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Wednesday, 13 December


You thought the "Doc in a box" was bad.... "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

We've all seen the rise of small 'clinics' - usually in a small strip mall storefront or small building. With a couple of medical types with medial provided by or overseen by a Physicians Assistant (PA) or Nurse-Practitioner. These clinics may have X-ray equipment, but are pretty basic stuff. They are sometimes called Urgent Care Cneters. Of course, if what you have is really an emergent condition, they will happily dump you on the local ER. Where they have doctors, labs and stuff....

You thought the "Doc in a box" was bad....


An Experimental Softcore Porn Series Is Revived in Japan "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Akihiko Shiota, Wet Woman in the Wind (2016) (all images courtesy Organic Publicity)

In 2012, one of the oldest and most esteemed film studios in the world, Nikkatsu, celebrated its 100th anniversary. Amidst the Japanese companys more prestigious films, including academy award-nominated The Burmese Harp, Nikkatsu is probably best known for its groundbreaking softcore pornographic series, the Roman Porno, which helped save the company from financial collapse in the 1970s and continued through the late 80s. Last year, in celebration of its vivid past, Nikkatsu rebooted the series with five new films, including Antiporno (2016) and Wet Woman in the Wind (2016), which are currently streaming on the platform Mubi.

According to Jasper Sharps book, Behind the Pink Curtain, Roman Porno saw the production of 850 films for Nikkatsu. The connection between the films was tenuous and the freedom given to directors was broad, with few limitations imposed beyond the countrys lax censorship code, which prohibited images of genitalia and little else. Filmmakers could do w...


North Korea Hacks Bitcoin Exchanges Attempting To Steal Amid Bubble Warnings "IndyWatch Feed Survival"


The value of soaring crypto-currencies is creating a bubble financial analysts continue to warn about, but its also making it overly appealing to cyber thieves.  North Korean hackers are now attempting to steal bitcoin, as experts warn of an impending financial dilemma.

Ashley Shen, an independent security researcher, said: We assume one of the reasons why Bitcoin is being attacked is because the price keeps increasing and we think its reasonable for hackers (to target). Digital currency might be easier to gain than physical currency. So I think its reasonable.  Amid speculation only, bitcoin is up 1500% in 2017, making theft attempts by the rogue regime unavoidable.

Shen and her colleagues have tracked the attacks by hacking groups Lazarus, Bluenoroff, and Andariel  (suspected to be North Korean operations) on financial institutions including banks in Europe and South Korea, an ATM company and Bitcoin exchange.

Before, when we tracked nation-state attackers, they usually perform cyber attacks which are aimed at confidential data and intelligence, Shen said.  However recently weve discovered that some of the APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) groups are trying to hack financial institutions like banks and Bitcoin exchanges to gain financial profit.  So far, North Koreas attempts to hack into bitcoin exchanges have failed.

My own opinion is they will probably keep doing the Bitcoins because the price keeps increasing and its a good investment So I assume they will do more Bitcoin attacks and of course they will keep targeting banks because thats what they did before, Shen said.

One of her co-researchers, who wishes to remain anonymous because they work for a South Korean bank, told Sky News: Just a few years ago the attacks were initiated to paralyze the society, but for some time now theyve been hacking for money so I kind of wonder if they are facing financial difficu...


Psychologist under fire leaves university to start private practice "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Jens Frster, a prominent social psychologist whose work has been subject to much scrutiny, recently left his position at Ruhr-Universitt Bochum in Germany to start a private psychology practice. Weve verified with the university that Frster no longer works there, but the circumstances of his exit are not entirely clear.  Frsters research has faced considerable []

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Tuesday, 12 December


Declining Memory and Learning Deficits Linked To Canola Oil "IndyWatch Feed Health"

After the public health scare in the 1970s over animal fats, sales of vegetable oils of all types increased. It was the established wisdom that those oils high in polyunsaturated fatty acids were especially beneficial. However, more research into vegetable oils continues to surface showing their damaging effects on health. A new study published online in the journal Scientific Reports shows that consumption of canola oil in the diet with worsened memory, worsened learning ability and weight gain.


Dual Use Preps Preparedness Multipliers "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Guest Article by Bogan The term Dual Use is commonly used in international politics and diplomacy to denote technology that has a civilian application but may also be used for military purposes. A crude example for illustrative purposes might be a nuclear power plant that canoops also be used to make atom bombs (ayatollah, anyone?). The term can also apply to a technology that can serve more than one purpose. The concept can also be applied to the preparedness -minded. Items that can are commonly known to be used for more than one purpose. They include vinegar, baking soda and

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Stream 74 Sun Ra Albums Free Online: Decades of Space Jazz and Other Forms of Intergalactic, Afrofuturistic Musical Creativity "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

He was born Herman Poole Blount, but the many who appreciate his music and the otherworldly philosophy behind it know him only as Sun Ra. Or rather, they don't just appreciate it but find themselves transported to other places by it, even places located far beyond this Earth. Often space, as the title of the 1975 Afrofuturist science-fiction film that stars Sun Ra states, is the place, and if you seek to take such an interstellar journey through jazz music yourself, doing so has become easier than ever: just steer your ship over to Bandcamp, where you can stream the music of Sun Ra and his ever-shifting "Arkestra" for free.

Since you'll have no fewer than 74 albums to choose from, you might consider charting your voyage with Bandcamp Daily's guide to Sun Ra and his Arkestra's prolific and varied output.

It begins with his "Chicago Space Jazz" years in the 1950s, many of the recordings from which "sound a lot like jazz with traditional forms, rich ensemble writing, and plenty of swing," but which already show such characteristic choices and tools as "peculiar intervals and juxtapositions, the newly-developed electric piano, lots of percussion, extra baritone sax, group shouts, and so forth," as well as the influence of "exotica and mood music," the Bible, "occult philosophy," and cosmology.

Cosmos (Remastered) by Sun Ra & His Arkestra

The guide continues on to Sun Ra's time in New York in the 1960s, where "the 'space jazz' or quirky hard-bop of the Arkestras Chicago days starts to morph, reflecting the new 'free jazz' ideas being developed literally all around them by Albert Ayler, Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane, and others." This period culminate...


A Romanian Artist Tackles Art and Freedom in Authoritarian Times "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Installation view, Geta Brtescu: The Leaps of Aesop (all images courtesy Hauser & Wirth)

Geta Brtescus current exhibition, The Leaps of Aesop, at Hauser & Wirth, is the first solo presentation in New York devoted to the Romanian artist. The show was conceived in collaboration with the Bucharest curator and art historian, Magdu Radu. Brtescus oeuvre is vast and includes drawing, collage, engravings, textile, photography, experimental film, video, and performances. The title of the exhibition, according to the gallery, serves as a point of departure. The Greek fabulist is known for the stories commonly referred to as Aesops Fables, in which animals and inanimate objects, often with human features, speak and solve problems. The concept of animals or inanimate objects speaking or solving problems suggests a kind of intervention on the part of the characters in the fables, perhaps on behalf of humans who are not otherwise able to solve them.

Radu writes in the gallerys press release that Brtescu envisions Aesop as a metaphor for the artist in particular, the artist under totalitarianism. Right after the fall of the Communist regime in Romania, Brtescu declared Aesop a symbol of everything that stood against totalitarianism. But Aesop, like Medea, is a sign of encompassing so many overlapping meanings that his literary embodiment is transcended and endlessly modulated in the artist...


Discovery in Antarctica changes everything we know about aliens "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Bacteria discovered on the icy continent of Antarctica is set to change the way humanity looks for alien life on other planets.


81st doctor found dead in Park Avenue Home by 11 y/o daughter w/ knife in torso, cops instantly rule suicide "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

81st doctor found dead in Park Avenue Home by 11 y/o daughter w/ knife in torso, cops instantly rule suicide

(Editors note: You can read about all 81 doctors found dead in my unintended series here.)

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Dr Dean Lorich was found dead this afternoon, Sunday, December 10th in his Park Avenue, Upper East Side home. He was 54 years old.

Police instantly began treating the death as suicide and said the doctor was under some personal stress, so that was likely the reason he put a knife through his torso    (not his heart) knowing his 11-year-old daughter would find him on the floor, bleeding out.

Lorichs wife was out playing tennis when the suicide occurred, there was apparently no suicide note found at the scene.

So just to recap, an MD- the father of three girls, associate director of the Orthopaedic Trauma Service at the Hospital for Special Surgery, a professor at Weill Cornell Medical College (where our...


Cappasity hits exchange and invites to VR/AR meetup "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The Cappasity platform is a decentralized AR/VR Ecosystem for 3D content exchange. The platform allows users to create the content, sell it via the marketplace and embed it into websites, as well as mobile and AR/VR applications. appasity overcomes the most important obstacle to the AR/VR content pipeline how to quickly produce thousands of 3D images. This year appasity team is going to release free plugins for Unity and Unreal Engine so that anyone could easily integrate content from the Cappasity platform.

Cappasitys ICO has received wide public support over 13,000 people registered on the crowdsale portal.

Cappasity Token was issued as a digital payment vehicle that facilitates 3D content exchange and services among the Ecosystem participants from all over the globe. Immediately after the token was listed on HitBTC, its price has gone up and now is amounted to $0.02. During Phase 1 of the crowdsale, the price was only $0.008.

To support the most active content creators and developers of AR/VR/3D software, Cappasity establishes the AR/VR Innovation Fund. The fund is aimed to reward the developers of the most promising apps.

Cappasity has provided insight into those who have already been using the platform:

Cappasitys platform is mainly used by retail e-commerce. Online retailers digitize product catalogs to demonstrate their merchandise in 3D on their websites. Many of them have been already developing VR/AR applications for their customers or are considering an opportunity to use them, said Natalie Reyes, Chief Sales Officer of Cappasity. In addition, we have just recently started our collaboration with The New York Academy of Art. The partnership is aimed to display 3D images of art pieces online for almost everything the Academys website, students art portfolios, exhibitions, fundraising auctions, etc. The Academy and Cappasity also plan to offer virtual reality tours of the Academys major exhibitions and galleries.

The Academy is the first of 30 US educational institution that will utilize Cappasitys technology.

Today, the vast majority of our clients is based in Europe and the USA. However, the platform will be launched in China at the beginning of next year.

Cappasity holds the first meetup called CAPP #1 on January 23, 2018, and invites everyone to participate. The event will take...


Teach Kids How To Sew Heres Why You Should "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

Teach Kids How To SewNowadays, kids seem to be so caught up with advanced technology and social media.  And those who young ones who are interested in really productive hobbies like sewing seem to be diminishing.  Some might think that its ok, I mean some video games are educational after all and many games can stimulate Continue reading


NRA Silent as States, Feds Ban Gun Sales to Medical Marijuana Patients "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

NRA Silent as States, Feds Ban Gun Sales to Medical Marijuana Patients

December 11, 2017 at 4:07 pm

(ANTIMEDIA Op-ed)  The National Rifle Association (NRA), which fancies itself a champion of the Second Amendment and gun rights, is nowhere to be found as state governments are moving to confiscate firearms from medical marijuana patients.

Police in Honolulu, Hawaii, recently sent out a letter to 30 medical cannabis patients warning them they had 30 days to hand over their guns. When medical cannabis becomes legal in Ohio in 2018, patients will not be permitted to own or possess firearms. Similar restrictions have been imposed in California and Oregon despite state policy, and they are not new.

In 2011, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive issued a warning that because cannabis is illegal at the federal level, patients cannot possess guns. There are no exceptions in federal law for marijuana purportedly used for medicinal purposes, even if such use is sanctioned by state law, the ATF said in 2011.

Despite the NRAs vehemently opinionated stances on many issues, including whether or not suspected terrorists should have access to guns, the lobbying group had little to say at the time about the federal governments infringements on cannabis patients gun rights, merely reporting that If a person admits marijuana use to a licensed firearm dealer,...


U.S. military must accept transgender recruits by Jan. 1, judge rules "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(Reuters) - Transgender recruits will be able to join the U.S. military as of Jan. 1 after a federal judge on Monday denied a request by President Donald Trumps administration to enforce his ban on transgender troops while the government appeals an order blocking it.

In a ruling,...


Childhood Maltreatment Drives Self-Injury "IndyWatch Feed Health"

From Medscape: New research shows that individuals who were physically, sexually, or emotionally abused as children are more likely to engage in non-suicidal self-injury.



A Veteran Wonders: How Will My PTSD Affect My Kids? "IndyWatch Feed Health"

In this piece for The Atlantic, Brooke King reflects on how her trauma currently affects and may continue to affect her children, as well as the steps she has taken to mitigate the negative effects of her trauma on others.

Wilcox agrees that being open with my kids about what Im going through will likely have a positive effect on their development. All kids and all families go through difficult times, so one of the things we want our children to learn is: What do you do when you go through difficult times? she says. By being open about how I cope with the hard things that have happened to me, she says, Im giving them a huge, wonderful lesson in life.


The Empire Dreamt Back: Britains Use of Psychoanalysis "IndyWatch Feed Health"

From Aeon: In the early 20th-century Age of Empire, officials in the British Empire sought to better understand their colonial subjects through the use of Freudian psychoanalysis and dream interpretation. Their subjects dreams revealed the traumatic impact of imperialism and colonization.

The common thread running through all the accounts was a twist on the Oedipal story. The oppressive patriarch, a largely fantasied figure in the European context, was here embodied in the very real force of the white man and the colonial state behind him. This was a strikingly deromanticised vision of empire, in which only habits of deference and fear of reprisal constrained the urge to throw off tyrannical shackles. Seligman had, it turned out, chronicled the psychic wounds of colonialism, revealing a political order fundamentally at odds with Britains self-understanding. The question that emerged was whether British rulers could defuse the challenges that this sentiment posed to their rule before it engulfed them. Such was the pragmatic logic that drove British efforts to map the unconscious minds of their colonial subjects.



The 12 Days of Skyhorse Publishing Day 7 Autism Adulthood "IndyWatch Feed Health"

We'd like to express our gratitude to Tony Lyons, Publisher at Skyhorse Publishing in New York City. Skyhorse is one of the fastest growing independent publishers in America and one of the few to tackle the toughest, most controversial topics...


Jad Abumrad Reads an Ode to the Glory of Tiny Creatures and Celebrates His Mothers Scientific Persistence "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

In praise of the invisible heroisms and unglamorous triumphs of nature and the human spirit.

Jad Abumrad Reads an Ode to the Glory of Tiny Creatures and Celebrates His Mothers Scientific Persistence

The Universe in Verse was a highlight of my year a beautiful evening celebrating the improbable yet wondrous intersection of science and poetry, raising funds for the defense of science and the arts from political assault. Artists, writers, and scientists read poems about trailblazers of science, many of whom women, and about scientific discoveries that have revolutionized our understanding of the universe and of our place in it.

Jad Abumrad of Radiolab, himself the product of two scientists, prefaced his reading of poet Pattiann Rogerss tender ode to single-cell creatures with an homage to his mothers persistence in studying a single protein for thirty-five years a testament to the unglamorous, invisible heroisms that have propelled the vast majority of humanitys scientific endeavor, proof of what pioneering microbiologist Erwin Chargaff extolled as the value of unremembered work. Please enjoy:

by Pattiann Rogers

Although most are totally naked
and too scant for even the slightest
color and although they have no voice
that Ive ever heard for cry or song, they are,
nevertheless, more than mirage, more
than hallucination, more than falsehood.

They have confronted sulfuric
boiling black sea bottoms and stayed,
held on under ten tons of polar ice,
established themselves in dense salts
and acids, survived ea...


Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Inexplicably Earns $180 Million Opening Weekend "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

LOS ANGELES The Marvel Cinematic Universe shattered even more box office records and expectations this week after the first Avengers: Infinity War trailer inexplicably earned over $180 million in its first week of being uploaded onto YouTube.

The 2-minute and 24-second trailer premiered on the internet on November 29 and opened to over 97 million views and scores of positive comments. Its earnings currently run ahead of box office earnings for Pixars critically-acclaimed Coco and DCs lackluster Justice League film.

We were honestly incredibly baffled when the numbers came in, said directors Anthony and Joe Russo on the trailers current revenue. Baffled and pleased, honestly. Were just incredibly moved by the fans support and we hope that they enjoy the movie when it comes out in six months.

Were not really sure how it made money. But well take it, they added.

Read More From Hard Drive, The Only Ethical Gaming Journalism Site on The Internet:

This comes as a relief for the MCU after its past trailers for Spider-Man: Homecoming, Thor: Ragnarok, and Black Panther earned a total of zero dollars on YouTube. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige echoed the Russos confusion about the YouTube clips ongoing earnings.

I dont even think that the trailer is attached to any movies right now, Feige stated in a phone interview. But Im thrilled that the trailers generated this much buzz for our film. Itll make green lighting the next eight pictures that much easier.

Earnings are expected to dip to about $100 million during the trailers second week of wide release, according to trailer box office analysts, but they insist they are not entirely sure as a result of the fact that this is the first time they have ever analyzed the earnings of a movie trailer. Rotten Tomatoes has also lifted its review embargo several months in advance, and has classif...


Who is to Dominate IOT? ETC or IOTA? "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

This November saw IOTAs market cap octupled, securing this cryptocurrencys top 4 rank across the board and ahead of Ripple, a well-established peer token. IOT is where IOTA applies and the selling point in its pitch deck. Given the heated status quo of IOT in recent years, its no wonder to spot a markup on IOTA. ETC, another digital currency with good standing, also starts to deploy its presence in IOT which it deems key to achieve a breakthrough. We have conducted a comparative analysis of these two IOT forces in an effort to determine who will be the final winner in this practice.

ETC is an Ethereum-based digital currency with the system well operated for a long period. The core ETC development team consists of experienced blockchain technocrats and the way a tech solution is determined and implemented follows the principle of democracy and science. The technology that IOTA applies is akin to Raiden Network or Lightning Network, the cutting-edge technologies in nature. Bitcoins core development team was the first to propose using Lightning Network to address the tokens scaling debate. But thats more in theory than in practice, which is widely accepted by the community for lacking in tests of stability.

The theory and principles of cryptography for ETC were previously adopted, proven and optimized in other IT areas. They are mature, safe, reliable and efficient information technologies. IOTA uses a balanced ternary (a numerical system represented by three-digit numbers) on a binary hardware device, which leads to an overly complex system design and a reduction in computational efficiency. Another serious problem with this design is the need to redesign the cryptographic hashing algorithm, which poses a serious safety risk. Simply put, this technology is still only stuck in the theoretical stage, too avant-garde to have the value of the practical application.

The issuance of ETC is completely decentralized, the coin price is not readily susceptible to manipulation, and a new currency policy will be implemented to systematically guarantee the total supply of ETC, making it a deflated digital currency with value of storage. IOTA, an ICO project in 2014, remains tepid. A few users controlled the majority of the tokens of IOTA, leaving the price easily manipulated and resulting in octupled price hike within less than a month. This centralized trend is detrimental to the long-term development of the community. IOTA does not require mining and transaction fees. Each participant provides the network with hashrate and the lack of incentive programs can do harm to the stability of IOTA network.

Tangle, the technology that IOTA uses, is not a real blockchain but merely to solve the problem of blockchain expansion, making blockchain a pretext of IOTA. That said, even IOTA can be applied in IOT as a technology, it is not tradable as a digital currency....


Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Halves the Risk of Repeated Suicide Attempts "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Peter Gtzsche is a Danish physician, medical researcher, and leader of the Nordic Cochrane Center.


Age of Autism Matching Gift Event Success! "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Dear Friends: Thanks to everyone who donated in our November Matching Gift program. You generously gave $4510 which our donor is matching. Frankly I'd like to sing his/her name to the world. But the gift is anonymous. In our little...

Surveillance Video of NY Terrorist Released Immediately, Still Not 1 Image from Vegas Months Later "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Surveillance Video of NY Terrorist Released Immediately, Still Not 1 Image from Vegas Months Later

Immediately following the terrorist attack in New York Monday, surveillance video of the attack was released. Not a single image from Vegas has yet to be released.

New York, NY On Monday morning, a 27-year-old alleged terrorist by the name of Akayed Ullah walked into the underground tunnel between Times Square and the Port Authority Bus Terminal and detonated a crudely-made pipe bomb. Luckily no one but Ullah was seriously injured.

After the blast, which happened at 7:20 am during rush hour, the suspect was almost immediately identified and a profile of him released.

Ullah is from Bangladesh and had been living in Brooklyn. He arrived in the United States in February of 2011 and had a visa. He came in with his parents and 3-4 siblings and subsequently obtained a Green Card and became a permanent U.S. resident, according to CBS news.

Theyve been bombing in my country and I wanted to do damage here, law enforcement sources reportedly told the NY Post.


Actress With DNA Evidence of Her Rape at Golden Globes Mysteriously Fell Off a Cliff and Died "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Actress With DNA Evidence of Her Rape at Golden Globes Mysteriously Fell Off a Cliff and Died

After being brutally raped at the Golden Globe Awards, Hollywood actress Misty Upham went missing and found over a week later, having died from falling off a cliff.

Charles Upham, the father of Misty Upham, the Hollywood actress known for her roles in August: Osage County and Django Unchained, spoke out recently about the alleged rape of his daughter and the horrifying problem that is Hollywood sexual abuse.

Charles noted that although Hollywood found a poster boy in Weinstein to ease the conscience of high society for a while, that the problem is persistent and not an isolated incident.

This is an institutional problem that exists in in many Organizations and Corporate America including Religious Orders, Law Enforcement, Politics, Education, Federal, State and local Governments, wrote Upham in a bombshell Facebook post. The victims are not just women; they include men, elderly, mentally ill, children (male and female) of all races and even some animals.



The Japanese Live Longer than nearly Anyone Else on EarthHeres one of their least known Superfoods. {Partner} "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The first account of it can be found in Japans oldest surviving medical text, Ishinpo, which dates from 984. Today, millions of Japanese start their day with a glass of


The Dollar Vigilante Becomes Experty Ambassador "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Zug, Switzerland, December 8th, 2017  Experty has some exciting news.

 A few days ago Experty spoke with Jeff Berwick about Experty on his popular YouTube channel, The Dollar Vigilante (over 135k subscribers from crypto). You can view the discussion HERE. Jeff has done his research and has decided to become an ambassador for Experty! We are very happy to have him on board.

Speaking of why hes promoting Experty, Berwick commented:
Im going to be using the product myself because I think its very needed. [] Theres going to be a huge demand and need for Experty. Im really looking forward to seeing it launch, im looking forward to seeing the ICO come out as well.

What does this mean for Experty?
Jeff is very influential in the crypto scene. During our talk with him, he stated that Experty is very needed and that he will be using the application. Blockchain experts and influencers such as Jeff have the power to expand and strengthen the community around Experty.

The Experty buzz is growing as major players in the crypto scene continue to get on board. We are currently registering interest for the pre-ICO, with bonuses up to 60%. Dont miss out on this opportunity to get involved too!

Learn more about Experty
Join our Telegram
Youtube interview



How to create your first safe server thats ready for production "IndyWatch Feed Education"

In this tutorial, I will present some of the best practices to build your own first safe server. Ill list the steps youll need to take to have a fully functional server that you can use in production for your app.

Having a safe server doesn't just rely on following some steps. It's a constant search for new resources and never-ending improvement. But this article can be a step 0 in building your own infrastructure.

I will use Amazon EC2 to run these tests, but Ive also used Amazon LightSail, Digital Ocean, Vultr and some others. In all cases, they were the same to configure, so you can use the provider you prefer.

Let's make it safe!

So let's go:

Creating public and private SSH keys

Before starting, let's create a pair of keys that some hosts ask for during installation of the server. This step and the next can be omitted if you decide to create a pair of keys while launching a machine instance with Amazon.

Create an SSH key pair using the ssh-keygen tool.

$ ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096

After this step, you will have the following files: id_rsa and (private and public keys). Never share your private key.

A more detailed document on creating the keys can be found here.

Import the public key on Amazon:

We will import the public key that we just created on the Amazon platform.

  1. Access Amazon Management Console
  2. Click on AWS services > Compute > EC2
  3. Click on the left menu Network & Security > Key Pairs
  4. Click on "Import Key Pair" and upload your public key (

Create your machine

  1. Access Amazon Management Console
  2. Click on AWS services > Compute > EC2
  3. Choose Launch Instance
  4. Choose one of the images. I chose Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS (HVM), SSD Volume Type (but choose accordingly to your needs)...


Daily Verse "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy. Matthew 5:7 (KJV)


Rate the Dress: early 18th c linen & wool embroidered casaquin "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

Welcome to Rate the Dress!  This week we go from chintz to casaquin (and I know thats kind of comparing apples and asparagus)

Last week: 1890s theatrical sweetness

Last week we looked at a sweet florals and ruffles 1890s dress which may have been a fashion garment, or a theatre costume.  You almost unanimously liked the fabric.  You were less sure about the rest.  And there was something about the outfit that just wasnt quite one thing or another there were SO MANY #.5 ratings!

The Total: 7.9 out of 10.

Better than I expected actually!  I guess the gorgeous fabric did the trick!

This week: 1720s-40s theatrically-embroidered casaquin

This week we turn from an ostensibly normal dress which may actually have been a theatre costume, to an unusual high-fashion outfit with theatrical inspiration.

This early-mid 18th century outfit features a loose jacket (casaquin) and petticoat of ivory linen, both lavishly embellished with polychrome wool embroidery.


Introducing DenCity: Worlds First Blockchain Enabled City "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

On October 31, 2008, a mysterious person named Satoshi Nakamoto published his famous whitepaper introducing world to a Peer to Peer mode of payments he called bitcoin. This P2P currency was based on a technology named Blockchain, a distributed ledger in which transactions are recorded publicly and chronologically. Then, in 2013, a 19 year old from Canada, Vitalik Buterin, came up with the concept of Ethereum which included Smart Contracts protocol which gave Blockchain its much needed first real push.

Since then, its been an upward ride for Blockchain. Since 2013, many blockchain startups have come up in different sectors ranging from healthcare to education. There is Status for messaging, Ripple for payments, IOTA for Internet Of Things who are leading development in their sectors. However, a city built on Blockchain encompasses everything and puts all these services into one bucket. Blockchain eliminates all centers of power in an environment and makes all the processes and records openly available to the public.

This is our vision behind building DenCity, a city governed by its citizens namely, Denizens.

Location, Climate & Landscape


DenCity, located on the banks of Den river, has more than a third of its area covered with lush green grass and forests. The remaining part of the city is covered with plain lands where people can come and set up their homes, industries and marketplaces.

Surrounded by a beach on one side and mountains on the another, the climate in DenCity is in perfect balance which is neither too hot nor too cold and is warm and sunny throughout the year. Plus, the weekends here are really fun with a lot of beautiful places to explore.

Talking about the landscape, only 17.3% of the area is covered with ready-made villas while the remaining area is empty land which is open for sale to the new denizens. Any denizen can buy a plot here in the city by DNX,which is an ERC20 compliant cryptocurrency for this city.



Talking about amenities, there are more than 500 villas available for sale in DenCity. These villas can be customized to suit the needs of an individua...


Bitcoin Price Watch; Lets Get Trading! "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Its Tuesday morning and its time to take a look at how action in the bitcoin price played overnight and in turn try to figure out how we can incorporate said action into a forward strategy today. Normally we spend a bit of time on some backdated analysis but, during the early session, things are moving incredibly fast. As such, if we take up too much time we might miss an entry.

So, with this in mind, lets get things moving right away.

As ever, take a quick look at the chart below before we get started so as to get an idea where things stand and where we are looking to jump in and out of the markets according to the rules of our intraday strategy. The chart is a one-minute candlestick chart and its got our key range overlaid in green.

As the chart shows, the range we are using for the session today comes in as defined by support to the downside at 16559 and resistance to the upside at 16730.

We are going to stick with our standard breakout strategy for the time being, purely because thats the best sort of approach when we are facing consolidation type action (as we are at the moment) and, in turn, when we expect that the tight range we have outlined will break near term.

So, with that said, if we see price break above resistance, well be jumping in long towards an immediate upside target of 16800. A stop loss on the position somewhere in the region of 16700 will take us out of the trade if things turn against us.

Looking the other way, if we see price close below support, we will jump in short towards a downside target of 16500.

Lets see how things play out.

Charts courtesy of Trading View



CBOE Bitcoin Futures Bring in Adequate Volume but Bullish Sentiment Isnt There yet "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

CBOEs Bitcoin futures have been of great interest to Bitcoin enthusiasts. More specifically, there has been some initial interest in this product during the first day. While the volume isnt exactly spectacular, its still a lot better than most people would have thought. Moreover, the futures price hit $18,000 at one point, although there is no major bullish sentiment to speak of right now.

The first day of Bitcoin futures trading has been somewhat eventful. Albeit nothing major happened during the first 24 hours, it will remain an interesting industry to keep an eye on. More specifically, the contracts spiked to a value of $18,000, which was somewhat to be expected. Unfortunately, the Bitcoin price itself didnt exactly follow this pattern, despite some solid momentum. It seems this new investment vehicle will have no real impact on the global BTC value for now.

CBOE Futures Make a Small Impact

With just 3,400 GXBT in volume, the demand has been less steep than people had hoped. There is no major investor bull run for these products whatsoever. Whether or not that will change when CME offers their products, remains to be seen. All of the major anticipation regarding this product has been vastly overstated so far. It is evident there are still some issues to work out in this regard.

Very few clients can effectively access the CBOE futures right now. This is mainly due to brokers restricting client access during the first day. It is possible this situation will resolve itself in the coming days and weeks. However, for now, no major changes should be expected whatsoever. There is a genuine demand for BTC futures, though, that much is evident. Whether or not this will impact the actual Bitcoin price, remains to be seen.

Most of the initial sentiment has quieted down already as well. Despite a major run to $18,000 early on, the market calmed down quite a bit. It is evident Bitcoins strong run throughout 2017 has already resulted in most of the gains one could expect. These CBOE futures may not necessarily impact the price in any significant way. A few interesting weeks are ahead for the worlds leading cryptocurrency, to say the least.



Waitrose withdraws essential range after finding poor people in stores "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

UK supermarket chain Waitrose has withdrawn its popular essential range after discovering that the cut-price products had led to a number of poor people shopping there.

The discount brand, launched in 2009 to help Waitroses core customer base cope with the recession without having to downgrade one of their Range Rovers, was proving extremely successful. This success appears to have come at a price though, with the unwanted side effect of attracting the working class.

At first it worked fine, our regular shoppers were delighted with the new range, and common people were still put off by the Waitrose branding explained marketing director Rupert Thomas, but as we advertised more, and made the mistake of including the prices of products in our TV commercials, we began to see some undesirable characters appearing in our aisles, enticed in by the prospect of finding a tin of beans for under 5, which they previously hadnt expected from us. One horrid man even came in wearing a Hi-Vis vest looking for a sandwich. It was awful.

The popularity of the essential range had seen it quickly expand to include affordable versions of many foodstuffs and household items. To make matters worse Waitrose also starting pointing out that many of their prices were the same as those found in Tescos, attracting even more lower class shoppers and alienating many of their existing clientele. It was so demeaning finding out that I wasnt paying any more for my groceries than a common chav moaned former Waitrose customer Emily Hamilton-Brown. Ive gone back to doing my weekly shop at Fortnum & Mason now, just to make sure I dont accidentally purchase something thats buy-one-get-one-free.

