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Monday, 16 January


Dog Eat Dog: Bitcoin ATM Bandits Threaten Rivals With Death "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Detroit is making a name for itself as the badlands of America once more – but this time round, it’s all about Bitcoin ATM crime.

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Saturn Has Changed Color and It’s Freaking Everybody at NASA Out "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Beautiful photos captured by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft depict a bizarre color change around Saturn’s north pole. Currently, NASA is baffled regarding the change, however, they do have a few theories as to what could be causing the change.

Included in those theories is a possible link to seasonal changes and the planet’s massive hexagonal jet stream. Lying within Saturn’s the North Pole is a unique, six-sided jet stream known as the “hexagon” which is around 20,000 miles wide. Winds inside of the hexagon build to an impressive 200mph.

Scientists speculate that the color change could be associated with the jet stream if the hexagonal vortex is acting as a barrier, which would prevent surrounding particles from entering into the area. If this is the case, the sky over the North Pole would be cleared of a haze or any aerosols during the 7-year-long Saturnian winter, according to a statement made by NASA.

“Scientists are investigating potential causes for the change in color of the region inside the north-polar hexagon on Saturn,” NASA officials observed in a statement. “The color change is thought to be an effect of Saturn’s seasons. In particular, the change from a bluish color to a more golden hue may be due to the increased production of photo chemical hazes in the atmosphere as the north pole approaches summer solstice in May 2017.”

Photo chemical hazes and aerosols are created due to reactions made between the sun and the atmosphere. Saturn experienced an equinox in August 2009, and since this time, it has been subjected to continuous sun rays. Due to this, photo chemical aerosols have accumulated in the sky above the north pole, which would have created the haze observed today.

According to officials, other factors, including changes in heating and wind patterns could also cause a shift in the planet’s atmospheric circulation.

The Cassini-Huygens spacecraft which recorded the change has been orbiting Saturn since 2004. According to NASA, the mission will be coming to a close in September of 2017. Until then, researchers will continue to study the data collected in order to get a better understanding of the color change.

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Homeland Security to Use Blockchain in Tracking Goods & People Globally "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is preparing to utilize blockchain technology in securing the transmission and storage of data collected by security cameras, sensors and internal databases.

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Homeland Security to Use Blockchain in Tracking Goods & People Globally "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is preparing to utilize blockchain technology in securing the transmission and storage of data collected by security cameras, sensors and internal databases.


St. John the Baptist Baptizing Christ in the River Jordan,... "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

St. John the Baptist Baptizing Christ in the River Jordan, Salvator Rosa, ca. 1655


Gluten-free Recipes "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Gluten-free Recipes

Update: Jan 15, 2017 - It's January I was thinking that it's the perfect time to update my collection of the most popular gluten-free recipes! I've added a lot of new gluten-free recipes since the original post and I have now added to the roundup!

One of the most commonly requested features on Closet Cooking these days has been gluten-free recipes and an easy way of accessing them. As it turns out, I have quite a few recipes that are gluten-free, more than 700, and there are even more that can easily be made gluten-free! I have spent the last few weeks labelling/tagging/categorizing and pinning all of my gluten-free recipes so that they can be more easily found and used! While I was going through all of the gluten-free recipes I took the opportunity to roundup the 50 most popular ones, which you can find below, and it is a tasty collection recipes! That's enough rambling, on to the gluten free recipes!

You can access the gluten-free recipes by:

With full photos by published date:
All Gluten-free Recipes
Gluten-free Mains
Gluten-free Sides
Gluten-free Appetizers
Gluten-free Breakfasts
Gluten-free Salads
Gluten-free Soups

Alphabetically by name: Gluten-free Recipes

Gluten-free Recipes Pinboard

Read the recipe »


Juju Mysteries "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"



Dog Eat Dog: Bitcoin ATM Bandits Threaten Rivals With Death "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Detroit is making a name for itself as the badlands of America once more - but this time round, it’s all about Bitcoin ATM crime.


The Blockchain ‘Bullies’: Truth, Trolling and Bitcoin Uncensored’s Big Short "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bailey Reutzel speaks to the controversial pair behind Bitcoin Uncensored and tries to separate their truths from their blockchain industry trolling.


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The Blockchain 'Bullies': Truth, Trolling and Bitcoin Uncensored's Big Short "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bailey Reutzel speaks to the controversial pair behind Bitcoin Uncensored and tries to separate their truths from their blockchain industry trolling.



Song for Night "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

He who has a why? to live for can bear almost any how? – Friedrich Nietzsche, ‘Maxims and Arrows,’ Twilight of the Idols


In an interview on NPR in 2007 Chris Abani said:

[M]y understanding of the world is that the most sublime things co-exist with the most devastating things in every context, in every culture, in every situation. And what transforms the world is not the denial of those things, but it's actually the recuperation of them, literally, through love. And not love in a sense of the Hallmark Card situation, but as a force that sort of ensures obligation. It's almost a primordial human nature, this compelling thing that makes us want to be better, that want to connect with other people, and that we can see how oftentimes that it's the transformation. It's the transfiguration of things that seem dead or ugly into things that can become beautiful and sublime that there is never despair. There's always only the subtle movements of hope through our lives.

This is what Abani hopes his readers will take away from his novella Song for Night which on one level tells the story of a fifteen-year-old soldier’s trek to rejoin his platoon; on another it’s a spiritual journey through Nigeria, a coming to terms with what he has become. The book opens as follows:

What you hear is not my voice.

I have not spoken in three years: not since I left boot camp. It has been three years of a senseless war, and though the reasons for it are clear, and though we will continue to fight until we are ordered to stop—and probably for a while after that—none of us can remember the hate that led us here. We are simply fighting to survive the war. It is a strange place to be at fifteen, bereft of hope and very nearly of your humanity. But that is where I am nonetheless. I joined up at twelve. We all wanted to join then: to fight. There was a clear enemy,...


Nigerian SEC Associates Shady MLM Schemes Like Onecoin With Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

This past week the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of Nigeria has warned its residents about virtual currency investments. The agency’s warning has bundled bitcoin investment with two Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) operations well known for deceptive activities.

Also read: Buyer Beware! The Definitive OneCoin Ponzi Exposé

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Nigeria Conflates Bitcoin Investment with MLM Schemes

SEC-NG-LOGO_blue-backgroundOn January 12, the Nigeria’s SEC issued a statement cautioning citizens from investing in digital tokens such as Bitcoin, Onecoin, and Swisscoin. SEC details the public should be aware that these investments are “risky by nature” and some of them are “fraudulent pyramid schemes.” The Nigerian authorities state in the public notice:

The public is hereby advised to exercise extreme caution with regard to digital (cryptocurrencies) as a vehicle of investments.

The news comes after the well known Ponzi MMM Nigeria has become increasingly popular in the country. MLM and pyramid-like schemes have been catching the eyes of the country’s financial authorities as law enforcement agencies worldwide begin to investigate these operations.

Sadly the authorities have placed bitcoin alongside two shady businesses, Onecoin and Swisscoin, which both practice MLM techniques. Bitcoin is not a pyramid scheme, Ponzi, and proponents are not recruiting people for rewards. Unlike Swisscoin and Onecoin the cryptocurrency is studied by academic leaders, used by citizens voluntarily, and is a real peer-to-peer decentralized network.




‘Tanks Do Not Create Peace’: German Politicians Up in Arms Over NATO’s Buildup at Russian Borders "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

According to reports, Germany is becoming quite concerned with the rapid buildup of NATO troops and tanks along the Russian borders. The news comes shortly after the American government announced that the buildup had been created to “deter Russian aggression.”

“It does not help us if tanks will be going up and down on both sides of the border,” Brandenburg’s leader and SPD party member Dietmar Woidke explained to RBB. “I hope everyone will keep calm.”

“I believe that despite all the difficulties, we should seek dialogue with Russia,” he continued Thursday, warning that relations with Moscow could be impacted.

The ruling CDU party of Germany referred to Woidke’s standpoint as “strange” with the parliamentary faction leader Ingo Senftleben stating that the operation takes place within “the framework of the contractual arrangements of NATO and at the explicit request of Poland.”

The Die Linke party also expressed disdain for the buildup by saying, “Tanks do not create peace, anywhere,”

Washington has maintained that the massive buildup of troops and tanks that were recently deployed to the northern German Port of Bremerhaven are merely to protect their European allies from Russia. Their alleged goal is to ensure that Europe continues to be “whole, free, prosperous, and at peace.”

To show their feelings about the massive deployment, crowds of citizens marched through Bremerhaven on Saturday to protest the deployment of NATO troops and weaponry through their cities.

Just in the last few days, around 2,800 pieces of military equipment along with 4,000 troops have arrived at the port in Bremerhaven. Their first transport will be to Poland for military drills, and then later they will be moved to seven other countries. Included in the list of countries is Bulgaria, Romania, and Germany. Their headquarters will be in Germany.

While the massive military endeavor has been described by Washington as a means to protect the rest of Europe from Germany, it has continued to grow despite there being no aggression from Russia. Furthermore, the commitment began in 2014, and now three years later, it appears that it will only continue to increase. Obviously, this is no longer about Russian aggression, and more so a U.S tactic to flex their war-muscles.



The Shadow Shod in Fur "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Photo of Osip Mandelstam made by the NKVD after his arrest in 1938.


Our complete digital archive is available now. Subscribers can read every piece—every story and poem, every essay, portfolio, and interview—from The Paris Review’s sixty-three-year history. Subscribe now and you can start reading 0ur back issues right away. You can also try a free ten-day trial period

In our Summer–Fall 1961 issue, we published a portfolio of poems by Osip Mandelstam, born on January 15, 1891, a Russian writer who was arrested under Stalin and exiled in the 1930s. Sentenced to a labor camp in Siberia, he died en route at a transit camp, aged forty-seven. In one poem, he writes, 

Take for joy from my outstretched palms
A little honey and a little sun
As we were implored by the bees of Proserpine.

No one can loose a boat that is unmoored.
No one can hear the shadow shod in fur.
One cannot track down fear in the dense forest of life.

We are left only with kisses,
Prickling like tiny fuzzy bees
Which die, having left the hive.

Read Mandelstam’s poems here, and subscribe now for digital access to every short story, poem, portfolio, and essay from The Paris Review.

Sunday, 15 January


Patent – A System For Exchanging Value Across Various Cryptocurrency Blockchains "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Cryptocurrencies can be exchanged within a peer-to-peer environment, without relying on 3rd intermediary parties. Although exchange of value is possible using a single cryptocurrency, exchange of values across various coins’ blockchains is currently not possible without utilization of some sort of an intermediary party, such as cryptocurrency exchanges. To overcome this problem, a patent was introduced proposing an innovative system and method for exchanging value across multiple blockchains. So, if A has bitcoin, he/she can exchange them for another coin, e.g. monero, via using the proposed system without going into a centralized exchange service, or any other “middlemen”.

The hash algorithms for different cryptocurrencies are highly variable, which accounts for the difficulty underlying exchange of value using different cryptocurrencies. For instance, bitcoin has an SHA-256 hashing algorithm that is designed to produce 32 bit words, or solutions. The SHA-256 proof of work (PoW) hashing algorithm represents a function that is CPU bound. On the other hand, other coins, e.g. monero, has a CryptoNight hashing algorithm whose function is memory bound, rather than CPU bound. There are currently hundreds of cryptocurrencies and as such, there are tens of hashing algorithms. Consequently, each coin has a specific inner algorithm and produces a blockchain with a distinctive size, up to 512 bit words.

Moreover, the software solutions available presently cannot perform efficient dynamic pricing prediction of various cryptocurrencies and aren’t capable of effectively working across more than 2 blockchains simultaneously. Accordingly, it might be necessary to perform translation of cryptocurrency addresses and/or mapping to execute transactions efficiently across multiple blockchains.


An Overview of The Problems Solved By The Invention:

The proposed innovation provides a system that can perform translation of cryprocurrency destination addresses and mapping between two or more coins. The protocol of the system is designed to provide a way for allocating multiple asset accounts, whether in the form of cryptocurrencies or tangible assets, to a single entity that can be represented by a single private key.

According to the patent, the system provides an improved system for transacting various cryptocurrencies. It is also designed to permit the initiation of at least a single transaction across more than one blockchain simultaneously. It is also coded to provide improved means for assigning value or dynamically pr...


Why Blockchain Will Trump Populism "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Jens Albers examines how he believes the rise of populism in politics could in be part undone by blockchain technology.


from CoinDesk


Why Blockchain Will Trump Populism "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Jens Albers examines how he believes the rise of populism in politics could be undone by blockchain technology.


22:31 1-14-17… “Higher Messages on The Election and The Times We Are in Now” "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

love_has_won_header_240_1Very much enjoyed reading this piece. It was a very helpful read for me, and perhaps it will assist a few in “crossing over” the river of the Variety of Energies we are on right now. Definitely aligns with the last post. Stop trying to oppose the energies and the transformation occurring right now… rather, rise up with them.

“A word on the time we are going through now and our election that has many in fear and angst. It will be a new wonderful Divine World as Divine Intervention has taken place. According to Dr Richard London, the Akashic Records said Donald Trump would be the next president. The purpose is he is the seed for economic transformation as we move into abundance and a peaceful society. Our economic situation must change. The selection of Trump by the angels is for a specific purpose… to seed the transformational change on the earth.

“We just busted apart old structures that Hillary was a part of. People do not want more of an old broke system. It was about two different energies and not living up to integrity…not being honest. Much of what Trump...


Ep. 142: Sports Photographer Brad Mangin’s Mobile Moves – and more "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Episode 142 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.
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Featured: Format Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Jessica Bloom

In This Episode

If you subscribe to the PetaPixel Photography Podcast in iTunes, please take a moment to...


Don’t believe in UFOs? These 3 Declassified Military videos will change your mind "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

One of the videos was recorded in 2004, another one in 2013 and the newest one in 2014. In the videos, we see a UFO performing maneuvers, unlike anything mankind can create today, ignoring gravity and laws that govern over manmade vehicles. Both videos were analyzed by experts who agree that the objects in question are extraordinary and unlike anything they’ve ever seen. Some of these UFO’s were not visible to the naked eye and somehow managed to avoid being detected on radar. 

