with good picture quality (1080p resolution preferred)
  • No more than 2 minutes in length
  • Feature just you - no group videos, please!
  • Be appropriate for a wide audience and respectful of Coursera’s diverse community. Inappropriate videos will be removed and disqualified.

To submit your video:

  • Upload your video to Coursera’s Facebook or Twitter page (not your personal page!)
  • Sign our online waiver form giving Coursera permission to share your video publicly with our learner and partner communities  

Submissions will be accepted until January 14, 2017, 5:00PM US Pacific Time. Only one submission per person, please! We’ll feature our favorite videos in future Coursera marketing materials, including a compilation video to be presented during the 2017 Coursera Partners Conference.


An Ode to Detroit’s People Mover, a Looping Public Transit Joke "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

A view of General Motors headquarters from the People Mover (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic unless otherwise noted)

DETROIT — Writer, photographer, and University of Michigan professor Nick Tobier’s latest publication, Looping Detroit: A People Mover Travelogue, takes as its subject one of Detroit’s longest-running inside jokes: an elevated tram that circulates endlessly, and often completely without passengers, on a 2.9-mile track connecting 13 stations around the immediate city center. Built in 1987, following a “driverless transit car” craze in the 1970s, it is viewed by all as a failure of public infrastructure.

The People Mover is inarguably ridiculous as a form of public transit — not least because it services a hilariously small footprint. A huge portion of Detroit’s diffuse population lacks a means of personal transportation, instead forced to stand in wait for a notoriously unreliable bus system (read the harrowing and heartwarming human interest story of Detroiter James Robertson for a case in-point). Meanwhile, the $210 million dollar People Mover is basically only employed to shuttle people who already have cars from parking garages to downtown entertainment centers. It represents a sobering mismanagement of resources.



US Special Forces Deployed To Russian Border "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Obama has deployed US Special Forces close to the Russian border to defend Baltic states who are allegedly ‘scared to death’ of Putin’s aggression.

As part of a “persistent” presence of American troops in the Baltics, dozens of special ops solders will be being stationed along Europe’s eastern flank to provide reassurance to NATO allies Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

They will also complement around 4,000 Nato troops being posted to Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia in the coming months.

The Independent reports:

The move will also allow the US to monitor Russian manoeuvres amid fears of further destabilisation following its annexation of Crimea in 2014.

General Raymond Thomas, head of the Pentagon’s Special Operations Command, said the Baltic states were “desperate” for America’s help in deterring potential Russian aggression.

He told The New York Times: “They’re scared to death of Russia. They are very open about that.”

Lithuanian defence ministry spokeswoman Asta Galdikaite confirmed the US had offered “additional safety assurance measures to the Baltic countries following the deterioration of the security situation in the region”.

The troops will also help train local forces and add to intelligence gathering operations carried out by the CIA.

Eastern European countries neighbouring Russia fear an incursion similar to that launched in 2014 in Crimea and eastern Ukraine, where fighting continues.

The Lithuanian President’s office released a statement saying the US was playing an “active role” to “provide the most reliable security guarantees for the Baltic states and for the whole transatlantic community”.

However, Russia views the build-up of NATO troops in the Baltics as a provocation and has said the main barrier to warm relations with the West is America’s continued military presence there.

US special operations forces will complement around 4,000 Nato troops posted to Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia in the coming months.



Snopes Exposed: A Look at the “Fake News” Watch Dogs "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

Comments by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

After receiving comments from people claiming that Snopes had proven our articles as “untrue,” I researched and wrote an article about their biased coverage of health issues back in 2014:

Can Snopes be Trusted on Health Issues?

It can probably be accurately stated that Snopes upholds the mainstream media propaganda, while attacking anything in the alternative media.

Last June, when we broke the story about the 14 year old rape victim in Alabama who had her new-born infant taken away from her while at the hospital at the time of the birth, the story quickly went viral gaining millions of pageviews nation wide. Health Impact News had their own reporter at the scene who witnessed the entire event, and even captured much of it on video.