Hopefully withdrawing the products and stopping the adverts will stop any additional commoners coming in, continued Mr Thomas, but we still have the problem of getting rid of the ones that have already started shopping with us. Theyre still turning up, wandering around looking a bit lost and not buying anything. Were thinking of putting up signs outside pointing out that Lidl down the road has some great deals on, or maybe well just put down some traps baited with chicken nuggets so we can catch them humanely and release them in Asda.


Digital Currency Dash Now Usable at 13,000 Locations In Brazil "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The cryptocurrency Dash has made waves over the past months as the price has continued to increase, and a new win for the company has come with a partnership with CoinBR, a Brazilian cryptocurrency company.


2,018 BTC opportunity from Boss Gaming Studio "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

By the end of 2017, the company BossGS has prepared a super campaign. Representatives of the company pay special attention to the latest trends in the development of the industry by visiting TOP Events and events in the igaming industry.

The whole world watches every day the hyper growth of cryptocurrencies and their importance in the world economy and countries development. Strong companies of the industry actively began to implement the Blockchain solutions and use the cryptocurrencies in their business.

BossGS is launching a New Year campaign to purchase the White Label Casino platform with Curaao license only for 2,018 BTC, which will be valid for customers exactly 1 month. The conditions are simple:

  1. Start of the campaign December 15th, 2017 at 00:01
  2. Campaign ends on January 15th, 2018 at 11:59 pm
  3. The cost is 2,018 BTC on the day of signing the contract and payment.
  4. Anyone can participate, who has reached the legal age for conducting an independent business.
  5. In the Final solution, the client will receive a variety of gaming providers, including NetEnt, Betsoft Gaming, AnotherGames, Microgaming, Habanero Systems etc.
  6. The deal must be made only during the period of the promotion.
  7. Payments should be done only in BTC.

Since experts and analysts certainly cant say how much bitcoin will cost in the upcoming month, whether the price will continue to rise or fall, for us this is a certain risk, but anyway we decided to organize such a promotion on the eve of New Year and Christmas for our dear customers and friends said Head of Business development, company BossGS, Catalina Lukianenko.

We are absolutely confident that modern solutions and advanced technologies will allow our customers to enjoy the operations and management of their new own projects. We are also pleased to announce the release of the new game Crazy New Year, which will be undoubtedly included in the list of games from AnotherGames team.

For more information, feel free to contact the support chat on the BossGS website or send your requests to:

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!



Calories and survival "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

I am curious what your ideas are for getting enough calories to stay functional/healthy in an SHTF situation?


Why Are Bitcoin Futures Trading for Higher Prices than Bitcoin Itself? "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin futures are trading at a premium to the underlying asset, suggesting possible arbitrage opportunities.


2018 Will Be Another Growth Year for Blockchain "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Think 2017 was a fluke? Not according to blockchain advisor Oliver Bussmann who makes the case next year will see further growth.


Academic Journal Devotes an Entire Issue to Princes Life & Music: Read and Download It for Free "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Image by Ann Althouse, via Flickr Commons

For decades now, academics have made popular culture a worthy area of study, from hip hop, comic books, and Hollywood film and television to video games and internet culture. And for just as long, there have been those who sneered at the disciplines emerging around pop culture studies. But really, what are we to do with someone like Prince, someone so clearly, profoundly, a musical genius, with such an outsized impact on popular culture, that he cannot help being a major historical figure just a year and a half after his death?

Devote an entire journal issue to him, of course, as the Journal of African American Studies did this past September. This is not, by far, Princes first appearance in a scholarly publication. And a slew of academic conferences devoted to the artist this past year has raised him to the academic status achieved by other megastars like Bruce Springsteen and Pink Floyd. This special journal issue, however, may be one of the most comprehensive collections of Prince scholarship youre likely to find online. And unlike the majority of academic articles, these are all free. Just click the Download PDF link under each title found on this page.

The issue was...


hungry plus "IndyWatch Feed Comics"

Today on Toothpaste For Dinner: hungry plus

The Worst Things For Sale is Drew's blog. It updates every day. Subscribe to the Worst Things For Sale RSS!


8 Weeks of Meditation Can Rewire the Brain and Control Depression Symptoms "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Is it possible to sort of rewire your brain so you can better control imposing symptoms of depression and angst? The short answer, according to recent new research, is yes, and it all it takes in large part is some mindfulness meditation. According to a study which appeared more than a year-and-a-half ago, in the January


dreams - pull your finger out "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

now this was gorgeous, already the dream was vivid and memorable and surreal but then it did this...

I got a splinter.

Yeah, a tiny little splinter at the tip of my left index finger. So, I got the fingernails of my right hand under it and started to pull. And it came out, but then a new one grew. So I pulled that one out but it came and came and came...

Then it turned decidedly weird, like I was pulling out an insect foot, shin, thigh.... I could see the hairs on the insect leg as I pulled and pulled this thing out of my index finger and it kept coming. But that was only the leg and it was already too big to pull out of the finger ref: image for scale. I realised I was dreaming (it was like I did a 'reality check') and woke up, as I'd seen enough...

I realised, very soon after waking, that it was a message to PULL MY FUCKING FINGER OUT and this refers to stuff I've been putting off in my life - yes, I have a list.  :)


Sun Exposure Reduces Pancreatic Cancer Risk by Nearly 50 Percent "IndyWatch Feed Food"

The health benefits of vitamin D are almost becoming too numerous to count, with yet another new study presented at the recent American Association for Cancer Research Pancreatic Cancer Conference in Lake Tahoe, Nev., shedding light on the hormones specific anti-cancer benefits. According to the groundbreaking research, individuals exposed to natural sunlight, which is the most abundant


So What if Im Crazy. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

In my eyes, crazy has always been a caption for the original, the artists, the ones who stray from the norm, and the ones whose honesty breaks hearts before they would ever do something so cowardly as lying.


Koreas Justice Ministry Mulls Total Ban on Bitcoin Trading: Report "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

"We do not rule out an option that bans trading of [all] cryptocurrencies," - a Korean Justice Ministry official.

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High Intake of Cholesterol Shown to Actually Repair Damaged Brains "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Including high-cholesterol foods as part of a healthy diet may not be the poor dietary choice we have all been told it is, suggests a new study published in the journal Nature Medicine. It turns out that cholesterol actually helps increase production of an important component of the nervous system that facilitates proper nerve cell communication,


Top Seven Vegan Sources of Protein "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Like most people who have a higher health conscious, most vegans and vegetarians have a story about how they came to the decision to live their particular lifestyle. No matter your reasons, one of the challenges for non-meat eaters is making sure they get enough protein every day. But its not as big a deal


Nature Offers Safe and Effective Blood Thinning Alternatives to Mainstream Drugs "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Millions of people in the United States take either prescription medications, aspirin or a combination of those drugs to thin their blood. The problem with prescription blood thinners and aspirin is that they all have a number of side effects associated with them, some of which can be fatal. The good news is that nature


Panasonic and Sony CES press conferences on January 8 "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Only two camera manufacturers are going to have a press conference at the CES show on January 8. Panasonic is likely to introduce the new GH5s Sony will probably NOT announce a new camera or lens. Maybe some action camera

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Natural Antibacterial Alternatives to Triclosan and Other Toxic Chemicals "IndyWatch Feed Food"

There are several chemicals used today in antibacterial personal care and hygiene products which are toxic to the human body. Perhaps the most toxic is one named triclosan. Triclosan is a controversial chemical linked to hormonal disruption and various types of cancer. Its chemical structure is similar to Agent Orange. Agent Orange is a highly


Pitaya may have a protective effect against breast cancer. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Oxid Med Cell Longev. 2017 ;2017:7865073. Epub 2017 Jul 6. PMID: 28761624 Abstract Title:  Pitaya Extracts Induce Growth Inhibition and Proapoptotic Effects on Human Cell Lines of Breast Cancer via Downregulation of Estrogen Receptor Gene Expression. Abstract:  Breast cancer is one of the most prevalent cancers in the world and is also the leading cause of cancer death in women. The use of bioactive compounds of functional foods contributes to reduce the risk of chronic diseases, such as cancer and vascular disorders. In this study, we evaluated the antioxidant potential and the influence of pitaya extract (PE) on cell viability, colony formation, cell cycle, apoptosis, and expression of BRCA1, BRCA2, PRAB, and Er in breast cancer cell lines (MCF-7 and MDA-MB-435). PE showed high antioxidant activity and high values of anthocyanins (74.652.18). We observed a selective decrease in cell proliferation caused by PE in MCF-7 (ER+) cell line. Cell cycle analysis revealed that PE induced an increase in G0/G1 phase followed by a decrease in G2/M phase. Also, PE induced apoptosis in MCF-7 (ER+) cell line and suppressed BRCA1, BRCA2, PRAB, and Er gene expression. Finally, we also demonstrate that no effect was observed with MDA-MB-435 cells (ER-) after PE treatment. Taken together, the present studysuggests that pitaya may have a protective effect against breast cancer.

read more


How Vaping E-Juice Can Benefit Diabetics "IndyWatch Feed Food"

For people with diabetes, the chance of developing heart disease or having a stroke is significantly increased. Add smoking to that equation and youve got a recipe for disaster. In recent years, many diabetes patients are turning to e-cigarettes because they are reportedly safer than cigarettes and less likely to add to these cardiovascular risks.


The littlest nope ever. "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Love this photo. A cat takes a single step from the backdoor into the snow and goes nope.

Abort Mission! writes @Susanwagento.

Source: Twitter/@EmrgencyKittens

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6 Advantages to Vaping with an Arizer Air II "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Vaping is gaining popularity by the day. The days of Bongs, Pipes and rolling papers are slowly fading and being replaced very swiftly by what is considered the healthiest way to enjoy your herbs. When choosing the right vaporizer for you, you must first consider what exactly it is you want from your product. In


This Jona Lewie joke will make you feel Christmassy or your money back "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Comedian Sanjeev Kohli (you might know him as Synthesizer Patel from Look Around You) has an annual Christmas joke and itll make people of a certain age feel very Christmassy.

Are you ready? Make sure you say it out loud as it feels so good on the lips and its the best joke about the anti-war song Stop The Cavalry youll read this year.

Exquisite.youd think hed go to Jona Lewies though says @Looselyswindles.

We also enjoyed this follow-up joke where Jona Lewie actually got in touch:

And finally theres only one way to finish this post lets all watch the video:

Is that in your head now? Christmas earworm-tastic.

Source: Twitter/@govindajeggy

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Lessons for the National #BlackLivesMatterAtSchool Week of Action "IndyWatch Feed Education"

Note to readers: this post is a working document and is not yet ready to be shared or distributed. 

In the fall of 2016, educators across Seattle launched the #BlackLivesMatterAtSchool day of action to challenge institutional racism and support an elementary school facing threats including a bomb threat for daring to publicly affirm its commitment to its majority Black population.

This unprecedented action, which included over 2,000 educators donning Black Lives Matter t-shirts, inspired similar actions in Bellevue, Philadelphia, and Rochester.

Building off of these efforts, educators  this time from across the country are organizing a #BlackLivesMatterAtSchool week of action, set for February 5-9. Each day has a specific theme and is based on last years work in Philadelphia:

Monday: The Day of Demands, including Restorative Justice, Empathy, Loving Engagement

Restorative Justice is the commitment to build a beloved and loving community that is sustainable and growing. Empathy is ones ability to connect with others by building relationships built on mutual trust and understanding. Loving Engagement is the commitment to practice justice, liberation and peace.

Tuesday: Diversity, Globalism

Diversity is the celebration and acknowledgment of differences and commonalities across cultures. Globalism is our ability to see how we are impacted or privileged within the Black global family that exists...


USA Today Network Releases Comprehensive Report on US-Mexico Border "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

USA Today Network reporter Dennis Wagner reports from a helicopter above the Rio Grande River in Texas on June 19, 2017.

One of the first campaign promises Donald Trump made after announcing his candidacy for president was the idea to build a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico. Despite objections from critics over the cost and feasibility of the project, the Trump administration has continued taking steps to turn it into a reality.

Following an extensive nine-month reporting process, the USA Today Network has unveiled an interactive, multi-media report detailing the challenges and consequences of the proposed U.S-Mexico border wall.

The Wall: Untold Stories and Unintended Consequences incorporates a variety of tools and technologies including virtual reality, bots, aerial and 360-degree video, LiDAR data and podcasts to provide readers with an all-encompassing look at the border.

The special project was led by The Arizona Republic and other network newsrooms in California, New Mexico and Texas. In total, more than 30 reporters, photographers and videographers contributed to the report. Last July, the project received a $28,000 grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and Google News Lab as part of the Journalism 360 challenge.

We wanted to examine if a wall could be built, what it would cost, and the impact it could have, said Nicole Carroll, Republic editor and vice president of news/Southwest regional editor, USA Today Network. We also wanted to let readers experience the information for themselves.

A major part of the project involved flying every mile of the border in a helicopter to film and map fencing already in place. An interactive digital map allows readers to select any spot on the border, see high-definition aerial footage at that exact location and view what type of fencing currently exists in the area.

Our overall goal was education, Carroll said. We arent telling people what or how to think. We just want to make sure they have all the information they need to make a decision.

The network also utilized ph...


The Story of the Woman Who Claimed She Visited Mars & Spoke to Aliens in 1894 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

A study published by PubMed concludes: The results suggest that certain mediums can anomalously receive accurate information about deceased individuals. The study design effectively eliminates conventional mechanisms as well as telepathy as explanations for the information reception, but the results cannot distinguish among alternative paranormal hypotheses, such as survival of consciousness (the continued existence, separate from the body, of an individuals consciousness or personality after physical death) and super-psi (or super-ESP; retrieval of information via a psychic channel or quantum field). You can read the full study here. Thats right, over decades, and even over thousands of years, intellectuals have been interested in those who claim, or are seen by others, to have supernormal type of abilities which cannot really be explained by our current knowledge of science. Read Entire Article


Freud Was a Fraud: A Triumph of Pseudoscience "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Frederick Crews has written a reassessment of Freud based on newly available correspondence and re-evaluation of previously available materials. He shows that Freud was a fraud who deceived himself and succumbed to pseudoscience.


Muir: "People Are Going To Be Wiped Out" By Short-VIX ETFs "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"


Key warning.   The present market has now built up a catastrophic level of leverage and a completely reasonable move will likely crater the brokerage industry itself.  The prudent man not only exits the clearly super leveraged securities if he is aboard at all, but also shifts his capital into safe haven securities or even into cash.

Right now the Bitcoin market boom has made folks seriously reckless.   Yet Bitcoin is no stock.  It is something uniquely different and will not impact stocks directly but has encouraged a crowd of doubtful stock scammers.  look out.  Through all this we have built up a dangerous appetite for unwinnable risks.

As said by many in our distant past, many stock booms ago, even a turkey flies in a high wind.


Muir: "People Are Going To Be Wiped Out" By Short-VIX ETFs

Nov 25, 2017 10:07 PM

Back in August, we highlighted a story in the New York Times about a former manager at Target who d...


Ethereum Classic Price Technical Analysis ETC/USD Remains Buy "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Highlights

  • Ethereum classic price is moving nicely above the $26.00 support level against the US Dollar.
  • There is a crucial contracting triangle forming with support at $26.50 on the hourly chart of the ETC/USD pair (Data feed via Kraken).
  • The pair might soon make the next move and will most likely break the $28.00 resistance.

