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Wednesday, 11 July


Ex-Sailor Pardoned By Trump, Sues Obama And Comey For NOT Prosecuting Hillary "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

The former Navy sailor pardoned by President Donald Trump after serving a year in federal prison for taking photos of classified sections of his submarine filed a lawsuit on Monday against Obama administration officials. The ex-sailor is alleging that he was subject to unequal protection of the law and cites Comey and Obamas willingness to not prosecute Hillary Clinton.

Barack Obama and former FBI director James Comey let Hillary off the hook before the election, while Kristian Saucier served hard time.  Saucier says that that action was unfair and unequal compared to the corruption and criminal activity of Hillary Clinton.  Saucier told Fox News he was scapegoated by Obama officials who found themselves under fire for not aggressively responding to Clintons handling of classified information through her private email servers.

According to Fox News, Sauciers federal lawsuit alleges that the United States government was overzealous in prosecuting him for mishandling classified information while going easy on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for more serious violations of the same law. Sauciers lawsuit names as defendants former President Barack Obama, former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, former FBI Director James Comey, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who led the inquiry into Clintons email account.

I could have just taken the pardon by President Trump and gone on with my life, Saucier said to Fox News, adding th...


Early Life Exposure to Famine Can Lead to Depression "IndyWatch Feed Health"

From Medical Xpress: New research from the University of Georgia reveals that exposure to famine during specific moments in early life is associated with depression later in life.

Nutrition deprivation and stress are important risk factors for depression particularly during periods in early life, said lead author Changwei Li, assistant professor of epidemiology and biostatistics at UGAs College of Public Health.



Honokiol inhibits proliferation, invasion and induces apoptosis in human lung adenocarcinoma cells. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Front Pharmacol. 2018 ;9:558. Epub 2018 May 28. PMID: 29892225 Abstract Title:  Honokiol Inhibits Proliferation, Invasion and Induces Apoptosis Through Targeting Lyn Kinase in Human Lung Adenocarcinoma Cells. Abstract:  Honokiol is a natural compound with small molecular structure and extracted from bark of magnolia trees. The biological activities of honokiol include anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation as well as anti-tumor. However, their mechanism remains unknown. In this study, A549 cell line and EGFR-mutant cell line PC-9 with higher expression level of Lyn than A549 cells were used to assess the anti-tumor effects of honokiol. As shown in this study, honokiol is an effective drug on inhibiting proliferation and inducing apoptosis depended on Lyn and EGFR signal pathway regulated by Lyn, and its efficacy is stronger in PC-9 cells than A549 cells. In addition, this anti-tumor effect in PC-9 cells was weakened by Lyn-knockdown. Taken together, this study indicated the mechanism of honokiol on lung adenocarcinoma and provides a possibility of honokiol as an effective anti-tumor medicine.

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US May Be Closer Than You Think to A Recession, Warns Bloomberg Trader "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Turn on the TV or spend any time on Twitter and you will be comfortably, numbly, reassured that everything is awesome stocks are up (well FANGs are up), confidence is up (as is credit card debt), and the economy is SOARING (as long as you dont pay attention to the weakness in income growth). However, reality is that the so-called economic data that the mainstream relies upon is soft survey-based perceptions skewed by hope and expectations, and while that is rising once again, hard real economic data continues to languish awkwardly unchanged from the start of President Trumps reign..

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How the 12 Step Program is Exacerbating the Opioid Crisis "IndyWatch Feed Health"

From The New Republic: Health authorities and medical researchers widely consider medication-assisted treatment (MAT) with methadone or Suboxone the most effective way of treating opioid addiction, which in 2016 affected some two million people across the United States. Yet in the midst of a national opioid epidemic, only a fraction of addicts receives MAT. In response, President Donald Trump recently vowed to expand access to MAT, which can be expensive and difficult for patients to obtain. The push, sorely needed as it may be, faces an obstacle that is beyond the abilities of the federal government to remedy. The real barrier may not lie in a lack of resources, but in the very way America still thinks of addiction, thanks to a decades-old 12 Step philosophy that has left a new generation of addicts out in the cold.



Why Blondie the Hedgehog Isnt Albino "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Inside Edition YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

An abandoned baby hedgehog is recovering after she was saved by a charity known as Help a Hedgehog Hospital. Blondie, as she is now called, due to her rare blonde coloring, was found in the middle of a garden in Gloucestershire, England. She is believed to have been abandoned by her mother because of her abnormal coloring. InsideEdition.coms Leigh Scheps ( has more.


Senator Nancy Schaefer: Did her fight against CPS child kidnapping cause her murder? "IndyWatch Feed Health"

by Brian Shilhavy, Health Impact News Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer may have known more about State-sponsored kidnappings than any other politician in the United States before she was murdered in March of 2010. Her published report, The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services, is reproduced below. It was the basis for many lectures and interviews she gave on the topic. She []

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NZ Exchange Cryptopia Starts Planned Maintenance Early, Users Report Withdrawal Issues "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

New Zealand crypto exchange Cryptopia started its planned maintenance early this week, further encountering unexpected issues requiring investigation. Some users have reported withdrawal issues


Sig 320 your thoughts on it "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

ok i was invited to a range session where the sig rep was showing the new 320 model pistol
Here what I like the most
1-one trigger system for pistol frames
2-interchangeably of frames to suit your needs .i like this part because of the simple fact of not having to buy another pistol fit that needed
3-easily to take down and clean
4-change out the fire control set up to clean or repair as needed


easiest way to get clean water and solar energy off-grid "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

if you are off grid or planning to be
how much energy would you need?

there's this solar/water box, but we are looking to help people in the US get off grid so trying to find out what is best. I attached some basic info...

Would you need more energy? maybe less?

would love to know what you think! we are trying to help people be independent and resilient



The following video is brought to you courtesy of the James Munder YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.
SHeep be like \_()_/

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Augur Network Launches Successfully after Token Migration Completes "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Augur, a decentralized prediction market platform, has successfully launched after being in development for over 2 years. As CCN reported, Augur launched their client and initiated token migration on July 9th at 11:01 PST. The token migration involved freezing the current ERC-20 smart contract and migrating to a new one. The migration took several hours Continued

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Fox: Nun at charity founded by Mother Teresa arrested, accused of trafficking babies "IndyWatch Feed Health"

After a series of complaints, the Indian Child Welfare Committee (CWC) announced that they are in the process of investigating a nun and one other employee serving at the Missionaries of Charity center in India (founded by Mother Teresa) of child trafficking. Specifically, the sale of a newborn baby boy from the Nirmal Hriday (Pure []

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Breaking: Hawaii New Rivers Of Lava Epic Concerns "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Paul Begley YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? New rivers of lava flowing in Hawaii


Magnolol and honokiol protect the intestinal mucosal integrity and regulate gastrointestinal dysfunction. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Med Sci Monit. 2018 May 21 ;24:3348-3356. Epub 2018 May 21. PMID: 29782483 Abstract Title:  Magnolol and Honokiol Attenuate Apoptosis of Enterotoxigenic Escherichia Coli-Induced Intestinal Epithelium by Maintaining Secretion and Absorption Homeostasis and Protecting Mucosal Integrity. Abstract:  BACKGROUND The cortex of Magnolia officinalis has long been used as an element of traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of anxiety, chronic bronchitis, and gastrointestinal dysfunction. This study aimed to elucidate the underlying mechanism of its functional ingredients (magnolol and honokiol) in modifying the secretion and absorption homeostasis and protecting mucosal integrity in an Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC)-induced diarrhea mouse model. MATERIAL AND METHODS This study established a diarrhea mouse model infected by ETEC at a dosage of 0.02 ml/g live body weight (BW) in vivo. Magnolol or honokiol was followed by an intraperitoneal administration at dosages of 100, 300, and 500 mg/kg BW according to a 33 factorial arrangement. The useful biomarkers for evaluating the integrity of intestinal tract and histologic injury were analyzed and morphological development (including villus height, crypt depth, and ratio of villus height to crypt depth) and the expressions of inflammatory cytokines were determined by real-time PCR. RESULTS The results showed that magnolol and honokiol (500 mg/kg BW) reduced the concentrations of NO, DAO, and DLA, and iNOS activity, and the mRNA expressions of the interferon gamma (IFN-) and interleukin 10 (IL-10), and inhibited intestinal epithelial cell apoptosis.Magnolol and honokiol (300 mg/kg BW) elongated the villus height and crypt depth and decreased the number of goblet cells and the ratio of villus height to crypt depth. CONCLUSIONS The current results indicate that magnolol and honokiol enhance the intestinal anti-inflammatory capacities, elongate the villus height and crypt depth, and reduce goblet cell numbers to inhibit the intestinal epithelium apoptosis and effectively protect the intestinal mucosa. These results show that magnolol and honokiol protect the intestinal mucosal integrity and regulate gastrointestinal dysfunction.