In the 21st century, there are two types of people when alien life is discussed. Those who firmly believe we are being visited –and have been visited for thousands of years— and those who believe that UFO sightings are entirely a man-made phenomenon.

In an interview with  Neil deGrasse Tyson for a National Geographic Star Talk entitled, “The Science of Alien Sightings,” Senior SETI astronomer Seth  Shostak said that “a third of the public believes in the “UFO phenomena.”

Certainly, while there are countless faked videos available on the internet, there are a couple of videos which are beyond fascinating. They are bewildering.

Two of those videos have recently been declassified by the government.

One of the most fascinating UFO videos was recorded by Homeland Security. The video is out of this world. In the video, a mysterious UFO is seen performing maneuvers, unlike anything mankind can create today. The unidentified flying object is seen moving at extremely fast speed over land and then shoots off into the distance.

The laws of physics that govern over man-made aircraft have little effect over this UFO which seems to ignore gravity completely, moving through the sky at speeds up to 120mph, while performing turns and maneuvers our aircraft are not capable of. Interestingly, at one point, the UFO seems to dive into the water without slowing down. What kind of aircraft can do that?

The video was revised by the Scientific Coalition for Ufology, a group of people who have an extensive and long background in science have teamed up to study evidence which points to otherworldly visitations.

The following Unidentified Flying object was recorded on video by a thermal imaging camera on a DHS aircraft, in the sky over Aguadilla in Puerto Rico. Ufologists believe that this is the best evidence of UFOs monitoring our activity on planet Earth. You can check out the full report here.

Researchers analyzed the video and came to the conclusion that the object in question exhibits characteristics that defy the laws of physics as we know...


Ruby Wax: From Shark Bait to the Doyenne of Disease "IndyWatch Feed Health"

I was at a televised event recently during which a documentary about mental health problems — part of the BBC’s largely execrable All in The Mind strand — received two prestigious awards. The producer of the documentary made a gracious acceptance speech during which the old trope about battling the stigma associated with these ‘terrible diseases’ was trotted out, as was the ubiquitous (and, ironically, stigmatising) ‘1 in 4’ figure. The subject of the documentary — a TV celebrity who had worked his way through a gruelling bout of depression — also took the stage. In a clip from his film he likened his use of psychoactive drugs to taking “A cool drink of water after a drought.”

I put my head in my hands at that point, not because I dispute his personal narrative — he is the expert in his own experience and the important thing is that he feels better — but because that line is so memorable. It is a lyrical distillation of all the pharmaceutical industry would like us to believe. Had I been the manufacturer of his medication I would have put it on my product the next day and waited for sales to soar! But my frustration was also due to the fact that, once again, a reductive, medically-driven view of mental health problems was being given a public platform and the people watching were being misinformed – if not by design then by omission.

Thus I ended 2016 as I started it: listening to a celebrity reducing the complex interplay between society and the psyche to a matter of simple biology. The celebrity I encountered earlier in 2016 is a much more powerful figure in the world of mental health: Ruby Wax.

I have been aware of Ruby Wax for a long time. She is a difficult person to ignore. This ferocious American virago first entered my consciousness in the early Eighties, in TV shows such as Girls on Top. Later, in the Ruby Wax Meets series, she proved herself to be an overly-familiar but highly effective interviewer,  teasing revelations and reactions out of a wide-range of startled celebrities such as Madonna, Imelda Marcos and Donald Trump. More recently, she has evolved into an influential mental health campaigner and lecturer — and has received an OBE (an honour bestowed by the Queen) for her efforts.

Mental health is a complex field within which there is room for a range of voices. Ruby Wax is as well-qualified to contribute towards it as anyone else. In fact, she has what I consider to be the best qualification to work in mental health: personal experience. She is very candid about her prolonged and painful bouts of depression. Her extensive personal experience has been strengthened by academic insight. She has a Master’s degree in mindfulness-based cognitive behaviour therapy from Oxford University. Consequently, whenever our media focuses its butterfly mind upon the subject of mental health, before flitting on to more colourf...


Deploy Servers Anonymously with Bitcoin from the Command Line "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Developers often build and test their applications in temporary server environments called cloud or virtual servers, from infrastructure providers such as Amazon, Digital Ocean, and the bitcoin-accepting Vultr. A new service has been launched to help developers deploy servers instantly, anonymously, and pay for them with bitcoin.

Also read: Meet Bitcoin Unlimited Developer Andrew Stone

Signing up for one of the infrastructure providers usually requires opening up a browser window to sign up and giving away personal information, especially if a credit card is used for payments. With many steps required to sign up, the process is not instant by any means. For developers who usually prefer to use command-line window for speed, signing up for these services is a tedious process.

Introducing Sporestack

Bitcoiner Teran McKinney found a solution for developers. The full-stack developer who sporestack logolives in El Paso, Texas, launched a service called Sporestack this week, allowing developers to deploy servers with bitcoin, while remaining anonymous. The service is purely API driven and requires no accounts.

Using Sporestock, developers can sign up for a Vultr virtual server instantly using the command line interface. Using bitcoin to pay gives no personal information away. McKinney described that the service is:

Handy for development, quick VPNs, network test servers, or building out a whole infrastructure on microservices.

Running Sporestack



Best of: Only In My Dreams "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Ronan's been popping up in his siblings' dreams lately. He was in some of my recent dreams, too. Each of us have seen Ronan playing, interacting appropriately, looking genuinely happy and also talking. Since those dreams mirror our everyday hopes,...


The Fascinating 'Nazca Lines' of Africa "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"


Located in Verneukpan, a widespread dry salt pan south of Kenhardt, in the Northern Cape region of South Africa, the glyphs were discovered by Jaimy Visser, a Dutch research investigator.

The geometric shapes can only be seen from high altitudes and form large circles, collections of lines and crosshatching shapes. Visser feels that the glyphs are very old and not the work of a recent people.

I’ve found hundreds of circular ruins worldwide while working on my Marcahuasi Project, but usually in terrains that we wouldn’t even be thinking of settling in nowadays. These spirals are incredibly large, and since it’s been an important symbol for so many cultures throughout history, I don’t think we should rule out the possibility they’re old – very old,” said Visser. 

I’ve had a chance to survey the area using three different satellite imaging archives, from 2002 to 2011, and discovered uniform lines that run for over 3 to 5 miles in length, large and small sphere’s and strange crisscrossing patterns, that may indicate some form of early farming.


Kp Message 1-15-17… “Holy Crap there’s a Grand Exposure of a Variety of Energies, right now” "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

161102_kp_kauai_p1010211_arm_to_sun_crop_240_18Well, that’s a long title for this message, I know. I’m not sure how much there is to say about this, but here goes.

It’s very clear to me that an “eruption” has occurred, of all sorts of energies… all at once. Yes, primarily since that “USA election thing”. Ever since then frantic types of this’s and thats are coming up, and coming out into full view.

What a wonderful time this is for all of us, at least for me, since I’ve found I must allow (or, “Be okay with”) expressions that may or may not be mine, but apparently these must express. And if I am going to “move on up”, I cannot judge those expressions. Just let them be.

We’re all learning from whatever we are going through right now. The total energetic picture is seemingly so varied, and seemingly “out there” sometimes… well, and it helps me when I understand that all of this must come out. Especially the stuff that gets in the way of ascension… aka, rising in vibration. I’ve had several of those opportunities the last couple days… and my response has been based on a sense of “brotherhood...


GaiaPortal 1-15-17… “Light BEings are strengthened as closures are finished” "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

gaiaportal_logo289Cryptic as often the case with these, my view of this one is that certain pathways are closed… “Closures are finished”. We are indeed in a period of erupting “volcanics” (exposures, call-outs of the dark, etc.), which to me implies spectacular exposures of hidden volcanoes.

There’s more to this, I’m sure, but those are major points, from my end.


Light BEings are strengthened as closures are finished

Light BEings are strengthened as closures are finished.

Handles are removed.

Flares of assistance are launched.

Cosmics come to the rescue for the I AM willing.

Spectaculars from Volcanics surface.

Filed under: apocalypse, ascension, energies, new energies Tagged: GaiaPortal ...


‘Trump Assassination’ Weapons Cache Found In Washington D.C. "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Washington D.C. police have found a cache of weapons in the Capitol just days before Trump’s inauguration, sparking fears that an assassination is being planned for January 20th. 

The discovery of a violin case containing two guns prompted police to uncover more guns and ammunition nearby. The discovery of these weapons comes just days after Russian intelligence officials warned of a plot by the U.S. deep state to assassinate the President-elect. reports:

U.S. Park Police and D.C. police Wednesday afternoon investigated the two areas where the weapons were found. Traffic on Canal Road near the boathouse had been stopped during the investigation but the road has reopened.

A woman walking along the canal late Wednesday morning saw some debris surrounding a violin case along the stone wall that lines the road, according to park police. When she opened the case, she found two guns inside, and she brought it to authorities near Fletcher’s boathouse.

About a quarter-mile north of that location, investigators found a second site with multiple weapons and ammunition surrounded by trash and other debris.

Park Police spokeswoman Sgt. Anna Rose said there were a variety of weapons recovered, including long guns and pistols. The weapons were in buckets and bags, Rose said, although she said she didn’t believe any of them were loaded.

“There’s no indication as to why these weapons were here, when they came to be here or the circumstances surrounding it — that part’s all under investigation,” Rose said.

Rose said there was no imminent threat to people walking nearby. But authorities decided to close the road out of an abundance of caution and to keep the area clear as investigators worked. Authorities reopened the road to traffic around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday.

The D.C. police bomb squad also conducted a sweep of the area.

Police praised the woman who spotted the weapons.

“This woman saw something and she chose to come forward and say something, giving us the opportunity to make sure this area remains safe for everyone,” Rose said. “And as we approach the inauguration, I think that’s really important to highlight.”



Can London-Brussels FinTech Bridge Save FinTech Startups From Leaving UK? "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

To prevent a shortage of Fintech startups and talents in the country, London is forming a fintech bridge with Belgium’s financial sector.

from The news


Faux fur scarf to complement your winter outfit "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

fur scarfI have been traveling recently, so this is a short and sweet tutorial on how to make a cool and practical faux fur scarf to fight off the winter cold.  This scarf will not only keep you warm this winter, but it will also be a stylish and trendy addition to your wardrobe all the way through to spring.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have noticed the statement of the season is a furry “something” hanging from your body or handbag.  I am a practical person, but I do like trends.  They can be fun to follow and if you can make them yourself, you’ll save a bundle and only pay a fraction of the price of buying something trendy in a store.

Fur is everywhere this season.  It shows a very feminine touch without being too girly.  Indeed I love it because it keeps me warm and looks great.

fur scarfMy only concern with designing a fur scarf was if it were too long, you might have to wrap it around a few times. In this case, if you are vertically challenged, as I am (5’1″ or 157cm), you would just look like a boa constrictor is about to swallow you.  If you’re tall and can pull the look, then you’re those people I admire from afar while saying to myself “next time I am born I will be tall” Congratulations!  You can do whatever you want either way.

I am just saying for this tutorial on a fur scarf, we will need only a small amount of fur.  There will be no lining and no special tricks to complicate our lives.  This faux fur scarf has a slit or what I’m calling a “keyhole” to capture one end of the scarf which is accentuated by a fur pompom.  This will hold the scarf so you don’t have to worry abou...


Will The CIA Assassinate Trump? Ron Paul Warns Of "More Powerful, Shadow Government" "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Tyler Durden

Jan 14, 2017 10:20 PM

"It is one thing to play captain, but another to imagine that you steer the ship. They are happy for Trump to take all the prestige and privileges of the office; but not for him to cut into the big business of foreign conflict, the undercurrent of all American affairs, the dealings in death, drugs, oil and weapons, and the control of people through a manipulation of these affairs."

"Trump is reportedly retaining his own private security, bucking the protocol of Secret Service detail… and this clearly a sign that he and his team have thought through security issues and the possibility of an inside job." Quotes from Zero Hedge:


The Clinton Foundation Is Shutting Down The Clinton Global Initiative "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Tyler Durden

Jan 14, 2017 10:32 PM

"As a reminder, while the FBI has cleared Hillary Clinton of wrongdoing regarding her use of a private email server, a parallel probe into the Clinton Foundation regarding allegations of corruption is still ongoing." Quote from Zero Hedge:


Podcast: Bruce Pon – The Technological Revolution "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The more we talk about the Ethereum Network the more it sounds like Terminator’s Skynet. Fingers crossed BigChainDB does not become Cyberdyne Systems.

from The news


Can London-Brussels FinTech Bridge Save FinTech Startups From Leaving UK? "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

To prevent a shortage of Fintech startups and talents in the country, London is forming a fintech bridge with Belgium’s financial sector.


Free Planet - Timings of a New Millennium - Moon weeks and lunar cycles return "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Understand the historical argument for calendar change, and the potential for such a change to empower and transform humanity, restore our relationship with Nature and each other, and usher in a new level of creative collaboration planet-wide.

that's the logo/splashline of the Lunar Month website Calendar Truth.

And this resonates perfectly with my idea of a godma/dogma-stripped Free Planet where REALITY (big R) trumps RELIGION (big corporate-empire taxation machine of mind control and utter (soulless) slavery and (rampant) dog-eat-dog anti-now cash-porn).

Women all over the world still follow this ancient pagan cycle.

You've forgotten your ancient heritage - it's been drummed out of you - almost.
You no longer follow the true patterns of the Sun-Earth-Moon-Universe cycles of electric reality - almost.
Instead, you've willingly adopted a totally arbitrary calendar incorporated into your lives to support something called a Working Week.

The moon has been recognised by Farming Calendars such as Stonehenge and other stellar watch towers for MILLENNIA. And now (we are told) we've 'evolved' beyond these archaic or pagan belief systems and are a...