Ethereum classic price is placed in the bullish zone against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. ETC/USD may soon break $28.00 to test the $30.00 level in the near term.

Ethereum Classic Price Support

The current bias is positive for ETC price above the $25.00 and $26.00 support levels against the US Dollar. The price was seen trading higher from the $22.50 swing low and recently moved above the $25.00 resistance. The recent low as $24.30 from where the price made a nice upside move and traded above the 100 hourly simple moving average. At the moment, the price is above $27.00 and looks set for more gains.

Looking at the hourly chart of ETC/USD, there is a crucial contracting triangle forming with support at $26.50. The pair is currently struggling to break the 61.8% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $30.25 high to $24.30 low. Once the pair breaks the triangle resistance and the 76.4% % Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $30.25 high to $24.30 low, it could retest $30.00. Above the mentioned $30.00, the price could even move towards the $32.00 level.

Ethereum Classic Price Technical Analysis ETC USD

On the downside, there is a major support around $26.50 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. The pair must stay above the $26.00-26.50 support in order to gain pace for an upside break.

Hourly MACD The MACD for ETC/USD is almost flat and is currently showing no signs of a break.

Hourly RSI The RSI for ETC/USD is above the 50 level and is pointing bullish signs.

Major Support Level $26.00

Major Resistance Level $28.00


Charts courtesy ...


Big Bullish love for Ethereum and Litecoin "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The Bitcoin Bulls dominated last week with some heavy swings in both directions but mainly upwards. Cryptos King made all the major news channels and papers as it shot from just over $11,000 to over $18,000 in less than a week. Regulated US exchanges launching their futures contracts also added to the zeal in the crypto-sphere.

This week it is time for some of the altcoins to get some Bullish love. Two of the top traded assets, Ethereum and Litecoin both broke record levels and traded at all-time highs during the Asian trading session this morning. LTC has been having a monster run over the past four days, climbing almost 150% from $100 on Friday to over $250 today.

Data from shows that $4.2 billion dollars has been traded in Litecoin in the past 24 hours. Top exchange was GDAX, which is owned by Coinbase, handling over a billion dollars of that trade and almost 25% of the total. LTC is huge in South Korea so it came as no surprise that Bithumb was the second exchange in terms of transactions with almost $500,000 traded in the past 24 hours, which equated to 11.6% of the total.

Founder Charlie Lee remains cautious however and Tweeted that trading was extremely risky.

Litecoin was not alone in the crypto bullpen today. After three weeks of slumber Ethereum finally woke up and headed skywards. From trading sideways between $440 and $460 ETH broke key resistance levels and made moves towards the critical $500 level. It had previously tested this price in late November but failed to break through.

The CryptoKitties fad which drove previous prices up resulted in the network getting drowned in digital moggies. Transactions slowed to Bitcoinesque speeds and traders waited hours for their ETH to clear. The network was slow to recover but recover it did today when it reached an all-time peak of $552 before correcting back to the $525 level where it currently trades.

Big banking news is likely to have caused the some of the rotation out of Bitcoin into Ethereum. Reports that major financial institutions including UBS, Credit Suisse, Thomson Reuters, KBC, SIX, and Barclays were planning to adopt smart contracts based on Ethereum provided a long awaited boost to the blockchain.

Those with altcoin investments will be having a happy Tuesday as both Litecoin and Ethereum have come out on top today.



This person attempting to charge $60k to the The Daily Mail to use a picture is our new hero "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

If a photo goes viral theres often the Daily Mail in the comments asking to use it for their website and this guy told them to go to hell is such a great way.

Imagine weve inserted one of the popular applause gifs here.

You know what? Imagine weve inserted two.

Source: Twitter/@ItsBorys

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How Bitcoin Killed Gold "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

How Bitcoin Killed Gold by Greg Guenthner Daily Reckoning Bitcoins all grown up. The digital currency splashed into the deep end last night when bitcoin futures debuted on the CBOE Global Markets exchange. Most seasoned traders concluded that the...

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These 20 topical Christmas cracker gags will have you moaning until Christmas Day "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Stand by your stockings, everyone, heres the top 20 topical Christmas cracker gags as voted for by the great British public.

TV channel Gold challenged people to come up with their best topical jokes and here are the 20 funniest according to a vote on Twitter.

But can you do better? Send us yours in the comments and well pick a winner.


Why was Theresa May sacked as Nativity Manager? She couldnt run a stable government


Why dont Southern Rail train guards share Advent Calendars? They want to open the doors themselves


Whats the difference between Ryanair and Santa? Santa flies at least once a year


Kim Jong Un will play Santa this year in the Souths annual pantomime. He said he fancied a Korea change


Why did Donald Trump continuously decorate the Christmas tree? Because people kept saying moron to him


Why was the planned Ryanair TV documentary scrapped? They were unable to air a pilot


Which TV Christmas special is being filmed in Brussels this year? Deal or No Deal


Theresa May has asked Santa for a home makeover this year. First thing on the list was a new Cabinet


What did Bruce Forsyth say when the Christmas pheasant repeated on him? Good game, good game


Why did Jeremy Corbyn ask people not to eat sprouts on Christmas day? He wants to give peas a chance


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Woman asks boyfriend to hug her whilst hes playing computer games. He asks for 3 paragraph essay why. She complies. "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

People in relationships. If your partner asks for hugs, drop everything and give them hugs. Or ask for a 3 paragraph essay why like this keen computer gamer did.

I told my girlfriend to write me a 3 paragraph essay on why I should hug her. Little did I know, she actually was doing it while I was playing video games. says POSlTlVE over on Reddit.

  • Well OP dont leave us hanging; did you hug her? asks occhiolism.Source: Reddit

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Jimmy Kimmel Returns with Baby Billy After Heart Surgery. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Two things: you can call your Congressperson (number above and in video) and save 9 million childrenseriously. And, you have 3 days left to save nearly $700 on Healthcare if you dont have it.   ~ DACA and CHIP are being used as bargaining chips for the Trump Tax Cuts. Call your House Rep and []


Motorcycle Shop goes the way of Amazon. "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

9900 North Interstate 35
Austin Texas 78753
AF1 Racing Aprilia | Vespa | Piaggio | Guzzi | Norton | Ural | Zero

For those with certain bikes this place above has a online parts catalog of what they sell.

Nice to order parts setting at home.

Made a few mods and needed some bits and pieces. Saved lots of gas and road rage by going this route above.

For those with deep...

Motorcycle Shop goes the way of Amazon.



Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE ...


Naturally Dark "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

everyone goes to bed
pretty much at the same time
many lights stay on
it isn't naturally dark
stars barely manage to shine
even at three or four
when no one wants to be up
maybe it doesn't matter
most people don't even notice
when they're asleep


7 Things You Dont See In That Perfect Instagram Feed "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

7 Things You Don't See In That Perfect Instagram Feed

Instagram is filled with awe-inspiring images of seemingly perfect families enjoying time together. And, if youre browsing them from the discomfort of your mess-filled living room while your kids scream at each other in the background, it can be easy to feel like youre failing in comparison. Ive written before about the pros and cons of parenting in this new social media world. While technology has allowed us to connect easily with friends and family across the world, and to find like-minded parents to connect with online, there are also downsides to social media. We are bombarded with images of other peoples family on a daily basis. For many of us, social media is one of the first things we check in the morning, perhaps even before weve said good morning to the living, breathing human being in bed beside us. Its easy to compare yourself with the mamas who fill your social media feed, and you can end up feeling bad if you seem to come up short. We absorb images of other peoples kids opening their birthday presents (do they have more presents than our kids?). We see videos of autumn craft afternoons (shes such a better parent than me), and photos of happy families enjoying days at the beach (why dont we ever go anywhere?). Comparison is the thief of joy. That saying certainly rings true where social media is concerned.

7 Things You Don't See In That Perfect Instagram Feed

Instagram has a particularly bad rap when it comes to this kind of thing. The people you connect with on Facebook tend to be friends, or at least feel like they are. But most people follow strangers on Instagram. You might follow a mix of real-life friends and family, celebrities, bloggers and Insta-celebs. Theres a whole group of people making a living from projecting their lives on Instagram. Instamums is the term often used to describe the parenting bloggers who share their lives on Instagram. Their feeds are beautifully curated, and each image attracts thousands of likes. Its these women who are often, I would argue, unfairly blamed for making real mamas feel bad about themselves. Your life might not be Instagram-perfect, but Ill let y...


MONERO BULLS NOW EYE $300 TECHNICAL ANALYSIS December 12, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Even after period of consolidation, DASH, NEM and Monero bulls are now inching higher towards their respective resistance lines. Of note today is that consolidation of IOTA.

This was expected given the gains in recent weeks but we still retain our bullish skew.

There is high expectations of LTC expansion in the coming days given the rigorous marketing plans the founder and his team has.

Lets look at the charts:


alt coin NEM 4HR chart technical analysis XEMUSD 4HR Chart for December 12, 2017

NEM bulls are in charge. Nonetheless, price action is quite tepid unlike the last two or three days. The good thing is that price is slowly inching higher.

As mentioned on December 11, every retest of the 20 period MA should be a wonderful buying opportunity now that we have a stochastic buy signal.


alt coin DASH 4HR chart technical analysisDASHUSD 4HR Chart for December 12, 2017

As per yesterdays recommendation, any close above the immediate resistance trend line meant that bulls were in charge.

Well, on December 11, did close above that resistance line. On top of this, there is a stochastic buy signal in place meaning DASH bulls are in charge.

Any retest of the trend line is another buy opportunity with immediate targets at $820.


alt coin IOTA 4HR chart technical analysisIOTUSD 4HR Chart for December 12, 2017

The 20 period MA or the middle BB in this time frame remains significant. Since IOTA bulls are finding it hard to close above this resistance level, we should wait until that happens.  Alternatively, c...


Glen Keane Live Animates the Little Mermaids Ariel to Part of Your World "IndyWatch Feed Arts"


Legendary animator Glen Keane demonstrates how he uses virtual reality to create 3D animations, sketching The Little Mermaids Ariel to Part of Your World.

Keane designed and animated the character of Ariel in the film The Little Mermaid (1989).




Tac gets married .... "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Some of my old time friends know me pretty well and one of them (actually a married couple) sent me this to make me smile. I fooled with it just a little.
Tac finally decided to tie the knot with his longtime girlfriend.
One evening, after their honeymoon, he was working on his motorcycle in the garage, just for fun.
His new wife was standing there at the workbench watching him.
After a long...

Tac gets married ....


Bitcoin Is a Bit of a Miracle at Any Price "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

That is the title of my latest Bloomberg column.  Rather than giving you the main argument, lets instead cut to the end:

The real story of bitcoin is a heartening one of community. Less than 10 years ago, the bitcoin asset was worth virtually nothing, but a small group of people believed in it and worked tirelessly to promote it, and now the whole world is watching. Its a tale at least as old as Christ and the Apostles. Maybe the bitcoin believers are as much of a miracle story as that of the brilliant inventor Satoshi.

The thing is, I dont always believe in miracle stories of community, not in these days of declining governance and possibly fraying social order. Yet Ive become emotionally involved in tracking the bitcoin price, perhaps because I realize that if one such miracle of ex nihilo creation can be sustained, others are on the way. I dont think bitcoin is a bubble, but every morning I wake up doubting.

More broadly the piece considers what should be the appropriate price for Bitcoin.

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Ripple Price Technical Analysis XRP/USD Breaks Key Resistance "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Highlights

  • Ripple price made a nice upside move and broke the $0.2500 resistance against the US Dollar.
  • Yesterdays highlighted contracting triangle with resistance at $0.2400 was broken on the hourly chart of the XRP/USD pair (data source from Kraken).
  • The pair is now well above the $0.2550 level and looks set for more gains in the near term.

Ripple price broke key resistances against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. XRP/USD is now above $0.2500 and eyeing further upsides.

Ripple Price Upside Break

There was a good upside reaction in Ripple price recently as it moved above the $0.2350 level against the US Dollar. The upside move was strong as the price was able to move above the $0.2400 and $0.2500 resistance levels. Earlier, there was a minor correction towards 50% Fib retracement level of the last leg from the $0.2050 low to $0.2490 high. However, buyers appeared and pushed the price above $0.2400.

During the upside, yesterdays highlighted contracting triangle with resistance at $0.2400 was broken on the hourly chart of the XRP/USD pair. The pair recently traded as high as $0.2612 and is currently placed well above the 100 hourly simple moving average. It seems like there can be more gains above $0.2600 in the near term. The next major resistance is around the $0.2800 pivot.

Ripple Price Technical Analysis XRP USD

On the downside, an initial support is around the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the last wave from the $0.2230 low to $0.2612 high. However, the most important support is now at $0.2400, which was a resistance earlier. The mentioned $2400 support is also around the 50% Fib retracement level of the last wave from the $0.2230 low to $0.2612 high. Therefore, the price is now well supported above $0.2400 for more gains towards $0.2800.

Looking at the technical indicators:

Hourly MACD The MACD for XRP/USD is now placed nicely in the bullish zone.

Hourly RSI (Relative Strength Index) The RSI for XRP/USD has reached the overbought levels.

Major Support Level $0.2400...


Mid-Afternoon Kayak Fails To Cheer Malcolm Turnbull Up After Q&A Train-Wreck "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact Many times in the past, a quick scoot around Sydney Harbours Shark Island from his Point Piper home is enough to put the breath back in his trumpet not today. Malcolm Turnbull appeared on popular ABC witch-hunting programme, Q&A, last night and not everything went to plan according []

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Is This The Beginning Of The Next Silver Rush? "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

This report is a PAID ADVERTISEMENT from

Far below the Nevada desert, past ancient mine shafts and rock-strewn caverns, there could be a fortune waiting to be made by one small company.

A fortune in silver.

A mine that inspired the silver rush in the 1880s, that was tapped once more in the 1960s, could again prove a boon to miners using the latest technologies to tap unexplored and unexploited mineral deposits.

It could prove to be a great re-discovery in the history of silver mining.

Thats what Montego Resources (CSE:MY; FRA:4MO1), has unlocked in the Taylor Mine & Mill, a high-grade gold and silver project in eastern Nevada, a region which has produced a bounty of silver and gold for more than one hundred years, and through the use of new technologies and new methods could do so once again.

Montego, a $11 million small market cap miner, could be sitting on as much as $1.2 billion in silver, a figure that could climb higher if silver prices rebound.

Heres five reasons for investors to tap into Montegos (CSE:MY; FRA:4MO1) new find:

#1: Big Potential Rewards

The veins uncovered at Taylor hold historic measured and indicated reserves of up to 20 million oz. of silver, worth $278 million at current prices. The mine has historically put out five million oz. of silver and already has $27 million invested from past ventures.

With mining, theres always a lot of uncertainty. Pits are dug, shafts dropped and fingers crossed as miners hope their capital investments pay off with a rich find.

But with Taylor, theres less need to worry: the mine has a long history of productivity behind it, and with $27 million already invested Montego may be able to invest only limited capital in before seeing a strong return on their investment.

Montego took over the Taylor Mine from Silver Predator Corp. earlier this year by way of option, and with an $11 million cap, this is a...

Is This The Beginning Of The Next Silver Rush? "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

This report is a PAID ADVERTISEMENT from

Far below the Nevada desert, past ancient mine shafts and rock-strewn caverns, there could be a fortune waiting to be made by one small company.

A fortune in silver.

A mine that inspired the silver rush in the 1880s, that was tapped once more in the 1960s, could again prove a boon to miners using the latest technologies to tap unexplored and unexploited mineral deposits.

It could prove to be a great re-discovery in the history of silver mining.