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London School of Economics Launches Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption Course "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

London School of Economics Launches Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption Course

The London School of Economics, one of the leading academic institutions for higher learning in the world, is the latest university to offer a course on cryptocurrency. For just 1,800, and about sixty hours of learning, you too can be a certified crypto academic.

Also Read: The Pirate Bay Is Again Using Users CPUs to Mine Crypto

Certified Crypto Course

London School of Economics Launches Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption CourseThe London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) has launched a new online certificate course titled Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption headed by Dr Carsten Srensen, Associate Professor of Information Systems and Innovation. LSE has thus joined the growing list of top notch institutions offering crypto classes such as Cambridge,...


Downsizing Dilemma "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Lately I have been giving a lot of thought about going to all 9mm for my pistols.Having 357 revolvers takes care of a lot of problems on its own. I did a lot of research on the subject weighed the pros and con's of the caliber in question. 9mm does have a lot going for it. Every gun manufacturer makes several. Ammo is cheap(when available). Can be found everywhere (when available). PCC's do really well with 9mm. I'm thinking about getting a 1911(Gasp!) in 9mm! Yeah I know the 45 won't shrink...

Downsizing Dilemma


These testing methods should be mandatory for any software "IndyWatch Feed Education"

4 Testing Methods Which Are Mandatory For Any Software

Software testing is the art of investigating a software in a systematic fashion so as to find deep-rooted defects in it. In addition to that, software testing also checks the quality and correctness of the software. After the errors are identified, it becomes easier to develop a bug-free and user-friendly software.

Now, as you know, even a small defect can cause the entire software to crash. If a software crashes, it can cause a great deal of damage. Proper testing methods can prevent this.

The testing process can identify any defect, bug or error. It is best to introduce software testing right from the initial phase of the software development cycle. All the successful software development companies adhere to this. They consider testing to be an important part of the development cycle. Also, automated testing is gaining popularity over manual testing. Automated testing is quicker and more accurate as compared to manual testing.

But, before we move any further, there are three software test cases which you should know about:

  1. Black box testingIn this method of testing, the user/tester does not have any working knowledge of the internal structure of the software. It verifies the functionality of the software. Black box testing is particularly beneficial because the black box testers find the bugs which cannot be traced during the program execution. The testing methods used in black box testing are boundary value analysis, equivalence partitioning, model-based testing, all pairs testing and fuzz testing among others.
  2. White box testingIn white box testing, the user/tester has professional knowledge of algorithms and the structure of the test software. Testing methods used are mutation testing methods, Application Programming Interface, static testing, code statements, code branches, paths and conditions. It is generally performed by software developers.
  3. Grey box testingIn this method, the user/tester can access the internal algorithms and data structures to design test cases. Grey box testing is somewhat similar to black box testing. If your software requires the joint output of two or more models, this type of integration testing is deployed.

Now, that you have a clear understanding of these terms, lets move on to the various types of software testing.

The 4 mandatory testing methods your software should undergo

Well, there are many types of testing which...


Impossible Burger Fails to Inspire Trust in the GMO Industry "IndyWatch Feed Health"

By Stacy Malkan

For anyone who wonders why consumers arent inspired to trust the GMO industry, consider this bizarre statement from Impossible Foods Chief Communications Officer Rachel Konrad in defense of the Impossible Burger, a veggie burger made more meat-like via genetically engineered yeast.

Konrad was upset by a June 27 Bloomberg article Is it too early for fake meat? that raised concerns about insufficient research, regulation and labeling in the realm of new food technologies.

Impossible Burgers marketing chief set the record straight with information sourced from chemical industry front groups and other unreliable messengers who regularly communicate inaccurate information.


So Konrad took to Medium, blasting critics of the Impossible Burger as anti-science fundamentalists and setting the record straight with information she sourced from chemical industry front groups and other unreliable anti-consumer messengers who regularly communicate inaccurate information about science.



University of Liverpool reverses course, names researcher guilty of misconduct "IndyWatch Feed Health"

A few weeks ago, we received a press release that gave us pause: The University of Liverpool said it had found one of its researchers guilty of research misconduct but did not say who, nor which papers might be involved. Now, less than one month later, the university is naming the researcher, and identifying Continue reading University of Liverpool reverses course, names researcher guilty of misconduct


Saint Ursula, Francesco Ruschi, 1st half of 17th century "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Saint Ursula, Francesco Ruschi, 1st half of 17th century


When Your Muse Is Also a Demonic Dominatrix "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

On Salvador Dalis wife Gala

Salvador Gali and his wife Gala

When Salvador Dals wife Gala died in 1982, the first person outside of his household to hear the news was Juan Carlos, the King of Spain. Dal telephoned the reigning monarch himself, and for once, this was not an act of posturing or presumption on his behalf. By then, the once destitute artist had become a surrealist superstar, a multi-millionaire, a man whose supreme genius landed him the nickname el maestro, the title of a Marquess, endless fawning fans and an equally endless litany of clingers-on, copycats and sycophants. Dal had met Gala, born Elena Ivanovna Diakonova, when he was at the tender age of twenty-four (and, the story goes, still virginal). She was ten years his senior and they lived together for the next fifty-three years, until her death. How would he fare without her?

Not well. Following her funeral Dal locked himself away in his surrealist tower, in Pbol, Spain, drew the curtains and refused to eat or drink. He denied entry to his friends and aides and forbade anyone to speak Galas name. As he wrote in Confessions Inconfessables in 1973, the castle itself was a testament to his love:

Everything celebrates the cult of Gala, even the round room, with its perfect echo that crowns the building as a whole and which is like a dome of this Galactic cathedral. When I walk around this house I look at myself and I see my concentricity. I like its moorish rigour. I needed to offer Gala a case more solemnly worthy of our love. That is why I gave her a mansion built on the remains of a 12th century castle: the old castle of Pbol in La Bisbal, where she would reign like an absolute sovereign, right up to the point that I could visit her only by hand-written invitation from her. I limited myself to the pleasure of decorating her ceilings so that when she raised her eyes, she would always find me in her sky.

In 1984, two years after her death, a fire broke out in his bedroom under suspicious circumstances and Dal was horribly burnt. In the hospital they discovered he was suffering from severe malnutrition and his staff was accused of negligence. But th...


More Than Half of ICOs Fail Within 4 Months, Study Suggests "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

A new study suggests that, while many ICOs become inactive soon after launch, there are rewards for investors willing to take a risk.


These farmers switched to organic after pesticides made them or their family sick "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Some farmers transition to organic production to earn premium prices paid for organic crops. Others switch to make their farms more sustainable. But for some farmers transitioning to organic is a necessity to save their healthand even their lives. Blaine Schmaltz, who farms in Rugby, North Dakota, is a good example. One day in September 1993, Schmaltz []

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Serum magnesium levels are inversely associated with risk of coronary artery disease. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  BMC Med. 2018 May 17 ;16(1):68. Epub 2018 May 17. PMID: 29769070 Abstract Title:  Serum magnesium levels and risk of coronary artery disease: Mendelian randomisation study. Abstract:  BACKGROUND: Observational studies have shown that serum magnesium levels are inversely associated with risk of cardiovascular disease, but whether this association is causal is unknown. We conducted a Mendelian randomisation study to investigate whether serum magnesium levels may be causally associated with coronary artery disease (CAD).METHODS: This Mendelian randomisation analysis is based on summary-level data from the CARDIoGRAMplusC4D consortium's 1000 Genomes-based genome-wide association meta-analysis of 48 studies with a total of 60,801 CAD cases and 123,504 non-cases. Six single-nucleotide polymorphisms associated with serum magnesium levels at genome-wide significance were used as instrumental variables.RESULTS: A genetic predisposition to higher serum magnesium levels was inversely associated with CAD. In conventional Mendelian randomisation analysis, the odds ratio of CAD was 0.88 (95% confidence interval [CI] 0.78 to 0.99; P=0.03) per 0.1-mmol/L (about 1 standard deviation) increase in genetically predicted serum magnesium levels. Results were consistent in sensitivity analyses using the weighted median and heterogeneity-penalised model averaging methods, with odds ratios of 0.84 (95% CI 0.72 to 0.98; P=0.03) and 0.83 (95% CI 0.71 to 0.96; P=0.02), respectively.CONCLUSIONS: This study based on genetics provides evidence that serum magnesium levels are inversely associated with risk of CAD. Randomised controlled trials elucidating whether magnesium supplementation lowers the risk of CAD, preferably in a setting at higher risk of hypomagnesaemia, are warranted.

