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Monday, 13 February


#710 "IndyWatch Feed Literature"


Acting as a chaperone
and posing as a friend
Time came along with us
but skulked off by himself
before I got to know you.

After you had gone
he returned like guilt
and stayed the night.

In fact, he stayed all week.

15 October 1989
I remember my dad telling me that time moved quicker when you got older. Or at least it appeared to. This seemed like total nonsense to me but that was only because I hadnt lived long enough to realise how slowly time was moving for me. Everything took forever back then. I remember later being told if youre pregnant and already have a wee one dont tell them theres another baby on the way until a month or two before youre due date because nine months is an eternity to a small child and theyll be asking you every day if its time yet.
Time with B. zipped past. No sooner had we met and she was saying goodbye. And when was I going to see her again? When? When?


That English Woman, The Queen of Prussia "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

That English Woman, The Queen of Prussia

by David Arthur Walters

Twenty-nine-year old Kaiser William II inherited the joint Prussian and Imperial crowns from his liberal Prussian father, Emperor Frederick III, an admirer of the English constitution.

When Frederick's ninety-day reign was cut short by cancer, William, as if staging a ...


Russian Hacking: Four Men Face Treason For Passing On Information From Russia to CIA "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Four men are accused of passing confidential information from within the FSB to the CIA, the central intelligence agency of the US.

from News


Russian Hacking: Four Men Face Treason For Passing On Information From Russia to CIA "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Four men are accused of passing confidential information from within the FSB to the CIA, the central intelligence agency of the US.


Here Are Four Bitcoin Exchanges That Require Very Little Identity Verification "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Governments have been increasing their efforts to regulate and monitor digital currency operations. Many global exchanges now require identification to register on their site. With politicians currently forming blockchain research groups and crafting Bitcoin legislation, its safe to say regulatory actions will continue.

Also read: 21 Incs New Venture: Email That Pays Recipients in Bitcoin

Crypto-Exchanges With Little to Non-Existent Identity Verification Requirements

Even though a vast majority of popular Bitcoin exchanges require identification, there are still a few that enable buying and selling without identity verification.

Four Bitcoin Exchanges That Require Very Little Identity Verification


Four Bitcoin Exchanges That Require Very Little Identity VerificationLocalbitcoins is a peer-to-peer exchange that facilitates bitcoin trading for local currencies. The Finland-based company was founded in 2012 by Jeremias Kangas who designed a reputation system, escrow, and dispute resolution service into the platform. The exchange offers a wide array of payment choices to purchase and sell bitcoin such as cash, Paypal, gift cards, Western Union, bank wires, and more. Similar to Craigslist, users advertise whether they are looking to purchase or sell bitcoin. Localbitcoins has become popular worldwide and can be typically accessed from most local regions.

Users are not required to verify their identity to use the Localbitcoins platform, but can choose to do so if they so desire. There is an option to upload a state-issued identification card, licens...


Complete Review on SegWit vs. Bitcoin Unlimited: Arguments and Clarity "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Over the past month, many bitcoin exchanges, startups and experts weighed in on the debate between Segregated Witness (SegWit) and Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) supporters.

from News


Complete Review on SegWit vs. Bitcoin Unlimited: Arguments and Clarity "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Over the past month, many bitcoin exchanges, startups and experts weighed in on the debate between Segregated Witness (SegWit) and Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) supporters.


UK Government Grants Permission to Issue Blockchain-Based Currency "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The Financial Conduct Authority granted a local London-based blockchain startup Tramonex a Small Electronic Money Institution (EMI) registration.

from News

Sunday, 12 February


UK Government Grants Permission to Issue Blockchain-Based Currency "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The Financial Conduct Authority granted a local London-based blockchain startup Tramonex a Small Electronic Money Institution (EMI) registration.


Matchpool Will Pay You Cryptocurrency If You Help Your Friends Find Love "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Matchpool is a new dating service that aims to bring couples together through the art of matchmaking with a 21st century twist.


from CoinDesk


Matchpool Will Pay You Cryptocurrency If You Help Your Friends Find Love "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Matchpool is a new dating service that aims to bring couples together through the art of matchmaking with a 21st century twist.



Juju Mysteries PT5 "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"



German Police Raided Three Suspects for Showing Interest in Darknet Firearm Sales "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Despite ample evidence pointing towards German law enforcements enhanced ability to catch darknet firearm buyers, people keep trying to buy guns online. Some countries may not report a connection between illegal guns and the darknet. And other countriesaccording to a Russian forum where guns are a commonplacehave more pressing matters than hunting down gun buyers. Whatever the case may be, German police report a record number of darknet-related arrests. And, in early January, they added three more customers to the ever-growing list of darknet busts.

The Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), in December, began investigating a 46-year-old man from Frickenhausen for showing interest for several shotguns on the darknet. Through both intensive and covert investigations on the Internet, the Federal Criminal Police Office identified two additional suspects. The secondary suspectsa 43-year-old from Reutlingen and a 51-year-old from Stuttgartknew the primary suspect from Frickenhausen. All three, according to the police, showed an interest in firearms on the darknet and appeared as if they intended to make a purchase.



Bitcoin Payments, ZCash Mining in Focus of Two Latest Academic Works "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

North Carolina State University, Boston University, George Mason University and the University of Luxembourg among institutions that contribute to cryptocurrencies improvement.

from News


Bitcoin Payments, ZCash Mining in Focus of Two Latest Academic Works "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

North Carolina State University, Boston University, George Mason University and the University of Luxembourg among institutions that contribute to cryptocurrencies improvement.


Autisms Three Up/Three Down "IndyWatch Feed Health"

By Cathy Jameson When everyone is home and no one has to run out to a meeting or a sports event, we sit and eat as a family around 6pm. That includes Ronan. Its taken quite of bit of work...


Podcast: Alena Vranova Life After Trezor "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Former CEO of Satoshi Labs Alena Vranova joins the show again to spill the bits about her new role at Trezor and the future of their hard wallets.

from News


This bookshop is tweeting every word of the Harry Potter books to Piers Morgan "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

A bookshop owner is tweeting the entirety of all seven Harry Potter books to Piers Morgan after the ex-Mirror man said he had never read a word of JK Rowlings creation.

Its kind of impressive and deeply terrifying in equal measure.

Morgan and Rowling had a spectacular falling out on Twitter over Donald Trump after Morgan was told to fuck off on US television.


Podcast: Alena Vranova - Life After Trezor "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Former CEO of Satoshi Labs Alena Vranova joins the show again to spill the bits about her new role at Trezor and the future of their hard wallets.


Super Villain Mortgage approval at all time low "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

thank God they don't have to deal with HIP's anymoreIt was reported today that Super Villains across the UK are finding it harder and harder to get mortgages for their lairs, with increasingly cautious lenders stating it is the fact that most lairs do not survive the first year that is behind application approval levels dropping below 50% for the first time since the end of the Cold War.

In previous years it was easy for any villain to get a good lair, for example a volcano or a remote island, with a market value up to 3.5 times their expected annual income from holding the world to ransom with the threat of total annihilation, stated a spokesman for the Super Villains Protection League. But at the close of 2010 many super villains reported they are having to build their world domination plans from much smaller lairs and that was before the re-sale value of first time buyer starter torture dungeons were decimated by that blasted crime rate database.

A recent survey of villains has backed up this claim with many having to take flats or continuing to rent. Ernst Blofeld, a long-standing Super Villain with an impeccable credit rating, admitted he had resorted to a long-term lease on a 1960s maisonette in Basildon.

It isnt the same as my old huge volcanic base, or those cool submarine eating boats, but at least it is home and I have a good internet connection, he said while stroking his beloved white Persian cat. I just hope the landlord isnt too strict on the no pets clause.

The Super Villain Protection League said that cases such as Blofelds were just the tip of the iceberg. Some villains are already having to make minions redundant as they look to cut costs, and with fuel costs going up launching satellites is not possible for many now. We will start seeing a fall in the number of Super Villains as they will not be able afford the costs of taking over the world, the spokesman said, Im already hearing stories about our members converting their shark and piranha infested pools into Garra Rufa fish pedicure spas and, really, thats no way to make an honest living.



Newspaper mistakes Alec Baldwins Donald Trump impression for the real thing "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Its the El Nacional newspaper in the Dominican Republic, in case youre wondering. And that really IS the Israeli premier on the right. Well, one out of two aint bad.

The post Newspaper mistakes Alec Baldwins Donald Trump impression for the real thing appeared first on The Poke.


Blockchain-Powered Dawn Reinvents Social Networks As We Know Them "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

New social network Dawn promises to change the face of social media from individual-centric to pro-group whilst maintaining individual interest.

from News


shouldnt have come here "IndyWatch Feed Comics"

Today on Toothpaste For Dinner: shouldnt have come here

The Worst Things For Sale is Drew's blog. It updates every day. Subscribe to the Worst Things For Sale RSS!


Blockchain-Powered Dawn Reinvents Social Networks As We Know Them "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

New social network Dawn promises to change the face of social media from individual-centric to pro-group whilst maintaining individual interest.


Record-Breaking Bushfires Caused By Record-Breaking Heatwave Just Leftie Propaganda "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | CONTACT The bushfires currently tormenting New South Wales and Victoria, which have been caused by record-breaking heatwaves right across the country, have been described as just typical environmental-extremist hysteria. One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts has accused the bushfires of manipulating evidence surrounding their existence. All of these lefties, including these whinging bushfires, are []


Fuji GFX will start shipping out on Feb 26 at Calumet Germany "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

In Europe the Fuji GFX will start shipping out on February 26 at Calumet Germany. It will ship a couple of days later (March 1) in USA via BHphoto. And if you want to get to a GFX touch and

The post Fuji GFX will start shipping out on Feb 26 at Calumet Germany appeared first on mirrorlessrumors.


RT 2-11-17 Western media losing viewers as audiences seek alternative news sources' "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

rt_cube_logo_150_45I felt one of the more fascinatingly right on points from this was where he said, people are turning to their own journalism, they are becoming journalist themselves, and citizen journalism is actually going out and finding the truth. And so it seems to be.

The current trend is that the corporate media is losing viewers, it is losing readership, says Mike Raddie, co-editor of BSNews. People are turning to other forms of journalism, and in some cases even becoming journalists themselves, he added.

WikiLeaks is accusing the BBC of spreading fake news after a senior journalist suggested the whistle-blowing sites revelations lend support to particular candidates in the run-up to Frances presidential election.

Michael Raddie: If you look at all the wars in the recent past, since the 1980s upwards, the BBC is either under-reporting war where weve been the British Army and the British special operations groups have been covertly in battle; when there is an overt war, the BBC is always drawing out support for it in the run-up to the war, as we saw it with Iraq, with Libya. And then they never tell us the true facts of exactly why we went into the certain country, why we toppled the regime, why we toppled the government, etc. They are at loggerheads for a very good reason.

the readers are already finding other sources of information. They are going over to alternative media. They understand the likes of the BBC, the likes of the ITN Channel 4 news. Theyve been caught out so many times now. And especially when it comes to foreign policy, but also with domestic policy and especially with reli...


Cryptoanarchy Institute To Refuse Following EET Law Interview with Martin p "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin has foundations in the cypherpunk movement and the philosophy of cryptoanarchy. In 2014, a group of artists and hackers formed the nonprofit Cryptoanarchy Institute Paraleln Polis, in Prague. The organization operates from a multi-level building and caters to decentralized technologies like Bitcoin and 3D printing in a coworking atmosphere.

Also read: On Decentralization and Network Societies recently chatted with Martin p, project coordinator of Paraleln Polis, to discuss the Czech Republic governments stance towards cryptocurrency. p also gives our readers some insight into the anti-state principles Paraleln Polis adheres to and how the organization aims to achieve its goals through technology and the tools of decentralization.

The Art of Cryptoanarchy: An Interview Martin p of Paraleln Polis (BC): Can you give our readers a brief description of Paraleln Polis Cryptoanarchy Institute?



Experts Predict Planet Will Run Out of Usable Band Names by 2019 "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

ATHENS, Iowa The punk and hardcore music communities are facing an international crisis, as scene experts predict the planet will run out of decent, usable band names by 2019, according to a new report in the peer-reviewed zine Razorcake.

You just dont think itll happen in your lifetime, said overly dedicated punk Jacob Stevens. Decades of taking every menacing sounding word and phrase have finally caught up to us.

Self-described punk historian Stephanie Branford, who co-authored the devastating report, pointed out that theres been a drought for years.

Some the biggest band names in modern hardcore were sourced out-of-genre, from metal acts like Iron Maiden, or Metallica, said Branford. There are only so many song names as sick as Trapped Under Ice, and there are even fewer decent Metallica songs left at all. Sick-ass band names will soon be a thing of the past. We must prepare for a future of unironic St. Anger references, where our children name their bands after Linkin Park songs.

The punk community generally agrees that the rapid depletion of usable names is linked to a sharp, unchecked increase in band creation, blowing through more resources and stretching scant talent across multiple bands.

People werent satisfied being in one great band with a decent name. They chose to be in three shitty bands with dope, non-renewable names, and look where we are, said Branford. Theres no turning back.


The report offers some troubling statistics, including that there are 36 percent fewer names than previously thought that look good in varsity font. Without dedicated action, the report warns, straight edge bands in particular are likely to see an even more severe decline in popularity than predicted, despite their dedicated fanbase.

This doesnt just impact hardcore. This is a cross-genre issue we need to deal with, said inter-genre relations expert Vanessa Martinez. You think indie bands will always have words to just remove vowels from? Why do you think theyve been doing that in the first place?!...


Where Are They Now? The Dudes I Came Here With "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Everyone remembers earlier this evening.  It was warmer, people were wearing sunglasses, and the doors had just opened at this Mind Rot show.  But now the night is ending, and I cant find anybody, so it seems like a great time to take a look back at the dudes I came here with and ask: Where are they now?