Facing Reality: The UFO Dilemma – UFO Conjecture(s) "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

There comes a time when delusion (and madness) must be set

And the delusional madness of which I write is the UFO

Once it was “cute” to be interested in UFOs and flying
saucers, but those days and that “cuteness” are long gone.

The mysterious “phenomenon” – whether a figment of the
imagination, a real phenomenon, a contrived hoax, or any other kind of
“reality” – has reached the nadir of its value to human society.

UFOs don’t factor in to human existence, and never really
did. UFOs and flying disks have always been a fringe topic and a trivial aspect
of human history.

One can see the riven condition of ufology, that
pseudo-practice that has smothered the enigmatic appearance of odd “somethings”
seen in the sky and often on the ground.

UFOs are now only the haven for nostalgic geezers who became
attuned to the Sci-Fi patina of the observed “somethings” while in their youth
and now do not have the gumption to see that they and their wistful adolescent
fixation no longer matters.

Many of my “friends” in the UFO community have actually
abandoned their obsession for UFOs, deriving attention and belonging within the
confines of Facebook and Twitter.

They rarely contribute within a ufological venue, opting to
be adorned by fawning sycophants who slobber over their mundane activities that
have nothing to do with UFOs or anything of substance.

Then there are the absolutely “mad” ravings of those who
still harbor a hope that UFOs are the vanguard of an advanced extraterrestrial
civilization, a fantasy that is so blatantly irrational that it borders on

Yes, there are some niggling elements within UFO lore that
intrigue (even to me) but to set aside one’s existent and necessary
proclivities to pursue UFOs to the detriment of normal behavioral life is sheer
madness. And not to recognize that as madness is a folly that belies common
sense; that obtrudes on intelligent wherewithal.

Some of you reading this will depart as visitors here, but
that is no great loss, as most of you do not contribute or participate in any


yes its arbitrary "IndyWatch Feed Comics"

Today on Toothpaste For Dinner: yes its arbitrary

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Revealed: The Establishment’s Plan to Stop President Trump "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

The establishment is currently devising a multi-faceted plan in order to stop Donald Trump from becoming President of the United States.

With less than one week left until the 2017 presidential inauguration, major moves are being made to inject chaos into the ceremony and  to challenge the very legitimacy of Trump’s election victory.

Far left groups and Democrat lawmakers are already preparing and aiding protests that are expected to include tens of thousands of people in D.C. and nationwide.

One of the groups, known as #DisruptJ20, has brazenly announced that it intends to stop the notion of a “peaceful transition of power.”

“We are making the argument that we can ruin the notion that this is a peaceful transition of power,” the group’s leader told the Washington Examiner.

“The first part of the plan involves blocking ‘all of the major ingresses into the city especially from the south,’ meaning that the protesters intend to make entering the District from Virginia an ‘absolute nightmare’ by closing highways and stopping trains headed into the city,” the Examiner adds.

This situation appears even more dire as reports indicate that the head of the National Guard in D.C. will be ordered to step down during the inauguration – a move being called “unprecedented.”

“It doesn’t make sense to can the general in the middle of an active deployment,” said D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson.

Even cyberspace is not safe from leftist assault. The global news-release distribution service PR Newswire on Thursday drew attention to a campaign by that called for a “take down” of the White House website on Jan 20.

While violent leftists undoubtedly prepare for clashes on the ground, Democrats on the Hill are attempting to defy the legitimacy of Trump himself.

Democratic Rep. John Lewis said this week that he does not see Donald Trump as a legitimate president, claiming that a Russian “conspiracy” to help him made the results null and void.

“I don’t plan to attend inauguration. It will be the first one that I miss since I’ve been in the Congress. You cannot be at home with something that you feel that is wrong,” Lewis told NBC.

Lewis joins 10 other Democrats who are refusing to attend the inauguration – selfishly signaling that they also view Trump as an illegal president.



Two teenage girls hospitalised after Whatsapp message unleashed 'Satanic possession' "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

The father filmed the pair in the early hours of the morning at their home while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

The video saw the two girls in pajamas making strange high-pitched noises while laying down on the floor.

Doctors said the girls were hysterical when they arrived at Hipolito Unanue Hospital hospital in Peru.

Medics said tests were inconclusive but that the pair were making a safe recovery. 

Relatives of the family suggested the girls had been dabbling in the occult.

The father, who found the pair in a distressed state, said his daughters suffered a possession after reading a ‘Satanic’ chain-mail message.

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Discover Who You Are Most Compatible With, According To Your Zodiac Sign "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Here is a list of the 12 zodiac signs that make the perfect couples.

1. Aries and Aquarius

The relationship between an Aries and an Aquarius is built on the adventurous nature of both of these signs. Not only is each sign pretty much always willing to try something new, they also enjoy having a partner for their grand, spontaneous adventures.

While other couples' relationships will grow stale with time, the same cannot be said for the Aries and Aquarius.

2. Taurus and Cancer

The Taurus and the Cancer share an intense bond with one another on both a physical and emotional level. These are two signs that seem to just understand one another without having to dig deep, even though that's what eventually happens as their relationship flourishes over time.

They are always grateful for each other, showing appreciation even when it's not necessary, which often sees them sharing a love that stands the test of time.

3. Gemini and Aquarius

These two signs share a bond that thrives on intelligence and creativity. This couple enjoys a strong emotional link that is made even stronger by accepting one another's ideas.

And while the Gemini and Aquarius prefer to spend every single second with each other, they both enjoy having their independence. Each partner recognizes that their independence only brings the two of them closer together.

4. Cancer and Pisces

The relationship of the Cancer and the Pisces is strong and passionate simply because they accept one another for who each person is.

Each person knows who they are and where they stand, and the other isn't keen on trying to change that. In fact, they love them more so because of it.

With the Pisces' need to connect with those around them, and the Cancer's need to nurture those around them, it's a match made in heaven.

5. Leo and Sagittarius

These two fire signs enjoy a particularly passionate relationship because of how much each of them enjoys life and all it has to offer.

Not only do they know what they want, but each sign is nothing but encouraging when it comes to pursuing dreams and achieving the goals they've set out.

This is often the couple that every other couple is envious of because of how much fun they are to be around.

6. Virgo and Taurus

Virgo and Taurus share a loving relationship because they tend to be perfectly aligned in almost...


Podcast: Bruce Pon - The Technological Revolution "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The more we talk about the Ethereum Network the more it sounds like Terminator’s Skynet. Fingers crossed BigChainDB does not become Cyberdyne Systems.


Coinsecure Announces Its API Integration with CAT Bot "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Coinsecure, one of the India’s “Big Four” exchanges has announced its addition into the Cryptocurrency Automatic Trader (CAT) Bot platform. Coinsecure’s addition as a featured exchange makes it the first Indian Bitcoin platform to become part of the CAT Bot list. Using bots to automate Bitcoin trading is not a new thing. There have been … Continue reading Coinsecure Announces Its API Integration with CAT Bot

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Plant These Edible Flowers in Your Garden Now "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Plant These Edible Flowers in Your Garden Now via Preparedness Advice

The first edible flower I ever ate was a nasturtium. We had giant nasturtium plants growing in our herb garden, nearly taking over, in fact, and decided we would start consuming the orange and yellow blossoms and leaves. They have a peppery flavor with a little bit of a kick. It’s always fun to discover plants in your own backyard you can eat.

Nasturtiums aren’t the only edible flower that is commonly found in backyards and growing wild. Here is a list of some of the most common. This list is by no means complete, but is meant to be a starting point for further study of the flowers you have in your yard. Just because you see the name of a flower on this list, do not assume you can run right out and start eating them.

First, do a bit of research on the flower, make sure you have it correctly identified. This foraging book is one of my favorites and the author is a well-known foraging expert. Second, make sure you know which parts can be eaten. If you are interested in learning to identify edible plants like the ones on this list or growing a garden with all the herbs, vegetables, and edible flowers you could possibly want, check out this book and this book.

Interestingly, as you learn more about foraging in your backyard and elsewhere, you’ll find that not every part of a plant is edible. It’s important to have some fundamental foraging knowledge before you start picking random plants and eating them!

Angelica Anise Hyssop
Apple blossom Artichoke
Arugula Bachelor Buttons/Cornflower
Banana Basil
Borage Calendula
Carnation Chamomile


Local Man Realizing He Only Likes 9 Albums "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

STAMFORD, Conn. — After a brief, failed attempt to participate in a social media trend, liquor store clerk Kurt Kruszewski made the stunning realization there are only nine albums he listened to as a teenager, or ever.

Krzyzewski, whose yearbook quote reads “Music is my life, life is music,” came to the epiphany late yesterday evening while trying to compose a Facebook post of his ten favorite albums from his formative years in no particular order.

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Amazing: This Seriously Ill Punk Used Garlic Instead of Penicillin and Now He’s Dead "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

The American people have been suckling at the teat of big pharma for far too long. One brave punk’s decision to take his health into his own hands and harness the power of mother nature is truly an inspiration to us all.

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Thousands March In Adelaide Demanding Shannon Noll’s Release From The Drunk Tank "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | CONTACT Thousands of Australian country-pop-rock and enthusiasts and generally proud Australians have taken to the streets of Adelaide this afternoon to protest the incarceration of the former Australian Idol runner up and Australian heartland rock singer Shannon Noll. Noll was arrested outside a Hindley Street strip club in Adelaide early […]


Life threatening' floods and a NINE FOOT storm surge as the entire East-Coast of Britain is on flood alert "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

PhotoDaily Express

  • Life threatening’ floods and a NINE FOOT storm surge
  • 78 flood warnings, 80 flood alerts and a further seven severe flood warnings in place across the UK
  • Thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes as British Army soldiers step in to help 
  • Road crashes and chaos as eight inches of snow falls

Britain is on weather alert with warnings of floods, wind, snow and ice covering large parts of the country.
In Essex, thousands of people are preparing to be evacuated in the village of Jaywick due to the threat of flooding.
The evacuation for Jaywick’s 4,665 residents is scheduled to start at 7am, with police going door to door to inform them and ensure homes left unattended would be secure.
Essex Police Chief Inspector Russ Cole said:
“This decision has not been taken lightly and has been made in the best interests of all residents to ensure their safety until the severe weather passes.”
The Met Office has issued severe weather warnings across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for combinations of high winds, snow and ice.
The Environment Agency’s seven severe flood warnings – which warn of a danger to life – are in place for Friday lunchtime in coastal areas of Essex and Suffolk in the face of gale-force winds and high tides.

Photo The Mirror

Coastal communities in Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex have been told they should be prepared for large waves and possible flooding.
About 3,000 residents have been urged to leave their homes or move upstairs in Skegness on the Lincolnshire coast, while Suffolk Police said more th...


Bitcoin news roundup January 15, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

This week’s summary of various cryptocurrency news and developments:

New developments:

New court filing shows Coinbase is ready to fight the IRS

The IRS’ attempt to obtain Coinbase’s user records has been contested by a lawyer named Jeffrey Berns. The IRS and DOJ wanted to stop Mr.Berns from interfering in the summons, arguing he had no legal basis to do so, as reported by Deep Dot Web. Now, according to documents brought to light by CoinDesk, Coinbase is trying to get in on the legal battle, claiming it deserves to be heard as this is “an extraordinarily broad ‘John Doe’ summons”. The bitcoin startup is trying to get involved in Mr. Berns’ efforts, and in the summons filed by the IRS.

Julian Assange used bitcoin’s blockchain to prove he is alive

Recently, a lot of people theorized WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was dead, as evidence such as a few cryptic tweets backed up the theory. During a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, Mr. Assange said the theories were “a little bit silly” and in order to prove his live Twitch stream wasn’t pre-recorded, he read out the – at the time – most recent bitcoin block hash. Since the bitcoin block hash is produced with the power of a global network of computers, it would be nearly impossible to guess the string of letters and numbers it is made of. As such, not only did he show the world he was alive, he subtly gave bitcoin a little bit of publicity in the midst. During the talk, he said: “Thinking about real-time proof-of-life, intellectually the most interesting one is to take the most recent block in the bitcoin blockchain.”

World affairs:

There are over 11.000 ATMs in Europe where one can cash out bitcoin

Back in October 2016, Polish tech development company Halcash partnered with bitcoin wallet provider Holytransaction in order to launch a service that allows users to convert bitcoins into euros so they can be physically picked up at an ATM that’s part of their network. The service, named Holytransaction Trade, has been around for a while. Recently it has been revealed by the network has over 7.000 ATMs in Spain and 4.500 in Poland. Users can also get a prepaid virtual Visa card, or use the app to make purchases online in any store that accepts Visa.

Israel’s Tax Authority wants to categorize bitcoin as property

According to a statement published b...


Boy Using Shark Repelling Arm Band Gets Bit By Shark "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Source: Boy Using Shark Repelling Arm Band Gets Bit By Shark For more content like this visit

A boy is recovering from a shark attack after being bitten for the first time while wearing a shark repelling armband he got for Christmas.   Zack Davis started surfing when he was a kid. He never had any issues with sharks before he was just recently attacked.   Zack’s mom wants a refund, after […]

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Israel Draft Crypto-Tax Rules Consider Bitcoin as an Asset "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The cryptocurrency community in Israel now has some clarity about the legal status of Bitcoin in their country. The country’s tax authorities have recently announced that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will be considered as assets and are taxable. The legal status of Bitcoin has always been a grey area in many countries across the world. … Continue reading Israel Draft Crypto-Tax Rules Consider Bitcoin as an Asset

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The World’s First Solar Panel Road Opened in France "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Source: The World’s First Solar Panel Road Opened in France For more content like this visit

France has opened the world’s first solar panel road in a village in Normandy. A 0.6 mile route in the small village of Tourouvre-au-Perche is now covered with 2,800 square meters of electricity-generating panels. The panels were inaugurated by the ecology minister, Ségolène Royal. The road cost £4.2m to construct and will be used by […]

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Banker-Sponsored Pseudo-Science and the Hijacking of Humanity "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Nothing in the world is at it seems. The world of science is no exception. 