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Pruitt Buries Source of Formaldehyde in Story About EPA Burying Study on Formaldehyde and Pediatric Cancer "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Burying the formaldehyde study is part of an effort by Pruitt and aides to undermine EPA's research program, current and former officials tell POLITICO. The Trump administration is suppressing an Environmental Protection Agency report that warns that most Americans inhale...


Breaking: 2 Babies Die After Vaccination Shots "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Paul Begley YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

Samoa Hospital is shocked after 2 Babies Die from vaccinations


A single-loading dose of intravenous magnesium improved insulin resistance indices in critically ill patients with stress-induced hyperglycemia. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  J Intensive Care Med. 2018 Jan 1:885066618777431. Epub 2018 Jan 1. PMID: 29788815 Abstract Title:  Effect of Magnesium Loading Dose on Insulin Resistance in Patients With Stress-Induced Hyperglycemia: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Abstract:  OBJECTIVES: There is currently no evidence that whether magnesium supplementation would improve stress-induced hyperglycemia (SIH) in critically ill patients. In this study, effects of magnesium loading dose on insulin resistance (IR) indices were evaluated in critically ill patients without diabetes having SIH.METHODS: Seventy critically ill patients with SIH were assigned to receive a loading dose of magnesium (7.5 g of magnesium sulfate in 500 mL normal saline as intravenous infusion over an 8-hour period) or placebo. Changes in baseline of serum and intracellular magnesium and serum adiponectin (AD) levels, homeostasis model assessment of IR (HOMA-IR), and HOMA-AD ratio were assessed in this study.RESULTS: Serum and intracellular magnesium levels increased significantly in patients in the magnesium group ( P

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How to use image preprocessing to improve the accuracy of Tesseract "IndyWatch Feed Education"

Previously, on How to get started with Tesseract, I gave you a practical quick-start tutorial on Tesseract using Python. It is a pretty simple overview, but it should help you get started with Tesseract and clear some hurdles that I faced when I was in your shoes. Now, Im keen on showing you a few more tricks and stuff you can do with Tesseract and OpenCV to improve your overall accuracy.

Where did we leave off last time?

In the previous story, I didnt bother going into details for the most part. But if you liked the first story, here comes the sequel! So where did we leave off?

Ah, we had a brief overview of rescaling, noise removal, and binarization. Now, its time to get down to details and show you a few settings you can play with.


The images that are rescaled are either shrunk or enlarged. If youre interested in shrinking your image, INTER_AREA is the way to go for you. (Btw, the parameters fx and fy denote the scaling factor in the function below.)

img = cv2.resize(img, None, fx=0.5, fy=0.5, interpolation=cv2.INTER_AREA)

On the other hand, as in most cases, you may need to scale your image to a larger size to recognize small characters. In this case, INTER_CUBIC generally performs better than other alternatives, though its also slower than others.

img = cv2.resize(img, None, fx=2, fy=2, interpolation=cv2.INTER_CUBIC)

If youd like to trade off some of your image quality for faster performance, you may want to try INTER_LINEAR for enlarging images.

img = cv2.resize(img, None, fx=2, fy=2, interpolation=cv2.INTER_LINEAR)


Its worth mentioning that there are a few blur filters available in the OpenCV library. Image blurring is usually achieved by convolving the image with a low-pass filter kernel. While filters are usually used to blur the image or to reduce noise, there are a few differences between them.

1. Averaging

After convolving an image with a normalized box filter, this simply takes the average of all the pixels under the kernel area and replaces the central element. Its pretty self-explanatory, I guess.

img = cv.blur(img,(5,5))

2. Gaussian blurring

This works in a s...


How you can get started with Tesseract "IndyWatch Feed Education"

Its far from a secret that Tesseract is not an all-in-one OCR tool that recognizes all sort of texts and drawings. In fact, this couldnt be further from the truth. If this was a secret, Ive already spoiled it and its already too late to go back anyway. So, why not dive deep into Tesseract and share few tips and tricks that could improve your results?

I love free stuff!

Really, though. I do appreciate all those developers who contribute to open-source projects without expecting any benefits in return. After all, they provide us with capabilities that are relatively difficult for individuals to achieve, such as creating Deep Neural Networks via TensorFlow without much of the hassle. Who would have thought that Machine Learning would be as accessible as it is today?

Tesseract, too, helps us accomplish simple OCR tasks with a significant success rate, and is completely open-source. In this post, Ill try to get you going with Tesseract and hopefully help you clear some of the hurdles that you might face while working with it.

Even though there are a quite few options in the field, for example OCRopus, Tesseract still seems to be the first choice for most free riders. Well, that all adds up if you consider Tesseract is still being developed by the Google community and has constantly grown over time. However, if youve had experience with Tesseract before, you might have noticed that Tesseract is likely to disappoint you when it comes to image pre-processing or custom font training.

Leaving custom font trainings for a later discussion, for now, Ill be mainly focusing on going over the basics to get you started with Tesseract. First, lets quickly go over the installation.



Ill be using HomeBrew, a package manager, to install Tesseract libraries. After installing HomeBrew, you should prompt the following command.

$ brew install tesseract

Or, you could also do the same thing with MacPorts if you wish.

$ sudo port install tesseract


On Ubuntu, its quite simple as well.

$ sudo apt-get install tesseract-ocr


For Windows, you can download the unofficial installer from the official GitHub Repository. What a sentence, eh?

How do I know if things are installed correctly?



Why veterans miss war "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

I had to post these... they says so much...


Even Elon Musk is Talking About Twitters Crypto Scambot Epidemic "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Scam bitcoin and ether giveaway bots have started to target the accounts of high profile figures outside of the crypto community, such as SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and US President Donald Trump. Scam Bots Plague Twitter For over a year, scam bots on Twitter have pretended to be the account owners of popular Continued

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WHOA... WTAF??? "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

For real? they covered this up?????? WHY?

why did he do it and why cover it up?

According to eyewitnesses, the 33-year-old suspect, Mourtala Madou, from Niger, beheaded his one-year-old daughter in front of a horrified crowd of commuters at Jungfernstieg station on Thursday April 12, and then stabbed his German girlfriend, the mother of the child.




PBoC Will Crush Foreign ICOs Targeting Chinese Investors: Official "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

A vice versa of the Peoples Bank of China has again issued strong statements against first coin offerings, singling out those that have moved abroad, but are still advertising to investors in China. Talking in an internal meeting of the Internet Finance Rectification Working Group on Monday, Ban Gunsheng cautioned that ICOs, disguised ICOs and crypto asset trading are illegal within the nation, and represent illicit forms of securities and fundraising issuance. Even though China issued a direct ban on ICO at Sept 2017, Pan explained many of projects that have moved abroad as a result are still available on the Chinese market, based on a report by neighborhood business media origin Yicai.

Pan was quoted as stating. Any new financial product or phenomenon which isnt approved under the existing legal framework, well crush them once they dare to surface. Authorized by Chinas State Council at 2016, the task force is tasked with executing financial regulators instructions for controlling illegal activities in the world of internet finance. The report didnt provide details on the way the body intends to control access to foreign ICO and crypto trading. On the other hand, the news was followed by an item from another state owned media origin suggesting that Chinas messaging giant WeChat seems to have improved its attempts to identify cryptocurrency traders utilizing the platform over recent months.

The later report indicated the messaging agency had limited its obligations functions of such users for example, by restricting the fiat currency they could receive on any day. In January, Pan notably pushed for broader cryptocurrency trading ban in China based on an internal memo circulated at the time. WeChat isnt the only service platform which appears to have taken measures to cooperate with regulators. Following the 2017 ICO ban, one on-line forum named Zhishi Xingqiu became a popular platform employed by agents from outside China to access retail investors within the country, for a commission earning investments on their behalf.

