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Friday, 05 January


Earthquake Alert: Swarms Reported Near Mt. Saint Helens Volcano "IndyWatch Feed Survival"


A magnitude 3.9 earthquake that hit near Mount St. Helens early Wednesday was followed by a swarm of aftershocks.  This earthquake swarm is sparking fears that the volcano could be awakening once again.

The first earthquake hit east of Mount St. Helens, 23 miles south-southeast of Morton,  just after 12:30 a.m. Wednesday, according to the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network. Nineteen aftershocks have followed with the largest being 2.7 in magnitude.

Mount St. Helens, 96 miles (154 km) south of Seattle, Washington and 50 miles (80 km) northeast of Portland, Oregon, is part of the Cascade Mountain Range that runs from northern California to British Columbia, Canada. It isnt the only active volcano in the region. In fact, there are 12 other major volcanoes and nearly 3,000 other volcanic features in the Cascades but scientists consider Mt. Saint Helens the most active within the past 10,000 years.

Seismologists said they are confident the earthquake was a tectonic event and not related to magma activity within the volcano itself, but were also rather careful to point out that the location and strength of the quake were atypical. We have had a lot of small, tiny earthquakes in this zone. What we havent had is an earthquake that size, a 3.9 in that area, said  Bill Steele with PNSN.

Although the large quake happened on the east side of Mt. Saint Helens, seismologists primarily expect to see are smaller swarms of quakes on the west side of the mountain. People from Mountlake Terrace to Seattle and from Portland to Astoria told KIRO 7 they felt the quake. Others in Glenoma, Randle, Morton, and other towns along Highway 12 in Lewis County told KIRO 7 they felt some significant shaking. No damage was reported.

The trains running, the cars, the airplanes landing, there are a lot of things you can do with just a few seconds of warning, said University of Wa...


A Majestic 44-Hour Chronological Playlist of Rolling Stones Songs: Stream 613 Tracks "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Image by Jim Pietryga, via Wikimedia Commons

Would you let your daughter marry a Rolling Stone?

From the start, the Rolling Stones were promoted as the more debauched, dangerous alternative to the Beatles, prompting the above rather-famous tabloid headline from their first years of fame. The Spotify playlist below collects a whopping 613 tracks from this seminal rock band, all placed for the most part in chronological order. (At 44 hours, there's still whole albums--not major one mind you--missing, due to Spotify). The Stones may have been more complex than their bad boy image, but theyve never shrugged it off over their five decades in music, and its probably too late to stop now.

But despite--or due to--those challenges, the band gained success and earned respect, starting with (I Cant Get no) Satisfaction and appearances on Ed Sullivan and the T.A.M.I. Show, where they actua...


401k, roth, TSP (.gov) and other retirement non tangibles "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Non tangible retirement is a bit of a double edge sword.
Lets just wright off social security, unless you are going to start drawing with in the next 10 years. The SS day of reconciliation will be here before we know it.

For most of these plans you get matched funds, or partial matched funds. Except for military and other .gov employees who get nothing extra for paying in.
So right off the bat, from day 1 I doubled my money. For some people like my wife she pays in 7% of her pay and they...

401k, roth, TSP (.gov) and other retirement non tangibles


Fireplace wood stove or pellet burner "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

I built then expanded the fire place heat exchanger here, Fire place heat exchanger | Survival Monkey Forums
It works great but I'm still burning a ton of wood to heat 1 room, to keep it comfortable. I'm burning off up to 10lb of wood per hour.
Burning that much wood, say in a wood stove could heat the entire house, not just one room.
So something has go to to give, the fire place is nice but it's too...

Fireplace wood stove or pellet burner


NOW Giving $500,000 in Thanks for 50 Years "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Bloomingdale, IL To celebrate its 50 years, NOW is giving back in a big way $500,000 in prize money for consumers who find one of 50 Gold-capped bottles carrying a Willy Wonka-inspired golden ticket inside that will earn each bearer $10,000. Retailers and their staff are eligible to play along.

Amber Cerda, senior marketing manager, said 1 million Gold Cap supplement bottles are being distributed within the 50 states, covering 50 of the most popular SKUs and timed to coincide with traditional sales patterns. It all should be in distribution by the end of Q2. The promotion runs through Oct. 1 and will receive unprecedented consumer advertising support from NOW, driving customers to stores to look for the product.

The NOW website carries a store locator tool for consumers to find out which stores carry the products. Were hoping this will be a way to drive excitement in their stores as well as traffic, she says.

The companys charitable giving will also increase by 50% this year adding $1 million to normal giving, says CEO Jim Emme. NOWs been a supporter of Vitamin Angels from its inception and leans to charities it considers self-enabling, teaching recipients skills they need to take care of themselves going forward. Employees have a say in which charities are chosen and decisions are made by a committee comprising Richard family members and members of the leadership team.

The promotion was conceived by Dan Richard, VP of product and sales for NOW. Richard is the son of the late Elwood Richard, who founded the company in 1968.

For more details, see


The post NOW Giving $500,000 in Thanks for 50 Years appeared first on Whole Foods Magazine.


Food Industry Uses Beaver Anal Secretions to Flavor Your Food! "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Source: Food Industry Uses Beaver Anal Secretions to Flavor Your Food! For more content like this visit

Have you ever tried eating beaver butt? If you think you havent, then think again. Millions of people around the world are now consuming or, at least, have consumed beaver butt without knowing what it is or that theyve eaten it. Beaver butt, also called castoreum, is emitted from the castor sacs within the beavers anus. The animals use this slimy []

Source: Food Industry Uses Beaver Anal Secretions to Flavor Your Food! Learn more at - Healthy News and Information.


SLANT: SUNRISE: January 4, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

SUNRISE: Ariana Reiness January column


A New Contemporary Art Museum in South Africa Aims to Represent the Continent and Its Diaspora "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Mary Sibande, In the Midst of Chaos, There is Opportunity (2017) fiberglass, vinyl, metal, painted wood, 100% cotton, and polyester fiberfill; 800 x 400 x 20 cm (all images courtesy of the Zeitz Museum)

CAPE TOWN  Lauded as a cathedral, Africas Tate Modern, and the Eighth Wonder of the World, Thomas Heatherwicks architectural transformation of a defunct grain silo into the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art has been described in increasingly hyperbolic terms. The largest museum built in Africa in over 100 years, Zeitz MOCAA is poised to establish Cape Town, South Africa as a major contemporary art capital in the continent. But in a historically conflicted city still seething with inequality, many people have questioned the museums corporate and commercial ties, and consider the institution elitist and out of touch with local communities. It is these questions of democratic representation and geopolitical agency that the museum aims to confront in the inaugural exhibition of its permanent collection, All Things Being Equal .

Since the museum opened on September 22, 2017, praise for Heatherwicks edifice has generally overshadowed critical discussions surrounding the artists and artworks that activate the space. All Things Being Equal , which derives its name from a text-based Hank Willis Thomas work on view, occupies a maze-like series of mostly small galleries dotted across three floors. Organized by executive director and chief curator Mark Coetzee, along with twelve assistant curators, the exhibition features photography, sculpture, video, drawing, and installation from forty-one artists.



Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Browser History "IndyWatch Feed Comics"

Click here to go see the bonus panel!

Late at night, he would sneak into the bathroom, turn the volume down, and read Bloomberg.

New comic!
Today's News:


Ginkgo biloba leaf extract can inhibit the activation of NF-B and expression of TLR4 induced by lipopolysaccharide. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Exp Ther Med. 2017 Dec ;14(6):5857-5862. Epub 2017 Oct 16. PMID: 29285133 Abstract Title:  Effects of Ginkgo biloba leaf extract on local renin-angiotensin system through TLR4/NF-B pathway in cardiac myocyte. Abstract:  The present study investigated the effects of Ginkgo biloba leaf extract (GBE50) on lipopolysaccharide (LPS) induced Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4)/nuclear factor-B (NF-B) signaling pathway and its effects on angiotensinogen (ATG) and AT1a receptor, so as to explore the mechanism of GBE50 in prevention and treatment of left ventricular remodeling. In vitro cultured neonatal rat ventricular myocytes (NRVMs) were divided into 4 groups including i) control group: DMEM medium; ii) LPS group: iii) LPS + GBE50 group; iv) LPS + caffeic acid phenethyl ester (CAPE, specific inhibitor of NF-B) group. Nuclear translocation of NF-B p65 was detected by immunocytochemical method after intervention for 24 h. Expression of TLR4, ATG, AT1a receptors and -myosin heavy chain (-MHC) mRNA were detected by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). Protein content of cardiomyocytes was measured by Coomassie Brilliant Blue method. Under LPS stimulation, expression level of TLR4 mRNA in NRVMs was significantly increased (P

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North Korea Accidentally Hit Their OWN CITY With A Missile "IndyWatch Feed Survival"


In the ongoing quest to become a nuclear superpower, North Korea has been making some impressive strides, worrying analysts. But one of their tests failed by all measures less than a year ago, as one of their first targets may have been themselves.

On April 28, 2017, a North Korean ballistic missile crashed and hit the urban city of Tokchon, roughly 40 miles north of Pyongyang, The Diplomat reported. This ballistic missile test that went horribly wrong was not previously known, but likely resulted in at least some casualties and considerable damage to buildings.

North Korea launched a single Hwasong-12/KN17 intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) from Pukchang Airfield in South Pyongan Province (the Korean Peoples Armys Air and Anti-Air Force Unit 447 in Ryongak-dong, Sunchon City, to be more precise). That missile failed shortly after launch causing it to strike in the Chongsin-dong.

According to a U.S. government source with knowledge of North Koreas weapons programs who spoke to The Diplomat, the missiles first stage engines failed after approximately one minute of powered flight, resulting in catastrophic failure. The missile never flew higher than approximately 70 kilometers. The location of the missiles eventual impact was revealed exclusively to The Diplomat and evidence of the incident can be independently corroborated in commercially available satellite imagery from April and May 2017. The Diplomat

In April, most of the reports of the circumstances of this particular failed launch were sparse. Most noted only that North Korea launched a single missile that failed in flight. U.S. Pacific Command stated that the missile was launched from near Pukchang Airfield, a previously unused launch site for North Korean ballistic missile testing. As...


Caffeic acid phenethyl ester protects PC12 cells from cisplatin-induced neurotoxicity. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Neurotox Res. 2017 Dec 19. Epub 2017 Dec 19. PMID: 29260495 Abstract Title:  Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester (CAPE) Protects PC12 Cells from Cisplatin-Induced Neurotoxicity by Activating the NGF-Signaling Pathway. Abstract:  Cisplatin is a highly effective chemotherapeutic drug that is toxic to the peripheral nervous system. Findings suggest that axons are early targets of the neurotoxicity of cisplatin. Although many compounds have been reported as neuroprotective, there is no effective treatment against the neurotoxicity of cisplatin. Caffeic acid phenethyl ester (CAPE) is a propolis component with neuroprotective potential mainly attributed to antioxidant and anti-inflammatory mechanisms. We have recently demonstrated the neurotrophic potential of CAPE in a cellular model of neurotoxicity related to Parkinson's disease. Now, we have assessed the neurotrophic and neuroprotective effects of CAPE against cisplatin-induced neurotoxicity in PC12 cells. CAPE (10 M) attenuated the inhibition of neuritogenesis and the downregulation of markers of neuroplasticity (GAP-43, synapsin I, synaptophysin, and 200-kD neurofilament) induced by cisplatin (5 M). This concentration of cisplatin does not affect cell viability, and it was used in order to assess theearly neurotoxic events triggered by cisplatin. When a lethal dose of cisplatin was used (IC50=32 M), CAPE (10 M) increased cell viability. The neurotrophic effect of CAPE is not dependent on NGF nor is it additive to the effect of NGF, but it might involve the activation of the NGF-high-affinity receptors (trkA). The involvement of other neurotrophin receptors such as trkB and trkC is unlikely. This is the first study to demonstrate the protective potential of CAPE against the neurotoxicity of cisplatin and to suggest the involvement of trkA receptors in the neuroprotective mechanism of CAPE. Based on these findings, the beneficial effect of CAPE on cisplatin-induced peripheral neuropathy should be further investigated.

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Consultant admits to plagiarizing Air Force colonels paper on leadership "IndyWatch Feed Health"

A consultant has admitted to plagiarizing a U.S. Air Force officer in a paper on leadership, and says his company is now in jeopardy of losing top clients, including Fortune 100 companies. On Tuesday, we reported allegations that Thomas Mattus, president of the project management consulting firm Successful Strategies International (SSI), plagiarized in a 2012 []

The post Consultant admits to plagiarizing Air Force colonels paper on leadership appeared first on Retraction Watch.

Thursday, 04 January


A formulation of 0.5% propolis extract lip balm was found to be superior in the treatment of episodes of herpes labialis over 5% aciclovir cream. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Curr Ther Res Clin Exp. 2018 ;88:1-7. Epub 2017 Oct 14. PMID: 29276548 Abstract Title:  Comparative Study with a Lip Balm Containing 0.5% Propolis Special Extract GH 2002 versus 5% Aciclovir Cream in Patients with Herpes Labialis in the Papular/Erythematous Stage: A Single-blind, Randomized, Two-arm Study. Abstract:  Background and objectives: This controlled single-blind trial compared the efficacy of a lip balm with propolis special extract GH 2002 at a concentration of 0.5% in the treatment of episodes of herpes labialis with that of 5% aciclovir cream.Methods: Patients in the erythematous/papular stage were randomized: 189 patients were treated with propolis cream, 190 patients were treated with aciclovir cream (intention-to-treat population). Application was 5 times daily. The primary parameter was the difference in median time to complete encrustation or epithelialization of lesions. Secondary parameters were the development of typical herpes symptoms (eg, pain, burning and itching, tension, and swelling), the global assessment of efficacy, and the safety of application.Results: The predefined clinical situation was reached after a median of 4 days with propolis and after 5 days with aciclovir (P

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When Diet Meets DNA: A Premature Love Story "IndyWatch Feed Food"

For those of you who aren't familiar with doctoral student Kevin Klatt, he's one of the most thoughtful balanced voices on nutrition around. This fall, I noticed Kevin chatting on Twitter about the realities and limitations of nutrigenomics and invited him to write a guest post on same. Happily, he agreed, and as with all of Kevin's writing, his piece is deep, thoughtful, and fair. If you're considering spending money on genetic testing as related to diet, please read his terrific overview before shelling out your hard earned cash.
Tis the season for New Years resolutions and this year, buying a diet plan based on your unique genetics stands to be all the rage. As genetic/genomic technology has greatly advanced over the past 2 decades, we've seen a number of genetic testing services for you (and for your dog) pop up and they're more than willing to help you live your best life. Genetics test are increasingly marketed to health-conscious folks who want to maximize their nutritional health, promising to give you diet recommendations tailored to your specific genetics. Numerous articles have popped up over the years about 'eating for your genes' and, of course, those who want to eat for their own genes get links to websites that will happily take your cash and send you a diet report (some will even send you the food!) or supplements matching your specific genetics. legit are these?

The science of 'nutrigenetics', or the study of the interaction between genetic variation and dietary needs, is a real, although very immature, science. Researchers have long known that individuals respond differently to different diets and that genetics probably plays a role in this...


Most of the in vivo studies on various wound models suggested the beneficial roles of propolis on experimental wound healing. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Biomed Pharmacother. 2017 Dec 26 ;98:469-483. Epub 2017 Dec 26. PMID: 29287194 Abstract Title:  Potential role of propolis in wound healing: Biological properties and therapeutic activities. Abstract:  Propolis is a resinous mixture that honey bees collect from the tree buds, sap flows, or other botanical sources. The chemical composition of propolis varies and depends on the geographical area, time of collection, seasonality, illumination, altitude, and food availability during propolis exploitation. The goal of this review is to discuss important concepts including mechanisms of action and therapeutic activities of propolis. The PubMed, ScienceDirect, and Cochrane Library databases were searched for the literature published from January the 1st 2000 to October the 1st 2017. Sixteen animals and three clinical studies were included. A quantitative and qualitative review was performed on the clinical trials and the animal studies were comprehensively overviewed. In this study, the clinical trials have been combined and the results were provided as meta-analysis. Propolis is a non-toxic natural product; however some cases of allergy and contact dermatitis to this compound have been described mainly among beekeepers. An important factor in impaired wound healing is biofilm formation; propolis as an anti-microbial agent can reduce biofilm generation and result in accelerated healing processes. Most of the in vivo studies on various wound models suggested the beneficial roles of propolis on experimental wound healing and this has also been approved in the clinical trial studies. However, there is a lack of information concerning, dose, side effects and clinical effectiveness of propolis on wounds. As the effectiveness of propolis between different products is variable, more characterizations should be done and future investigations comparing different propolis based products and characterization of their specific roles on different models of wounds are highly appreciated.

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Bitcoin Futures Flat as Contracts Move Short and Merrill Lynch Imposes Ban "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin Futures Flat as Contracts Move Short and Merrill Lynch Imposes Ban

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), the industrys main regulatory arm,  reports a net increase in short contracts; volume is sluggish, and a legacy bank has now outright forbid clients and advisers from trading in the relatively new product. While it is too early in the experiment to draw definitive conclusions, bitcoin futures might not be the boost enthusiasts hoped.  

Also read: Jimmy Song Uses Andreas Antonopoulos Model, Open Sources Forthcoming Books

Bitcoin Futures Present is Less Than Encouraging

CFTC end of 2017 reporting noted Chicago Board Options Exchange (Cboe) bitcoin futures broke for short contracts, up by nearly 300 in the final week of last year. Analysts believe bubble talk consumed traders, triggering a selloff.

A raised net short position wasnt expected by most bulls heading into the history market. It isnt clear what the trend means longer term, but a thirty percent spot price correction was already in the works during 2017s final weeks which certainly didnt help matters. Overall, the worlds most popular cryptocurrency finished the year up well-over one thousand percent.