Thats what Montego Resources (CSE:MY; FRA:4MO1), has unlocked in the Taylor Mine & Mill, a high-grade gold and silver project in eastern Nevada, a region which has produced a bounty of silver and gold for more than one hundred years, and through the use of new technologies and new methods could do so once again.

Montego, a $11 million small market cap miner, could be sitting on as much as $1.2 billion in silver, a figure that could climb higher if silver prices rebound.

Heres five reasons for investors to tap into Montegos (CSE:MY; FRA:4MO1) new find:

#1: Big Potential Rewards

The veins uncovered at Taylor hold historic measured and indicated reserves of up to 20 million oz. of silver, worth $278 million at current prices. The mine has historically put out five million oz. of silver and already has $27 million invested from past ventures.

With mining, theres always a lot of uncertainty. Pits are dug, shafts dropped and fingers crossed as miners hope their capital investments pay off with a rich find.

But with Taylor, theres less need to worry: the mine has a long history of productivity behind it, and with $27 million already invested Montego may be able to invest only limited capital in before seeing a strong return on their investment.

Montego took over the Taylor Mine from Silver Predator Corp. earlier this year by way of option, and with an $11 million cap, this is a small company standing over a potentially bi...


Teen Accuses X-Men Director of Luring Him with Movie Role, Making Him a Sex Slave "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

As Hollywood director Bryan Singer is being sued by a man who claims that he was sexually assaulted by Singer when he was a minor, another man is coming forward and accusing Singer of forcing him to be a sex slave while promising him a movie role, when he was a teenager.

When Bret Tyler Skopek met Singer at a Halloween party in October 2013, he told Deadline that the director was dressed in a Catholic priest costume.

Singer has directed movies such as Superman Returns, Valkyrie and the X-Men series. Skopek claimed that when he met Singer, he was 18 years old, and the director lured him in with talk of a role in the next X-Men movie.

However, that promise was never fulfilled, and Singer is not the only one Skopek is accusing of sexual assault. He claimed that he began receiving text messages from a middle-aged computer technician after the party, who offered to help Skopek, as he was new to Los Angeles.

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Hong Kong Regulator Issues Warning on Unregulated Bitcoin Futures "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

A Hong Kong finance regulator has published a new circular on bitcoin futures contracts and other cryptocurrency-related investment products.


Comic for 2017.12.12 "IndyWatch Feed Comics"

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

Dirt Shirts and SITO: Promoting Organic Apparel and Eco-Friendly Fashion "IndyWatch Feed Health"

By Dr. Mercola

When was the last time you considered what your clothes were made of? If you're like most people, you may not realize how important organic clothing is, or why. In this interview, Marci Zaroff,1 founder of the first organically certified textile mill in the U.S., will help enlighten us about the merits of organic fashion.

Her facility is certified to the most prestigious organic certification, the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), and Marci, known in the fashion industry as an "ecopreneur" and "green fashionista," has played a major role in promoting ecologically-friendly clothing that is anything but drab. In fact, Marci was the one who coined the term "eco-fashion."

She's been working as a consultant for us for several years now, helping us create our own line of GOTS certified organic cotton mattresses, organic bed sheets and towels. The issue of organic clothing was something I neglected for years, but after gaining an understanding of the global implications of how fabrics and dyes are made, I felt compelled to take action.

I am very proud to support the organic cotton farmers by adding a full line of high-quality organic clothing to my online shop. These products are very durable and built to last, while remaining extremely soft to the touch. Organic clothing can vary in quality as some products are quite thin and can wear out quickly. These products are made to last to stop the destructive cycle of fast fashion.

You can now find everything from socks and underwear to men's, women's and kids' organic, GOTS-certified T-shirts. The Dirt Shirts are made from cotton grown in Texas and manufactured in North Caroline and Virginia. I will be donating profits from these Dirt Shirts to the Organic Consumers Association to develop projects supporting regenerative agriculture, such as regeneratively produced wool and cotton.

I am personally wearing GOTS certified organic clothing whenever possible, and without any unnatural dyes, as described in my interview with Rebecca Burgess. I know this may be a challenge for many, but the simple first step you can take is making sure your underwear is organic GOTS certified and free of chemical dyes, which is why I am so excited to have the opportunity to use this as my primary underwear.

Fast Fashion Versus Eco-Fashion

In a world of "fast fashion," where ga...

Teflon Town: A Toxic Legacy "IndyWatch Feed Health"

By Dr. Mercola

In the late 1960s, Chemical Fabrics Corporation (ChemFab), a maker of Teflon-coated fiberglass fabrics, the type used on conveyor belting, sports stadium domes and similar structures, opened a factory in North Bennington, Vermont. With promises that "absolutely no pollutants" would be given off by the factory, the company enjoyed explosive growth for decades, eventually expanding its headquarters into Merrimack, New Hampshire, and grossing $126 million in sales in 2000.1

That year, ChemFab was purchased by Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, which shut down the Vermont plant. Unfortunately, its toxic legacy would remain and continues to poison people living in the area to this day, according to a joint investigation by VT Digger and the Bennington Banner. Those living in the area knew the plant well, some working within its walls or residing within walking distance of its smokestacks.

Resident and former worker David Barber told VT Digger he used to scoop up liquid Teflon in a gallon milk jug from a 30-gallon drum, fishing it out of the toxic soup with his bare arms if it would fall to the bottom. They reported:2

"There were complaints from plant neighbors about the smoke or fumes, he [Barber] said, 'but it wasn't always bad; it was hit and miss. I do know that at night we ran a lot of crap because it would smoke so bad, and they didn't want the neighbors to complain, because you could see the smoke pouring out of the top.'

The odor always seemed the same to him, regardless of the fabric, he said. 'It was just a nasty smell, and it was like a hazy smoke, a blue haze We all stayed under the fresh air ducts they pumped in fresh air from outside near each machine.'"

High Levels of PFOA Contaminate Area Residents, Soil and Water Supplies

Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) is one of the highly toxic chemicals used in the production of the Teflon-coated fabrics (it bonds the Teflon to the fabric). On average, Vermont residents have PFOA blood levels of 10 micrograms per liter. Among Bennington residents living in the areas of contamination, blood levels of 1,125 micrograms per liter have been detected. Hundreds of wells in the area have also been contaminated, some found with more than 2,000 parts per trillion of PFOA in the water.

For comparison, the U.S. Environmental Protec...

Increase in Vaccine-Related Shoulder Injuries "IndyWatch Feed Health"

By Dr. Mercola

Many people experience temporary soreness in their shoulder after receiving a vaccination in the area, but for some the soreness turns into chronic pain and limited range of motion. Some people are so badly affected that they become unable to move their shoulder altogether, known as frozen shoulder, or suffer from nerve damage and rotator cuff tear. The condition, known as shoulder injury related to vaccine administration, or SIRVA, is on the rise, according to data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).1

In fact, the condition is occurring often enough that it was recently added to the federally operated vaccine injury compensation program's (VICP) Vaccine Injury Table, which lists some, but not all, serious side effects that are known to be caused by vaccines.

In order to win federal compensation for a vaccine injury, a person must prove he or she developed certain clinical symptoms and health conditions listed on the Table within a certain timeframe of receiving a certain vaccine, and demonstrate that there is no more biologically plausible explanation for the vaccine-related injury or death.

In the case of SIRVA, 202 people were awarded compensation for SIRVA in 2016.2 According to Dr. H. Cody Meissner, professor of pediatrics at Floating Hospital for Children, Tufts Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts, "Many instances of SIRVA may be avoided by proper vaccination technique and positioning."

A Vaccine Administered Too High Up on Your Shoulder May Lead to SIRVA

Many vaccine side effects are related to the ingredients in a vaccine. SIRVA is unique in that it's primarily caused by how the contents of the vaccine are injected into the arm. A vaccine given in your shoulder is intended to go into your muscle. If it is not administered correctly and goes into the bursa, a fluid-filled sac that protects your shoulder tendons, trouble can result. Specifically, the vaccine may provoke your immune system to attack the bursa, sometimes leading to debilitating symptoms. As The Washington Post reported:3

"These injection-caused injuries often make simple tasks such as lifting your arm to change a light bulb or reaching behind you to put your arm through the sleeve of a jacket painful, even impossible. Some victims cannot use their should...


Local Man Contemplates New Life With Senior That Just Fell Asleep On Him On The Train "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

KENT REGINALD | Trains | CONTACT A local Betoota man is looking forward to his new life living with the 85 year old man that just fell asleep on his shoulder on this public bus.< Barry Twine, 31, says that although he never planned to spend the rest of his days stuck underneath a snoring senior, itll be a []

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Ethereum and Waves to setup self-regulation "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Recent clampdowns on ICOs by a number of nations, China being the most prominent, have been spurred by the need for more regulation. Currently trading in crypto-land can be a bit like going to the casino in the Wild West. There is no safety net and no regulation on ICOs; anyone can start something up. All you need is a flashy website, some smart looking business people in your team, a good concept, and of course a blockchain which is getting easier to create. Then it is just the matter of asking for funding to support it.

The issue is being tackled by blockchain platform Waves which will be setting up an independent regulatory body. The idea of governments regulating crypto currencies goes against the entire ethos of decentralized assets and data so the crypto firms have decided to do it themselves. The new association will provide reporting, legal, tax & accounting, KYC (identity verification), and business due diligence standards for the ICO and blockchain industry.

Switzerland was chosen as the base for the association, probably for its ease of doing business with transparency and minimal state interference. All crypto exchanges, blockchain platforms, market leaders, ICOs, marketing companies and crypto businesses will be welcome to participate.

Support has already been forth coming from Ethereum and industry-leading audit, consulting, tax, and advisory services firm Deloitte. The ICO Governance Foundation stated that they will be working to coordinate on cross-platform ICO disclosure protocols.

Vladislav Martynov, Ethereums Advisory Board member, had this to say about the association:

Joint and voluntary initiatives such as this self-regulatory body for token sales are a critical element in the professionalization of the blockchain industry. As custodians of some of the most remarkable and disruptive technology ever created, we must be seen to be fostering its responsible use as well as building functionality and maintaining the security of the ecosystem,

Waves Platform CEO and founder, Alexander Ivanov, added:

Regulation is clearly an emerging phenomenon and concern in the crypto space. If certain jurisdictions have not yet announced their intentions, then its only a matter of time. Waves has always been clear that regulation the right kind of regulation is a good thing for the crypto space. We have also been clear that we want to be a part of that emerging dialogue. We want a seat at the table to be able to shape the future of regulation in the ICO and blockchain space,

Swiss based association will be registered by Waves over the next couple of months. The crypto asset is currently trading at an all-time high of over $11.



Sathya Sai Baba and the Magenta Orbs "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

While the story of the Magenta Orbs was directly related to publishing my second book online, looking back I discovered the seeds of how Sai Baba called me to do this work on the World Wide Web Even with small pictures of the rose garden being covered in spider web and my camera clicking ... Read moreSathya Sai Baba and the Magenta Orbs


In5D Alternative News for December 12, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Welcome to In5D News, your source for Alternative News related to POSITIVE change in our society. Alternative news is the REAL news that is not being reported on the main stream media (MSM). It also reveals the propaganda that IS being reported by the MSM. If youve noticed, the main stream media promotes violence, fear, []

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Starseeds, Star Beings, Ethereal Beings: Imprints Vs. Past Lives And Previous Reincarnations "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Olga Star, Contributing writer, As we are shifting into higher dimensions, more and more of us are realizing about our past existences, our true nature as well as receiving glimpses and feelings that we may feel related to Lemuria or Atlantis or Ancient Egypt. Many of us feel strongly about our previous reincarnations []

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Managing Mercury Retrograde With Natures Balance "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Sally Perkins, Guest writer, With mercury now in retrograde, many are anticipating a period of spiritual imbalance for the next few weeks. Making sure youre completely centered and in touch with your spiritual self is the best way to recognize when negative energies might be infringing throughout the retrograde. This period is particularly []

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Ethereum Price Technical Analysis ETH/USD Surges to New All-time High "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Highlights

  • ETH price spikes higher and breaks the $500 and $515 resistance levels against the US Dollar.
  • There was a break above a major contracting triangle with resistance at $470 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD (data feed via SimpleFX).
  • The pair is currently unstoppable and it might soon blast towards the $550 level.

Ethereum price is rocketing higher against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. ETH/USD is surging higher towards the next major resistance at $550.

Ethereum Price Upside Surge

There were solid gains in ETH price recently from the $420-430 swing low against the US Dollar. The price gained heavy bids and was able to move above the last swing high at $497 and even broke the $500 level. A new all-time high was formed above $525 and it seems like the price is unstoppable at the moment. It has breached the 1.236 extension of the last wave from the $497 high to $421 low.

During the upside move, there was a break above a major contracting triangle with resistance at $470 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD. The pair is now placed well above the $500 level and is eyeing more gains. The next major upside target could be the $550 level. An intermediate resistance is around the 1.618 extension of the last wave from the $497 high to $421 low near $544. It seems like ETH buyers are now in full action and it could even rally just like bitcoin.

Ethereum Price Technical Analysis ETH USD

We can see continuing gains towards $600 in the near term. On the downside, the broken resistance at $497-500 may act as a support. However, the most important support is now at $450 and the 100 hourly simple moving average.

Hourly MACD The MACD is gaining heavy momentum in the bullish zone.

Hourly RSI The RSI has reached the extreme overbought conditions with no sign of a pullbacks.

Major Support Level $500

Major Resistance Level $550


Charts courtesy ...


Bitcoin and United States Dollar "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

0.00010 BTC = 1.70 USD
1.00 USD = 0.00006 BTC


Civil war in Western Deep State intensifies with mass arrests in Washington DC, firefights in California "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

  The power struggle and undeclared civil war at the top of the Western secret government intensified radically during the past week, with mass arrests of Khazarian gangsters around the Continue Reading

Het bericht Civil war in Western Deep State intensifies with mass arrests in Washington DC, firefights in California verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT December 11, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

  The NY suicide bomber was a failed false flag attempt by the cabal to delay the inevitable transition event. The last cabal false flag was the Las Vegas shooting. Continue Reading

Het bericht RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT December 11, 2017 verscheen eerst op Take care 4.

15:36 12-9-17 Russia-China Shaken To Very Core As Trump Moves In For Deep State Kill Shot "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

This is one that resonated prior to my reading the latest Ben Fulford report. Then Ben mentioned a very similar thing about Donald Rumsfeld. Heres a bit of what was in the full report (due out on 12-14-17):

former U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has flipped after being confronted with proof that a company on which he was on the board of directors supplied North Korea with the technology needed to make plutonium THE essential ingredient of nuclear weapons, Pentagon sources say. Rumsfeld was a Navy captain, and his flipping along with former Marine [Special Prosecutor Robert] Mueller would take down draft-dodging [former Vice-President] Dick Cheney, the Bushes, and Israel for 9/11 and other crimes, the sources say.

So the main reason I am posting this is because of the Rumsfeld revelation. It does appear that many of these people, like Rumsfeld, who were formerly afraid, or resistant to, coming out, are now coming out and helping to expose the cabal (NWO, Khazarians, etc.).

The old order, its falling apart (baby)!!

[Note: although I used to believe that these WDiM articles were disinfo, currently I believe they are at least in par...



The truth is that far from being the poor victim it likes to portray itself as, Israel is in fact the most aggressive and belligerent nation in the region, having invaded pretty much everyone it shares a border with.

The following maps show just who is wiping who off of the map!