In Mar, but the platform issued an announcement stating that itd monitor threads and prohibit people who uses a platform to solicit investors in ICO tokens. PBoC image via Shutterstock. The leader in blockchain news, CoinDesk is a media outlet that strives for the highest journalistic standards and abides by a strict set of editorial policies. CoinDesk is an independent operating subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, which invests in cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups.



Australian Anti-Vaxxers Provide New Model for the World "IndyWatch Feed Health"

By Jon Rappoport

As the Australian bureaucrats double-down on their de-facto forced vaccination schemes (see ZeroHedges latest article Australia Will Now Fine Parents Twice a Month If They Dont Vaccinate Their Kids), Im re-posting this piece I wrote in March as a testament to all those throughout the Western world who fight for health freedom

And, for all the latest on Australian medical tyranny and more, its imperative you go to The talks from The 2018 Sydney Vaccination Conference The Censorship of the Vaccination Debate in Australia are now posted there (see here and here).

March 4, 2018

Out of the ashes of government tyranny comes a solution.

In the Australian state of Queensland, childcare facilities can refuse to allow unvaccinated children to attend, so

Parents there have formed their own community, whic...


Ethereum's Joe Lubin: We're Moving Into Phase Two of ETH Blockchain This Year "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Ethereums Joseph Lubin says that with the fundamental layer one in the Ethereum ecosystem now established, 2018 will see layer two systems ramify and mature


12 Boys and Their Soccer Coach Freed From Thailand Cave in Miracle Rescue "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Inside Edition YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

All 12 soccer players and their coach have been rescued from a cave complex in Thailand, where they had been trapped for over two weeks. The Thai Navy Seals confirmed the operation to remove the remaining boys and their 25-year-old coach had been successful. We are not sure if this is a miracle, a science or what, The Thai Navy Seals said in a Facebook post. All the thirteen Wild Boars are now out of the cave. InsideEdition.coms Leigh Scheps ( has more.


Hijacks your immune system in many startling ways youre not being told about "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Recent events again highlight the need for Americans to stand up for their right to know, and freedom to choose, when it comes to medical risk-taking. The New York Court of Appeals not only has given the nod of approval to New York Citys health department requirement that all preschoolers must get annual flu shots, []

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A humanoid EBE contacted my friend Ilona telling her of a crop-circle to be seen in the Czech Republic a whole month before it happened (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Image of the actual crop-circle in a field in Bohdankov, Liberec, The Czech Republic. Reported 7th July Renata Krlov Copyright 2018 link to crop-circle connector below

A dear friend of mine Ilona Podhrazska who is an author and ufologist from the Czech Republic sent me a private message on Facebook on the 24th of June telling me she had been informed by her alien contact EBE to watch out for a crop circle in the Czech Republic in July.
Now before all you sceptics start calling me a nut-job, Ilona has been in contact with a humanoid EBE since the 1990s and is very famous in the ufo world and the Czech Republic and has appeared on many television shows and written a book on her exploits with the humanoid EBE.
She and her sister Ivana contact the EBE through a homemade Ouija board and experts are astonished over the technical knowledge the girls reveal.
You can read her original message sent to my Facebook account on a screen grab below, it is translated from the Czech language, Ilona is learning English at the moment.

Now the Czech Republic is not a hotbed for crop-circles and for Ilona to be told one month before it happens is nothing more than spectacular, how on Earth can a couple of Czech sisters pull off such an intricate pattern in the middle of a field without being seen, they couldnt of course, so who is humanoid EBE? Is he/she ET? A Demon? Spirit?

Below are Ilona and Ivanas book review

Book Review: Czech Girls ET Contact with Humanoid EBE Olie by Ilona Podhrazska and Ivana Podhr...



An Event Planners Beachy Bungalow on New Yorks Fire Island "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

An Event Planner's Beachy Bungalow on NY's Fire Island, Design*Sponge

An Event Planner's Beachy Bungalow on NY's Fire Island, Design*Sponge

Cherry Grove, a community on New Yorks Fire Island, has been one of the areas most picturesque destinations for decades. It was even made a National Historic Landmark in 2015. For event planner Jove Meyer, though, its much more than just a slice of sun and serenity. Its a sanctuary where he and his friends can unwind and be their authentic queer selves away from the noise and turbulence of the city.

Joves journey to owning a home on Fire Island started a decade ago when he left California for New York City and Columbia University. At the time, he was fully prepared to step off the plane, out of the closet and into a classroom to start chipping away at a law degree. Not long after, however, his friend asked him to help organize her wedding, and the rest, as they say, is history. Seemingly overnight, law school went out the window, and the beginning of Jove Meyer Events was born! he tells us.

Since then Jove has branched out and become an LGBTQ+ advocate and speaker, traveling around the world to talk to other creatives about inclusivity in the field of wedding planning. Its a big operation one youd think would have a huge office to match. On the contrary, Jove has found a way to run the outfit from this quaint Fire Island bungalow during the summer months. And its all thanks to some clever planning.

As you can imagine, decorating an apartment on an island presented some...


Lawyer: Monsanto Bullied Scientists And Hid Weedkillers Cancer Risks "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

A lawyer on Monday argued that Roundup creator Monsanto hid the cancer-causing effects of their weedkiller and bullied scientists into making claims it was safe. In a landmark lawsuit against the global chemical corporation, the lawyer didnt hold back in his accusations against Monsanto.

Monsanto has specifically gone out of its way to bully and to fight independent researchers, said the attorney Brent Wisner, who presented internal Monsanto emails that he said showed how the agrochemical company rejected critical research and expert warnings over the years while pursuing and helping to write favorable analyses of their products. They fought science, added Wisner, who is representing Dwayne Johnson.  Johnson alleges Monsanto is to blame for the cancer that has been aggressively spreading throughout his entire body.

According to The Guardian, Johnson (also known as Lee) is a father of three and a former school groundskeeper, who doctors say may have just mere months to live. He is the first person to take Monsanto to trial over allegations that the chemical sold under the Roundup brand is linked to cancer although thousands have made similar legal claims across the United States.  This lawsuit focuses on the chemical glyphosate, the worlds most widely used herbicide, which Monsanto began marketing as Roundup in 1974.  The company began by presenting it as a technological breakthrough that could kill almost every weed without harming humans or the environment.

Monsanto lawyer George Lombardi alleged that the body of research over the past decades was on the companys side. The scientific evidence is overwhelming that glyphosate-based products do not cause cancer and did not cause Mr. Johnsons cancer, Lombardi claimed in his opening s......

Tuesday, 10 July


Dietary supplementation with a magnesium-rich marine mineral blend enhances the diversity of gastrointestinal microbiota. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Mar Drugs. 2018 Jun 20 ;16(6). Epub 2018 Jun 20. PMID: 29925774 Abstract Title:  Dietary Supplementation with a Magnesium-Rich Marine Mineral Blend Enhances the Diversity of Gastrointestinal Microbiota. Abstract:  Accumulating evidence demonstrates that dietary supplementation with functional food ingredients play a role in systemic and brain health as well as in healthy ageing. Conversely, deficiencies in calcium and magnesium as a result of the increasing prevalence of a high fat/high sugar"Western diet"have been associated with health problems such as obesity, inflammatory bowel diseases, and cardiovascular diseases, as well as metabolic, immune, and psychiatric disorders. It is now recognized that modulating the diversity of gut microbiota, the population of intestinal bacteria, through dietary intervention can significantly impact upon gut health as well as systemic and brain health. In the current study, we show that supplementation with a seaweed and seawater-derived functional food ingredient rich in bioactive calcium and magnesium (0.1% supplementation) as well as 70 other trace elements, significantly enhanced the gut microbial diversity in adult male rats. Given the significant impact of gut microbiota on health, these results position this marine multi-mineral blend (MMB) as a promising digestive-health promoting functional food ingredient.

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Dad Has Seconds to Act When Carjackers Show Up | Active Self Protection "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Active Self Protection YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

When these carjackers show up, they show up heavy! Dad only has seconds to act to protect his family when it all goes down. Are you prepared to defend your family like this?

If you want to train and get better at real life self-defense, join us on the ASP Extra channel to learn how to respond to situations like this dad who has seconds to act when carjackers show up!

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Raw (Google Translate from Arabic required for info):

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Find a good instructor in your area and get some training:

Attitude. Skills. Plan.