So about 2017, Part II: We are everywhere "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

  Next year, this post will be better. For the 2017 year-in-review, you get only half an idea. These things come to me in the moment, and I write stuff down and in the deluge of music, that stuff gets forgotten and buried under stacks of lists and one-sheets and drafts.  But I thought it []


Oscar-nominated Brenda Blethyns just been dry humped off This Morning by her own dog "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

There have been plenty of memorable moments on This Morning Richard Madeley doing Ali G, that unfortunate knife-throwing incident, the couple who can orgasm for 18 hours but nothing quite like this before.

Vera star Brenda Blethyn was on the sofa and was just wrapping things up when her puppy Jack suddenly had a bit of a funny turn and this happened.

And it didnt stop there either.

Dirty dog!


HOT SPRINGS "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

I'm a huge fan of hot springs and i have a trip planned for visiting several this summer. Would love to hear of hot springs in your AO or just Hot Springs you know about, I dont care if they are primitive or spa style. I love hot water!

Post below and i will update the list, I appreciate any directions if needed and any tips on locations. I will start with the hot springs i have been too.

Tonapah, AZ ...



Batmans personal hygiene issues unresolved as Robin returns from winter break "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Jason Todd, also known as the Boy Wonder has returned to base after the Christmas break but has still refused to comment on Batmans alleged body odour problem. Speaking at Gotham City airport, Todd denied he escapes by air for the winter holidays every year in order to avoid witnessing episodes in which Batman abuses mistletoe protocol only to be disappointed by potential partners put off by the smell of bat excrement.

One starlet said the only reason Batman hasnt been involved in any Hollywood scandals is that they cant even bear to be in the same room as him. Meanwhile Jack Nicholson, the actor most associated with the Joker in the Batman movies told reporters: Its the rubber suit.  That and his taste for Brussel Sprouts at this time of the year. The last time I shared the Batmobile with him I demanded the top came off.

Fans hoping to see the Batmobile at an exhibition in the New Year are also likely to be disappointed after the vehicle suffered a breakdown. The AA said they were unable to replace a wheel assembly because the model does not appear in our database.


Hear the Hagia Sophias Awe-Inspiring Acoustics Get Recreated with Computer Simulations, and Let Yourself Get Transported Back to the Middle Ages "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

The technology used to produce, record, and process music has become ever more sophisticated and awe-inspiring, especially in the capability of software to emulate real instruments and acoustic environments. Digital emulation, or modeling, as its called, doesnt simply mimic the sounds of guitar amplifiers, pianos, or synthesizers. At its best, it reproduces the feel of an aural experience, its textures and sonic dimensions, while also adding a seemingly infinite degree of flexibility.

When it comes to a technology called convolution reverb, we can virtually feel the air pressure of sound in a physical space, such that listening in may be viewed as much as a spatial experience as it is a temporal one. So notes Stanfords Icons of Sound, a collaboration between the Universitys Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) and the Department of Art & Art History. The researchers in this joint project have combined resources to create a performance of Byzantine chant from the 6th century CE, simulated to sound like it takes place inside a prime acoustic environment designed for this very music, the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.

Built by the emperor Justinian between 532 and 537, when the city was Constantinople, the massive church (later mosque and now state-run museum) has an extraordinarily large nave spreading over 70 meters in length; it is surrounded by colonnaded aisles and galleries. Marble covers the floor and walls. Its center is crowned by a dome glittering in gold mosaics and rising 56 meters above the ground. The effect of the building's heavy, reflective surfaces and its architectural enormity challenges ou...


Ep. 243: Choosing Between the D850 and a7R III for 2018 and more "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Episode 243 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.
Download MP3   Subscribe via iTunesGoogle Playemail or RSS!

Featured: PhotoPills apps Rafael Pons

In This Episode

If you subscribe to the PetaPixel Photography Podcast in iTunes, please take a moment to...


Kp Radio Hawaii 1-4-18 Well here we are 2018 So now what?? "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Show link:

Talked about (among other things):

  • Connecting (with people, the planet, with ones Self) in 2018 is one aspect.
  • Discussing the whole picture connecting into the whole.
  • Growing with/through adversarial moments = Oppositional Opportunities (OOs).
  • True femininity is strong.
  • REALIZATION: Carrying people on my shoulders. Thats where left shoulder issues came from!!
  • Value of self healing, Self realization, Self expression. When all else fails, start a radio show!!
  • Outer events happen, then inner realization, then inner release, then inner relief, then outer relief.
  • Ascension = rising in frequency have to release the baggage.
  • Trying to make a connection where its not wanted is not helpful. Let go, and realize what we really need to connect to.
  • Part of next phase (personal next phase) is connecting.
  • Via internet means, also perhaps in local community.
  • Most important thing is to follow the Higher Inner Guidance.

Audio player



Can a refashion win again?? "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

Regular readers of this blog will know that last year, I won this. Yep. Youre looking at Dressmaker of the Year 2017. Mad! What makes me particularly proud is that the coat that won it... Read The Post


Redesigning the Carnation Necklace "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

Believe it or not, I have had this carnation necklace for 7 years. Here's how it looked previously.
Not very spectacular, eh? Nevertheless, although simplistic, it was worn with love and was cared for and let me tell you there is no sign of wear or tear although I thought the jersey will certainly resist the tooth of time.I expected the carnation and the leaves to start fraying, but not sir! No such thing! That also means I am a good fabric jewelry keeper :)
So, as it happened, I was going through my fabric necklaces, choosing which ones to keep, maybe redesign some and change and take aside necklaces in need to retire. As I saw this one, I immediately knew it had to stay...


Bank of Americas Merrill Lynch Bans Clients from Bitcoin Fund "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The post Bank of Americas Merrill Lynch Bans Clients from Bitcoin Fund appeared first on CCN

Bank of Americas brokerage arm Merrill Lynch has barred clients and their financial advisers from participating in bitcoin investments. The Wall Street Journal, upon reviewing an internal memo by Merrill Lynch, reports that the brokerage arm has specifically highlighted Grayscales Bitcoin Investment Trust, a open-ended trust fund directly invested in the worlds first cryptocurrency. The

The post Bank of Americas Merrill Lynch Bans Clients from Bitcoin Fund appeared first on CCN


If North Korea Nukes San Diego 150 Miles from Me am I best staying put? "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

I welcome myself back here. After doing some research it appears that if North Korea nukes the West Coast they will more than likely only Nuke San Diego because of the military presence. I live at least 3 hours away from San Diego in the San Fernando Valley in LA. Using the NUKEMAP by Alex Wellerstein it appears that I am out of range from danger under the most powerful Nuke in existence hitting San Diego. There are no basements allowed in...

If North Korea Nukes San Diego 150 Miles from Me am I best staying put?


The kids are where? "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

When our kids were growing up, playing sports and after school stuff going on, not a lot of time to do dinner at home so we ate out a lot. Or at least thats what the wife always said. One night the wife actually cooked dinner and told me to holler for the kids. I hollered upstairs to their rooms and told them to come on down it was time to eat. They ran down the stairs, out the front door and hopped in the car...... Wife said where did they go. I responded they in the car ready to go eat.....


50+ Gloves and Mittens Patterns for Sewing "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

mittens patternsIt may be time for some new gloves or mittens. There have already been a number of new, record low temperatures recorded this year in North America.  On Mount Washington in New Hampshire where my husband's family is from, they recently recorded -34 F (-36.7 C) which significantly beat the Continue reading


Down But Not Out: Bitcoin Holds Onto Bullish Territory "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin has come under pressure today amid sharp gains in alternative currencies, but the charts are showing no signs of panic.


How Psychology Undermines Feminist Activism "IndyWatch Feed Health"

In this piece for the Feminist Current, Tove Happonen argues that the therapy model pathologizes womens responses to systemic injustice, aiming to change their emotional reactions to oppression rather than addressing patriarchy itself.

Therapy opposes collective feminist action both by determining some of us are unfit to support other women if we dont have degrees, and also by claiming we are unfit mentally in need of therapy ourselves. It places the burden of overcoming the effects of patriarchy, along with the blame for it, onto us as individuals. I myself was often told by therapists, when I expressed how powerless I felt in terms of my ability to improve the situation of women in our society, that I could not focus on trying to save the world until I first saved myself. I was in too fragile a mental state to make any difference, they said. I couldnt be an activist without damaging myself in the process. Just as our foremothers were labelled hysterical, we are taught that we are too mentally unwell or unstable to be effective activists. We learn that we suffer from things like social anxiety, depression, various phobias, bipolarity, and trauma that we need to personally overcome and heal from, through professional help, before we can focus on organizing and changing anything beyond ourselves.


Autism and the Scott Kologi New Jersey Slayings Case "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Note: Autism not a defense in Long Branch family murder case, expert says We're going to watch this case as it unfolds. Scott Kologi is charged with murdering 4 family members on New Year's Eve with an assault style rifle....


The Lower Your Social Class, the Wiser You Are "IndyWatch Feed Health"

From Science Magazine: A new study suggests that wisdomspecifically, the ability to take the perspectives of others into account and aim for compromisecomes much more naturally to those who grow up poor or working class.

The findings make sense, Jayawickreme says, as people who grow up in a working-class environment have to rely on shared, communal resources more than people in the middle class, and therefore hone social techniques that smooth out conflicts with their peers. Those in the middle class, in contrast, tend to focus on education, which improves their IQ scores, but they dont put nearly as much effort into conflict resolution skills, Grossmann says.



Korean Law Firm Fights Back Against Governments Cryptocurrency Trading Regulation "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Various countries all over the world aim to regulate cryptocurrencies. That is much easier said than done, though. After all, cryptocurrencies cant be controlled by default. In South Korea, the government has taken a slightly different approach. Their form of cryptocurrency trading regulation doesnt sit too well with the general public. In fact, a Seoul-based law firm has filed an appeal regarding this matter.

It is evident the regulation of cryptocurrency trading is a very sensitive subject. It may seem the best course of actions for most governments all over the world, though. Since cryptocurrencies cant be controlled, the exchanges facilitating services certainly can. However, things will not go over so smoothly in South Korea. Anguk Law Offices filed an official appeal to fight this trading regulation. In fact, they claim the government conducted unconstitutional infringement on property rights. A very serious accusation that will not be easy to pursue whatsoever.

Cryptocurrency Trading Regulation Without Legal Ground

According to the law firm, there is no legal ground to regulate cryptocurrency trading. A very interesting way to put things, to say the very least. While no one denies regulation can be a good thing, there are no official related laws in place just yet. The Korean government is asked to respect the property rights of its citizens. Again, very firm language that leaves little to the imagination. The big question is whether or not the government will even pay attention to this appeal. It would certainly set an interesting precedent in the world of cryptocurrencies.

It is true the idea of regulating cryptocurrency trading is frowned upon all over the world. Forcing exchanges to conduct more thorough KYC and AML checks is not uncommon, though. However, limiting the way people can conduct these trades is something that doesnt sit well. After all, people should still be given minimal access to these services without verifying their identity. Even if it is just for small amounts, theres no reason to exclude these users whatsoever. How all of this will play out, remains to be determined, though.

Whether or not the South Korean government will...


Verizon Suspiciously Throttling Internet of Whoever Playing Against Ajit Pai in Overwatch "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

WASHINGTON Verizon users experienced a sudden and painful throttling of their Internet speed while playing Overwatch, specifically against FCC Chairman Ajit Pai.

Frustrated gamers initially took to Reddit to discuss the issue before slowly beginning to piece together their theory that Pai implemented the throttling to give himself an unfair advantage.

My team needed just 5 more seconds in a captured location to win, said Redditor Jen Allen. Next thing I know my internet starts lagging like a mother, Doomfist is dead, and we lost the match. It made no sense.

Read More From Hard Drive, The Only Ethical Gaming Journalism Site on The Internet:

As more and more gamers came forward, several began to notice unusual similarities in each of the matches.

A couple of us Reddit sleuths in r/Overwatch figured out that every player who experienced the throttling had two things in common, said Redditor Glen Klentak. They were all Verizon internet users, and the throttling only occured in matches featuring a player named Ajit_Pai_69. That cant be a coincidence.

Several hours and hundreds of comments later, a mysterious Redditor claiming to work for the FCC confirmed that Ajit_Pai_69 is Ajit Pai. The source explained that Pai promised Verizon he would repeal Net Neutrality in exchange for the ability to throttle internet speeds of his online opponents at will.

The source, who deleted their Reddit account the next day, also explained Pais ultimate motivation.

Hes sucked at gamin...


Presto Change-OH! Vaccine Injury Isn't Magic Mr. Gates. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Note: Terrific article from World Mercury Project on Bill Gates and his rainbows, sunshine and unicorns vision of vaccines. "Magic?" Can you imagine anyone other than "Dr. Bombay" using the word "magic" for a medical procedure of any sort -...


Daily Verse "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God? Micah 6:8 (KJV)


My first steps into the world of Software Development and what they taught me. "IndyWatch Feed Education"

*Nervous laugh* (Source)

As a budding student of computer science, theres a disconnect between what you learn in class and what you see in the real world. You learn all there is to know about loops of every varietyfor, while, do while. You can write a command line based tic-tac-toe game like its nobodys business. And you write so much fill-in-the-blank x86 assembly that it makes your head spin.

But sometimes it feels as if everyone knows what theyre doing and you do not. You havent the slightest clue how something like Facebook works. Or Reddit. Or YouTube. You dont even have an inkling of where to begin. When you Google companies that use python, since Python is the only language you know, you find people saying things like Reddituses python for their backend. Backend? What does that even mean?

Theres this giant gap in your knowledge between writing tic-tac-toe for the command line and building a real application, and nobody is telling you how to fill it in. Even though youve learned all about how to think logically, you have no idea how to apply what youve learned in order to build the things you want to build.

Heres the thing: it takes initiative to get to where you want to be. You wont always have professors giving you templates and boilerplate for all your projects, leaving you to fill in the blanks. You wont always have a lesson plan telling you This is what you need to learn next.

Tip #1:

Nobody has more influence over your personal development than you. Its up to you to decide what you want to learn, without someone spoon-feeding you the next step every step of the way. This self-directed learning, what Dan Luu might describe as a meta-skill, is one of the most important skills youll pick up in your journey towards becoming a software developer.

Luckily, these days we have Google to help out. How to build a website using python, you search. You stumble across this nifty little web framework and decide to give it a shotnot that you actually know what a framework is. You try reading the documentation from the beginning, dont understand any of it (database abstraction layer?), and skip ahead to the installation step.

Finally, some actionable steps to follow! You copy the commands into your terminal. Theres something about something called pip, and virtualenv, whatever those are...


These Dutch Researchers Are Mining Cryptocurrencies With Body Heat "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

These Dutch Researchers Are Mining Cryptocurrencies With Body Heat

Cryptocurrencies may be bringing us closer to a world of singularity and the Matrix more than we can imagine. One experiment designed by Manuel Beltrn aims to bring humans closer to this world by using human-powered energy to mine digital assets. The Dutch-based research and development team called the Institute of Human Obsolescence led by Beltrn is mining cryptocurrencies with a special bodysuit that harvests human body heat into a sustainable energy source.

Also Read: Public Firm Faces Class Action Lawsuit for Falsely Claiming Link to Bitcoin

Mining Cryptocurrencies With Human Body Heat

Manuel Beltrn, the founder of the Institute of Human Obsolescence (IoHO), is challenging the idea that technology cannot be sustained by our current resources, because he believes one supply the human body is very abundant. The institute has been running various operations that consist of researching and developing biological labor, with the current project tethered to mining cryptocurrencies. The most recent tests comprised of roughly 212 hours between many shifts and 37 workers participated in the experiment.



Detox Spa Locations In Europe "IndyWatch Feed Food"

With so many luxury detox spa locations and retreats available to visit in Europe, choosing which one you want to visit can be difficult, and a little daunting. Luckily, we have put together a short list of some of the top detox spa locations in Europe, so you dont have to spend hours searching the


Lets talk about YOU and the Singleton design pattern "IndyWatch Feed Education"

Design patterns in life and Ruby gain an intuitive understanding of OO design patterns by linking them with real-life examples.

This might be the most important post in my Design Pattern series, because this one is about YOU.

Before anything, you need to listen to this song:

No, Im serious.

The song is less than 2 minutes.

Listen to the song before you read any further.

Lets take a look at the lyrics of the song:

Stand tall.
Youre in a class by yourself.
Be proud.
Youre not like anyone else.
No doubt about it. Youre second to none.
Cause you are the one and only one.
Chin up.
Cause you are one of a kind.
Chest out.
We know that well never find anyone like you under the sun.
Cause you are the one and only one.
If everybody were like everybody else, how boring it would be.
The things that make me different are the things that make me me.

Youre in a class by yourself, youre one of a kind, and youre the one and only one!

This uniqueness is exactly what the Singleton pattern is about!

Definition of the Singleton pattern:

The Singleton pattern:
- ensures a class has only one instance,
- and prov...



Update with screen shot of FEDANON about the shipment containers with 80 children in each. ************************************************************************ TROOPS DEPLOYED WORLDWIDE WITH 10K SEALED INDICTMENTS! You thought the sealed indictments were just Continue Reading




https://benjaminfulford.netFollowing our initial report describing the overall Cryptocurrency State of Play, we aim to begin releasing quarterly reports summarizing major market developments and changes to our working investment portfolio.  The White Continue Reading

Het bericht WHITE DRAGON SOCIETY CRYPTOCURRENCY PORTFOLIO UPDATE JANUARY 3, 2018 verscheen eerst op Take care 4.

21:33 Raises Over $24 Million & Continues Forging New Partnerships, Adding Value to Its Trade Token (TIO) "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

3 January Is The Last Day To Participate

Wednesday 03 January, 2018, Zug, Switzerland has announced that it has raised over $24 million from more than 12,000 participants worldwide.  Now reaching the end of crowdfunding activities for its ICO, the company has announced 7 partnerships with major international industry players including technology leaders, exchanges and academic institutions, signaling that the company has long term plans to dominate the financial and blockchain environments.