By Paul A Philips

Some of the most hallowed theories/tenets held dogmatically in science by those high priests in the church of scientism with their somewhat challengeable nebulous ideas have been unjustly taken and put into the limelight of recognition through corporate/banker sponsorship.

This flawed scientific disinformation has been deliberately promoted made into mainstream science for control and financial gain: The powers that be and their business monopolies continue to flourish with pseudo-science that should have been long-gone from the limelight by now and dismissed as false.

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Comic for 2017.01.15 "IndyWatch Feed Comics"

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

Simple and Delicious Nutrient-Packed Avocado Snack "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Recipe From Susan Luschas, Ph.D.

If you’re in a pinch, this delicious and healthy recipe, submitted by Susan Luschas, Ph.D., can be made quickly. What I love about this snack is that it combines one of the best fermented foods available, raw sauerkraut, with avocado. Avocados are a personal favorite of mine, and I eat one almost every day for their many health benefits. Meanwhile, sauerkraut (I recommend making your own) will provide you with beneficial bacteria.

Try this nutritious recipe the next time you need a quick snack. Even picky kids have been turned on to eating fermented foods, thanks to this simple and delightful treat.


1 avocado

½ cup raw sauerkraut   


  1. Slice the avocado in half and take the pit out.
  2. Fill the pit holes with about ¼ cup of raw fermented sauerkraut each. The amount of sauerkraut you need depends on the size of your avocado.
  3. Spoon a bit of the sauerkraut juice over the exposed sides of the avocado to keep them from turning brown. This step is unnecessary if you’re going to eat it immediately.
  4. Add some Himalayan salt and black pepper to suit your taste.

This recipe makes one serving.

A Quick and Delicious Snack That Can Help Improve Your Health

Raw sauerkraut is affordable and it offers a lot of health benefits as well. For instance, it provides you with beneficial bacteria to help optimize your gut health. Here are other benefits of eating raw sauerkraut:

  • Offers anti-cancer properties. Raw sauerkraut contains high levels of glucosinolates, which may reduce DNA damage and cell mutation during carcinogenesis (the formation of cancer).[i]
  • Rich in vitamin C. One serving of raw sauerkraut will provide you with 35 percent of the average recommended intake of vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps with white blood cell production and promotes cellular repair and regeneration.
  • Helps maintain optimal eye health. Raw sauerkraut is rich in vitamin A to help reduce your risk for cataracts and macular degeneration....

The Role of Selenium in Cellular Health and Cancer Prevention "IndyWatch Feed Health"

By Dr. Mercola

Micronutrients are incredibly important and vital to your health, but are you getting enough, and perhaps even more importantly, the right form? Mark Whitacre, Ph.D., is a leading expert on one of the most important micronutrients, selenium.

Selenium is a trace element a Swedish chemist, Baron Jöns Jacob Berzelius, discovered almost 200 years ago. Today, modern scientists recognize it as an essential mineral for human health, with potent anti-inflammatory, antiviral and anti-cancer activity.

There are fewer than 100 selenium Ph.D. biochemists in the world. Whitacre received his master’s degree in nutrition at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, in the late 1970s — a time when selenium was quickly becoming a hot topic.

“After I finished my master’s degree at Ohio State, I went to Cornell University to get my Ph.D. in nutritional biochemistry and to study under Dr. Gerald F. Combs Jr. [who] was probably the leading authority in selenium research, and probably still is,” Whitacre says.

During his Ph.D. research at Cornell in selenium biochemistry, Whitacre researched the biochemical role of selenium in pancreatic cells. At the time, researchers were just starting to discover the biological necessities for selenium.

Selenium in Health and Disease Prevention

Selenium serves two very important and interrelated roles:

  1. At the cellular level, selenium is an active component of glutathione peroxidase, an enzyme that converts hydrogen peroxide to water. Glutathione peroxidase has potent antioxidant properties, and serves as a first line of defense against build-up of harmful free radicals in your cells.
  2. Selenium also plays an important role in the prevention of cancer. One of the reasons people get cancer is because of excessive free radical production. By reducing free radicals, selenium helps reduce your risk of cancer.

Excessive Iron + Selenium Deficiency = Bad News

Excessive iron can throw a wrench in the works here. By causing a Fenton reaction in the inner mitochondria, iron then reacts with hydrogen peroxide to form hydroxyl free radicals — the most dangerous type of free radicals known.

These excess free radicals can damage mitochondrial DNA, proteins and cell membranes and lead to dysfunction and ultimately premature death of the mitochondria.

This is why I recommend getting your iron level tested once a year, and to main...


Notes for Sunday – January 15, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Today is the birthday of television and movie actor Lloyd Bridges (1913-1998), who starred in the series Sea Hunt.


Please Pray For Israel — The Imminent 72-Nation Forced Palestinian State Final Solution "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

A meeting of 72 nations is being held in Paris on Sunday, January 15th, 2017. This meeting was rushed to be completed before the upcoming swearing-in of President-elect Donald Trump—no doubt because of his planned shift in U.S. Policy toward Israel. It is noteworthy that President Obama has repeatedly stabbed … Continue reading


New Year’s Leadership-Part 3, by Sarah Latimer "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Are You the Leader? So many of us today think we are in control and have to take care of everything. I sometimes fall into this faulty thinking myself. I get too bound up in the thinking that everything rests on my shoulders. I am actively involved in preparing for … Continue reading


In5D Alternative News for January 15, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Welcome to in5d News, your source for Alternative News related to POSITIVE change in our society. Alternative news is the REAL news that is not being reported on the main stream media (MSM). It also reveals the propaganda that IS being reported by the MSM. If you’ve noticed, the main stream media promotes violence, fear […]


Two Letters Re: Major Mistakes With a Building Contractor "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Gentlemen, I wholeheartedly second Pete’s comments in his letter regarding BM’s Major Mistake. In addition to the excellent suggestions Pete made, I would encourage BM to talk to whatever consumer protection agency operates in that area, as well as whoever licenses contractors. Both of them should be willing and able … Continue reading


Economics and Investing: "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Is The U.S. Government Insolvent? Sorry, But Its Accountant Can’t Tell You – H.L. o o o Let Businesses Decide for Themselves Where to Make Their Products o o o Gold Sees Modest Selling Pressure After Mixed Retail Sales Numbers o o o The Chinese Have A Jaw-Dropping $22 Trillion … Continue reading


Odds ‘n Sods: "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

SurvivalBlog reader MTA sent in this link: Cyndi’s Catalog of Garden Catalogs Mail Order Gardening Resources o o o Study Shows Americans How Criminals Are Getting Guns In Chicago! – B.B. o o o It looks like the Holman Rule has been revived in the broader package of rules for … Continue reading


Hugh’s Quote of the Day: "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, to an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for you, … Continue reading


A Call To ALL Starseeds! Hourly Starseed Global Alignment "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Kyle Wells Guest writer, I have been called repeatedly to write this article, but I kept putting it on the back burner, until the timing was right. That timing has come, Dear Ones! I wanted to bring our attention to the Starseed Connection, in regards to X:44, which is any hour at the […]


How To Remove Negative Energies/Entities & Cutting Of Cords On Multidimensions/Past/Present/Future On All Timelines "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Anastacia, Australian Correspondent, 1. Visualize a giant clock face…with you within the circle, your head at 12 O’clock and feet at 6 O’clock…and your solar plexus is where the hands would join in the center. 2. Pray/ask and then see and bring down a Golden Light from above come down into your crown […]


Obama: The War Criminal, Butcherer of Women and Children "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

There is no doubt that US President Barak Obama is a war criminal as are his military and intelligence officials and most of the House and Senate.

by Paul Craig Roberts

Obama is the first president to keep the US at war for the entirety of his eight-year regime.

During 2016 alone the US dropped 26,171 bombs on wedding parties, funerals, kid’s soccer games, hospitals, schools, people in their homes and walking their streets, and farmers tilling their fields in seven countries: Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan.

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7 Signs of Synchronicity You May Be Experiencing "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Andrea Schulman, Guest writer, Are you exhibiting any signs of synchronicity? Synchronicity is a common occurrence amongst those who are actively working to raise their vibrations. If you’ve been elevating your state of consciousness, it is highly likely that you are experiencing a number of signs of synchronicity. So, in this short video, […]


Bitcoin Price Weekly Analysis – BTC/USD Upside Contained "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Points Bitcoin price moved down sharply this past week to trade close to the $700 handle against the US dollar before starting a recovery. There is a recovery underway, as there is a flag pattern formed on the 4-hours chart (data feed from SimpleFX) of BTC/USD. The price is currently facing a couple of … Continue reading Bitcoin Price Weekly Analysis – BTC/USD Upside Contained

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Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

1.00 AUD = 0.0009 BTC
0.0010 BTC = 1.10 AUD

Bitcoin and United States Dollar "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

0.0010 BTC = 0.82 USD
1.00 USD = 0.0012 BTC


Breaking: Ringling Bros. circus to close after 146 years "IndyWatch Feed Health"

ELLENTON, Fla. — The owners of Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus announced Saturday that they will close the 146-year-old show in May. Kenneth Feld, the chairman and CEO of Feld Entertainment, which owns the circus, said declining attendance combined with high operating costs are the reasons for closing. (Editor’s note: Also many were

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Senator Di Natale Feeling Recharged After Harnessing Energy Of Full Moon "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | CONTACT Green’s Senator and party leader, Richard Di Natale, says he is feeling like a new man after leaving his collection of semi precious stones out on Friday night. Speaking to The Betoota Advocate today, Senator Di Natale says he feels like he got very lucky being able to land […]


A Third of People Given Antibiotics Don’t Need Them, WATCH to See How Superbugs Happen "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Overprescribed much? Antibiotics are being given out like candy, and they don’t even touch many of the ailments they are being prescribed for. The result is a strain of mutant bugs that are resistant to pharmaceutical medications.


The CDC has even admitted that 1 in 3 antibiotics prescribed in the U.S. is totally unnecessary – many being prescribed for respiratory ailments like colds, viral sore throats, sinus and ear infections, etc. (which are caused by a virus, not bad bacteria).

Now, a new study confirms that we’re all helping to create super bugs – by demanding that our doctors give us antibiotics when we don’t really need them, but stuffing them down the throats of farm animals, all when we could easily resolve viral and bacterial infections alike with simple, easily accessible, affordable and NATURAL anti-microbial, anti-biotic, anti-viral, and anti-fungal plants and herbs.

Scientific findings presented at a conference last summer by researchers from the St. John Hospital and Medical Center in Detroit, is one of several recent reports which describe how antibiotics are being used far more than they are necessary in medicine.

The same researchers also discovered half of the antibiotics prescribed to treat common problems such as sore throats and ear infections shouldn’t be used because they’re “broad spectrum”—capable of killing many organisms and thus more likely than infection-specific “narrow spectrum” drugs to stimulate antibiotic resistance – including good bacteria which actually helps support our natural immunity.

Moreover, as Consumers Union (CU) reminds us, more than 80 percent of the antibiotics sold in the U.S. are used in meat and poultry production, so even if you aren’t asking for a prescription from your doctor, but you eat meat and poultry farmed in the U.S., it is likely full of antibiotics.

CU describes the problem,

“Antibiotics have been used since the 1940s and have led to a dramatic reduction in illness...


One Of The World’s Largest Super-volcanoes Is Stirring; 500,000 Lives At Risk "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

One of the most devastating natural disasters of all time killed around 2,000 people, and was caused by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. However, Campi Flegrei, a super volcano, would put 500,000 Italian lives at risk due to the population which surrounds the area.

Campi Flegrei, which means burning fields, has been around for quite some time, and had its most notable eruptions around 39,000 and 12,000 years ago. Many scientists believe that its first eruption was the cause of the extinction of the Neanderthals. While this subject is heavily debated, no one can dispute the damages it made to the environment that cause red sunsets for a year, acid rain, and bizarre weather changes.

During its last eruption, the super-volcano erupted for eight days straight, and formed a new mountain named Monte Nuovo.

Since 2005, scientists have detected an increase in low-level activity which they refer to as an uplift. In turn, the government raised the threat level from green to yellow meaning that the super volcano is now being monitored 24/7 to detect in incoming eruption. A recent study even found that the volcano’s activity had increased quite a bit, which pushed the government to act.

Campi Flegrei has around a half a million people that are living almost directly on top of the massive area, in a very busy metropolitan area referred to as Naples. Sadly, if the volcano did erupt, many of these people would lose their lives as it would be almost impossible to evacuate on short notice. Of course, based on past eruptions, it is safe to say that the devastation would not end there.

Ash clouds would block the sun, thus lowering the Earth’s temperature. Crops, livestock, and plant species would die, leading to worldwide starvation, and possibly a perpetual winter.

Obviously, this would be the worst case scenario and scientists maintain that it is impossible to predict exactly when the super volcano will erupt. Based on past disasters, many say that we have at least a few decades before we...


DEA Tweet Accidentally Supports Full Legalization of Marijuana "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Freudian slips are funny when they happen in conversation but even more hilarious when they come from one of the biggest, most bloated organizations in our government – the Department of Drug Enforcement (DEA). And even more mirth-instilling when they prove an argument against themselves.


Firstly, the DEA’s own website shows how utterly they have failed to contain narcotics in the U.S. It has been nearly fifty years since the Drug War’s inception in 1971, and the DEA is still struggling to contain the flow of illegal drugs in the United States.

With their latest tweet, they’ve demonstrated once again, that they are inept, even proving an argument against their own stance to keep marijuana illegal.

Let’s look at what the DEA sent out to hundreds of thousands via Twitter:

The DEA tweeted a chart that referenced the “tobacco model” as a success.

DEA Tweet copy

The chart looks at perceptions of tobacco use and compares them to marijuana use, making the case that a rising perception of harm correlates to lowered usage rates.

Funny that they should use tobacco as an example – because it is legal. Moreover, tobacco has been proven in numerous scientific studies to be extraordinarily harmful to health, while marijuana has actual medical properties.