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German AfD Files Human Trafficking Charges vs. Seven Soros Funded NGOs "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Source: Geopolitics  The Alternative for Germany (AfD) has filed criminal charges against seven German NGOs for human trafficking including Doctors Without Borders. The Gateway Pundit has exclusively obtained copies Continue Reading

Het bericht German AfD Files Human Trafficking Charges vs. Seven Soros Funded NGOs verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


Magnesium-L-threonate can decrease the expression of TNF-. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Front Mol Neurosci. 2018 ;11:172. Epub 2018 May 30. PMID: 29899688 Abstract Title:  Magnesium Ions Inhibit the Expression of Tumor Necrosis Factor and the Activity of -Secretase in a -Amyloid Protein-Dependent Mechanism in APP/PS1 Transgenic Mice. Abstract:  Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a neurodegenerative disease characterized by cognitive impairment. The neuropathological features of AD are the aggregation of extracellular amyloid-protein (A) and tau phosphorylation. Recently, AD was found to be associated with magnesium ion (Mg) deficit and tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-) elevation in the serum or brains of AD patients. To study the relationship between Mgand TNF-, we used human- or mouse-derived glial and neuronal cell lines or APP/PS1 transgenic (Tg) mice asandexperimental models, respectively. Our data demonstrates that magnesium-L-threonate (MgT) can decrease the expression of TNF- by restoring the levels of Mgin glial cells. In addition, PI3-K/AKT and NF-B signals play critical roles in mediating the effects of Mgon suppressing the expression of TNF-. In neurons, Mgelevation showed similar suppressive effects on the expression of presenilin enhancer 2 (PEN2) and nicastrin (NCT) through a PI3-K/AKT and NF-B-dependent mechanism. As the major components of -secretase, overexpression of presenilin 1 (PS1), PEN2 and NCT potentially promote the synthesis of A, which in turn activates TNF- in glial cells. Reciprocally, TNF- stimulates the expression of PEN2 and NCT in neurons. The crosstalk between TNF- and A in glial cells and neurons could ultimately aggravate the development and progression of AD.

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President Trump Slams Big Pharma Over Price Increases. "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Top Stories Today YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

Top Stories Today
President Trump Slams Big Pharma Over Price Increases.

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Floating Island Crypto Nation Aims for New Way of Governance "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The worlds first autonomous floating island nation-state is set to be completed by 2022 and has begun selling the cryptocurrency intended to drive the project today.

Varyon Token On Sale Today

The project which is backed by PayPal founder and billionaire Peter Theil is planned to be a sea-bound, city-state containing 300 homes along with a handful of commercial buildings, including restaurants and hotels, built in the Pacific Ocean off of Tahiti. The project will be a collaboration of two non-profit organizations, The Seasteading Institute and Blue Frontiers.

Varyon, the cryptocurrency intended to fund the project, has gone on sale today at the investor level. Details about the pre-sale were released by the project;

Varyon (VAR) is expected to be required to purchase seasteads, fractional ownership of seasteads and seastead residency from Blue Frontiers, the presale is available today for the first 4,000 ETH with bonuses from 5% to 15%. The public sale date is yet to be determined.

The crowd sale of the token will be divided up to fund the various developmental aspects of the project including; design and engineering, community growth and general administration needs. Sales of property, shares, products and any services from Blue Frontiers are all expected to be done only through the Varyon token.

Varyon describes the token as an easily exchangeable token, of which only a billion will ever be made. Varyon will also be tradable and usable beyond just Blue Frontiers.

Construction of the utopian island state is set to begin next year following an agreement signed with French Polynesia in 2017. The design of the colony, which is shaped like a fishhook was created to address climate change in the region. As sea levels increase, possibly rising as much as 6 feet in the region, so to will the entire superstructure of the island.

Floating Island Nation The Ultimate Disrupt

Nathalie Mezza-Garcia, a political scientist and researcher for the Floating Island Project, told the Daily Mail that,...


Best AM Radio For DX Long Range Listening "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Best is a bold word, however in my opinion (and that of others if you search for it) perhaps the best AM radio for long range (DX) listening of the AM Radio Band is the CCRadio-2E by C Crane. I now have this radio, and can absolutely confirm its attributes. Heres why I bought it, why I believe its the best AM radio in its class, and a short review as to why I like it for preparedness C. Crane CCRadio-2E Enhanced Portable Radio (UPDATE) It has been a few years since I originally posted this, and the radio is

Original source: Best AM Radio For DX Long Range Listening


Magnesium boosts the memory restorative effect of environmental enrichment in Alzheimer's disease mice. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  CNS Neurosci Ther. 2018 Jan ;24(1):70-79. Epub 2017 Nov 10. PMID: 29125684 Abstract Title:  Magnesium boosts the memory restorative effect of environmental enrichment in Alzheimer's disease mice. Abstract:  BACKGROUND: Environmental enrichment (EE) has been shown to enhance cognitive function in mouse models of Alzheimer's disease (AD). Magnesium-L-threonate (MgT) is a compound with a newly discovered effect to rescue learning and memory function in aging and AD mice.AIM: To study the additive therapeutic effect of EE combined with MgT (EM) and the potential mechanism underlying the effects.MATERIALS AND METHODS: APP/PS1 mice were treated with EE, MgT, or combination of EE and MgT (EM) and compared for restored memory function.RESULTS: EM was more effective in improving cognition and spatial memory than either treatment alone in either long-term (12 months, started at 3 months old, which was before disease manifestation) or short-term (3 months, started at 6 months old, which was after disease manifestation) treatment. The behavioral improvement has coincided with rescue of synaptic contacts in the hippocampal region of the AD mouse brain.Immunoblots also showed that EM but neither single treatment rescued the activity reduction in CaMKII and CREB, two important downstream molecules in the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor (NMDAR) pathway.CONCLUSION: Environmental enrichment and MgT may synergistically improve recognition and spatial memory by reducing synaptic loss and restoring the NMDAR signaling pathway in AD mice, which suggests that combination of EE and MgT may be a novel therapeutic strategy for AD.

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Government Investigator Says Darwinian Selection Led to Dominant Cryptocurrencies "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Government Investigator Says Darwinian Selection Lead to Dominant Cryptocurrencies

The Deputy Governor of the Bank of France, Jean-Pierre Landau, also named  Mister Bitcoin by the French government, submitted a report to Bruno Lemaire, the French Minister of Finance and Economy. The report said cryptocurrencies are in a phase of technological and economic experiment. Their future is still uncertain, however, there are few possible scenarios. One would be a total collapse and extinction, or marginalization of all existing currencies, which is very likely, he wrote, or a darwinian natural selection would see one or two dominant currencies emerge.

Also read: France Appoints a Cryptocurrency Mission Leader

Regulating Crypto Would Freeze an Evolving Technology

Another possible scenario would be the birth of new actors from the digital world, social networks, or from e-commerce, who would develop their own payment systems or their own internal currencies. In this particular phase, three principles should guide the public policies: (1) not to directly regulate the cryptocurrencies; (2) create a favorable environment for the development of the technology; (3) instead, carefully circumscribe the risks, which imposes to strictly limit exposure of the cryptocurrencies to the financial sector.



Pop-Up Protests, Liberal Meltdown Erupts After Trump Picks Kavanaugh For SCOTUS "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

Following President Trumps Monday evening nomination of judge Brett Kavanaugh to fill Justice Anthony Kennedys now-vacant seat, hundreds of protesters outside the Supreme Court broke open boxes of pre-printed Stop Kavanaugh signs  wasting a substantial amount of paper as the other Supreme Court nominees pre-printed protest banners went unused.

In other words, it didnt matter who Trump picked this was always going to be the response.

Those opposed to the selection flipped to their anti-Kavanaugh talking points and filled in the blanks on their prepared statements for the most part.


MyEtherWallet Warns of [Another] Hack, Urges Hola Users to Move Funds "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Popular Ethereum wallet interface and token wallet MyEtherWallet is yet again at the center of a significant security breach and has warned its users utilizing a popular VPN to move their funds. MyEtherWallet (MEW) is now reeling from its second major security compromise in under three months after claiming hackers compromised Hola, a Continued

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Writers Fridges: Ottessa Moshfegh "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

In our series Writers Fridges, we bring you snapshots of the abyss that writers stare into most frequently: their refrigerators.