Snopes quickly responded with this:


Snopes did not say our story was untrue, but they did attack Health Impact News and cast doubt on our story:

Origin: In June 2016 the notoriously unreliable web site Health Impact News published an article reporting that agents of Alabama’s child protective services (CPS) had stormed a hospital and taken a newborn baby away from its 14-year-old mother solely because the child was conceived during a rape..

They presented no evidence whatsoever that the story was untrue, and yet they are held by many as protectors of the truth, such as apparently Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, who recently stated that they would use Snopes to determine “fake news.”

Snopes claims to be unbiased with no outside influence, and yet, as news reports recently revealed through the divorce....


Snopes Exposed: A Look at the “Fake News” Watch Dogs "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

Comments by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

After receiving comments from people claiming that Snopes had proven our articles as “untrue,” I researched and wrote an article about their biased coverage of health issues back in 2014:

Can Snopes be Trusted on Health Issues?

It can probably be accurately stated that Snopes upholds the mainstream media propaganda, while attacking anything in the alternative media.

Last June, when we broke the story about the 14 year old rape victim in Alabama who had her new-born infant taken away from her while at the hospital at the time of the birth, the story quickly went viral gaining millions of pageviews nation wide. Health Impact News had their own reporter at the scene who witnessed the entire event, and even captured much of it on video.

Snopes quickly responded with this:


Snopes did not say our story was untrue, but they did attack Health Impact News and cast doubt on our story:

Origin: In June 2016 the notoriously unreliable web site Health Impact News published an article reporting that agents of Alabama’s child protective services (CPS) had stormed a hospital and taken a newborn baby away from its 14-year-old mother solely because the child was conceived during a rape..

They presented no evidence whatsoever that the story was untrue, and yet they are held by many as protectors of the truth, such as apparently Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, who recently stated that they would use Snopes to determine “fake news.”

Snopes claims to be unbiased with no outside influence, and yet, as news reports recently revealed through the divorce....


Egyptian Surrealism and the Quest to Define Modern Art in Egypt "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Hamed Nada’s “Folkways” (nd) in When Arts Become Liberty: The Egyptian Surrealists (1938–65) exhibition (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic)

The calls to revise the canon of art history have grown louder in the last few years, but the research, curation, and collection of art from regions that have long been overlooked or ignored is a slow process. Egyptian modern art appears to be the latest to undergo this process of rediscovery and integration into the larger history of art. Two major traveling shows (one beginning at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the other at the Palace of Arts in Cairo) are reexamining this period and prominent Egyptian modern artists, including George Henien, Hamed Nada, Ramsis Yunan, ‘Abd al-Hadi al-Gazzar, and Van Leo.

Fateen Mostafa Kanafani of Art Talks gallery in Cairo holding a magazine with a famous photo of George Henein on the cover. Henein was one of the founders of the Art and Liberty group.

Hyperallergic traveled to Cairo to see the...


A parsley root extract showed antiproliferative effects in both estrogen receptor-positive benign and malignant mammary cells. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Anticancer Res. 2017 Jan ;37(1):95-102. PMID: 28011479 Abstract Title:  The Effects of Petroselinum Crispum on Estrogen Receptor-positive Benign and Malignant Mammary Cells (MCF12A/MCF7). Abstract:  BACKGROUND: Phytoestrogens have controversial effects on hormone-dependent tumors. Herein we investigated the effects of parsley root extract (PCE) on DNA synthesis performance, metabolic activity and cytotoxicity in malignant and benign breast cells.MATERIALS AND METHODS: The PCE was prepared and analyzed by mass spectrometry. MCF7 and MCF12A cells were incubated with various concentrations of PCE and analyzed for DNA synthesis performance, metabolic activity and cytotoxicity by BrdU proliferation, MTT and LDH assays, respectively.RESULTS: PCE was found to contain a substantial ratio of lignans. At a concentration range of 0.01μg/ml-100 μg/ml the LDH assay analysis showed no significant cytotoxicity of PCE in both cell lines. However, at 500 μg/ml PCE's cytotoxicity was well over 70% of total cell population in both cell lines. According to the BrdU proliferation assay analysis, PCE demonstrated significant DNA synthesis inhibition of up to 80% at concentrations of 10, 50, 100 and 500 μg/ml in both cell lines. Based on the MTT assay analysis, only at a concentration of 500 μg/ml, PCE demonstrated a statistically significant inhibition of cellular metabolic activity of 63% in MCF7 and 75% in MCF12A of their respective normal capacity.CONCLUSION: PCE showed antiproliferative effects in MCF7 and MCF12A cells. Further investigation is required to determine whether this effect can be solely attributed to its phytoestrogens.