Cole was that tall guy wearing a parka and cargo shorts. Though many at the show thought hed be forever known as, the guy that was dressed all weird, he was able to overhaul his image into that of an ally to woman after helping to find a lost contact lens in the pit. He was last seen before the headlining band took the stage when he started ironically moshing to the music being played between acts. His foray into comedic work was met with mixed results.


After sticking with me and the rest of the guys at first, Mikey ran into some old high school friends and immediately began collaborating with them revisiting several old stories and inside jokes. They said it was good to get the guys back together, but some members of the original party wish Mike would have stuck around. He has been spotted drinking with his friends at the bar, but not for a little while now. I bet he left with those other dudes.


Of all the dudes I came here with, Dwight is the one that drove me here the most. He was also the one that suggested we check out Mind Rot in the first place. And he said he could score some pot at the show so I gave him $50. No one has seen him in hours and most sources interviewed agree that when it comes to me getting a ride home tonight I seem to be pretty fucked.


Its so bizarre that Cole is friends with Jonathon Taylor Thomas. Hes a pretty sick dude actually.  After causing a huge scene upon his arrival he mostly just chilled out in the balcony, eventually leaving to go film a guest starring role on former TV dad Tim Allens sitcom Last Man Standing. Its been a weird night.

Have you seen any of these dudes recently? Can you give me a ride home from the show tonight? Let me know in the comments below!



Even Opera "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

always singing sounds better in Italian
even opera may be better in French or
German too well understood as music
supports words it doesn't really need

still we are here talking listen on the
side while making Sunday pancakes
I bought raspberries after ours expired
like forgotten devotion to the local rag

you have to use the language you have
trying to say enough but not too much
people would rather talk than listen to
what your words insist on spelling out


Im Afraid of Trump The Work of Byron Katie VIDEO "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

byron_katie_video_snip_300James Gilliland mentioned this to me during our meeting on Maui and todays radio show, and has also posted it on his website, here. I felt it might be helpful and/or illuminating for some.

In my view, fears are not to be feared, but rather faced in the Light. This is perhaps one of the valuable aspects of the Trump effect of seeming polarization. Whether it relates to that or something else, I perceive that many of us are coming face to face with whatever it is we are being asked to release, right here, right now.

And those who may make fun of those who are going through such a process, likely have their own set of stuff that they are not yet facing in the Light.



Cashew: A Disease-Destroying, Bacteria-Blasting Super Nut "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The bacteria responsible for acne, tooth decay, tuberculosis, pneumonia and leprosy have met their match with, of all things, the cashew nut. Containing anacardic chemicals that destroy gram-positive bacteria, this tasty seed of the cashew apple helps eradicate dangerous pathogens that cause a multitude of issues. Not only that, but cashews have also been shown to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes, weight gain and certain types of cancer.

Native to Brazil and grown worldwide in countries such as India, Mozambique, Tanzania and Nigeria, cashews are an outstanding source of copper, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese and zinc. However, sound harvesting and processing practices are crucial to avoid contamination with the caustic resin located within the cashew shell -- otherwise, the nut is unfit for consumption. This is the reason why cashew nuts are always sold pre-shelled.

Improve heart health, reduce the risk of diabetes and cancer

Rich in monounsaturated fats, cashews help decrease blood triglycerides, which in turn can lead to a heart-healthy future. Research published in Current Atherosclerosis Reports observed that clinical and epidemiological studies consistently found that the fats in tree nuts reduce low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, thereby lowering the risk of coronary heart disease by an impressive 30-45 percent.

Moreover, tree nut consumption (cashews included) has been linked with a reduction in the incidence of diabetes mellitus, which is also a risk factor for developing pancreatic cancer. Following 75,680 women in the Nurses' Health Study, researchers discovered that those who consumed a one-ounce serving of nuts twice per week "experienced a significantly lower risk of pancreatic cancer when compared with those who largely abstained from nuts," according to the British Journal of Cancer. Participants with a previous history of cancer were excluded from the study.

Keep weight in check

Another study, published in ...


Bitcoin news roundup, February 12, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

This weeks summary of various cryptocurrency news and developments:

New developments:

Chinas central bank threatened to shut down bitcoin exchanges

The Peoples Bank of China (PBOC), Chinas central bank, released a statement in its website, where it laid out a warning issued to several bitcoin exchanges in a meeting. Notably, the Peoples Bank of China told exchanges not to take part in money laundering or margin lending, as they may face a dire fate. The bank stated: If the exchanges violated the above requirements, and if the circumstances were serious, the inspection team may ask the relevant departments to close down the exchanges according to law. In the meeting, the bank also addressed a few lesser-known cryptocurrency exchanges.

Several Chinese exchanges imposed bitcoin withdrawal delays.

This week, two major Chinese bitcoin exchanges Beijing-based OKCoin and Huobi announced they were freezing bitcoin and litecoin withdrawals for a month, following pressure from the Peoples Bank of China. Yuan transactions will not be affected, according to the exchanges.

Later on, other Chinese exchanges, including HaoBTC, Yunbi, BTCTrade, and BTC100 announced they would also de delaying bitcoin and litecoin withdrawals, without freezing them. The move came a few days after these exchanges were asked to meet with the Peoples Bank of China. All exchanges involved claimed the decision was an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) move. HaoBTC also claimed it will now charge a 5% fee on all deposits.

World Affairs:

Bitcoin to become legal tender in Japan

Last week, DeepDotWeb reported the number of bitcoin-accepting merchants in Japan was expected to quintuple this year. According to Sputnik News, bitcoin may now become legal tender in japan, under strict regulations. Companies who are to legally accept bitcoin will not only need to have at least the equivalent of $100,000 in reserve, but to undergo routine audits by the Japanese National Tax Agency, and to regularly report their activities to the government.

Even though businesses will have to pay around $300,000 to start using bitcoins, there is no guarantee they will get a license. These numbers are so big, some already speculate this will be just like New Yorks BitLicense law, that forced dozens of startups to stop operating.

A bitcoin bank has just opened in Austrian capital Vienna

A bi...


Worlds first Bitcoin bank opens in Austrian capital Vienna "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The worlds first dedicated bitcoin bank has opened in the center of the Austrian capital Vienna. It is designed to make buying and selling bitcoin easier and safer than other in-person options. The digital currency outlet is owned and managed by a local Blockchain startup Bit Trust and is named simply Bitcoin-Bank. The ATM machines


Notes for Sunday February 12, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

February 12th is the birthday of theologian and journalist Cotton Mather (16631728).


Household Basics in TEOTWAWKI- Part 2, by Sarah Latimer "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Im continuing my journey to consider some of the basics (beyond meat, eggs, dairy, grains, fruits, and vegetables) that I will want in my pantry in the event of TEOTWAWKI. Sure, if it is a matter of life and death, we will take what we have and make the most Continue reading


Letter Re: Sad, Silent Prepper "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Dear Sad, Silent Prepper, I feel for you, bud. I was on the same road for years, trying to convince the wife that there were several scenarios that we needed to be concerned about and maybe even a few for which we needed to be prepared. My personal journey took Continue reading


Economics and Investing: "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Germany Moves 100 Tonnes Of Its Gold From New York To Frankfurt o o o $1,084,840,000,000: Taxes Set Record Through January; $7,133 Per Worker; Feds Still Run Deficit of $156,939,000,000 B.B. o o o The West Will Become The New Third World o o o Le Pen Victory Would Continue reading


Odds n Sods: "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

16 Fake News Stories Reporters Have Run Since Trump Won DSV o o o Frances New Islamist Guillotine o o o An interesting concept: Washington woman buys tsunami survival capsule first in U.S. C.L. o o o How To Grow An Endless Supply Of Herbs In Mason Continue reading


Hughs Quote of the Day: "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

When Jesus therefore perceived that they would come and take him by force, to make him a king, he departed again into a mountain himself alone. John 6:15 (KJV)


Local Dad Makes Quick Dash To Get The Car Ready After Watching Lion With The Family "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | CONTACT 68-year-old fibreglass swimming pool builder, Glenn Hardman has left his two adult children and wife in the lobby of his local cinema to quickly go and get the car ready, it has been confirmed. Without saying anything about the film they just watched, Glenn whispers Ill meet you in the car park, []


Cannabis May Soon be Used in Stroke and Cardiac Emergencies "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of over 100 active cannabinoids in cannabis. It accounts for 40 percent of the plant's extract and widely considered to be one of it's most powerful constituents that heals cells.

Emergency teams in cardiac and stroke units may one day use CBD's neuroprotective effects to prevent the onset of debilitating symptoms developing from stroke and cardiac arrest.

The reason cannabis is so effective medicinally is directly related to its ability to interact with receptors in the body which inhibit inflammation and prevent disease.

Cannabis does this so well, that few drugs can compete with its level of potency which come essentially with no side effects.

Read Entire Article


Comic for 2017.02.12 "IndyWatch Feed Comics"

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

The Healing Platform: Build Your Own Cure "IndyWatch Feed Health"

By Dr. Mercola

Cancer is a disease that most people either have personal experience with, or know someone who does.

In this interview, Annie Brandt herself a 16-year cancer survivor and author of "The Healing Platform: Build Your Own Cure!" shares some of the support detailed in her book, which can give anyone challenged with cancer access to valuable resources.

We first met last year at Dr. Lee Cowden's ACIM Conquering Cancer conference in Orlando. Brandt is also the coordinator of the Answers for Cancer Summit, an international cancer conference that will include many great speakers.

It's scheduled for April 27 through April 29, 2017, in San Diego, California. You can purchase tickets on

From my perspective, a foundational strategy for anyone concerned about cancer is to address your diet. That's my passion, and it got reignited once I understood that cancer is not a genetic, but a metabolic disease, primarily rooted in mitochondrial dysfunction.

In fact, this is the topic of my latest book, "Fat for Fuel," which will be published in May. More information on this will be coming soon.

I think that's the first step. However, for most people, diet alone will not solve the cancer riddle. It will likely prevent it, but may not solve it if you already have cancer. That's where Brandt's resources and The Healing Platform come in. They really are a great collaborative addition to a healthy diet, which I outline in "Fat for Fuel."

Best Answer for Cancer Foundation

Brandt is more than a little familiar with cancer. She was diagnosed with end-stage metastatic cancer in 2001, and was given three months to live. She decided that if that's all she had left, she would die as healthy as possible, "and as close to how God made me as I could," she says.

She refused surgery, high-dose chemo and radiation. Instead, she tried to make her body as strong and healthy as possible, focusing first on detoxification.

"The way the [Best Answer for Cancer] foundation started was I kind of made a promise to myself that if, in fact, I lived doing all these natural healthy things, I would find a way to help people realize there were all of these options. That's why I started the foundation," Brandt says.

"[The foundation is also] trying to protect the rights of patients and doctors to use natural substances."

Best Answer for Cancer Foundation was inaugurated in 2004, and became a 501(c)(3) organization in 2006...

How to Cook Spaghetti Squash "IndyWatch Feed Health"

By Dr. Mercola


With many people embracing the gluten-free trend and no-grain lifestyle, vegetarian pastas are becoming all the rage nowadays. This is great because highly processed grain products, like conventional, ready-to-cook pasta and wheat noodles, can drive up your insulin levels, since they convert to sugar in your body.


Youve probably heard of zucchini as a wonderful pasta alternative because of its al dente, noodle-like texture, but did you know that you can use another type of vegetable to satisfy your pasta craving? Get to know more about spaghetti squash, its many health benefits and how to cook it properly. 


The Origins of Spaghetti Squash


A popular variety of winter squash, spaghetti squash (Cucurbita pepo) is a long, oblong-shaped yellow vegetable that can measure anywhere between 8 to 14 inches long. It is named as such simply because when cooked, the flesh (which is pale yellow) separates into thin, spaghetti-like strands. Its also called vegetable spaghetti, noodle squash, vegetable marrow and even squaghetti.[1]


Unlike other squash varieties, which were originally cultivated in the Americas, spaghetti squashs origins can be traced to Asia, specifically China. It eventually made its way to the United States in 1936, and during World War II, Americans planted spaghetti squash in their victory gardens. However, this vegetable only became highly popular in the late 20th century....


VRM: Vaccine Toxicity Middle Ear Infections and Autism "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Most young parents are so caught up in ongoing responsibilities of raising their first child, learning the adaptive skillset of parenting, they typically have no choice or inclination but to trust in the good doctor, to guide their infant through the early years of life unscathed, No one can blame them for relying on the modern Medical system.
Certainly the peer-reviewed evidence has stated unequivocally, from Government Health departments around the world, reinforced by a constant barrage of one-sided Mainstream Media propaganda, that vaccines play an essential role in protecting the overall health of newborns: mitigating any preliminary exposure to viral, bacterial & fungal pathogens, circulating in the environment.
Why is just such an examination here-in needed at this juncture? Because there is a growing gulf between the weight of biased information and specious...


Experiencing 5D Energies With Gaia And Your Star Family "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Jelelle Awen, Guest writer, Lifting of the veil to remember. the earths magnetic fields are calibrating UP lately in response to energies from the galaxy. All is going up to facilitate our remembrance of WHO we are as multidimensional beings. All is going UP so that we can be fast tracked to remember []


America is having a Psychotic Episode, & Maybe thats Okay. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

I resonate with the psychiatrists who liken psychotic episodes to Native American vision quests. Vision quests and psychotic episodes create


How To Surf The Waves Of Turbulence "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Amina Deb, Guest writer, There is no arguing the fact that pressures are mounting on multiple levels. We feel it personally in our bodies, we see it out pictured in our families and communities, we experience it in our business contacts and in every aspect of our daily lives. We most certainly see []


Get Ready Major Shift Happening End Of 2017!!!!! "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Syncing In With The Planetary Alignment To Galactic Core by Nikki Colombo, Editor Contact Online Magazine Those who have awakened will feel this on all different levels, those who have not awakened will find themselves extremely pressurized and unhappy and will be seeking immediate communication with the higher realms and some will not feel []


War Against ISIS Reaches $11 Billion "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Since the air war against the so-called Islamic State kicked off in August 2014, the United States has spent just under $11 billion financing it. 