  • Civic, revolutionary identity verification services will be provided to, greatly reducing inefficiencies and improving the user experience.
  • OKEx, one of the largest global digital asset exchanges. The Trade Token (TIO) will be listed from 8 January.
  • The integration allows the ERC20 token known as Trade Token or TIO, to be converted to and from Ethereum ERC20 tokens in the Bancor Network directly from a simple web application.
  • University of Nicosia. The company will fund two post-doctoral seats to focus on advanced research in Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)
  • HitBTC Exchange, once of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. The Trade Token (TIO) will be listed from 8 January.
  • Plans to purchase US-regulated Broker / Dealer. This will allow to contemplate U.S. oriented investment banking services in a regulatory compliant manner
  • Modular Blosym Framework. Blosym will offer an easy point-and-click interface for smart contract deployments and point-and-click token crowdfunding participation.

Of the development, CEO, Jim Preissler commented, We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the contributors who have far exceeded our expectations in joining our ICO.  Each contributor is making his or her mark in helping to democratize the markets. Whilst the ICO ends tomorrow, there is still a last chance to participate, plus anybody interested in joining our unique Liquidity Pool will still be able to purchase Trade Tokens after 8 January via one of the big exchanges.

Find out more by visiting

About democratizes the financial markets and saves money for investors and companies through reducing and eliminating fees and inefficiencies by utilizing its innovative Blockchain trading platform. Disrupting a whole ecosystem of banks, advisors, markets, and record keepers which...


What the Prepper Needs to Know About the Usefulness of Chainsaws "IndyWatch Feed Food"

As Ive told you in previous articles, most of my woodcutting I do with a bowsaw and my ax.  They give me a great workout, as well as being economical on fuel.  Well, for the most part, as Mrs. JJ would tell you, I eat like a horse at the end of a day!  I keep a couple of chainsaws handy, though, because you never know when you might need one.  Not just for cutting wood, but in an emergency.

The situation Im describing is nothing covert or where noise discipline is required post SHTF.  The times Im referring to are such as when a tree falls on your house or vehicle, or you have a bunch of downed trees blocking the road that you cant drive by.  A chainsaw can be a great tool that will save you time and maybe bail you out.

On a personal note, Im using mine this season, because we had wildfires in Montana and for the better part of a month, everyone had to stay indoors most of the time and when we were outdoors we needed to wear masks.  Yes, that is one of the disadvantages to living in Montana during fire season.  The other disadvantage is that youre not allowed to use a chainsaw when the fire danger is either high or extreme.

Buy the Best Equipment You Can Afford

Naturally, this placed a damper on my woodcutting, so Ive been a little bit behind.  Time to break out the chainsaw.  Firstly, allow me to say that I dont receive any money from any companies (chainsaw or otherwise) for my recommendations.  I believe that the two best types of saw are Stihl and Husqvarna, bar none.  In the case of chainsaws, the old adage Cheap you buy, cheap you get, although grammatically heinous is wisdom wrapped in brevity.

If you dont have a saw, it would be good to pick one up.  Firstly, they wont be affected by the EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) if theyre not any new-f...


Free Yourself From Depression Forever By Applying These 10 Basic Principles "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(By: A New kind of Human) Depression is a horrible condition to live with. As some of my readers may know, enduring its presence in my life when I was younger, made me seriously contemplate suicide, because I began to delude myself into thinking that there simply was no other way out.

Fortunately, it never came to that. But for many others who are never shown a better way, it does.

It is this reason, that has inspired me to write this short blog. I remember my struggle very well, and if I can help someone else to overcome their depression naturally, then I am happy and honored to do so.

I sincerely hope that this helps you


In this world most of us are victims my friends, some obviously more than others.

I myself was born into chaos, and my earliest memory of childhood was violence and turmoil, and naturally much of my life was filled with violence and turmoil as a result. My upbringing created a mental blueprint that caused me a great deal of difficulty growing up, one that almost destroyed me.

This is unfair, yes, because babies (to the best of our human knowledge) dont ask to be born into this madness. But as the saying goes, it is what is is, theres no point in crying over spilt milk, we just have to figure out a way to clean it up or move on and yes, there is always a way to clean things up or at least move on.

What Im tryna say is, we all have a story my friends, but obsessing over our struggles, making excuses, practicing avoidance, or looking for sympathy from other people is not going to change that story, its only going to prolong our pain. Change starts with accepting the responsibility that we need to face our pain, deal with our pain, and find a way to overcome our pain.

No one is coming to save us and no one actually can because the problem is inside us. And all the money in the world cannot fix that. The best husband or wife cannot save us from what is inside, they can only distract us from our pain and depression temporarily, and giving this responsibility to them is unfair. We have to figure out how to do it ourselves, or we will just be using relationships, money and the like to distract us from our pain.


Growing up I did everything and anything I could to avoid my depression, anxiety, and pain. I used video games, television, porn, alcohol, drugs, junk food, sex, social media, intimate relationships, and anything I could to help distract me from what I felt inside. And the longer I did this, the more powerful my pr...


Ripple Price Surges 35%, Hits $141 Billion Market Cap "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The post Ripple Price Surges 35%, Hits $141 Billion Market Cap appeared first on CCN

The Ripple price, which many investors claimed could not increase further after reaching $3, has demonstrated yet another 33.8 percent surge over the past 24 hours, as the market valuation of Ripple surpassed $141 billion. Meteoric Rise Over the past seven days, the market valuation of Ripple has risen from $52 billion to $141 billion,

The post Ripple Price Surges 35%, Hits $141 Billion Market Cap appeared first on CCN


Donald Trump: From Reality TV Star to Mass Murderer in One Short Year "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

U.S. president Donald Trump ran his presidential campaign on a strict platform of anti-interventionism (with the exception of his campaign pledge to bomb the sh*t out of ISIS oil fields). In reality, Trump hasnt just bombed the sh*t out of ISIS he has bombed the sh*t out of the entire region, making former President Obamas warmongering legacy pale in comparison.

According to the Council on Foreign Relations Micah Zenkos estimate, Donald Trump dropped 20,650 bombs in his first six months of office alone compared to Barack Obamas 26,171 bombs for all of last year. As commander-in-chief of the U.S. military, Donald Trump relaxed the restrictions in place to inhibit air strikes, giving free reign to military commanders in the field to call in airstrikes with zero oversight. This privilege was also granted to Iraqi commanders, who called in an airstrike that killed well over 200 civilians in the Iraqi city of Mosul.

In Afghanistan, the Obama administration restricted U.S. forces to only carrying out defensive strikes with the sole aim of protecting Afghan forces rather than launching offensive strikes against enemy forces. Whether or not this distinction had any effect on the ground (regardless, during the Obama era NATO forces were documented carrying out brutal raids on innocent families), Donald Trump quietly overturned Obamas restrictions, a move that led to U.S. forces dropping three times as many bombs and missiles as last year.

In total, American warplanes, including the infamous B-52, dropped more than 3,900 bombs and missiles in Afghanistan this year to the detriment of the Afghan population. Daniel R. Mahany, a program director at the Center for Civilians in Conflict advo...


FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 1-1-18 Happy New Year: Hundreds of top Khazarian mobsters, including the Bush family, renditioned to Gitmo "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Full weekly report from Ben. More and more big time clear outs are occurring. Absolutely fabulous!!

However, I do recommend using Higher Discernment and Guidance about the financial information here, particularly the part about the possibility that [according to a CIA source Ben quotes] the financial system will be completely shut down, the stock market will drop to zero, bank accounts will be emptied, and ATMs will shut down when this event happens. I have strong sense, as I have for a long time, that these will not occur. Use guidance there, and perhaps, as I have done, purchase alternative financial backups, e.g., gold, silver, cryptos, cocoa beans, keep cash on hand, grow food, papayas, cocoa beans, etc.

In a historic moment of poetic justice, most of the U.S.-based top perpetrators of the fake war on terror have now themselves been renditioned to the U.S. Navy camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Pentagon sources say. The Rothschild assets George Soros, Peter Munk, Peter Sutherland, the Bushes, the Podestas, and many others may have been airlifted to Gitmo for military tribunals

30 congressmen will not be returning in the new year, the Pentagon sources say. CIA sources also confirm that former...


Merrill Lynch Bans Clients from Investing in Bitcoin Fund "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Merrill Lynch, the brokerage arm of Bank of America, has blocked financial advisers and clients from trading in bitcoin-related investments.


Woman awakes from coma as Danny Glover "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

destined to spend far too much time on the toiletThe family of a Bristol woman who awoke from a six-year coma as film actor Danny Glover expressed their surprise at her transformation today. Doreen Peacock, 27, slipped into a coma in January 2006 when a heavy roll of carpet fell on her in her workplace. When she emerged from unconsciousness earlier this week, she awoke as Glover, 65, the star of the Lethal Weapon film series.

Its great to have her back with us, said Mrs Peacocks husband Martin, a tax inspector. Wed been holding out hope for years that she would come back to us. But I have to admit, it might take a while for me to get used to sleeping every night next to the star of such hit films as Predator 2 and the 2012.

The Peacocks seven-year-old daughter Katie said: Why is mummy a black man? Mrs Peacock said she is hoping to take a break of several months before returning to work. Stroking her new moustache and speaking in Mr Glovers deep Californian voice, she commented No-one is more surprised than me, believe me! Id heard of people waking from comas with different accents, or speaking new languages, but this is something else.

Id always wondered what it would be like to be a man, and now I know. Its just Id never have imagined it would be Danny Glover, the renowned film actor and immigrants rights activist.

Mrs Peacock added that she felt less interested in continuing her previous spousal duties, and more in fighting crime and jumping of the roofs of buildings. That is, until I feel too old for this shit, she said. Mr Peacock said: Ill be completely honest, Im already getting tired of her always talking about her friend Mel Gibson its Mel this, Mel that at the moment, and its putting a bit of a strain on our marriage.

Ive tried telling her she is the victim of a rare medical occurrence in which she has morphed into a popular American actor, but she doesnt really listen, and instead points a fake gun at my head.

Dr Henrik Wirths, professor of celebrity transmogrification at the Freie Universitt of Berlin, said: Incidences of comatose patients transforming into movie stars are incredibly unusual, this being the first recorded case, and I feel the last 30 years of my research and teaching have finally been vindicated.

What I find most interesting in this case is that a young white British woman has shape-shifted into the middle-aged black American star of so-so western Silverado, a film which would have been shot before sh...


Nobody stealing your jobs, you spend too much on wars, Alibaba founder tells US "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

A novel idea: maybe the reason the US is in a spiralling debt is because the US government has been spending money on all the wrong places (including war).

Jack Ma, founder of and one of the richest men in the world, believes this is the case.

Over the past thirty years, the Americans had thirteen wars spending 40.2 trillion dollars, said Ma, speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos. What if they spent a part of that money on building up the infrastructure, helping the white-collar and the blue-collar workers? No matter how strategically good it is, youre supposed to spend money on your own people.

And the other money which Im curious about is that when I was young, all I heard about America was Ford and Boeing and those big manufacturing companies. The last 10-20 years, all I heard about is Silicon Valley and Wall Street, he continued.

And what happened? The year 2008: the financial crisis wiped out 19.2 trillion dollars in the USA alone and destroyed 34 million jobs globally. So what if the spent on Wall Street and the Middle East was spent on the Mid-West of the United States, developing the industry there? That could change a lot.

Perhaps the real issue is the allowance of a small group of financiers to control the money.  The Federal Reserve is a private company and has been doling out cash to the US, on loan, since 1913 (when it was created).  Theyve been putting the taxpayers into debt ever since.

Ma reiterates, its not that other countries steal jobs from you guys, it is your strategy!

Perhaps its time to buckle down, stop wasting money on bombs that cost $1 million each, and start placing the money into a new world of technological advances, including solar powered roads, graphene bridges and wireless electricity.  Plan for the future and spend accordingly.

This article (Nobody stealing your jobs, you spend too much on wars, Alibaba founder tells US) was originally published on Minds and is reprinted here. Image: Ruben Sprich/Reuters

The post Nobody stealing your jobs, you spend too much on wars, Alib...


Use and Care of E-juice "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Being a vaper we are always concerned about the use and care of e-juice. The way we use and store e-juice is really important in order to get full taste and a long lasting e-juice life. This guide will give you the hands-on tips for enjoying the true flavor and maximizing the life of e-juice.


Introducing the Librarian Action Figure: The Caped Crusader Who Fights Against Anti-Intellectualism, Ignorance & Censorship Everywhere "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

We've featured action figures that pay tribute to some cultural icons like Edvard Munch, Vincent Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo. But now comes a new action figure that honors a less appreciated cultural force--all of the great librarians, those crusaders for the printed and electronic word, who "keep it all organized for us and let us know about the best of it." Standing almost four inches tall and made of hard vinyl, the librarian action figure is based on Seattle librarian Nancy Pearl. She has "a removable cape that symbolizes how much of a hero a librarian really is." The action figure should come in handy in your own fights again anti-intellectualism, censorship and ignorance. Enjoy!

via Boing Boing

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As DASH reverse from $1200, other crypto pairs are following suit especially IOTA which is now trending lower after stalling at $4.2. Generally, USD buyers are in charge across most currency pairs besides NEM.

Apart from these, I will shift my focus on LTC and chances of losing their Q4 2017 gains is high after failing to close above $255.

Lets have a look at other charts


NEM clears $1.1 as buyers aim at $2XEMUSD 4HR Chart for January 4, 2018

Price action sliced through $1.1 like a hot knife through butter.

My recommendation on December 4 was proven wrong and after pasting a Fibonacci extension between last weeks highs, then its evident that NEM prices have already cleared two key resistance levels at $1.35 and at $.176.

Buy pressure is intact. Even though there is a stochastic sell signal in place, we shall see how bears react at $.176. That is assuming there is confirmation of bear pressure.

Of course it will not be wise to sell in a strong uptrend but in a bid for recovery, any close below $1.76 with trend towards the middle BB is ideal for buyers looking to buy on dips.


DASH reverse from $1200DASHUSD 4HR Chart for January 4, 2018...


Announcing Corda training for developers at Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Con 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Dallas, TX (USA), December 28, 2018. At Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Con 2018, an international conference on blockchain technology that will take place in Dallas, Texas (USA), from February 22 24, 2018, R3, a fintech startup that counts more over 100 banks, financial institutions, regulators, trade associations, professional services firms and technology companies as partners, will be conducting a 2-day Corda training for developers.

Corda is R3s open-source distributed ledger platform that is the result of a 2-year collaborative effort with 80 of its partners.

The Corda training for developers, which will be conducted by the team building the Corda platform, is an intensive training that helps developers understand the security, network design and other key aspects of the Corda architecture and gives them the coding skills to develop CorDapps applications that run on the Corda platform.

Outside of R3s training facilities in London, NY, and Singapore, the conference in Dallas, TX (USA), is the only physical location where the course can be taken in February 2018, and the cost will only be about 33% of what youll normally pay at those other locations. So no matter where you are, you an still save more than $1,000 USD by taking the training at Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Con 2018.

In addition, participants who take the class at the conference in Dallas, TX, will get a 6-month, unlimited access to R3s learning management system (LMS), which contains hours of Corda Distributed Ledger Technology online training.

Combined with the conference being the most affordable blockchain-related conference youll ever attend, this is one opportunity you dont want to miss. So click here to register for the class and conference, here to visit the main conference website, and here for more information on Corda.

The post Announcing Corda training for developers at Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Con 2018 appeared first on NewsBTC.


China Isnt Shutting Down Bitcoin Miners: Report "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The post China Isnt Shutting Down Bitcoin Miners: Report appeared first on CCN

Chinese authorities crackdown on bitcoin miners will not see them banned and will instead focus on removing their preferential treatment in local provinces. Chinese publication Ciaxin is reporting that, contrary to rumors on Wednesday, Chinese authorities havent asked bitcoin miners to shut down their operations in the country. China is home to nearly two-thirds of

The post China Isnt Shutting Down Bitcoin Miners: Report appeared first on CCN


The next Samyang lens will probably not be for mirrorless system cameras "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

A trusted source told me that the new Samyang lens that will be announced soon will probably a lens for Canon and Nikon DSLR. But another announcement will follow some time after and it will be a lens for mirrorless

The post The next Samyang lens will probably not be for mirrorless system cameras appeared first on mirrorlessrumors.


Japan: The New Heart of Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The head of one of Japan's largest bitcoin exchanges looks back at 2017, a year he believes the country became a true market leader for the industry.


Bitcoin Gold Price Technical Analysis BTG/USD to Decline Further? "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Points

  • Bitcoin gold price failed to move above the $260 resistance and declined against the US Dollar.
  • There was a break below a contracting triangle with support at $245 on the hourly chart of BTG/USD (data feed from Bitfinex).
  • The pair might continue to decline toward the $230 and $220 support levels in the near term.

Bitcoin gold price reacted downside from the $260 resistance against the US Dollar. BTG/USD may now extend declines towards the $220 level.

Bitcoin Gold Price Downside Move

There was a long struggle to break the $260 and $270 resistance levels in bitcoin gold price against the US Dollar. The price failed to settle above the $260 and later started a downside move. It broke the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the last wave from the $208 low to $260 high. The downside move was strong, as the price broke the $250 support and even closed below the 100 hourly simple moving average.

Moreover, there was a break below a contracting triangle with support at $245 on the hourly chart of BTG/USD. This clearly points to an increase in selling pressure below $250 on BTG. The pair is currently trading around the 50% Fib retracement level of the last wave from the $208 low to $260 high. It seems like the price might continue to decline in the near term toward $230 and $220. On the upside, an initial resistance is around $245.

Bitcoin Gold Price Technical Analysis BTG USD

However, the most important resistance is around $250-255. There are two bearish trend lines positioned around $255 on the same chart. Thus, the $255-260 resistance might continue to prevent upsides in bitcoin gold price. On the downside, the next major support is at $220 followed by $200.

Looking at the technical indicators:

Hourly MACD The MACD for BTG/USD is currently in the bearish zone.