Aside from this obvious oversight, tobacco is legal, and its perception of harm has increased. Marijuana is illegal and people are realizing that it is extremely beneficial for numerous health concerns.

In the DEA’s interpretation, pointed out Vox, the chart...


California Just Got More Rain in the First 2 Weeks of January Than All of 2013 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Drought in the Golden State? Not anymore. California has been wrestled free from its years-long drought, which many claim was a failed cabal attempt at causing food riots throughout the nation. San Francisco and other parts of California are experiencing a new type of extreme weather now – an atmospheric condition being called the “Pineapple Express” – which will likely overturn a six-year drought in a single month.

CA Rainfall

Satellite Image of Recent California Rainfall

California’s drought threatened the food supply for the entire U.S. because the single state, via the Central Valley, grows more than half of all our fruit, nuts, and vegetables.

California had been experiencing the driest conditions in 100 years putting crops, and thousands of farmers and their workers in jeopardy. The state has also been subjected to strict water conservation and even hefty fines for anyone who used more water than state officials deemed appropriate.

Now, there’s so much rain in California, particularly in Marin County, that people are having to be evacuated. The deluge is being attributed to winter storms, but these are just as unusual as the past years’ drought, and there’s still more to come.

The rain and snow, even, caused Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s to issue a warning for Kern, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Luis Obispo and Tulare counties in southern California. The declaration warned that people should expect “extraordinary and continuing rainfall” that is likely to cause more flooding and landslides in the region and authorizes state assistance to local authorities.

Some areas have received more than 10 to 20 inches of rain in just a few days. Tropical Hawaiian waters are essentially being dumped on California causing the worst flooding the state has seen since prior to the drought, in 2005.

According to...


Do People with Social Anxiety and High IQs Have a Rare Psychic Gift? "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Are sensitive, empathic, intelligent people, predisposed to social anxiety, and taking on the energy of others more prone to anxiety, drug and alcohol addictions, and mental health disorders, or do they bear a highly rare, psychic gift? The answer might be both.


From recent scientific research, it turns out that the empathic, sensitive mind is more prone to mental health disorders because they are more in tune with what is going on around them. These people aren’t “crazy,” as many articles would like us to believe, but anxiously searching for an answer to subtle psychic cues they take in from their environment – sometimes around the clock, seven days a week.

Considering the many modes of mind control currently being used on the population to alter their emotional states – from Artificial Intelligence, to alien implants, and even military industrial experiments that have proven to interact with our nervous system and brain – is it any wonder that the highly empathic among us might be overwhelmed with emotional information coming in from those around them?

Scientists are even said to have discovered an on/off switch for our consciousness deep in the brain  – which more than likely means we’re being controlled as never before. DARPA Is already challenging scientists to hook the human mind up to a super computer, presumably to be able to control us even more.

This constant mental processing of subtle emotional cues from others means that people with social anxiety are doing a lot more in their brains. They are more able to notice and interpret social cues from others, demonstrating a unique social-cognitive ability that only the truly empathic understand.

To further demonstrate this point, anxiety is the most commonly diagnosed “mental health problem” in the U.S. It affects more than 40 million adults, whic...


Rare Ruby Sea Dragon Caught on Film, First Discovered in 150 Years "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

A rare red seadragon isn’t a mythical creature. It is real, and was first discovered in 2015. The species (Phyllopteryx dewysea) has now been captured on film.

They are so rare, in fact, that scientists presumed that they would have to comb at least a quarter-acre of ocean on average before finding a single individual.


Zoe Della Vedova

The cousins of the ruby seadragon are the common and leafy seadragons as well as sea horses.

The footage, filmed in Western Australia’s Recherche Archipelago, also marks the first time that the 10-inch-long fish has been seen alive. It is just the third known seadragon species, as well as the first discovered in 150 years.

Seadragons and sea horses are already enigmatic creatures. A female sea horse may have the babies, but the male sea horse carries eggs in his pouch until they are old enough to hatch. On a rare occasion, male sea horses can even give birth! They also represent some of the most intriguing life of the ocean.

“There is hidden biodiversity in the sea,” says Scripps Institution of Oceanography biologist Greg Rouse, who discovered the species with graduate student Josefin Stiller and Western Australian Museum researcher Nerida Wilson. “A big, charismatic fish like the ruby seadragon represents that.”

This species was found swimming almost 170 feet underwater, a very different habitat than its leafy seadragon cousins that swim along the southern Australia’s coastlines.

Scientists had to travel to the remote Recherche Archipelago to find the ruby seahorse. After four dives in rocky, windy seas with a remote-controlled mini-submarine, they finally filmed two ruby seadragons more than 167 feet underwater, as the fish swam through rocky gardens of sponges and nibbled at their prey, most likely tiny crustaceans called mysids. Footage of the species was published in...


The Fascinating 'Nazca Lines' of Africa "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Located in Verneukpan, a widespread dry salt pan south of Kenhardt, in the Northern Cape region of South Africa, the glyphs were discovered by Jaimy Visser, a Dutch research investigator.

The geometric shapes can only be seen from high altitudes and form large circles, collections of lines and crosshatching shapes. Visser feels that the glyphs are very old and not the work of a recent people.

I’ve found hundreds of circular ruins worldwide while working on my Marcahuasi Project, but usually in terrains that we wouldn’t even be thinking of settling in nowadays. These spirals are incredibly large, and since it’s been an important symbol for so many cultures throughout history, I don’t think we should rule out the possibility they’re old – very old,” said Visser. 

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10 Quotes by Paulo Coelho That Will Make Your Day "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The Brazilian author from Rio de Janeiro, perhaps best known for his work, The Alchemist, certainly has a way with words. There’s a musicality in how his brain works, perhaps because he wasn’t just a writer, but a lyricist. These ten quotes from the author will melt your heart, fuel your soul, and stir the sexy in you. You’ll see what I mean. . .

“Two things prevent us from happiness: living in the past and observing others.”

Lao Tzu said the same thing: “If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present. Might be time to appreciate this moment, yes?

Want Something Coelho

What power lies in that first step! When we are afraid to try, or unsure if something will be worth our while, all we need to do is take the first step. Amazing things really do start to happen when we make the first move. Even if that first step is just to be happier, scientific research has proven that we can change our happiness set-point by re-claiming our joy and taking active steps to replace it.

“Important encounters are planned by the souls, long before the bodies see each other.”

Traditionally, science has dismissed the soul as an object of human belief, or reduced it to a psychological concept that shapes our cognition of the observable natural world. Wiser people among us realize that the soul is not only real, it exists long after our physical bodies have shriveled up and decomposed.

We have soul families, but really the entire world is full of our soul-mates, since we are all connected. Our souls hold the repository of all knowledge, too, so they are probably much wiser than our limited physical brains about who we interact with, too.

Coelho Example not Opinion



Ethereum Price Technical Analysis – ETH/USD Struggling To Hold Gains "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Highlights ETH price remained under a bearish pressure this past week against the US Dollar and traded below $10.00. There is a tiny connecting bullish trend line formed on the daily chart (data feed via SimpleFX) of ETH/USD, which is currently holding the downtrend. The price needs to close above the 100-day simple moving … Continue reading Ethereum Price Technical Analysis – ETH/USD Struggling To Hold Gains

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David Wilcock Live Stream -- January 14th, 2017: New Crowd Funded Documentary "Polaris" "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) David Wilcock did a short 20 minute live stream about several updates, including a new crowd funded film about disclosure by the same director who produced Dr. Greer's film Sirius, Amardeep Kaleka. 

- Justin
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The Bye Bye Man is Based on a Real Wisconsin Ghost Story "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

The real story behind a series of Ouija board experiments conducted in Wisconsin that unveiled the bizarre story of the Bye Bye Man.


Christine Callaway "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

Certified Birth & Bereavement Doula® serving Clark and Scott counties in Indiana


Discover what the SBD credentialed doula has achieved.


Sade Langlois "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

Certified Birth & Bereavement Doula® serving Guelph, ON, Canada

Discover what the SBD credentialed doula has achieved.


Heather Taylor "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

Certified Birth & Bereavement Doula® serving Charlotte North Carolina, and within 60 mile radius

Discover what the SBD credentialed doula has achieved.


Kelly Harper "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

Certified Birth & Bereavement Doula® serving Adelaide, South Australia

Discover what the SBD credentialed doula has achieved.


David Wilcock Update: "Ancient ruins in Antarctica were just announced, with new intel, on Coast to Coast AM" January 13th, 2017: (Video and Mp3) "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(David Wilcock) Ancient ruins in Antarctica were just announced, with new intel, on Coast to Coast AM last night with Jimmy Church as guest host.

The biggest new development is that Pete Peterson independently validated many very specific details of new intel that Corey Goode told me in private conversations after we published Endgame II.
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Palmolive Contains Cancer-Causing Chemicals! 5 Brands You Should Avoid "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Automatic dishwashers are great, but if you don’t own one, you will put your trust into plain water, soap, detergent and hope for the best. Dish soaps may look effective and useful, they are actually providing numerous health threats.

For example, Palmolive is one label that is more life threatening than we believe.

Palmolive is a property of Colgate, and last year they made sales of $16 billion across the globe. The most popular dish soap of this line of products is Dawn, but Palmolive holds the number 5 spot in worldwide sales.

Here is everything you need to know about the Palmolive dangers:

Silicate Salts

This substance is applied in their Eco line of dish soap for pH control, and can cause breathing problems and hurt the lungs. Also, if there is a direct skin contact, you might experience rashes, itchiness and even damage the eyes.


This ingredient is a popular causer of cancer and damages the lungs and the remaining organs. With only small amounts (approved by the FDA) you can expose yourselves and your families to cancer. However, Palmolive promised to remove the chemical from their products by the end of 2017.

Sulfuric Acid

If used in large amounts, it can cause breathing irregularities as well as allergic reactions and skin rashes and irritation.


This is particularly true for pentasodium pentetate, because it can harm the skin. Still, some additional testing has to be done and no actual evidence of its negative influences is available.

Ammonium Sulfate

Again, this is a big threat to the skin and eyes and can lead to severe vision issues. It was initially tested on rabbits and it was stated that by inhaling it, you may experience cardiac arrest and irregular breathing. It can also impair the DNA, although the odds are pretty slim.

Alternative Dish Soap Brands

5 to Use

-Seventh Generation
-Better Life

5 to Avoid

-Legacy of Clean


Watch Out: Early signs and symptoms of lung cancer you shouldn’t ignore "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Lung cancer is the second most common cancer in both men and women and the leading cause of cancer death, according to the American Cancer Society. While you may think smokers are the only segment of the population at risk for lung cancer, you may be surprised to know that twenty percent of lung cancer deaths are people who do not smoke. The American Cancer Society explains air pollution, second-hand smoke, radon gas, and cancer-causing agents like asbestos and diesel exhaust are all major risk factors for lung cancer.

The best defense again lung cancer is knowing the early signs and symptoms. The sooner you get to your doctor and the sooner cancer is diagnosed, the better chances for recovery. Continue reading to learn the early signs and symptoms of lung cancer.

1. Frequent illness.

If you’ve noticed an uptick in your frequency of illnesses like cold, flu, bronchitis, or pneumonia, you should talk to your doctor about the possible causes of your depressed immune system. Dr. Kelley says that when cancer settles in lung tissue and bronchial tubes, the lungs become more susceptible to illness.

2. Unexplained weight loss.

If you’ve lost interest in food or feel full quickly after beginning to eat, lung cancer may be taking a toll on your appetite. Dr. Kelley recommends keeping a notebook to record symptoms and possible causes, such as food poisoning, food allergy, PMS in women, or gastrointestinal illness. If the cause is unexplained, bring the issue to your doctor’s attention.

3. Finger pain.

You may be surprised to know that thickened, painful fingertips are a typical symptom of lung cancer. This is because lung tumors release chemicals into the bloodstream that spur bone and tissue growth in the fingertips and under the fingernails. Dr. Kelley says to tell your doctor about any thickening, swelling, or clubbing in the fingers.

4. Torso pain.

If you experience a persistent dull ache in the chest, shoulder, back, or abdomen, you may be experien...


Marianne Schafer "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

Certified Birth & Bereavement Doula® serving Pittsburgh, PA


Discover what the SBD credentialed doula has achieved.


How I Learned to Stop Numbing the Pain & Just Feel. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

What if, instead of covering up our emotions, we dove deep into our feelings and investigated them a little further?


CNN: Alaskan Salmon May Have Tapeworm "IndyWatch Feed Health"

If you eat raw or undercooked fish, you risk developing an infection from parasites. Though this worm was commonly believed to infect only fish in Asia, a study published Wednesday in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s monthly journal Emerging Infectious Diseases says wild salmon caught in Alaska had also been infected by this

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MSG in Chicken Pox #vaccine "IndyWatch Feed Health"


ActHIB Vaccine Found to Contain Pieces of Glass Between 2013 and 2015 "IndyWatch Feed Health"


Dogon Legend of the Nommos Fish People "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The Dogon tells the legend of the Nommos, awful-looking beings who arrived in a vessel along with fire and thunder.

After they arrived here — they put out a reservoir of water onto the Earth then dove into the water.

There are references in the oral traditions, drawings and cuneiform tablets of the Dogons, to human looking beings who have feet but who are portrayed as having a large fish skin running down their bodies.

The Nommos were more fishlike than human, and had to live in water. They were saviors and spiritual guardians:

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Greedy Corrupt Australian Government Refuses to help WW2 allies!!! "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

I can't see how any Australian can say that they are proud to be Australian after seeing these images. Our corrupt Australian Government not only sanctions this genocide in West Papua, but it is funding it!!! Rape, murder, disemboweling whilst still alive, men women & children! When will the majority of gutless uncaring mindless Australians grow a backbone & sack this corrupt government & change our whole corrupt government system. How can Australians bury their heads in the sand & allow this abominable treatment of our WW2 allies to continue?

Women & children slaughtered!

This is a trophy picture, the Indonesian military hunt these people down as if they were feral animals.