According to the most recent Pentagon figures, Statistaa Niall McCarthy reports that the bill for the campaign hit $10.99 billion as of December 31, 2016.

On a daily basis, the cost of operations against the terrorist group averages $12.5 million. Since 2014, the cost of flying operations has reached $4.4 billion while $2.4 billion of munitions have been expended against ISIS targets.

As of January 27, U.S. and coalition warplanes had flown 136,067 sorties to degrade and destroy the terrorist organization.

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How to Get Clear on Tough Choices. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Am I making the right decision? Through radical self-inquiry and hundreds of teaching moments that came from my learning, here are


Bitcoin and United States Dollar "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

0.0010 BTC = 1.00 USD
1.00 USD = 0.0010 BTC


About the show theyre having a small challenge getting us connected "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Im sitting here listening to Hawaiian music, and waiting for the third attempt at a call

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Food is Actually INFORMATION Here's Why "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Despite being the condition for the possibility of all life itself, food is rarely appreciated for its true power.

by Sayer Ji

Far beyond its conventionally defined role as a source of energy and as building blocks for the body-machine, fascinating new discoveries on the frontiers of science reveal that food is also a powerful source of information.

We are all hardwired to be deeply concerned with food when hungry, an interest which rapidly extinguishes the moment we are satiated.

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Ready for the show is Mira "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

in 11 minutes Mira is clearly excited!!

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Jim Carrey Explains How To Be Bigger Than Yourself "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"


How many of you know Jim Carrey, either from his stand-up comedy or from his many successful films, including Dumb and Dumber, Mask, Liar Liar, The Truman Show, or A Series of Unfortunate Events? You might think that anyone as talented as Jim must had a great home background and went to a great school with plenty of money to afford the best of training. Think again.

In his early years at school he describes himself as quiet and having no friends. Yet, he discovered that he could make friends by making people laugh. That was his turning point. But the results werent all positive. One teacher wrote on his report card: Jim finishes his work first and then disrupts the class. At home, he thoroughly enjoyed making faces and mimicking in his mirror.

His ambition showed when he began to think beyond entertaining his fellow students. At age ten he sent his resume to actress/comedienne Carol Burnette, hoping to be discovered.

It wasnt all downhill for Jim. First, he had to work around his learning disability, dyslexia, in order to succeed in school. He did this by developing a phenomenal memory.

Although his dad tended to encourage his craziness, his mom was alarmed and often sent him to his room. No problem just more time to practice in front of the mirror.

Money was another hurdle. His family lived in a rough district with lots of low-rent townhouses. By the tenth grade he was trying to juggle eight-hour night shifts at the factory with school during the day. He was so exhausted that he couldnt understand what his teachers were talking about. He didnt have any friends at school and feared that anyone getting close might find discover his embarrassing poverty. With little learning and no relationships, he felt that school was getting him nowhere. He called it quits at 16.


Los Alamos Study Finds Airport Scanners Alter DNA "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Can we ever believe what our government tells us about airport security devices? 

Apparently not. First they told us those X-ray scanners (that showed way too many naked body parts) were perfectly safe.

Even the manufacturer of the device, Rapidscan, openly admitted the scanners had not been adequately tested. The truth was later revealed that the safety tests turned out to be totally rigged, as reported by Natural News.

With fabricated results, the technology was quickly rushed into every airport worldwide.  No one listened to what the scientists in the field of radiation were trying to tell them its not safe.

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GoldFish Report No. 77 [2-11-17] POTUS Update Week 4 with Kent Dunn "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

goldfish_report_logo_150_4I did listen to this entire video, and I found much potentially useful and apocalyptic information here. Even the first 10 minutes has quite a bit of impactful data.

Much of it may be mind blowing to some. Each one talks from their own unique perspective. Just remember, not all of this may resonate with everyone. My viewpoint is, Take the best, leave the rest.

GoldFish Report N0. 77 Week 4 POTUS Review with Kent Dunn

Published on Feb 11, 2017
On GoldFish Report No. 77 , our Drain the Swamp- Week 4 POTUS Review with Kent Dunn discusses the the Executive Orders that will lead to A New Era of Justice according to POTUS that includes Child Trafficking, Drug and other crime cartels, and other EO developments. From the mass arrests to the fallout of the 9th Circuit Courts decision on the Visa Ban to the visit of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and developments in the China-USA-Japan relationship. Also POTUS announcement of the Global Currency Revaluation, security breach in Yemen and other actions the Trump cabinet are taking to Drain the Swamp and much more.



Its not a girls car! Local hairdresser defends driving a Suzuki Swift "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

12 February, 2016. 12:34 ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact Known locally as the first man convicted under the Diamantina Shires new anti-cottaging laws, Johnny Sampson has lashed out at the suggestion that his late model Suzuki Swift is a girls car. In addition to that gender-specific jibe, the 27-year-old barber has let it be []



Firearms Inspections By Police in your Home. Your Rights. Their Authority. "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

I don't know about you, but my experience with police officers coming into my house for the purpose of inspecting my firearms & their safe keeping has been a mixed bag. First & foremost the police know very little to nothing at all about any firearms other than service issue. This can be a big problem & it has cost me money & time trying to prove the police wrong & me right!
 Secondly the police come into my house thinking that I am guilty of breaking the law until proven innocent, this is blatantly obvious from their attitude towards me. They check out my house as best they can without going through cupboards & draws just looking for anything that may be used against me. NEVER leave a police officer alone in your house, they must be under observation at all times, & I recommend that you video their visit, especially when they are checking your safe keeping & your firearms. If you do not have a video camera, use a sound recorder. You do not have to hold this device in your hands so it is visible, you can set up the video camera or the recorder in the room where your gun safe is before the police arrive. Simply turn on before admitting them into your house.



This woman was raped and forgave him, so they did a TED Talk together "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

 94% of all sexual assault cases go unreported and 1 in 4 North American women will be raped (source). These statistics sadly arent much of a shock when you consider how much the media and society sexualize women. Given the enormity of the stigma surrounding rape culture, do you really blame survivors or their rapists for not wanting to come forward?


Panchayat Academy: Training Leaders to Create Self-reliant Sustainable Villages "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

Rangaswamy Elango of Panchayat Academy, India

Rangaswamy Elango of Panchayat Academy, India

Lots of people agree how great Gandhi was, but how many seriously try to follow in his footsteps? Rangaswamy Elango is a doer, not just a dreamer. He has managed in a few short years to completely turn around his village. Kuthambakkam, Elangos home town, is now widely regarded as a model village for rural India. Elangos goal is networking with other village leaders to create economies of permanence or local self-reliant sustainable villages in India. His story is very inspiring, so much so that I seriously considered moving to his village to learn more.

Here are a few links to help you learn more about Rangaswamy Elangos village work:
+91 44 25016595 and Email: Elango the changemaker Dignified toilet project ABC documentary



Tonight 2-11-17 As You Wish Talk Radio Tonight Saturday Feb 11th 8pm PT Guest: KP host of Kauilapeles Blog "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"


Kp, James, and Vicki, on Maui

[Kp update (post show): Thank you to all who listened live. Im sure James and team will have a YouTube and/or archive of the show available for listening at some point. Aloha, Kp]

Yes, its true Im going to on (well, hopefully on, not the other option) and who knows what well be talking about. Thanks to James for asking me to be on his weekly show.

In case you dont see it below, click here to listen online or you may call in to 716-748-0150 (see below).

For those who wish to see my bio, please go to the As You Wish Talk Radio page.

8PM Pacific = 6PM Hawaii, 0800 (Sunday) UTC



Remember this on Valentines Day, No Matter What. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

I used to be against the whole thing until I realized this:


A Sincere Thank You to the One who Brings out the Worst in Me. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

It had been so long since wed spoken, I had almost forgotten how just a few sharp words from you can change me. 

The venom in your voice still makes my face flush. A lump swells in my throat, and though I will fight them, hot tears will roll down my cheeks to be brushed away by my shaking hands.

I used to beg for forgiveness, and apologize for things I didnt doanything to stop the shouting. That girl is long gone.

Ive labored toward my healing, shedding skins of lies you wrapped me in to keep me weak in my own self-hatred. Ive cut away any evidence of the marks you made on me. Ive grown stronger with each day weve spent apart.

Still, listening to your raised voice spewing hateful words in my direction shows me that the tissue beneath my scars is still tender. If I allow you to poke at my wounds, I may begin bleeding again.

You werent the first to hurt me. I swear Ive carried these wounds since the day I was born. Each cut a little deeper than the one before it. Just when I think Ive stitched myself back together, you appear again to show me where Im still broken.

You. Angry, bitter you. Youre the only one who can illuminate the nastiness that still lives somewhere inside me.

I remember a time when rage consumed my days. I was angry at the whole world. I was angry with myself. My temper showed up for occasions so trivial, its embarrassing. That was a long time ago. I havent seen that angry girl in years.

But, just a few minutes of dancing that same old dance with you brings her right back.

I didnt cower or back down this time. I bit back at you. I followed you all the way down to your level for a moment, where I became someone Ive never wanted to be.

You are the only person on this earth who can bring out that ugly, angry, resentful piece of me from years gone by. For this, I am truly grateful.

Im grateful because, without the mirror that you are, I might not see where the pain still lives inside me.

Without you, I might not see the sorrow that remains under the surface of my scars.

Without you, I might think that my work is done.

Though I wish there were another way, dancing this old, painful dance with you teaches me something no one else can.

In those brief, screaming moments of rageI realized that to forgive you would mean accepting an apology youve never spoken. To forgive you now would mean forgetting how my soul atrophied while in your care. Forgiving you now.....


How I Traded in my Life in the Darkness for one of Empathy. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

I assure you that voyaging into the darkness of depression is not a choice. No one decides to go in and set up residence there. I stumbled in quite accidentally at the age of


An Alternate Take on Valentines Day. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

I'm adopting this as my new V-day mantra:


This Is The Way The World Ends, Not With A Bang But With A Trumpster "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Preview Of course, the world may end with a bang and a Trumpster, which is as close to multitasking as these people get.


What Happens when we Choose Trust in the face of Fear & the Buddhist Wisdom to Back it Up. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

I spent most of my life believing I was fearless, but the day I found myself standing at the top of a cliff, roped in and ready to go rock climbing for the first time, I discovered otherwise.

I was friggin scared sh*tless, and it was a whole new level of fear.

My husband happens to be a climber, and he is well-trained. So for the first time, a year ago, I found myself at the top of a very high cliff all roped and geared up, ready to go. We were going to abseil down from the top, and then climb back up. I was excited and nervous.

I love a new adrenaline-inducing hobby!

Then my husband said, Walk back to the edge, and sit back with your feet out against the wall.

I walked back, and when he said, Okay now sit back, I froze. I couldnt do it! Sit back into nothing?! That goes against everything I know. Logically, I knew I was roped in and had a brake, and I was roped to him too, but my mind was fighting it tooth-and-nail. I was creating fear. I kept saying, I cant.

I stood there debating for a moment in my head. I wanted to do it so badly. I wanted to let go, trust and just sit back into the air like I wasnt afraid. God, did I want to do it.

But my mind was stopping me. It was holding me there paralyzed in fear.

Then I heard myself saying, I cant. And instead, I told myself, I can. I thought about the conversation we just had on the ride over about walking through fear. I thought about all my meditation practices and Buddhist teachings on fear. I resolved to do it.

I looked up into his eyes as he calmly said, Yes, you can. Do you trust me? I took a breath, nodded and allowed him to coach me over that cliff, inch by inch, until I was standing against the lip of the cliff, with my butt sticking out into nothing, ready to repel down.

After all, I wanted to do it, and I knew I would be pissed if I chickened out. So I took the breath. I trusted. I loosened up my death grip on the rope so I could start to slide backwards and walk down the faceand thats when it happened.

I fell.

My worst fear. As I leaned back, I slipped, lost my footing and technically fell off the lip. It was the worst and best thing that could have happened. The moment I decided to trust and stop being in charge, the moment I let go, figuratively and literally, was the moment I fell. The idea my mind had worked up to stop me from stepping out of...


Policing In Australia By Consent for the last 200 years? News to me!!! "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Policing by consent is about the general public consenting to allow the police to work in their communities within certain guidelines. IF a majority of the general public should at any time decide that what the police are doing is not wholly beneficial to the public, then they the public can demand that the police make changes. That is how I understand it. So why is the Australian public allowing the police to "step over this line" without any complaint?! Wake up people, the right & the power is yours to wield!

Policing By Consent.
To prevent crime and disorder, as an alternative to their repression by military force and severity of legal punishment.
To recognise always that the power of the police to fulfill their functions and duties is dependent on public approval of their existence, actions and behaviour and on their ability to secure and maintain public respect.
To recognise always that to secure and maintain the respect and approval of the public means also the securing of the willing co-operation of the public in the task of securing observance of laws.
To recognise always that the extent to which the co-operation of the public can be secured diminishes proportionately the necessity of the use of physical force and compulsion for achieving police objectives.
To seek and preserve public favour, not by pandering to public opinion; but by constantly demonstrating absolutely impartial service to law, in complete independence of policy, and without...


Dealer Busted with 70g of MDMA Found Guilty, Claimed He Ordered from the Darknet for Himself "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Julian Fleming-Burt, a 35-year-old former DJ, stood in front of an Exeter Crown Court judge for drug possession charges. The Haldon Road, Tiverton, DJ admitted possession of both ecstascy and marijuanaboth intended for distribution, he said. This confession of guilt followed a contradictory bizarre police interview, according to Express & Echo. Officers arrested the man with large quantities of MDMA, cannabis, and a phone with evidence of drug distribution. Yet, Fleming-Burt claimed everything came from the darknet for personal useover the course of two or more years.