Hourly RSI (Relative Strength Index) The RSI for BTG/USD is moving lower towards the 30 level.

Major Support Level $220



this isnt a hairpiece "IndyWatch Feed Comics"

Today on Toothpaste For Dinner: this isnt a hairpiece

The Worst Things For Sale is Drew's blog. It updates every day. Subscribe to the Worst Things For Sale RSS!


Just got Ed Sheerans new album "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

A fine observation here:

Although this reply makes a good point:

Source: Twitter/@HarveyLindsay

The post Just got Ed Sheerans new album appeared first on The Poke.


#QANON Updates & Breadcrumbs - Fire at Clinton's Property, Julien Assange's Freedom, Planes Diverted and Missing, 17 Federal Prosecutors Appointed - January 4, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Here is a compilation of the latest news about QANON and some interesting breadcrumbs some within a few hours old at the time of publishing them.  Each day the news cycle is getting deeper down the rabbit hole!  Welcome beyond the matrix, the great awakening is in full swing!



***Updated January 4, 2018 at 3:00AM Est.****

Newest confirmed #QANON posts posted on January 4th 2018. Click on the image to go to source



Ambassador Matlock = Jack F. Matlock Jr. =

Executive Order 6713A from Franklin D. Roosevelt? = or full scan at


AWE Note:  Highly recommend to watch this video by SGTReport.Com



How sharp do you make your knives "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

I rotated my EDC knife at New Year, so touched it up first, since I had used it for a few weeks prior to using the previous carry.

After giving the edge a little touch up, it went into my daily carry spot.

Today, after a phone call, I saw a hair on my desk. So what are you gonna do? Its back to standard sharpness.


Ubers Surge To 100x In Victoria As Entire State Too Scared To Walk Home From Dinner "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | CONTACT Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton was right. Victorians are too scared to walk outside their homes, even if it is just down the block to the local corner store to get a bottle of milk, or to a Greek restaurant. Speaking to 2GB radio on Wednesday, without giving any real examples at all, Dutton []

The post Ubers Surge To 100x In Victoria As Entire State Too Scared To Walk Home From Dinner appeared first on The Betoota Advocate.


Austrian Brokerage Service Bitpanda Adds Full Bitcoin Cash Integration "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Austrian Brokerage Service Bitpanda Adds Full Bitcoin Cash Integration

Bitpanda (formerly known as Coinimal) is a cryptocurrency broker based in Vienna, Austria that operates brokerage services with dash, litecoin, etheruem, and bitcoin. Now on January 3, Bitpanda has announced fully integrating bitcoin cash (BCH), adding a fifth coin to the companys token support.

Also read: Putin Wants to Use Cryptoruble to Evade Sanctions But Bank of Russia Skeptical

Bitpanda Adds Bitcoin Cash Due to High Demand

Austrian Brokerage Service Bitpanda Adds Full Bitcoin Cash IntegrationBitpanda was founded in 2014 by Eric Demuth, Christian Trummer, and Paul Klanschek by offering users brokerage services for bitcoin and other digital assets. Bitpanda hosts a wallet and trading platform that enables users to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies with the euro, credit cards, Skrill, SEPA transfers and more. Just recently the company announced users who l...


Benjamin Fulford (Full Report) - Happy New Year: Hundreds of top Khazarian mobsters, including the Bush family, renditioned to Gitmo - January 1, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Happy New Year: Hundreds of top Khazarian mobsters, including the Bush family, renditioned to Gitmo

January 1, 2018

In a historic moment of poetic justice, most of the U.S.-based top perpetrators of the fake war on terror have now themselves been renditioned to the U.S. Navy camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Pentagon sources say. The Rothschild assets George Soros, Peter Munk, Peter Sutherland, the Bushes, the Podestas, and many others may have been airlifted to Gitmo for military tribunals, as the Department of Defense spends $500M to upgrade the prison and send more military police and Marines, the sources say.

In one of many signs of just how historic the new American revolution is, 30 congressmen will not be returning in the new year, the Pentagon sources say. CIA sources also confirm that former U.S. President Bill Clinton, hoping for a plea bargain, is spilling the beans on people like former CIA head John Brennan, top U.S. Mossad agent Rahm Emmanuel, former Vice President Dick Cheney, and many others.

Furthermore, as U.S. President Donald Trump proclaims January 2018 to be Anti-Slavery Month,

human trafficking centers around the world are being raided and shut down. In Saudi Arabia, 3,000 child sex slaves have been freed, according to Russian FSB sources. In the U.S., there was a power outage on December 27th at the pedo heaven Disneyland, as the place was raided by special forces fighting human slavers, the Pentagon sources say. In apparently connected events, Washington Post heir Bill Graham and Jordan Feldstein, the brother of the actor Jonah Hill, died last week, the sources point out.

Another move was that Julian Assange was extracted from the Ecuadorian Embassy to take down the cabal, and he may be pardoned along with Mike Flynn, the sources add.

Also, On Christ...


The Government rejects petition to get Blue Peter to design a new British passport "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

News reaches the world-weary Brexit Desk at Poke HQ that the Government have rejected a petition to Let a Blue Peter competition design the New British Passport.

Yes. We regret to inform you that the internet is at it again.

Were not taking the piss. This is a real petition:

Although rejected as the Government doesnt choose what goes into Blue Peter competitions:

There arent half some stupid petitions arent there?

Although The Poke fully backs this one:

Source: Twitter/@rejectpetitions

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The Science of Karma: Cultivating Positive Change and Emotional Stability from Within "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Gravity has a powerful influence not only over inanimate matter but also over biological systems. Plants grow opposite to gravity and animals maintain balance against this ever present force.

Balance against gravity is so important, that gait (the degree of side-to-side movement during walking) is a reliable indicator of mental decline in elderly people. But gravity also creates the pressure that slows the biological clock: in space the body grows old much faster. Even bacteria get more virulent in free space.

But surprisingly gravitational changes even regulate our mood. Roller coaster rides are popular because they manipulate the feeling of gravity. During the ride the sense of weight gradually increases, then disappears suddenly, replaced by the feeling of lightness. Gravity is simulated by an upward vertical motion.

As the ride reaches its highest point, the contracted feeling of gravity gives way to weightlessness, the sense of expansion. Enjoying this transition is present in infancy.

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A.H. Belo Corp. Creates a Pair of Marketing Services Divisions "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

A.H. Belo Corp., owner of the Dallas Morning News, has created a pair of marketing services divisions in an effort to better serve its clients.

As part of the restructuring, DMN Media has been rebranded as Belo Media Group (BMG) and will encompass the print and digital audiences of A.H Belo-owned properties in the North Texas market.

Meanwhile, Belo + Co. will bring together the companys various marketing businesses such as Vertical Nerve, Distribion, MarketingFX, Speakeasy and Connect, under a single brand. The services offered by Belo + Co. include SEO optimization and conversion, multichannel marketing automation, programmatic advertising and content marketing.

A.H. Belo Corp. has created a pair of marketing services divisions: Belo Media Group and Belo + Co.

This is a realization of a strategy started five years ago when the company began to buy and build marketing services businesses that could operate independently but benefit from the sales team and relationships of the core business, said Mike Orren, president of Belo Business Intelligence, a shared service unit that provides support for both groups. As we grew, it became clear that we had two very different businesses.

Despite low levels of cross-...


The Fibreculture Journal "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

The Fibreculture Journal (2003-) (full serial archives)

On the Ruins of Babel (Purdy) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

On the Ruins of Babel: Architectural Metaphor in German Thought (Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press and Cornell University Library, c2011), by Daniel L. Purdy (PDF files at Project MUSE)

Smith College Studies in History "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Smith College Studies in History (partial serial archives)

The A.B.C. of Radio (Kaempffert) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

The A.B.C. of Radio: The Underlying Principles of Wireless Telephony in Simple Language With Explanatory Drawings and Glossary (second edition; New York: M. H. Ray, c1922), by Waldemar Kaempffert (PDF at

The Radio Decade (Radio Corporation of America) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

The Radio Decade (1930), by Radio Corporation of America (PDF at

Radio Round-Ups (Gurman) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Radio Round-Ups: Intimate Glimpses of the Radio Stars, by Joseph Gurman and Myron Slager (PDF at

The Standard Radio Guide "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

The Standard Radio Guide: Wireless Explained in Simple Language With Pictures, Diagrams, Radio Map and Complete Directions for Using Receiving Outfits (popular edition; New York: Popular Science Monthly, c1922) (PDF at

Electronic Book Review "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Electronic Book Review (partial serial archives)

Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry: Methods and Applications (SIGMA) (2005-) (full serial archives)

Fast Capitalism "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Fast Capitalism (2005-) (full serial archives)

Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology (IJMM) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology (IJMM) (partial serial archives)

The ABC of Electricity, Including Wireless Telegraphy (Meadowcroft) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

The ABC of Electricity, Including Wireless Telegraphy (revised edition; New York: Excelsior Pub. House, c1909), by Wm. H. Meadowcroft (multiple formats at

The 25th Amendment to the United States Constitution (Norris) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

The 25th Amendment to the United States Constitution: A Bibliography (revised and enlarged; Washington: Law Library of Congress, 1982), by Loretta A. Norris and Doris J. Jensen (page images at HathiTrust)

Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (issues online 2007-) (partial serial archives)


A Note to Readers "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

I believe this is over, at least in the form it has settled into in the last five or ten years, the wispy little fragments of mostly self-reflective thought. It's getting to be a burden. I have shown that I can write a poem every day. If it doesn't arise in the morning, I can squeeze something out before bedtime. I can start with something random and almost always open it up into some kind of content. I am still engaged and tickled by the process, and I nail it fairly often, but it feels like I'm going around in circles. All these short poems have made it impossible to write any long poems. So I am changing the rules. I don't have to write a blog post every day. It doesn't have to be a poem. I may write stories. Thus this notice: that I am taking a few days off, but I'm still here, still writing, looking to renew this pleasing practice.


Bomb Cyclone Hits East Coast, Florida Reaches Temperatures Lower Than Alaska "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

A winter storm hitting the East Coast could easily shatter all-time records in regards to cold temperatures. By the end of the week, we could all be freezing, to say the least.

This storm seems to threaten to push literally frigid temperatures as south as Northern Florida! It is what people are referring to as a bomb cyclone. For those who do not know a bomb cyclone is something that comes from a process known as explosive cyclogenesis or bombogenesis. Bombogenesis happens when a mid-latitude cyclone rapidly intensifies and drops at least 24 millibars over 24 hours. It seems to have made its way here just yesterday and is not leaving anytime soon.

I guess you could essentially consider this to be what one would call a winter hurricane. As pressures drop, this storm grows stronger. This extreme weather will be coming in two different parts. To begin with, it will bring about rain, snow, and sleet to the Eastern Coast of the US. This being from as mentioned above Main to Northern Florida.

After this is all said and done what many are calling a polar vortex is going to be sweeping south across the region dropping temperatures to as also mentioned above, record-breaking lows. Now as I mentioned above this storm hit Wednesday and has been causing some intense bitter cold temperatures. According to the National Weather Service, it is th...


Korean Law Firm Appeals Against Govts Cryptocurrency Trading Rules "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

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A law firm in Seoul, South Korea has filed an appeal against the governments new cryptocurrency trading rules. Anguk Law filed the suit which claims regulating trading through administrative guidance has no legal basis and infringes on property rights, according to The Korea Times The suit was filed through the Constitutional Courts online appeal system.

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Ripple Price Technical Analysis XRP/USD Breaks $3.0; More Gains Likely "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Highlights

  • Ripple price extended gains and was able to move above the $3.00 level against the US Dollar.
  • There are two important bullish trend lines forming with supports at $2.75 and $2.30 on the hourly chart of the XRP/USD pair (data source from Kraken).
  • The pair might continue to trade higher and it could even settle above the $3.00 handle.

Ripple price gained further momentum against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. XRP/USD broke $3.00 and it may continue to move higher.

Ripple Price Upside Thrust

There were further gains in Ripple price as it broke above the $2.40 resistance against the US Dollar. The upside move was strong as the price was even able to move above the $3.00 resistance. A high was formed at $3.0505 and it seems like the price may continue to move higher. Before the upside thrust, the price tested the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the last upside leg from the $1.95 low to $2.80 high.

It found support and bounced sharply to move above $3.00. At the moment, there are a few signs of a minor correction towards the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the last wave from the $2.25 low to $3.05 high. There are many supports on the downside such as $2.80 and $2.50. Moreover, there are two important bullish trend lines forming with supports at $2.75 and $2.30 on the hourly chart of the XRP/USD pair. The first trend line is close to the 38.2% Fib retracement level of the last wave from the $2.25 low to $3.05 high.

Ripple Price Technical Analysis XRP USD

Therefore, if the pair corrects lower, it will most likely find buyers near $2.50-2.80. On the upside, a break above $3.05 could set the pace for a move above $3.25.

Looking at the technical indicators:

Hourly MACD The MACD for XRP/USD is moving nicely in the bullish zone.

Hourly RSI (Relative Strength Index) The RSI for XRP/USD is currently well above the 60 level.

Major Support Level $2.8000

Major Resistance Level $3.0500



Too Obvious "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

what I am actually talking about
often goes unmentioned as if the
real particulars are too obvious or
boring the inner processes more
meaningful than what happens in
real life without the artificial form
and careful structure of a novel or
play with acts and a denouement
unless something terrible happens

that isn't what you wanted to say


Itll take you a second look to realise this New Years message doesnt say bios "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Love this New Years decoration we found it even funnier for taking us a while to understand it.

Source: Twitter/@VaderSan

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Stop Quick "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

I only know what I happen to know
my thought a scribble of ignorance
reading for pleasure and forgetting
trivially literate by social accident

stop quick before it is impossible
before translation replaces words
what can be said was already said
unless being me is actually different


5 Steps to Improve and Raise Your Sexual Energy "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Sexual energies are more important than most people realize. It allows us to move more freely in ways you have never imagined.

If you are not interested in sexual energy you need to go ahead and click off of this article. Below you will find a list of things that will help to boost your sexual energy and in some cases bring about a deeper connection within your body. Raising your sexual energy is a lot easier than you think.

5 Steps to Improve and Raise Your Sexual Energy:

1. Get enough sleep.

If you are not getting enough sleep or you are getting too much sleep it can and will affect your sexual energies. You have to treat your body and mind well if you want your energies to be responsive at all in general.

2. Build energy in your private parts.

Lie on your bed naked or in some comfy undergarments. Close your eyes and cup your genitals with your hands. Invision energy from all over your body flowing to your private parts. Do this for about 20 minutes and once you have finished take the time to notice a change in how you feel energetically.

3. Make your energy known.

Once you have built energy from other places and allowed it to flow where you needed it to be, masturbate. Really get yourself where you need to be. Know what you are capable of. If masturbation is not for you simply repeat some mantras, but regardless you need to make this sexual energy known to your inner being.

4. Meditate more often.

Meditate and allow your mind to clear itself. The more stressed out you are the less sexual energy you will have. Sexual energy is not something you can simply snap on or snap off. If you are dealing with too much it will be almost non-existent.

5. Do more things that make you feel sexy.

If going without panties from time to time makes you feel sexy go for it. If you want to take photos for no one to see, go for it. Shit, if wearing bright red lipstick makes you feel like a force to be reckoned with, do it! Do things that make you feel powerful and sexy more often.

There is no sense in holding back. Be true to your inner sexiness. Allow your seductive side to let loose from time to time. Being aware of your sexual energy and harnessing it when you want is not a bad thing. While society today tells us that being overly aware of our sexuality is a bad thing we all need to understand that it is not. Check out the videos below for more on how to really get your sexual energy at its peak.



BBC News 1-1-18 Times Up: Women launch campaign to fight sexual harassment "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Thanks to G for this one. It looks like there is some waking up action taking place in Hollywood. I would add that, guaranteed, this also applies to men in Hollywood, and as we all know, children.

More than 300 actresses, writers and directors have launched a project to help fight sexual harassment in the film industry and other workplaces. The initiative, which is called Times Up, was announced via a full-page advert printed in the New York Times.

The campaign, which is backed by hundreds of actresses including Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon, Cate Blanchett, Eva Longoria and Emma Stone, has already raised more than $13m (9.6m) of its $15m target. The money raised will be used to fund legal support for both female and male victims of sexual harassment at work.

The letter, which is aimed at every woman who has had to fend off sexual advances, goes on to say that such harassment can often continue because perpetrators and employers never face any consequences.

It also calls for gender inequality and the imbalance of power to be addressed, stressing the need for more women to gain positions of authority and parity of pay.

Times Up: Women launch campaign to fight sexual harassment

More than 300 actresses, writers and directors have launched a project to help fight sexual harassment in the film industry and other workplaces.

The ini...


This economical dad has a great tip on how to reuse old Christmas cards throughout the year "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Internet comedian @Joeheenan over on has a great top tip, he says Dont throw away your old Christmas cards. They can be reused throughout the year.





This brilliant idea has inspired a these five internet users share their examples of recycled cards:








DIY Mason Jar: Non-Circulating Hydroponics (AKA the Kratky method) "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

A member passed this method of growing herbs onto me and I thought I would share. Like many, I have herbs sprouting plus other stuff on my kitchen windowsill. This is a method that lets you grow herbs indoors. Sometimes herbs grown indoors do not have success like they do when planted outdoors. Non-circulating hydroponics is quite interesting. The author of the article grew mint, which is supposed to be one of the easiest things to grow (some of us have issues)....

DIY Mason Jar: Non-Circulating Hydroponics (AKA the Kratky method)


Sneaky Crypto Malware Miners Are Targeting Ad Networks Next "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Websites and publishers need to be prepared for cryptocurrency miners slipping into ads on their sites, according to Israeli adtech firm Spotad.


Merrill Lynch Bans Clients From Investing in Bitcoin, Why It Will Backfire "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Merrill Lynch, a major US-based bank that was acquired by Bank of America in 2011, has reportedly banned its clients from investing in bitcoin.