Do you see that half-eaten can of tuna on the top shelf? That was a mistake. Most of the food in my fridge is inedible. It would be inedible even if the stink of tuna hadnt penetrated through it all, because its old. Im almost never at home in Los Angeles, where this fridge lives. I travel a lot, and when Im in California, I go to Lukes house, two hours away. Lukes fridge is a lot like Luke: exploding with deliciousness. Who could be luckier than me? Luke opens his mouth and whole chocolate cakes fall out. He snaps his fingers and voilchicken cacciatore. One time he rolled over in bed and left in his wake an entire patch of strawberries. I dont know how to explain it. Hes the most wonderful man in the world. Im always well-fed when Luke is around.



Then I come home, alone, to thisrotten lettuce. I just tried pouring that Soleil carbonated water over ice, and even the ice smelled like fish. 

Actually, the lettuce isnt completely rotten.

Its a boring story, how I ended up being someone who hates to go to the grocery store. I used to love it. But then I found an apartment in East Hollywood with such limited street parking, I very rarely drive anywhereI dont want to risk losing my parking spot. And I have spinal stenosis, among other back problems, which makes carrying heavy things, like groceries, difficult. But the Vons supermarket near my place is kind of gr...



Survival Seed Vaults: Build Your Own vs DIY Kit "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Survival Seed Vaults: Build Your Own vs DIY KitThe idea that we need a seed vault is real, but do you need one that is store-bought? Not so much. There are few things in the prepper industry that Read More


Summertime Projects 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Well I undertook another carpentry project. I decided to rebuild my back porch and it is now getting close to being completed. Tore the thing down to the framing and tightened everything up, once I verified I had no issues. Stained the 6-inch cedar planks and installed them. The railing was modified and the installation went well. It is firm and will work well for years of use. I still have to add the down railing, finish a little trim work and the side panel skirting....

Summertime Projects 2018


Magnolol is a potential candidate for glioma treatment. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  J Neuropathol Exp Neurol. 2018 Jun 1 ;77(6):426-436. PMID: 29788114 Abstract Title:  Magnolol Inhibits Human Glioblastoma Cell Migration by Regulating N-Cadherin. Abstract:  Glioblastoma is a primary malignant brain tumor with a poor prognosis. An effective treatment for glioblastoma is needed. Magnolol is a natural compound from Magnolia officinalis suggested to have antiproliferative activity. The aim of this research was to investigate the anticancer effects of magnolol in glioma, with an emphasis on migration and the underlying mechanism. Magnolol decreased the expression of focal adhesion-related proteins and inhibited LN229 and U87MG glioma cell migration. The levels of phosphorylated myosin light chain (p-MLC), phosphorylated myosin light chain kinase and myosin phosphatase target subunit 1 were reduced in response to magnolol treatment. In addition, immunostaining and membrane fractionation showed that the distribution of N-cadherin at the glioma cell membrane was decreased by magnolol. In an orthotropic xenograft animal model, magnolol treatment not only inhibited tumor progression but also reduced p-MLC and N-cadherin protein expression. In conclusion, magnolol reduces cell migration, potentially through regulating focal adhesions and N-cadherin in glioma cells. Magnolol is a potential candidate for glioma treatment.

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Coin Market Cap Seeking New Staff and Launching Subreddit "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

One of the worlds top sources of information about the crypto market is now hiring. Coin Market Cap has listed open positions in the careers area of their website just as they have finally created their own, official Subreddit.

CMC is Hiring

Coin Market Cap is the go-to point of choice for many active members of the cryptocurrency market. The site gleans data from multiple exchanges to which they contribute their own research in order to provide the most up to date representation of each cryptocurrency.

Today the site has listed new positions available for both a full stack engineer and a lead ui/ux designer. Both positions seem to be remote opportunities and the company lists among the benefits; open work scheduling and full health coverage among others that include unlimited vacation. The company includes a mission statement on the page which reads:

We believe in an open and decentralized world, where we play a pivotal role in powering decisions and insights to drive greater understanding and adoption of cryptocurrencies. We want to achieve this mission with people who truly believe in the value and potential of empowering individuals.

In related news Coin Market Cap has officially begun its own subreddit page. The page which went up only ten hours ago at the time of writing already has 166 subscribers. It welcomes users with this opening post,

We will be posting updates and having more conversations with you here about crypto, market caps, how the market is doing, product improvements, feedback surveys, etc our team is excited to be able to talk to all of you directly.


The official CoinMarketCap subreddit r/CMC! from CMC

The creation of the subreddit was welcomed by users of CMC some of whom have already posted suggestions about...


$22 Billion Wiped Out of Crypto Market in 24 Hours as Bitcoin Drops Under $6,400 "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The valuation of the crypto market has dropped by $20 billion over the past 24 hours, as bitcoin dropped to $6,400. Since early morning, the crypto market recorded a steep fall from $274 billion to $252 billion, demonstrating a 7 percent decline in value. The drop of bitcoin from $6,700 to $6,400 caused other major Continued

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R3 Consortium Releases New Version of Its Corda Platform for Businesses "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

R3s Corda blockchain platform has gone commercial with a new release catering specifically to businesses


Forgotten History: Worlds Biggest Black Powder Cannon a 100-Ton Gun "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Forgotten Weapons YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

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The largest muzzleloading black powder cannons ever built were the Armstrong 100-ton guns which saw service with the Italian Navy and with British coastal fortifications on Malta and Gibraltar. They were purchased by the Italians first, to outfit a pair of new super battleships, each vessel having two turrets with two of these guns in each. To avoid being outclassed, the British ordered two guns for installation to protect the Grand Harbor of Malta and two more to protect Gibraltar. Today one survives at each location, and we are visiting the Rinella Battery in Malta, which was built to house one of the Maltese guns.

These guns had a maximum range of 8 miles, and was capable of piercing 15 inches of iron armor at 3 miles. It had a 17.7 inch (45cm) bore fired a 2000 pound (900 kg) shell with a 450 pound (200kg) charge of black powder. The gun itself weighed approximately 102 tons, and with its cradle and a shell the whole assembly came in at 150 tons.

Aside from the massive scale of the piece, the most interesting part of its design is actually the loading machinery. Because of the titanic size of the gun and ammunition, Armstrong designed a fascinating hydraulic reloading facility which makes up the body of the fortress in which the gun is set. A pair of steam engines drove a pair of hydraulic accumulators, which provided hydraulic pressure to move the gun on its carriage, to douse the barrel after firing, to hoist ammunition into position for loading and power a 60-foot (18m) ramrod to mechanically ram the charge and shell into place. Two mirror-image reloading galleries under the fortification operated in turn, giving the gun a sustained rate of fire of 1 round every 6 minutes at least until its 120-round barrel life was exhausted.

I am grateful for the Malta Tourism Authoritys assistance in helping to make this visit and video possible, and would also like to give special thanks to Simon, our awesome reenactor guide!

If you enjoy Forgotten Weapons, check out its sister channel, InRangeTV!


Italys Health Minister Abolishes Mandatory Vaccine Confirmations "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Protests have consistently erupted over Italys mandatory vaccine state over the past several months. At the same time, Italys populist government takeover thats eerily similar to the Trump phenomenon has ushered in a legion of...

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100 Merchants Can Now Trial Bitcoin's Lightning Network Risk Free "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

CoinGate is making Lightning payments accessible for mainstream merchants and reaping research in return.


The Widows Mite "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Anthologia Palatina 6.355 = Leonidas of Tarentum (3rd cent. BCE)

His mother gives to Bacchus-
For she is poor- this image
Of her Micythus,
Painted for her cheaply.
Bacchus, make Micythus great;
For if the gift is cheap,
Such is the case with gifts
That frugal poverty brings.

  , ,
    , .

Priestess of Bacchus, William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1894


Three years after questions surfaced, PLOS ONE retracts paper about potential antibiotic "IndyWatch Feed Health"

In April 2015, two high-profile chemistry bloggers and their commenters raised questions about a paper that had been published in PLOS ONE some 18 months earlier. More than three years later, the journal has now retracted the paper, with a notice that echoes the 2015 blog posts. So what took so long? PLOS Continue reading Three years after questions surfaced, PLOS ONE retracts paper about potential antibiotic


Proactive Prepper Training "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

For all the research, study and acquisition preppers put into their crisis survival planning, it seems to me many put off actual practice, save for a few specific skills. Sure, plenty of us will get in camping, hunting, hiking and trigger time whenever we can. Those skills are very enjoyable and certainly count as hobbies all on their own. Those of us that can afford professional training will...