The defendant pleaded guilty to possesion of a Class A Drug (ecstascy) with intent to distribute and possesion of a Class B Drug (cannabis), also with intent to distribute. Despite the severity of the charges, he managed to avoid serving time. During the hearing, the judge said, Its your lucky day. Im prepared to take a chance to [let you] change your ways. He continued, If you dont, there is only one place you are going to end up, and thats prison.

Police stopped the accused while they responded to a domestic dispute call from the mans house. His partner, court records revealed, called the police regarding an argument. The case prosecutor, Mr. Jonathan Barnes, avoided mentioning details of the fight during the hearing. The domestic dispute brought no additional charges. However, as officers responded to the call, Fleming-Burt left the house and they consequently crossed paths.



Art Theft: Munchs Oslo Museum Scream "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

In Lost Art, Jennifer Mundy writes, In most cases it is clear why a work of art is lost. It can be wilfully destroyed or accidentally mislaid. It may never have been intended to endure; or the materials used may have proved ephemeral. But sometimes the loss can be the result of a cause or a motive that is more difficult to discern or understand. When a work of art is stolen it is usually obvious that the thieves knew what they were taking and why: to use as collateral in criminal activities, to resell on a black market and make major fi...


How Early Detection can save you from the Emotionally Unavailable Person. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

It makes no sense how they can profess undying love, then suddenlyyoure alone and abandoned. These relationships turned me into a beggar and triggered old abandonment wounds. I noticed feelings of desperation trying to get these people to return to the loving, caring partners they were in the beginning.



Tealet is Decentralizing the Tea Industry with Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Tea is the most widely consumed beverage after water. The tea industry has also, historically, been overly centralized the world over. One company wants to change this. Tealet, a wholesale tea distributor, is looking to revolutionize the tea world with modern technology.

There are several middlemen which were once necessary for the international trade of tea, Tealet CEO Elyse Petersen explains, citing Chinas Cultural Revolution and 1950s-style western consumerism for undermining tea quality worldwide in favor of mass production. Things like Bitcoin make for a more sustainable future for this industry. Tealet uses Bitcoin to settle with producers in eight countries.

Also Read: Making EthereRum Distilled by a Bitcoin Miner

Revolutionizing the Worlds Favorite Drink

Tealet teaches farmers how to make quality tea themselves, instead of merely producing bulk green leaf by the kilogram a practice which encouraged chemical-based agricultural practices to create more output instead of a higher quality.

Based in Las Vegas, Tealet struggled with payment options like Paypal before exploring digital currency. The company had to educate its producers on Bitcoin, all of whom choose to receive their local currency so as to maintain their family farms. The company does accept Bitcoin from the public for its bulk, whole leaf tea, as well.

Tealet is Decentralizing the Tea Industry with Bitcoin

When we first started to accept Bitcoin in 2013 our sales were great and people in the community were really excited to support us, Ms. Petersen said. Since then, sales have slowed, though the company remained engaged in the Bitcoin community.

We started paying certain invoices with Bitcoin, and we also received an angel investment in Bitcoin, Ms. Petersen reveals.

Tealet, which distributes mainly to teahouses and restaurants, doesnt offer any ordinary tea, but, rather, whole leaf  tea in several varieties including white, green, oolong, black, puerh, and yellow. Their tea doesnt entail the use of tea bags and the leaves can have water poured atop of them more than once.

It becomes a ritualistic process, says Ms. Petersen. Its not something you make one tea bag out of. It...


Millions Wrongly Treated for Cancer, National Cancer Institute Panel Confirms "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Written By:

Sayer Ji, Founder

A devastating new report commissioned by the National Cancer Institute reveals that our 40-year long War on Cancer has been waged against a vastly misunderstood enemy, that in many cases represented no threat to human health whatsoever.

If you have been following our advocacy work on cancer, particularly in connection with the dark side of breast cancer awareness month, you know that we have been calling for the complete reclassification of some types of breast cancer as benign lesions, e.g. ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), as well as pointing out repeatedly that x-ray based breast screenings are not only highly carcinogenic but are also causing an epidemic of overdiagnosis and overtreatment in US women, with an estimated 1.3 million cases in the past 30 years alone.

This week, a National Cancer Institute commissioned panels report published in JAMA online confirmed that we all public and professionals alike should stop calling low-risk lesions like DCIS and high-grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (HGPIN) cancer.

There are wide-reaching implications to this recommendation, including:

  • Millions of women in this country have been diagnosed with DCIS, and millions of men with HGPIN, and subsequently [mis]treated. Are they now to be retroactively reclassified as victims of iatrogenesis, with legal recourse to seek compensation?
  • Anyone engaged in a cancer screening will now need to reconsider and weigh both the risks and benefits of such a preventive strategy, considering that the likelihood of being diagnosed with a false positive over 10 years is already ...


Colleagues catch-up by not listening to each other for 30 minutes "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Accountant Nicky Smith from Ipswich, accosted her friend by the photocopier at 09:23 this morning with the opener: Ask me about Saturday, go on, ask me, to which the response was: Yeah, but wait until you hear about mine. The next half an hour was a unilateral assault of tedium, according to witnesses, appraising the other about last weekends family itinerary whilst largely ignoring or skipping over the others responses.

Jayne was polishing her nails and even ate a Weetabix at one point, claims new-start, James.  She was just saying Uh-huh and Really? whilst charging up her own barrage of mundane, pointless static which she let rip the moment Nicky paused to cough.

As far as I can tell her musings were entirely unrelated to the content already provided. I think she was getting her own back but she should have looked up for a minute because she would have noticed Nicky leaving the room after the fifth Oh right.

I had a great weekend, not that anyone f***ing asked, he added.


Iroquois Pliskin


Why are Hollywood actors ,Senators, Media executives, Senior Academics, etc Hate Trump, Paedophilia? "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The relentless demonization of the man, in newspapers, on television, on the internet, among politicians, among Hollywood celebrities and among academics, is truly without precedent. Look at a newspaper or log onto the internet and you'll immediately be faced with a barrage of screaming headlines telling you how horrible the guy is. It really is weird.

He has, to date (unfortunately) made no sign of ending the alliance with Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf states, the biggest consumers of American military hardware.So the men with the big money will probably not be harmed by his government; they might even prosper. Yet these are the very people who hate him:

Trump's opponents wish to continue the cultural revolution ongoing under the Obama administration, tear down the last vestiges of Christian morality, and legalize all forms of deviancy, including pedophilia.

If there is any truth at all in the idea that the coded language used in these emails refers to the sexual abuse of underage children, then it would appear that a substantial segment of the Democratic Party (as well apparently as some members of the Republican Party) are active pedophiles.


You May Want to Reconsider Using Concrete Cinder Blocks In Your Edible Garden "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Source: You May Want to Reconsider Using Concrete Cinder Blocks In Your Edible Garden For more content like this visit

by JOHN SUMMERLY Cinder blocks to build raised beds are being promoted in Youtube videos and gardening sites. However, there is a strong possibility of poisons in the construction of these products that should deter anyone from using them to grow food.   The product Fly Ash is used as a Portland Cement replacement for up to []

Source: You May Want to Reconsider Using Concrete Cinder Blocks In Your Edible Garden Learn more at - Healthy News and Information.


Weekly Forecast ~ February 12, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Slide072017 is a 1 Year, and your personal number for 2017 is obtained by adding 1 to your month and day of birth. For example, if you were born on September 29, add 9+2+9 +1 =21.  Keep adding until you reach a single digit. 2+1=3. In this example, the personal year number for 2017 is 3 *.

* Use your yearly number to read your monthly & weekly forecasts throughout 2017. 


NOTE 1: Week 7 runs from Sunday, February 12, to Saturday the 18th. 7 is the learning number. 2 is the number of intuition. Therefore, Week 7 in Februarys 2 energy, affects how our thoughts and feelings interact with each other. 7 is the number of knowledge and secrets, and 2 is the number of the senses and truth. When 2 and 7 are at odds, confusion is inevitable, but when these two sensory energies align and work together, the fog lifts and we gain CLARITY. We are evolving emotionally and intellectually, and the events occurring in the world right now, as terrifying as they are, are speeding up our personal and collective transformation. Minds are open and hearts are reaching for the truth. A new level of seriousn...


Mindfulness Matters: Heres How to Get Started. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The imagery may sound strange, but it truly helped me shift to a kinder, gentler way of being. That shift to a more positive frequency affected


The Great Wide Open "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

One of my favourite books on contemporary landscape photography with some amazing adventures and images to aspire to.


How can we recognize our friends in the mixed-up world of Donald Trump? "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Through the looking glass:

The enemies of our enemy are not our friends. Its important to remember that during the next four years and beyond

Vladimir Putin; Donald Trump (Credit: Reuters/Maxim Shipenkov/Christopher Aluka Berry/Photo montage by Salon)
This piece originally appeared on TomDispatch.

You know youre living in a looking-glass world when former Vice President Dick Cheney speaks out against one of Donald Trumps executive orders. Hes a good example of how past adversaries of movements for peace and justice are lining up against our current adversary: the new president.

The United States, Cheney told radio host Hugh Hewitt, should not exclude people from our territory on the basis of religion. That was just a few days after Trump had signed an executive order entitled Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States. Such a move, said Cheney, goes against everything we stand for and believe in.

In the same interview, Cheney revealed the origins of his personal affinity for Muslim refugees. His own ancestors, he said, arrived on this continent to escape religious persecution. They were Puritans, he explained. There wasnt anybody here then when they came. No one? It was a sparkling display of the European-American so...


Bitcoin, Scam Coins and Stock Trading Techniques with Tone Vays (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin, Scam Coins and Stock Trading Techniques with Tone Vays Video Jeff interviews former Wall St. trader and now Bitcoin expert, Tone Vays. Topics include: the recent price rise in Bitcoin, Chine exchanges and regulations, block size and transaction processing limit, segregated witness allows for more capacity without increasing the block size, scaling issues, Litecoin

The post Bitcoin, Scam Coins and Stock Trading Techniques with Tone Vays (Video) appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Exhaustive RAND Corporation review of vaccine side effects finds strong evidence that vaccines cause Guillain-Barre Syndrome, myalgia, seizures, meningitis, encephalitis and more "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(Natural News) A little-known vaccine safety review published by RAND Corporation in 2014 and labeled a RAND External Publication reveals that vaccines are almost certainly causing serious, permanent damage in some children. Titled Safety of Vaccines Used for Routine Immunization in the United States, the analysis was published in Evidence Report/Technology Assessment No. 215 (Prepared by Southern California/RAND Evidence-Based Practice Center, under Contract No. 290-2007-10062-1). AHRQ Publication No. 14-E002-EF. (Rockville, MD: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, July 2014), 740 p

See the executive summary of the analysis at this link. It is authored by Margaret Maglione, Courtney A. Gidengil, Lopamudra Das, Laura Raaen, Alexandria Smith, Ramya Chari, Sydne Newberry, Roberta M. Shanman, Tanja Perry, Matthew Bidwell Goetz.

As a starting point, the paper takes for granted the Institute of Medicines 2011 pro-vaccine paper titled, Adverse Effects of Vaccines: Evidence and Causality. The IOM, of course, has already been exposed for researchers having financial ties to the vaccine industry, bringing into question the IOMs neutrality on the issue of vaccine safety.

Yet even when RAND accepts the IOM position as trustworthy, RANDs own researchers independently find that vaccines cause serious, permanent side effects in some children.

This is even true when the RAND analysis excludes the most toxic vaccines that have been discontinued. As stated in the executive summary of the paper:

Studies using formulations never available or discontinued in the United States were exclude...


Trump Should Wake the F Up: Is it True? {Video: The Work with Byron Katie} "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

But now, Ms. Katie walks a woman through her visceral, joy-sucking fear of Trump and brings her to wisdom with her u


Classical music performers take a stand against Trumps travel ban "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Budapest Festival Orchestra in New York

By Fred Mazelis
11 February 2017

Performers in the classical music field have joined the widespread protest over the Trump administrations attempt to ban the entry of refugees and visitors from seven Muslim-majority countries that he has branded the sources of terrorism.

Symphony orchestras in major US cities (and many smaller cities as well) have large and growing numbers of immigrants in their ranks, and the music they perform is international in scope and history. Visiting orchestras, of course, consist almost entirely of non-US citizens.

Ivn Fischer and the Budapest Festival Orchestra

In the case of the highly regarded Budapest Festival Orchestra, currently in the midst of a five-city US tour, the travel ban nearly prevented the participation of one of its members. Only the last-minute intervention of BFO conductor Ivan Fischer succeeded in securing the entry into the US of an Iraqi-born Hungarian cellist who is a vital part of the ensembles string section. The cellist is a Hungarian citizen, but holds Iraqi citizenship as well.

The Budapest orchestras tour brought it to Newark, New York, Boston, Chicago and Ann Arbor, Michigan. Its programs, featuring the Bronx-born Richard Goode, one of the greatest American pianists, consisted of Beethoven symphonies paired with some of his piano concertos.

Ivan Fischer is a Hungarian conductor and composer whose work, especially with the Budapest Festival Orchestra, has attracted acclaim and wide recognition. He is known as an outspoken opponent of extreme nationalism and the growth of ultra-right elements, both in the government of Viktor Orban in Hungary today, and elsewhere as well.

The 66-year-old conductor, of Jewish ancestry, lost some of his grandparents in the Holocaust. He told the New York Times that he saw echoes of the pastwhen Jewish musicians were removed from such orchestras as the Vienna Philharmonic and Berlin Philharmonic and later exiled or in some cases killedin the current conditions of the rise of anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant hatred. Having learned this lesson, he is quoted as saying, I have a very strong determination not to allow that ever to happen.

According to the BFO website, the orchestra has for a number of years been performing in abandoned synagogues in Hungarian towns and villages where the Jewish comm...