An internal memo released by Merrill Lynch obtained by The Wall Street Journal read:

The decision to close GBTC to new purchases is driven by concerns pertaining to suitability and eligibility standards of this product.

Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) Banned

Specifically, Merrill Lynch prohibited its clients from purchasing shares of the Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC), the only regulated bitcoin investment vehicle in the US market operated by Grayscale Investments, a brokerage arm of Digital Currency Group.

The forbidding of GBTC trading by Merrill Lynch is noteworthy because GBTC remains as the only regulated channel with which bank clients can trade bitcoin. Outside of that, there are bitcoin futures exchanges operated by the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and CME Group but those two platforms target institutional and retail investors.

Merrill Lynch advisor also told WSJ:

I think its a very good idea. [The company] made an assessment that theres too much risk. [When you buy a currency, you buy that country [based on its underlying economy and monetary supply.] When you buy bitcoin, you just buy bitcoin.

However, given that the value of any asset, currency, and commodity is subjective, and their performance depends on the market, the definition of risk involved in cryptocurrency trading remains unclear. Investment in any asset class or market can be risky. Every year, individual investors lose billions of dollars in the global stock market. Still, banks enable investors to invest in the stock market.

It is not for the banks to decide which assets can be classified as risky or safe, considering that solid criteria to segregate assets based on their risk cannot be formed. More to that, in a free market, the market and investors within it have the authority and the right to invest in whichever asset or currency,...


Blockchain Guilds Community Fund Makes Its First Award for Bitcoin Development "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Blockchain Guilds Community Fund Makes Its First Award for Bitcoin Development

The Blockchain Guild, a community fund set up to further bitcoin development, has made its first award. The project is designed to mentor the next generation of developers, in whose hands the future of blockchain technology lies. A number of major backers have given Blockchain Guild their support including litecoins Charlie Lee, bitcoin developer Jimmy Song, and Tuur Demeester.

Also read: Gavin Andresen Drops A New Concept On Github for Bitcoin Cash

A Bounty on Future Bitcoin Development

As the Blockchain Guild explains, its purpose is to Allow Patrons to be able tosupport the open source ecosystem that allowed them to be successful. Its basically a means for bitcoiners whove made it to help those who are just starting out. These junior software engineers and blockchain developers may have the skills, but they lack the funding to dedicate time to improving code bases and developing infrastructure.



7 Signs Your Relationship Is Not Meant to Last "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Sure, we all want our relationships to be made to last but the truth is, some of them arent. Sometimes we pick the wrong partners and waste far too much of our time on them.

If you are having second thoughts about your relationship then you are most likely in the wrong kind of relationship. While it is normal to think about the what ifs you should know in your heart whether someone is right for you or not. When we are in the wrong kind of relationship and know it we should do something about it. It is far easier to cut ties early on rather than holding on to something that is not there.

7 Signs Youre Relationship Is Not Meant to Last:

1. You do not see eye to eye.

When you cant compromise in a relationship you dont have much of one. Seeing eye to eye is important at least sometimes. You cant argue 24/7 and expect things to work.

2. You struggle to communicate properly.

When you cant talk things through you cant do much of anything. In a relationship, if you dont have communication things will never work. You need to be able to walk away and cool down before the other person gets too worked up.

3. You find yourself always questioning the relationship.

When you are constantly wondering why you are with this person you need to take the time to answer that question for yourself. Only you know the answer. If you dont want to be with this person anymore, dont be with them.

4. You just dont click.

If you just dont click no matter how hard you try then you need to cut ties and move on. There is nothing good about forcing your heart to be in something it really doesnt want to be in. This causes you and your partner too much pain in the long run.

5. You dont feel like your partner is there for you in the ways he or she should be.

If your partner is not meeting your emotional needs then there is a very serious problem in your relationship. You need to be able to feel comforted and safe with your partner. If he or she cannot provide you with that then you need to move on.

6. You have to be careful about what you say in front of this person.

If your partner has you walking on eggshells there is a very real problem in your relationship. Your partner needs to accept and love you for who you are. You should be able to be yourself one hundred percent with your partner....


Bloke Slapping Hand Against Himself Feels Hes Contributing To Applause "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact Watching his local cricket team coast to yet another victory late this afternoon, a popular grazier had a beer in one hand when the sides star batsman pull another short ball to the boundary. Many of those around Steve Gumble felt compelled to applaud the batsmans skill and ability, which they did by []

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7 Ways to Overcome Your Painful Past "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

When it comes to overcoming the past you have to be able to accept it. This for most is much easier said than done.

If you want to overcome your past you have to be able to accept your present and your future. You have to stop letting the past weigh you down. Below you will find a list of steps that need to be taken in order to move on from that painful past of yours.

7 Steps to Overcoming Your Painful Past:

1. Reflect over your past.

Really think things over. Think about your past and where you want to be in the future. Really figure out what is holding you back.

2. Accept your past.

Accept your past as your past, and really try to stop giving it power. The more power you give it the worse it will feel.

3. Get out in nature.

Spend as much time in nature as you can. Get out there and feel the dirt. Let your feelings flow, cry if you need to cry.

4. Take about it.

Talk about things with someone who matters to you. Let things out and share the burden with someone who cares. This feeling will bring about so much peace.

5. Believe in yourself.

Believe in who you are and who you can be. Stop letting your past define you! Accept yourself and your future self.

6. Be more present.

Be more present, stop dwelling on the past. The past is not who you are. Be as in the moment as you can be.

7. Let go of things you cannot change.

If you cannot change it let go of it. There is no sense in holding onto something that serves no purpose in your life. Learn from your mistakes and let them go.

Once you have done these things you will be feeling much better. These things will allow you to overcome anything that might be holding you back. Letting go is a lot easier than most people make it out to be.


Report: Stefanovic Brothers Not Yet At Daddo Brothers Status "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | CONTACT A recent report by TV Week has found that despite years of prime time breakfast and nightly news slots, the Stefanovic brothers have not yet reach the same heights as the Daddo brothers did as a family unit in the 1990s. The Stefanovic brothers, who are made up of Today Show host Karl, []

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The perils of cyberchondria "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

My working day got off to a slow start on the day I originally wrote this article, mainly because of Wikipedia! Within minutes of turning my computer on, I was contacted by a woman whose births I attended a few years ago, and her distress was so great that I spent rather a long time helping her to make sense of the issues.

The previous week, while taking one of her children to the GP, she mentioned an unusual symptom of her own, and her GP suggested doing some blood tests. While she hadnt yet managed to talk to her GP, she had found out the results of the tests, which showed a marginal elevation of a particular enzyme. Keen to know more, she did a web search and became concerned that she had either a serious viral infection or an autoimmune disease.

Introducing Cyberchondria

Its not really my place to exacerbate the issue by attaching another label to this womans situation, but the term cyberchondria did spring to mind. In a rather strange twist of irony, if you type cyberchondria into google, the first result you get is the Wikipedia entry on this subject, which (on the day I wrote this article) describes it as, a colloquial term to describe the behavior of individuals who use the Internet to gather information on health or healthcare, for themselves or people in their care.

A more stable definition is that offered by White and Horvitz, who have recently published a Microsoft-funded study exploring peoples use of the Internet to search for medical information.

We use the term cyberchondria to refer to the unfounded escalation of concerns about common symptomatology, based on the review of search results and literature on the Web. (2008: 1)

Escalation was the key focus of this study, which began by studying the way in whic...


Jordan Sather 1-2-18 Interviewing Liz Crokin on The Storm, QAnon, Pedogate, & Twitter Feuds "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

This may be of interest to some, as Liz Crokin has been appearing around and about on several channels recently. I found this a quite fascinating interview. Here is another on that was recently posted on the Kp blog.

Published on Jan 2, 2018
Lizs website
Follow Liz on Twitter
Support Liz & her work

Join me for the Disclosing the Secret Space Program Webcast on January 27th. Sign up here Find me on: Twitter: @destroyillusion Snapchat: @destroyillusion Facebook: @destroying...


Fin DAC in Mount Maunganui & Christchurch, New Zealand "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Our Irish friend Fin DAC has spent the last few weeks of 2017 and the first of 2018 down under in New Zealand painting at festivals in both Mount Maunganui and Christchurch both organised by Street Prints.

Like his previous trip to The Mount 2 years ago, the globetrotting artist focussed his work on the local Maori culture, painting 2 murals with themes of family and protection.
His Mount mural: Hapu (a Maori word that can mean family and pregnant) features 2 firsts for the artist. A heavily pregnant mother, resplendent in traditional Maori clothing, with a young daughter in tow. It also cleverly references his previous mural at the Mount 2 years ago with a reflection in the eyes. The mural is another addition to his Hidden Beauty series but he tells us it can be found somewhere on Maunganui Road.
For his Christchurch mural: Kaitiaki (the Maori word for guardian) the artist chose to use elements of Maori culture,  mythology and ornithology to highlight a warning and protection theme for the earthquake-torn city that is in the process of rebuilding. The mural features another of Fin DACs efforts to make murals stand out from the wall or surface with strategically positioned cut-out feathers rising above the buildings rooftop. And it also again features a particular eye reflection but this time to his Hapu mural detailed above.
The mural can be found on the front of the YMCA building on Hereford Road.
The artist is now heading to Australia where he promises more street work


Third-Grader Looking For A Bit More Pace Channels Jeff Thompson "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact Similar to a golfer channeling Happy Gilmour, a popular local park cricketer has dug deep this afternoon in a training game against a higher grade. Max Dengue was nearing the end of his spell against the North Betoota second-grade team this afternoon when he found himself feeling flat. Watching another ball on a []

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WikiLeaks Releases Proof of NY Times Colluding With Clintons State Dept to Deceive America "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

A New York Times reporter was exposed colluding with the U.S. State Department by providing a timetable of upcoming publications during Cablegate.

by Jay Syrmopoulos

WikiLeaks has released evidence which shows that New York Times reporter Scott Shane handed over Cablegates secret country by country publication schedule to the U.S. government, giving the State Department (then headed by Hillary Clinton) up to a week in advance to spin the revelations or to create diversions.

The collusion between The New York Times supposedly the United States newspaper of repute and the U.S. State Department, reveals a co-opting of corporate media that keeps the public ignorant to government malfeasance and impropriety.

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Legislative Alchemy 2017: Chiropractic "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Chiropractors are promoting themselves as primary care physicians. Some state legislatures are falling for it.


Ethereum Price Technical Analysis ETH/USD Gunning Toward $1000 "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Highlights

  • ETH price is surging higher and it recently moved above the $900 level against the US Dollar.
  • There is a crucial bullish trend line forming with support at $890 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD (data feed via SimpleFX).
  • The pair remains in a super bullish trend and it is likely to move toward $1000 in the near term.

Ethereum price is gaining upside momentum against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. ETH/USD may soon make an attempt to break $1000.

Ethereum Price Trend

There were continuing gains in ETH price from the $800 swing low against the US Dollar. The price gained upside momentum and was able to move above the $850 and $860 resistance levels. The upside move was strong since the price was able to move above the $900 level. A new all-time high was formed at $946.71 from where the price started a downside correction.

It recently tested the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the last upside leg from the $813 low to $946 high. On the downside, there are many support levels such as $900 and $890. There is also a crucial bullish trend line forming with support at $890 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD. The same trend line support is around the 38.2% Fib retracement level of the last upside leg from the $813 low to $946 high. Therefore, if the pair corrects lower, it will most likely find buyers around $900 and $890.

Ethereum Price Technical Analysis ETH USD

On the upside, the recent high near $946 is a short term resistance. Above the mentioned $946 level, the price is likely to accelerate towards the $1000 handle. It would be interesting to see how the price reacts around $1000 and whether buyers can keep the upside momentum intact.

Hourly MACD The MACD is placed nicely in the bullish zone.

Hourly RSI The RSI is currently correcting lower from the 70 level.

Major Support Level $900

Major Resistance Level $950


Charts courtesy ...


Basic Aromatherapy to Help Balance and Calm "IndyWatch Feed Health"

By Dr. Mercola

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils or other aromatic plant compounds for healing and wellness. Such oils may be inhaled, applied to the skin and in some cases even taken orally under professional guidance for a variety of purposes intended to balance your mind, body and spirit.

[Aromatherapy] seeks to unify physiological, psychological and spiritual processes to enhance an individuals innate healing process, according to the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA),1 which states that the term aromatherapie was coined by Rene-Maurice Gattefoss, a French perfumer and chemist, in 1937.

Its said that Gattefoss first became interested in essential oils when he healed a burn on his hand using lavender oil, which caused him to look into its uses for treating wounds, skin infections and even gangrene among soldiers during World War I.2 In Gattefosss book on the topic, he described using essential oils for many therapeutic purposes, a practice that has been done for close to 6,000 years.

Many ancient cultures, including the Chinese, Indians, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used essential oils in cosmetics, perfumes and drugs for purposes ranging from spiritual to therapeutic.3 In the modern day, aromatherapy is used in health care settings, health spas and homes, both by professional aromatherapists and amateurs, while accumulating research backs up its many potential uses and benefits.

What Are Essential Oils?

Aromatherapy is based on the use of essential oils, which are also known as volatile oils. Theyre typically the fragrant essences from the plant, which are extracted into essential oils. Specifically, according to the Physician Data Query Aromatherapy and Essential Oils information summary:4

These essences are made in special plant cells, often under the surface of leaves, bark or peel, using energy from the sun and elements from the air, soil and water. If the plant is crushed, the essence and its unique fragrance are released [Essential oils] may be distilled with steam and/or water, or mechanically pressed. Essential o...

Meditation Connects Your Mind and Body "IndyWatch Feed Health"

By Dr. Mercola

I believe meditation practice can be an important part of health and well-being. Meditation not only is a powerful means of relaxing, but also useful for addressing anxiety, managing pain, preventing disease and relieving stress.

Meditation Reduces Your Risk of Heart Disease and More

There is growing evidence demonstrating your mind and body are intricately connected, and wide acceptance that whatever is going on in your mind has some bearing on your physical health. Brain imaging has shown meditation alters your brain in beneficial ways, and scientists have identified thousands of genes that appear to be directly influenced by your subjective mental state. The mind-body connection is real, and what you think does affect your health.

In fact, research1 suggests a persistent negative state of mind is a risk factor for heart disease. Conversely, happiness, optimism, life satisfaction and other positive psychological states are associated with a lower risk of heart disease. The study authors said:2 [The] findings suggest that positive psychological well-being protects consistently against cardiovascular disease, independently of traditional risk factors and ill-being. Specifically, optimism is most robustly associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular events.

While some people appear to be born with a sunnier disposition than others, meditation has been shown to boost optimism and help regulate mood. Meditative practices have also been shown to help optimize your LDL cholesterol and lower your:3

  • Blood pressure
  • Cortisol
  • Heart rate

Such findings are consistent with a downregulation of your hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and sympathetic nervous system, both of which are overactivated by stress. Stress is also a well-known risk factor for heart disease, making meditation all the more important. In addition to promoting heart health, meditation:4,5


Ultimate Guide to Herbal Oils "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Fresh HerbsHerbs not only add taste and texture to food, but are also abundant sources of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and unique medicinal properties. Certain herbs and spices can even help you maintain a healthy body weight, as they promote weight loss.

"Herbs" and "spices" are often used interchangeably, however there are differences between them. Herbs are obtained from the leaves of herbaceous or non-woody plants, and are used in larger amounts that spices. Spices, on the other hand, are obtained from roots, flowers, fruits, seeds, or bark, and are usually used in smaller amounts than herbs because of their higher potency and stronger flavor.

Herbs come in various forms, including dried leaves and teas. But this site focuses on herbal oils, which you can make at home or purchase at health food stores. These oils have their own set of uses and benefits, from food preparation to skin therapy and other practical uses.

Herbal oils can be taken or used in different ways, such as for cooking and topical application.

They can also be essential or infused. Essential oils require a large quantity of plant material and need to be diluted before use because they are concentrated. Infused oils, on the other hand, use only a small amount of plant material and are used full-strength. Essential oils can be used in different ways, including aromatherapy, skin massage, adding them to bathwater, using them in a compress, or burning them in a diffuser.

In general, using fresh herbs is preferred to getting processed varieties. Just as using too much of any food or health product can carry health risks, herbal oils should be used moderately, and are NOT a substitute for a nutritious, balanced diet. Pregnant women especially need to consult their physician before consuming or using these oils.

Dr. Mercola's Herbal Oil List is a directory that provides you the A-Zs of herbal oils, and their time-tested health and healing properties. Learn the safe, effective ways of using them in your cooking, as aromatherapy stress relief after a long day at work, and even for natural disinfection and household care.


Victorians Too Scared To Leave Home In Case They See Peter Dutton "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Peter Dutton

Melburians are avoiding restaurants and other public areas out of fear of bumping into Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton.

Jenny Sutcliff from Altona said she was terrified of the prospect of seeing a man with a potato for a head. At the very least it would spoil your dinner, she said.

Rick McManis from Coburg said his first priority was to protect his family. Its like being confronted by a talking lamp post. Its frightening for young children, he said.

Victorian Police urged families to stay at home.


5 Mistakes That Beginners Make When Going Zero Waste + Plastic Free "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

I dont know about you, but when I set out to tackle a new project or challenge, I begin by feeling pretty excited about what Im going to achieve. I feel good about making the commitment, I anticipate how great its going to be when I get there. Only not long after that, the doubt []


Venezuela Seeks Miners for the Petro Maduro Claims 860,811 Already Signed Up "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Venezuela Seeks Miners for the Petro - Maduro Claims 860,811 Already Signed Up

Venezuela is looking for miners for the countrys national cryptocurrency, the Petro. The government has opened up a registry for miners to sign up to mine and gain access to the new currency. According to Venezuelas president Nicols Maduro, 860,811 young people have already registered to create the Petro mining farms.