The above map is Israel as it was first created by UN declaration in 1947. The blue portion is Israel, the rest is all Arab lands. Note that Jerusalem was completely within Arab lands and Israel was much smaller than it is today. Note also that there is NO Israeli presence inside the area surrounding Jerusalem. No settlements, certainly no IDF. The red square outlines the approximate region shown in the map to the right. This is Israel as it is today. Note that the western border of Palestine has been pushed up to Jerusalem. Such a land grab is NOT the result of a defensive act, but of an invasion to bring Jerusalem under Israeli control, even though Jerusalem was not originally part of Israel. The maps clearly tell the story of an Israel conquering lands which do not belong to it. Since Sharon took office, Israel has built more illegal Jewish Settlements on Palestinian land. Note on the above map that the majority of the lands which were originally Arab lands when Israel was created, are now under complete (dark blue) or partial (green) Israeli control. Only the black areas remain to the Palestinians, and those are shrinking by the minute. 


CNBC Becomes Crypto News BitCoin (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

CNBC Becomes Crypto News BitCoin Video Peter Schiff Video Source

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Female Law Grad Applies For Capsicum Spray Permit Ahead Of Work Christmas Party "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

WENDELL HUSSEY | Cadet Reporter | Contact Sarah Harris likes to let her hair down. She likes to enjoy a drink. She likes to have a good time. She likes it when work picks up the bill, to thank her for working 10-12 hour days all year for the firm. However, more than all of these things Sarah []

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Bitcoin Cash Price Technical Analysis Can BCH/USD Break This? "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Points

  • Bitcoin cash price is testing an important resistance and attempting a break above $1425 against the US Dollar.
  • Yesterdays highlighted crucial bearish trend line with current resistance at $1405 is intact on the hourly chart of BCH/USD (data feed from Kraken).
  • The price might soon break the $1400 and $1425 resistance levels to gain upside momentum.

Bitcoin cash price is slowly moving higher toward $1425 against the US Dollar. BCH/USD needs to clear the $1405-1425 hurdle to gain further momentum.

Bitcoin Cash Price Upside Hurdle

There was a slow and steady rise in bitcoin cash price above the $1360 pivot against the US Dollar. The price was able to move above the $1380 resistance levels. More importantly, there was a break of the 61.8% Fib retracement level of the last drop from the $1505 high to $1202 low. It has opened the doors for more gains above $1400 in the near term.

However, yesterdays highlighted crucial bearish trend line with current resistance at $1405 is intact on the hourly chart of BCH/USD. It is acting as a major barrier for more gains above $1425. A proper close above the trend line, $1425 and then $1440 is required for buyers to take control. On the downside, an initial support is around the $1350 level. The mentioned $1350 level is near the 100 hourly simple moving average. Moreover, the 38.2% Fib retracement level of the last wave from the $1202 low to $1446 high is also around $1350.

Bitcoin Cash Price Technical Analysis BCH USD

Therefore, the $1350 level is a major support. Below $1350, there is a connecting bullish trend line with support at $1325. The stated $1325 is also a key support since it is the 50% Fib retracement level of the last wave from the $1202 low to $1446 high.

Looking at the technical indicators:

Hourly MACD The MACD for BCH/USD is almost flat and is showing no signs of momentum.

Hourly RSI (Relative Strength Index) The RSI for BCH/USD is currently near 56 and is moving down.

Major Support Level $1350



Countries Begin To Challenge The Petro Dollar, Its Only A Matter Of Time (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Countries Begin To Challenge The Petro Dollar, Its Only A Matter Of Time Video X22 Report Bitcoin futures have now been brought into the fold, and the attempt to control Bitcoin has not worked. The corporate media and central...

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Watch 'Packing for Mars' Documentary 50% OFF Exposing The Secret Colony On Planet Mars "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Ever since 2010 I've made it my mission to bring to my readers some of the most mind-expanding and truth-revealing documentaries ever made. Most probably none of them will ever be aired on TV, and for a good reason: the powers that shouldn't be don't want us anywhere near this sort of information.

Which brings us to "Packing for Mars" a fantastic documentary set to unravel "one of the most startling secrets:

An elite group is said to be secretly building an exclusive off-world survival colony on planet Mars. Credible individuals have begun to emerge claiming to have been actual Mars recruits including the great granddaughter of a historically significant American president.

Soon, we are immersed deep into the lives of various researchers, experts and whistleblowers who share their extraordinary experiences. These brilliant minds begin to create a surreal picture of reality that transcends even the Mars Agenda, metamorphosing into a cosmic cocktail proclaiming the wisdom of our times.

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2017: The 'Butt' of Bitcoin's Joke "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Sanity? You weren't going to find it in the crypto world in 2017 according to author David Gerard. Insanity, though, there's plenty to go around...


How do browsers really work? These 5 videos will show you their inner workings "IndyWatch Feed Education"

The Browser is a complex piece of software. It uses various parsers and compilers to get the job done. If you master its inner workings, youll learn to think like the browser and think like its parsers.

Youll start thinking more holistically and a lot of complex things in JavaScript becomes trivial.

But I couldnt find a good course that explain how it all works. So I created one.

Here Im posting the first 5 videos of the 15 videos where I go over various parsers, engines, DOM, BOM, document object, window object, events, best practices, and so on.

Please have a look at the 5 videos and if you liked it, you can watch the rest on Udemy.
Use coupon code: BROWSER10 and get it for just $10 (regular $30)

Chapter 1Introduction to the Inner workings of the browser for JavaScript and Web developers

Chapter 2Modeling, DOM and HTML parser

Chapter 3CSS, CSS Parser and CSSOM

Chapter 4 Rendering Engine, Painting and Render Tree



Vitamin THC: Should Cannabinoids be Considered Essential Nutrients? "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Core Spirit

In 1753, a Scottish surgeon by the name of James Lind proved that scurvy could be effectively cured with citrus juice. By drinking plenty of lemonade over the course of a two-week long treatment, his patients would fully recover from the fatigue, sores and bleeding typically inflicted by this malady, which was formerly thought to be caused by poor digestion and unclean water (when the real culprit was a simple deficiency in vitamin C).

Until that discovery, the debilitating and often fatal disease limited the ability of seafaring vessels to travel long distances. But after Linds popularization of a cure, sailors learned to effectively prevent scurvy by packing barrels of lemon juice and fresh limes for their travels. Today, the disease is so rare as to be almost unheard of, but British sailors retain the nickname limeys, which dates back to their adoption of the practice.

Meanwhile, often derided as a marketing term without scientific basis, the label superfood indeed has no legal definition, but according to the Macmillan Dictionary it can be applied to any food thats considered to be very good for your health and that may even help some medical conditions. And so, because vitamin C is found in large quantities in citrus fruitsoranges, lemons and limes can be considered superfoods.

You are what you eat, after all, and foods like kale, sweet potatoes, blueberries and wild salmon provide essential macro- and micro-nutrients that the human body requires for health. Superfoods confer increased vitality and allow humans to fully thrive, along with preventing or treating diseases.
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Analyst: They ultimately need the financial markets to implode "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Market analyst Lynette Zang says even with the new tax cuts passed in Congress, the market looks like "it's running out of steam." Zang explains, "I have been noticing in the past month some pattern shifts that would indicate to me the market is struggling and breaking down. So, these tax cuts make earnings per share look a lot better and also brings back a lot of funds. . . . The CEOs are saying that money will go into share buybacks, and they need to because that is shifting. . . . Corporate buy backs are actually breaking down." Zang says ever since the 2008 meltdown, the elite have just been buying time to set up a debt reset. Zang charges, "I am 100% certain we are in the middle of a money standard shift. Ultimately, they need the markets to implode. . . . In 2008, the debt based system broke. It died, it was done. The central banks, globally, put it on life support, and they have to create a new system. In my opinion, they want us cashless, and they want everything in digital form. They want to dematerialize wealth at least for the masses. I am 100% certain that this Bitcoin craze, and all of this, is about getting people used to digital currencies. So, when they shift us from the debt based system to the digital system, we are more comfortable with it and more familiar with it."


How To Detox Your Kidneys And Improves Its Functionality "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Healthy & Tasty Recipes

Improper kidney function and kidney toxicity can happen as a result of a number of factors, including excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, unhealthy foods and some hereditary factors.

Kidney toxicity is manifested through lower back pain, which is usually mild, but if the problem is left untreated the disease can easily progress and cause complications like kidney stones or even kidney failure.

Our kidneys are one of the most important organs in our body in charge of purifying our blood and eliminating all the impurities and flushing them out of our body. Hence, you can imagine that if they function is in any way impaired, an array of problems may occur.

However, in this article you can find a kidney purifying juice that will effectively cleanse your kidneys and significantly improve their function.

The juice we recommend is made of natural ingredients and has no unwanted side-effects.
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Mummy discovered in unexplored Egyptian tomb "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by SKY News

Two possible identities are offered for the linen-wrapped remains found in a tomb outside the southern Egyptian city of Luxor.

Egyptian archaeologists have discovered a new mummy in a previously unexplored tomb near the city of Luxor.

According to Egypt's antiquities ministry, the mummy was found in one of two tombs which are being explored for the first time since being found twenty years ago.

The tombs, which are located just across the Nile from Luxor, were found by German archaeologist Frederica Kampp in the 1990s.

The Temple of Hatshepsut, also known as the Djeser-Djeseru ('Holy of Holies') in the Egyptian town of Luxor

They were found in an area known as the Dra Abu el Naga necropolis, near to the Temple of Hatshepsut and the Valley of the Kings, where the treasures of Tutankhamun were found.

They are believed to date back to the ancient Egyptian dynasties of the New Kingdom, which lasted from 1,550-1,070 BC.
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5 Ways To Make Friends With Other Mamas "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

5 Ways To Make Friends With Other Mamas

If you want to know how to reach out and find your mama tribe, look no further. This article is for you. Motherhood can be an isolating experience, and many new mamas struggle to find their place in the world of motherhood. It can be scary walking into a babygroup alone. You assume everybody has already made friends and its cliquey. Youre tired, and suffering from a bad case of baby brain; its hardly a winning recipe for a good first impression, is it? You need those women, though. You might not realise it yet, but its true. Theyre the women who will build you up when you crumble from exhaustion. Theyre the ones who will remind you of your strengths when you are doubting your motherhood skills.

5 Ways To Make Friends With Other Mamas

They'll make you cry with laughter as they share their parenting fails with you. Your mama friends will be the self-made village it takes to raise your child. All you need to do is get out there and befriend them. Heres how:

#1: Flash Them A Smile

This one is critical. That resting witch face of yours isnt going to make you any friends. To do that, you need to put on your best smile. People are more likely to strike up a conversation with someone who looks friendly. Frowning wont do that for you. The other mamas at baby group probably feel just as vulnerable, exhausted and exposed as you do, so throw them a smile to brighten their day. Smiling will help lift your mood too, and make you feel more confident and ready to reach out to the other mamas.

#2: Show An Interest

Being a new mama can be overwhelming, and sometimes its just nice to know people care. Babies are the perfect conversations starters. Its almost too easy. Next time youre at a playgroup, start a conversation with the mama next to you. You can say how much you love her babys outfit, ask what the baby's name is, how the baby sleeps, and how the mama is getting on. There is so much to talk about. And, even better, youll have things to say back because you have a baby as well! Exploit that shared experience and chat away.

#3: Introduce Yourself

Getting on first name terms with other mamas is an important first step. In your previous life, you probably automatically introduced yourself and fou...


TSA Plans to Use Face Recognition at Airports "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

If you thought the humiliation of body scanning at airports was an invasion of our privacy, then wait until you read about face recognition checking. Part of the PreCheck program,


Evidence points to Bitcoin being an NSA-engineered psyop to roll out one-world digital currency "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"


Geoengineered Nucleated Snowstorms: Do They Cause Physical Distresses? "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Catherine J. Frompovich; Activist Post

We all know, and medicine confirms, weather can affect how one feels and how the body reacts. However, theres a new weather pattern with probable non-acknowledged biometerological effects people are experiencing, but still not connecting the dots. One such example appeared at

A listener wrote:

I experienced 40-degree snow this week. What was most alarming is everyone ignoring the basic fact that its not supposed to snow at this temperature. I live in central TX so snow is rare, and it caused a lot of excitement. Only one other person seemed to notice the temperature and was ignored by everyone excited about how much snow was accumulating.

At 40 degrees, and even hours later when it was still 35. Searching for info on the temperature requirements for it to snow, there is a mix of what most of us learned (and experienced as kids) that it has to be 32 to snow, and newer mainstream media info explaining higher degree snow. What will it take to get people to open their eyes to how unnatural the weather has become?

To which A simple horseman commented:
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(Video) The GoldFish Report No. 167 -- Week 47 POTUS Report w/ Dr. Jim Fetzer: Red Pill Big Picture "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Published on Dec 11, 2017

On The GoldFish Report No. 167 Jim and Louisa discuss the NYC Subway failed blast, Q Anon, Caution about Bitcoin Futures, Actionable evidence from Langley raid and the recent 'corrections and retractions' from MSM, politicians jumping ship amid sexual misconduct allegations, Big Picture of Draining the Swamp, updates on false flags, POTUS Jerusalem announcement and world reaction, and much more. Caution: RED PILL AHEAD.


30 Year NSA Employee Shares Why They Are Watching You & It Has Nothing To Do With Terrorism "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Arjun Walia; Collective Evolution

William Binney is a former high ranking intelligence official with the National Security Agency (NSA). He is one of the highest placed intelligence officials to ever blow the whistle on insider NSA knowings.

He made headlines when he resigned in 2001 after 9/11, having worked more than thirty years for the agency. He was a leading code-breaker against the Soviet Union during the Cold war, and was repelled by the United States massive surveillance programs.

Hes had quite the go, starting in 2002 when he let the public know of a system ( trailblazer) intended to analyze data carried on communication networks (like the internet). He exposed the agencies eavesdropping program and has faced harassment from the FBI, NSA and more. He has been in and out of the court room ever since he decided to resign and blow the whistle.

These mass surveillance leaks are nothing new, as weve seen by the leaks recent NSA whislte-blower Edward Snowden has provided us over the past few years. In an interview that was blacked out by the U.S media, Snowden referred to a Super National Intelligence Organization known as the Five Eyes that do whatever they want, and are far beyond the laws of their own country. You can read more about that HERE.

Binney hasnt stopped, one of the highest-level whistleblowers to ever come out of the NSA. He is now saying:
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10 Ways You Know Your Sister Will Make The Best Auntie "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

10 Ways You Know Your Sister Will Make The Best Auntie

The sibling relationship is a pretty special and unique bond. Your brothers and sisters know you better than most. Theyve known you forever, they know all of your secrets and, most importantly, they love you unconditionally. You grew up together and you're bound together by shared history and the memories of the adventures you had as kids. They probably have a lot of dirt on you, too, so its wise to keep them close. Finding out youre going to be an auntie is an amazing thing. While mamas are stuck doing all the bottom-wiping, parenting and tidying away of toys, aunties get a free rein on all the fun. Aunties arent laden down with responsibilities, or exhausted from lack of sleep; theyre just good fun. Aunties get to swoop in, create a few hours of crazy, messy, noisy fun, and then disappear again into real life.

10 Ways You Know Your Sister Will Make The Best Auntie

You already know your sister is going to be an ace auntie. You probably thought that soon after you found out you were pregnant. In the solitary moment where you panicked that you werent ready to be a mama, you soon realised youd have lots of support from those you love including your lovely sister. And she wont let you down. Shes going to create train tracks that run around the entire ground floor of your house. Shell teach your kids to say rude words and stick their tongues out. Shes going to be as much of a friend to them as she is to you. Heres how you know your sister is going to be the best auntie your baby could wish for:

#1: She Knows Before You Tell Her

People have always said the bond between you was spooky, but youve never really believed it until now. Before youve even broken the news, your sister has rushed over to congratulate you. How did she know? Its that magical sister bond the two of you have. She is so in tune with you shes already picked up on the signs.