Fibonacci Fun "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Here are some illustrations by myself and others, dealing with the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Number, Phi.

Phibonacci Exponentials

A few months ago, I noticed the exponents of Phi encode the Fibonacci sequence. 

Phi Phibonacci exponentials 2

Caduceus Phiral Fibonacci

The sequence gets closer to the golden number the larger the numbers get.   This will work with any two starting numbers, l...


Signs Of Change Week 1 & 2 January 2017 | Gaian Eye (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) For more go to the Gaian Eye youtube channel.

- Justin
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Can Attachment Needs Help Explain Trump’s Narcissism? "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"


With Donald Trump’s inauguration upon us in a few days’ time, I find myself thinking of Vice President Biden’s comments earlier this month: “Grow up Donald.  Time to be an adult. You’re president.”

That is not going to happen.

Why not?  That is the question that I hear being asked repeatedly:  Why is it that Donald Trump keeps behaving in this aggressive, belligerent, exaggerated manner, especially since he has already won the election?

The response to this week’s press conference echoes that sentiment.  Reactions from reporters and citizens alike included statements such as: “Donald Trump is not what he seems”; “The emperor’s new clothes”; “Makes me worried about the future”; “The dark side of Donald Trump’s insatiable need to be liked.”  One particularly extraordinary insight came from reports by Politico and Vox: Trump planted paid staffers at the press conference to clap, giving him not only support but also the “instant gratification” reminiscent of his rallies.

And what about the most recent video by Keith Olbermann, host of the political webshow The Resistance?  In it, Olbermann asks calmly: “What is wrong with this man?”


This is how we can Enjoy a Cold Beer & Save the Ocean at the Same Time. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Saltwater Brewery in Florida has devised edible six-pack rings which can actually provide sustenance to marine life, rather than harming and killing it...


Bitseed Review – A Plug & Play Full Bitcoin Node "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

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The Bitcoin network is supported by different computers (also known as nodes) that run the Bitcoin software. It’s what creates the decentralization of the system – the fact that thousands of computers around the world own a full copy of the blockchain and are validating every transaction that goes through. The more nodes the system [...]


How Do I Know If It’s My Soul Or My Ego Talking? "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Source: | Original Post Date: January 16, 2014 –

In personocratia, we talk about making the transfer of power from ego to soul in order to create the shift of consciousness that we hope for. But how do I know if it is my soul or my ego talking? Since it is a recurrent question, I thought it was time to write about it, and share with you some simple tools to help develop your discernment.

Differentiating ego from soul is often tricky. First, because very few people had direct contact with their soul, therefore we don’t know much about how it feels. Secondly, a great deal of confusion is intentionally perpetuated by religion, spirituality and science to make sure people do not connect with their soul. Indeed, if they do, they would free themselves from domination, and that would mark the end of the world of illusion in which we presently live.

On the other hand, there is one character that we know intimately — he is the one who has been leading our lives for millennia. I call him Mr. Ego. He is the one who would be much easier to identify. When we know it is ego talking then, by deduction, we know this is not our soul.

Presently, our mental, vital and physical bodies are under the governance of our ego 99.99% of the time. So, let’s get to know him. Ghis came up with simple recipes to help us sharpen our discernment, a necessary skill until we can establish a direct connection with our soul. Here are the three main characteristics that undoubtedly define ego.

Ego Speaks

The expression “listen to your soul” is often misleading. Indeed, the soul does not speak; it’s ego that speaks, and as a matter of fact, very loudly. In my search to follow my soul’s will, I often call on her for guidance, and usually, obviously, I expect an answer from her.

Unfortunately, most of the time — if not all the time — the first answer that comes is not from my soul, but from my ego. I’ll use a little story to illustrate what happens in the background of our consciousness.

Let’s imagine that Mr. Ego and Ms. Soul live under the same roof (body), and there’s only one phone line in the house to contact either of the two. So, every time I call to reach Ms. Soul, it’s Mr. Ego who picks up the phone. He’s a control freak, a self-absorbed, noisy character that wants to be in charge of everything. He makes sure that Ms. Soul never answers the phone, and plays tricks so I won’t recognize him. He even changes his voice and his attitude to make me believe it is my soul talking. But when I learn the right tools to recognize him, I get taken in by his tricks less and less.

The Soul does not speak. She is a v...


Trump To Investigate Buzzfeed For ‘Fake News’ "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

The incoming Trump administration are considering launching an investigation into Buzzfeed after they deliberately published a fake news story about Trump’s activities in Russia. 

White House advisor Anthony Scaramucci says that Buzzfeed’s decision to publish sensationalist claims fabricated by users on 4Chan, represents a level of dishonesty that should not go unpunished. reports:

On Friday night Anthony Scaramucci told Eric Bolling on The Factor that Donald Trump will continue to call out “falsehoods” in the news and “will go directly to the American people, right over the top of the mainstream media.”

Scaramucci singled out Buzzfeed after their disgusting unverified report this week on Donald Trump’s trips to Russia. 4Chan users later announced they made up the entire story of Trump, hookers and “golden showers.” Buzzfeed published the entire report that was leaked to the press.

Scaramucci said the Trump administration may investigate Buzzfeed.

Eric Bolling: Do you hold them even further accountable? For example, Ben Smith, the editor and chief of Buzzfeed literally wrote a note, a memo to his staff saying, ‘Hey these are unsubstantiated allegations by they way,’ and then he went ahead and published them anyway. Is there a lawsuit coming Buzzfeed’s way?

Anthony Scaramucci: I don’t know I think I have to leave that up to the president to decide. I can tell you my personal experience with Ben hasn’t been favorable. There’s a level of dishonesty about the Buzzfeed process. They seem to think that they are more important than the facts and the objective standards of journalism. And so for Buzzfeed they losing a lot of credibility.

Via The O’Reilly Factor:


Hep B #vaccine causes a #mitochondrial disorder resulting in neurological symptoms somewhat resembling #ASD #autism "IndyWatch Feed Health"


Macrophagic Myofaciitis a Vaccine (alum) Autoimmune-Related Disease "IndyWatch Feed Health"


#vaccines & #medications lead to iatrogenic illnesses creating both neurological & immunological disorders. "IndyWatch Feed Health"


Minimalist Couple Living in a Tiny Camper Trailer That Cost Only $1,800 "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

“Kathleen and Greg from Tiny House, Tiny Footprint decided to downsize their lives from a downtown apartment in Denver, Colorado to a 140 square foot camper trailer / mobile home. For the first year of their tiny house experiment, the 1969 camper trailer was parked in a friend’s backyard until they bought a piece of land where they could park the trailer and grow their own food.

The couple’s inspiration to adopt a minimalist lifestyle and move into a small space was multifaceted: they wanted to have a smaller environmental footprint, spend less money, have more time for outdoor adventures, and be location independent. While their trailer is parked in one spot most of the time, they do have the ability to move it if they want to. Their cost of living is also low enough that they can afford to freelance, giving them even more flexibility.”

I want to give a shout out to Exploring Alternatives for another great video. (Over 170,00 subscribers!) We’ve featured several of their videos now on our blog, and the quality is always high.

For those who may be thinking what’s the big deal about living in a trailer: that’s missing the whole point. The main point here is learning how to live simply, conserve resources and be content. Maybe you only live like this for a year or two until your dream earthbag or strawbale house is finished. The biggest advantage is having time to do the things that you enjoy most. That’s true freedom in my opinion.

Their trailer could easily be upgraded. Consider spending about $100 for a pole structure with shed roof to shelter the trailer. The trailer could still be pulled out at any time. Use poles from the forest and recycled wood to cut costs. This would increase the lifespan of the trailer, plus provide roofwater and a place for solar panels. And like many readers pointed out on YouTube, add skirting around the base to block cold winds.



Flock of angry sheep over throw their shepherd "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Does this mean that there is a chance that the majority of Australians could eventually wake up & overthrow our corrupt government system???!!!


An Overview Of Smart Contract Scripting For Cryptocurrency Blockchains "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The blockchain technology offers secure means for recording information in a distributed, decentralized manner, which opened the door for using it to transfer value via cryptocurrecies. The blockchain technology utilized the concept of “smart contracts” which was coined by Nick Szabo in 1994, aiming at revolutionizing contract law and formal business practices via innovation of electronic commerce protocols between trustless parties across the internet.

What Are Smart Contracts?

A smart contract is a form of an electronic transaction protocol that is coded to execute the predesigned terms of a given contract. While omitting the need for trusted intermediary parties, a smart contract satisfies all conditions of a contract, including terms of payment, confidentiality, liens and enforcement, while also minimizing malicious, as well as unplanned accidental exceptions. Implementation of the smart contract technology can minimize fraud losses, transaction fees, arbitrations and enforcement costs.

Szabo used replicate asset registries for building smart contracts and utilized cryptographic hashing and Byzantine fault tolerant replication in contract execution process. Along a P2P network, each node will represent a title registry and escrow service that verifies transactions and exchanges of ownership, while also validating the processes handled by other nodes across the network. In 2002, Askemos deployed this approach while utilizing Scheme as the coding language for smart contracts.

Cryptocurrencies have implemented special forms of smart contracts, where money is the value exchanged. The code supporting smart contracts is a latent part of the blockchain protocol that is based on an anonymous probabilistic PoW (Proof of Work) Byzantine replication.

smart contract.png

Coding Smart Contracts For Cryptocurrency Blockchains:

Smart contracts are usually scripted on top of bitcoin’s, ethereum‘s and Nxt’s blockchains. However, they can also be implemented on other cryptocurrency blockchains including namecoin, mastercoin and others. Smart contract scripting can open the door for a myriad of innovations along the blockchain technology including proof carrying code, zero knowledge proofs and static analysis. Furthermore, smart contracts can create approaches that can make cryptocurrency transactions more efficient and secure e.g. via utilizing Merkilized Abstract Syntax Trees.

A language named “Script” is used for creating scripts and smart contracts on bitcoin’s blockchain...


They Poop and Masturbate in the Church - Churchwardens Busy "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

One man masturbated on the bench. Another tried to grab a baby from a mother at a baptism. The Holy Trinity parish in Kristianstad has a high demand for security guards.

There are big problems with the order of the Church in Kristianstad.
Interference of brazen people has affected the church staff and visitors more and more in the recent years.

se intruders have no limits. The church staff is greatly concerned, says Assembly Administration Bengt Alvland to a local newspaper, Kristianstadsbladet.

list of disturbing incident is long, broken liquor bottles just to begin with.

It's about people who urinate and defecate inside and outside the church, p
eople screaming and smashing liquor bottles during the ordinances of the church.

One time someone tried to take the child from the priest or the mother during a baptism.


James Gilliland on the As You Wish Talk Radio, 7.1.2017 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

As You Wish Talk Radio with James Gilliland and guest, Erica Luke. They discuss UFO anomalies, airplane pilot sightings, and strange events in and around Utah.

*Video created by me. Content belongs to James Gilliland, As you wish talk radio and the great artists who took part in all aspects of it. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.*

For more information have a look here:


“Does Anyone Have A Samsung Charger?” Says Ambitious Bloke At House Party "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | CONTACT An ambitious bloke, that you don’t really know that well, wants to know how well you know the actual occupants of the house party you are at. While proving that he doesn’t really know anyone here, Jack (?) has asked if you know if there is any chance that someone might have […]


Mathew Brady: The American Civil War Photographer "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

On the 15th of January 1896, Mathew Brady died in the charity ward of the Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. He was one of the most prolific American photographers at the time, yet he died in poverty and in a state of deep depression brought on him by the project he is nowadays most celebrated for – his photographic documentation of the American Civil War. Brady was among the first photographers to fully recognize the camera’s potential for creating a permanent record of important historical events. But he is also famous for his portraits, which nowadays serve as an important illustration of the 19th century American society.   

51rh4yeoWqL._SX342_Brady started his adventure with photography in the early 1840s as a student of Samuel Morse – an established photographer, who, thanks to a direct acquaintance with Louis Jacques Daguerre, was able to introduce daguerreotypes into America. Encouraged by spreading popularity of...


Shinohai Shitcoin Roundup Xtend: VERified Mining Scam And More "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin Unlimited and Roger Ver ally GBMiners made rounds in the news this week, when a link was discovered between Amit Bhardwaj and Gainbitcoin, a "cloud mining" Ponzi scheme, which absolutely no one could have predicted. Qntra had previously reported on ViaBTC using the same scheme to prop up support for the "Unlimited" Bitcoin fork. Gainbitcoins promises a 10% return on their 1.5TH/s "mining contracts" priced at 1 BTC, which at currently network difficulty should produce and output of < 0.04 BTC per month. Evidence from a bitcointalk thread indicates Gainbitcoins is merely a regurgitation of the Hashocean scam.

A report by the Chinese CERT listed Ripple as one of the most insecure "cryptocurrencies" tested in a group. Other altcorns tested included Dogecoin, Dash, and everyone's favorite flaming-tire-in-a-shitpit, Ether. (archived)

"21co" CEO Balaji Srinivasan (WoT:nonperson) deleted all the tweets from his twitter timeline, leading some to speculate.

Litecoin added segwit support concurrent with an announcement from Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong (WoT:nonperson) that activating segwit would be "good for Bitcoin" and hopefully draw a new segment of users back to their exchange after suffering problems due to an IRS investigation of its user base.



Creating Altcoins is Easy, Maintaining One is Not "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Love them or hate them, there’s a lot of altcoins in the crypto-economy. In fact, in 2017 there are roughly more than 700 different kinds of cryptocurrency. All of them claim to offer something unique. However, many people believe there is nothing innovative about these altcoins due to how easy it is to create them, the sketchy developers behind many such projects, and the significant pre-mines associated with altcoins.

Also read: Did Julian Assange Just Use the Bitcoin Blockchain to Prove He Is Alive?