Also read: Venezuela Unveils Mining, Trading, and Launch Details of National Cryptocurrency

Venezuelan Miners Wanted

Venezuela has opened up the Registry of Cryptocurrency Miners for anyone with national identification to sign up to mine the countrys cryptocurrency, the Petro. The portal, launched by the Superintendence of Cryptocurrencies and Related Activities, will remain open until January 21.

Venezuela Seeks Miners for the Petro - Maduro Claims 860,811 Already Signed UpRegistration is an essential requirement for natural and legal persons to have access to Petro, reported El Impulso. Additionally, the Minister of Communication and Information, Jorge Rodriguez, indicated that the registered may have access to other digital currencies that are authorized by the government. He was recently quoted by Pa...


Announcing Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Con 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Dallas, TX (USA), December 29, 2018. Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Con 2018, an international conference on blockchain technology that will be held in Texas, has been scheduled for February 22 24, 2018. And the host city will be Addison, a northern suburb of Dallas.

It will be an opportunity for all involved in blockchain technology developers, lawyers, regulators, cryptocurrency traders, or just enthusiasts to get together to explore and exchange ideas around a technology thats set to completely reshape how we interact and conduct business in the coming years.

R3, a fintech startup that counts more over 100 banks, financial institutions, regulators, trade associations, professional services firms and technology companies as partners, and Blockmatics, a leading educator in the blockchain space, will conduct training classes for developers, business executives and lawyers.

R3s 2-day Corda training for developers will cost just 33% of what youll normally pay at other locations. So even after taking into account travel and hotels cost from anywhere on the planet, you can still save about $1,000 USD by taking the class at this conference.

More information about the training classes and conference presentations is available at

Need to reach the organizers for any reason? Our contact information is on the website.

We hope to see you all at the conference.

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Melbourne Man Not Racist He Just Thinks Goodes Used To Milk Free Kicks And Wants To Deport African Teenagers "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | CONTACT An upper middle class third-generation Melbournite who relishes in the idea of his home city being recognised as the progressive hub of Australia especially when compared to the regional hillbilly centres up North   says hes a lot of things, but he is not a racist. Colin Ingwood is a lapsed pescatarian, []

The post Melbourne Man Not Racist He Just Thinks Goodes Used To Milk Free Kicks And Wants To Deport African Teenagers appeared first on The Betoota Advocate.


Bitcoin Cash Price Technical Analysis BCH/USD Approaching Key Support "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Points

  • Bitcoin cash price started a downside correction after trading toward $2800 against the US Dollar.
  • There is a key bullish trend line forming with support at $2450 on the hourly chart of BCH/USD (data feed from Kraken).
  • The 100 hourly simple moving average is also around $2450 to act as a support.

Bitcoin cash price is correcting lower towards $2400 against the US Dollar. BCH/USD must stay above $2450-2400 to avoid further declines.

Bitcoin Cash Price Correction

We saw further upsides in bitcoin cash price above the $2700 level against the US Dollar. The price traded close to the $2800 level where it faced sellers. A high was formed at $2782 from where a downside correction was initiated. It moved below the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the last wave from the $2220 low to $2782 high. However, there are many supports on the downside around the $2400 and $2450 levels.

At the moment, the price is trading just below the 50% Fib retracement level of the last wave from the $2220 low to $2782 high. On the downside, there is a key bullish trend line forming with support at $2450 on the hourly chart of BCH/USD. The same trend line support at $2450 coincides with the 100 hourly simple moving average. Moreover, the 61.8% Fib retracement level of the last wave from the $2220 low to $2782 high is also around $2430. Therefore, it seems like the $2400-2450 support zone may act as a strong buy zone in the near term.

Bitcoin Cash Price Technical Analysis BCH USD

On the upside, an initial resistance is at $2650. A break above $2650 could open the gates for a move toward $2800 and $3000 in the short term.

Looking at the technical indicators:

Hourly MACD The MACD for BCH/USD is currently in the bearish zone.

Hourly RSI (Relative Strength Index) The RSI for BCH/USD is now below 50 and is moving lower.

Major Support Level $2450

Major Resistance Level $2650


Charts cour...


Pakistan DROPS Dollar ! "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Trump slaps/insults Pakistan for voting AGAINST aiding Israeli Terrorism in UN.

Pakistan replies by DROPPING use of US Dollar.

The more Trump opens his BIG MOUTH, the further his foot goes in.

If other Countries are handled this way-they too will DROP the US Dollar.  Since the ONLY thing holding the US Economy intact is Foreign use of US Dollars, the end result will be

The Big Collapse !

Happy you voted for him NOW ??????


Volatility: A Necessary Ingredient for Monetary and Social Transition "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Cryptocurrency volatility isn't just here to stay, it's heralding the chaotic change of the blockchain future yet to come.


Cosmic Disclosure (Free Episode Viewing) : Interview #1 of 5 with Emery Smith & David Wilcock "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Published on Jan 3, 2018

Emery Smith, the whistleblower formerly known as Paul, comes forward to reveal his work inside secret biological facilities deep under the New Mexico desert. You may have seen him in the film Sirius, as he was dissecting the Atacama Humanoid body. In this introductory episode, he tells us of his induction into secret military testing facilities at Kirtland, AFB in NM where he was tasked with dissecting tissue samples taken from extraterrestrial bodies. This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast December 12, 2017.


You Are a Sovereign Being Start Acting Like One! "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

There is a growing awareness and indignation about the injustice and inequality running rampant in our world, and growing interest in creating the better world that we all know can exist. 

By Jeff Street, Guest author,

One of the key changes that needs to happen to enable the transformation of our humanity is to reclaim our personal power to think for ourselves, to discern truth from disinformation, and to stand firm for what we know is right.

The Source that created us endowed us with free-will and the power to create with our thoughts, words, and deeds. Yet many of us are squandering these endowments, squandering them so badly that the probable future of humanity is not looking very bright.

Humanity is at a critical junction in its history one road leads to a very bleak future, and the other has the potential to be a new golden age. 

The outcome depends on us, each one of us, starting right now and it starts by freeing your mind! The key to reclaiming our freedom and creating a better world is for each of us to reclaim our sovereignty.

What is Sovereignty?

The word "Sovereign" refers to the power or right that a nation/state or individual has to determine its own destiny to not be controlled by others. The ability to determine one's own destiny has been termed SELF-DETERMINATION and it is one aspect of the timeless ideal called FREEDOM. 

Self-determination and freedom are said to be intrinsic rights bestowed on us by Source/God. The American founding fathers firmly thought so and called these "inalienable" rights. Personal sovereignty refers to the intrinsic right of an INDIVIDUAL to self-determination.

But having the right of sovereignty is not the same as BEIN...


Anna Von Reitz Update - ANNOUNCEMENTS --TAKE NOTICE!!!! - January 3, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"


From Anna Von Reitz

As of the first week of October 2017 the Municipal UNITED STATES ceased functioning.  

Attempts to replace it with a UN Corp "Regional Government" have thus far been successfully rebuffed and prevented. 

That leaves us to deal with the Territorial United States government, which is controlled by the military and has substantially different rules and procedures than the old Muni government. 

As a result some of the recommendations I have made to people in the past either no longer apply or require tweaking to make them work in this altered scenario. 

Those who got their paperwork done and in before October 2017 are grandfathered in and have their records established via the old Muni process.  They have to be recognized as civilians. 

Those who didn't do this have to follow a different process which has yet to be negotiated to the same ends-- correction of the public record, reclaiming ownership of your Name/NAMES, and recognition of your civilian status with respect to the military government. 


Is Something Otherworldly Going On In Outer Space? 4 Global Powers Hold Mysterious Rocket Launches Within Days "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Rocket Launches Come Days After Pentagon UFO Announcement

By Stephan Stanford

Just days ago on December 29th, linked to a story over at the website Mysterious Universe titled Mystery Surrounds Why Four Nations Launch Rockets In Four Days within which they report that the US, Japan, China and Russia had all launched rockets with satellites into space within less than a week of each other at the end of 2017.

For those who may have missed that, the December 22nd launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California had people across the region calling 911 with reports of UFOs and aliens and while it was just a Space-X rocket allegedly carrying 10 Iridium satellites into orbit, the speculation remains as to why 4 global powers launched rockets into space within the very same time period.

Linking within the Mysterious Universe story to this story over at UFO Sightings Hotspot titled Something Is Being Monitored In Space!, that blog reports:
Something strange is going on, especially if we know that within 5 days, from December 22 to December 26, 2017, four superpower Nations; US, Russia, Japan and China have carried out rocket/missile launches, all carrying satellites. These launches at almost the same time are no coincidence and although it said that all these satellites are communication and weather satellites, we may wonder whether that is actually the case or that the real purpose of the payload is meant to monitor Something in space.



Chinese Military buildup on NK border..... "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

CHINA: Well prepared to Help their neighbor against "US Aggression".  Russia has been doing the same.  EVERYONE prepared to kick US ASS, should Trump TRY to invade YET ANOTHER Country.

The US LOST in Syria, Libya, and IS LOSING in Afghanistan.


STUPID LEADERS make foolish decisions.



The internet has been buzzing with rumors that high level VIP members of the Deep State (aka Cabal/Illuminati/Global Elite) are being detained for human rights abuses and corruption, and are Continue Reading



Some Really Good Places Not to Hide Your Stuff. "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

People Are Sharing The Best Hiding Places To Hide Your Valuables From Thieves

This article has a few tasty little items in it, but, unfortunately, they're all busted.

Once somebody posts a "secret" it isn't a secret anymore.

That means you can't trust these methods, and if you're already using one because you invented it, you might want to consider making a change.

Ye olde key in a rock doesn't work...

Some Really Good Places Not to Hide Your Stuff.



Americans have been programmed to fight amongst themselves along partisan political lines, always pointing the finger at the other side of the phony left-right paradigm. Divide and conquer is the broad tactic being used to keep people from recognizing, focusing on, and targeting the truly diabolical agents in our world who hold real power over all of us at once.

We are not ruled by Republicans or Democrats, but rather by the not-so-hidden hands of institutions which have consolidated a tremendous amount of power. Our world is deeply colored by these cartels, and they impact every area of our lives, constantly maneuvering to make more and more dependent on them for our needs.

In short, these are the organizations which rule over us. These are the great forces in our world which prevent positive change and ensure that we continually slide downward into tyranny and self-destruction.

1. The International Banking Cartel

The geopolitical financial elite have for centuries been organizing to consolidate the mechanisms of wealth into the hands of a very few. The Rothschilds are the popular face of this cartel, but the banking and financial corruption goes far, far beyond their influence.

The few who understand the system, will either be so interested from its profits or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class. Rothschild Brothers of London, 1863

Banks are in a unique position of power in our world, and can generate extraordinary profits without actually producing anything. Through the issuance of currency and credit, they can control the amount of money available to the economy and create economic booms and busts, seizing titles to land, homes, businesses, and property. They hold extraordinary influence over government for their role as financiers of everything from public works to war, and enjoy extraordinary pecuniary advantage and privilege.

Combine this with the new influence of supra-national organizations like the Bank of International Settlements and the World Bank, and you realize that the world is on the cusp of falling into the greatest trap of all time.  The banking cartel is the primary source of war, destabilization and military grade destruction in our world today.

2. The Medical Establishment

Human health has been hijacked by the medical establish...



AscensionWithEarth.Com January 3, 2018 Amazing to see Chelsea Clinton, daughter of accused satanic political icon Hillary Clinton, coming in defense of another accused pedophile family, John Legend and Chrissy Tiegen.   Continue Reading



How Deadline Extension Is Helpful For Us for Creating a Masterpiece of Dissertation "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Deadline extension can be very helpful for students when it comes to creating a masterpiece of the dissertation. It is because when students are assigned dissertation writing tasks, it is not easy for them to complete them all and submit a top quality and custom paper to the teachers which creates a lot of trouble for them. The students do not know what to do in such cases as the deadline draws near and they are not able to finish their paper at the right time to present it to the teacher.

It is necessary for students to know that in this regard only deadline extension is the best thing for them to do and it can help them work on their paper and come up with a masterpiece that will help them achieve best grades in the class. Teachers assign dissertation writing tasks because they want to see how well the students have learned during their academic days and if they are ready to move forward and step in the professional world on basis of their learning and skills. However, not every student has good writing, research and editing skills and knows how to write a brilliant paper in a short time.

Due to too many things to do and little time to accomplish them all, students face problems and when the deadline is approaching, they really feel stressed because they do not know how they will be able to submit the best paper to the teacher. In this case, asking for deadline extension is a good option as it is helpful in creating a masterpiece that they present to the supervisor for better results in the long run.

When students get some additional time to work on their dissertation, they have a chance to do things in a much better way without taking the stress. Even an extension of two weeks can work wonders for them as they get ample time to conduct some more research, write in a better way and edit and format their paper just the way they have been told by the teacher. Not only this, they get time to go through their paper and check it out for any mistakes they have made or many things that they have overlooked in order to do a good job on their dissertation.

When students get the extension on their deadline for writing a dissertation, they can relax, freshen up and get back to the dissertation writing the task in a much better way because they have nothing to fear and this gives them the ability to create a masterpiece that will be highly appreciated by the teacher. Not only they get to work more competently on their paper but hey also get a chance to enjoy the writing task and make the most of it. With a deadline extensive, students get a chance to help themselves and look forward to attaining better results in class with better focus and a will to impress teachers with their hard work and efforts.



David: Yes. Now, it seems with a lot of the insiders Ive spoken to, that once we dig into their life before the military, that there was something going on before Continue Reading



Is It Worth Buying Bitcoin Now? "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

After watching Bitcoins astronomical rise from $997.69 at the start of 2017 to the current value of $15,429.68, as of January 2nd, 2018, it is safe to say that many people have suddenly taken notice of cryptocurrency and are eager to buy Bitcoin for future gains.

Bitcoin has made many headlines in 2017. Whats the buzz?

It is highly unusual for any commodity, let alone a currency, to appreciate by 1,410 percent year-on-year. The average market gain for all stocks is around 7 percent, so it is no wonder that a great deal of discussion has centered around the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin was invented on January 3rd, 2009 by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto whose identity is still unknown. Speculation abounds as to who Nakamoto is, and many also believe that Nakamoto is a single alias used by a whole group of programmers.

The purpose of Bitcoin was to be a currency that did not rely on banks or intermediaries to be owned, but could instead be transferred by peer-to-peer networks this is what is meant by a decentralized currency. Bitcoins are created through the encoding of private and public cryptographic keys, a process that requires supercomputers to crunch through a bewilderingly high number of calculations every second. This is what secures the Blockchain network the fact that it would take immense processing power to defraud the network more processing power than any individual has. Only 21-million Bitcoins will ever be created.

Initially, not many people took notice of Bitcoin, as its technical nature made some people reluctant to understand it, and its lack of a central issuing authority, such as a bank, made others hesitant to invest in it or use it as a currency.  However, a rise of 1,410 percent in a given year is hard to ignore, especially when new millionaires are being created practically overnight. This is why 2017 has been a year for Bitcoin to break into the public consciousness.

By how much has Bitcoins value appreciated and depreciated historically and in 2017?

According to World Coin Index, Bitcoin is prone to sharp rises and sharp, sudden falls. Initially, Bitcoins value was insignificant. On March 17th, 2010, listed a sale price of $0.003 per Bitcoin or 333 BTC for $1. Over a year later, on April 22, 2011, Bitcoin reached the value of 1 USD. The first major bubble price it reached was $31 and then dropped to $2. The second major bubble was $266, then it fell to $70. The third bubble took it as high as $1,242 on November 29th, 2013. After this crash, it rarely returned to the $1,000 mark, reaching as low as $200 in March 2015 but usually staying in between $500 and $8...


Funny "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

plumber21-600x800. This is funny until you realize you looking hard at another man's ass


RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT January 3, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Countless false flag attacks are being averted. The cabal refuse to be stripped of their power. Each false flag attempt provides the evidence needed to take down the masterminds behind Continue Reading

Het bericht RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT January 3, 2018 verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


Plane Vanishes Over Gulf of Mexico "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The US Coast Guard is reportedly searching for a plane that disappeared from radar during its flight from Oklahoma to Texas.

Learn More:

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Merrill Lynch Bans Clients From Bitcoin Investment Trust "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

One of the Bank of Americas wealth management divisions, Merrill Lynch, has forbidden clients to invest in Barry Silberts Bitcoin Investment Trust. The news comes via a memo from the financial advisory firm last December which was seen by Reuters.

The note was sent to around 17,000 brokers at both Merrill Lynch and their subdivision of independent trade managers, Merrill Edge. According to the memo dated December 8, 2017, the wealth management firm will no longer approve new orders for Silberts trust. This was due to uncertainty over the suitability and eligibility standards of the Bitcoin fund.

The Bitcoin Investment Trust was founded in 2013 by the serial-digital currency entrepreneur Barry Silbert. Its managed by Grayscale, a subsidiary of the Digital Currency Group, who also own CoinDesk. Silbert himself has also been heavily involved with the financing of several other digital currency ventures in recent years. These include Ripple and Coinbase, and BitPay.

In response to the memo reported by Reuters, Silbert said via email:

 We look forward to speaking with Merrill Lynch and addressing any questions or concerns they have about the Bitcoin Investment Trust We are unaware of any similar policies at other brokerage firms.

Prior to the December ban, those trading through Merrill Lynch and Merrill Edge could buy stakes in the Bitcoin Investment Trust. However, such privileges have been revoked for all but their clients with historic positions with the trust. Those who have fee-based advisory accounts have been forced to sell their holdings.

The attitude of Merrill Lynch towards Bitcoin financial products should hardly come as a surprise. The Bank of America also refuse to offer their clients exposure to either the CBOE or CME Group futures markets that were launched late last year. Such policies represent a growing division within traditional financial institutions over how to treat Bitcoin. These differing stances between large banking and brokerage firms are likely to continue as further trading options become available in the future.