20 lb. Propane Tanks "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Propane tanks are something that I store. I have quite a few 20 pound cylinders. I found most of my cylinders at yard sales, paying around $5 each. I would then take the old tank into a propane exchange and get a new Blue Rhino or Amerigas cylinder. After reading and research, I now have less propane stored then I thought. Why? Because the propane exchanges are only putting 3.5 gallons of propane in the cylinder, it says on the label but I had never read the Blue Rhino label. If you go to...

20 lb. Propane Tanks


Nigerian Entrepreneurs are Choosing Bitcoin Over the National Currency "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

A growing number of businessmen in Nigeria are opting for handling their business using the digital currency instead of the Naira. The countrys national currency seems to be more volatile than Bitcoin, at times. As cryptocurrencies fight for relevance around the world, Nigerian citizens are starting to use Bitcoin as an alternative to their own Continued

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PBoC Will 'Crush' Foreign ICOs Targeting Chinese Investors: Official "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Pan Gongsheng, a vice governor of the People's Bank of China, has once more issued strong statements on initial coin offerings.


Augur Releases Long-Awaited Prediction Platform "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Augur, a cryptocurrency project on the Ethereum network, has just announced that it be launching its long-awaited prediction platform.

Augur Prediction Platform: Three Years In The Making

For the uninitiated, Augur is a decentralized predictions platform based on the Ethereum network, that allows for users to create and place bets on any event. Whether it be the next American president or the winner of this years World Cup, Augur users will be able to place their hard-earned cryptocurrency funds on an outcome.

Vitalik Buterin, well-known co-founder of Ethereum and advisor to Forecast Foundation, the organization behind the prediction platform, expressed his excitement for a prediction platform, stating:

I have been excited about the possibility of prediction markets on Ethereum for a long time.

While this sounds all well and good, for over two years, this platform was just a concept with no official product. Augur was one of the first successful ICOs in the cryptocurrency space, raising upwards of $5.5 million in 2015. However, since then, the collective value of Augurs REP ERC-20 tokens has ballooned to become the 38th largest cryptocurrency, at $375 million.

Due to the project garnering immense interest from all corners of the cryptocurrency community, the Augur platform become one of the most anticipated releases in the industry. With todays announcement, the final deployment plan has been put into effect, with the platforms team expecting a full launch within the next 24 hours.  

Why Augur Instead Of Centralized Prediction Platforms?

Augur has been lauded for being a unique innovative take on an old industry, bringing predictions and betting to a decentralized environment. Many find a multitude of issues with centralized betting/prediction platforms, most notably, the regulatory requirements imposed on these sites.

Many centralized sites will require you to submit I.D. documents, in an attempt to stay in line with KYC/AML rules. But if these platforms do not find favor with regulatory bodies, your funds may be frozen by a central authority.

Augur mitigates regulatory risk, as all predictions are facilitated by a decentralized smart contract system, removi...


Kp Message 7-10-18 Connecting with the Water(s) and Continuing the Youth-anizing "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Today was another Im feeling drawn to Hapuna day, and so that happened, although quite later in the day here. It feels so refreshing to connect with the Hapuna Pacific Ocean waters, which I usually feel bring a certain kind of life force into my body. Im sure others have their own water connections, but mine seem to be with the ocean(s) here on the Big Island.

Also it somehow popped in that as many move through this Planet Earth Life journey, the 3D-only crowd (particularly main stream media advertisement and messages, as well as TV shows, etc.) love to tell the story of how planetary life is about getting old, getting fat, getting weak and then getting dying.


For those working with the Light, and remaining IN the Light, each moment is another opportunity to embrace more of life, enjoy more of life, and to BE more of life.

Its never about Well, Im just getting old, so of course Im going to have (this pain, that pain, this issue, that issue). I know people who think like that.

Again, I say, WHAT A PILE OF CRAP!!

To me, each new day is a continuation of what I like to call, Youth-anizing. Continually releasing old items that have kept me in bondage, or held me c...


Crypto Tycoon Resigns From Blockchain Fund After Alleged Defamation "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Li Xiaolai, a noted cryptocurrency investor and an early bitcoin evangelist in China, has resigned from his job as controlling your stresses partner of the $1 billion Hangzhou Xionga Blockchain Fund after alleged defamatory remarks were made against him. The sudden departure comes as the consequence of an ongoing online feud between Li and Chen Weixing, a venture capitalist who in latest months has made a collection of hostile comments in people contrary to the investor. Li declared his resignation on his Weybo account on Monday evening, saying he had made a decision so as to retain the reputation of the authorities backed blockchain investment finance started in Apr of this past year.

He wrote. The collection of defamations from Chen Weixing against myself has brought material and negative consequences for the reputation of Xionga Blockchain Fund. , To allow the Hangzhou government continues its drive for blockchain development, Ill resign from my job as a controlling your stresses partner. As previously reported by CoinDesk, back in June, Chen publicly described Li as a fraud and a tumor of the cryptocurrency industry. He alleged that Li owed a group of investors 30, 000 bitcoin hed collected in 2013 for an investment fund, but couldnt repay because hed gambled away the assets. Li afterwards responded with detailed explanations to each of Chens accusations, but he spit didnt end there.

Things soon sparked off again as an obscenity laden listing of a private meeting between Li and several people was leaked via social websites on July 3, stirring up controversy inside the Chinese cryptocurrency community. At the 50 minute chat, recorded in January, Li took aim at different individuals and companies inside the business, calling Qtums co founder Shuai Chu a spin physician, Binance market a platform of deception and Softbank a stupid fool to invest in Ripple. Chen went public again following the audio flow, accusing Li of being a foul mouthed liar. He further questioned the legality of the Xionga Blockchain Fund, asking if the local authorities has really allocated the seemingly promised 30 percent of the capital.

Then, last Friday, Li declared through his WeChat channel hed filed a lawsuit with a local court in Hangzhou accusing Chen of defamation. He went on to state that Chen has no knowledge of blockchain and could just to make his name by defaming others. Chen responded on Weibo he believes the lawsuit will end up being his opportunity to take on Li in courtroom and call the victims to join him. Exit sign picture via Shutterstock. The leader in blockchain information, CoinDesk is a media store that strives for the highest journalistic standards and adheres to a strict set of editorial policies. CoinDesk is an independent operating subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, which invests in cryptocurrencies and blockchain startup...


Photoshopping Disease to Perfection: Who Wore it Better? "IndyWatch Feed Health"

(With thanks to Europe Reloaded and Dr Mike Williams Measles Outbreaks or a Philosophy of Deception.) Who wore it better? A recent UK article intended to spread fear about measles used what seems to be a photoshopped image of a...


Bitcoin Bull Bias Fades as Price Drops Below $6.5K "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin (BTC) is on the defensive today and might suffer deeper losses in the upcoming few days when the bulls fail to defend the key moving average (MA) support, technical graphs indicate.
The leading cryptocurrency looked susceptible to some pullback twenty four hours before, courtesy of the signs of bullish exhaustion near key immunity of $6,800. Therefore, the drop to $6436 seen today isnt surprising but has certainly boosted the odds of a close (as per UTC) beneath the all-important 10-day moving average (MA).
It is worth bearing in mind that the short-term moving average remains biased to the bulls (climbing ). Therefore, as discussed yesterday, a good shield of the 10-day MA support will strengthen the short-term bullish outlook and could yield a rally to $7,000.
As of writing, the leading cryptocurrency is trading at $6,460 on Bitfinex down 5.5 percent from the high of $6,839 attained over the weekend.
Daily graph

The daily candle has already breached the 10-day MA support of $6,585, but only a close today (as per UTC) below that amount might abort the short-term bullish view put forward by the bullish RSI divergence and the falling station breakout a week past.
That said, the likelihood of BTC closing beneath the 10-day MA is fairly large as the short duration graphs have already turned bearish.
4-hour graph

The climbing channel breakdown suggests the corrective rally from the June 24 low of $5,755 has ended.
Further, the relative strength index (RSI) has turned bearish (below 50.00). At the mean time, BTC has also breached the support of 200-candle MA.  Plainly, the bears must be feeling emboldened

The bearish breakdown on the 4-hour chart suggests BTC could test the 50-candle MA, currently located at $6,381, and could close beneath the 10-day MA today, confirming a short-term bullish invalidation.
Acceptance below $6,381 (50-candle MA) would expose 6,000 (Feb low and significant psychological support).
The bulls may build steam to get a fresh move higher towards $7,000 if BTC closes over 10-day MA today.