read more


This Donald Trump book has gone viral because it’s just perfect "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

@Jigokunt over on Twitter says, “I’m GONE”

Yep. Completely empty and real – it’s on Amazon where they say, “This book is full of blank pages. Despite years of research, we could not find anything to say on this subject, so please feel free to use this book for notes.”

And of course it’s getting tonnes of great reviews and is currently no 9 in the humour charts.

Source: and Twitter/@jigokunt

The post This Donald Trump book has gone viral because it’s just perfect appeared first on The Poke.


8 years of obama was a feel-good story of perseverance and... "IndyWatch Feed Comics"

8 years of obama was a feel-good story of perseverance and staying human in the face of stark adversity compared to the promised titanic of trump, agc.


Dear Fear: I Love you, but I Hate you. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Hey fear, you can quit talking me down from my dreams now:


32 Artists Consider the Privileges and Burdens of American Citizenship "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Jamie Crooke Powell, 2016, interactive installation, public practice (image courtesy the artist and the Los Angeles Municipal Gallery)

LOS ANGELES — “Everything can be explained to the people, on the single condition that you want them to understand,” said the Martinique-born psychoanalyst and critical theorist Frantz Fanon. The quote sets the tone for S/Election: Democracy, Citizenship, Freedom at the Municipal Art Gallery in East Hollywood, a group exhibition that critically questions the infrastructure of democracy, particularly as issues have been highlighted — or ignored — during an urgent presidential election. Specifically, the show, which was curated by Erin Christovale, features 32 artists who consider what privileges and burdens are associated with American citizenship and the winding road to the liberation promised but not necessarily granted to all.

Eight American flags hang from the high ceiling of the central exhibition hall. Monica Rodriguez’s “We Are America” (2011) inscribes various slogans on each flag in black block letters, the text taken from a protest against planned changes in US immigration policies in 2006: “NO FENCE CAN STOP HISTORY FROM MOVING FORWARD,” “WHERE ARE YOUR ANCESTORS FROM?” A writing desk is placed below the flags. Pencils and tags are provided for visitors to write their own observations and commentary, and hang them on most, though not all, artwork wall labels. For instance, under the description for Olga Lah’s “Blessings All Around” (2011), which affixes bunched-up construction-site orange netting to a white wall, an observer noted, “Democracy is not cash,” next to a trio of smiley faces.



Napoletano green and purple basils as a good source of antioxidants of potential nutraceutical interest. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Nat Prod Res. 2016 Dec 27:1-5. Epub 2016 Dec 27. PMID: 28025898 Abstract Title:  Antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of traditional green and purple"Napoletano"basil cultivars (Ocimum basilicum L.) from Campania region (Italy). Abstract:  The present study is the first effort to a comprehensive evaluation of the antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of 'Napoletano' green and purple basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) varieties. The results obtained revealed that the basil sample extracts were characterised by a generally higher polyphenolic concentration than those reported elsewhere for other more conventional and geographically different basil varieties. Napoletano purple basil revealed higher radical-scavenging and ferric-reducing capacities than the green one probably due to its relevant anthocyanin content. As regards the antimicrobial properties, both basil varieties exhibited activity against a broad spectrum of food-borne and human pathogenic micro-organisms, revealing not only a moderate to high natural preserving capacity, but also potentially beneficial influence on human health. Results indicated Napoletano green and purple basils as a good source of antioxidants of potential nutraceutical interest.