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According to the Father of Propaganda an Invisible Government Controls Our Minds with a Thought Prison "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Who are the men who without our realizing it, give us our ideas, tell us whom to admire and whom to despise, what to believe about the ownership of public utilities, about the tariff, about the price of rubber, about the Dawes Plan, about immigration; who tell us how our houses should be designed, what furniture we should put in them, what menus we should serve on our table, what kind of shirts we must wear, what sports we should indulge in, what plays we should see, what charities we should support, what pictures we should admire, what slang we should affect, what jokes we should laugh at? ~ Edward Bernays, Propaganda

Authored by Edward Bernays and published in 1928, the book Propaganda still holds its position as the gold standard for influencing and manipulating public behavior.

Drawing on his expertise in psychology while using the language of manipulation, Bernays pioneered social engineering via mass media, and his work lives on in the distorted, statist, consumer world we have today.

But who are the ones behind the curtain telling us what to think by directing our attention onto the things which serve interests?

Read Entire Article


Chinese Cryptocurrency Exchanges Delay Launching in South Korea Due to Regulation "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Chinese Cryptocurrency Exchanges Delay Launching in South Korea Due to Regulation

Two major Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges have delayed their launches in South Korea due to uncertainties surrounding the governments regulation. The regulators are currently working on a real-name identification system that will end the anonymous trading of cryptocurrencies in the country.

Also read: Russian Cryptocurrency Bill Is Ready Regulators Share Details4

A Bump in the Road to Korea

Chinese Cryptocurrency Exchanges Delay Launching in South Korea Due to RegulationEver since the Chinese government closed down Chinas crypto exchanges in September, two of the countrys largest crypto trading platforms have been preparing to enter the South Korean market. Huobi and Okcoin have delayed their planned launches in Korea amid the tightening of government regulations, the Korea Herolds the Investor reported on Wednesday.

Okcoin established a subsidiary called Okcoin Korea in October with a plan to start a trading service in December of last year. Initially, the platform would support 10 cryptocu...


Ripple (XRP) Soars Record 36,000% in 2017, But Will It Crash & Burn in 2018? (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Ripple (XRP) Soars Record 36,000% in 2017, But Will It Crash & Burn in 2018? Video Wall St for Main St Ripple (XRP) soared a record 36,000% in a single year in 2017 and is up over 30% already...

The post Ripple (XRP) Soars Record 36,000% in 2017, But Will It Crash & Burn in 2018? (Video) appeared first on The Daily Coin.

Statistical Analysis Reveals Ties That Bind the Cryptocurrency Markets "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Statistical Analysis Reveals the Ties That Bind Cryptocurrency Markets

Predicting the price movements of cryptocurrencies is a dark art that combines technical and fundamental analysis with an understanding of human psychology. A recent analysis dispels a little of that darkness by revealing the interdependence of altcoins. Its findings? When altcoins fall, they often fall in unison.

Also read: Peter Thiel, Bitcoin Astronaut, Moves Markets with Crypto Moonshot

Applying Math to the Crypto Markets

Statistical Analysis Reveals the Ties That Bind Cryptocurrency MarketsTraders are well aware of the effect bitcoins movements have on the cryptocurrency markets. The price of bitcoin rises and falls like the tide, with altcoins the sand upon the shore. While the tides out and bitcoin is low, alts consolidate. Then bitcoin gathers momentum and comes charging back towards the shore. Every new all-time-high crashes further up the beach, displacing the sand as it lands. Alts get sucked down by the surf, before crashing back onto the beach, higher than when they first started.

Analogies are all well and good, but theyre of little use when it comes to formulating an effective trading strategy. Mathematician Monika Monstvilaite has undertaken a more scientific approach to understan...


NEW CIA PSY-OP regarding Disclosure...... "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

  Those not familiar with Tom DeLongue's promised UFO-ET Disclosure, this Druggie Burn-Out, with Heavy CIA backing has been trying to Con- investment in a Disclosure of the Truth behind UFO's.

In this video, an Excellent Investigative Reporter unravells the strings behind the latest Psyop against the American People.


Nines Cricket Commentary Team Forced At Gunpoint To Flog Memorabilia "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact An anonymous crew member from Nines Wide World Of Sports commentary team say the team is often forced at gunpoint to plug shitty, official memorabilia during broadcasts. The same insider has also suggested that Ian Healy refused to do so in 2011 and was promptly shot dead in the []

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Mind/Body Medicine: Healing Pain "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"


The cure for the pain is in the pain. ~ Jellaludin Rumi

Were a culture that medicates our pain. We medicate our physical pain with medicine. We medicate our emotional pain with medicine. And that medicine may not necessarily be of the pharmaceutical sort. It could be workaholism. It could be other medicines that distract us from sensations and feelings, like food, substances, relationships. Even addiction to yoga. (Ive been there.)

But in medicating our various pains, we make it impossible to ever heal them.

As Rumi, the Sufi mystic poet offered, The cure for the pain is in the pain.

All physical pain has an emotional component. Addressing this emotional component can relieve and even heal our physical pain. And emotional pain, while profoundly real for all of us, finds its cause in our misunderstanding and misuse of the mind.

These notions are firmly rooted in the ancient global healing traditions, find concurrence in the lineage of contemporary Western medicine, and now find firm footing in the wide body of scientific research supporting the veracity of thoughts and feelings as potent mediators of health outcomes.
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A Beautiful Explanation Why You are a Microcosm of The Macrocosm by a Professional Energy Worker "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Tiara Kumara; Life Coach Code

There is a popular saying, As above so below, as within so without.

This adage is said to have its origins from the Greek, Hermes Trismegistus, also known as Thoth in ancient Egypt and acknowledged as a scribe for the Gods.

Hermes was credited with thousands of writings of high standing, reputed to be of immense antiquity.

This principle of correspondence speaks to the mirror-image relationship between all cosmos. It simply says that the greater and the lesser are alike. The Universe and Earth are of the same pattern. Nature and man reflect each other. By observing one relation you gain knowledge of the reflected whole.

To put it another way, the meaning of as above so below is that everything is a microcosm of the macrocosm.

We see the same patterns reproduced in all levels of the cosmos, from the largest scale all the way down to the smallest sub-atomic substance, including the metaphysical.

Contemplate the macrocosm as The Universe and the microcosm being You. Deeper inquiry into this idea can bring some pretty potent revelation. The Universe is part of All That Is, which is the same as God, the ultimate creator entity. Everywhere there is conscious life, all made from the exact same core substance.
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How We Are All Individual Dimensions of Reality "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Tamara Rant; Conscious Life News

What you are basically deep, deep down, far, far in, is simply the fabric and structure of existence itself. Alan Watts

The dictionary definition of the word fractal is as follows:

noun a curve or geometric figure, each part of which has the same statistical characteristic as the whole. Fractals are useful in modeling structures (such as eroded coastlines or snowflakes) in which similar patterns recur at progressively smaller scales, and in describing partly random or chaotic phenomena such as crystal growth, fluid turbulence, and galaxy formation.

Wow. JustWow.

If we consider that this same scaling applies to human consciousness, then each of us is an individual dimension of reality; infinite and of the Source, yet forever re-creating itself in every passing moment and with every passing thought. As the great Spiritual Masters have always said, thoughts create reality and I most downheartedly have to agree.

It is scientific fact that we and everything else in the known Universe and all of existence for that matter (no pun intended), is made of energy. Quantum Physics is the study of what is working at the minuscule level of reality doing the really BIG work of creation. In other words, its the study of the very small and yet its contributions thus far to the world of physics have been gigantic.
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Egypt's Top Cleric Declares Bitcoin Trading 'Unlawful' "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Egypts highest official of religious law has determined that Bitcoin violates Islamic law because its not a currency and is supposedly used to finance terrorism. #NEWS


What Youre Really Like Under All Your Layers, According To Astrology (His & Hers) "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Conscious Reminder

We spend our whole lives trying to figure out who we are. We spend about as much time trying to figure out who other people are, come to think of it.

This is totally normal: its honestly just human nature. Weve come up with a lot of ways to categorize people, make them fit into different boxes. We dont do this because we like it: we actually hate being put into boxes for any reason. Rather, we do this because this is kind of how we try and understand people, despite how we actually feel about being put in our boxes.

This is also true of the zodiac: each sign comes with lots of stereotypes, which is why we say things like hes such a Scorpio or be careful around her, shes a Virgo. However, its a lot deeper than that.

Sure, the different zodiac signs are known for certain common personality traits, but deep down, each sign is more than it appears. Your sign might appear to be really straightforward and direct, but in actuality, its more representative of someone who knows how people work and the exact right thing to say.

Your sign might be known for being really stubborn, but it turns out that youre way more agreeable than you let on. Regardless, we need to stop pigeonholing ourselves and get to the core of all our layers to find out who we really are. Heres what youre really like under all your layers according to your zodiac sign and gender. Make sure you also check out your moon sign, which will give you that much extra insight!
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Do We Really Create Our Own Reality? The Myths and Dangers of New Age Belief "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Jack Adam Weber; Wake Up World

Some believe that we are responsible for creating our own reality, for regulating and determining our experience. I think this is only partially true, and if you look closely at your own life, you might also notice the fallacies in this New Age meme.

We unconsciously choose experiences by way of the neural circuits laid down in our brains from past learning (conditioning). This is why we attract situations that allow us to recreate old patterns the circuitry from prior learning experiences is already laid down in our nervous system and we act on it. However, we also are capable of making choices that are not conditioned responses, especially if we recognize our habitual responses habits that are comfortable, however unhealthy and limiting.

Making new, positive, pattern-breaking choices often causes fear, even though these choices allow us to grow and live better lives. We fear what is unknown, what is foreign to us, even if it is healthier than what is known and unhealthy. It takes consciously recognizing this dynamic, or we are likely to remain comfortably numb or simply recoil in fear when presented with new, life-affirming choices.

If we believe that we create our own reality, when life inevitably falls apart, we can then easily blame ourselves for failing, not being good enough, strong enough, or whatever-enough, to have prevented these downturns because, the logic goes, we create our own reality. But what if we recognize that we dont always create our own reality, that we are only partially in control (and sometimes never), that bad things happen to us beyond our control (just examine your life), and that events can affect us beyond our ability to cope? Well, then we wouldnt have to blame ourselves for all that goes wrong; we would also be more in touch with reality, and make room and allowance to be kinder to ourselves, and others.

Finally, when we recognize that we can only fail at things we have control over, this frees us up for more self-compassion and compassion for others.


Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 01/04/2018 Upside Triangle Break "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights

  • Bitcoin price has recently broken above the top of its descending triangle pattern on the 4-hour time frame.
  • Price has also completed a quick pullback to the broken triangle resistance and is starting to break past the latest highs.
  • A bit of a bullish flag can be seen and this is considered a continuation signal.

Bitcoin price has broken to the upside of its descending triangle pattern to indicate that further gains are in the cards.

Technical Indicators Signals

The 100 SMA is still below the longer-term 200 SMA, so the path of least resistance is to the downside. This means that the selloff is more likely to resume than to reverse.

However, the moving averages are still reflecting oscillating conditions and an upward crossover seems to be brewing. This could draw more bulls to the mix and sustain the upside break.

Stochastic is also pointing up to confirm that buyers are in control of price action. RSI, on the other hand, appears to be turning lower to indicate the presence of bearish pressure.

Market Factors

The US dollar seems to be putting up a good fight against bitcoin price as the FOMC minutes confirmed the likelihood of gradual rate hikes down the line. At the same time, the latest economic data from the US turned out stronger than expected.

The ISM manufacturing PMI posted a higher than expected gain and a pickup in the prices component, easing weak inflation fears somewhat. However, the jobs component declined, so there could be a chance of a downside surprise in the NFP.

The ADP non-farm employment change figure is due next and a weak read could reinforce downbeat NFP expectations and douse hopes that strong hiring could prop up inflation.

As for bitcoin price itself, the cryptocurrency is drawing support from the large bet placed by the Founders Fund, which is a venture capital firm co-founded by Peter Thiel. Increased regulation from South Korea, however, is still keeping a lid on activity.

The post Bitcoin P...


New Year New Chaos 2018: U.S. Deep Freeze, Palestinians vs. Trump, Iran Protest and more "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

New Year brings new chaos
New Year 2018 quickly reminds us that we are going full speed ahead in these last days. In todays broadcast we will discuss the following:
What Gods Word says about the New Year.
New Year End-Time headlines that include:
o North America in deep freeze
o US gives Israel go-ahead to kill powerful Iranian general
o Palestinians Fire Back as Trump Threatens to Stop Sending US Cash
o Update on Iran protest
Also a powerful word on whats ahead for the New Year 2018
The Day of the Lord is at hand. Is your name in the Lambs Book of life?
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or mail:
EMOAF| Evangelist Anita Fuentes
PO Box 218, Schertz, TX 78154
Thank you and the Lord richly bless you as you continue to walk in His ways


Ghee's Benefits "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Are Ghee Benefits Better Than Butter?

Ghee has been used for thousands of years, quite literally. Its truly an ancient health food and definitely not a fad. The first known use of butter was back in 2000 BC. It became very popular in the cooler northern parts of India, but didnt survive well in the southern warmer regions. Its believed that the southerners are responsible for clarifying butter, in order to keep it from spoiling.
Ghee quickly was integrated into the diet, into ceremonial practice and into Ayurvedic healing practices. Its believed to promote both mental purification and physical purification through its ability to cleanse and support wellness. Ghee benefits the body both inside and out, and is actually used topically to treat burns and rashes as well as to moisturize the skin and scalp. Much like coconut oil, its a multi-use fat that is healthy in many ways!

What Is Ghee?
Ghee is clarified butter, but simmered longer to bring out butters inherent nutty flavor. Traditionally made from buffalo or cows milk, the process of making ghee removes the water and milk fats, leaving a high-smoke point (meaning that it can be heated to a pretty high temperature before it starts to smoke) fat. Plus, its nutritionally rich like coconut oil.
Ghee Benefits vs. Butter Benefits
So how is ghee better than butter? Ghee has a unique nutrition profile without any lactose or casein, but rich in short-chain and medium-chain fatty acids and butyrate. For people who are lactose or casein-sensitive, they can use ghee because the process has removed these allergens. If youve been told to stay away from dairy and butter, experiment with ghee made from grass-fed beef!
Butter contains 12-15 percent medium and short-chain fatty acids, while ghee contains 25 percent or greater. The body actually metabolizes these fats in a different manner than long-chain fatty acids. The result? Medium and short...


Mother Nature and Mankind: A Communication Breakdown "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

Mother Nature and Mankind: A Communication Breakdown
by Tim Murray

Mother Nature:  Perhaps you forgot about me. No wonder. Your history books seem to dwell on tyrants and dictators and megalomaniacs and the terrible things they do. Yet I can do terrible things too. Especially when I am taken for granted or abused. I know. I never commanded an army or ruled a nation. I never firebombed Hamburg, Dresden or Tokyo, nor dropped two atomic bombs. I never raped Nanking or slaughtered a third of Cambodias population. I never conducted a war of ethnic cleansing nor destroyed a culture and enslaved the survivors. I never committed any of these atrocities. Yet I am the most merciless and indifferent mass murderer in history.

I am Mother Nature. And I really think we need to talk about our relationship. Not the relationship you have with other people. Not about whether people treat each other with enough respect or fairness or empathy. Not about whether they distribute the wealth equitably. No, this is about our relationship, the relationship between you and me, nature and humankind.
You speak of coercion. Of coercive birth control measures, forced abortions, punitive laws, of mass imprisonment and the violation of reproductive freedom. Of force, compulsion, duress, oppression, harassment, intimidation, threats, arm-twisting and pressure by people against p...


Bank Of England Joins Israel In Creating Centralized Cryptocurrency "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The Bank of England and the Bank of Israel are planning to launch their own centralized government-approved cryptocurrency that will rival Bitcoin. Several of the worlds biggest central banks have joined forces to help lure [...]


The Right ICO Could be the Golden Ticket to Great Wealth "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

An initial coin offering (ICO) or token generation events could potentially disrupt the investment ecosystem as we know it. Blockchain technology is changing conventional fundraising campaigns with a new business model thats secure, transparent and accessible. The process involves raising capital by issuing tradable tokens.

Crypto tokens are not cryptocurrencies because their value is determined by the uniqueness of the ICO and not by market fluctuations like in the case of Bitcoin. ICOs use two main types of tokens when launching their campaigns equity tokens and utility tokens. The latter type are also known as app coins. These coins provide investors with future access to the ICOs product or service.

Theres another use for them, and if the business is successful, the investor can trade the coins on major cryptocurrency exchanges and get different coins in return (e.g. BTC, ETH) or cash. The core benefit for an ICO, irrespective of niche or domain, is that it can raise capital to continue the development of a Blockchain-based project.

The golden ticket to wealth- investing in the right ICO

ICO has been the buzzword dominating the investment and entrepreneurship markets throughout 2017. Many startups with great ideas have realized that launching an ICO could get them the capital they need to kickstart their business. E-learning, finance, healthcare and gambling are popular ICO niches many investors turn their attention to.

Throughout 2017, countries like Russia, Switzerland and Cayman Islands rose to stardom because of their record-breaking ICOs. Blockchain technology is disrupting traditional business models with new ways to raise money, develop a project and turn visions into reality. When investing in ICO, the key is to do it sensibly as not all initial coin offerings are the same.

Investors should first spend time learning about the people involved in an ICO. A rock-solid whitepaper and a well-crafted website are equally important. The crypto market has become saturated with ICOs on all domains and niches. Before investing, it is important to understand the concept and the target audience of an ICO.

Needle in a haystack

Considering the numerous ICOs and new tokens popping up every week, knowing which could bring steady returns is like looking for a needle in a haystack. The secret is to perform due diligence, know the ICOs country rules and regulations, as well as main competitors (if any). The better investors know about the new businesss mission, vision and overal...


Hooters Investor Joins the Crypto Hype: Eating a Burger Is Now a Way to Mine! "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Hooters Investor Joins the Crypto Hype,

Companies routinely roll out new loyalty programs with much fanfare but arouse little to no excitement from investors, at least until they can show some returns. Now one Hooters franchisee has shown how to change this: just use these magic words: bitcoin, crypto and blockchain.