The Introduction of Altcoins

altcoinsCall them what you will: irrelevant pump-and-dump schemes, altcoins, appcoins, and yes even shitcoins. Altcoins have been controversial since the first bitcoin copy cats were released. Early alternative cryptocurrencies that appeared after bitcoin include Litecoin, Peercoin, and a few others. There are very few coins which have not copied bitcoin’s codebase, but there are a couple, such as Bytecoin or Monero.

Since the early days, altcoin creation has exploded, and there seems to be a digital currency made for literally everything under the sun, from marijuana to pornography. There are coins that claim they provide better anonymity, tokens that use Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanisms, and some that just create more altcoins.

Many people are of the opinion that altcoins are worthless and merely pump and dump schemes. Others believe, depending on the bags they hold or maybe they’re part of an altcoin community, that there is plenty of room for these tokens in the free market. Then there are those that believe a specific altcoin will someday remove bitcoin from its current throne.

Creating an Altcoin



Why we should Accept the Brilliance of Imperfection. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Pain is an inevitability we cannot escape, nor should we try. The painful experiences of living contain the precious lessons and


Patients to operate on themselves to reduce NHS wait lists "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

6427975027_2a58b45d6f_bJeremy Hunt today announced a bold new measure in order to help hospital backlogs. Anybody waiting for an operation will shortly receive an email inviting them to undertake the procedure at home, receiving Nectar style points as an incentive which can then be redeemed for Argos vouchers, the more treatment they undergo.

‘We know some may see this as controversial but real experts in the field undertook some pretty thorough risk assessments before we brought the plans in,’ the Secretary of State for Health said in a statement. ‘This is about giving people control of their own recovery.’ Patients will be given a link to an online tutorial which they can follow and equipment such as scalpels, aesthetic and swabs will be available for purchase from Amazon.

At a press conference to launch the new initiative, Mr Hunt was bombarded with questions around the safety aspects of the scheme. ‘Clearly we are not going to be asking people to anaesthetise themselves and then operate. That would just be silly. A relative or close friend can always perform the actual procedure. It could even be a fun activity for all the family.’ When asked whether he himself would be trying it out, Mr Hunt just laughed. ‘God no. But then I’ve got private health. Why would I let my daughter remove my spleen when I’ve got an eminent Harley Street consultant on call. But not everybody’s as lucky as me. And of course there will be risks. We’ll lose a few people along the way but that’s just collateral damage and a necessary by-product of the more important goal which is to reduce NHS waiting lists. And it can’t be any worse than what’s happening at the moment can it?’

Barry Van Hire


Energy Update – We Are In Preparation Mode As StarGates Align & The Crystalline Grid Fires Up "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Lisa Brown, Aloha beautiful love family, StarGates aligning all day, the Crystalline Grid “firing up”, quickening occurring, timelines collapsing/converging and we are “preparing” all day thus far today… it’s like being on the runway, getting ready to take off…. Lots of aligning… lots…. occurring… For me, I have much to share/write with some tools […]


I Want your Scars. {Poem} "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

I want a love like this or nothing at all:



Street art by Swom "IndyWatch Feed Arts"


By Swom
Gare Magenta-Paris 13 ème

Tagged: graffiti, street art ...


How to Stop Manipulating your Partner & get your Sexual Groove Back. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Too many of us become accountants when it comes to sex. We measure goodness by frequency, and that just isn’t the way to do it...


David Wilcock on Coast to Coast AM 1-13-17… “Antarctica & Atlantis/Open Lines” "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

coast_to_coast_am_3[Kp update: I’ve listened to the first hour of this, and I’m finding it VERY interesting… and fascinating. I will be eventually posting MP3s of this, which I obtained from the video.]

This was from last night. Unfortunately one must be a paid subscriber of C2C in order to listen to or hear the show via their web page. But I did locate a YouTube video with the show, which I place below the highlights, which are taken from the C2C website.

“Author, lecturer, and researcher of ancient civilizations, David Wilcock joined Jimmy Church (email), filling in for George, for a discussion on recent discoveries indicating Antarctica may actually have been Atlantis. Wilcock says he is in contact with “at least two insiders who directly advise Presidents of the United States” who have been steadily feeding him “Cosmic Top Secret” information for many years.

“He believes that there is a global power struggle going on that has reached a critical stage and made many elites start to scramble for safety. Wilcock observed that the last few months of 2016 saw many stories about interest in and trips to Antarctica by individuals such as Buzz Aldrin and John Kerry.

“Wilcock believes these facts [about Antarctica] will be revealed to the world soon, a...


Farewell Obummer, Hello Golden Showers "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

There’s been a few hot topics this week, from Obama’s final speech as president to the amusing allegations of Donald’s pee fetish.

Let’s start with Obama. The era of hope and change most certainly ended with a whimper. Not much has changed and we don’t have much to hope for either.

Over the last eight years income disparity increased in the US (despite White House claims to the contrary), real wages plunged, and while...


“The Sky is low - the Clouds are mean” - Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

The Sky is low - the Clouds are mean.
A Travelling Flake of Snow
Across a Barn or through a Rut
Debates if it will go-

A Narrow Wind complains all Day
How some one treated him;
Nature, like Us is sometimes caught
Without her Diadem.

Winter Landscape, Caspar David Friedrich, ca. 1811


Recommended: Thandi Ntuli, something old, something new "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

  Pianist-vocalist Thandi Ntuli just released two singles from her upcoming release Exiled. Back in 2014, during my Wondering Sound days, I included Ntuli’s The Offering as one of my weekly recommendations.  I found it plenty enjoyable back then, and I find it plenty enjoyable now.  Ntuli strikes a deft balance with her mix of […]


Reuters: Bayer says had productive meeting with Trump over Monsanto deal "IndyWatch Feed Health"

German drugs and pesticides giant Bayer (BAYGn.DE- a German company who funded Adolph Hitler) will need regulatory approval for its $66 billion deal to buy U.S. seeds giant Monsanto (MON.N), said company chief executives had a productive meeting with U.S. president-elect Donald Trump. Trump talked to Bayer Chief Executive Werner Baumann, Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant (not

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California Now Wants to be First State to Mandate Adult Vaccines – Criminal Penalties for those Who Refuse "IndyWatch Feed Health"


Expressing Our Will "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

As the paradigm in prison Earth has largely been about suppressing free will, through all the contracts we signed, implants, energetic and technological attacks, and brainwashing by family, school, job environment and media, there is a great need for us to learn again to regularly practice the use of our Free Will.

The tendency that has been programmed in humanity, that most people tend to operate from, is to simply let themselves be swayed by a little pressure. That pressure may be coming from family or friends or teacher or boss, who are ‘guilt tripping’ people to do something, or from a certain frequency of energy that is sent your way, or other ways. So when we get involved in a situation in a certain way, it is important to make sure that this is really aligned with your purpose.

One way to help us to come alive again is to simply follow our passion, do the things and see the people that make us feel alive, that awaken our life force, without over-calculating things with the mind. Take whatever time is needed to pause, slow down, and feel with our heart, what it is that really attracts us genuinely.

And then it is important to practice Free Will every day, every moment, as much as you can. Prison Earth limits our uses of free will in various ways, but no matter the situation, we always have a certain percentage left of free will that we can use, and the more we use it, the more that percentage grows, and the more we will have possibilities to use it.

If we feel constricted in any way, or if we feel there is interference in our reality, the very first thing to do, and the most important thing to do, is to express our Will. Speak out loud if you feel like, say what you allow and don’t allow in your reality, and be very clear and precise on your terms and conditions. If you’re not sure what to do, then take some time to find a resolution within yourself so that your Will is clear, because your manifestation will only be clear when your Will is clear. And then align all of your actions with that Will.

Here is one example of how I express my Will regularly. You can use it if you want, or adapt it with your own words, or create your own.

I Here and Now Invoke the Source, My Highest Self, The Galactic Center, The Galactic Confedera...


YouTube Yoga: From Home Practice to Teacher Training. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Teacher training is now complete and I will soon be teaching my own students, yet I still rely on YouTube to be my faithful guru. I may not


Climate change brings a potentially devastating “atmospheric river” to California "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Megastorms vs. megadroughts:

After years of drought, the Golden State is hit by epic storms — and it’s just the beginning of climate chaos

Michelle Wolfe, who had to evacuate her nearby mobile home, looks out toward flooded vineyards in the Russian River Valley, Monday, Jan. 9, 2017, in Forestville, Calif. (Credit: AP/Eric Risberg)

As the incoming Trump administration turns Washington increasingly freakish and bizarre, reinventing government as reality show, Mother Nature is doing something equally dramatic 3,000 miles away. Donald Trump can deny climate change all he wants to, but Californians can’t escape the contrasting weather extremes it’s already causing or affecting. We’re in a cycle of ever more serious droughts broken by more intense storms — harbingers of much more serious challenges to come. What’s happening in California now serves to underscore long-term realities, regardless of the day-to-day fantasies of those who temporarily hold political power.

A series of storms from the vicinity of Hawaii, known as the “Pineapple Express,” have drenched California and parts of Nevada, signaling a likely end to four years of severe drought. Just during the storm that hit Jan. 7 to 10, there were 52 reports of extreme precipitation (meaning more than eight inches of rain in a three-day period), with several measuring twice that. Strawberry Valley, on the western slopes of the Sierra Nevadas, got an amazing 20.51 inches of rain during that storm — more than Los Angeles typically gets in an entire year....


A mag 6.1 – 152km SW of Nadi, Fiji is the fith major quake of 2017 and the 2,699th this century! "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

A shalow mag 6.1 – 152km SW of Nadi, Fiji is the fith major quake of January and 2017 and the 2,699th of this century!

Matthew 24:7 states: For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. 

There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven; this was written 2,000 years ago, by Luke the Evangelist who was quoting the warnings of Jesus Christ.
Famines, pestilence and fearful events are very much a part of our life these days and as for signs from heaven, last year we were blessed with blood Moons and Super Moons, Sun and moon eclipses, fire balls, comets just to name a few.
But it’s the earthquakes statistics which I find jaw-dropping, this century, from January the 1st in the year 2,000 until January 2017 a total of 2,697 major quakes have been recorded.
In the same period, January the 1st 1900 to January 1917 only 97 major quakes were recorded, that is an incredible increase and indicates our planet is showing signs of birth pains because just as a woman in labor suffers contractions of increasing pain and intensity likewise our planet is also suffering with increasing quake pain and intensity.

And with wars and rumors of wars it is safe to conclude Jesus’s warning and prophecy would place us somewhere in the last days. 


The 4-Letter Word that Changed my Life. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

It hit me hard, deep in the pit of my stomach. The feeling resembled more of a horrendous stomach flu after some bad roadside


Four Major UK Hospitals Targeted In Malware Attack "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Four different UK hospitals have been hit by a large-scale malware attack. Several thousands of files across these London hospitals are threatened by this malicious software. Barts, the largest NHS trust in England, is working on addressing the situation. Interestingly enough, it does not appear ransomware is used for this attack Moreover, there is no … Continue reading Four Major UK Hospitals Targeted In Malware Attack

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Survival Medicine Hour: Hypothermia, Pt. 2, Avalanches, Blizzard Survival "IndyWatch Feed Health"

In this episode of the Survival Medicine Hour with Joe and Amy Alton: Bees are having a hard time these days and new attention is being given to their plight. The Fish and Wildlife Service have added the Rusty Patched Bumble Bee to the endangered species list, which join seven species of the Yellow-Faced bee that were added in September.   Hypothermia (part 2) is discussed regarding treatments including: getting the person out of the cold or sheilding them from

[... Continue Reading]


What If Everything You Were Taught Was A Lie? "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

There is a war going on right now and it doesn’t involve guns or the military industrial complex. It’s a war on consciousness and most people are clueless that it even exists.

Education or Indoctrination?

Ultimately, the education system can be blamed for feeding us propaganda and forcing us to regurgitate it so we can “fit in” with the rest of society.

Our public school systems are set up to get the students primed for economic slavery without ever offering courses that allow to students to think creatively or freely.


If you trace the companies who print our children’s textbooks, you’ll find a Zionist agenda behind them all.

For example, George W. Bush’s grandfather, Prescott Bush, was arrested for funding both sides of World War II, yet we never learned this in school.

Why? Because had we learned this, NEITHER Bush would have been elected president for having a traitor in their lineage.

We are taught about Darwinism and how man evolved from ape but if this were true, then why are there still apes?

And surely, Christopher Columbus didn’t “discover” America.

Granted some things that we learn in school are the truth, such as math, music and some science but our TRUE history has been kept from us for reasons of subservience, control and conformity.

In all forms of education, there are still perpetual references to “fossil fuels” including at the college level.

How ridiculous is this? Oil is abiotic, which means it replenishes itself, yet we are draining the planet of a lubrican...


2016: A Little Sugar with your Crap? "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

For the first time in my adult life, I had time. Time to think, to wallow, read, indulge whims. Time to invest in relationships I’d


Here Is What They Do Not Tell You About The Hidden Hazards Of Microwaves "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Microwaves ovens are used for meal preparation by 90% of American homes.

These ovens use technology that provides electromagnetic waves through your food, thus exciting the molecules then causing them to heat up and move as they actually respond to the microwave radiation

Microwaves represent electromagnetic energy that makes structural damage of the molecules of the food.

The study that was conducted by Dr. Hans Hertel (food scientist) included people who lived in a same controlled environment and consumed raw foods, conventionally microwaved foods and cooked foods.  Significant changes were shown in the blood tests after each meal.

Here is one of the best books about the hidden hazards of microwave cooking.

The Swiss scientist that conducted the study states:

There are no cells, molecules, or atoms of any organic system able to withstand such a destructive and violent power.

The Stanford University has shown that “microwaving human milk” destroys some of its crucial disease-fighting capabilities.

There was a case in Oklahoma hospital in 1992 where man died from receiving blood that was actually warmed up in a microwave.

Because of their extremely harmful effect on the human wellbeing and health, microwaves were banned in 1976 in Russia.