#2: Shes As Excited As You Are

That baby might be growing in your belly, but your sister is as excited as you are about the new addition to the family. Heck, she might even be more excited. She is beyond excited. Expect your inbox to fill up with daily messages asking how youre feeling. Youll have endless Facebo...


Pentagon claiming "Victory" over ISIS/ISIL........ "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

  This is there LAME attempt to save face over LOSING THE WAR in Syria.  The REAL victors over the Terrorists in Syria are the Syrian Arab Army, assisted by Russia and Iran.  Now that Trump has thrown 50 years of diplomacy away FOREVER, it can be expected that not only will this Unite the Arab/Islamic world-but we can soon expect THEM to place Sanctions upon the US.

A total oil boycot is one step. Dumping the "Petro-Dollar" agreement is another.  Doing BOTH would be a DEATH BLOW to the United States.  It would accelerate the unavoidable Economic Collapse by many months.  If they do this, we can expect runaway prices of EVERYTHING. For example Gasoline will increase in price DAILY, to over $15.00/gallon very quickly. Food prices will double, then triple.

Personally, I think the 2-fer from the Arab World would be a GOOD THING.  It will enable the US People to truly UNITE, and toss all the CROOKS in DC into Prison-WHERE THEY BELONG !

The other benefit will be MANY of the Elite 1% crowd will LEAVE THE COUNTRY.  This will make the Re-Establishment of the REPUBLIC easier.  Once the rest of the World sees us take our Country back, the sanctions will be incrementally removed.  This will happen ONLY if we RESTORE the Constitutional Republic as it was ORIGINALLY founded.

Our honor, our futures will depend upon this.


Terribly-Wrapped Present Obviously From Fuck-Up Of A Brother "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact When John Wilmott was 14, his older brother Mark was sent home from school for the last time. He was only months away from sitting his final high school exams when he was caught smoking and drinking alone on school grounds. Rather than provide counselling or even a swift, []

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Master of His Fate (Cobban) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Master of His Fate (1890), by J. Maclaren Cobban (Gutenberg text)

To Mars Via the Moon (Wicks) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

To Mars Via the Moon: An Astronomical Story (London: Seeley and Co., 1911), by Mark Wicks (Gutenberg text, illustrated HTML, and page images)

When it was Dark (Gull) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

When it was Dark: The Story of a Great Conspiracy (published under "Guy Thorne" pseudonym; New York and London: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1906), by C. Ranger Gull (Gutenberg text and illustrated HTML)

The Wiles of the Wicked (Le Queux) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

The Wiles of the Wicked, by William Le Queux (Gutenberg text)

The Veiled Man (Le Queux) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

The Veiled Man: Being an Account of the Risks and Adventures of Sidi Ahamadou, Sheikh of the Azjar Marauders of the Great Sahara, by William Le Queux, illust. by Alfred Pearse (Gutenberg text and illustrated HTML)

Zoraida (Le Queux) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Zoraida: A Romance of the Harem and the Great Sahara, by William Le Queux, illust. by Harold Piffard (Gutenberg text and illustrated HTML)

The Temptress (Le Queux) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

The Temptress, by William Le Queux (Gutenberg text)

The Under-Secretary (Le Queux) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

The Under-Secretary, by William Le Queux (Gutenberg text)

The Pauper of Park Lane (Le Queux) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

The Pauper of Park Lane (1908), by William Le Queux, illust. by Frank T. Merrill (Gutenberg text and illustrated HTML)

The Mysterious Three (Le Queux) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

The Mysterious Three, by William Le Queux (Gutenberg text)

Whoso Findeth a Wife (Le Queux) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Whoso Findeth a Wife, by William Le Queux (Gutenberg text)

The Zeppelin Destroyer (Le Queux) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

The Zeppelin Destroyer: Being Some Chapters of Secret History (London et al.: Hodder and Stoughton, c1916), by William Le Queux (stable link)

The Gland Stealers (Gayton) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

The Gland Stealers (Philadelphia and London: J. B. Lippincott Co., 1922), by Bertram Gayton (stable link)

The Air Pirate (Gull) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

The Air Pirate (London: Hurst and Blackett, ca. 1919), by C. Ranger Gull (stable link)

Friar's Lantern (Coulton) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Friar's Lantern (London: J. Clarke and Co., 1906), by G. G. Coulton (stable link)

Gobi or Shamo (Murray) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Gobi or Shamo: A Story of Three Songs (second edition; London and New York: Longmans, Green, and Co., 1890), by Gilbert Murray (multiple formats (image quality poor on some pages) at

Master of His Fate (Cobban) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Master of His Fate (New York: Frank F. Lovell and Co., 1890), by J. Maclaren Cobban (multiple formats at

Master of His Fate (Cobban) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Master of His Fate (New York: F. F. Lovell and Co., 1890), by J. Maclaren Cobban (multiple formats at

Meda (Folingsby) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Meda: A Tale Of The Future (ca. 1891), by Kenneth Folingsby (stable link)

The Testament of a Prime Minister (Davidson) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

The Testament of a Prime Minister (London: G. Richards, 1904), by John Davidson (multiple formats at

A Modern Daedalus (Greer) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

A Modern Daedalus (London: Griffith, Farran, Okeden and Welsh, 1885), by Tom Greer (stable link)

The Testament of John Davidson (Davidson) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

The Testament of John Davidson (London: G. Richards, 1908), by John Davidson (page images at HathiTrust)

Through the Sun in an Airship (Mastin) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Through the Sun in an Airship (London: C. Griffin and Co., ca. 1909), by John Mastin (page images at HathiTrust)

A Modern Daedalus (Greer) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

A Modern Daedalus (London: Griffith, Farran, Okeden and Welsh; New York, E. P. Dutton and Co., ca. 1887), by Tom Greer (page images at HathiTrust; US access only)

The Lord of Labour (Griffith) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

The Lord of Labour (London: F. V. White, 1911), by George Chetwynd Griffith (page images at HathiTrust)

Gobi or Shamo (Murray) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Gobi or Shamo: A Story of Three Songs (third edition; London and New York: Longmans, Green, and Co., 1890), by Gilbert Murray (page images at HathiTrust; US access only)

The New Moon (Onions) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

The New Moon: A Romance of Reconstruction (London et al.: Hodder and Stoughton, 1918), by Oliver Onions (page images at HathiTrust; US access only)

Denial and Repression of Antisemitism (Byford) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Denial and Repression of Antisemitism: Post-Communist Remembrance of the Serbian Bishop Nikolaj Velimirovi (Budapest: Central European University Press, c2008), by Jovan Byford (multiple formats with commentary at


11 things I learned reading the CSS Grid Specification "IndyWatch Feed Education"

Illustration by Alex Kunchevsky

June 11, 2017, I decided to read the CSS Grid spec.

The Spec was a little bit technical, but it was by far the most enjoyed specification I had ever read. If youre a more advanced developer, bookmark it for future references.

So, will this be helpful?

I believe the difference between good and great engineers, is that the latter take their time to understand what really goes on under the hood. They learn how things work, instead of learning by copy and paste.

So, do you want to be a great developer?

Hell, yeah. Or, you wouldnt be reading this article.

What youll learn

While reading the spec, I learned some very subtle, but profound details.

In this article, I will share them with you.

1. The CSS Grid is declarative

Declarative APIs are so sweet to work with. Think ReactJS?

As websites evolved from simple documents into complex, interactive applications, web layouts became difficult to compose. So difficult, they were my nightmare.

This is exactly the problem CSS Grid has come to solve today.

From the spec.

The CSS Grid takes away the painful process of crafting intelligent layouts and replaces it with a beautiful set of declarative rules that make the process near effortless.

These are good times in the history of CSS.

2. The fractional unit does not always produce equally spaced rows and columns

One of the first things everyone learns and gets to love about the CSS Grid is the fractional unit. Even a duck can get away with it.

The fractional unit takes away the pain of calculating percentages. It is a delight to work with.

Most people teach that the fractional unit (fr) yields equally spaced columns or rows.

For example, a declaration like 1fr 1fr 1fr is expected to give you columns or rows of equal spacing. See the illustration below:

Equally spaced columns created by the fractional unit.

Sadly, this is NOT always true. Poor duck.

The following is from the spec:

The fr...


Motherhood Shouldnt Be This Hard 6 Things We Need To Change "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

Dear Society, Motherhood Shouldnt Be This Hard 6 Things We Need To Do To Change This

Motherhood is my life. And its not simply mothering my own children, but also educating and supporting other mothers. Its what I do. My days, my nights, my home life and my work are all about motherhood. So what have I learned in just over a decade of mothering and supporting? Motherhood shouldnt be this hard! No one ever said motherhood would be easy, but it shouldnt be this hard either. It shouldnt leave us exhausted to our core. Or leave us broken and wondering why we arent stronger. It should never leave us questioning whether we are good enough as mothers.

Motherhood Shouldnt Be This Hard 6 Things We Need To Change

If you spend time with mothers, and really listen to them, youll know many are feeling this way. Sometimes, it even outweighs the good things they are feeling, and thats simply not okay. Its not right for our mothers to be this broken not even sometimes, and certainly not often.

What Are We Doing Wrong?

Where do I begin? Im not saying we have some sort of terrible society, but overall, it isnt really set up to support parenthood. We dont teach our growing children about their bodies, and about normal physiology, such as reproduction, losses, pregnancy or birth. They are left to learn about the hard stuff as it happens, which means they can feel shocked, lonely and vulnerable as they jump into motherhood. Thats just one of the ways were failing our mothers. We can do better. We must do better. If we each do our part, we will start to see a change. Here are 6 things we need to do to make motherhood better:

#1: Give Mothers Empowering, Evidence-Based And Safe Healthcare

Babies should enter the world in a way that gives them the healthiest possible start, but it isnt the only important thing. Women shouldnt leave prenatal appointments feeling like they're only incubators. They should leave feeling as though their wellbeing and health are important. They shouldnt be...


Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 12/12/2017 Correction Completed! "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights

  • Bitcoin price has recovered from its drop after reading new highs a few days back.
  • Price is now at the 76.4% extension level on the latest pullback and could have enough momentum to make it to the full extension.
  • However, technical indicators are showing weakening energy among buyers.

Bitcoin price has completed its pullback from the rally earlier in the month and could be ready to take on new highs.

Technical Indicators Signals

The 100 SMA is above the longer-term 200 SMA, so the path of least resistance is to the upside. This means that bitcoin price is more likely to sustain the rally than to reverse from the uptrend.

Price is also inside a long-term ascending channel but is closing in on the resistance, which means that profit-taking is imminent. In that case, another dip to the support is still possible. This floor is right in between the moving averages, which might also hold as dynamic support.

Stochastic is heading lower to indicate that selling pressure is in play. RSI is also making its way down from the overbought region to signal a pickup in bearish momentum.

Market Factors

Apart from that, US CPI and retail sales figures are also on this weeks lineup and a strong showing could reinforce tightening expectations for next year, which might buoy the currency higher against bitcoin price.

As for bitcoin itself, the CBOE futures launch has been mostly positive, barring the outage that occurred due to unexpectedly high volumes. CME and Nasdaq will launch their bitcoin futures soon.



Issue With PayPol Easily Fixed With A Quick $10K Deposit Into Unrelated Westpac Account "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

KENT REGINALD | Entertainment | CONTACT A local Betoota scam artist is waiting with bated breath today, after launching a brand new worldwide con involving sending people emails from financial giant Poypal. The man, who we interviewed on condition of anonymity, is optimistic that his latest scheme is a winner, and that most people would skim over the fact []

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Was Heather O'Rourke (of Poltergeist) Killed in a Pedogate Coverup? "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

With the recent allegations of sexual abuse coming out in Hollywood, Pedogate (or what some would call pizzagate) is seeming more and more real. I have been following this story with interest since the Wikileaks during last years elections with a mix of horror, belief and disbelief.

Whether this is a highly organized ring of pedophiles or just some bad apples is a hot debate but when you mix, money, power and international fame things tend to get messy.

I have a rather sad story to discuss today and this is the death of Heather O'Rourke, the little girl who played Carol-Anne Freeling in all three poltergeist films. Heather was also quite famous during the eighties as she had parts on multiple hit TV shows such as Webster and Happy Days.

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Autism Rocks the Casbah: Tehran Building Schools "IndyWatch Feed Health"

From Tehran Times: Shortage of funds and facilities is impeding establishment of autism schools unless we have enough students nationwide, but it is our policy to set up schools for autistic children in Tehran, ILNA quoted the organizations director Majid...


Sex and the Single Survivalist? "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

While some may see the title n think this is gonna be about porn... nope... in fact way more the opposite...

Should we actually have a SHTF or a TEOTWAWKI... some things to think on BEFORE such...

Birth control pills? birth control devices... stocked up with... ? so can you deliver a baby?

and do ya got youngins about? puberty hit yet? they in the throws of...

Then there is this...

How long has humanity been able to cure STI's? what... maybe a 100 years? Oh and the latest reports are...

Sex and the Single Survivalist?


Cleanse Your Face Like You Never Have Before with This Natural 2-Ingredient Face Mask "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Our face is the first thing most people notice about us, and that can make many people self-conscious when they have breakouts. However, there are many natural ways that you can get rid of unwanted facial issues without breaking the bank.

When it comes to ensuring our skin is healthy and clean using natural ingredients is always the best route, especially when we are using these things on such a sensitive area. Commercial products have tons of different chemicals and you never truly know what it is you are putting on your face or what those chemicals are going to do to your skin.

You can have clean and clear near perfect skin by using just two ingredients. This is something I have done for years and many people I know do as well. Now, before we get into this face cleanser I would like to go over the benefits of both ingredients.

Credit: Pixabay/SchaOn


Coconut Oil

Along with doing things like boosting your immune system, aiding with digestion, promoting healthy brain function, and helping support your thyroid function coconut oil has tons of benefits. Using coconut oil on your face can and will help you to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. This is because the oil keeps your connective tissues strong and supple. Coconut oil can also exfoliate those dead skin cells and give your skin a smoother appearance.

Credit: Pixabay/evitaochel


Baking Soda

Baking soda is one hundred percent sodium bicarbonate. Baking soda is cheap and easily accessible. It can be used as a natural deodorant, relieve itching from poison ivy or bug bites, relieve heartburn, remove splinters, and so much more. Now, baking soda is a wonderful exfoliator and will work wonders for your pores. Using it you can scrub away any dirt that may be clogging your pores and if need be you can even use it to relieve the pain of a severe sunburn.

Coconut Oil and Baking Soda Cleanser

Now, when you combine baking soda and coconut oil you get the ultimate face cleanser. This cleanser can be used with...


How to stop thieves "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

This is a good news story about a guy sick of thieves. People get packages stolen off their doorsteps all the time. This guy decided to "even the playing field".

A man in Washington created a genius device to catch pesky thieves who steal packages from front porches.

Jaireme Barrow, from Tacoma, Washington, was tired of people stealing his expensive Jeep parts and decided he 'wanted to even the playing field'

He created one of the earliest models trap - using 12-gauge shotgun...
Click to expand...
How to stop thieves


These are videos that I like: Best of Bandcamp Jazz 2017 (Part Two) "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

  Todays videos feature ensembles that were among my monthly selections for Best of Bandcamp Jazz.  2017 saw a minimum of 120 recommendations, so its understandable that some might have fallen off the radar over the course of the year.  Heres a chance to reverse that trend and remind everyone how much great music came []


What Love Yourself really Means. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

When we love ourselves, we are confident in who we are. We dont need validation on how we look, feel, what choices we make, or what beliefs we adopt. Other peoples opinions become an inspiration or an addition, rather than a dealbreaker. We stop asking for validation when we become our own support system.