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Hooters Coin?

Hooters Investor Joins the Crypto Hype, Chanticleer Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:BURG) is the owner of several fast food restaurant brands including nine Hooters joints as well as a minority investor in Hooters of America. The companys stock price jumped by 50% on Tuesday after it...


You Are a Sovereign Being Start Acting Like One! "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

There is a growing awareness and indignation about the injustice and inequality running rampant in our world, and growing interest in creating the better world that we all know can exist. 

By Jeff Street, Guest author,

One of the key changes that needs to happen to enable the transformation of our humanity is to reclaim our personal power to think for ourselves, to discern truth from disinformation, and to stand firm for what we know is right.

The Source that created us endowed us with free-will and the power to create with our thoughts, words, and deeds. Yet many of us are squandering these endowments, squandering them so badly that the probable future of humanity is not looking very bright. 

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A Plea for Friendship "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Martial, Epigrams 1.54

If you have any space left to be esteemed, o Fuscus-
For youve got friends on this side and on that-
All I ask is one spot, if theres one left over.
And dont reject me just because Im new to you:
All your old friends were new once upon a time.
Only consider this- whether he whos newly befriended
Is the sort of man who could become a comrade of old.

Si quid, Fusce, uacas adhuc amari
nam sunt hinc tibi, sunt et hinc amici  
unum, si superest, locum rogamus,
nec me, quod tibi sim nouus, recuses:
omnes hoc ueteres tui fuerunt. 
Tu tantum inspice qui nouus paratur 
an possit fieri uetus sodalis.

A Gathering of Friends, Eustache Le Sueur, between 1640 and 1642


Father-Of-The-Bride Reminds Wedding Guests That He Paid For Everything "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact According to Mark Rogers, somebody always has to pay because nothing in this world comes free. Today, the person who pays is him. Despite saving a bit of money by having their wedding on a Thursday, Julie (nee Rogers) and Sam Heshan still wanted the nuptials of their dreams. []

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Cosmic Disclosure: Technologies of the Secret Base - Season 9, Episode 6 "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"


David: Yes. Now, it seems with a lot of the insiders I've spoken to, that once we dig into their life before the military, that there was something going on before they ever even went in.

And I'm curious: have you had unusual experiences prior to military service that you think may be relevant to share with us today?

Emery: Absolutely. It's personal, but I can tell you right off hand that my grandfather was in the Army, and my father was in the Navy, but when I was born, he was already out of the Navy. And I always wanted to be in the military.

I think I had my first extraterrestrial visit in 1979.

David: Hm.

Emery: And it was at our five acre farm in Fort Myers, Florida. And that was the first contact I ever had, and it was a very pleasant contact. I'll never forget it.

I was not contacted after until 19 . . . between . . . around 1999, '98, where it was like a complete landing and . . . That one was a little bit startling because I was camping out and wasn't ready for it, because it startled me at night because I had just laid down, and I heard some footsteps walking up.

So that turned out . . . That was like the two experiences. The other one's after the military, by the way, but it was just a little bit shocking. But the first one was when I was very young.

But after that, I was obsessed with, of course, laying under the stars. I probably slept more outside of my house than I did inside the house, gazing up at the stars.

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Bitcoin Banned By Islam: Egypts Grand Mufti Issues Fatwa Against Cryptocurrency "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The Egyptian Grand Mufti has issued an official fatwa, banning bitcoin which soared in value over the $20,000 mark in December. Trade in cryptocurrency is similar to gambling, which is forbidden in Islam, he said. The fatwa was issued after consultations with several economic experts, Egypts Grand Mufti Shawki Allam said on Monday, as cited by Ahram []


Benjamin Fulford Update - White Dragon Society Cryptocurrency Portfolio Update - January 3, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Following our initial report describing the overall Cryptocurrency State of Play, we aim to begin releasing quarterly reports summarizing major market developments and changes to our working investment portfolio.  The White Dragon Society (WDS) has access to a wide range of esoteric intelligence and aims to share this cryptocurrency intel on a continuing basis with Benjamin Fulfords readership.

Investment commentary is provided as is, with no warranty.  Investments may go up as well as down.  As always in investing, it is important to look for a good entry point, but at the moment the prices of almost all cryptocurrencies are going up, up, up, as capital continues to flow rapidly into the space.  Its a firehose of liquidity according to early cryptocurrency investor and hedge fund manager Michael Novogratz.

In any case, we hope that some of Benjamins readers profited from our last report.  The fourth quarter of 2017 was an amazing time to be a cryptocurrency investor.

As almost everyone is now aware, 2017 was a quite a year for cryptocurrency.  Bitcoin garnered most of the media attention, especially during its fourth-quarter price surge, as people new to cryptocurrency began hearing about it and buying in for the first time.  This prompted a debate of sorts as to whether Bitcoin, or cryptocurrency in general, is a bubble.  That debate misses the point.

Regardless of whether Bitcoin manages to keep its #1 seat at the top of the cryptocurrency market cap tables and its position as the base currency with which all other cryptos are priced and traded, cryptocurrency in general is obviously here to stay.  It has begun to transform not only finance but all manner of other industries as well, in the same way that the Internet did before it.

Indeed, all technology bubbles are transformative events.  We believe that the key to investing in any such bubble is holding a position in a diversified portfolio of startup projects, each of which stands to disrupt existing industries in a unique way.  In that regard, our portfolio...


Is Ripple The Next Hot Cryptocurrency? Some Are Calling It The Bitcoin That Banks Like "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

After Bitcoin, can you name the second largest cryptocurrency?  Until recently it was Ethereum, but now it is Ripple.  At the start of last year, Ripple was trading for less than a penny, and even just a few months ago you could still get Ripple for about 20 cents.  But now the price of Ripple has absolutely exploded, and as I write this article it is sitting at $3.15.  At this point Ripple has a market cap of more than 120 billion dollars, and those that got in when Ripple was under a penny have seen their investments go up by more than 40,000 percent.

If you can believe it, the price of Ripple is up more than 1,000 percent in the last 30 days alone.  So why is Ripple doing so well right now?

Well, many analysts are pointing to the very strong relationships that Ripple has been building with financial institutions

XRPs price has benefited significantly from Ripples new partnerships with banks, noted Chris Keshian, co-founder of the Apex Token Fund, a tokenized crypto fund-of-funds.

He added that as XRP surpassed ETH as the second largest cryptocurrency, market hype continued to drive the price.

There are some that believe that Ripple will eventually surpass Bitcoin simply because it is a better way to send and receive money.

And without a doubt, functionality is the key for the long-term survival of any cryptocurrency.  Speculative investment can take a cryptocurrency a long way, but at the end of the day it needs to function well in the real world, and that is one key advantage that Ripple appears to have.  According to the Express, Ripple is being...


Almost All Popular Bottled Water Is Filled With Fluoride, Heres a Complete List of Those to Avoid "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

It seems like Fluoride is become one of our biggest enemies and is also becoming a topic discussed throughout many different places around the world. The negative effects of Fluoride have been well documented and brought to the public eye.

As it turns out Fluoride is commonly found in most water products, this is causing tons of health issues in millions of people. While some may argue that Fluoride is healthy for us or at least for our teeth, it actually is not. Fluoride negatively affects the human nervous system and actually is not good for our teeth at all.

Exposure to Flouride is even more common than we would like to think, it is unavoidable in this day and age. Fluoride can cause fluorosis which is a condition of overall complete tooth decay and malformation. It can have a negative effect on childrens IQ, cause brain disorders, cause body toxicity, and many other things. It seems to fit in right along with lead and mercury, to be honest.

If you want to avoid Fluoride riddled water try drinking these brands:



Agromas Natural Mineral Water

A Better Water

American Fare

American Star


Aqua Fresca

Aqua Panna

Aqua pure

Aquarius Natural Mineral Water

Arbor springs

Arlington springs

Aquafina water

Aqua systems

Aqua von

Badger water

Besco Pure Premium Drinking Water

BIOTA Colorado Pure Spring Water


Black Berry Farms

Blue Ice Natural Mineral Water






Callaway Blue



Century Springs


Chippewa Spring Water

Citi Stop

Classic Selection

Clearly Arctic

Clear Mountain Spring Water

Clover Company Limited


Cold Country

Cohutta Mountain Spring Water

Cowboy Squeeze

Crowne Plaza Drinking Water

Crowne Plaza Natural Mineral Water...


happy 2018! "IndyWatch Feed Craft"




We got away for a bit right after Christmas and went to Silver Falls. They have heated cabins we have stayed in before. You still have to cook outside and there is not plumbing inside (a short walk to a bathroom) but they are heated and do have power, so we can snuggle in and read and play card games after getting all cold and wet hiking. The lodge was open and was so cozy with a big fire and a decorated tree. It was really nice. We also love exploring and eating in Silverton on the way there and home, which is full of antique shops and good food.

We aren't 100% ramping back into life yet, it's still break here for some of us. I did take apart my craft/sewing room which is a huge task and only about 50% done. It's overwhelming and hardso much stuff, and so much to sort though, not to mention all the little distractions and emotions that come with finding old letters, photos, and bits of love from my girls throughout the years and all that. It's slow going. I am trying to just work on one small area at a time.


We love the the short films over at Great Big Story. All the ones we have seen so far have been wonderful.


Thomas Roma, Photographer and Columbia University Professor, Accused of Sexual Misconduct "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Thomas Roma giving at TED talk at Columbia University in 2014 (screenshot via YouTube)Thomas Roma giving at TED talk at Columbia University in 2014 (screenshot via YouTube)

Five women have come forward accusing Thomas Roma, a photographer and professor, of sexual misconduct. The incidents they outlined in interviews with the New York Times mostly occurred in the 1990s while the women were students of Romas at Columbia University and the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York.

One of the women, actress Mozhan Marno who was an 18-year-old sophomore at Barnard College at the time of the alleged incident in 1999 subsequently filed a written complaint to Columbia, where Roma has been teaching since 1996. An investigative panel concluded that she and Roma had been complicit in the encounter. The University failed to investigate Romas behavior further, according to Marno; he still teaches at Columbia, where he serves as the director of the School of the Arts photography program.

The four other women who spoke to the Times on the record were all students at SVA, where Roma taught for many years, and one was subsequently also his teaching assistant at Columbia. That woman, Ash Thayer, an artist and filmmaker now based in Los Angeles, claims Roma forced himself upon her in his office at Columbia in 1999, putting his penis in her mouth despite her repeated exclamations of no. She quickly pushed him away and fled.

I froze, Thayer told the Times. He committed oral rape against me.

Allison Ward, a student of Romas at SVA in the mid-1990s, said they had several sexual encounters. Though she said she was not forced in any of the incidents, she did describe Roma...


Ripple Pushes Past $3, Reaches Almost Half Bitcoins Market Cap "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Ripple has crossed $3 per coin, keeping it solidly into the number 2 coin position. #WHEN MOON


African Holding Company VP Urges Central Bank to Buy Bitcoin and Ditch Dollar "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

African Holding Company VP Urges Central Bank to Buy Bitcoin and Ditch Dollar

Concerned about the US dollars predicted drop in value, and many African countries relying on USD cash reserves, vice president of Groupe Nduom, a leading financial holding company, Papa-Wassa Chiefy Nduom, has taken to Linkedin and Twitter to make the case for less reliance on greenbacks and more investment in bitcoin.   

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African Holding Company VP Urges Central Bank to Buy Bitcoin and Ditch Dollar

Unnecessarily Prolonging Gut-Wrenching Human Suffering on the African Continent

What if this continent could finally build consensus around a new digital reserve asset and figure out ways to fund infrastructure development by leveraging it, Mr. Nduom asks via his Linkedin account. Hes concerned about the US Dollar. The experts say its going down this year especially, he fears. Its of particular worry for Africa due to the reliance many nations have on US currency, and a crash of the predicted double-digit magnitude could lead to unnecessarily prolonging gut-wrenching human suffering on the African Continent if action isnt taken, and soon.

The alternative Mr. Nduom...


PM Says Melbourne Losing Battle Against Groups Of 3 Or More Black Kids In Public Places "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | CONTACT The amount of three or more visibly African teenagers standing in public, possibly making noise or being annoying, is out of control in parts of Victoria and tougher sentencing laws are needed, Federal Minister Greg Hunt says, but police insist they are on top of Melbournes youth crime problem. Mr Hunt, who represents []

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Elisabeth OBrien "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

Certified Birth & Bereavement Doula serving Brisbane Australia

SBD Doulas are accessible to you through our open group or through our CONNECT app.



Discover what the SBD credentialed doula has achieved.


Kimberly Cevoli "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

Certified Birth & Bereavement Doula serving Philadelphia PA

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Discover what the SBD credentialed doula has achieved.



Sabrina Harroun "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

Certified Birth & Bereavement Doula serving Lawton Oklahoma

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Discover what the SBD credentialed doula has achieved.


Laurina Ynskje Cerredo "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

Certified Birth & Bereavement Doula serving Amsterdam e.a. The Netherlands

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Discover what the SBD credentialed doula has achieved.


Diana Boskma "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

Certified Birth & Bereavement Doula serving Rotterdam, Netherlands

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The 7 Most Important Things in Life. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Even though its never too late to change our lives, its much better to learn these seven important things in life as young as possible. We all know that when we are young, everything seems easy. We expect agile development with the goals we are striving for.

Those who beat us to success did something that we failed to. Heres the trick, folks. With all the failures behind us, our enthusiasm for new goals and dreams is slowly fading, and we act more from a comfort-zone mode. But if we learn these seven important things in life and put them into action immediately, well transform our lives for good. Well have the clear picture of what were doing and where it will take us.

A successful person is entirely aware of these seven important things in life and behaves according to them.

1. Always be present, here and now, at this moment.

While this is a very tricky statement for most people, lets look deeper. Where are we when we are going to work? Yes, we are on the bus or in our cars, but only physically. But where are we with our minds and thoughts?

We are probably thinking about what todays duties at work are or what happened last night when we had a good time with our friends. And here lies the problem! We forget to live the present. Either we are bringing the past along, or were intrigued by what the future might bring, and we are not living now.

Lets take a deep breath and feel our body, feel our heart, observe our thoughts, and well see what we are missing at this moment: nothing less or more, only the present!

2. Abandon should and shouldnt for good.

This is maybe the hardest of all these seven important things in life. Throw away the expectations of society and of our families, and well see how theyve made us think there are things we should do. For example, we should go to university and get a degree in economics (when instead we love art), or we should be more like our uncle so we can make as much money as he does, and so on.

Before we accept what we should or shouldnt do, ask these questions: From whom are we waiting for permission? And why this is acceptable? The only way to be happy is to live our lives as we want to!



Ashley Howell "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

Certified Birth & Bereavement Doula serving Puget Sound, Washington

SBD Doulas are accessible to you through our open group or through our CONNECT app.



Discover what the SBD credentialed doula has achieved.


2017's Crypto (R)evolution Was Just the Beginning "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The crypto markets aren't small business anymore  here, one of the ecosystem's earliest traders recaps 2017's wild rise to the financial mainstream.


Katie Alvord "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

Certified Birth & Bereavement Doula serving Hagerstown, Maryland

SBD Doulas are accessible to you through our open group or through our CONNECT app.



Discover what the SBD credentialed doula has achieved.


Bomb Cyclone to Hammer US East Coast "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The US is braced for a bomb cyclone a weather phenomenon which officials say will arrive during a cold snap that has already claimed at least 11 lives.

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Anonymous Sends Another Strong Message: This Is Unlike Anything We Have Ever Seen "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Anonymous has released another video, with this one titled, This Is Unlike Anything Weve Ever Seen.

It paints a very dark and negative picture of the current human experience, which is one we may understandably feel when we look at current news. But there is something deeper going on here, and this is important to note. We have to focus on not getting so caught up in the negative.

Sometimes are afraid to acknowledge or even know about some of whats happening in our world. Looked at without anything other than the bad stuff, this type of exposure can make you feel down and out. But with the right mix of news and information and by looking at it from a neutral place, things can seem very different.

As a result of so much global turmoil, lots of people prefer to take the ignorance is bliss, route, and remain mentally comfortable here during their time on planet Earth.

Mainstream Media Loves Drama

The truth is, mainstream media loves to paint a picture of a planet in complete turmoil and disappear, one plagued by poverty and war and thats because, as hard as it is to believe, there are powerful people who profit off of global conflict. None of this is actually necessary, and the human race has more than enough tools and potential to completely eradicate these problems from the human experience. But it seems we still have a long way to go, and some feel that we dont have much time to do it.

Why do they love this portraying the world this way? Because the same group of people who shape our reality and perception of the human experience are in control of mainstream media. Mainly governments, intelligence agencies and those who order these groups to what to do.

They use our consciousness against us by our lack of inquiry. We simply accept what we are told, and fail to look into things for ourselves.

A great quote comes to mind here that is somewhat relatable to the point Im trying to get across:

The statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting the blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception.

 Mark Twain (...


#Pizzagate Conspiracy - Main Stream Audience Being Red Pilled: John Legend, Chrissy Tiegen, Chelsea Clinton , Chruch of Satan "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

(Chelsea Clinton and Christine Teigen - Image Source: Getty Images)
(Enerchi) Amazing to see Chelsea Clinton, daughter of accused satanic political icon Hillary Clinton, coming in defense of another accused pedophile family, John Legend and Chrissy Tiegen. It seems that Chelsea Clinton, a known member of a famous satanic family felt obligated to defend against the #pizzagate conspiracies now being fingered at celebrities John Legend and his wife Chrissy Tiegen. To bring even more awareness to the Clinton's being a satanic family, Chelsea wishes the Church of Satan a "Happy New Year". No I am not making this up. 2018 starts of with a bang! Main stream media is picking up the Church of Satan story as well. Here is Yahoo defending Clinton, here is Gateway Pundit, and here is Infowars.
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