My husband Ian insisted that our new puppy Nala get her own stocking. I thought it was sweet until I realized he had ulterior motives.. top scoring links :

TIL that street dogs in several cities around the world have learned to efficiently nagivate human traffic, using crosswalks, following street lights, and even using public transport top scoring links :


BEEEEH! top scoring links :


Her ex boyfriend walks in with his new girlfriend top scoring links :


Silverton train is a piece of art top scoring links :

Kowalski! Analysis! top scoring links :


Getting your fucking SCALP waxed top scoring links :

still waiting... top scoring links :

What kind of compass are you reading, lad? top scoring links :


A well thought out plan top scoring links :

I know this isn't much, but this is my little way of promoting BTC when I'm at arcades. Game: Asteroids Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet


Internet won't work - prediction from 1995 :) Hello bitcoin Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet

Shakepay announces new feature to turn your spare change from purchases into BTC Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet

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German Stock Exchange Will Launch A Crypto Trading Platform Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet

Shakepay: Bitcoin Buying Continues Despite Bear Market | Crypto Briefing Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet

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