My interview of Sean Foran is up at The Bandcamp Daily "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

  My interview of Trichotomy pianist Sean Foran has been published on The Bandcamp Daily.  Foran talks about the early days of the trio, the trios new album Known-Unknown, the changes with his solo project Frame of Reference, and reveals that Australians have been hiding the nifty phrase bubbled along from me all my life. []


This is How we Figure Out what to Do with our Lives. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

A lot of negative voices in my head came up with many reasons for why I could not or should not pursue my passions. I, like


A Powerful Remedy for Dissolving Kidney Stones "IndyWatch Feed Food"

by SANDEEP GODIYAL Anyone who has ever had a kidney stone knows that it is an extremely painful condition, especially while the stone is caught in the ureters, the tubes which lead from the kidneys to the bladder. Even once in the bladder, the stone must this be passed through the urethra. Men, having a


BREAKING: As Construction Begins, Vets Return to Standing Rock Form Human Shield "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(Claire BernishWe are prepared to put our bodies between Native elders and a privatized military force, Elizabeth Williams, a U.S. Air Force veteran, told the Guardian on her decision to come to Standing Rock as a human shield.
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Breaking Interview: Lead Author of Dirty Vaccines Study Speaks Out "IndyWatch Feed Health"

A follow up from a recent report, Dirty Vaccines: Every Human Vaccine Tested Was Contaminated With Metals and Debris in New Study by James Lyons-Weiler, PhD In a remarkable new study with potentially immediate and earth-shattering effects on the vaccine industry and the regulatory agencies that oversee their safety, researchers at the National Council of Research

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8 Foods That Cause Cancer And You Need to Stop Eating Them "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Its hard to know whats safe to eat sometimes. Sure, we know to avoid GMOs, high fructose corn syrup, and overly refined foods but beyond that, it can get confusing. Fortunately, were here with expert advice.  We talked with specialists from eight different fields, to ask them what food theyd each be certain to


Lena Dunham: Feminists Must Enlighten White Women Who Voted for Trump (Funny how these women are the ones you wouldn't want to fuck anyway, checks and balances see (George Carlin)) "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Friday on ABCs The View, actress Lena Dunham said being that a part of feminism is almost like being a parent and that the white women who voted for Donald Trump need to be enlightened with the rhetoric of self-empowerment.

Partial transcript as follows:

DUNHAM: I think its really important to remember that it is an incredible problem that 53% of women in this country 53% of white women in this country voted for Donald Trump which means that theyre not only voting against the interests of their sisters, of women who may not look like them, who they may not understand but whose rights are just as important, but also remember that they are in that case voting against their own best interest. To me a part of feminism its almost like being a parent to a teenager where theyre so mad at you, they think youre such a piece of crap and youre like, I know you hate me right now but the reason Im doing this is because I love you and I want us all to be safe.

BEHAR: But those women to their defense believe hes going to bring back jobs, a lot of them, because theyre voting for their husbands and their family. How do you respond to that?

Funny how these women are the ones you wouldn't want to fuck anyway, checks and balances see (George Carlin)


First mocha back on Big Isla (thats Island guess the Spanish in me came out!) "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

at Kona Haven, near the ocean. (KC&T steamer was down so they could not steam milk for mocha, so I came here). Everyone (owners) speaks Korean, too.

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CBS: Millions of gallons of wastewater dumping into Puget Sound in Seattle "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Millions of gallons of untreated wastewater and stormwater began dumping into Puget Sound Thursday after high tides and heavy rains overwhelmed a King County wastewater-treatment center in Seattle. (Emily Eng / The Seattle Times) Flooding at West Point Treatment Plant in Magnolias Discovery Park caused damage that apparently fried an electrical circuit and triggered a

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Should ViaBTC Stop Opposing Segregated Witness for Bitcoin Scaling? "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The ViaBTC Transaction Accelerator has proven to be quite a successful service over the past few months. One downside to this system is how only 100 transactions can be boosted every single hour. In a recent tweet, the company complains about how they are hitting this glass ceiling nearly every hour. It would be better Continue reading Should ViaBTC Stop Opposing Segregated Witness for Bitcoin Scaling?

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Ninth Circuit Court Now Demands It Be Protected From Itself(what a fluster cluck) "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Oh, the winning its often too funny. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is now independently, on its own impetus, requesting an internal vote on a full panel en banc hearing to review its own decision.

Additionally, the full ninth are asking the Trump administration to file an additional brief telling the court why the three member original appeals ruling authority was wrong.   In essence, the smart judges know what wasnt considered, and are now looking for an out.

You just cant make this stuff up.

Prior to expanding the conversation, allow us to set the current stage with a few tweet optics:


An Open Letter to My Friends Who Support Donald Trump "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Jeremy Nix is a Citizen Journalist who writes for the The Huffington Post. I recently came across a blog post from him that I thought many of you would like to read. I need to make it clear that this article does not reflect the views of Educate Inspire Change but nonetheless I think it is well written and feel that many of you both Trump supports and haters will be able to take something useful from. 

Follow Jeremy Nix on Twitter:

Im cool with you removing me from your friends list if you dont like this post. You can even disown me if you like. But Donald Trump isnt a good person, nor would he be a good president. I can understand a difference in politics. I can understand if you dont like a government run by Democrats. I can understand if you dont like certain ideologies, like Socialism. But I cant understand why you would support someone as hateful, sexist, racist and ignorant as Donald Trump.

How do you support him so blindly? Ask yourself, are you a racist, sexist, hateful and ignorant person as well? I hear his supporters saying they like him because he tells the truth, because hes so rich he can say whatever he feels like with no apologies. Just because Trump is saying these things doesnt suddenly make them right. Its not okay to discriminate against an entire religion based on a small percentage of its followers who have become terrorists by twisting the words of the religion to fit their crazy ideals. Its not okay to marginalize an entire race of people, saying things like all the Mexicans are lazy, that they are all stealing our jobs and bringing drugs into our country.

White people also have bad apples. So does every race of people. Were all human. Some humans are really bad people. Some are really good. And it doesnt matter what color they are, it makes no difference whatsoever. Trump says he is just telling the truth. But whose truth? There are lazy people in every race and there are dangerous violent people in every race and every religion. Kicking all Muslims out of the country is not the answer, nor is it the...


How To Detect Negative Energies At Home Using Only A Glass Of Water? "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Negative energies are something which can affect your family, your pets, you and even every object around your home. But, luckily, weve managed to find a way to help you, using only a glass of water with grain salt and vinegar!

You can eliminate these negative energies using his simple, but very effective homemade trick and lead a quality way of life! The ingredients are easily available! Only a glass of water with grain salt and vinegar!



  • 1 glass (it must be completely transparent)
  • White vinegar
  • Granulated salt
  • Water



Add a little salt, little vinegar and little water in the glass. Put the glass in some of the areas where you spend time the most and where other people visit you. Leave it there for 24 hours. After some time, check how the salt is acting, if the level only rose or the water overflew. Rinse the glass with plenty of water after 24 hours, and repeat the procedure whenever you think its necessary. Put it in all the areas of your home until the salt stops rising.

Note: Put the glass in an area where it could not be seen so that it manages to absorb the bad energies effectively!

Use only a glass of water with grain salt and vinegar and get rid of all the negative energies surrounding you!

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Those who Said. {Poem} "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

This is a big middle finger to all the naysayers who have discouraged your dreams:


3 Ways Americans Are Being Deliberately Divided "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Survival Saturday is a round-up of the weeks news and resources for folks who are interested in being prepared.

This Week in the News

Lets talk about the blatant efforts Read the rest

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This Week in Preparedness: Survival Saturday Feb. 11, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Survival Saturday is a round-up of the weeks news and resources for folks who are interested in being prepared.

My Survival Saturday post this week was so long-winded that I Read the rest

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Beaded Belt Buckle "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Marlies Bates. (Fairmont, WV United States) My first original beaded belt buckle that was planned out on graph paper and using colored pencils to create such a colorful pattern. Then, using 11/0 seed beads in the corresponding colors worked this up on a bead loom. The piece is then stitched onto leather and added []


I Never Shoot Photos for Free, But This is Why I Did "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

One of the often recurring discussions among professional photographers is whether or not we should ever work for free. Ive been known to rail against those who do and against clients who request free pictures so why did I recently waive my own rule?

A little background first: I describe myself as a corporate communications photographer working for businesses and organisations needing creative, high quality images for websites, brochures, press releases and so on.

However, between corporate assignments I will often seek out personal projects which interest me. These allow me to stretch myself creatively (I prefer not to experiment on paying clients) as well as try out new techniques (ditto).

Just before Christmas I was thinking about what my next personal project should be. In the back of my mind I was thinking Id love to do something with a purpose beyond just trying out stuff or photographing random things. I wanted it to have some kind of purpose perhaps an outcome which could help someone else or tell an important story.

Then I spotted a plea for help on Twitter from a local youth drop-in center which is at threat of closure due to funding running out in March this year. Something about that tweet made me pause and think that this could be the perfect project.

I got in touch with the center manager and suggested I could take portraits of the young people who benefit from the service and we arranged a meeting the following day.

What interested me was that this center, called Routes, is set up as a youth cafe where people, generally under 25, can go for help with issues ranging from homelessness to unemployment, mental issues, sexual health and drug abuse. The service is free, non-judgemental and is attractive to anyone who fears authority wont give them the support they need.

With the center manager, Sarah, I developed the idea of using the portraits with case studies to support grant fund applications, press releases, social media and so on. Then Sarah suggested an exhibition, which really interested me as Id never had my work exhibited before.

With time running out for the centers funding, we had to work fast, so early in January I set to work shooting the portraits. Within 5 weeks a set of 20 portraits was shot, edited, captioned, printed, framed and hung on the walls of a busy local cafe which often hosts art and photography exhibitions.



Getting to Know Enamels "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Dianne. (Windsor, Vermont) Whoa, is this ever fun! I decided I wanted to try some color along with the metal and this is a blast! I figured as long as Valentines Day is fast approaching I would start with some hearts and do simple enamel. Now I have the bug and have ordered cloisonne []


Chinese Exchanges No Longer Dictate Global Bitcoin Price "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

For the first time in a while, the bitcoin price is no longer dominated by the Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges. Whether or not this is a positive development remains to be seen. Then again, changes to the bitcoin ecosystem can be quite positive. Less reliance on China means there will be slightly more decentralization moving forward. Continue reading Chinese Exchanges No Longer Dictate Global Bitcoin Price

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Atheism or Non-Theism? "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

It may be true that science cannot establish whether God exists or not, but that does not mean that we cannot argue about the matter.


New Valentine Jewelry "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Lisa Winters-Baldwin. (Phoenix, Arizona) I love Choker Necklaces..and, since they are the current trend, I decided Valentines Day was perfect time to create some for my Etsy shop. Lisa Winters-Baldwin JazzyWrap Jewelry


Wire Wrapped Pendant "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Joyce Becker. (Bend, Oregon) Last year the year of change. I purchased this book Build Your Own Wire Pendants (by Kimberly Berlin) over a year ago. Two moves in 2016 prevented me from using it (all components packed). It was a dry year. Now, am trying some new ideas. Digging out old favorites []


This Drone Timelapse of Minsk is Like Something Out of a Dream "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Now that the Internet is saturated with timelapse and drone videos, one of the next big frontiers may be combining the two. Timelapse photographer Artem Pryadko shows whats possible in the gorgeous 2-minute DroneLapse above.

Its a new direction in shooting time lapses time lapse using a drone, Pryadko writes. All the shots you see in the video were captured above Minsk, Belarus (where Pryadko is based), at various times throughout 2016.

Equipment-wise, Pryadko used a DJI Phantom 4 and a DJI Phantom 4 Pro+. You can find more of his work on his Vimeo, Instagram, and VK.



Politicians Are Now Making Plans In Case The Public Turns Against Them Violently "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(James HolbrooksAs protests continue to break out all around the nation over President Donald Trumps desire to scrap Obamacare, Politico reported Tuesday that many politicians are beginning to worry about their own personal safety to the point where some are having private sessions to discuss the matter.
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New Normal in Life and Jewelry "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Sarah R. (Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada) Im happy to share that after a crazy difficult year we were able to move into our rebuilt home a few days before Christmas! When I first shared our story about the May 2016 Alberta wildfire claiming our home along with 2,400 other homes in our town, you []


Bronze figurine of the ancient Egyptian dwarf god Bes.  Artist... "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Bronze figurine of the ancient Egyptian dwarf god Bes.  Artist unknown; 25th Dynasty (711-657 BCE).  Now in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  Photo credit: LACMA.


Trump's 'guy' Is On The Job "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Sat Feb 11, 2017 7:21Am

CIA Director Micheal Pompeo hands the George Tenet Medal to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef at a reception ceremony in Riyadh, February 10, 2017. (Photo by SPA)
CIA Director Micheal Pompeo hands the George Tenet Medal to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef at a reception ceremony in Riyadh, February 10, 2017. (Photo by SPA)

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has honored Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef with its prestigious George Tenet Medal for his "intelligence work in the fight against terrorism."

The medal was handed to Nayef, who is deputy prime minister and minister of interior, by CIA Director Micheal Pompeo on Friday during a reception ceremony in Riyadh.

Deputy Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, second deputy premier and minister of defense, and several other senior Saudi officials were also in attendance.

In a statement after receiving the medal, Nayef said he appreciated the CIA honor and framed it as a recognition of what he called Saudi Arabias anti-terrorism efforts under the directives of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

Saudi Arabia rejects and denounces strongly terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, the crown prince was quoted as saying by the Saudi media.

The kingdom has been keen to combat terrorism based on its conviction that terrorism has no identity and no religion, and from its belief that the terrorists are committing these acts stemming from their deviant ideologies and evil thought, he stated.

All negative religious, political and social ideologies that use religion as a tool throughout human history, do not reflect the absolute truth about religion, Nayef added.