  • Very short exposure of frozen, cooked or raw vegetables convert their alkaloids into carcinogens.
  • Thawing frozen fruits convert their galactoside and glucoside into carcinogen substances.
  • Cereal grains and microwaved milk convert the amino acids into carcinogens.
  • The consumption of microwaved food causes decrease of intelligence, emotional instability and loss of concentration and memory.
  • Permanent ingestion of this food also causes deficiencies of the immunity through serum alterations and lymph gland.
  • Cancerous cells are increasing in the human blood after prolonged consuming of microwaved foods.
  • Intestinal and stomach cancerous...


The Future Impact of Antarctica Disclosure "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Is there anything quite as fascinating as the idea of a lost civilization buried beneath the polar ice of Antarctica? It stirs the imagination. Indeed, the lost civilization of Antarctica has been the focus of many a tale.
Cult-horror author, H. P. Lovecraft, wrote a novella, At The Mountains of Madness, about a disastrous expedition to the Antarctic continent in 1930, which discovered ancient alien ruins and a dangerous secret – part of his larger Cthulhu Mythos.
“Lovecraft had been fascinated with the Antarctic continent since he was at least 12 years old, when he had written several small treatises on early Antarctic explorers,” biographer S. T. Joshi wrote.


Waylon Lewis live with Russell Simmons at his new #yoga studio Tantris! "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Check out Waylon's interview with music mogul and entrepreneur Russell Simmons at his new yoga studio Tantris, in Los Angeles.


Japan Overtakes US As Second-largest Market For Bitcoin Trading "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin markets continue to evolve over time, which creates an intriguing paradigm shift. China remains the largest market for Bitcoin trading, but the number two position is up for grabs. For some time, the USD market held this place firmly, yet they have been overthrown by Japan. Over the past few days, there has been … Continue reading Japan Overtakes US As Second-largest Market For Bitcoin Trading

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“If it does indeed turn out that there is relevant physical evidence, if this evidence is carefully collected and analyzed, and if this analysis leads to the identification of several facts concerning the UFO phenomenon, then will be the time for scientists to step back and ask, what are these facts trying to tell us? If those facts are strong enough to lead to a firm conclusion, then will be the time to confront the more bizarre questions. If, for instance, it turns out that all physical evidence is consistent with a mundane interpretation of the causes of UFO reports, there will be little reason to continue to speculate about the role of extraterrestrial beings. If, on the other hand, the analysis of physical evidence turns up very strong evidence that objects related with UFO reports were manufactured outside the solar system, then one must obviously consider very seriously that the phenomenon involves not only extraterrestrial vehicles but probably also extraterrestrial beings.” (...


Liberty Links 01/14/17 "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

If you appreciate our work, and want to contribute to genuine, independent media, consider visiting our Support Page.

Must Reads

Democrats Can’t Win Until They Recognize How Bad Obama’s Financial Policies Were (Fantastic piece by Matt Stoller, The Washington Post)

Policing the Digital Cartels (Crazy stuff, FT)

Tucker Carlson Interview with NYU Russia Professor Stephen Cohen (Fox News)

Russia, Trump & Flawed Intelligence (Must read review of the intelligence report, The New York Review of Books)

Russian Tech Expert Named in Trump Report Says US Intelligence Never Contacted Him (McClatchy DC)

What is Henry Kissinger Up To? (

How Chinese is Bitcoin? — Part 1: Trade Volume (Medium)

Peter Thiel, Trump’s Tech Pal, Explains Himself (The New York Times)

See More Links »


Vibrant Poppy Jasper Pendant "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Sonal Karnik. (Evergreen, CO) Some stones just fill your senses with joy. Poppy jasper is a beautiful stone with vibrant red, orange and soothing beige. I have kept the setting simple to let the stone shine. Set in sterling silver, this stone is said to awaken life force, enhance courage and passion. Sonal Karnik […]


Worker’s Spatula Credit Cards Maxed Out "IndyWatch Feed Satire"


ANKARA – “You’re no longer in good standing.”

“What?” asked our shocked correspondent. “Why?”

“You know why. That money was for the conference,” explained the stern, leather jacket-wearing woman standing across from him.

“I did spend it on the conference! Didn’t the conference happen?”

“It did, but these receipts don’t add up. And even if they did, you took far more money than you needed to. You need to come up with the missing money, and fast.”

As his superior exited the room, our correspondent picked up his mobile and frantically dialled headquarters.

“Comrade, you’ve got to help me. I spent 1000 lira on bream and EMEP found out.”

“No can do, comrade. My account is empty and my cards are maxed out.”

“What? How?”

“Bream, mostly. I had to go to Malta to organise the local bream fishers, and also purchase all their bream, and try out several new and inventive bream recipes.”

“We’re prisoners to our bream addiction,” sighed our correspondent. “I’m skypeing [REDACTED].”

“They’re in Kosovo!” warned headquarters, just as they were being hung up on.

“Kosovo, eh?”...


Pilot Crashes Drone into Seattle Space Needle, May Face Jail and Fine "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

A drone pilot crashed his camera drone into Seattle’s iconic Space Needle on New Years Eve, and they may now be facing charges.

Footage of the accident captured by the drone itself was made public this week and quickly went viral. The 3-minute video shows the drone capturing scenic views of the city for a couple of peaceful minutes before unexpectedly flying straight into the upper section of the space needle, where some workers were standing.

CNN reports that police have identified the owner of the drone using its serial number. The FAA began requiring drone owners to register their drones in 2016 for incidents just like this latest one in Seattle.

While Seattle doesn’t currently have any drone ordinances, it’s considering charging the drone owner with reckless endangerment, a gross misdemeanor which could carry a penalty of up to 364 days in jail and a $5,000 fine.

“It looks like the drone tractor beam we installed on the Space Needle is working,” Space Needle CEO Ron Sevart tells CNN. He says it’s the third time Space Needle management has recovered a drone at the famous landmark.



Statue of an ancient Egyptian scribe named Dersenedj, carved... "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Statue of an ancient Egyptian scribe named Dersenedj, carved from red granite.  Artist unknown; ca. 2400 BCE (5th Dynasty, Old Kingdom).  Now in the Ägyptisches Museum, Berlin.


Europe Committed to Tightening Digital Currency Rules by End of 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The European Parliament has recently released a report entitled ‘The Juncker Commission’s ten priorities: State of play at the start of 2017.’ It includes digital currencies for the first time as part of the Commission’s anti-money laundering efforts, which is a priority the Commission hopes to deliver by the end of 2017. The proposed amendments seek to reduce anonymity surrounding digital currencies including bitcoin.

Also read: ECB to EU: Tighter Regulations, Less Anonymity on Digital Currencies 

Juncker Commission’s Ten Priorities

Prior to his election as President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker set
out the policy priorities which would serve as the political mandate for his five-year term Ten Prioritiesin office. With the stated aim of focusing on the ‘big things’, he outlined ten key areas in which he wanted the European Union to “make a difference and deliver concrete results for citizens,” according to the report.

The ten priorities were presented when he took office on November 1, 2014. His commission adopted all ten priorities during its first year in office. Right now is a critical time because the Commission is approaching the midway point of its mandates.

The recent report provides an overview of the work done by the Commission under Juncker’s presidency and an update of the initiatives taken for each of the ten priority areas.

Priority 7 Includes Digital Currencies

The previous publication, the ‘State of play in mid-2016‘, did not mention digital currencies....


Plan an Inaugurexit That’s Just Right for You "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Posted on Jan 13, 2017

By Chris Storm

  Soon-to-be-President Donald Trump. (Rainier Ehrhardt / AP)

If you sat out Election Day by not voting or by voting for a third-party candidate, there is nothing here for you. You’ve made your bed; enjoy lying in it and watching wall-to-wall inauguration coverage.

But if you are still hoarse from making get-out-the-vote calls or your feet still have the blisters you got while door-knocking during the campaign, or if you need to watch the news with your new friend the airsick bag, read on for some things you can do to push back on Inauguration Day.

To avoid permanent retina damage from the sight of 30-foot gold letters spelling out “TRUMP” on the Capitol dome, you have three options: You can protect yourself from it, cleanse yourself of it or correct your world in the wake of it—like a skin care ad for sudden-onset inauguritis.


• Unplug. This is the prime directive: Cut off all media, news and social connections. The last thing you want is to see old friends start to rationalize this with the maybe-it-won’t-be-so-bad-after-all Band-Aid. Inauguration coverage is going to be omnipresent. Whatever you are used to watching will be preempted and soaked with so much bunting and B.S. it will send you back to the airsick bag. So pull the plug on all your devices, or at least disconnect the news sources and alerts on your phone.

• Divert. Do something that occupies you. If you have hobbies or skills, go at them for as long as they distract you, then switch to an alternative below. Knitting can suck up hours, for example. Can you paper-mache a festive cover for your TV screen? It will come in handy for the State of the Union too! The inaugural will be endless, followed by ball coverage, so plan your diversions accordingly.

• Venture out. Make a list of the museums and cultural institutions you have not been to or checked out in a while. Hit them all. Then stop for a wonderful dinner at a place without a TV before taking in a concert, play or film. Wind up the evening with a nightcap. Just don’t he...


Watch This Determined Photographer Wrestle a Softbox in Crazy Winds "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

German photography duo Michael Fertig and Phil Schreyer of Flash Bros shared this humorous video of a portrait shoot they recently did outdoors. There were extremely strong winds blowing, and getting the Profoto Octa softbox into position for the shot was not an easy task.

As you can see at the end of the video, they did somehow end up getting the portrait they were after.

(via Flash Bros via DIYP)


Balaji Srinivasan from 21 Inc. Stands a Chance to Head the USFDA "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The use of Bitcoin and blockchain technology in the traditional industry sector has been increasing drastically in the recent days. The ever-increasing popularity of cryptocurrency has influenced few well-known personalities to shift from mainstream companies to the Bitcoin sector. Now the tide has turned, after the head of Bitcoin startup 21 Inc. Balaji Srinivasan met … Continue reading Balaji Srinivasan from 21 Inc. Stands a Chance to Head the USFDA

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This Wacom Riding Owl May Be The Best Accessory Ever "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

The Wacom riding owl in the video above may be the best photo retouching accessory I’ve ever seen. Something tells me this little guy doesn’t come included with a new Wacom tablet.

I feel like he looks down like he’s judging your photo retouching skills. If he sat on my hand while I was working, I probably would be way more motivated as well! I mean, would you want to disappoint him?

Here he is again, micro-managing a Photoshop job as usual:

Owl look into getting one soon! (No word on pricing or availability.)

About the author: Pratik Naik is a photo retoucher specializing in commercial and editorial work. To see his work, head over to his website or give him a follow on Instagram and Facebook. This post was also published here.


The Ultimate Quote to Live a Mindful Life By. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

When we apply this teaching consciously, it empowers us to more deliberately create the kind of world we want to live in.


Editorial: Texts, Lies, and Propaganda "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

This is not fake news.

Over the past six months, there has been increasing concerns about the validity of news media content. A report might come out, for example, discrediting a politician or a government program. This article is then followed up by reports discrediting that report, which is then followed by reports discrediting the writers discrediting the original report. Then, a day later, another report comes out discrediting the media outlet that didn’t report on the discredited report, and so on and so forth, until president-elect Donald Trump takes to Twitter and types the words, “Fake News!” as if he were still on The Apprentice firing a hopeful contestant.



In recent days, this situation played out, more or less, after BuzzFeed released documents that detail president-elect Trump’s alleged dealings with Russia. While BuzzFeed did report that these found documents were not yet corroborated, the frenzied media circus began with the public engaging in a type of speculatory ping pong. BuzzFeed itself has offered its own play-by-play with a bit of color, including retaliation articles, criticisms of the writer and the outlet, and even the exact date and time of the requisite “Fake News” tweet.

Outside of the framework of current politics and the recent shower of potentially incriminating evidence, that scenario, and others like it, illustrate a very serious cultural issue concerning truth in media. In December, Facebook announced that it would be implementing new systems to ostensibly curb the sharing of so-called fake news on its platform, beginning with what it labeled “the worst of the worst.”

The social media giant has been under scrutiny for its role in the spread of false news stories and, in fact, this has recently gotten the company into legal trouble. According to a Jan. 12 BBC report, Syrian migrant Anas Modamani has filed a lawsuit against Facebook for not removing posts and reports that falsely accuse him of being a terrorist. He told the BBC, “Not all fake news is illegal, but where it amounts to slander, as I believe this does, then it should be t...


Will You Be Ready When All Hell Breaks Loose? "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Survival Saturday is a round-up of the week’s news and resources for folks who are interested in being prepared.

This Week in the News

This week, the Survival Saturday round-up … Read the rest

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BREAKING: Israel Bombs Syrian Airport; Syrian Army Warns of Retaliation "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Israeli missiles have bombed the Mezzah military airport that is West of Damascus, according to reports. In turn the Syrian Army is now warning Israel of ‘repercussions’, however, they have not stated any specific retaliation.

Currently, at least nine people are reported dead, and several others injured from explosives on Thursday. A plethora of videos have been updated to Twitter in recent hours which show a major fire, and what sounds as though it could be gunfire. Later, missiles were reported to have been launched at the airport, will no reported death toll. The attack took place less than five miles away from the Syrian President’s palace.

RT reported that the Syrian Army states that the attack took place from northern Israel. Due to the act of aggression, Syria has promised repercussions for the event. Going further, they referred to the event as a “flagrant attack” on the military base.

The Syrian Army believes the attack to be linked to Israel’s “support of terrorist groups.”

Within the last few months, tensions have escalated between Syria and Israel. This attack is the second attack in two months, as “several surfaces to surface missiles were launched the Israeli Defense Forces from Golan Heights on December 7.

According to RT, this most recent attack began Thursday with explosives and continued until 12 am Friday with missile strikes. The Syrian army believes that several missiles were fired at the Mezzah Airport’s compounds from the Lake Tiberias area in northern Israel. As of now, information continues to flow to the surface, however, no current reports show a death toll for the series of missiles which reportedly hit the airport.

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The post BREAKING: Israel Bombs Syrian Airport; Syrian Army Warns of Retaliation appeared first on The Mystery Vault.

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