read more


Nothing is Promised: What I learned from a Miscarriage. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

"Little did I know, telling him would become my largest regret:"


30 “it’s sad when” sentences that’ll delight your brain by stuffing it with insane imagery "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

It’s Sad When is a Twitter account that posts nuggets of surreal genius forcing your brain to create odd images that are strangely satisfying.

Here’s 30 of their best:








Rhubarb extract can promote incision healing from surgery. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Pak J Pharm Sci. 2016 Jul ;29(4 Suppl):1437-41. PMID: 27592494 Abstract Title:  Rheum rhabarbarum extract promotes healing of the incision through relieving inflammation and stimulating angiogenesis. Abstract:  As one of the most important treatment strategies in clinic, surgery has improved to be more and more efficient and safe. However, the infection risk of incision caused by surgery is still the main concern of patients. In our research, we found extract of Rheum rhabarbarum (rhubarb) could be used to diminish this risk through promoting the healing of the incision. Using MTT assay, flow cytometry and clinical statics, we also tried to explore the mechanism of rhubarb's effect. The data showed that rhubarb extract decreased the number of leukocytesand neutrophils and inhibited the growth of bacteria. Moreover, the vascular endothelial cells cultured in medium containing rhubarb extract grow faster than control. The flow cytometry also demonstrates that the ratio of cells in S and G2/M phase increase after treated with rhubarb extract. There after, we hypothesize that rhubarb extract can promote incision healing through relieving inflammation and stimulating angiogenesis.

read more


Recommended: Gregg Belisle-Chi – “I Sang To You and the Moon” "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

  There’s a wonderful simplicity to I Sang To You and the Moon.  Melodies are breathed out slowly and the notes hang in the air and gradually fade away just as the next takes its turn.  The tempos are a direct result of the languid pace of melodic expression, and it’s why each song is […]


Review: A Fatal Twist "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

A Fatal Twist
A Fatal Twist by Tracy Weber

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars to Tracy Weber‘s A Fatal Twist, the fourth book in her Downward Dog mystery series. I don’t usually read a book from the middle of a series, but this one fell in my lap and I decided to give it a chance. I will go back and read the earlier ones next.


Kate’s a yoga instructor with a penchant for finding dead bodies and adopting homeless pets. When a pair of 6 week old puppies appear on her doorstep, she and boyfriend, Michael, agree to watch them until finding a better home. But their older dog, Bella, not the friendliest of animals to those she doesn’t know, has medical issues, which makes it difficult. And then Kate’s student’s husband is found murdered in the birthing hospital where Kate’s just started working as a doula. She’s got a cast of doctors, nurses and ex-girlfriends to tackle in trying to save her friend from being put in prison. Weaving the puppy adoption, her new career as a doula, her increasing investigation skills and decisions on her relationship lead Kate through many twists and turns, but in the end, she solves the case and finds a home for the puppies. And almost avoids another near-death injury.


I know nothing about yoga, but I learned a few things. Might even give a class a try one day. I love dogs and there are many lighthearted and funny moments to make readers think of their own pets.

The entire concept of the doula was new to me, and very interesting. Being a man, and not having children, the concept of childbirth is a bit foreign to me. I know enough now!🙂 But not in a bad way. The details were handled with great aplomb, and always from a very medical and nurturing perspective. Makes me wonder how I would feel about natural childbirth.

The mystery was in that middle sweet spot. Not easy. Not difficult. Enough characters to create some red herrings, side stories and realistic clues. Very little interaction with...

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