This is while Saudi Arabia, where Wahhabism is widely preached and practiced, stands accused of supporting terrorist groups fighting the Syrian government since 2011.

Daesh and other Takfiri terror groups use the extremist ideology to declare people of other faiths as infidels and thus to kill them.

In his statement, Nayef also underlined the importance of the strong and historic US-Saudi ties, saying the two sides would not allow anything or anyone to come between the allies.

Relations between Washington and Riyadh strained last year over congressional legislation seeking to make it easier for families of 9/...


The Doors took their name from the title of Aldous Huxleys book The Doors of Perception "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Feb 10, 2017

The Doors, one of the most influential and revolutionary rock bands of the sixties, were formed in Los Angeles in 1965 by UCLA film students Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek.

It all started on LAs Venice Beach in July 1965, when Morrison told Manzarek that he had been writing songs and sang Moonlight Drive to him. Manzarek was speechless; he had never heard lyrics to a rock song like that before.

Promotional photo of The Doors.

Manzarek, an organist, had just formed a band called Rick & the Ravens with his brothers Rick and Jim, and since they were searching for a vocalist and drummer, he asked Morrison to join them. Drummer John Densmore of The Psychedelic Rangers joined the band and soon after they recorded six Morrison songs: Moonlight Drive, My Eyes Have Seen You, Hello, I Love You, Go Insane, End Of The Night, and Summers Almost Gone. Manzareks brothers Rick and Jim didnt like the recordings and decided to leave the band. Johns friend, guitarist Robbie Krieger, who was previously also a member of The Psychedelic Rangers, then joined the band. They never found a new bass player, so Manzarek played bass on his organ. They renamed the band to The Doors.

Lets break on through to the other side and find out what influenced The Doors to name their band. It was Jim Morrison who proposed the name The Doors to his band mates. He was inspired by William Blake via Aldous Huxleys book on mescaline, The Doors of Perception.

Morrison chose the bands name after reading Aldous Huxleys The Doors of Perception, which got its title from a quote in a book written by William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. The quote is as follows, If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro narrow chinks of his cavern.



Earrings Hanging Out for Love "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Dana Lea Redding. (Australia) I had some scrap wire, and decided to make these earrings. Whimsical little men hanging on a heart. I remembered the little boy fishing from the moon and thought why not do something like that with a heart? This is what I came up with. This was not one of []


Astronaut Captured Blue Lightning on Camera from the ISS "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

For years, airline pilots have reported seeing unusual lightning phenomenon that we dont get to witness from the ground. Luckily for us, astronauts on the International Space Station have a perfect vantage point, and one of them did capture blue lightning while orbiting the Earth.

Back in 2015, ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen was tasked with taking photos and video over thunderstorms using the most sensitive camera on the ISS. The goal was to catch phenomena such as blue jets and red sprites on camera:

After closely studying Mogensens footage, which was published in September 2015, Denmarks National Space Institute has just confirmed that his footage contains 245 blue flashes, including one pulsing blue jet that reached 40 kilometers (~25 miles).

Blue lightning in frames captured by Mogensen.

The observations are the first of their kind and give a new perspective on the electrical activity at the top of tropical thunderstorms, the Danish researchers write.

These latest findings show that the space station is a suitable location from which astronauts can observe these elusive weather phenomena.

It is not every day that you get to capture a new weather phenomenon on film, so I am very pleased with the resu...


OKCoin and Huobi to Freeze Bitcoin Withdrawals, Raises Concerns about Centralized Platforms "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, but most Bitcoin exchanges arent. The drawbacks of such a model are now being witnessed firsthand by the Chinese cryptocurrency community. The leading Bitcoin exchanges in the region, OKCoin and Huobi are planning to stop their customers from withdrawing bitcoin from their respective accounts. The new measures implemented by two Continue reading OKCoin and Huobi to Freeze Bitcoin Withdrawals, Raises Concerns about Centralized Platforms

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Azurite and Sterling Silver Necklace "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

by Kristene Gonzales. (Draper, Utah, United States) This is my first piece that Ive ever done in metal smithing. I took a class and really enjoyed it. I also made earrings that match. I just love the stone in this. The bits at the bottom of the chains are feathers I made. Kristene Gonzales AdornedByKristene


Preview Round Trip, the upcoming release from Anne Mette Iversen "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

  Bassist Anne Mette Iversen has a new album on the horizon.  Round Trip is getting released April 28, 2017 on Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records. Heres a preview of whats to come Your album personnel:  Anne Mette Iversen (bass), John Ellis (tenor sax), Peter Dahlgren (trombone), Danny Grissett (piano) and Otis Brown III (drums, cymbals). []


This Camera Was Made from 32,000 Drinking Straws "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

If you enjoy seeing experimental photo projects and unique homemade cameras, check out this Straw Camera. It was created by filling a wooden box with 32,000 drinking straws for light to pass through.

The camera was first created in 2007 through a collaboration between the late photographer Michael (Mick) Farrell and Cliff Haynes, who actually refined their ideas and created different versions of the camera over several years.

Their first creation used 32,000 10-inch black drinking straw lenses that each provided the camera with an f/127 aperture. The light directly exposes photosensitive paper placed behind the straws.

There is very little in common between the pinhole camera and a straw camera, Haynes writes. The pinhole gives an entire image from a single point perspective. The Straw Camera produces a multipoint perspective from an array.

Here are some portraits captured by the duo using the Straw Camera:



5 Things I Promise Youfor When You Make the Big Mistakes. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

2. I always want you to talk to me. About all of the things. Not just the hard things. I want you to talk to me about anything and everything you want to


Is Your Flaxseed Rancid? "IndyWatch Feed Health"

A couple of years ago, all things flax (flax seeds, ground flax, and flaxseed oil) became very popular. And with good reason; the little seeds contain a wealth of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. However, what few people know is that once flax goes rancid, it degrades the health profile and alters the taste, aroma,

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Welcome To Craft Schooling Sunday! "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

Welcome to Craft Schooling Sunday, a little crafty get together with contributors from around the world.Yes, really literally around the world! This week I have gone back to that fun tradition of labeling where all the contributors are from, and...


Bit Trust Launches Bitcoin Bank in Austria "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The Bitcoin community members in Austria now have a reason to rejoice. The country has recently received its first dedicated Bitcoin bank. The new Bitcoin Bank is a physical Bitcoin exchange center opened with the intention of making it easier for people in and around Vienna to buy and sell Bitcoin. The Bitcoin outlet is Continue reading Bit Trust Launches Bitcoin Bank in Austria

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Giant Footprints at Ain Dara Temple Ruins Remind of a Long-Forgotten Race of Giants "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

A pair of gigantic footprints engraved just outside the entrance of the Ain Dara Temple hint at the importance and mystery of this place. 

These footsteps stand as a reminder of a long-forgotten time when gods walked among humans, or maybe only to make sure that the following generations wont forget or deny the time when giants walked among us.


These 10 Quotes From an Oglala Lakota Chief Will Make You Question Everything About Our Society "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Source: These 10 Quotes From an Oglala Lakota Chief Will Make You Question Everything About Our Society For more content like this visit

by WISDOM PILLS Luther Standing Bear was an Oglala Lakota Sioux Chief who, among a few rare others such as Charles Eastman, Black Elk and Gertrude Bonnin occupied the rift between the way of life of the Indigenous people of the Great Plains before, and during, the arrival and subsequent spread of the European pioneers. Raised in the []

Source: These 10 Quotes From an Oglala Lakota Chief Will Make You Question Everything About Our Society Learn more at - Healthy News and Information.


1 Tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar for 60 Days can Eliminate all of These Health Problems "IndyWatch Feed Health"

By Dr. Mercola Vinegar is said to have been discovered around 5000 BC, when unattended grape juice turned into wine and then vinegar. Originally used as a food preservative, vinegars medicinal uses soon came to light. Hippocrates used vinegar to manage wounds, while medical practitioners in the 1700s used it to treat everything from poison

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Man Who Hacked Womens Computers to Steal Explicit Photos Signs Sealed Plea Deal "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

According to the U.S. Attorneys Office for the Northern District of Alabama, a former Shelby County resident agreed to plead guilty to hacking email and file storage accounts of 50 women. Authorities kept the plea-agreement sealed but still revealed some case details. Roger C. Stanton the FBI Special Agent in Charge, explained that the defendant, Kevin Maldonado, phished the Gmail account passwords of 50 women, if not more. He used the details to access cloud storage where he hunted explicit photographs for personal use.

Between 2013 and June 2015, Maldonado used various methods to obtain passwords from 50 or more victims. Roger C. Stanton said at least 50 women, but never clarified if the defendant hacked additional accounts following the original incident. Officials opted to keep some court documents sealed based on the nature of the hacked data. Law enforcement, in the released court documents, only identified the victims through initials (presumably their own initials). The press release referenced only one victim and she shared Maldonados initials: K. M.

Acting U.S. Attorney Robert O. Posey announced that Maldonado used common phishing practices to hack most of the women. The most common, he said, involved faked Gmail administrator accounts. He also used social engineering tactics to obtain access to the accounts. He started with bits and pieces of data that he found on the web and used those to get more data until he knew enough about his target to reset her password. Sometimes he only needed small amounts of publicly available information to reset the security questions.

Weak security questions are common; so many websites share similar flaws and then find themselves on the news for a massive hack or breach. Look at the medical facilities TheDarkOverlord hacked; they used outdated practices or failed to change default credentials...


Canon 77D Photos and Specs Leaked "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

It seems that Canon will be breaking with tradition for an upcoming camera by releasing an entry-level model number thats not a multiple of 10. A not-yet-announced Canon 77D has appeared in leaked photos and specs.

The photos were published by Japanese camera rumor sites Digicame-info and Nokishita. The camera is likely positioned under the 80D.

Specs and features are rumored to include a deeply recessed hand grip, new buttons on the back, a new LCD display shape on top, 24.2MP, dual pixel AF, 45-point AF, 6fps burst, ISO 100 to 25600, a touch LCD, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth.

If these images and details are genuine (and every indication is that they are), then well likely be seeing the official announcement for this camera very, very soon.



One Simple Exercise that will Transform the Way you Look at Sex & Donald Trump. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

This one exercise will transform how you relate to the people you love and the people you don't yet know how to love.


Germany owes more than 279bn WWII reparations to Greece more than Greeces debt to EU "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Germany owes Greece no less than 278.7 billion in World War II reparations, Athens said, referring to the destruction wrought upon the nation during the Nazi occupation. The sum exceeds Greeces total debt of 240 billion to the EU.

According to our calculations, the debt linked to German reparations is 278.7 billion euros, including 10.3 billion for the so-called forced loan. All the other amounts are related to allowances for individuals or infrastructure, said the countrys deputy finance minister, Dimitris Mardas.

The figure was calculated by a parliamentary committee and the Greek supreme court. The numbers have previously varied between 269 billion and 332 billion.

Mardas added that at the 1946 Paris Conference the amount of reparations was set at $341.2 billion.

Many Greeks blame Germany, as the countrys biggest creditor, for the tough austerity measures and record high unemployment it faced after getting two international bailouts total worth 240 billion euros.

The Greeces statement comes ahead of left-wing Greek PM Alexis Tsiprass visit to Moscow and meeting with President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday. The newly elected PM is planning to boost cooperation and strengthen ties with Greeces eastern neighbor.

Kommersant newspaper reported a source in Russian government as saying that the Greek PM is also seeking credit from Russia. Other media reports claim that Tsipras plans to negotiate a possible reduction in gas prices from Russia and the lifting of the embargo on certain types of Greek products

Greek lawmakers voted Tuesday to favour of establishing a special committee to examine the circumstances which led the country to enormous bailouts from troika of international creditors the European Central Bank (ECB), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Commission (EC).

After five years of parliamentary silence on the major issues that caused the bailout catastrophe, today we commence a procedure that will give answers to the questions concerning t...


'Second Snowden' NSA Contractor Indicted For Largest Heist of Classified Documents in U.S. History "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Image Source.

(Aaron KeselLast year, we told you about a second Snowden, a National Security Agency who may have been leaking troves of government secrets. Today, former contractor Harold Martin III was indicted on twenty criminal counts for stealing government documents and data or willful retention of national defense information.
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Winning Aerial Images of the SkyPixel 2016 Photo Contest "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Skypixel 2016 photo contest winner dji drone photography

Fishermen close the net, Ge Zheng. Grand Prize, 2016 SkyPixel Photo of the Year.

The SkyPixel 2016 Photo Contesta creative photo competition dedicated to showcasing aerial photographywas on the lookout for the next great aerial photographer. And with 27,000 entries from photographers based in 131 cities, theyve unveiled the winners of this years contest.

The grand prize, which includes two DJI drones and an Epson wide format printer, goes to Ge Zheng for his photo Fishermen close the net. The stunning image plays off shadows cast by billowing fishing nets, as well as their elongated reflections in the water. Creating a striped pattern along the calm waters, the interplay of color and light made for a winning capture.

The top photographs in the Beauty and Drones in Use categories, both professional and amateur, show the wide stylistic variety that these talented drone photographers possess. Each is able to infuse their own artistic eye into the winning photographs, proving that aerial photography requires the same talent and technical skill as any other type of photography.

Scroll down to see more winning images from the SkyPixel 2016 Photo Contest and get your gear ready for next years competition.

The winners of the SkyPixel 2016 Photo Contest show their skill at aerial and drone photography.

Skypixel 2016 photo contest winner dji drone photography

Exploration, Hanbing Wang. 1st place Beauty (Professional).



Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D.: The Nine Waves of Creation "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

In the past few years the world has witnessed changes in social consciousness whose sudden development the ruling scientific paradigm has not been able to explain. These changes correspond with the activation of new Waves of Creation emanating from the center of the universe that influence human thinking. From the Big Bang to the present, these Waves guide the evolution of the universe and, through their holographic resonance with the human mind, profoundly shape revolutions in religion, technology, economy, and social consciousness. Presenting a quantum-holographic perspective on world history and human consciousness, Carl Calleman explains the quantum physics behind the Waves of the Mayan Calendar system and how these Waves allow us to understand the shifting eras on Earth as well as the possibilities of the future. He describes how, prior to the activation of the 6th Wave in 3115 BCE, our social systems were based on a unified cosmic order, but the hologram of this Wave shifted society to an all-consuming focus on Good and Evil, leading to the rise of patriarchal religious structures, slavery, and warfare. He explores how later Waves and their new holograms helped humanity survive the negative effects of the 6th Wave, such as the Industrial Revolution of the 7th Wave and the Digital Revolution of the 8th Wave.  Carl Johan Calleman holds a Ph.D. in Physical Biology and has served as an expert on cancer for the World Health Organization. He began his studies on the Mayan calendar in 1979 and now lectures throughout the world. He is also author of The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization, The Purposeful Universe, Solving the Greatest Mystery of Our Time: The Mayan Calendar and The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness.


Photographer Flies from UK to South Africa to Confront Photo Thief "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

How far would you go to see justice if you found your memory card stolen and photos posted online? For travel photographer Paul Eustice, the answer is: halfway around the world.

Eustice is an international landscape, travel, and adventure photographer based in Brighton, UK. He says that in late 2016 and early 2017, he spent 3 weeks photographing and doing wildlife conservation volunteering in Namibia in Southern Africa.

During that time, he spent a week with a Chinese interpreter named Ling, who asked for (and was denied) some of Eustices photos to publish on her blog.

After returning to the UK, however, Eustice stumbled upon Lings blog through Facebook and was shocked to find that she had published 14 unedited photos he had shot during his trip with her watermark. Realizing that Ling had stolen his backup memory card and the photos on them, Eustice decided to make another trip to South Africa and confront Ling with what she had done.

He recorded footage from his quest and made this 10-minute video (warning: theres a bit of strong language at the end):

Eustice ended up not being able to get law enforcement to deliver justice, but he says he had another great 5 days in South Africa after the confrontation.


Bitcoin Making Waves In China and Japan "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin Making Waves In China and Japan by Jeff Berwick As weve said here many times, bitcoin is not a revolution in money and banking.  A revolution means returning to where you came from. Instead, bitcoin is an evolution in money and banking. It changes the game so massively that the entire financial, monetary and political systems

The post Bitcoin Making Waves In China and Japan appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 11, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Health"

88yDane Wigington The relentless courage and dedication of the VAXXED group continues to expand the wave of vaccine danger awareness. More and more populations around the globe are going hungry, how is it that the grocery shelves in the US are always completely stocked? Where is all this food coming from? Dementia and Alzheimer's mortality rates


How Downsizing Brought me Greater Creative Freedom. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

When we relocated to San Diego, we consciously decided to leave that big space behind. After only a week or so in our m


Jerry Brudos the lust killer "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

(mentions of murder and sex crimes to follow) 

Jerry Brudos had a difficult relationship with his mother from a very young age. He had been a disappointment to her since the day he was born, as she had always wanted a daughter. 
 She already had a boy and Jerry was an unwanted second.
Young Jerry Brudos found himself at the receiving end of a barrage of cold and abusive treatment as a child and was moved around from place to place, unable to ever really feel settled. 

Jerry Brudos.
(Image source: murderpedia)

He would eventually grow up to be serial killer and necrophiliac dubbed the shoe fetish slayer by the media, and would go on to kill 4 women in the mid to late sixties.


CDC Admits 98 Million Americans Received Polio Vaccine In An 8-Year Span When It Was Contaminated With Cancer Virus "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

The CDC has quickly removed a page from their website, which is now cache here, admitting that more than 98 million Americans received one or more doses of polio vaccine within an 8-year span from 1955-1963 when a proportion of the vaccine was contaminated with a cancer causing polyomavirus called SV40. It has been estimated that 10-30 million Americans could have received an SV40 contaminated dose of the vaccine.

SV40 is an abbreviation for Simian vacuolating virus 40 or Simian virus 40, a polyomavirus that is found in both monkeys and humans. Like other polyomaviruses, SV40 is a DNA virus that has been found to cause tumors and cancer.

SV40 is believed to suppress the transcriptional properties of the tumor-suppressing genes in humans through the SV40 Large T-antigen and SV40 Small T-antigen.  Mutated genes may contribute to uncontrolled cellular proliferation, leading to cancer.

Michele Carbone, Assistant Professor of Pathology at Loyola University in Chicago, has recently isolated fragments of the SV-40 virus in human bone cancers and in a lethal form of lung cancer called mesothelioma. He found SV-40 in 33% of the osteosarcoma bone cancers studied, in 40% of other bone cancers, and in 60% of the mesotheliomas lung cancers, writes Geraldo Fuentes.

Dr. Michele Carbone openly acknowledged HIV/AIDS was spread by the hepatitis B vaccine produced by Merck & Co. during the early 1970s. It was the first time since the initial transmissions took place in 1972-74, that a leading expert in the field of vaccine manufacturing and testing has openly admitted the Merck & Co. liability for AIDS

The matter-of-fact disclosure came during discussions of polio vaccines contaminated with SV40 virus which caused cancer in nearly every species infected by injection. Many authorities now admit much, possibly most, of the worlds cancers came from the Salk and Sabin polio vaccines, and hepatitis B vaccines, produced in monkeys and chimps.

It is said mesothelioma is a result of asbestos exposure, but research reveals that 50% of the current mesotheliomas being treated no longer occurs due to asbestos but rather the SV-40 virus contained in the polio vaccination. In addition, according to researchers from the Institute of Histology and General Embryology of the University of Ferrara, SV-40 has turned up in a variety....


Legislators: Bitcoin has Broad Benefits for Hawaii "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Democratic representatives Mark Nakashima and Chris Lee from Hawaii have sponsored a bill in hopes of creating a friendly environment for Bitcoin and blockchain technology in the island state. The proposed legislation encourages using these technologies to benefit the local regions tourism.

Also read: Bitcoin Regulatory Guidelines Are Coming to the Philippines

Hawaiis House Bill 1481 Sees Vast Potential in Digital Currencies and Blockchain Technology

Legislators: Bitcoin has Broad Benefits for HawaiiSlowly but surely many state governments throughout the U.S. are studying and trying to define Bitcoin and its underlying technology. Just recently, two legislators from Hawaii sponsored House Bill 1481, which aims to begin the research of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The bill states that the legislature has recognized vast potential for this technology to drastically change and improve public sector operations and private industry capabilities.    

The Hawaiian representatives are planning to create a digital currency and blockchain working group. The think tank will establish a group consisting of both the public and private sector to examine, educate, and promote best practices for enabling blockchain technology to benefit local industries, residents, and the State of Hawaii. The legislators believe the group can best assess practices regarding blockchain technology.

Bitcoin has Broad Benefits for Hawaii



Is This the Next Exercise Trend, Better Than High-Intensity Interval Training? "IndyWatch Feed Health"

By MASHUP Conditioning High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has been a buzzword in the fitness industry in the last decade. HIIT and high-volume interval training (HVIT) are very common programs you will find in numerous gyms across the globe because they have proven to be one of the most efficient ways for an individual to achieve

The post Is This the Next Exercise Trend, Better Than High-Intensity Interval Training? appeared first on Health Nut News.


Dirty Vaccines: Every Human Vaccine Tested Was Contaminated With Metals and Debris in New Study "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Researchers examining 44 samples of 30 different vaccines found dangerous contaminants, including red blood cells in one vaccine and metal toxicants in every single sample tested except in one animal vaccine. Using extremely sensitive new technologies not used in vaccine manufacturing, Italian scientists reported they were baffled by their discoveries which included single particles

The post Dirty Vaccines: Every Human Vaccine Tested Was Contaminated With Metals and Debris in New Study appeared first on Health Nut News.


Watch a Stunning Video of Jupiters Swirling Clouds Made by Amateur Astronomers "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The swirling belts and bands on Jupiter along with the planets raging storms are some of the most fascinating features in our solar system. While storms like the Great Red Spot have been churning violently for over 150 years, the various zones in Jupiters cloudtops move in different directions, powered by winds that can exceed 400 miles per hour (620 kilometers per hour).

A famous time-lapse video from the Voyager 1 flyby of Jupiter in 1979 showed us these roiling features and the intense dynamics of the giant planets atmosphere. But now, a group of 91 amateur astronomers from around the world have combined their efforts to create a video that shows high resolution views of the motion of Jupiters cloud belts, along with the rotation of the Great Red Spot.

But this was no spacecraft flyby. Incredibly, the images were taken from Earth, and are accelerated by a million times to show the planets motions at high speed.

The animation of Jupiter was made from more than 1,000 images taken by 91 amateurs from around the world between the December 19, 2014 and March 31, 2015.

More than a year ago I started a project involving 91 of the best amateur planetary photographers from around the world for a long-term, high-definition monitoring of Jupiters cloud belts and the revolving Great Red Spot, said Peter Rosn, via email from Sweden, who organized the project. This result took literally thousands of hours of work.



The Brain Bomb Most People Are Oblivious to Till It Hits Close to Home "IndyWatch Feed Health"

By Dr. Mercola Alzheimers disease has grown to be one of the most pressing and tragic public health issues facing the U.S. With no known cure and the number of people affected expected to triple by 2050, the Alzheimers Association estimates that by mid-century someone in the U.S will develop Alzheimers disease every 33 seconds.

The post The Brain Bomb Most People Are Oblivious to Till It Hits Close to Home appeared first on Health Nut News.


Column: Conjured Bodies, Transgressive Witchcraft, and the Politics of Resistance "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

[This months featured guest columnist is Lou Florez-Tanti. Also known as Awo Ifadunsin Sangobiyi, Florez-Tanti is an internationally known Spirit worker, medicine maker, priest, activist, and artist who has studied with indigenous communities and elders throughout the globe. Florez-Tanti grounds his teachings and practice in the idea that connectedness to ourselves and our physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental landscapes is a fundamental necessity for any long lasting change to occur. He holds that through creating these living, dynamic relationships we become conscious of the inherent power available to us in every second of our lives.]


Finding a movie for a group of leftist, working class, gender queer, Latin American witches is a challenging task on a good day, but with five bucks between us and no working transportation, it meant that we were sneaking into the UC Boulder student union while trying not to get caught. The choices were limited to either Mona Lisa Smile (2003or The Examined Life (2008) [i], which is a documentary by Astra Taylor comprised of interviews of eight current philosophers and the central concepts that inspire and animate their work. Needless to say, The Examined Life was the best fit and gave us endless hours of discussions and debates over a plate of french fries at the twenty-four hour IHOP next door.


Judith Butler, who is one of those eight philosophers interviewed, has been at times both an intellectual crush and an unhealthy obsession. Her work challenges the essentialized notions of gender and sexuality, as well as gesturing toward a methodology for the interrogation of cultural signs and symbols that are taken as innate reality when unquestioned.

As a witch, rootworker, priest, and diviner my world is the semiotic, the study and uses of signs and symbols, and their interpretation. Magic as a practice and discipline is, at its most fundamental, a vehicle through which semiosis occurs. It offers a multitude of tangible, elegant possibilities that unfold through the subtle construction of relationships between interdependent entities and energies signs and symbols that when aligned become a new manifested reality.



Why a New Time-Based Blockchain Token Could Be More Than a Gimmick "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

A new token created by Alex Batlin, global blockchain lead for BNY Mellon, could have surprising real-world possibilities.


from CoinDesk


Daily Digest 2/11 - Reclaiming Native Ground, Should Cash Be Abolished? "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Daily Digest 2/11 - Reclaiming Native Ground, Should Cash Be Abolished?
  • The Coming Of Depression Economics
  • The United States Is On The Precipice Of Widespread Civil Unrest
  • Two of China's Biggest Exchanges Stop Bitcoin Withdrawals
  • A Sense of Dread for Civil Servants Shaken by Trump Transition
  • Should Cash Be Abolished?
  • The Costs Of Dragon Maintenance
  • A Possible Bee Replacement: Tiny Drones Covered In Sticky Goop
  • Reclaiming native ground: Can Louisianas tribes restore their traditional diets as waters rise?

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Leading Indian Bitcoin Exchanges Form Association, Aim at Self-Regulation "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Leading Indian Bitcoin exchanges including Zebpay, Unocoin and Coinsecure have formed an industry-wide organization called the Blockchain and Virtual Currency Association of India.

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Tokens For Time: BNY's Blockchain Lead Explores Concept With New Pet Project "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

A new token created by Alex Batlin, global blockchain lead for BNY Mellon, could have surprising real-world possibilities.



Theres A New Form Of Matter That Exists In Four Dimensions! "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Usually, matter is motionless at its resting state and only has potential energy until kinetic energy is introduced to it.

For example, a ball at rest is chock-full of potential energy, and when its kicked, that energy is converted to kinetic energy, the energy of motion.

But time crystals actually move at their resting state or their ground state thats when atoms have the lowest amount of energy. Theyre like a ball that is forever in motion.

In other words, they are always unstable, down to the atomic level. They are the first non-equilibrium matter ever created!

Wow! Science never ceases to amaze me. Please SHARE this amazing new discovery.


Smashmouth recreated from Windows XP sounds is the stuff of nightmares "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Multimedia meme artist James Nielseen has created the worst/best Smashmouth cover youve ever laid your ears on by sampling the various sound effects from the Windows XP package.