Bitcoin image via Shutterstock

The leader in blockchain news, CoinDesk is a media outlet that strives for the greatest journalistic standards and abides by a strict set of editorial policies. CoinDesk is an independent operating subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, which invests in cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups.

looked vulnerable


The Daily: Decentralized Exchanges New and Hacked, and Some Lost Coins "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The Daily: Decentralized Exchanges New and Hacked, and Some Lost Coins

In todays edition of Bitcoin in Brief, we cover two decentralized exchanges an Irish team thats launching its Local Token Exchange and the already operating Bancor that has reported a security breach and admitted the loss of $12.5 million worth of coins. Also, hackers in China have mined cryptos worth $2 million using malware installed on 1 million computers, and in the US, digital forensics firm Chainalysis claims a fifth of all bitcoin is missing.

Also read: Bitmain Valued at $12 Billion, New US Crypto Exchange Opens for Business

New Decentralized Exchange Launches Next Month



70 people have died in Quebec due to heat as the planet recovers from record smashing global heatwave which shocked the experts "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Global heatwave shown on University of Maine Map
Health authorities say up to 70 people may have died in Quebec as a result of heat-related complications since the beginning of an early July heat wave that saw temperatures climb to more than 40 C with the humidex.
Temperatures have since cooled off across the province and a spokesperson with Quebecs Public Health Department says Monday it would no longer be giving updates on heat-related deaths because the situation is back to normal.
Most of the deaths occurred in Montreal, with 34 cases reported to authorities.
The citys morgue became so overcrowded during the heat wave that it partnered with a funeral home, where it sent bodies for storage.
Montreals public health official says the majority of people who died in the city during the heat wave were over 60 and suffered from chronic illnesses.
Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard says no patients died in government-run health-care centres.

Global Heatwave

Meanwhile, temperature records worldwide were shattered by an unusual global heatwave in late June and early July 2018.
According to the Daily Mail,  stifling heat cracked roads and buckled roofs across Britain, as Motherwell hit the highest temperature ever recorded in Scotland at 91.8F (33.2C).
The previous record was 91.2F (32.9C) set in August 2003 at Greycrook.
Glasgow had its hottest day on record, hitting 89.4F (31.9C).
In Ireland, on June 28 Belfast also reached a record high, as it hit 85.1F (29.5C).
Shannon also hit its own record at 89.6F (32C).
In Northern Ireland, Castlederg hit 86.2F (30.1C) on June 29, its record highest.
In Canada, Montreal smashed its previous record for the hottest temperature, as readings showed 97.9 F (36.6C)
Ottawa posted its most extreme combination of heat and humidity on July 1.
Meanwhile, in the US, Denver, the Colorado state capital, tied its all-time high-temperature record of 105F (40C) on June 28
Burlington, in Vermont, set its all-time warmest low temperature ever, recording a low of 80F (27C) within the 24 hour period on July 2.



The Future of Money- Chris Kitze-CSS Hour 1 "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"


Recently, I interviewed Chris Kitze about the state of money, in particular, cryptocurrency. During the interview, Chris made a bold statement in which he said the future of money is going be one of decentralization. The Deep State is trying to control everything we see, read and hear, but they cannot control cryptocurrency. This is a fast moving, very intriguing interview.


The post The Future of Money- Chris Kitze-CSS Hour 1 appeared first on Dave Hodges - The Common Sense Show.


Rudy Giuliani Snaps At Mueller, When Will It End For Trump? "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Screen Hoopla YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

Rudy Giuliani Snaps At Mueller, When Will It End For Trump?

President Donald Trumps attorney, Rudy Giuliani, characterized Special Counsel Robert Muellers investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election as the most corrupt investigation hes ever seen.


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Trumps Secret Battles Have Begun & Will Bare Fruit For The American People

Joy Screams Trump Supporters Drank Cult Kool Aid, Audience Gives Smackdown

Is Trump Americas Greatest Hope?, Because You Wont Believe This!

Oprah Goes On Tirade After Queen Wrecks Secret Deal With Meghan & Her Mom



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How We Travel on a Budget "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

I've had a few friends ask me how we afford to travel "so much", especially now that there are kids in the mix. I actually don't think we travel a TON (following a bunch of travel "influencers" has probably skewed my perception). But I counted it up, and in the last three years we have gone to: Iceland, Italy, France, Canada, four national parks, and ten states--including Alaska and Hawaii. Not too shabby for an average middle-class couple! I still don't feel super qualified to give advice on this topic, but there are certain things we do to make our trips more affordable. And I'm happy to share those tips. I would also loooove to hear how you guys travel on a budget! I bet some of you are doing smart things that I've never thought of.

Grand Hyatt Kauai

1. Travel during off-peak times. Summer is peak season for practically every destination, due to kids being out of school. So we always plan our trips for spring or fall, when the weather is still good but the crowds are much less. And it's not just the crowds that are less. Everything tends to cost less in off-peak times, from lodging to car rentals to tourist activities. We will continue to do this until our own kids are in school. Flying on off-peak days can also save you big time on plane tickets. I think Tuesday and Wednesday are usually the cheapest days to fly.

2. Stay in vacation rentals (most of the time). We generally prefer vacation rentals, both for cost savings and because we can find more unique places! Vacation rentals are especially worthwhile if you're traveling with a group or as a big family (most hotel rooms have a maximum occupancy of 4). Having a kitchen can also save you a lot of money if you cook your own meals. As a caveat, the cleaning fees and service fees can be hefty sometimes, so it's not always worth it if you're only staying a night or two. But for a week or more, a vacation rental is almost always more cost-effective than a hotel (unless you follow tip #4!). I'm sure most of you have already tried Airbnb, but if you haven't you can get $40 off your first rental through this referral link.

3. Ask for discounts. At hotels, you can often get discounts if you're a member of AAA, AARP, the military, or even Costco. We've also messaged the owners of vacation rentals and gotten discounts such as weekly rates for longer stays. One time, the best place we found was a 3 bedroom but we only needed 2 she gave us 10% off and locked the door to the third bedroom....


Protect Estriol and Other Bioidentical Hormones "IndyWatch Feed Health"

If the FDA is not dissuaded, millions of women will lose access to life-saving hormones that are often safer than the alternatives currently on the market.

How is Access to Bioidentical Hormones Threatened?

In implementing the Drug Quality and Security Act of 2013, FDA began accepting nominations to the Difficult to Compound List. When finalized, compounding pharmacies will no longer be able to make items that appear on this list. Bioidentical estriol, estradiol, and progesterone are crucial hormones women need when going through menopause or fertility challenges, or when struggling with other hormonal imbalances.  All three are currently nominated for the Difficult to Compound List. In the case of compounded bioidentical estriol, which has no FDA-approved alternative, consumer access would be eliminated if the agency places it on the list.

Estriols nomination is especially concerning given the FDAs demonstrated hostility toward this hormone. In 2008, the agency ruled that pharmacies could not compound medicines containing estriol without first obtaining an investigational new drug authorization.[1]The FDA remains unconvinced of estriols safety despite acknowledging that the agency is unaware of any adverse events associated with estriol[2]in addition to the fact that this hormone has a USP monograph.[3]The FDAs position on estriol could be influenced by a 2005 Citizens Petition from a major drug manufacturer that urged the FDA to undertake enforcement actions against pharmacies producing bioidentical hormone products that competed with the drug makers own products.[4]

FDA action on these three bioidentical hormones estriol, estradiol, and progesterone could come as early as March 2018. That is when the FDAs Pharmacy Compounding Advisory Committee (PCAC) is next expected to meet. PCAC has the responsibility of considering FDA staff recommendations concerning all substances nominated for the Difficult to Compound List.

What are Bioidentical Hormones?

Unlike conventional hormone therapy that uses synthetic and animal-derived hormones that are slightly different from a womans own hormones, bioidentical hormones are biochemically the same as those made by the ovaries during a womans reproductive years. Bioidentical hormones are used chiefly to relieve and control the symptoms of menopause.

Custom-made bioidentical hormones are extremely popular with patients: up to 2.5 million US womenaged 40 years or older may use compounded hormone therapy...


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