Smart Meters: Recalls, Replacements, Fires, Explosions, General Failure, Measurement Errors, Privacy Concerns, Cybersecurity Risks, and Sick People "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

In 2011, Consumers Digest predicted that Smart Meters represents little more than a boondoggle that is being foisted on consumers by the politically influential companies:   Why Smart Meters Might Be a Dumb Idea.

So its not all that surprising that so far hundreds of thousands of Smart Meters have been recalled and/or replaced throughout North America due to various reasons including fires, explosions, general failure, and measurement errors.  There are utility companies who are already making plans to replace hundreds of thousands more.

All over the world, concerned citizens, elected officials, and organizations have been fighting to keep Smart Meters out of their communities due to health, safety, privacy, and cybersecurity concerns.  When they havent been able to completely stop utilities, they fight for the right to opt out of Smart Meters being installed on their homes and businesses.

Even proponents who originally gushed about Smart Meters seem to have changed their tune.  One example is Sara Jerome of Water Online:

From her 2015 article, Tapping Into the Power of Smart Meters:

The capabilities of smart water and electric meters are astounding, going far beyond what consumers may normally associate with this technology. GreenTechMedia recently documented just how powerful these devices can be.

From her June 2017, Report Finds That Costs Still Make Smart Meter Tech A Tough Sell:

The cost of installing a smart meter is a] heavy lift no matter what the size of the utility, George Hawkins, DC Waters chief executive officer and general manager, told Bloomberg BNA.


Now back to the hundreds of thousands that have...


CA wildfires larger than Boston and NY combined have destroyed 1,000 structures "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

CA wildfires larger than Boston and NY combined have destroyed 1,000 structures

One week after the Thomas Fire exploded from a brush fire to a raging inferno, hundreds of firefighters are still struggling to contain it.  The blaze is larger than all of New York City and was only 15% contained as of Monday, according to the fire protection agency CAL FIRE.  But its only one of six major wildfires torching the state, which have destroyed more than 1,000 structures.  As the flames move on to

new neighborhoods, some evacuated residents have returned to find no home standing. David Karian used a hand rake to sift through the charred rubble of his elderly parents home in Ventura. 7 images show why the Southern California wildfires are so dangerousTheres not much, but if theres a few things that will help them have some connection to the past, then that what Im trying to do, he said. Thats what it is memories of a lot of years.  READ MORE


Apple and especially apple peel may be excellent preventive agents against cardiovascular disorders. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Clin Exp Hypertens. 2017 Nov 6:1-8. Epub 2017 Nov 6. PMID: 29106302 Abstract Title:  Comparative study on the effects of apple peel polyphenols and apple flesh polyphenols on cardiovascular risk factors in mice. Abstract:  Apple consumption has been demonstrated to be associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, and the beneficial effect is probably due to the polyphenols in apple. Here, we for the first time evaluated and compared the in vivo effects of the polyphenolic extracts of apple peels (PAP) and apple fleshes (PAF) on blood pressure, vascular endothelial function, lipid metabolism and insulin resistance. A high-fat and high-fructose (HFHF) diet was used to cause cardiovascular disorders in mice, with blood pressure, serum ET-1, TC, TG, LDL-C, glucose and insulin levels increased, and serum NO and HDL-C levels decreased. Mice administered with 250 mg/kg of PAP and PAF for 28 days showed lower blood pressure, improved endothelial function, ameliorated lipid homeostasis and decreased insulin resistance compared with HFHF-fed mice. Furthermore, PAP exhibited much more potent cardioprotective effects than PAF in mice. Quantification and phenolic profile analysis showed that PAP contained remarkably higher amount of total phenolics and total flavonoids than PAF, and this may be the reason for the relatively stronger efficacy of PAP. This study demonstrates that apple polyphenols possess potential cardioprotective effects, and suggests that apple, especially apple peel, may be excellent source for exploration of preventive agents against cardiovascular disorders.

read more


ISIS warns NY Attack linked to recognition of Israel, Makes Threat To Times Square "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

ISIS warns NY Attack linked to recognition of Israel, Makes Threat To Times Square

ISIS supporters online linked todays Port Authority Bus Terminal explosion in New York to last weeks administration recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in a new propaganda poster.  The poster also revives ISIS backers holiday threats against Times Square, showing a hand holding an explosive device photoshopped over an image of the busy Broadway block.  The recognition of your dog Trump

Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, will make us recognize explosives as the capital of your country, the message on the poster said. ISIS supporters also cheered news of the attack on their Telegram channels. ISIS official Amaq news agency had not yet issued any claim for the attack, in which three commuters suffered minor injuries as a bomber partially detonated his explosives. READ MORE


'According to Plan': CBOE Bullish on First Day of Bitcoin Futures Trading "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The first day of trading for CBOE's bitcoin futures contracts is over and the day largely went according to plan, according to its CEO.


US Military Training Drills Take Place Over DC "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

US Military Training Drills Take Place Over DC

A training exercise involving several military aircraft will take place early Tuesday over the D.C. region, authorities said. The North American Aerospace Defense Command and its Continental U.S. NORAD Region will be conducting the exercise, called Falcon Virgo 18-03. It will include an F-16 fighter, a C-21 transport plane and an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter, which will fly over the D.C. region from about midnight until 2:30 a.m. Tuesday, officials said.

In the event of bad weather, the drill will be moved to Wednesday morning. Continued bad weather will postpone the exercise or it will be canceled, officials said. The exercise involves training flights, officials said, with the cooperation of the Federal Aviation Administration, the Joint Air Defense Operations Center and the Office of National Capital Region Coordination. READ MORE


Celebrity Surgeon Found Dead, Knife in Chest, Investigated as Suicide "IndyWatch Feed Health"

By Natural Blaze

Just days after a Weil Cornell cancer researcher was found dead, another medical professional who also worked at Weil Cornell was found on Sunday with a fatal knife wound in the torso, but near the heart. An official ruling may not be out yet on the cause of death but it is now being investigated as an apparent suicide

Dr. Dean Lorich was father to three girls and the associate director of the Orthopedic Trauma Service at the Hospital for Special Surgery. He was also a professor at Weill Cornell Medical College.

New York Daily News reports:

An acclaimed trauma surgeon was found dead, with a knife in his chest, by his 11-year-old daughter Sunday in his Park Ave. apartment, police said.

Investigators were treating the death of Dr. Dean Lorich as an apparent suicide, sources said.

He was under some personal stress, a police source said.

The surgeon was home with his daughter, police said, adding there were no signs of forced entry at the tony Upper East Side apartment at Park Ave. and E. 96th St.

Lorichs wife was out at tennis when it happened and there was no suicide note. His daughter alerted the doorman for help who quickly called 911....


Co-Sleeping? Say Hello To Your New Bed "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

Co-Sleeping? Say Hello To Your New Bed

Co-sleeping is such a lovely idea, isnt it? Right up until about 3am, that is, when youre rudely awakened by a swift foot to the mouth. Or an elbow to the nose. Or whatever the heck other body part ends up in your space or your face. A co-sleeping family is essentially a tangled yarn of body parts, and parents wake up exhausted after another night of being kicked, bumped and poked. Interestingly, those responsible for all the action seem to sleep just fine. Apparently, indulging in late night acrobatics has no impact whatsoever on your childs REM cycles. No matter how big your bed is, its probably not big enough to co-sleep in. And even if it was last week, somehow your kids will grow overnight and youll end up wondering how on earth youre supposed to sleep balancing on the very edge of the bed. Co-sleeping families come up with all kinds of crazy sleep positions to try to make sure the whole family manages some shuteye. Some families end up split between different bedrooms dad in one room with the toddler, and mama in another with the baby. Others try to cram into one bed fitted together like a tetris puzzle of elbows and armpits and hefty toddler cankles. And some end up in a bedroom carpeted with mattresses of various sizes, in an attempt to create a family-sized sleeping arrangement. Well, the struggle is officially over. The co-sleeping mattress of your dreams (not that you have many, because you have to sleep before you can dream) is finally a reality. Its huge. And you need it. It doesnt matter whether youre sharing your bed with a little baby, a wriggly toddler, a gangly five-year-old or fifteen cats you need this bed! [caption id="attachment_18739" align="alignnone" width="300"]Co-Sleeping? Say Hello To Your New Bed The Ace Company[/caption] Its 12 feet wide. Yes, you read that right. No, its not a typo. Twelve whole feet of space for you to snuggle up on. Two Ryan Goslings could top-and-tail and still fit on this bed. If thats what you want, that is. Or you could fit your...


CUP OF TREMBLING: Iran Warns Trumps Jerusalem Move Will Hasten Israels Destruction "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

CUP OF TREMBLING: Iran Warns Trumps Jerusalem Move Will Hasten Israels Destruction

Donald Trumps recognition of Jerusalem as Israels capital will hasten the countrys destruction, Irans defense minister said on Monday, while a top Revolutionary Guards commander phoned two Palestinian armed groups and pledged support for them. Leaders of Iran, where opposition to Israel and support for the Palestinian cause has been central to foreign policy since the 1979 Islamic revolution, have denounced last weeks announcement by the US president, including a plan to move the US embassy to

the city.  The Palestinians want East Jerusalem as the capital of their future state. (Trumps) step will hasten the destruction of the Zionist regime and will double the unity of Muslims, Irans defense minister, Brigadier General Amir Hatami, said on Monday, according to state media. The armys chief of staff, General Mohammad Baqeri, said Trumps foolish move could be seen as the beginning of a new intifada, or Palestinian uprising. READ MORE



Valerie to give Workshop at Cosmic Consciousness Conference. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Valerie Barrow is a Medium and direct voice channel for Alcheringa who is well known to the Australian Aborigines as a Creator Spirit Ancestor. Also known as The Golden One, he resides at Uluru and will invite questions at Valeries Cosmic Consciousness meditation workshop entitled Star People Revisited. Valerie is a spritely 85 years old ... Read moreValerie to give Workshop at Cosmic Consciousness Conference.


Jim Carrey The Need For Acceptance Will Make You Invisible "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(Joe Martino
I am here to plant a seed.. Jim begins during his 2014 MUM Graduation speech.
And beautiful words they are as the truth is always that, we cannot be told or taught by anyone exactly what to do. We can only have seeds planted that we then must water, support and observe as we learn to stand on our own two feet.
Read more


Rogue HQ EP1 Site Prep and Construction "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

By Jamison Rantz

Earlier this year, while we were taking on our first house flip, we bought 5 acres of land that we would one day build our dream home and workshop on. Its always been a dream of ours to build our own home just the way we wanted it and now we not only get that opportunity but we get the chance to build a one of a kind workshop specifically designed for our lifestyle and this little business we call Rogue Engineer. This will be the first episode of many in the making of the Rogue HQ.

Before I get started on the details of the Rogue HQ I wanted to say that I am incredibly grateful for the blessings and opportunities that we have been given. Jamie and I both have amazing parents that work hard and were able to instill those values, along with many others, in us growing up. Not only did they set us up for success but they are there anytime we need them and we can never thank them enough. Beyond that, from college up to now, God has presented us with some amazing opportunities. They have required a lot of weekends, late nights, and risks to realize but they were totally worth it. Alright, with that out of the way, lets get back to the making of the HQ.

The Design

We picked out where we wanted the barn to go on the 5 acres we purchased and came up with a 44 wide by 50 long spot for it to fit nicely. The next decision was to build a pole barn or conventional garage. The...


First Private High-Speed Train in America Could Take 3 Million Cars off the Road [Watch] "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Soon, commuters in Florida will have the opportunity to travel from West Palm Beach to Miami in 60 minutes, rather than five hours. Such will be possible thanks to the countrys first private high-speed rail service, which was funded by All Aboard Florida.

The Brightline express cost $3 billion to construct and can travel at speeds of 120 mph. During its debut this month, it will run slower at about 80 mph. NPR reports the high-speed trains will run along the states densest population corridor, which is accessible to more than $6 million people. As a result of this development, approximately 3 million cars will be taken off South Floridas congested highways.

According to John Renne, the director of the Center for Urban and Environmental Solutions at Florida Atlantic University, the project represents the first test of the long-awaited U.S. move into high-speed rail.

Its the first time that its happening, being built by a private company, Renne told Here & Nows Jeremy Hobson. And thats kind of a game changer for this type of model.

All Aboard Florida was intent on keeping the train privately-funded. To do this, it secured state approval to sell bonds to fund the project in October of this year.

Credit: Brightline

The service will start this month, just in time for the holidays. Trains will run from West Palm Beach to Fort Lauderdale. By early next year, commuters will be able to travel to downtown Miami. There are also plans to expand to Orlando in the future. To ensure travel is as convenient as possible, All Aboard Florida planned for retail, restaurants, and condominiums to be placed near the stations.

There are many benefits to the countrys first high-speed rail. To begin with, it will drastically cut down t...


50 Controversial Illustrations By the French Banksy that Will Turn Your World Upside Down "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

The art world is no stranger to controversy, drawing attention from the masses by creating reactions of shock and awe, and pushing the boundaries of right versus wrong.

For example, a group of art-world radicals known as the Guerrilla Girls used their art to make a point about the struggles of women to be taken seriously in the art world. They began a poster campaign, renting space on New York City buses and hanging the posters around the city, spreading the message Do women have to be naked to get into the Met. Museum?

Source: Guerilla Girls / Robin Tewes | Glasstire


Recently the street artist Dran, also known as The French Banksy, has been captivating art lovers around the world via Instagram. With over 13,000 followers, he shares his unique and sometimes controversial drawings, paintings and graffiti art both with those who share his view of the world around us.

Through his works he is able to share his critical views of figures of power and society as a whole, raising important questions and exposing issues that are otherwise glossed over. Some of the topics he chooses to draw attention to include authority figures, internet addiction, exaggerated media and sexual harassment. These powerful images open the minds of those who view it, leaving them questioning everything they believed to be true about the world around us.

Check out these 50 controversial illustrations:






Student Household Unveils Pathetic Christmas Tree "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact Though money is tight and festive cheer is at an all-time low, a troupe of local students have attempted to bring joy into their filthy home by erecting a humble Christmas tree. But one mans humble is another mans pathetic. Speaking to The Advocate this morning, Macy Peterson, a []

The post Student Household Unveils Pathetic Christmas Tree appeared first on The Betoota Advocate.


In a Real-life Mind Meld, Your Brain Waves Fall Into Sync With a Babys When You Share a Gaze "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Gazing into a babys eyes may seem just a simple indulgence, but stares shared betwixt adult and child arent mere ogles, according to a new study, the pair meld minds: As their eyes lock gently, the caregivers brain waves fall into sync with the infants and the infants align with the caregivers smoothing the way for solid communication between them in the future.

Researchers discovered when a direct and friendly gaze holds the attention of both adult and baby, the effect in essence amplifies the efficacy of information exchanged the eight-month-old participants in the study responded to the adoring, intent gazes of their caregivers with cheerful coos, babbles, smiles, and all-around bubbliness.

Such findings arising from shared patterns of brain activity have been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, TechnoChops reports. Developmental cognitive neuroscientist, Victoria Leong, among the authors of the recent study, collaborated with her colleagues at UKs University of Cambridge, Singapores Nanyang Technological University, and University of East London.

For the study, researchers interacted with 18 eight-month-olds while both were outfitted with EEG caps which sport an array of electrodes to measure the collective behavior of nerve cells across the brain, as Science News puts it. Scientists sang nursery rhymes to the babies while looking directly at them, angled 20 degrees away from a direct stare, or looking away at a 20-degree angle.

In both scenarios where the two were facing or mostly so, the babies brain waves came into alignment with those of the researchers and vice versa so that the patterns fell into sync. This did not occur, however, when their eyes were averted.

Then, ...

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