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These are videos that I like: Nicola Perfetti and Federico Gerini, studio, car and train "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

  Todays featured videos come courtesy of Nicola Perfetti and Federico Gerini.  Their album La Forma dei Ricordi was yesterdays daily recommendation (go read it). Heres a cool promo that shows pianist Federico Gerini at work creating the music for the album.  The song used for this video is Nottetempo. And heres another promo for []


How to Build a Greenhouse for $150 "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Source: How to Build a Greenhouse for $150 For more content like this visit

A portable and inexpensive greenhouse can be built in a matter of hours with the right tools and a little elbow grease.  You can learn how to build one in this video

Source: How to Build a Greenhouse for $150 Learn more at - Healthy News and Information.


Elevating Bed Turns Tiny Trailer into Modern and Spacious Home "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

ana white tiny house elevating bed moveable furniture open concept home

Woodworker extraordinaire Ana White designs and builds cute and compact homes. As each tiny house is restricted by its small square footage, White must come up with inventive ways to create more space. For a recent project, White turned a teeny trailer into a spacious home by innovatively installing a movable, elevating bed that transforms its surroundings with the push of a button.

Situated above a cozy sofa, the elevating bed offers a space-saving alternative to traditional furniture. When designing the open concept home, Whites decision to replace a classic bedroom with a adjustable cot was an easy one. We had to do away with a bedroom, she explains on her website. A loft bed would have required stairs, consuming much space.  So we elevated the bed using garage door sliding hardware and a garage storage lift system. Though an unusual solution, the results speak for themselves; because of the saved space, the center of the home is surprisingly open, allowing enough room for a full-sized rug to comfortably cover the floor!

In addition to the versatile bed, White also ingeniously installed other movable furniture throughout the home. Composed of cubes, the couch below the bed can easily transform into a trundle. Similarly, a pair of cupboard doors in the living room effortlessly turn into tabletops, and a rustic kitchen cabinet slides from the wall to reveal even more storage capability. The home is full of space-saving surprises!

White also opted for large windows and a neutral color palette to brighten up the space, turning the tiny trailer into a contemporary dream house.

Explore the ins-and-outs of the tiny house below.



Elizabeth Gunning, Duchess of Hamilton and Argyll, Sir Joshua... "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Elizabeth Gunning, Duchess of Hamilton and Argyll, Sir Joshua Reynolds, ca. 1760


Seven taken to hospital after acid leak at Phillips refinery near Ferndale "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Seven workers were taken to St. Joseph hospital Friday night after toxic hydrofluoric acid was released from the Phillips 66 refinery.

Three workers were taken to the hospital as a precaution, Phillips 66 said in a statement. They were all contract workers and their conditions werent known Friday.

The gas leak occurred about 5 p.m. in the refinery at 3901 Unick Road.

Our internal response team immediately activated the emergency response plan and the leak was contained within the property, Phillips 66 stated.

Phillips and emergency responders said the leak was contained quickly. It occurred in the alkylation unit.

There was no threat to the public, to anybody in the area, said Assistant Chief Larry Hoffman of Whatcom County Fire District 7, which serves the Ferndale area.

Other workers sheltered in place as a precaution, Phillips 66 said.

There also was a report of a precautionary evacuation. A horn was blown at 6:13 p.m., signaling the all-clear for people to resume normal work activity.

What caused the leak is under investigation. Hydrofluoric acid is used to create gasoline, and its use has created concerns.

Further details about the incident were not immediately available Friday night.

The refinery processes a variety of domestic and foreign crude oils, including Alaskan North Slope, Canadian and U.S. shale. The 850-acre facility was built in 1954.

More than 400 employees and on-site contractors work there, according to its website.


Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Time "IndyWatch Feed Comics"

Click here to go see the bonus panel!

That thing at the bottom is a newspaper. It was a sort of twitter made from thin tablets of wood.

New comic!
Today's News:


Stage Set For $25,000 Bitcoin Price: Macroeconomist "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Yves Lamoureux, a strategist with the macroeconomic research firm Lamoureux & Co. is sure that Bitcoin will reach a target of $25,000 or more.

from News


Whats in a Name? From Bitcoin to Blockchain to Distributed Ledgers "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Nelson Rosario ponders why we have developed so many terms for what is effectively the same technology bitcoin.


from CoinDesk


Trump Tweets About NIBIRU "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

On Thursday afternoon, at approximately 2:47 PM (EST) a congratulatory tweet emerged from President Donald J. Trumps famous twitter account. The message was short and simple: Nibiru beaten. We win. However, within seconds of being posted, the tweet mysteriously vanished from not only his twitter account but also from internet archival records.

The report stems from testimony given by former MI6 operative Christopher Steele, who says he glimpsed the tweet just before it was mysteriously purged from Trumps beautiful twitter account. The tweet, Steele said, was Trumps response to a classified intelligence report stating that a 2.2km Nibiru fragment had been destroyed in space. Early last month, Russian astronomer Dr. Dyomin Damir Zakharovich alerted the world to a potential threatan asteroid-like object, ejected from the Nibiru system, was due to strike Earth on 16 February. Donald Trump clandestinely mustered foreign leaders in a bid to save the world from extinction; an eight-nation coalition had launched a barrage of advanced interceptor missiles at the target, destroying it early Tuesday morning.

According to our British source, Steele spoke of Trumps tweet after analyzing a series of highly sensitive intelligence reports detailing Trumps deliberations regarding the Nibiru system.

Once Trump heard that the fragment, officially named 2016 WF9, had spiraled behind the dark side of the Sun and began speeding toward Earth, he jumped to action. His mission was a success. He couldnt wait to tweet about it. He was riddled with anxiety, like a kid in a candy store yearning for a chocolate bar. Im surprised Trump got the tweet out at all. He must have circumvented his handlers, Steele told our source.

Trumps procli...


Whats in a Name? From Bitcoin to Blockchain to Distributed Ledgers "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Nelson Rosario ponders why we have developed so many terms for what is effectively the same technology bitcoin.



Leading Indian Bitcoin Exchanges Form Association, Aim at Self-Regulation "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Leading Indian Bitcoin exchanges including Zebpay, Unocoin and Coinsecure have formed an industry-wide organization called the Blockchain and Virtual Currency Association of India.


Recession 2017? Things Are Happening That Usually Never Happen Unless A New Recession Is Beginning "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(Michael SnyderIs the U.S. economy about to get slammed by a major recession? According to Gallup, U.S. economic confidence has soared to the highest level ever recorded, but meanwhile a whole host of key economic indicators are absolutely screaming that a new recession is beginning. And if the U.S. economy does officially enter recession territory in 2017, it certainly wont be a shock, because the truth is that we are well overdue for one. Donald Trump has inherited quite an economic mess from Barack Obama, and it was probably inevitable that we were headed for a significant economic downturn no matter who won the election.
Read more


Why Dash Dislodged Ethereum Classic From Number 6 Place On CoinMarketCap "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Dash proved its resilience by dislodging Ethereum Classic from the number six spot on the top 10 CoinMarketCap list.

from News


Trump summons Cthulhu "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Having already scraped the Trans-Pacific trade pact, Mr. Trump swore to only sign future agreements on parchment made from human skin and with the blood of liberals. One eyewitness, who saw the President complete the summoning, said: I saw a scaly, rubbery-looking body, with prodigious claws and an octopus-like head whose face was a mass of feelersand next to him was Cthulhu!.

Meanwhile White House press secretary Sean Spicer attacked the Media for their negative portrayal of Cthulhu, arguing that the number of his worshippers had been grossly under-estimated. Mr. Spicer made it clear that alternative facts would continue to spawn from planet Vhrool in the 23rd nebula, but denied that Cthulhu had ate the Obamas dog.

Cthulhu was hoping to begin a reign of murder and insanity for all Earth-dwellers but was frustrated to discover Mr. Trump had got there first. Remarked one worshipper of the tentacled deity: The irony is Cthulhu has been trying for years to summon Trump


The Little Glass Boy "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Fred Valentine, The Little Glass Boy (2016), charcoal on disrupted paper, 22 x 32 inches

I often turn to drawing during tough times. It is less of a respite and more of a regroup. I have drawings that I work on over a number of years. This is one of them. My subjects need breath, blood, and DNA to be convincing. If they dont have it I put it them on a back burner. They lie in the flat file like a body on a slab at a cryonics lab. There will come a time. We will meet again.

I found that time on an early autumn morning during the final weeks of the campaign. The country was being hijacked by an evil and dangerous huckster. A sociopathic bully who wants to rob the country of its life and dreams was all anyone was talking about. Its the fragile, defenseless, and invisible ones who will take the hit and feel it first. They always do. That brings me to the backstory of this drawing.

Forty-five years ago I had attitude, a young mans swagger. I was a bit of a punk and usually ready for a fight. That made me a repeated target for the local police.

On one particular morning I arrived three hours late for Ed Colstons three hour class. Ed Colston had facial hair like Malcolm X; he wore kente cloth dashikis and very often sunglasses. He spoke in a gravelly voice just above a whisper. When I arrived the classroom was empty except for Mr. Colston. I was beginning to explain myself when he said, I know, I heard. I was arrested the night before but this time couldnt afford bail. I had to spend the night in jail and wait for an early morning court appearance. He appreciated the energy and pedal to the metal pace that I kept but was concerned about my recklessness, I suppose. He asked if he could show me something. We arrived at his studio and he pulled out a painting. It was the only painting that he showed me in a roomful of paintings. Its called Little Black Sambo with a Hard On for Life. he whispered in my ear. And then we left.

Over the years that painting has come to mean, among other things, strength and a sparkling yet bruised resilience. When Ed showed it to me that morning, it was one of the sweetest and most genuinely h...


Science confirms that Vitamin D provides many benefits to your physical and mental health "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Vitamin D research continues to impress upon us the importance of appropriate sun exposure as the ideal way to optimize your vitamin D levels.

Winter limits sun exposure for many up to six months of the year. During those times, your next best bet would be artificial UVB light, as UV ray exposure also appears to have health benefits above and beyond the production of vitamin D.

One of the most damaging elements of standard tanning beds are the magnetic ballasts (which make that loud buzzing noise you hear in many tanning salons). If an electronic ballast is used, there are far less damaging EMFs, which provide most of the danger from tanning beds.

The other concern is related to the bulbs used, as some may contain only UVA light which is primarily responsible for the tan, but doesnt increase vitamin D levels.  For much of the northern hemisphere, vitamin D production is not possible from the sun during the winter months.  You must use artificial UVB light or obtain vitamin D from your diet during this time.

The benefits of UVB exposure from the sun or artificial light include but are not limited to the production of nitric oxidea compound that lowers your blood pressure. Despite its name, vitamin D is not a vitamin. Its actually a potent neuroregulatory steroidal hormone, which helps explain some of its health impacts.

It has become abundantly clear that vitamin D deficiency is a growing epidemic across the world and could be contributing to hundreds of common health problems. In fact, correcting your vitamin D deficiency may cut your risk of dying from any cause by 50 percent, according to one analysis.

If this sounds too incredible to be true, consider that vitamin D influences nearly 3,000 of your 24,000 genes. This occurs via vitamin D receptors, which can be found throughout your body, and should come as no great surprise given that humans evolved in the sun.

Vitamin D Beneficially Affects Gene Activity

Just one example of an important gene that vitamin D up-regulates is your ability to fight infections and chronic inflammation. It also produces over 200 anti-microbial peptides, the most important of which is cathelicidin, a naturally-occurring broad-spectrum antibiotic.

This is one of the explanations for why vitamin D is so effective against colds and influenza.

According to a January 2...


The 7 Primal Archetypes Of The Awakening "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Source: | Original Post Date: December 9, 2015 

Are you playing the innocent child, full of unsullied love for the world, the jackal-like jester who laughs at others expense, the witch who has had her heart-broken so many times that she becomes cold and aloof, separating herself from society? Or how about the inventor and scientist, the visionary who brings new information to the worlds consciousness through their uncanny ability to lead the pack?

Hopefully, you are also the hero, having battled all the monsters, most of them arising from your deepest, darkest, tossed-aside self, who has slain the villains and having seen the world for what it truly is, arrive home again, wiser and more conscious than ever before.[1] There are literally thousands of archetypes that we utilize to evolve spiritually, but there are seven that are so common it is beneficial to understand them.

Both Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell have outlined archetypal patterns that we fall into while in manifest form. You can think of these as myths, or stories that we tell ourselves in order to process the experience of living.

Campbell described the heros [heroins] journey, as one we must all take in order to separate the ordinary world from oneself, and to sacrifice oneself to righting all the wrongs we observe in the world. We answer a call to adventure in order to begin this journey into the out there, but really we are exploring what we have to learn inside of ourselves in this incarnation. The hero [heroin] is, in fact, the first of the of seven archetypes. He or she is the protagonist. Without them, the story would fall flat, and so it is our experience in flesh and bone. Though some will argue that the mono-myth falls short of describing all the characters within the play of life, they certainly are helpful in understanding that we all play a role, and that we can choose a different one, just as easily as changing a costume in a Shakespearean play.[2]

In a nutshell, here are the seven other primal archetypes in which we all find ourselves playing a part (of thousands of possibilities). In many cases, others will play their part too, so that we can continue on the journey:

1. The Hero

The hero [heroin] is everywhere. It appears in every ancient myth, popular culture, ancient culture, and epic story. Gautama Buddha is a hero, just as the Iron Man is a hero. So is Amelia Earhart and Joan of Arc. The hero or heroin is often born under unusual circumstances, either under unusually precarious conditions or into royalty, and once they receive the call to adventure they leave their homes to continue their journey. They often have supe...


Medical Board Water Boards Vax Injured Child "IndyWatch Feed Health"

NOTE: You might think that headline is all wet. But think about it as you read this intense post by Ginger Taylor. She decided to take her pediatrician to the medical board for failure to evaluate him for vaccine injury....


Feeling Tired Lately? Try These Kidney Detox Juices "IndyWatch Feed Food"

By Jenny Hills Some of the bodys main detoxifying systems are the liver, colon and kidneys (and you can read more about them in my previous article 6 ways your body detoxifies itself). These organs are responsible for filtering the blood and removing toxic wastes from the body. They need to process a very high

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